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May 28, 2024 121 mins
Ian Furness and Mike Benton are live from the Kraken Ice Plex to welcome in Dan Bylsma as the new head coach of the Seattle Kraken.     We bring you live to the press conference with GM Ron Francis and new head coach Dan Bylsma.   Ron Francis, Kraken GM joins Ian and Benton for an in-depth look at the team's new head coach and where their priorities lie with this new era. Development is very important, but improving and winning now is imminent. He takes us back through his first interview with Dan in North Carolina and what he saw in him way back when.   Curtis Crabtree and Darren Brown sit down with Ian to react to the hiring of Dan Bylsma and where they think he can bring the Kraken.   Dan Bylsma, Kraken HC sits down with Ian and Benton to catch up on common connections, going back to the minors and working his way back to an NHL bench. He discusses his style as a coach and what he appreciates about developing young talent. He also gives an intricate definition of how he defines chemistry. He wants his team to be predictable to each other and unpredictable to opponents.   Curtis Crabtree sits back down with Ian and Benton to give his thoughts on what the team needs to do under their new head coach.   Everett Fitzhugh, Voice of the Kraken joins to give his first impression of Dan Bylsma and the largest note is how much love he has for coaching. He has genuine care and gratitude for the job and Everett thinks we're going to see in him what was missing from years past.   Crosstalk with Gregg Bell!
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He internatsd with you thirty two Barand Grill. We're switching things up today,
and I think if you listen tothis radio station, you know how
we operate. We all have showsand time slots that we do. I'm
usually on, well contractually one tothree, twelve to three bitter. No,
we need twelve to three these days, necessarily for you for getting out

of bed. Yes, you standby, I'll introduce you, all right,
fella, you stand by. Yeah, that's a cold open. We
don't need no, we'll let reduceyou know that voice. But normally I'm
on, you know, until threeo'clock midday afternoons, a second midday shot
shift. But today, because thisis going on with the Kraken, we
flip things around kind of like asPurple Sheet said, you know, it's

kind of like we do when BigHusky news is breaking. We through Softy
on at ten o'clock and with Dick, that's what we're doing today. So
we're at the thirty two Bar andGrill. We Mike Bett and the other
voice you heard. We're the thirtytwo Bar and Grill. We're looking right
down below to the left of uswhere the locker room is and that's where
they're gonna have the news conference atten thirty to introduce a second coach in
the history of the Seattle Cracking franchise. Probably not a big surprise. It's

Dan Bilsma. A variety of reasonswhy it's being announced today. I'm gonna
guess some agents for some guys thatdidn't get the job. We're leaking the
information out maybe and let's just goahead and get ahead of this whatever.
Because Coachella Valley, the team he'scoaching right now, the American Hockey Affilate
SARTs the Western Conference finals tomorrow againstMilwaukee, So I mean it's a busy
time for Dan, but he asthe coach. They probably knew this for

a while, it's just a matterof when they werenna announce it. Today
is the day, So exciting dayfor the Kraken, for their fan base,
I think, for the players,the organization. And we'll explain why
in just a couple of minutes.I mentioned Bill Walton. We'll try touch
another marriage. We've got a tonof guests coming on today, including the
new coach, the GM and maybemore all coming up here to the thirty
two bar girls were excited to havethat happen today. Excited to be here.

For the next three hours. We'llsprinkle some other sports in, but
we will carry the news conference livestarting at ten thirty, so about twenty
five minutes from right now, we'llhave that for you. It'll be Ron
Francis, Sam Hallway and and DanBilsman will expect to be there as well.
You heard the voice a second ago. He's here. He is jacked
up, he is juiced up,He's got his cracking vest on right now,

looking as official as can be.Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
children of all ages here. Heis the captain of the Kraken Audio
Network enterprise. You know him,some of you love him. Mike Betton
is here. Hello, Hi,Hello, good morning, and I'm sorry
for button in. I just likeit's been a while. It's been a
while. It's been a while herethoughts. Well, I think this was

a move that we were all expecting, and I think for many of us
who have been around this team,not just for the last few days or
maybe a month, but I wouldeven say going back probably two years.
Yeah, when Dan Bilesman was namedhead coach of Coachelle Valley, how many
times do you see a coach whoruns it back from the NHL level down

to the American Hockey League and fora startup franchise, which you know,
we all know the coaching life cycleis so short. It's like yesterday you're
hired, and then you're fired andyou move on in this league. But
it could be a matter of timebefore Dan Bielsman maybe takes over here.
It just the piece has just seemedway too obvious. But there's a lot
of merit here to it and abig reason why he was in this mix

here for this job in the firstplace. I thought that Jeff Baker kind
of hit it on the head thismorning, or maybe it was the Athletic
out of all the two or threestories we read on this, so I'll
give credit. I want to givecredit where credits due, whether it be
Jeff or whether it be it mighthave been the Athletic story. They had
like four writers combined, Yeah,that wrote it the hiring. But it
was this, This is what itwas. It was that all these coaches

that are getting hired right now aroundthe National Hockey League are recycled coaches,
our guys that have been In fact, if you just look even to the
conference finals. You got four guysthat have had multiple jobs, So it's
not a surprise you hire a guythat doesn't have previous NHL experien orients,
although oftentimes when you do hire somebodyfrom the American Hockey League, that's the
case. Like, that's the case. But all these guys, whether it

be you know, the Devils areannouncing the new head coach, a Sheldon
Keief just got fired by the TorontoMaypleice. You know, we're seeing Toronto
hired a recycled player, all therecycled coach that happens. The point in
the paper or the article that Iread today that I think was really good
was, yeah, Dan Bilsman hasbeen there, He's done that. He's
a recycled coach like so many ofthese guys are. But unlike most of

these guys, he didn't just getturfed two or three weeks ago or a
month ago from a current NHL job. He's been out of an NHL job
as a head coach for a fewyears, has reinvented himself as an assistant
and now as a head coach inthe American Hockey League. So well,
he's kind of taken a couple ofsteps back honestly, probably what Dave Hackstall
is going to do as well,and then has moved forward and now here
we are today as as the newcoach, there's a lot to talk about.

I'm just gonna say, Mikey,I think this is an exciting day
for a couple of reasons. Onenew is exciting. Yeah, it was
exciting, And by no means arewe doing any dancing on the job loss
of Dave Hackstall. But how manytimes you brought up Dan Bilsman. You
know how many times a guy getthat type of job and doesn't get moved

up Probably not often, but howmany times did you? And I,
especially off the year, I thinkthe statue limitations is over. Now do
we look at each other at CAJat the studios and say, hey,
man, is it just a matterof time before Bilesman gets kicked upstairs?
When the team was struggling. Ithappened at the start of two seasons ago.
Last year. The second year,it happened at the start of this

season, and we all were kindof thinking this might happen at some point
in season. It never did,but it happens out of the season.
But the excitement level. Is thisnew fresh different personality different much different personality,
yes, well, different style interms of how he wants to coach.
Seems to be a lot more flexiblein terms of going with what he

has on his roster. Seahawk fans, you know what that's like. We
saw that early in the Pete Carrollton yure. You come in and you
say, Okay, I've got RedBryant. What do I do with him?
I structure a defense around a sixfoot six, three hundred and five
pound defensive end. It's not apass rusher. I've got Brandon Browner six
foot six, two hundred and thirtypound cornerback. Okay, we're gonna play

press like I've got this guy inCam Chancellor. That is just gonna smoke
people. What am I gonna do? I'm gonna instead of playing two high
safety, which he did at USCtall at dB ever, I'm gonna.
I'm gonna, yeah, I'm gonnainstead of instead of playing when I did
at USC. I'm gonna adapt towhat I have with Cam Chancellor and then
a center fielder in Earld Thomas.The point is, by all indications,

that's what Dan Bilesman does on ahockey side, do with what you have,
like play to your team's strength.Don't just say I'm a structure and
here's my structure. I'm gonna havea one three to one. I'm gonna
send one guy in deep three inthe neutral's willing to clog it up.
One defenseman hangs back, and that'swhat we're gonna do. We're gonna trap
the hell every or maybe it's amaybe it's a one two two, whatever
would be. He doesn't do that, he adapts. It seems more and

more to what the personnel is.Now that's a whole different conversation, Mike,
which we'll get into, because thisteam has personnel issues and decisions to
make. Because I know this.When Dan Bilesman was at his most successful
winning a Stanley Cup, he hada guy by the name of Sidney Crosby,
another guy by the name of Malkin, another guy by the name of
Latang had an elite goaltender, whichhe kind of has here, but he

had elite goaltending as well. I'mexcited because I think this is a guy
that as they continue to restructure thisroster, he will adapt and play to
the strengths of the roster. SeeI think for me, that's a double
edged sword kind of thing, andthat's a chicken or egg question kind of
thing. When you're coaching in Pittsburgh, you can say, yeah, oh
wait, he had Crosby, hehad Malkin, he had let Tang.

But do you realize how much workit takes to manage a room like that,
oh, with so many egos,so many personalities. You fire a
coach mid season, bring a guyin mid season like in Biosma, and
then rip off eighteen wins into twentyfive games. You've got to push the
right buttons and he did. AndI go also back here to what you

were saying too. It's so importantto understand that, like in many walks
of life and coaching especially is inthis case you are more and more with
monern coaches here today, they're adifferent coach than who they were five years
ago, ten years ago, twentyyears ago. As well. You have
to grow or die, yea andDan bilesme went through a rebirth after he

left the Buffalo Sabers, and thatwas an experiment that came with a lot
of flaws and wasn't seen as ahead coach ever since. Then he went,
after a stint, went Detroit asan assistant coach down to the AGEL.
It takes a lot to say,you know what, I won a
Stanley Cup. I've been through tooNHL jobs. Why would I want to
go to the American Hockey League again? Well, I think to me,

it says something about, you know, a selfless personality he has where he
has defined a goal to where Iwant to get back to the NHL.
What do I have to do?And you look at yourself internally and say,
I've got to fix A. Igotta fix B. And he went
and did that when he went andtook a job with AHL's Charlotte, not

as a head coach, but asan assistant coach as well for one year,
was around a few cracking prospects whenthey were a startup team two years
ago. And then Coachella happens,gets a head coaching job and then goes
through what he has said was arebirth in his system, and he realized,
and this came out in one story, direct contact and the opportunity to

offer to guide players professionally and personallywas missing from his coaching life. I
was in that locker room for CoachellaValley two months ago when we were on
Assimon Alta in there would you do? I went and said, I know
ian forness never fits you. EvanPivnick as well, and yeah, that's
how you get places. He's gota library outside of his coaching office and

it's called the Dan Bilesma Library,which has about four shelves of motivational books
from coaches to famous athletes. There'sa great book I saw as well called
The Talent Code. And this isa book that I knew that was owned
by longtime San Jose Sharks GM DougWilson, and it was what does what

is the DNA of talent? Andhis repetition over and over and over AKA
practice well obviously, but it's therecognition of committing yourself to adding more and
more to your skill set that makesan elite athlete. A lot of guys
aren't born with it, but it'sthat touch he made to give guys a
chance to say, hey, takesomething home. This is my mindset.

I'm sharing it with you. It'sa big reason why Coachella Valley is now
onto the Western Conference Final for twoyears in a row. With plenty of
talent that we could be seeing uphere at this level. And that's why
I think, to me, yougo back Tom am over time with why
Dan Bilsma fits. They need someonewith a built in relationship to get the

most out of Shane Wright, outof Riiker Evans and see if that could
also be a rebirth for Maddy Benier'sAndre Berakowski and much more who Andre Bertakovski
helped me out. He plays forthe Kracket. I see where you're going.
He's a Kraken player. They kindof need him. What the number
does he wear? I never seenhim. I think a couple of years

ago, A Biles on line one. I joke, I joke. I
think the the one thing we'll talkto Ron Francis and and and Dan about
is It's interesting how Coachella Valley isstructured though right now, especially playoffs veteran
laden team. If I think ourbaseball fans would understand this, there's a
lot of four A guys that areon the top, in the top six

and the cup top couple pairs ofdefenseman for that team in the playoffs.
Right now, winning in Coachella Valleyis really important for the bottom line of
the organization. They draw a tenthousand game you were down there. It's
a money maker. And this isnot a criticism binding me so take I
don't want people to take it thatway. It's just the reality. My
question to them is, sure,you've developed guys the guys, You've had
young guys playing down there, Butof those guys playing down there, like

I watched, you know, I'mwatching ice Time in the playoffs and stuff,
it's not the young guy. It'snot the prospects that have made their
way back down there. It's someof the older guys that are playing.
So how important is you know,how like in terms of developing young guys
or having giving trusting young guys ofice time is at something he will do
at the NHL level because I thinkit's the big Listen, we we spent
an epic, epic episode of ourcrack and talk after the final home game,

you and I, And that wasthe day I knew they got a
fire hackstall. I told you thatpoint blank. I think that night because
the comment that he made afterwards whenhe benched Ryan Winterden in the of all
things, when he benched him inthe in the third period of a game
in which the Kraken couldn't score againstthe worst team. He had that sheet

saying seven minutes and he said sevenminutes, and his quote was, well,
he is not the guy like heOur young guy was lost out there.
Everyone was lost. And I rememberthinking at that time, you and
I talked about it, like,Wow, if your head coach isn't going
to trust the young players who havea higher upside, more skill, better
players that your organization, your scouts, and your GMA put out there,

you got to make a move.And they did, and I think that
was one of the reasons. Inthe end, it's like, Okay,
we're going to give ex veteran moreice time than this guy in a meaningless
game that really you should be gettingthis guy. He's up here for a
reason. And they made that move. Now, well, Biles might trust
some of the younger players because wewill see youth again next season. Shane
Wright will be here next season.We assume winnd In probably will be here.
Maybe Morrison Riker is going to beyeah if he grows. But yeah,

and uh, you know, Imean there's a lot of guys that
could be up here next year ofthe younger generation, and so will those
guys be trusted to get ice time. The other question is what is the
priority in terms of winning. Isit a win now attitude with this organization.
I think it has to be.I think the business side of it
has to be a win now partof it. The NBA is on the
way. Whether it's in two yearsor three years time, the NBA will

be here. There's a challenge forthe sports dollar in our market. It
is important, it is imperative thatthis franchise gets back to where it was
a year ago. They don't haveto even go two rounds deep. Mikey,
you and I both know they've gotto be a playoff team or at
least a playoff contender until Game eightytwo next season. Because this town will
jump back on board, but alot of them jumped off board last year.

