The BROADcast Podcast

The BROADcast Podcast


#60 This One's For Lloyd

February 15, 201940 min

40 min
#59: You're Going Too Fast Burnt Bunny

February 2, 201936 min

36 min
#58: Mommy Topics Q & A (alternate title: Screw Those Buses!)

January 22, 201924 min

24 min
#57 The SCRUGGLE Is Real

January 14, 201934 min

34 min
#56 This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

January 7, 201943 min

43 min
#55 It's A Jolly Holiday with Mary (and the Ladies)

December 27, 201837 min

37 min
#54: Baby It's Cold Outside

December 14, 201842 min

42 min
#53: Shelby's Late and A Turkey Date

November 27, 201831 min

31 min
#52: Hormones, Politics, and Free Food

November 16, 201835 min

35 min
#51: Butterflies, Bras, and Bible verses

November 2, 201845 min

45 min

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The BROADcast Podcast is hosted by four completely different ladies (age 20-something to 50-something) who make their living behind a microphone on four different radio stations at iHeartMedia on the Gulf Coast. Shelby Mitchell from 95 KSJ, Mary Booth from Mix 99.9, Arielle from 107.3 The Beat, and Johnna from K99 Country. Every week they’ll share positive stories about women, their opinions, what’s happening in their crazy lives. They are all moms with mics who want to inspire, motivate, and empower women of all types and ages…and guys are welcome to listen too...(hey you might gain a little insight)! Get to know the ladies behind the mics a little bit better and take something valuable away every week. Message them on Facebook and Instagram.... Show More

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