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May 30, 2024 114 mins
Ian announces the opening of registration for the Mayor of Maple Valley Open!   Hugh Millen joins the show to talk about how Ryan Grubb's offensive scheme will translate to the pro level with the Seahawks personnel.   Hugh Millen stays for a second segment to talk about getting the most out of DK Metcalf, and if this new offensive staff can do that.   Corbin Smith joins the show to talk about what stands out to him at the second available OTA practice.   The first non PAC 12 apple cup will be on stream only, just a little too ironic for Ian.   Tye Kartye of the Seattle Kraken and who also was coached by Dan Bylsma in Coachella Valley joins the show for Daily Power Play.   TV times have come out for college football including stream only for the apple cup.  Seahawks OL George Fant joins the show to talk about his role on the team and the difference in coaching approach.   Softy joins for cross talk.
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Now it's not quite the Masters,but it's close. Oh yeah, it's
pretty close. The Annual Mayor ofMaple Valley Open Registration FOLKS is now open,
just as traditional and pristine as itjust feels the same, doesn't it.
It does, it does the it'sit is open as we speak.

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It's a nine to hole two manscramble. Coming up on Friday, June
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after the tournament as well. Weonly have a handful of these left,
all right, and I mean I'mlooking at it right now. There are
just going off like hotcakes. Sodruidsglen Goolf dot com that's Druidsglen Goolf dot

Com. Go there right now,and I'm gonna tell you, I'm gonna
be stunned if we're not sold outby the end of the show. One
hundred and forty four golfers expected.This is our twelfth annual Mayor of Maple
Valley Open. I think it's thethirteenth year we did it. We did
missed the one year because of COVID. All of the proceeds go to benefit

three great foundations. Avery Huffman DIPGFoundation Pediatric brain cancer, there is no
cure. A friend Brendan Huffan's daughter. It's named in honor of her.
Holinski's Hope, which helps mental healthawareness for young student athletes, but young
young people in general. Of courseRolinsky, the former quarterback at Washington State
University and his family. And theJordan Morris Foundation, which does a ton

for type one diabetes and young peoplethat have it. Jordan Morris, the
Sounders player. I should mention theSounders tied last night one one drop,
but Jordan Morris Foundation, he doesa ton, I mean a ton in
our community for young people with Tone D type one diabetes. Every dollar
we raise for the golf tournament goesto those three foundations again. Drewidsglen Goolf

dot com. That's drewidsglen Goolf dotcom. Go sign up right now,
people with asking It is now open. It is open and ready to rock
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team. This is the quest Igot. I need to force them.
No, it's two you can havetwo other buddies play. Yeah, two
man team. Not hard to understand. Looking forward to seeing anybody out there.
We have a great time every yearraising good money. So again,
Dreyce glenolf dot com. Mayor andMaple Valley Open Registration is open now.

Fire away away you go and dothat. Okay, we have a big
show coming up today. We're gonnaget to it at one of the narratives,
Anders, I think you agree withme of this that we keep hearing
over and over again, right,is the Ryan Grub offense is gonna be
great for Geno and DK and andTyler and all these guys and all those
things. And I think I tendto agree. I think that it's gonna
be all those things, and thensome I think it's gonna be a very

But what really is the Ryan Gruboffense? Like? What what are the
nuances of it? What are youknow? What are the characteristics of it?
What are the blocking schemes look like? How will d K look like
it? And Tyler and and kenWalker and all these guys? What does
that look like this year? Whatdo you think it when? Now,
we don't know until the games start, and who knows. Personnel is different,
But we do have a pretty goodidea what Ryan Grub likes to do.

I would think from his tenure atthe University of Washington, Hugh Millen,
is there a better guy to breakit down and go a little hardcore
and give you really the the nuancesand the intricacies of an offense. There's
a one guy. His name isHugh Millen. He's gonna join me coming
up in a minute, and we'regonna go through everything in terms of that
Ryan Grubb offense. By the way, Corbyn Smith will join us coming up

at one o'clock today his weekly visit. Uh, he's gonna be heading out
to practice here in a couple ofminutes. When practice gets underway, he'll
give us some thoughts as well,So fire away on Seahawk fans get ready
to listen to what the offense willlook like. Four nine, four or
five to one. By the way, it's again an EQC note Thursday.
Did our guy call in? Yeshe did. We got one hundred bucks

given away. My goal also forone and as my goal is to be
perfect, right, and I thinkover the years this show has been as
dialed in as there has been.So four nine, four to five to
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give away another one hundred dollars comingup at one o'clock today. Remember when
you send your name and like,make sure you listen at the top of
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the best in terms of timing onthis radio station. Right, this is
one thing we're pretty good with.Yes, Yeah, When we say we're
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one first and last name and thecity you're texting from. You have a
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now, Hugh Millen, the RyanGrub Offense. What does it look like
next? On nine three point threeKJFM Live from the R and R Foundation
Specialist Broadcast Studio. Back to IanFurnance, Power Advice, Seattle's closest sports
book, Snow call Me Casino OnSports Radio ninety three point three kJ r