It's important for this organization for themto get competitive and get back to
where they were a little while ago. This is not Phoenix, this is
not Atlanta, this is not SaintLouis and all and then they're all great.
They're all great in budding hockey markets. And we hope that Arizona gets
a team back eventually here. ButSeattle is in the upper Echelonian of Denver,

of New York, of San Francisco, San Jose, of Los Angeles.
There is a there is a lotof attention and not a lot to
go around as well where it canbe divided evenly here. So you have
teams competing all over the place forattention, yet you got a first place
baseball team, you get a bigten. The easiest way to grab attention

in a major market is win,and that was the priority here. After
that, after the winning thing,after the offensive thing here for me then
begs a question for you, andyou already touched on this, how can
young players flourish? And I thinkultimately out of any candidate, that's where
it came down to maybe here withbilesman and aside from Matty Beniers and you

know you touched on the ice timething. There were short reigns on Ryan
Winterton, Logan Morrison after a whileas well. Ryker Evans, you know,
was four but only gone thirty sixgames. He was in the press
box a lot last season. Yeah, Shane Wright average thirteen thirty two per
game. Okay, but listen tothis here when Dan BILESMNT coach Buffalo Jack

Iigel nineteen minutes fifty five seconds pergame of ice as a leading score.
Leading score at age nineteen eighteen.Sam Reyinhart seventeen thirteen per game. Hey,
Sam Reinhert, what's his contract status? He'll be a freebeat this year.
All right, coming up, we'regonna do this. We take a
break, we can come back.We're at the thirty two Barn Grill.
By the way, it doesn't opentill eleven, so don't be knocking on

the door. Kenny doesn't want youhere till eleven o'clock. Let nay,
hi, We don't bite though eleveno'clock. Come on. Buy thirty two
Barn and Grill. Fun day Crackingannouncing Dan Bilesma as their new head coach.
That's coming up in about ten minutestime. We'll hear from the new
coach. We'll hear from the GMand ownership as well. With the really
kind of a very important day,a watershed moment, really a lot of
ways for this cracking for organization,their second head coach in their history.

It'll be Dan Bilesman. That'll beofficially announced coming up by the organization at
ten thirty. Will care for youcarry it for a live right here on
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And I'll be up there doing theshow back at our normal time on Friday,

and I'm gonna have the Molly Whopperswith me. Yes, indeed,
Chris and Nates, they're gonna beout of their element over in Mason and
Kidsapp County. They're opening up thegates and letting them go and heading over
to King County as far east andKing County as you can get. Boys
will be with me for three hourscoming up on Friday. Should be a
ton of fun to kick off summerthat she'll call me because you know,

can't wait for that. They knowwhat they're getting into there. They don't
Okay, well, it's more likedo I know what I'm getting? Oh
my god. They argue like littlegirls all weekend. Like I thought I
was talking. It's like junior highand like, don't what was the argument
Ryan Stanik or something? It waslike, remember I was in that conversation
too at some point, so youwere on that conversation. But it was
those two going back and forth aboutit was I think it was Stannic.

Wasn't no Julio. Yes, therewas a Julio conversation, and it was
it was getting nuts. Yeah,I'm gonna get you know what, I'm
just gonna get those two guys.They bring out like and pitchforks, and
I'm gonna get them. Going onFriday, We're gonna have fun. It's
gonna be a ton of fun.You're just Mischster of the pod. We're
gonna we'll head down. We're inthe thirty two Bar and Grill. That's

the voice of Mike Bendy infanesked withyou. Normally we're on a little bit
later in the day, but todaywe're here getting ready for the press conference.
Dan Biles my introduction a second,you'll hear the voices of Ron Francis,
the general manager of the Seattle Kraken, and as well as Samantha Holloway,
who is Seattle Cracking owner and kindof running the show here along with
title lug Wiki these days. ButI'm assuming those are the two of the

main voices. You'll hear Samantha Hallwayand Ron Francis. In just about minute
and a half, two minutes orso, we'll head down to the locker
room. It's right down below us. We're in the thirty two Bar and
grill. Mike Bendi internats with you, and we're gonna be here until one
o'clock today. We're expecting some oneon one some guests coming by, Ron,
Dan whoever else everat Fitz Who's gonnastop by. We're probably gonna have
a Darren Brown sighting as well.We might do a little take thirty two

hockey wop here as well with theboys go round table Mike, if that's
good with you. So, yes, lots going on today as well.
So we're excited. It's a it'sa big day. It's exciting day.
It's also inevitable in the National HockeyLeague because there isn't a sport right now
that turns over coaches like more sothan this league, most out of any
four major sports NBA, Major LeagueBaseball, the NFL, the NHL.

I belie leave last I saw asa coaching life span of about roughly two
point three years. That's incredible.Yeah, twenty eight of thirty two teams
switched head coaches since two years ago. Two years ago. I mean,
I know that you're hired to befired, but I have never seen anything
like this in my entire life.In this league. It's crazy, and

you know, there's part of methat thinks it's somewhat unfair. But then
there's also a big part of me, I guess that says, hey,
here's a good thing. Like there'sno no one's sitting around waiting for you
know, there's no complacency. There'san urgency and a sense of urgency in
this league. Is there a lackof patience? Maybe? Perhaps, But
I think we all agree. Ithink I think you'd agree with me as

we wait for the news conference beginin a second that the move that the
crack had made was necessary. Theygave Dave Hackswell three years. One of
those years they had a nice playoffrun. And I think we're getting ready
for the news conference here at asecond. But they had a nice playoff
run. The two years they werenot good. They were not ready to
go. All right, are weready to head down there? And I
don't hear anything just yet, butI'll let you know when I get something

out here. Okay, okay,perfect, perfect, But yeah, Mike,
I think we all agreed it wasa move that need to be made,
So you know, I think ofit this way. Here there,
ready to go, We are,Here we go. Seattle Cracking Joining us
on stage are three individuals you're veryfamiliar with, Samantha Holloway, Shallow Crackett

owner Dan Balasma, our new headcoach and general manager Ron Francis. So
the way we'll run things, everybodyhas a few opening remarks, We have
a video that we'd like to sharethat we're sharing with our fans on social
media today, and then we'll openup to questions on the floor. At
the conclusion of those questions, I'llbring all three to the front and we'll
set up for a photo op withthe jersey and then from there we can

break off to one and one's andgo from there. If that works for
everybody, Sam to you, Thanksfor being here everyone. It's an exciting
day. Our future is certainly lookingbright. We're very proud of the work
that Ron and the whole hockey operationsteam has done to build this hockey organization

completely from scratch, including a qualitygroup of veteran players here in Seattle,
as well as a great group ofprospects all around the world and down in
Coachella Valley. The success that we'vehad in Coachella Valley with our Firebirds has
been remarkable, two seasons in arow deep into the playoffs. But it
hasn't just been about winning. It'sbeen about developing our players, and today

that success directly connects to our futurewith someone who knows the young guys but
has also had success in the NHLat the highest level. Because developing our
players is going to be crucial forthe success of the future of this organization,
but so is improving now and wecan do both. We really believe
our best days are coming soon andI'm thrilled with the announcement today. Welcome

to Dan Ron. Thank you sir, I appreciate everybody being here this morning.
As Chris said, this is anexciting day for the Seattle Crack and
an important day not only as wehad in the next season, but beyond.
Along with Sam and ownership group,we continue to take steps to try
and improve and build a championship franchisefor our fans in the great city of

Seattle. Obviously, it'll be partof that is hiring the right head coach,
and we did a thorough search,interviewed a lot of quality candidates who
I have a lot of respect for, and ultimately made the decision to Dan
was the right guy to lead US. You look at his track record.
He's won a Stanley Cup in Pittsburgh, He's won of the Jack Adams Word
for Coach of the Year in theNHL, got the opportunity to coach the

US Olympic team, and most recently, you look at what he's done in
coach Ella Valley the last couple ofyears for US. It was heartbreaking,
but he got within a game sevenovertime goal of winning the Call to the
Cup last year, and again he'sgot them well positioned as one of the
final four teams competing for the callto the Cup again this year, and
I think if you look at Danand talk to some of his players,

there's a passion that he brings totheir ink each and every day. He
works and strives to build relationships withhis players, and yet he's still firm
with them. But I would sayfair and his approach to doing that,
and those are all Chase we thoughtwere important as we as we move him
here to Sea Island work with ourplayers here with the Kraken. So before

I introduced him, I'd like toshow this video that our team put together.
All right, they're playing a videoright now. We don't have the
access to the audio to that,but once we hear the voices of Ron
Francis, Samantha Halloway and I assumeDan Bilesman here in a second, we'll

jump back into the news conference downthere, because it's a I'm sure it's
a highlight video of Dan Bilesman andhis coaching career. He did play in
the National Hockey League at a fewhundred games in the NHL with a few
teams at la Anaheim, right andas well, I feel old I remember
co calling his games when he wasplaying for the Long Beach Ice Dogs,
which was the King's affiliate. Backthen. You weren't even working yet that

I was still growing up. Iwas in the seats, yeah, before
a game, and I was gonnaplay for the Kings their first game at
Table Center. I was there firstrow. Let's go back down to the
news count. I want to welcomeDan and his wife Mary Beth is in
the room to our organization. Danmicrophones all yours, Thank you, Thank
you, and being able to finda clip of me scoring a goal is

evidence of the great work that's alreadyhappening here in Seattle. But on behalf
of my family. My wife MaryBeth is in the back of the room
joining us today and my son Brianwere extremely excited and honored and privileged to
be joining the Saddle crack An organization. But this this amazing city as well,

and the amazing base that has alreadybeen established with the crack in here
in the first three years to Samanthaand the ownership group. I have had
the opportunity to be here for thelast three years in the organization. Witness
the passion and the vision that you'vecreated that the ownership group has created for
this franchise, and I'm privileged thatyou believe that I'm the guy to join

you in that journey, and soI'm thankful for that. Ron. I
think coaching in the National Hockey Leagueis an extreme honor and privilege, and
it's a it's a partnership with theorganization and the GM and I think over
the last three years, I'm trulyhonored that you think I'm the guy to

do that for you and your team. So I thank you for that.
And I think being in the organizationfor the last three years, I've been
witnessed to the path of the organizations, on the young players that are coming
into the organization and drafts that havehappened. I think there's a lot of

great players coming down the pipe CoachellaValley with some of the players that we've
developed there and have come on tothe Kraken, but also with the veteran
players that are here and assembled now. We have a great group of leaders.
We have a great group of players, and I think they're a group
that you we can we can havea lot of success with down the road

and building this championship organization. Sothank you for all those Thank you for
that and I having said all that, it hangs in the balance that I
still have some other things to doand and Coachella Valley. So we got
Game one tomorrow. I'm looking verymuch forward to getting spending time with you

here right now, but getting onthe plane and getting back to Coachella Valley
and get on with Game one.I think the the what we've built in
Coachella Valley with the community and thefans and the team is a large part
of me being here today. SoI thank you to everyone in Coachella Valley,
the ownership, the Troy Body,the management, the coaches, the

players. We still got some workto do, so I'm gonna get out
of here immediately right now and gogo go there and start the playoff series
against Milwaukee. What we'll do,we'll go to the floor for questions is
a few things to note. Weare streaming live. We're on King five

as well and on KJR radio,so to help people tuning in, please
wait for them. There's a microphonehere somewhere. I believe that's the one
I'm holding. Okay, I'm gonnahand it over and then we'll go from
there. Jen Mieler from Root SportsDamn we saw you smiling through that video.

