Rover's Morning Glory On Demand

Rover's Morning Glory On Demand


Handshakes could be banned, high school has implemented a dress code for parents, & more

April 25, 2019192 min

192 min
Jeffrey is caught with loose tooth brushes, Charlie and Dumb are going to go to realtor school, & more

April 24, 2019176 min

176 min
Charlize Theron reveals her 7 year old daughter is transgender, Tech Tuesday, & more

April 23, 2019207 min

207 min
Nadz was arrested over the weekend, Jeffrey recaps his trip to Cooperstown, & more

April 22, 2019193 min

193 min
Chris Matthews, Man disguised as delivery worker shoots woman with crossbow, & more

April 19, 2019183 min

183 min
Caller says his girlfriend killed his entire family, The Hook-up, & more

April 18, 2019192 min

192 min
Did Jeffrey steal valor? Could Rover walk 26 miles with no training? & more

April 17, 2019204 min

204 min
Duji tried to get her ear waxed sucked out, Chinese restaurant accused of cultural appropriation, & more

April 16, 2019195 min

195 min
Mandatory penis inspection, Man sues parents over his massive porn collection, & more

April 15, 2019183 min

183 min
Jeffrey crapped his pants another time, Alexa fills in for Duji, & more

April 12, 2019192 min

192 min

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