FM. Welcome back Sports Radio ninetythree point three KJFAM. He in Fernancewiti
at the Virginia Mason Athletics Center.Today it is Ota open. Ota is
getting underwag. Just in the showtime. When they do get underway,
we're gonna get a chance, asecond chance. Media wise, for us
to lay eyes on the new coachingstaff, the new players, the new

look, the quieter music, andall things Seahawk football. Post Pete Carroll
Era and one of the things thathas been talked about, I'm I'm guilty.
I guess if you want to callit that. As everybody else that
we've all kind of been saying is, hey, things will be different with
the new Ryan Grubb offense. Nomore Shane Waldren and and you know,
let's see what can happen with thosethree receivers of DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett

and Jackson Smith and Jigba. CanNoah Fan be used effectively at the tight
end position? What will Gino Smithlook like in that situation? What will
this offense look like, especially comparedto what Shane Waldron ran beforehand. Well,
listen, there's one guy. Nowwe don't know because we haven't seen
a real football game yet, we'reonly in OTAs. But there's one guy

that can give us kind of avision or a feel for what the differences
and the nuances might be. Thatguy is humiling. He is here right
now joining me. Thank you sir. How are you? Oh, it's
good to be with you and I'mdoing great. Thank you. I would
almost call this a late week hardcorefootball segment if you would, And that's

but I wanted to get. Honestly, Hugh, I wanted to get you
on because it's the world that welive in sports media. It's filled with
narratives, right, It's just likeit's a narrative, and it's in group
think, and we all kind ofsay the same things, and a lot
has been saying, hey, it'sdifferent, it's different, what's going to
happen? But I figured with you, I wanted to kind of go through
it. Now, let's use thepremise that the offensive line is better,

is at least improved, maybe evenlet's call it adequate this year under Scott
Huff. But the nuances and thedifferences of the Ryan Grubb what you would
expect to see from a Ryan Grubboffense versus Shane Waldron, Where would we
start and what would you be lookingfor? Well, I think it's first
important to note that Ryan Grubb wasworking with the personnel that he had,

and so we can take the factsof what we observed with him at Washington
and we could say, Okay,that's who Ryan Grubb is. But I
think that and I could state thisafter the fact, but I'm gonna put
this asterisk before the fact and say, we don't know how he's going to
adapt, right, and so wecan make inferences. But I think it's

important to note that first things youlook at Michael panis he leads the nation
in passing and in so doing,if you look at him outside the numbers,
if you compare him to all othercollege quarterbacks all qualifying about one hundred

and fifty qualifying quarterbacks, not onlydid he throw lead the nation outside the
numbers, his gap between first andsecond was greater than the gap between second
and twenty eighth. Jeez. Sothis is a guy that really pushes the
ball to the outside. Now,those the numbers weren't that disparit the prior

year when they had Jalen McMillan healthy, and so they with Roma Dunza just
really emerging. There was a timeour buddy Greg Cosell called me last summer
and he said, hey, youknow, just out of the blue,
he says, hey, I'm watchingWashington tape. This is the summer of
twenty three, and he says,who's better Roma Dunsay or Jalen McMillan.

And I paused, and I said, well, I think Roma Dunza.
But I think it's a fair question. Like like in light of the seasons
they each had and how they weredrafted, that seems absurd, But just
twelve months ago, I don't Idon't think it was an absurd question.
And so what you had was Pennixjust really had that connection with the Douneza

and so some those numbers are areto be you know, analyzed and compared.
We don't know that Ryan Grubb's goingto push the ball outside. The
numbers to that effect. Okay,that's one point point number two. If
you take Michael Pennix's propensity to throwthe ball down the field, you take

the six quarterbacks who were drafted inthe first round, we know the names.
Michael Pennix had the most. Well, he led the nation with the
most passes attempted twenty five yards ormore down the field. And that was
seventy seven of the guys that werein the first round. The next closest
guy was Drake May at fifty seven. The other guy's Caleb Williams McCarthy.

They were in the mid forties.So what do we have now? Two
points emerging. We have a guyin Grub that wants to push the ball
outside near the sidelines and down thefield. So, and Penick says the
inverse is also true of him throwingover the middle. Of the six guys

in the first round, the highestover the middle was JJ McCarthy at sixty
three and a half percent, andthen the other guys were in the mid
to high fifties percent, and Pennixwas the lowest at forty seven percent.
So he's not throwing the ball overthe middle. The NFL tends to throw
the ball over the middle more thanthe outside in part. You know,

there's a lot of reasons for that, coverages, maybe the skill of the
corners relative to college corners. Imean, obviously they're better in the NFL,
but the gap maybe a wider inthe NFL. When you say,
okay, matchup corners versus wide receiversin college, you know, you got