You've done just about everything in yourcareer. What makes this opportunity special?
You know what I'm I'm a prettypresent and focused individual for the now
in the moment, and that's allnice to see that stuff up there.
But for the team, for theplayers, it's all about right now and

in this moment. And you know, I said, I'm just I'm thankful
for the opportunity for the moment tobe now. And I think it's with
with good people and a good organizationand with good players and and uh for
me, it was a great fitfor for this to be the next opportunity
for me. Uh Ron Chris Francisfrom Chiro seven News. What makes Dan

in terms of style of play onthe ice, what we'll see on the
ice next year? What makes Dandifferent than this system we had last year?
Well, I think there's gonna bea lot of similarities. I mean,
we'll we'll discuss some of the thingshere as we move forward. Things
we want to tweak that maybe weweren't doing as well last year. Our
offense certainly fell off, so weneed to find a way to kind of

tweak some things in the offense.Is zone to get offense back. But
as I said, I'm opening,I mean he brings a passion to the
rink every day. His teams playhard every night you watch them play.
The thing that's been exciting for meis, you know, year one down
there, we had an extremely veteranteam and they were still able to get
to the Color Cup finals. Thisyear we transitioned over. We were no

longer one of the older teams inthe league, one of the younger teams
in the league. A lot ofyoung kids coming into our lineup, and
yet they were still to get tothe final four and hopefully beyond as they
move forward here. But a lotof progress not only from our veterans that
have been there, but our youngkids that have been there, and the
crack and fans saw a little bitof that in you know, Ty Cartier
coming up, Right, Graven's comingup. They got a taste at the

end of the year with Right andwent to ten and Morris and there's some
other young players that have progressed aswell. So I think the ability with
our team which has a mix ofthat the veteran guys, the young guys
that I mentioned, Maddie also beinga young guy. I think Dan's personality
and style of how he coaches willmesh well with our locker room and help
get the best out of our players. Promo. Who's here in town.

Good to see you guys. Andactually a question for both of you for
Ron Dan's experience with those young guysyou just mentioned, how important was that
as he went through the process,and then for Dan the ability the chance
to continue that development with those guysas they more and more of them arrive
here in Seattle. Yeah, obviouslyit's important. I don't I don't want
to slight we had a team herethat we're focused on. A lot of

the younger kids were down there thathe worked with, but I think just
how he worked through both the veteransand the young kids. Like I said,
I think we'll bode well for ourteam here. But certainly if you
look down the road and you know, we have a lot of good pieces
coming and Dan and his staff haveshowed that they can develop young players as
well as veteran guys, So that'simportant in making this decision. And Bryfs

from the Hockey News, for therecord, you did score nineteen NHL goals.
I shouldn't. I guess I shouldn'tsay thank you. That's highlighting that
I didn't score very many. Buttwo things, One is how are you
coping with the forty degree temperatures?Actually it's more my more my style than

one hundred and fifteen degree. Weliked the warm weather, but I'm most
comfortable in sixty five and wearing asweatshirt. And so we were more than
happy to step off the plane yesterdayand be greeted by this beautiful weather here
in Seattle. And I heard yousay recently you were talking about how players,

young players have changed from when youwere a young player in the nineties,
and you answered that it was coaches. It was more incumbent on coaches
to change from the way they hadbeen coaching. Why is that, Well,

I think I think let's go backa long time ago. As coaches
or as players, we got toldwhat to do, and we received it
anyway anyway we knew how to receiveit. And I think today and my

coaching style, it's about relationships.It's about getting on the same page with
the player and the individual, andthey're a part of it. They want
to be a part of it.They want to have the discussion. They
want to have a clear plan andmessage as to how they can get better
and how they can improve and howthe team can play and be successful.
And and so there's a much biggeronus on the coach to be able to

established relationships with not only the eachand other individual on the team, but
also the team as a whole.And as I said, it's combing on
the coach to make that change inhow he coaches. And and kind of
for me and my journey over thelast fifteen years of coaching is has been

just that. Dan and Timbeth fromthe Associated Press, Welcome to Seattle.
Thank you. I'm wondering it's beenit's been, you know, several years
now since you've been behind an NHLbench running it was getting back to this
point a goal of yours at somepoint in your career or were you kind
of not resigned but happy with theroles that you were taking on as an

assistant or working in the minors.I think my my coaching journey over the
last three three four years has ledme to this point. Four years ago,
I think I needed to discover thejoy of coaching again and changing a

little bit and establishing relationships with theplayers, and having done that over the
past three years, it's led meto this wanting to be the opportunity that
I took next. So I youknow, the yes in the last few
years in Coachella and how our team'splayed, how the players reacted to me,

how we came together as a group, has reignited my desire to be
at the National Hockey League level.So it's kind of my journey that's led
me to this point, and oneI think I'm better prepared for now than
maybe I was four years ago whenwhen I referenced that signpoint and Jeff Baker

from the Seattle Times welcome to Seattle. Thank you. Along the lines of
the previous question, I'm just wonderingwhere you think you're a coaching style and
approach with players has changed the mostsince you left Buffalo, Let's say,
in terms of temperament, in termsof just your overall relationships. Uh,

probably just the joy of of youknow what Ron mentioned about what he's witnessed
over the last two years three yearswhen connecting with the players, coaching the
players, developing the players, developingthe team as has been kind of where

I think I've improved as a coachand what I've wanted to improve as a
coach, and I think it itcan be. It can be a little
bit difficult when you get to thenational colleague to do that, and uh,
this time around, it won't be. That's that's for sure. Ryan

Clark, ESPN RON for you,what was maybe different about this coaching search
compared to the last coaching search you'vehad as well as other coaching searches you've
had and Dan for you in termsof patients you've had to show the last
few years. What was maybe themost challenging part of that patients or was
there anything challenging about being this patient? Yeah, I mean it's just a
different timeline. Right last time we'relooking, we're starting up. There's a

lot of things you're factoring in theexpansion draft, moving everybody from wherever they
are in the world to Seattle inthirty days and getting up and running,
so a little bit different that run. We're more established now with not only
our team here, our team inCV, the prospects in KC which are

in the finals now in the AllenCup, which is exciting to see for
those kids down there, and asyou know, as you look at all
the prospects out on the pipeline too, So it's a little different position with
the organization, is truth be told. I did interview Dan way back in
the day when I was in Carolina. He didn't have interest in my job
at that point. So our pathscrossed again a few years ago with the

opportunity in CV. And you know, the willingness to take the job the
first year was not easy. Itwas it was in Charlotte, you know,
as an assistant coach, not ahead coach because we're sharing with Florida
and it was their franchise. Buthis willingness to do that and then moved
to CV. We didn't play ourfirst home game last season until December eighteenth,

so a lot of things went intoit. So those are all factors
as I'm looking in this search,and some of the attributes that he had
that put him at the front ofthe line. Seattle Times, I have
a question for Samantha, Actually,I'm curious. You know, they say
a coach is only as good astheir players, and you know how you
describe the commitment level of the ownershipgroup just to continue to bring in players

to help Dan Win in the shortterm as well, as you mentioned earlier,
continuing to develop younger players as well. I mean, there's lots of
pieces to make this a successful team, and Ron and Dan are fully aware
of that too, and Dan isone part of that. We have a
great group of folks up here inSeattle already, but there's other pieces what

we need to add as well.Right, so, I think more than
one thing can be true, andwe're going to work on all the different
areas to continue to improve. Now, Dan, you've talked about the importance
of relationships. With this being theoff season, I know some coaches go
with letters, meetings, recommending books. How will you connect with your NHL

roster going into next year. Well, I gonna be going immediately back to
CV to get the game one goingunderneath the way, but I will reach
out each and every one in duetime. A few of them have already

reached out, so if some ofthem we've had previous relationships with and have
already started to develop those things.But I also think I've been in the
organization for the past three years.I've talked with Jerry mccannon, I've talked
with EBS and Matty Vernier's and Ithink I have a good, pretty good

feel for them and they have apretty good feel for me. And so
but that will continue. I willI will get to and reach out to
everyone in due time. Thank you, Disco. How are you Simmer?

Rob Simpsons took eleven minutes to Discoto come out. I was on the
ice interviewing you, one of oneof the guys when you hoisted that cup.
So obviously vivid memory, I rememberyour joy. Yes. Two history
questions. One, what also standsout from that team obviously besides the talents
of Sid Gino and Stallsy and Flower, the intangibles you might be seeing it

now at CV two that make ita championship roster? What other things are
vivid? And then secondly, CoachYork at BG do you still carry anything
from him forward all these years laterin terms of influencer coach Well, I'll
answer the Coach York first. Heuh, I think he's texted and we've

texted back two or three times inthe last eighteen hours, and so that
ability to establish a relationship and keepa relationship going. Coach York is the
best, the best at and he'sstill a city. He must text a

million people. If he's texting methree times yesterday, he's doing it with
hundreds and hundreds of other people inthe game of hockey and people that he's
coached, So that relationship. Yeah, he texted me and he said,
do you do you mind if Italked of text ron And then immediately he

sent back the text that he sentheround before, where I said that was
okay. But the championship team thatyou're alluding to, I think the great
thing about hockey is it's played withskill and speed and grace in a combination
of competitive brawn and aggression. Andand when you you look at that team,

when you look at those guys likejust great competitors, great competitors,
and and every great team has hasultra competitive players and and every game that's
won is won by the best competitor. And and that's that's necessary mandatory to
to win hockey games. And soyou get the speed and skill and grace,

but you need to have some tenacityand and aggression alongside it to be
an ulti ultra competitive guy. Blockerroom, have you had any conversations or
discussions about Jessica Campbell's role in thefuture this franchise. Yes, as part

of the conversations with Ron over thepast a little bit here, we've we've
had numerous conversations and and we've intervieweda couple of times. So the staff
and the coaching staff, Jay Leachand and and allows our individuals I'd like

to talk with here going forward andthe potential bringing in someone else to the
organization as well to compliment the staff, to comment the players, to compliment
myself as a coach, and andthere are Jessica has been part of that
conversation. Stu Bickle has been apart of that conversation. What they've done

in the last two years in developingthe players down there, Ty Carte and
and Ryker Evans is evidence of that. And and so they are part of
the conversation about going forward with thestaff here, Dan Paul Sylvie from King
five, how are we doing good? How you doing good? Detroit fan?

Right? Wellie the bowling Green connectionout of you? Yeah, No,
we won't know, we won't.I got to ask you, with
all your experience as a head coach, with your stop, previous stops and
your your stops as an assistant headcoach, what's been the most important thing
you've learned and experience you can bringto building success on a team. Bowling
Green. No, it really,uh, it really goes back to my

playing days both and an individual standpointand a team standpoint. And we talked
a little bit about maybe how theold coaching style was back then, and
as a player, I just wantedthe coach to let me know what I

needed to do, where I neededto go, how I needed to do
it, and where I could getbetter, where I could improve and uh,
and I would take it from thereand and so all along as a
player, I was just I kindof knew I was going to be a
coach someday because that's how I wantedmy coach to be to me. And
and so it goes back to establishingrelationships with the players and having clear expectations

and and that that goes as individuallyand for the team. And that's you
know, that's kind of my coachingstyle. Now. It's going to be
high energy, and it's going tobe you know, they're not going to
question my energy at all, andthey don't need to question what I expected

them and what I expected the teamat all as well. And we're going
to get in that process together andwe're gonna and we're gonna it's gonna come
out in some ultra competitive hockey.Hey, Ron Curtis Crimetree, Fox thirteen,
Can you kind of walk us throughthe the interview process that you had
with the candidates you spoke to,how many you talked to and kind of
like what what ultimately made the decisionto land on Dan stand out from the

other guys that you talked to throughoutthis. Yeah. So, I mean
we start with a long list,some of them we've interviewed, you know,
a few years ago, so makethe decision whether we want to go
down that road again or not.You know, I'm not one for doing
an interview unless I think it's aserious interview. You know, we talked
to probably five guys that I thoughtwere serious contenders for the job. As

I said in my opening, mostrespect for all of those gentlemen. There's
a lot of good coaches out there. But as I said in my discussions,
when we had the conversations with Danand watching him work in coach Ala
Valley the last couple of years,the relationships you had with his players,
the effort he got each and everynight from his players, the way his

team's played, you know, andhaving discussions with him and how he thought
our franchise would be and moving forwardand working with our players, it became
clear that he was a guy thatwe wanted to lead us at this point.
Darren Brown's out of hockey, Samantha. Question for you, at this
point in the juncture in the franchise, how important is this hire to kind

of get this right? Well,listen, I think we're still growing this
franchise right and we have incredible fansand we want to do right by them.
They deserve the best, and wewant to build our fan base and
we believe that Dan is a greatpiece of doing that. He can connect
with the fans. You've seen himtoday. He knows hockey, but he's
charismatic and he will connect with thecommunity. And we think it's really the

right it's really the right decision forour fans and for this franchise right now.
And Dan, for you, youknow, you tick the role years
ago now at Charlotte as an assistantcoach at that time, was this on
your radar that one day this mighthappen or was it really just for you
as you said earlier, trying tokind of reconnect with coaching at the time,
No to was this on my radar. Do you could wonder why maybe

my path led me to Charlotte,But really was I was grateful to Ron
at the time of just giving methe opportunity to coach again. And I
had taken a few years off frombeing a head coach and kind of really

decided that I wanted to give onemore go at at being a head coach
again, and that's really what ledme to Charlotte. I did have an
eye on CV. I will saythat I did have an eye on coaching
in CV the following year. Obviouslythere was a dual affiliation with Florida and
the Kraken, and that led Charlotte. But I was really in Charlotte.

