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The Doug Pike Show

"The Doug Pike Show" airs Saturdays from 7a-10a & Sundays from 8a-10a on SportsTalk790 (790 AM and 93.7-2 HD) and you can stream the show at and on the free iHeartRadio app. More than a half million Houstonians fish and hunt, and as many or more enjoy other pastimes in the great outdoors like camping or sailing, birding or backpacking, kayaking or hiking. Doug Pike shares their passions for the outdoors and has done so since he grew up here in Houston.


July 7, 2024 76 mins
In this episode Doug gives updates on the storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico. updates on the surf, wind reports. Doug express his feelings about fresh water fishing vs. salt water fishing. Want some excellent golf tips? Doug teaches you how to bluff on the golf course with a straight face (this is funny stuff). PGA updates on Bernhard Langer and the golf ball changes that are coming soon. Also, How will our roofs fair this storm i...
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In this episode Doug talks about Beryl and the benefits of high tides. What are the results of Beryl staying in the Gulf of Mexico. Does fishing get better before a storm? Doug talks about the preparation you should do before the storm, Which is better a Hurricane or Tornado. Doug explains what warm water does to a storm and how the news media creates panic in the public.  Learn the best way to remove barb hooks,  Doug explains the...
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In this show Doug talks about speckled trout and the 5 to 3 limit catch per day. Plus, Upper Coast vs Middle/Lower Coast attitude towards these rules. Doug talks Catch & Release with a caller with a difference of opinion both having great points. Fishing knots? What's your favorite? Custom fitting club drivers and how they can improve you game. Doug gives heat tips for the summer, golf updates, and more.
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June 22, 2024 135 mins
On this show Doug talks about cast and retrieve vs. fishing. What the difference? Can mullet fish and red fish live in fresh water? Doug tells you how to catch Tarpon fish and what bait to use. Doug talks to Mark Hooker and discuss the fishing program he started at his high school. Plus weather updates and tons of fishing stories. Learn how to figure out the best weight/speed of a rod and where the weight may be located to give you...
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June 16, 2024 86 mins
On this episode of The Doug Pike Show we talk all things Father's Day and share some meaningful storys along the way. 
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June 15, 2024 136 mins
On this episode of The Doug Pike Show we talk shark bites, Oysters, knives, golf, Hawaii, and fishing spots for a Dad who is trying to bond even more with his Son. 
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June 9, 2024 91 mins
On this episode Doug Pike talks abou salt water recon, top water fishing, and red fish/snapper limits.
Doug comments on the Louisiana Red fish numbers and how they got so low. Doug talks about the end of legal commercial Red fishing in Louisiana. He also discuss with callers the best beginner rods to start fishin. Fish topics about: King Mackerel, Sail fish, and Red fish. All this along with updates on the leaders of the LIV Golf To...
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June 8, 2024 135 mins
In this episode Doug talks about Lighting and safety tips from when golfing on the greens. Mowing patterns and how you can get your lawn to look like a golf course. Fishing suviving tips during bad weather. Doug and callers talk about sting rays and what is the best way to nurse a sting. Louisiana is changing their red fish limits after 30 years. Doug is going to tell you why. Pier fishing, bait tips and more.
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June 2, 2024 91 mins
On this episode of The Doug Pike Show Doug talks about fishing spots in the Houston communities, stock tanks info., and Grass Carp fish. DO you know what the term slicks means? Doug explains it and you'll be surprised.  Doug shares how top water lures have evolved overtime and how the price has gone up. Crank bait, casters/reels, and night fishing.Do you remember Catfish farms? Doug goes down memory lane with a caller. Info. on fis...
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June 1, 2024 134 mins
In this episode Doug talks about the start of Red Snapper season, boat size vs. the wide open water (offshore) and how did we navigate the water before GPS? Weather forecast, winds, southern heat, and neighborhood fishing spots. What are the best lures to fish with? How well is your shooting range etiquette? Doug shares his comments on Lexi Thompson retiring and LIV Golf.
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May 26, 2024 92 mins
In this show Doug talks to Natalie Goldstrohm the coordinator  of Parks & Wildlife and covers fishing topics on Bass, Red Snapper, Blue Gill, and Speckle Trout. Doug talks about the careful release of fish and why its important. Tips on how to handle fish and safety on not hooking yourself in the eye or finger while protecting the fish. Safety water/swimming tips and stories from Doug and the callers.
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May 25, 2024 136 mins
In this episode Doug talks about power being out and the inportance of a generator. Can you turkey call? Doug talks to Norm Wade about the Turkey calling contest and where you can enter. Do you know the trout limit in you city? Doug talks to Dakus Geeslin about the outdoors rules. What type of feed is best for white wings, morning doves and blue wing birds, plus dove season is comming up. Fishing tips, when is the best time to fish...
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May 19, 2024 82 mins
In this episode Doug talks about salinity levels and which levels trout prefer. Doug chimies in on Utah's wildlife emergency changes. Get tips on fishing and a gnat/mosquito home remedy that will create a shield for you. Do you know when Dove Season starts? And where are the 20lb Bass located? All this golf and more Doug covers.
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May 18, 2024 137 mins
On this episode Dougs talks about red snapper and the new offshore/state rules of saltwater and freshwater fishing. Doug discuss survival camping tips with local caller, tide and currents in Galvestion Bay. Is hunting hogs with drones legal? Doug talks about that and a new fishing lake in Texas. Also, golf, hunting on foot vs. waiting for the deer.
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May 12, 2024 91 mins
In this episode Doug shares stories about his Mother on this Mothers Day. He invites other calls to share their mother day stories as well. Doug talks how gun ranges are setup and designed, honey bees, thermal scopes. Doug also gives info. on nut allergies from pecan wood smoke.
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May 11, 2024 134 mins
Dougs talks about northern lights, wild life, baits for fish, and chronic wasting disease. Doug also gives salt water website and fishing spots/tips in Corpus Christi.
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May 5, 2024 87 mins
Doug talks about Lake Livingston rising water. Fishing update due to weather  conditions. Doug explains why the rain is good for fish population. Tips on creating fly bait. Doug talks about types of sharks. Also,tides, currents and golf courses.
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May 4, 2024 131 mins
Doug talks about fishing and hunting. Theft of boats and equipment and more. Golf and weather conditions in the Houston area.
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April 28, 2024 85 mins
Live from Moody Gardens. Doug talked about hunting and fishing. Shared fishing stories. Talked about Peacock fish, 
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April 27, 2024 126 mins
Doug talks hunting, fishing, and golf with callers live from the Moody Gardens Fly Fishing Film Festival.
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