a bunch of guys going back toLittle league in high school, everybody wants
to play receiver. Not a lotof guys want to play dB. So
there could be some real uh mismatcheson the perimeter, whereas in the pros
when you narrow it down, maybethere's a bunch of wide receivers that could
that that are barely uh not makingThe NFL uh. And and maybe all

the good corners in the world playin the NFL. Am I making sense
so that by the time you getto the NFL, the matchup outside uh,
you know, could be more advantageousfor the defense. So that may
be reflected in what we see inGrubbs calling the offense. So there's a

couple of points. Uh there there. Further point is Michael Pennix was really
well protected. He said, well, yeah, of course they had the
Joe Moore offensive line. But ifyou look schematically, I would describe Brian
Grubb as very conservative in his pastper texts. They were going to make
sure that Michael Pennix was upright.What does that mean? A standard rush

is four man rush? Play defensewas seven. Now there's many plays where
there's drop eight coverage where you onlyrush three, and certainly there's blitzes.
There's there's zone blitzer where you rushfive, there's man blitzer where you rush
five, and then of course there'sthe real pressures with six or seven or
even eight guys. But as ageneral rule, you can say, okay,

define a Millan, what what doyou mean by conservative? As a
general rule, you can say thatlet's let's let's just start with five offensive
linemen, four rushers, so you'regonna have an advantage one more offensive player
blocking for the rush. Anything beyondstandard yea four. Anything beyond that,

now, that could be a fiveout protection where everybody's immediately out in the
protect or. It could be amore common is a check release like the
running back looks and he says,hey, my weekside linebacker isn't blitzing,
so I'm going to release into thepattern. Now. Is that a five
man protection or is it a six? Well, it's it's both because had
had had the linebacker blitz then andthat would have been six rushers and it

would have been five blockers. Thatis norm So no matter what you have
again, absent the three man rushersbecause youre always gonna have five offensive line
But as a general rule, let'sjust go back to the general rule,
one more blocker for the rusher.What you see and Ryan Grubb is he
will he will not be afraid toput keep a tight end in or running

back and have seven man protections.Even though the look is there's a scant
chance of a blitz, we knowit's going to be a four man rush.
But he says, hey, Iwant to get double teams in my
protections and I want to have adownfield concept with double move or what have
you, or a double post combinationwhere I want to have Penix have all

day to locate. Now he's onlygonna have three options, but I want
to have a seven man protection againstfour. That's when you have seven guys
blocking for that, that's that's conservative. Six guys blocking for that's conservative.
And so we see that a lotwith Grub and again we say, okay,

is he going to do that withGino Smith? We don't know.
Maybe that was because of Penix's pastinjuries and they just had, you know,
a knee duck and a self imposededict and mandate that they were going
to be conservative because they could notlose Penis. Remember now, prior to
him being a Husky, Penix hadfour seasons at Indiana where his season was

cut short by injuries. So sothe conservative protection scheme is that who Grub
is? Or is that strictly becauseof Michael Pennick. Let me jump in
there with that. If in thatscheme, as you know, like I'm
thinking to myself, okay, Sothen you've got by and large, if
you keep seven in or six in, you have, as you mentioned,

three targets, maybe four, dependingon if it's if it's six or seven
guys. When you start doing themath, and I'm thinking, okay,
so depending on what the defense showsyou at that point, then you're asking
your why you're asking your receivers.You're asking them to win, right,
You're asking them to win, maybesometimes against double coverage. Right in that

regard, Well, at college,he had a threesome that was going to
win, right, Like you justsaid, we're describing the cornerbacks to start
the conversation. Those guys could winin this case. I mean, I
like DK Metcalfs, Tyler Lockett andJackson Smith and Jigba a lot. I
think you do as well. Butare we asking them to win the same
battles in the pro level as thoseguys won in the college level. Well,

if he maintained is that same conservativism, yes, and and and it
can be hard. Look a defense, I look at the defense can defend
a quarterback on either the offensive sideof the line of scrimmage or on the
other side on the defensive side.Okay, it makes sense, right,
You're either gonna win by by howyou rush him, or you're gonna win

by how you cover his targets.So yeah, so this it's kind of
a cat and mask game as anoffensive play caller and the designer of plays
where you look and you know,I've done this as a past coordinator at
the high school level, and andso you look and you say, okay,
do I want to have more guysprotecting? Well, that question in

vacuum? Of course, all myquarterback back there, you know, all
day, nice umbrella all around him. But then okay, the flip side
is now he's going to have feweroptions. And so now do you build
half yield structure like flood for example, that's a half field structure where you
have a guy you got DK metcalfon a takeoff, and you got Tyler

Lockett on a corner route, andthen you got you know, Jackson Smith
and Jigba running down at the flat. So you got deep, intermediate,
and short in that order that Idescribe. Well, all that's an outside
the numbers read that flood what whatwhat in the flood concepts that that's a

three man read. But now youhave let's say you get into a two
tight end set, you have toleave both your tight ends into into block
and you run that route. Thatthat concept. Then now you don't have
a checkdown, you know, oror you may have a running back in
the flat, but but you can'tget the stretch on on some zone defenses.