I was, you know, Idid have an eye on proven to Ron
that I would be the guy tobe the head coach in CV when when
the franchise started two or a yearago. So that was more my in
my thought of that period of time. But really just uh really more just
wanting to connect with connect with theplayers, connect with that relationship with the

players and coaching that I think itcan be and should be that was that
was my where I was at reallythree years ago. Hey, Dan,
Bob Condor from the Seattle Cracken,I want to give you a side of
that first interview with Ron back inCarolina. Uh No, I don't actually,

I just think there's two sides.So that's all that's moved from.
Yeah, why don't we wrapped there? What we'll do is, first of
all, thanks for all Right,there you go, the Dan Biles My

introductory conference coming to an end.We'll expect Dan up here in the thirty
two Bar and Grill in a fewminutes as well as Ron Francis will take
a quick break, come back andreset. Big day for the Seattle crack
and Dan Bilesman, the second coachin the franchise is history. You heard
it right here on ninety three pointthree KJRFM Live from the R and R
Foundation, specialists broadcast studio back toIan Fernance, powered by Seattle's closest sports

book, Snow call me Casino onSports Radio ninety three point three kjr FM.
Already we're back at the thirty twoBar and Grill. He in finaced
with you. Mike Bentton is hereas well we just wrapped up the news
conference a moment ago. Dan Bilesmight being introduced as a new head coach,
second head coach in the history ofthe Seattle Cracking. So we'll expect

those guys up here at some pointlots of time. We're on till one
o'clock today, and that point ChrisKidd and Craig Bell will take over,
kind of flip flopping the shows today. Jump what jumped out you from the
news conference, mikey oh, hangon, let's try back on there.
That's my fault and all right,action, all right, and go all
right, I'll reset. So ultimately, where I look at my first point

from this press conference, and thatI you know, go back to over
and over and over, is itis possible to go back to the drawing
board and reinvent yourself. And that'swhat Dan Bilsma had to do to get
back into the National Hockey League.I thought what he let on as far
as building relationships, maybe that wasa bit of a growth area for him.

In Buffalo. There was, youknow, a lot of question marks,
a lot of flaws with Buffalo theirrosters. Sam rein Hart and Jack
eigele Wond Report came out that youknow, Jack Eichel and you know the
coaching staff are at odds Biolsma aswell, Michael wouldn't sign an extension.
Now where we heard this before,the players came out and said, no,
that's not true, that didn't happen. But still, you know,

you go back to even with youknow, Pittsburgh, you know, you
run a system over and over,there's not many adjustments. It brings on
that question. So ultimately, forDan, it was how can I find
a new path here for me andfind a way to do something that almost
every modern coach now in this dayand age knows how to do, and

that is connect directly with the modernathlete. And the coaching dynamics have changed
now than say ten fifteen years ago, where you run completely on an authoritarian
level versus now it's much more diplomatic, and players this day and age have

different egos and you can argue overand over, you know, is that
really warranted? You know, isthat necessary? But the matter of fact
is, you know, players havea different level of power, if I
can use that word, and youhave to manage your position with authority,
but also do it in a waywhere you're not turning that player off and
you're ultimately finding a way to getthat player to buy in. I think

the key to is that, youknow, it's the first step. What
a big offseason this is for thisteam. They've got to figure some things
out. It's you know, whenyou look around the league and you look
at you know, the fact isthey just didn't have anybody in the top
you know what, top seventy fivein terms of scoring this season in the
league. You know, the goalscoring in five on five was worse this
year than it was year one ofthe franchise. Power play obviously at times

struggle too. That's why they madethe change with McFarlane even before Hackstall.
They they need to find a way. Two things jumps out at me.
One is they've got to play amore entertaining brand of hockey. Even in
the night seal loose losing two nothing, three to one, with little to

no scoring chances. It's it's anentertainment business. We talked about it before
the press conference. There is aa competition in this marketplace for the consumer's
dollar. Husky football going to thebig ten. Seahawk football is the juggernaut
that it will never be toppled.Still, you know, if people are

making a decision, they're usually numberone on the list. Mariners are in
first place. Seem to be trendingupwards as well. You know, Sounders
are who they are. I thinkthat's a niche audience as as a storm.
But with those other few, youknow, the other the other ones
we're talking about, you have tofind a way. You have to find
a way to get people back inthe seats and if there is a concern

over that over the years, andthen we've got to do that. Like
you've got to find a way toget to get the season ticket holders back
that you might have lost after thethree year contract and things like that.
You do that by winning. Youdo that by going to the playoffs.
But you also have to go andgive them a good product on the ice
when they are spending that money inthe building every night, because frankly,
it wasn't as good as it shouldhave been the last couple last year.
For specifically, I got a questionfor many of those listening right now,

would you rather see a two toone game or a five to three game?
What do you want to see?Do you want more offense? Everybody
wants see five to three, don'tthey? You want to see more unless
you're selling chances bring you out ofyour seat. Well, and this is
what Dan Bilesma yeah, is goingto do. He is going to find
a way to open things up andget more offense out of players. That's
the goal, that's the mission.All right, let's do this, Let's

get a break in, we'll comeback. We are expecting to get some
guests up here in just a coupleof minutes. They're banging through some one
on ones downstairs, so jess when'sdown there working on that. We'll continue
on a ninety three point three KJFMLive from the R and R Foundation Specialist
broadcast studio back to Ian Fernett's poweredby Seattle's Closest sports book, snowp Call

me Casino on Sports Radio ninety threepoint three KJR FM at our R and
R Foundation studio Today is one ofour favorite places to be, the thirty
two Bar and Grill, which iswhere we're hanging out at the Kraken Community
ice Plex. The significant day inthe franchise history. The second coach in
the history of the Seattle Crack andintroduced just about forty five minutes ago.

Dan Bilesma is now the new headcoach of the Krack and once he finishes
his other DUTEI eas in Coachella Valleyhoping to coach that team to a Calder
Cup championship. Joining us right now. Ron francis the general manager. I'll
just get a crack and the infronescingMike Betton with you as well today.
Thank you, sir for coming uphere. How are you. I'm good,
I'm good. Thanks for having me. Process. It's over, It's
finally done. How was it?Well, it's over. Now I got

to find a coach for Coachell.The process is over. Yeah, no,
it's you know, it's always aninteresting process. There's a lot of
good coaches out there, a lotof people I talked to I have a
lot of respect for, and uh, you know, it's never an easy
process to go through that, anduh you know, it's always good for
the one guy that gets the job. It's always tough for the people that
don't get it. But I appreciatedall the people who spent time with us

and showed interest in the in thejob and took the time to interview and
talked to us, and ultimately madethe decision. We fell Dan was the
right guy for us. I knowyou'll get me all the names you talk
to and all the interviews you talkedto as well. Was Dan the front
runner from the start? Was hethe guy that you had an eye on
from the start because it seemed likean obvious fit. A guy that's won
a Stanley Cup as a head coach, that had gone back kind of reinvented

himself in the American Hockey League andthen was coaching your American Hockey leagueffliate a
great success. It felt like hewas the obvious choice. But was he
the front runner? Were there anotherfour or five guys that he really did
feel strongly about. Yeah, no, I think you can't go into the
process started with your eyes closed,and we went in looking at We looked
at a lot of names. Somewe had interviewed in the past, you
know, we didn't want to interviewagain. Some we just said, wasn't

the right fit for us for wherewe are and what our team is trying
to accomplish. And then you kindof get to your list and we went
through. I'm not one that likesto waste people's time, So if I'm
if I'm interviewing, it's because Ithink you have a legitimate shot of being
the head coach. And we intervieweda handful of guys in that regard,
and as I said, I gota lot of struct for those guys.
They're they're they're all good coaches,and you know, just when we went

through the process, and Dan wasthe one that we felt made the most
sense for us based on what he'sdone in the past, winning a couple
in Pittsburgh and Coach of the Yearand coaching Olympic team and then kind of
reinventing himself and down in Coachella,having success last year with one of the
you know, we're the third oldestteam last year, got to the stands
at the call of the Cup finals, unfortunately, losing four games, all

by one goal and the three ofthem in overtime, including the Game seven
heart crushing loss. And then doingit again this year with a much younger
team. You know, he's stillone of the four teams. It's in
the finals again. So that's excitingbe able to do that and see that,
saw how his teams played, howhe builds relationships with his players,
and I thought that was a keyfactor in choosing him to be the guy

to lead the krack in here nextyear and beyond Ron you mentioned that the
building relationships part. What kind ofvoice is needed to get this team back
into a place where they're back intothe playoffs and how can Dan best use
that voice? Yeah, I meanit's interesting. If we talked last summer,
I probably would have said, youknow, okay, our offense is
great, we need to fix ourdefense. And yeah, our defense finished

in the top ten goals against,with the only playoff team, our non
playoff team to finish in the topten. But yet our offense went from
top four in the league to bottomfour in the league, and you know,
you're trying to figure out why thatis. So, you know,
as I said, and then itkind of talked a little bit about it
in his part of the press conference. Is understanding getting the players to understand

exactly what their role is as partof the team and why that role is
important, and then also getting tounderstand why we're playing a certain way as
a team and getting to buy inand play that way. So we feel
we got some tweaks to do,certainly in the neutra zone and the offense
zone, to increase, hopefully ouroffense and get it back to where we
think it can be. And ifwe do that, we think we'll have
more success. Where do you feelthat tweaks are more necessary, more transition

game, more net front presence elsewhere? Maybe, Well, you watched a
lot of our games. I'm sureif I asked you, you would say
that two years ago we looked alot faster than we did last year.
And I think a lot of thatcame in our neutre zone. We seem
to go D to D a lotmore than we did north south and and
I think when you start doing that, then you're forwards maybe aren't reloading as
quick as they need to. Andthen also in the offensive zone, you're

not getting in with that with controlof the puck or with speed and pressure
on the forward check, and Ithink that leads to less offensive opportunities.
So there's some things we need totweak and kind of how we structure the
offensive zone, and we'll have thoseconversations moving forward. But you know,
I like to play fast. Ilike to see us play fast, and
hopefully we can get back to lookingthat way in the ice the way we

did two years ago. Cracking GMRon Francis with this the Internest Mike been
a thirty two bar and grill andyou're home for the crack of nine three
point three k r FM. Whatyou just said, they're kind of I
think every fan's like, okay,good, like like you want to play
fast, you want to go northsouth. That's I mean, look at
your numbers from when you were playing. I mean, I'm sure that's the
style you want. It's never fast. Just for the record, I was
never fast. Offensively, you weregood, okay, but you tops of

sky with Lemiu and yoga right here, I think that I think you are
saying something. All you have todo is get there. Just had to
get the shortcut. I just hadto get there, you know. But
there's in this in the NHL we'rewatching now, there's so much of this
trapping, and you know it wasthere for a long time, the whole
left wing lock thing, and thenit went away and then it's back,
you know. For for this franchise, it feels like new new team or

a new new market. You wantto see a little more up Temple,
right, You've got to still entertainwhen you when Samantha Hallway, you guys
are talking. How much of herconversation with Hey, we got to get
people excited again. We got tofind a guy that's going to get people
excited not just about you know,his personality, but on the ice,
like play an exciting brand of hockey. How much was this almost in some
ways a business decision. Well,I think that's it's certainly factors into your

decision. You look at all thedifferent angles and and I think Dan,
with his personality, stay in thepress conference and his you know, ability
to connect with the players, theywill also have that same ability to connect
with I think our fans and inthe community. So I think that's an
important part as we try and buildthis thing and continue to grow in the
right way to ultimately becoming a championshipfranchise. So that certainly factors in.