And so I I that would besomething I look, we may be
coming back in in week two doinghardcore football. We say, hey,
Ian, there's a There was fiveplays where Gino took a sack or had
to throw it out of bounds orwhat have you. There wasn't anything there.
They had to punt. And yougo back and you say, well,
they they were conserved. They hadsix or seven guys in blocking for

Gino even though there was a fourman rush. And then god forbid they
do a drop eight and and andit's a three man rush and you got
seven guys blocking three. Well,then okay, that that's great on on
your side of lying scrimmage on there. I only got three guys trying to

get open and they got eight andwe got eight guys covering them. Yeah.
Yeah, So you know that's apart of it. There's not a
lot of bootlegs you comparing it toShane Wallace, I was just gonna ask
you because that we talked a lotabout that, right, So comparing the
contract can contrast to what Shane Waldronwanted to do as well. Well,
you didn't see a lot of bootlegsfrom Penix, and that may just be

because he looks and he says,hey, we Scott huffing this offensive line.
We're so good in dropback. Let'sjust keep Mike behind the pocket.
And and I don't see an aan overt lack of ability to throw on
the run from Penix. I don'tthink he's the most gifted creator. Mean

off script when I do uh,when I do my voice recognition, when
I'm logging plays, I have aterm oscar, which is a word conjunction
of off script and and and that'swhen I recognize, Okay, wait a
minute, they're no longer within thescheme of the play. Now it's playground,
right. And so if I ifI blurred out the word oscar,

my spreadsheet, you know, recognizesand then now I can filter and and
and when you filter the oscar playswork with me here. Penix is not
a brilliant creator, you know,particularly in this draft. And I know
this is of Penis analysis, butbut but that may have fed into how
they want to play. Where youknow, if Caleb Williams was the best

in the class, Penix was theworst. But he didn't need to be
because he he had other strengths andhe had great protection. So those are
just some of the attributes. AsI'm getting started on Ryan Grove when Hugh
mal and enjoining us is as wekind of break down the nuances of the
new offense for the Seahawks, thesenew offensive coordinator, there's a couple of

things I want to hit on,and let me start with with Gino Smith
versus Michael Pennix. When I thefirst thing I think of is my untrained
eye says, two really gifted throwersof the football. Just like if you're
gonna we've talked about this a lot, if you're just putting it, If
we're doing a seven on seven rightnow and guys are just standing back there
and slinging it, the ball comingout of Gino's hand, I think always

looks really nice. I think theball coming out of Penix's hands, obviously
left hander, looks great. RightLike those guys just sling it around.
Uh, you know, both canrun if need be like, both have
enough like they can. We've seenthat happen. And you know in circain
and circumstances if they need, ifthey take off, they can, they
can get yards. They're not youknow, they're not by any means,
you know, Laura Jackson. Butthey are not guys that are drew bledsoe

either right, they can go ifthey need to. How similar are the
two quarterbacks in the grub offense fromcollege to now? Well, I think
there's some important similarities. I thinkthat as you said, I think they're
both put on the earth to spina football. There there's they're they're great
mechanically in my opinion. Well,Panix I think drops his elbow down a

little bit, and I'm a guywho likes a low elbow. I don't
want to go down a rabbit holeon that discussion. But they both spin
the ball throw a great spiral whichis not just pretty, it's the most
aerodynamically efficient on football as you mightimagine, which equates to velocity. It's
just like uh, you know,water skiing, you know, or dragging

something behind a boat, you know. Inner two ber like there's there's a
wake that's kicked off when you puta football in a wind tunnel. Then,
and and a spy a fact,not just a spiral that doesn't wobble,
but a fast spinning ball. Youknow, you go from from six
hundred rpm spinned up up to seventwenty and and the velocity just it's like
it's like hitting the turbo button onthe xbox. And so these guys have

ability to to throw spirals with highrevolutions, which equate to accuracy because there's
less aerodynamic drag and so so.So that's why coaches that we talk about,
oh oh, I want to seehim throw in person. I want
to see if he can spin it. I don't know if they know all
that. Not every coach put afootball on a wind tunnel, but but

spinning the ball is a big deal. So so I think Gino, you
know, he's he's a beautiful passer. I think he can make passes to
all levels, uh, inside,outside, and and so if if in
fact, this is an attribute ofa gore, like I want to push
the ball outside the numbers and ofcourse the numbers are are wider in the
college again, bottom of the numbersof seven yards from the sideline as opposed

to twelve yards. But in comparison, we can compare pros to pros in
college to college. We haven't seenGeno throw the ball to the outside to
the extent that Grubb did, Solet's see if that's a factor pushing the
ball down the field. I thinkGrub. You know, some offensive coordinators
just love the dink their way downthe field. And if they have three,

four, five, six third downconversions in a drive that suits them,
fine. Other guys get impatient.They say, I gotta get me
some chunk yards. Man, Idon't like these third downs, you know.
And again, most most scoring driveshave have an explosive play in it.
So we know Grub has an appetitefor explosive plays in the passing game.

And he's got a lot of ofwell conceived schemes. For example,
double post. He can do doublepost, uh from any formation, two
by two, three by three byone? What have you bunches and and
what double post does on a lotof these two high safety looks that we
see and Mike McDonald runs, youknow, the inside post pulls the safety

and you're getting the one on onewith the corner and sometimes the other safety
if you if you gussie up theformation correctly, but but you get the
one on one on the deep post. The post is the easiest deep throw.
It's easier than the sideline for mostquarterbacks. So so Grub's ability to
get that that double post concepts formany different looks to get those one on

ones, uh, deep down themiddle of the field. That's that's that's
a tenet of his of his playmakingand and play calling rather and and and
Penix's playmaking. And so I thinkGeno can handle that, and I think
that they'll practice it more. Andonce you're in that that I think Grub
instills confidence. Here's another part aboutGrub. He's He's not just the offensive

coordinator. This is an important point. One of the advantages of being a
former Husky is is you have sourceson the inside. And I'm not gonna,
obviously, you know, say thenames of my sources, but I
have a good idea what's going on. Ryan Grubb is a quarterback coach extraordinary.
He prepares his quarterbacks. He's avacist worker in a profession that demands

work ethic. He's a voracist worker, and he communicates to his quarterbacks all
the potential pitfalls of every play,and they go over it and over and
over again. So when his quarterbackstake the field, they have an idea.
Okay, this is what we expectto get. But if we don't

get what we expect, boom.I'm on my plan. I know what
the auxiliary reads are. And soI think Gino is a smart guy.
He's been around the league, he'sbeen exposed to a lot of offenses,
and he's gonna go into these gamesas prepared as he's ever been because that's

just the nature of growth. Letme do this. Let me take a
very quick break. We'll come backbecause I want to take you up to
the top of the hour at oneo'clock because I want to ask one more
question. It is regards to DKMetcalf, the elephant or the thoroughbred in
the room. We'll do that nextnight. Three point three KTERFM. Now
back to the Infnet show brought toyou by Snow Call Me Casino. Welcome

back, Virginia Mason Athletics Center internescewith you our show brought to you by
snow Call Me Casino, Snocasino dotcom, Seyeah. It was closest casino
snow call me casino Hummelan still withme. It's a late late week Thursday
edition Ota edition of Hardcore Football.Call it a bonus, and I'll just
say you're welcome, and I sayyou thank you. To Hugh Millan,
I'm saying you're welcome on the behalfof our listeners. As we we learned
football from my good friend, myman Hugh Millen. Let me let me

ask you about DK Metcalf. Towrap it up, we've got a few
minutes here before we have to getto the top of the hour. When
he was drafted, everyone was elated, nobody more so than my friend Hugh.
And I think we all been saying, God, when are they going
to get the dude? Right?When are they going to get a dude
at that position? Love you,Tyler Lockett, Brian Blade, Steve Largent,
Corn Robinson, Darryl Jackson, DougBaldwin, all these guys that you

know that that had some all proPro Bowl years, not all Pro,
but Pro Bowl years. Love youguys, but when were they going to
get a dude? Twenty nineteen secondround they drafted Dk Metcalf. It feels
like you and I since twenty nineteen, I don't know how many, well,
it's sixty odd hardcore footballs we've done, maybe more. Have talked about
DK Metcalf lamenting oftentimes the lack ofI don't know if proper use is the

right word, Hugh, but justthe lack of just feels like there's some
untapped things there. How do youthink Ryan Grubb can help DK Metcalf get
to the point where he is apro or all pro, one of the
elite wide receivers in the NFL.Or is that possible? Well, let
me preface my comments by saying,Okay, I've been at KGr twenty five

years, and of course sports radiois a business of having takes, right,
you gotta have opinions, now,you know, from time to time
you say, look, I don'thave a strong take on on this,
because I think if you just tryand manufacture a strong take on every single
topic for twenty five years, Ithink you probably lose credibility. It's just
not authentic, right, So fromtime to time you say, look,

I'm kind of on the fence,which sucks, right. So from time
to time I say, look,this is my opinion, but I'm not
going to die on the beach forit. I'm dying on the beach for
DK Metcalf. If that's my myKGr tombstone at the end is here lies
a man that always believed in DKMetcalf. I okay, and so so

I'm going to go to the wallfor this guy because of his action.
You know, I played with tenPro Bowl wide receivers. I play with
eight Pro Bowl tight ends and juststand in the pocket, you know what,
I think a quarterback would want Metcalf. Look, I'm not saying he's
a flawless receiver, but uh,you know when when when we're people a

year ago, when people were youknow, trying to say, well he's
not the route runner that Tyler Lockettis. Well, you know that Pro
Football Focus has uh if you ifyou download their stuff into the excel.
It's not on the website, butif you download the rest of the stats,
they have a grade for route running. Metcalf's grade was higher than Tyler