But you know, I think alsoon the ice is a big part of
it. That's what the fans comeand see, and you know, a
head coach is a big part ofthat. We've got some time here,
We've got some cap space, sohopefully we can do some things over the
next couple of months, whether it'ssigning free agents, whether it's making some
trade similar to what we did betweenyear one and year two. No guarantee
that happens, but we're certainly lookingat that, and we have the money

and the backing of the ownership togo ahead and try and do that.
So that's things that we'll look atto help make our team even better in
that regard as well. Run Thisleague turns over coaches at a faster rate
than any other of the professional sportsleagues, the major leagues, in fact,
any of them. And it's Ilook at it almost like from it
as a good thing, like thereis no complacency. There is no like
we're gonna sit back and wait,you know what you have in an organization.

With that said, you did makea move with a coach you got
to the final, it got tothe second round last year, was a
Coach of the Year candidate as well. But you made that move. And
I heard the question asked today aboutyou know, the salary cap and invested
in winning with Samantha your salary capteam up against it, there's obviously an
investment to win, but how muchof an urgency is there to win as

well? Immediately here from ownership toyou and to the hockey ops side,
especially with you know, year fourcoming up, maybe the NBA coming down
the road, a challenge for theconsumer dollar in this market, But how
much is there a sense of urgencyto win? And how do you balance
that with the fact you've got someyoung guys coming up, the Shane Wright's,
the winter Ins and all those guys. Yeah. No, I think
there's always an urgency to win.I mean, you know, each and

every year you go into the season, you want to make the playoffs.
We've seen once you get into theplayoffs, anything can happen, So that
is our goal in each and everyyear, So there's an urgency in that
regard. I think there's an urgencyas well too. Mayor fans have been
great and we want to kind ofget them excited like we had two years
ago. You know, if wedid the first season, then the third
season second, and the second seasonthird, we'd all be in a different

spot today. But unfortunately we choseto do it backwards a year two and
three. But you know, Ithink that's you saw the passion we had
in our fan base. She sawthe excitement we had not only in the
arena but in the community, andthat's what we're ultimately striving to do and
that's how you build a successful franchise. So we need to get back to
having that success on the ice,and I think that translates to having that

success ultimately in our fan base andin the community. So that's what we
want to do. Ron. Iloved hearing about you interviewed Dan Bilesman back
in your Carolina days. Players changepeople change, of course, coaches can
change. How is Dan Bilesma differentnow versus say, ten years ago.
Yeah, you know, and Ithink Dan and I've had this conversation,
so I don't feel like I'm talkingout of turn here. But you know,

Dan came in want to Stanley Cupone Coach of the Year, ended
up getting let go by Pittsburgh.But I still think as a coach,
you're feeling pretty good about itself.That's not a bad first four years as
a coach in the NHL. Andnow he's looking for the next job.
And I think, you know,maybe some of it was he felt and

you have to feel confident in yourself, but he felt very confident in his
as a coach, and I thinkhe felt no matter where he went,
he was going to be able tokind of fix the the team he was
going to and go there. Wewere kind of at a rebuild stage and
trying to build our program up inCarolina. You know, we were not

at the place where we could spendmoney like other teams. And I think
as a coacher looking at that,thinking, you know, is that really
where I want to go? Iwant to go someplace else? And you
know, he chose Buffalo at thatpoint versus US. It didn't go as
great from in Buffalo, and thenultimately was an assistant coach, and then
I think, you know, thisgame, whether you're a coach, whether

you're a player, it's humbling,right. You know, I played twenty
three years. I've had stretches wherei didn't think I'd ever score another goal,
and I'm thinking, you know,what's wrong with me? And and
it teaches you to sort of reassessand look in the mirror times and I
think, you know, Dan wentthrough that process. The game humbled him
a little bit in that, andthen he went back and said, Okay,

what do I need to do differentif I'm going to get back into
this and not an easy job tostep in and do. One year in
Charlotte as an assistant coach, nota head coach, as an assistant because
it was Florida's affiliate and you're kindof just part of that staff, and
then getting the job in CV transitioning. We started here for the first month,
we were in Coachella starting November first, but we didn't play our first

home game till December eighteenth, Soagain, not an easy step for a
guy that but he showed that humilityand the willingness to go back and work
at it, and I think thatthat's really served him well and is tweaked
as he talked about in the pressconference, building relationship with players and that
different approach that he didn't have maybein the past, having now I think

has served him well, and Ithink that'll serve us well bringing him into
organization with our group that we havehere in Seattle. So how different is
the modern athlete now than say,the athlete that played this game ten fifteen
years ago. Totally different. Youknow, I started in the NHL in
eighty one. I'm a dinosaur comparedto the guys that you know what they
do now in the off season.You know, they'll have a personal trainer,

they have a personal nutritionists, theyhave a personal psych person sometimes.
I mean, they have all thesetools. Back in the day, I
went to the gym on my ownand I trained myself. Back in the
day, I was told what todo and I didn't question it, right
that this is what you're gonna do, this is how we're gonna play.
And you didn't question, went outthere and did it. And if you
didn't do it, you're sent downto the minors or worse. I think

a one GM said, I'll sendyou so far the hockey news can't find
you not to be one of myteammates. But so, you know,
I think in today's game, youknow, when you tell somebody it's not
just okay, that's great. Theywant to know why, right, Why
why are you asking me to dothis? And you have to be able
to explain to them, like inyour game, if you do this,

this will help you, and theseare the reasons why as a team,
you know, if we do thisas a team, this is why we
think we'll have success. And soit's it's much more in that way building
relationships and communicating with players than itwas in my era. And you know,
the coach came in gave a speech. In my day, and was
gone, and now it's you know, coach getting out and having coffee,

having breakfast with the players, learningabout them, talking, building those relationships.
Explaining the details of not only whatyou want, but why you want
it and how it benefits the playerand the team. I think is critical
and it's so different than my era. Wrap it up at this with Ron
Francis and let you go. I'massuming you guys are heading down to the
desert right to go watch a littleHL action. Den and his wife will
be flying back tonight. I'm ascheduled to fly down there tomorrow afternoon.

Yeah, for games one and twoon Wednesday and Friday. Do look outside,
you don't want to go down thereright now? Be sure. I
got some things to do tomorrow morningbefore that flight. You might be busy,
And let me just wrap it upthis Ron, you touched it on
a little bit with Mike, andyou've got some things coming up. You've
got the draft on June twenty eighth, starting then. You got a lot

of you have a lot of draftpicks. There is some salary cap rooms,
decisions to be made. How differentdo you expect this team to look
in the fall, and what wouldyou tell fans about what your expectations for
you and the organization are heading intonext season. Yeah. I mean,
we just finished pro meetings two weeksago, where we go through all the
different teams and the free agents aswe've had those machines. We just finished

last week all our amateur meetings.We go through the draft. As you
mentioned, we've got nine picks againthis year, so in three drafts using
it at seven year, we shouldhave twenty eight picks. I believe at
the end of this draft we willhave forty two or forty three prospects in
our pipeline, which is accumulation ofthe draft picks we've had over time and
a lot of really you know,promising young picks in the pipeline. So

that is exciting, but that's downthe road. You know. Our goal
right now with the big club isto do similarly what we did the first
year, look at each and everyavenue possible to make our team better.
I can't sit here and promise thatthe free agents are going to want to
sign here. You know, theymight get more money someplace else, or
they might have a friendship with ateam on a different player. But we're
certainly going to be in the Fragianmarket. We're going to be certainly trying

to uh to to improve our prayer, our team through free agency. We'll
also explore possible trades that includes,you know, doing things within our lineup
using draft picks whenever we have.We do have that draft capital, we
do have prospects, so there's alot of tools we can use that we
feel to to try and improve ourteam. And that's our goal between now
and when we start in October.Ultimately, you know, our goal is

to get back in the playoffs andbe successful again. So that's our goal
next season. Hopefully our players areready to go with the lineup we bring
into training camp and we can getoff to a good start and accomplish that
goal next season. Because that's,uh, that's why we're here. Why
would you not want to look atthis place? Why would you not want
to come here as a free agent? I mean, like seriously, like
you know, at Carolina, Imean, I know, like there are

relationships and there's money. Weird,sometimes money does talk. I get that,
and you can only spend for peoplewho don't know. I want to
mention this again because we hurt inthe press conference. This is a salary
cap league. So when you hearpeople say, well are they going to
spend the money, that question wasasked. Wait astue they spend money.
Look at this organization, you guys, you don't want here, do you
like? I don't think you gofor one. No, our ownerships of
given the green light right from dayone. They've never questioned anything that I

want to go and sign a playeror trade for a player. They're all
in. So the money aspect,that is not an issue to cap issue.
But you know, you go outand you're looking at for agents and
there might be one player at acertain position and five teams looking at him
and somebody's looking to give them moremoney. That doesn't work against your cap
or it doesn't work in your situationmoving forward. So there's things that factor

into those decisions. Maybe the guywho's an East Coast guy doesn't want to
come to the West Coast. Maybehe's got family on the East Coast.
Maybe he's got a relationship and hewants to go to a certain market and
solf. There's a lot of thingsthat factor into fragans as far as wanting
to come. Nothing wrong with ourcity, our city is fantastic. Our
ownership group is outstanding. Our facilitiesare top notch, both at CPA and

the practice facility. Our players gettreated as good, if not better than
any other team in the league.So from that standpoint, yeah, there's
a lot of freegients I want tocome play in Seattle. Uh. We're
just hoping we can get the onesthat we want, whether it's via trade
or free agency and improve our team. I'll let you go. I appreciate
your time. Michael give you hislist of top twenty five Google. Now
Ron Francis workout by Yeah, buthe's got a list of free agentsy he'll

pass along with you as well.So I'm assuming draft picks too. Oh
yeah yeah. Everyone that plays fairnothing everyone. Everyone that played for the
Silver Tips, that's uh, theyplayed for the Tips. That's who Mikey
wants you to drive. Ron,thank you so much. I appreciate coming.
Bye, Thank you. Thanks.That's Ron Francis, GM and the
Saltle Crack and we'll take a quickbreak, come back with more from the
thirty two Bar and Grill ninety threepoint three kJ FM Live from the R

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three kJ R FM, we're backup thirty two, Bar and grill,
he infnace with you, and it'sa reunion of sorts. Uh, may
at rest in peace, the oldTake thirty two segment and What's Cracking on

Fox thirteen. We've seen the lastof that, but we're back with guys
that we had on the show.That's why Alis was walking through a bunch
of I just played the violin asdumb been put away. That is Darren
Brown's sown of hockey curves crapt hefoxed thirteencl dot com. Course that's Mike
Benton. Uh, let's just goaround the horn. Initial reactions Darren about
What's Cracking? No, No,I'll take thirty two, it's your favorite

show. No about the damn Bileslot, damn Okay. So it was
like take two. Yeah, whyradio friends, it's been a it's been
a fun morning. I think Ithink it's been you know, this is
what I certainly expected when I wrotemy story about Hey, Dave Hastall has
been relieved of his duties at thetop of my list was Dan Biosma,

and that didn't change. And Ithink as we went deeper and deeper into
this off season and he saw theseother names getting hired and you saw who
was still left available, I stillsaw personally, I saw Biosma as the
best candidate out there, and sohe wasn't even really out there. I
don't think. I think Cracking werethe only one that probably could have hired
him. And you know, itjust it makes all the sense in the
world. I think from a developmentalstandpoint, I think from an organizational fit

standpoint, I think from a familiaritystandpoint, it makes It makes a ton
of sense to me. I stillthink that there's work that needs to be
done this offseason. I don't thinkthis can be the only change in terms
of what brings improvement for next season, but I think it's a positive step
for the organization. Barring a headliningcoach becoming available, like a John Cooper

from Tampa or Rod Brindamore from Carolina, I thought by Ozma was probably top
of the list as long as hewanted the job, and once it was
clear from talking to him today thathe was certainly ready to make that jump
back to the NHL level and feelinglike he had the passion to do this
job at this level again after hislast few years with Detroit as an assistant
with Coachella Valley in the farm teamfor the Kraken, that it was an

obvious choice for them to bring himup here. His familiarity with many of
the young prospects on the team hasproven success in the NHL, with Pittsburgh
making the playoffs as many times asthey did back in the day. There's
a lot to like about the higherof Dan biles One. You and I
talked about this see and from thestandpoint of what can he do to relate
to the modern day athlete. RonFrancis talked about this. It was a

big part of the decision here.But ultimately what I go back here with
Dan Bilsma compared to other candidates,and yeah, I mean, if you
can have a Rod Brendamore, great, but you know he wasn't gonna leave
Carolina, right John Cooper still gota year left in this deal in Tampa
BA. So you have to hirefor the now and based on who's out
there, who's going to fit andcheck off every box you need to get
this team back into the postseason fromoffense to having an instant fit with a

lot of young players who could beup here very soon. He was the
obvious choice. I give him creditto for, you know, making this
a four year plan, but Ithink doing it so gracefully as well.
All Right, real quick, beforehe's gonna come up in your second Darren,
just before he pops in, whatthey have to do in the offseason,
what's the priority. I think it'sstill scoring. I mean, I
don't think that anything changes in termsof what they need to do. Right.