Lockett's. Okay, on route running, and and you know, and in
a year that he led the NFLand contested catches. So I think that
and I'm aware. Look, bigreceivers sometimes can be easy covers because they're
just kind of sluggish in and outof the brakes. But when you go
back and you watch the tape,he is teaching tape quality route running on

short stuff, and in part becausewhat you saw from his ten yards split
in the forty yard dash it wasone point four to five. I think
it might have got broken last year, but for nearly twenty years, it
was the fastest ten yards split inthe history of the combine at any position,

at any size. Now he lethe also had the fastest forty of
any player ever at any position overtwo hundred and twenty five pounds. When
he said, well, that's you'requalifying it with his size on the on
the ten yard split, I'm notqualifying it. It's all players, all
sizes. Is one point four tofive the fastest ten yard split. So

does that show up on the tape, Well, of course it shows up
on the tape. That's why I'mdying on the beach. I see a
guy who that when he wants toget out of the break, like there's
this immediate separate rac bubble that quarterbacksare looking for. And so you know,
when Troy Aikman, you go backand look at the broadcasts when Aikman

does the games. He said,I don't understand why the Seahawks don't throw
the ball deep to Metcalf. Oncea quarter I played with Troy, So
maybe it's just us in this quarterbackfraternity. I hate to put myself in
a fraternity because he's a Hall ofFamer and you know, no, no,
but a slappy but but you know, there's got to be some similar

similarities in how we see the game. Look this guy. Okay, enough
said, So let's move forward totwenty twenty four. If Ryan Grubb doesn't
find a way to get him theball short, intermediate, and deep,
and I believe he will don't.I don't like predictions, but I'm gonna
make a prediction right here. Hewill find a way to do it.

How what does that mean? MichaelIrvin? And you go back and look
in nineteen ninety five, the DallasCowboys won this Super Bowl that year.
Okay, that's an important point.This wasn't a seven to nineteen that was
in a lot of ketchups or sixand ten team. They won the Super
Bowl and Michael Irvin had over onehundred and sixty targets I think it was

about one. I don't have infront of me. I think it's one
sixty five. You could look itup, but I know the number is
over one sixty. What does thatmean? He was getting over ten targets
per game And that was in nineteenninety five when the number of quarterbacks who
threw you know, pick a numberwho threw for two hundred and fifty yards
or more a game was less.So in an era when when when they

threw less, Irvin was getting moretargets. Now he can say there's more
twenty one personnel so that you know, two receivers instead of three and what
have you. But they're still findinga way to get him ten targets whoever
was on the field. So tome, I'm just laying it out there.
I don't want to say better becausethat implies somebody would say better or

else. What Millan, you know, I'm just for me. I'm gonna
die on this beach if they don'tfind a way to make him more impactful.
He has the ability to be themost feared, most explosive, most
impactful receiver in the game. Numberone. He has an ability to be

the one of one's who is thatguy right now, Justin Jefferson, Jamar
Chase. Now there's a I'm gonnasay blue sky, but I'm gonna throw
on reasonable blue sky. Blue skyas I can win the lottery. Reasonable
blue reasonable blue sky is that wehave ten attempts per per game, and

so now we're going to be ata one hundred and seventy or more,
right because there's seventeen games, andthat this guy can be in the discussion
for the best receivers in the game. That's how good I believe he is.
And by the way, your numberswere right ninety five with with with
Michael Irvin. I'm just looking hereat targets. These are targets for Justin

Jefferson. Dk Metcalfs high as oneforty one. By the way, Justin
Jefferson is rookie season one twenty five, his second season one sixty seven two
years ago won eighty four, andlast year he was at one hundred,
but he missed a bunch of time. He was still averaging over ten targets

per game for Justin Jefferson, DKMetcalfs never reached that level. I've reached
a time limit, sir, Butthat's The great thing with you is that
I run out of time and Ihave more stuff, but I know where
to find you. I know whereto find you. It's always fun to
scat ball man, buddy. Iappreciate it here for you any time.
I appreciate it, I really do. We're gonna do it again. Maybe

hit the next OTAs next week.Get you back on because it's fun talking
football with you. And I lovehardcore and I know our fans do too,
and listening to you talk about DKMetcalf like that, I think Seahawk
fans right now probably need a smallafterwards. So I'll let him go have
that cigarette and that's hothing. Weneed to smoke in February, I hope.
So my friend, thank you.That's that is Hugh Milon will take
a break, come back. CorbinSmith's gon to join US nine three point

three KJFM now from the Star RentalsSports to us RD ninety three point three
k j r FM Sports headlines andour one o'clock headlines by you by Vinue
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Seahawks OTAs underway at least the ones. We can watch the second one.