They need to add some offensive talentthat Dan can work with. And
you know, he's He's shown thathe can work with young players, he
can work with older players. Nowit's a matter of giving him the tools
to be successful. And I don'tthink that's one thing with hack style.
I don't think he really got thosethis past year. Yeah, I roster
reconstruction's got to be big, right, I think that's what you got to
do along the way. Okay,I think we lost him for a second.

That's fine. I just I don'twant to make the new head coach
wait for us. I saw himfinishing his other thing so let's do this.
We'll take a quick break till spellSound Hockey because you guys still do
a great job. I know youget a one on a one with sure.
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a one on one with Biles Mouththat'll be coming up pretty soon on some
All my friends love Sound of Hockey. We do indeed. All right,
that's Darren Brown, Chris Kraft.You can find his work at Fox thirteen
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take a quick break. We'll comeback. Dan Biles most expected to join
us your thirty two Bar and Grillnext nine three point three KJFM. I

were back thirty two Bar and Grill. You internesced with you, and we
are joined now by the new headcoach of the Seattle Crack and Dan Bilesma
was here. I was just mentioningthe damn He's had a lot of accomplishments
in his career. I just rememberhim from ninety eight ninety nine with the
Long Beach in the International Hockey League. You put up ten goals, eight
assists, eighteen points and fifty eightgames that season. What do you remember

from that year? I remember playingthe Utah Grizzlies, but that's about it.
Probably you and your head coach wasJohn Van Boxmeer. I think,
righto, old school all the waythrough, old school all the way through
against Butch Gory coaching the Utah Grizzly. Yeah, some great battles with those
teams. Yeah. I think youhad a couple like skilled small I were

a Chris Taylor, Oh yeah,the little Russian. Yeah, and then
you guys had a bunch of bigdudes like Trau and the two. This
is this is where hockey has changed. Claud had four hundred and eight penalty
minutes. Yeah, you don't seethat anymore. No, that's that's a
career nowadays. I remember a yearA year after that, a year after
that, he played for the LosAngeles Kings. I was in the seats

on the glass for the very firstgame as table center. He was in
the lineup. Actually that yeah,it's it's your old linemate. Was he
in the Perryer I May that year? And who else I'm drawn a blank
here. Well, could have beencould have been Matt Johnson, could have
been Craig Johnson. Yeah, twovastly different players too. Vastly you did

play with super guys. We havea mutual Kevin Sawyer is a good friend
of mine who I got into Ben. Yeah, and he I texted him
earlier and I said, you,did you know you play with tamp Biles
When he says, he says,oh, yeah, you know, roommates
and the line mats in the Anaheim. And I said, well, I
didn't think. I didn't know hewas a fourth liner. We were.
We were fourth fighters myself. Well, listen, welcome to Seattle. It's

not like you aren't familiar with thisplace. For people don't know training camp.
All the coaches at some point arerunning practices and so forth. Let
me take a couple of steps back. I joke about the miners, but
I think this is an important thingbecause you know, Mike's worked in the
miners. I've worked in the miners. You obviously a lot as well.
If you really love the game,you put the grind in. And for
a guy that's got a Stanley Kupperingas a coach, you went back you

went all the way back Charlotte andthen Coachella Valley. Was this always the
goal to get back to the NationalHockey League as a coach, because I
think a lot of people said it'sprobably worst gigs in the world than coaching
at Coachella Valley in the American HockeyLeague. Yeah, I mentioned this a
little bit earlier. I think itwasn't necessarily the goal forty years ago to

get back to the National Hockey League. I think, Yep, it's a
grind. Maybe you call it agrind, but it's also like it's it's
really a great place to coach andconnect with the players, and connect with
your team and develop people in relationshipsand develop their careers. They're they're all

wanting to go somewhere and and soit's a great place to connect with the
What I think is the joy ofcoaching, and that continued in in CV
and and just being able to kindof grab a team and a new situation,
a new organization, a new city, a new group of guys and

develop them as individuals and developed theteam. Is it was. It was
awesome, It was great. Ithoroughly enjoyed it. It was it was
you know, I told the guyslast year it was I don't I try
not to remember too far in thedistant future or past, and don't look
too far into the future. LikeIt's just it was the the best thing

for me and my coaching career.It's the best thing for the situation.
And but it did, it didlead me down the road to to come
into this point and one I'm I'msuper excited about having Dan. You mentioned
four years ago when you went throughthat reset in learning how to communicate differently
here with players. Can you giveme any example of any figures you talked

to that really kind of helped redefinethe mindset of what it means to connect
now with the modern day athlete andfind a way to drive that player to
be at his best. Yeah,well, well this we have had this
conversation about coaching in this situation alot, and I just I don't think
the player has changed. I think, like, like I wanted to be

talked to. I wanted to betalked to and coached and and told where
I could get better and where Ithinks, you know, my career could
go. When I was a twentytwo year old and when I was in
Long Beach, and I didn't particularlythink it was the greatest thing when a
coaches, you know, screamed andyelled and kind of you know, didn't

talk to you, you know,kicking trash cans and all that. You
know. One of the greatest coachesfor me, I had him for a
number of years, and I probablycould tell you that he talked to me
and said ten words to me thewhole time over three years. Like it
just wasn't you didn't you didn't getthat relationship from the head coach. And

I think coaches have had to change, not the players. But I wanted
it so for me and kind ofhow I wanted to be as a coach
was to get to that, tohave a relationship, to get on the
same ground level, to get inwith the player and have a clear plan
and a clear expectation about where Icould go, where we could go,
what you could do in your career. And so you know, I that's

just kind of been great about thelast couple of years is you get to
do it with you get to doit with these young guys that are developing
their career. They got a missionand a plan to go somewhere and be
some be something as a player,and it's really rewarding. Coaches will often
say that, you know, youwant to find a way to extract offense,
but of course you have to havea structure defensively. Fans love seeing

goals, they love scoring, theylove the exciting part of the game.
Here to you what you know foranybody. But I think I think in
this case, to you, whatdefines effective offense? It's it's a good
question, and I think you knowthere's we all talk about sometimes having line

combinations that can have chemistry so theycan score goals. And I would beg
you to define what mystery means.It means you know what the person is
going to do, and they knowyou can count on them for doing these

things in these circumstances so that youcan give you a chance to have success.
So I think I think you canbuild chemistry. I think you can
with being a reliable, reliable incertain routes, certain places, You're going
to be certain things you're going tocontinually do time after time. Again that's

so I know what that's gonna happen. I think when you do that,
when you got that in your group, when you got that in your line.
When you got that in your team, you can create create more offense
for for the group. And youknow that's last year, you know around
talks that we needed to score moregoals than you know, the two years
ago we were a great scoring teamand the whole team scored in and through

out the lineup, and that wasmissing a little bit last year. And
you know that's that that will bea challenge for the group going forward,
is trying to find a little morea few more of those goals or get
that excitement in the game, becausewell that's and that Dan Biles been joining
us a infinnesce and Mike Bent withyour thirty two bar and grill. I
read something this morning. I'm notsure if it was the Chef and the

Times or the Athletic and yeah,well it's scared to have Well what this
is? No, no, no, this is actually good. I thought
you were laughing because you said theguy from Utah he read something. Yeah.
Well, first of all, thatis a big thing for me,
like not a big part of myrepertoire, but but I did reach about
how like in today's world you mentionedcoaches have to change, and I think

there's a lot of times when wekind of put coaches like in a box,
right, like, Hey, thisguy is gonna run a you know,
a one two too, or he'sgonna do it, He's gonna trap
here, do this, do that? What I saw from someone that I
think was knowledgeable about it, saidthe thing with Dan Biles. But he
is a guy that will adjust tohis personnel. And I made the comparison
when the Seahawks hire Peak Carol.They went out and they are a guy.

He had a weird roster and hemade it work with these guys that
were kind of misfits and he builtaround them. Are you a guy that
I mean? Everyone likes structure,But how would you describe yourself in terms
of the style of play you wantto play? Mike wants to see goals.
I want to see goals. SamanthaHall, he wants to see goals.
We all want to see goals.But how would you describe how that

style is? Well, I wantto be a I would like our team
to be a predictable team to eachother, A team that can count on
each other for playing a certain wayand playing playing a certain style. But

that would be unpredictable to the opposition. And you know, there's a certain
when we're all on the same pageand we're all predictable to each other,
you can make adjustments to the oppositionwith a different part of the playbook,
with a different piece of the puzzle. If you get a different piece of

the puzzle and we need to playa different way as a result of it,
we can we can all. Wecan all do that and make that
adjustment. So I'm gonna implore theguys to be a good teammate. And
being a good teammate means being predictableto each other and to you know,

our standard of work and what youcan expect from from each other. And
when we do that, we canbe an unpredictable team to the opposition.
And that's kind of the key tomaking an adjustment to a different personnel and
a different to the different opponent.What's your relationship with any of the guys
that are currently on the roster.I mean there's a kind of a core

group guys like Everley McCann, VinceDunn. I'm just kind of picking up
a few guys, but just thatkind of core group of guys. Jonny
Gored, you have a relationship anyof those guys at all from the past
years. You know, we kindof I feel like I've been here a
lot in the last you know,three years, training camps a month long,

and we were here in year twofor for until November tenth, two
months then, so we were inand every day with the group, and
we I've interacted with all those guys. I've interacted with eb And and Canner
and and the team for frankly,we've and so you know, I went
to a game in l A heretwo months ago and you know, talked

with Done, her and talked withthose those guys that was I was talking
with more Ty and the young guysthat were up at the time, like
her and Writer was there, andWinCE was there, and Morrison was there.
But talked to Joey Decord and talkedto Ty Car and talked to Vince
Done, and talked to a lotof them, you know, just briefly.

But I feel like I I've Idon't want to say I have a
good relationship with him, because it'sit's not as good as it's going to
be. But but interrupt you.That goes back to what you talk about
before the relationship part of it likethe relationship you have with those young guys.
Mean, Tye was here and Rikerwas Riker was here, most of
your tie was here all year.You know Ryan Winterd and we saw him
Morrison, et cetera. That relationshipbuilding, it's obvious. I mean,

Jeffy, what about in this papertoday about that? Like watching you and
watching those guys interact. Is thatsomething that maybe you've gotten better at as
a coach over the years one hundredpercent? I I it gives me great
pride to hear the description and toprobably know that those players feel that way

and feel like we have that relationship, because that's to me, like,
I, yes, I've gotten alot better at that. And you know,
I can be critical of myself overthe course of my coaching career as
to when I you know, Ifailed that, that failed or didn't do
as well. So you know it'sthat's again that's kind of my challenge now

to bring that to the Cracking andbring it to this level and bring it
to the National Hockey League in thisgroup. So damn any of us were
talking about a month ago of when'snext captain going to arrive here for this
team? How long do you thinkyou need to kind of figure it out,
get the feel of your roster,and maybe from there what criteria under

your eye would fit best for captaincyhere. Well, that'd be part of
the conversation that you know, I'vealready started to have with Ron over the
past couple of weeks and and onewe're going to be have going forward.
So having said that, I haven'tgiven a ton of immediate thought at this

particular second. I kind of,you know, have my own thoughts about,
you know, what the captaincy meansto the organization, and what the
captaincy means to the team, andwhat captain means to the players, and
I I think all those things area little bit different, and things will

consider when we you know, whenwhen that decision is made going forward.
Now, you had a couple ofplayers, Sidney Crosby, Brian, you
know, in the last couple ofstops. I mean, how much do
you take away from from what theydid and how they were able to lead
a room to kind of fit thatinto today maybe yeah, I think,
you know, I think I don'tthink a leadership is a prescribed thing to

the to the team, putting thesea on the Jersey does not make the
person the captain. How they actand how they play and how they work
and the presence that they bring tothe team makes them the captain of the
team. And you know each personcan kind of do that in their distinct
own way. But you know,Sydney Crossmy he's talking about, you know,

the example that he set daily,the person that he is daily,
the work ethic that he has dailymakes him, ah, you know,
a great captain. And the samefor you know Brian Gionta as well.
And we have those We have alot of those guys here in our room
and maybe in the fac stage ofgoing in their career, but we have

a lot of those presences in ourroom. Well, Dan, we'll let
you go. We appreciate the timegiving us here on the Home of the
Crack in Anty three point three kr f M. Next time we see
in the fall, I know you'llbe giving us every lineup. We want
every startler, we want online combinations, all those things. Open book is
what we hear the passionate market here. Yeah, Ron said, an open

book. It's like we want everything, just just like Toronto. It'd be
easy for any of the safe lightdown there by the way, this was
this was our best time together.By the way, I think this was
it. This was this is ourhigh water mark, high water just you
know what. I'm glad we knowthat right now. That's it's good to
set those parameters and I'll look forwardto what's gonna come downhill in the next
a couple of years. Good luckin Coachella Valley going to cop that'd be

awesome. Dan Bilesman joining us totake a quick break. Come back with
more from the thirty two Bar andGrill ninety two nine three point three KTER
FM live from the R and RFoundation Specialist broadcast studio. Back to Ian
Fernance Power Advice, Seattle's closest sportsbook Snow call Me Casino on Sports Radio
ninety three point three kJ R FM. We're back in the thirty two Bar

and Grill today where it's been abig day. It see all cracking.
Naming Dan Bilsman as a second headcoach in the franchise is history. We
just had coach Dan biles on amoment ago Ron Francis before that. So
much going on out here. It'sit's been a fun, fun day so
far, and Curtis Krabtree's back withus Fox thirteen, Seattle dot Com.
Mike Benton with me today as wellas we kind of go around the hornet

if who's going to join us comingup at twelve thirty for a few minutes
before we say goodbye to our hockeytalk, turning it over to Greg Bell
and Chris Kid will do a crosstalk with them coming up at twelve forty
five today. Curtis, we werejust we didn't give you a chance.
I kind of want to wrap itup with you. We talked to Darren
before Dan Bilsman showed up and jumpedon the air with us. What has
to happen for Dan Bilsman and thisteam to be successful? Like what has

what has to happen? They needto score more. They need to probably
is probably a more long term proposition. They need to find a top flight
offensive piece somewhere at some point intime, whether whether that comes from their
own organization or a Shane Wright orsomething develops into it, or they go
out and just bring one in,pay him to come be that guy here.
They because you don't have that thattier one kind of offensive piece,

you know, different people have todo it on different nights and not every
not all the time, you're goingto get that effort. So ultimately,
last year, like defense was plentygood enough, their goaltending was plenty good
enough. They did not score.Their shooting percentage dropped significantly last year and
they need to find a way toget that to increase if they want to

get back to being a team thatcan make the playoffs again. And that's
even before you talked to about ateam contending first in the Cup. See
I think for me, and tokind of go off of Curtis's point here,
how many teams do you see leftright now in the postseason who have
the guy who can be the guy? Edmonton, there's Connor McDavid Dallas may

be a bit more fuzzy, butwe talk a lot about Jason Robertson,
rope Hens, Joe Pavelski. Thescoring is decline a bit, but he's
still been Wya Johnson's well, heis that dude. And the Rangers.
The Rangers, Zabna jadd and PanerenFlorida Kuld Chuck bark Off. You need

a game right hard, yeah right, And by the way, play for
Dan Bilesman Buffalo and you need agame breaker. You have to have a
game breaker to take that next stepinto the post safe to say they don't
have that on the roster, notreally, unless Jared McCann finds an even
another gear to take a game.I do too so hot, I mean

high high water marks forty goals,So for him, I think that it's
the interesting thing about what what Mikeysaid, Curtis. I think it's true
is you look at who's left thefinal four teams. They all have.
In fact, you can make anargument every one of those teams has multiple
guys that can bury it and canfinish. Right, they all have that
guy. Here's the difference right now, which is I think kind of wild
with Seattle. Seattle's got a bettersituation in net than, certainly than Edmonton

does. Yes, I don't carewhat his VESNA accolades are. I like
what Seattle has a net better thanwhat Florida has. The cercans hit or
miss at times, so's Ottinger hasreally been hit or missing? The good
Jay Gottinger shows up. They're goingto the final. But but but here's
the point, Like you could makean argument Seattle defensively in their own end

can be better than some of thoseteams that are left, but they don't
have that guy. We talked whenwe talking to Van Bilesma, you know,
like like he does want to playthat way he does. This is
a massive off season for Ron Francis, like a massive offseason and he's gonna
have to get something. With allthose draft picks. What do they have
forty two? He said? Well, even he I thought, I only
have that. You only have youcan only have fifty guys. You didn't
even spare anybody on the rosters.Say you know what, if the right

piece is out there, we're gonnago ahead and make that move and trade
somebody. Yeah. I mean it'sbig beyond the scoring too, What's what's
another aspect of playing that All ofthese teams have physical physicality, the front
presence, and that is something thisteam also lacked this year, just inability
to get to the front of thenet and create some Look at that gold
Jason Robertson scored last night, justtucking it in the back door on on

Stuart Skinner. Yeah uh, Andthat's not even that type of goal necessarily,
But like being around the net frontand being you know, willing to
get hit in the back a coupleof times, to be in the problem
areas, to get a get goallike sam Ryan Hart cleaned up on goals
like that this year in Florida.Well think I think we'd all agree that,
Like the core is like they theyhave a good big they have a

good foundation. This is not yearone, we're going into year four.
They have a good foundation. Theyhave a good core. Now all the
young guys coming up, Yes,they had two guys that were elite junior
scorers this season in the Ontario andthe Western League. They have those guys
coming up. You've got the youngerguys in Coachella right now. But do
they really truly have that next level? I think the way you get that

next level guy that we're discussing isand Ron Francis said it with us was
a little while ago, right,Mikey's it's trade or it's free agency.
You know, those are both thingsthat you've there's a lot of layers of
that. Or you can make atrade, you know, salary, cap,
who's goal on, what have you? And then free agency fit a
guy into the cap. How muchmoney does you want to come here?
All those things, But I thinkto really take that next level. That's

what you need. I mean,baseball doesn't have the salary caps. It's
not a one to one comparison.But we're talking about ways to try to
fix the Mariners right now, andthey're going to have to sell off prospects
to go try to trade to finda guy to fix the problems. Right,
yep, just go. Sometimes youmight have to overpay a little bit,
but if you just go spend ona guy, you're not having to
give away your assets as well,right, you know, just go and

sign a guy. If you haveto to go in, bring somebody in
that can really kind of power youroffensive game to a different level. And
maybe you do have to get creative. Maybe you have to sign a top
flight defenceman, use one of yours, like Event's done, to be a
trade piece to go get something elsethat you might have to get creative and
the way you go about finding waysto do it. There are trade avenues
too. But like the end ofthe day, spending the money in free

agency can work to augment a piece. If you need to go, you've
got to get uncomfortable. This isthe extreme version of this. But how
uncomfortable have the Vegas Golden Knights becomewith trying to make a move to make
their team better. That's the extremeversion. But the point still is,
no one is spared. How canthis team get better? We're gonna be

seeing some names going out the door. And this is the reality of sports
the crack and as of right now, end of this season and the seventh
oldest roster in the NHL, alot of contracts are up, decisions are
coming. But now you have totake that next step and figure how can
this team get better? How canwe increase the value of who's performing up
runner on that back end, andwhere's the greater value. And yet certainly

it goes back to you need thattop end guy, finisher or playmate.
I asked Curtis, I asked RonFrancis Sis. But I want to ask
you the same thing. How muchdo you think there's a sense of urgency
in the organization to get this thingback to where it was a year ago
and back to the point where worstcase scenario, you're not playing irrelevant games

the final three weeks, you're playinga relevant game all the way to Game
eighty two. But best case,getting back to the postseason and in the
context of I mean, there's abig executive meeting right next to us right
now, all the ownerships in town. I mean, it's we all know
what's happening in the next two orthree years. The NBA will be here
at some point in the next twoor three years. That's a done deal.
It's going to happen. It's nota matter of if, it's a

matter of when. And that's moreof a basically a more competition for the
sports consumer's dollar. The Mariners arein first place, maybe trending up.
The Seahawks are who they are,Husky's going to the Big ten. How
much do you think there's a truesense of urgency in this organization, because
some organizations don't have that, likethey they'll they'll they'll go in the slow

roll. Chicago is a good example. San Jose's is light years away from
you know, being good or relevantagain. How how big do you think
that is for these guys. Ithink it is a thing. I absolutely
one think it is a thing.Now. The fact that in theory the
Sonics coming back is going to stillbe under their umbrella probably changes it a
little bit, right, But inthe in the grand scheme of things.

You want to get more people underyour tent before that massive, you know
monkey on the back of forty oneyears of NBA history in this town that
people already have a nostalgia two andthe wave of excitement that will come with
that team returning to action in towneventually when it comes here is going to
be a very real thing. Now, I wouldn't expect an expansion NBA team

to be able to compete right away. No, they never are so in
that regards, It's not like you'renecessarily gonna have to worry about competing with
a you know, fantastic playoff youknow, playoff contending product right out of
the get go. But I dobelieve that aspect of it is something that
is very much understood on the mindsof the people that are running this team,

and they saw how fun the playoffscan be and what it was like.
There was a game against Edmonton,I want to say, in about
February where they were still in thisfor in the race for the playoffs.
Conor McDavid, the best player inthe world in town. It was on
a Saturday, and that building wasnot nearly as full as I thought it
was going to be. Yeah,I think and it made an impression,
and I think you and I talkedabout that. I think that there are

there are red flags along the way. It's also why they made a coaching
move as well, among other reasons. Okay, we'll take a break.
Come back, Chris Krapteek go checkhis workout Fox thirteen Seattle dot com.
That's Fox thirteen, scal dot com. You love story up today, I'm
the coaching hire as well. We'lltake a break. Ever, Fitz who's
gonna swing by. He'll join us, coming up, and then we'll talk
to Greg and Chris Coming up attwelve forty five nine three point three kJ

FM Live from the R and RFoundation Specialist broadcast studio back to Ian Fernanz
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Me Casinosnocasino dot Com, Seattle's closestcasino Snoll Call Me Casino, thirty two
Bar and Grill I in fronesced withtoday We're on. We kind of switched
things around. Greg Bell, ChrisKid will be with you one o'clock from
one till three today. We'll checkin with those guys a little crosstock at
twelve forty five. But Mike Bentonhas been kind enough to ride shotgun with

me. This kind of a reversalof roles. A lot of times during
the course of the hockey season,you grobble to me, come come hang
out with me, like late atnight, and Lawley when I go when
no one's outside of section two,or where the hell you're at there at
the CPA uh and uh, andI sometimes I sip below this guy at
the in the gondola. Ever fitsus with us right now? Can you

fill me in on something? Where'sfilesman? Where's he from? He is
originally from Grand Haven, Michigan,which is a lovely town on the west
side of His school was what thefinest institute for higher learning in these great
United States of America, Bowling GreenState University. I know you have some
orange underneath that jacket. Where isit? There is a time and a

place for everything, But I kidyou not. I had my orange tie
and my orange and brown socks readyto go this morning, and I thought
better of it. I said,Nope, there will come a time and
place for that. We'll do thatat some other point, but no,
it is. It is with theOilers. I know, like, hey,
well and that was so the Oilerswere like my childhood team growing up,

so like I didn't ever think Iwas gonna work for a team in
the division. So I actually doown a lot of orange and a lot
of blue. God, so I'vehad to retire and shut up. I've
had to retire that resist. Hey, you know what I'm saying. We
joke about it, like we gota text chain with the Molly Whoppers and
Andrews and I and a lot oftimes during the hockey playoffs, it turns

to hockey talk. Andrews hates Fielders. Listen, I like the Canadian market
teams, and I grew I grewup a Canucks fan, and so like
I that's hard to just to kindof lose that like that. I so
we all get that Everett fits You'swith us just an initial reaction. Dan
Biles a new head coach and whathe brings. I think he brings a
genuine love for coaching. And I'vetalked to a couple of folks who work

in Coachella Valley, people around thehockey world. He loves the coaching aspect
of coaching, educating, developing,and for an organization like ours, who
is so committed in the future,We've got so many kids who are who
are expected to have a big impactin the next three to five, ten
years down the road. He isa player or he's a coach rather that

wants to get the most out ofhis players. He wants to get the
best out of his players. Butalso he's coached Sydney Crosby and malcol And
and Flurry. He knows what makesthe Hall of Famers tick and he knows
how to get the best and themost out of the kids who wants to
get to that level. And Ithink for for this organization, and I
don't want to speak for Dan,but I have a feeling if if it

were any other opportunity, I don'tknow if it would have been as enticing
because of what he's able to doand be a part of here. Yeah,
I think it's I love the factthe relatability part. And he talked,
We asked him, asked him tosay, hey, you know,
look like, how is that justrelating to the players, relationships with players?