We'll talk about that with Corbin Smithin just a couple of seconds. Stand
by for that. Lots of stuffto discuss. Pick Thanks to Hugh Millen
for coming on the last couple ofsegments as well. NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs
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also tied two games piece resumes nightRangers and the Panthers in that series.
Uh see what else? NBA playoffstonight, Minnesota playing host of Dallas,
trying to stave off elimination in theWestern Conference Finals with the Celtics. I'll
await the winner there. Some TVtimes have been announced around college football.
Of note locally soft you'll breakdown everyTV time and schedule coming up at three

o'clock today. But of note locallythe Apple Cup mid September twelve thirty kickoff
Lumenfield. Everyone's happy about that.Unless you're not going to the game.
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Sound area sold by Jim Jimm dotcom. He brings us Corbyn Smith every
Thursday. And this is even abigger bonus for us. Why because we're
both here at the Virginia Mason AthleticsCenter today. Got a chance to watch
some practice. There's a lot ofthings that jump out before I go to
to what we you know, whatyou kind of observed today and last week
as well, especially as our atleasito Scott huff and that offensive line and

some of the things they're doing newthings like a lot of like we're all
kind of walking around going I haven'tseen that before. I haven't seen that
before. Before we get to that, we just had Hugh on for a
couple segments. And by the way, Rob Brandcourt two six two eight six
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way. Okay, before we getto what we've seen, let me start
with this Cormyan, the Hugh Mellin'sconversation. We said, with the nuances
of the Ryan Grub offense, hetouched on protection, he touched touched on
throwing out. So the numbers,what would you see and you've seen a

little bit of practice so far.What do you see the nuances of a
Ryan Grub offense. Well, thisis based on the film that I've watched,
going back to when Ryan Grubb waseven at Eastern Michigan as the offensive
line coach. He has consistently hadat least six guys in pass protection.
So I wouldn't necessarily call it maxprotect. But you mentioned that Hugh called
it being conservative with protection, andyou're not going to see a lot of

five wide out out wide, fiveguys blocking. This isn't Mike Leach,
No, you're not. You're notgoing to see And that's the thing.
A lot of people look at thepassing numbers they put up. You don't
have to have every guy that's eligiblerunning routes in order to put up big
numbers like that. And so Ithink when you look at the offensive line,
the background that you've got there withthe offensive coordinator and Ryan Grubb,

whether it's run game or pass game, in the past game, he has
consistently had at least one extra blockerinto help out, which you know that's
been an issue at times here inSeattle with previous offensive coordinators and the run
game. I'm obviously gonna mention therun game because of my run game background,
but what I'm fascinated to see.We saw a lot of zones stepping

out there today in their walkthroughs thatthey were doing. But this was a
team at Washington last year that Iactually kind of turned things upside down.
They ran over fifty percent gap schemeslast year and before that almost every year
Ryan Grubb was a play caller,it was heavy zone before that. So
I'm really curious to see what thatrun game ends up looking like. And

right now, again, we justsaw the zone steps today, but I'm
very fascinated to see that that unfoldsbecause while the extra protection has been something
he's consistently seen, there has beensome variance to the run game that Ryan
Grubbs had. All right, letme let me start with what we saw
today and even last week, andI'm just gonna start go back to the
offensive line, I think you knowas we all know, and we'll get

to the defense and all that ina second. I did watch. We've
got some glimpses of Biron Murphy outthere. Oh my god, Like the
explosiveness just flies off. I meanit's unreal. We'll get to that in
a second. Offensive line wise,and even before the offensive line drill started,
when they were doing some special teamstuff, Scott Huff, the offensive
line coach, gathered the offensive lineand the quarterbacks and Ken Walker and they

were walking through basically run fits,and it was like just the details and
all that just jumping out at uswhat they're doing. What did you see
there? Because because a lot ofguys like we've never seen that before.
You know, when I was coachat the high school level, we did
that kind of stuff all the time. But you know, this is my
eighth year now covering the Seahawks,and I can't remember evering the offensive line

do anything like that. Now,that doesn't mean it didn't happen when we
were not able to watch practice,right, but it always seemed like they
just went through drills. You didn'tsee the individual teaching me. Scott Huff's
even pulling guys like Charles Cross,and I know he's only his third year,
but I mean he's a seasoned veton this offensive line. He's pulling
Charles Cross off a side and they'regoing through every detail when it comes to

footwork, hand placement. What therunfit is is asking for the player to
do on that particular front they're goingagainst, and they were walking through it
and even saw some pass protection stuff. That's why Ken Walker the Third is
over there too, because that's anarea he's got to work on in his
game, maybe the weakest point inhis game. So I loved it because
that, you know, to me, the details are what win you fo

what's the biggest significance of him doingthat when you haven't seen it before,
Just knowing that there's an attention toall those fine details. And I'm not
saying that it wasn't done behind closeddoors, but but it's just you didn't
see that at these practices and trainingcamp are OTAs in the Pete Carroll era,
at least the seven plus years I'vebeen covering the team. Well,
I think we would. I meanI think be to be You're right,
there's things that happened behind the scenes. I think I always go back to,