Is that something that you think you'veand he said, yea one hundred
percent, and and and you know, I just have great respect. Listen,
all three of us sitting at thistable right now, we all worked
in the minor leagues. Yeah,we all. We all rode buses,
we all took commercial flights, andunderstand the grind that is minor league hockey.
For a guy that has a StanleyCup ring as a coach to go

back to that level in the firstyear with a shared refiliation in Charlotte and
then obviously in Coachella Valley to kindof reinvent himself. To me, that
says a lot about the guy andhis character saying I'm gonna get better at
my craft. And I just havegreat respect for that, because guys that
do that do it for the rightreason. I just had a conversation with
him. I was doing an interviewwith him for our pieces here internally,

and he told the story because ifyou watch the press conference, he said
that the last few years he wantedto get back to the fun of coaching.
He wanted to make coaching fun again. And he told the story about
when he got fired in Buffalo.He said, one of the hardest things
he heard, but one of themore honest and fair things he heard was
from his son, and he gotfired. And his son said, well,
Dad, now you can have funcoaching again. And that hurt because

he's always enjoyed it. And Iasked him, I said, what are
Kraken fans getting from you? Whatare we in the media getting from you?
Who is Dan bilesman? And hesaid that you're getting a person who
doesn't do anything half assed, right, You're getting someone who's gonna do this
one hundred percent every day. AndI know it sounds cliche, but if

you could see the emotion on hisface, and if you could see the
genuine care and the genuine gratitude thathe had on his face, this is
going to be, I think,culturally a one eighty turn from where we've
been. And I also think onthe ice, I think in the locker
room there's going to be a lotof oh, that's what was missing these

last few years. To you whatdefines more of an immediate turnaround here as
far as what he can do findinga way either to get in the young
guys crankin, and I'm talking guyslike Shane Wright. You know, more
and more out of Ty Cartier,you know, Ryan Winterton, or find
the next level again for players likeMaddy Benier's Andre Berrokowsky. I think in

the short term that's going to bethe key for him because if you look
at Coachella Valley, you have Imean, Winterton and Morrison. They came
up, they played well in theircall ups. Are they ready to be
full time NHL as yet? Dothey need more development? That remains to
be seen. But when you havea guy like Matty Beaniers and Andre Berrikovski,
you know, even a guy likeYanni Gord who took a step back

offensively last season, how can weget them back? How can he get
them back to that level? Howcan we get Matty Beaniers back to the
Calder level he was? How canwe get Andre Berakowski back to where he
was his last year in Colorado?And I think that's going to be the
biggest test, his first big testin the short term. The veteran guys,

the players on this roster, anyfree agents who were signed in the
offseason, He's gonna have to sellthem on wanting to come to Seattle,
wanting to play for a coach who'snot had a head coaching job since twenty
seventeen, What have you learned aboutyourself? How have you grown in that
time? So I think getting themost out of the players here, the
incoming players with an I still towardthat development, and those players that are

going to be here down the road. How much clearer are you maybe,
I think in the area fits ofCaptain c and who maybe could fit that
much he really cares about the I'mgonna tell you right now, that's take
a pick of the text line hereon just Sam. Well, you know
what, so if if you rememberRon Francis uh his end of the year

availability, Dave Hastall's end of theyear availability, that was the question going
in, who's going to be captain? Ron even said, you know there's
gonna be some discussions had. Well, now you bring in a new coach,
you bring in a new voice forthat locker room. And even though
Ron is going to have a sayand he's going to have input into who
that voice will be, I wouldhave to imagine ultimately it's going to be

Dan, It's going to be theassistants whoever those are, and the players
in the room who have to playfor that captain. So while the last
three years it could have been maybeit was very clear that player ABC should
be your three letters. A newgroup of names could emerge this this training
camp. And and because there isa new coach, do we see another

season of no captain? Because youhave to get used to this new coach,
You have to get used to whathe wants in his style. And
some of those guys may not behere because everything's on the table. I
just wrap it up. This everfits you with us, I just I
think we'd all agree. And youknow, after that last home game,
we looked at each other and like, you can't put that on the ice
anymore. Yeah, what we saw, and I know it's it's one,

but I think the game, thetwo game, the game at San Jose,
the game here against San Jose,en the season, the Montreal game
in between. Yeah, and therewere far too many nights like that,
Everett, where this team like likethey just didn't show up. And hockey
is still a try hard sport andit doesn't take any anybody listening right now.
If you're a casual fan, youcan watch a hockey game and you

can see effort or you can seelack thereof. Yeah, I get the
feeling that that won't be the case. Maybe the message was lost last year
with Dave. I don't know whathappened, but I don't think I think
with Bilesma, his ability to relateto young and veteran players, superstars,
hall of famers, and fourth liners, I don't think we'll see that anymore.
And you brought up a very goodpoint about the miners. I think

a lot of people in various positionsbroadcasting, coaching, sales, marketing,
wherever you spend time in a minorleague office where you are one of five
and not one of five hundred onan organization, you have an appreciation for
the little things. You have anappreciation for the other duties as a sign
you're now working nine to five ifyou're not working nine to five. And
I think if when you have acoach who has been to the Mountain with

Sidney Crosby winning a Stanley Cup,he's been to Buffalo, he's had the
highs, he's had the lows.He was an assistant in the American Hockey
League and now he's worked his wayback up. I think this is a
person that gets it and at theend of the day, we're still big
kids playing a game. We're coveringa game for fun. And that's what

I got from him in my sidecombo that I just had, is that
he is ready to bring the funback. He is ready to to unloosen
the belt and just take a nicebreath and say, hey, guys,
we're gonna do this. Okay,We're in this together. It's not the
end of the world. We're gonnawe're gonna play hard. All the cliches
you want to say, But Ido think that he genuinely believes that.

And I do think that there wasa little bit something missing, like you
said, and I think he bringsthat element, that piece to it.
Eric Fitzu, Mike Benton, guys, thank you. We'll take a break.
We'll come back. We'll check inwith the one to three show,
which is normally the Ian Fernest Show, but today it's the Greg Bell Show.
We'll check in with those guys nextlive from the R and R Foundation

Specialist Broadcast studio. Back to IanFernett's Power Advice, Seattle's Closest sportsbook,
snowp Call Me Casino on Sports Radioninety three point three kJ R FM.
Okay, we're about ready to puta rap on things here here at the
thirty two Bar and Grill. Firstof all, shout out to the thirty
two Bar and Grill. If listen, Kenny Moore Yardy, my man ode

alum love the guy to death.Known him for Kenny. How long have
I known you? Twenty years?Thirty forty? I don't want to date
us. We known each other forabout forty years. We know each other
about forty years probably roughly. Iam aging myself this place. If you've
not been here, you got tocome down and you might even see the
great Mick mcchugh who just walked inover there. I saw as well from

fxmcory here. He is a manof the people. He's the head chef
here for the team and still walksaround shakes hands, but shakes hands comes
out. This isn't but big thanksto them for their hospitality today. Last
second, we came running in hereour great engineer Terry Ryan setting things up
they had about him. Literally,they've got all kinds of stuff going on
today. So thanks to the hospitalityfor the guys of thirty two. If
you haven't been out here in NorthSeattle, in this area, you've got

to come check this out. Greatbar, great food, full menu,
so big. Thanks to them allright, Chris Kidd is in with us
right now. He's getting ready withGreg Bell to do the show starting at
one o'clock. They'll take you tillthree before Softy and dig Fane take over.
Mister kid, how are you doinggood? Breaking news? Greg Bill
just stepped in the building. He'snot doing too bad. Never late,

never fashionably late. I was tellingAndrews, I said, what happens if
this show would have started at ten, you would have been I don't know,
missed all but twelve minutes of them. I got a heads up.
It wasn't How was it out theretoday, Dan Bousman? The vibe it's
good, you know the I thinkthe ViBe's really good. It's you know,

I go back like when Pete gotfired by the Seahawks, and again,
make no mistake, he got fired, and you bring in Mike McDonald.
There's this kind of fresh, unknownbut kind of enthusiastic attitude change,
you know, can sometimes be exciting. And I think this organization and I
don't. I just I feel badbecause you know, Dave Axtell is a
good guy, but like they neededto make a change. Guys, Yeah,

they needed to make a change,and so I think with that change
comes some some new enthusiast. Iwill say this too. I mean,
some of the the best conversations I'vehad in my career have been with Dave
Hastall off to the side in thehallway. He has spared nothing to share
the wisdom he's gained in this sportcoaching at the NHL level. But again
I go back and say, theymentioned it before different teams. Sometimes professor

needs a new class and sometimes theclass needs a new professor, And that's
where I think, becuse where thisall fits in with Dan Bilesma. We
hear about the background, we hearabout the length of change he's undergone,
but then when you sit down withhim face to face, you understand where
the core values lie. And Ithink also for his own branding, an

air of authenticity that we can getfrom him as far as where he wants
to go, what kind of playershe wants to lead, where he wants
to take this offense, and howthey can get back into the Stanley Cup
playoffs. That's been my same takeawayfor him for about the last two months.
As far as chats with him oneon one two years, I should
say, actually, and that's whereI think this is off to a great
start. Greig. When the whenthe Hawks made the change, you know,

and we watched that team, Idon't know what you were thinking.
There's a big part of me thatwas frankly was surprised. I was kind
of thought that Pete was going tobe I thought Pete would write his own
ticket exactly. But what's different here, guys, is you mentioned that the
unknown of the Seahawks changing. There'sa lot of a known here. I
know it's been a few years sinceBosmo has been coaching in the NHL,

but there's a big known here obviously. Well, you know he's got a
ring coaching you know, a greatPittsburgh team, and that must carry with
Beniers and and and Shane right andall of them. Well, Everly McCann,
the guys had done, you know, kind of that core group.
Yeah, I think that's big,and I think because he has that on
his resume. Uh. And thenhe went back We just talked about it

last segment. He went back andreinvented himself in the minors, and that's
an ego check man, Like,no, that's I'll just I'll use a
football equivalent. That's a you know, that's a a football coach who's the
head coach getting fired and not goingback as a coordinator somewhere. You're you're
basically going back as a position coach, right for a couple of years.
Like a lot of guys won't dothat. They'll just sit on the beach

and wait for that next phone call, which may or may not come.
But I yeah, I think it'sgood, Greg, I do think it's
good and kind of like we've seen, you know with the Seahawks. Change
also brings a lot of new thingsand ideals and feels like when we've been
out at Seahawks you know for rookieMeuni camp and then obviously last week we'll
be back out there on Thursday.It's it's totally different, Like it's it's

a completely different vibe. But Isometimes different Greg can be good, right
and yeah, and that's what thecrack and obviously are seeking here and different
with a track record. I'm excited. I'm a Penguins fan, grew up
with Damn Bows's a friend of minethat's got a lot of six degrees of
separation here, mister Bell, that'swhat you are, a Pennsylvania guy.
Actually, I saw this Gray statthe other day. There is actually a

connection of every Penguin's Stanley Cup championshipteam now in this organization. Ron Francis
from ninety one and ninety two,Dan Bylsma all the way to nine in
the back to back years last decade, with Justin Schultz and others as well
from that team, Brian Dumalin,they're all here in this building. Well

sometimes sometimes Greg, you need thatwinning culture too exactly, and that's obviously
what they're trying to build. Andhe's still got work to do, right
Don Valley, they're staying the confidence. He's flying back, he said,
he's flying back tonight at seven.Uh. They've got meetings all day today
and he's flying back there. Theyhave game one coming up tomorrow, game
two on Friday of the Western ConferenceFinal. That's a a good hockey How

many guys, by the way,now I want to play down there,
and thinking my coach is going tobe in the NHL, I better make
a pretty good impression in these playoffs. Well, for all those veterans like
the Cole Inns, of the world, all those four A guys I got,
and then the young guys that areplaying as well, Yeah, what's
on your mind today? They're great? What are we what are we up
to today? Well, we're goingto talk more about this crack and hiring
and what it means for maybe aguy like Shane Wright. You guys know

more than I about He must bepretty happy today. I think he's probaty
really happy. We're gonna talk aboutthe Mariners beating the trash Cans and still
got three more games with him herethis week and a call up last night,
a dream come true for a twentyfour year old. His family,
his girlfriend were in the stands.Ryan Bliss. We're going to talk to

Daniel Kramer, who wrote of MLBdot Com at eleven o'clock, who wrote
a story about Ryan Bliss's major leaguedebut last night. I would assume he's
going to be in the lineup againtonight at second base with Planco on the
injured list. We're going to talkabout something you and I would be interested
in very much in, and that'sthe off season schedule of the NFL and
the league maybe changing that is reportout this morning that they're talking about getting

rid of OTA's in mini camps,extending the front end of training camp for
a longer run up to the season. I'm not in favor of that,
but I know the player. No, no, God, no, no,
I fifth training camp start Davy,Oh no no, don't get him
going here. That's one hundred percenthere the music. You know what,

Greg, It's interesting about that isthat that because I was just I was
talking to my son about this OTAsand and mini camps. That's that's their
version of spring football, which everyonedoes. High school does it, the
college football does it, and theNFL does it all in their own way.
And then you get just you cando all your stuff, implement everything,

install everything, and then take abreather and then start to get I
don't like that. You did killa vibe. I didn't even get to
it today. I see your cominghere. I assume you're gonna touch in
on billion's coming. I am gonnatalk about Bill Weldon. Yeah, my
experiences with him, having covered youdub basketball and Pactweld basketball for a long
time, and and everything I sawpersonally and what I know of him,

and and we will honor it.We'll take an entire segment to honor him
as well as well. You should. I'll do that tomorrow. I didn't
get a chance to take so we'rekind of a hunting, but we'll do
that tomorrow. Greg Bell, ChrisKid coming up. Have a great dates. Yep.
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