you know, what was going onbehind the scenes two years ago when
Gino Smith and Drew Locke were here, and was there a competition on those
like a true competition splitting of someof the reps OTAs in mini camps when
we weren't there. Did they seeenough in that where it never turned into
a training camp battle? We don'tknow, right, We just will never
know, but there are things thatgo on behind the scenes. But I
think with OTAs in mini camps overthe years, we would have seen those

types of things you're just describing before, and this never happened, right,
right, So I just I loveit, and this is the teacher coming
out of me. But sometimes youjust gotta slow things down and you really
gotta work on those fine details andplay at slow motion and then speed it
up after that point. And itjust didn't feel like we saw that,
particularly with the offensive line. Again, I have not seen him do that

in the Seahawks practice the time I'vebeen covering this, No, I was,
and just my son was on withGreg and earlier who's an offensive lineman
and he's here watching practice day anda teammate. They were saying the same
thing like they they loved it,like the teaching element. They said,
this is unbelievable. This is socool to see at that level, the
highest of levels, you can stillteach. I think that's the key.
You still can teach like you said, high school level, college level,
you might do, but this isand maybe that's the college coaching Scott huff

right, but he wants to teachthe technique. And he's watched all the
film from last year. He knowswhat he's got there. He knows what
he's got there, and he probablyknows what he has to work on,
right. He has to do thatalong the way. Corpence Smith was his
Weekly Visit, brought to you byJim Elliott Realtor sold by Jim dot Com
with two ms. Okay, Iwant to get to there's just this is
a fun time of the year becauseeveryone looks good to a point. Besfe

all those things. There are thingsthat jump off the page. And we
were over watching the defensive lineman andspecifically the interior guys, the true d
tackles, and we're watching them runkind of the drill where you slap but
the dummy and you go back andbasically run kind of a like a slalom
course. Is the best way tolook at ye And I'm telling you my

non professional, untrained eyes, thedifference between Byron Murphy and the other five
guys in his group. A coupleof them were gonna be on this roster
is striking. The explosiveness and thequickness of this guy. I can't wait
to watch him in the fall.You know, it's always interesting when you're
talking this time of years. Hesaid, there's only so much you can

gauge. But I'm even thinking whenyou look at some of the undrafted guys
over the years, that this timeof year you can already tell, hey,
this guy's got it. And withByron Murphy the second literally the first
rookie mini camp that we were outhere just watching the get off that he
has and you see it on film, but seeing it in person up close
is five feet away. It's I'mjust gonna tell the fans right now,

like you understand why he was afirst round pick, Like sometimes guys are
first round picks. We beat thisguy up all the time, and I'm
sorry, Like LJ. Collier,like, I don't think there's ever a
time we're out at training camp goingwow. LJ. Callier is like,
like, boy, he looks thepart. Unfortunately they just never did this
guy it. The quickness, theexplosiveness is it doesn't matter if you've watched

one day of football or no football. You can just tell this guy is
a different level he's got and he'sgot a NASCAR accelerator and almost three hundred
pounds, and you just there aresuch there's such a small amount of human
beings in this league that have thatkind of get off. And then you
add to the fact that this guy, you know, those poor blocking sleds

and stuff, if they could,if they could talk, the things that
they would be saying. I mean, again, it's just he's just hitting
blocking sleds. But it just looksdifferent when he does it compared to everybody
else. He's just and Devin Witherspoona lot of the things that you saw
him do last offseason at the cornerposition, they're just like, that guy
is a top five pick. Yousee that with Byron Murphy the second out
there, and it's just it's soexciting to watch the way that he moved.

What do you have? We touchedon this a little bit last week,
but let me go back to it, because you know, what they
call defensive tackles and defensive ends doesn'talways fit what a lot of fans have
fought over the years. You thinkof defense, like if we just want
to go old school Seahawks who aredefensive ends Jacob Green and Jeff Bryant,
Cliff Favorl, Michael Bennett, right, Like, that's kind of how you
and then who are defensive tackles,Well, it's the guys inside, the
two guys inside, whoever they are, assuming there's somewhat of a four to

three, how do they make thoseguys work with? What are the pass
rushers or the outside linebackers new O, Sue Taylor, etcetera. Guys like
Mafe, Guys like that. Ithink you're gonna see some similarities to what
the Seahawks did, especially in theirtwenty thirteen twenty fourteen era where you had
a big end. I think that'swhere Draymont Jones is gonna fit in.
Now. He's obviously a different playerthan Red Bryant, but he's still like

more like a backup in that roleto start. I think that you're gonna
it's gonna play out almost like havingthree starters, because boy, Mafe has
earned the opportunity to be out thereextensive snaps. But I think that Mike
McDonald in particular wants to have Lookwhat Dedvian Clowney did last year in Baltimore,
not that he resurrected his career becausehe was still a good player,

sure, but he took his gameto he looked like the former number one
overall pick. He was dominant forlarge chunks of that season last year.
To have a bigger end that canstand up and has length and his athletic
enough that he can do all thethings you're looking for him to do.
Draymond Jones checks off those boxes,and I think Derek Hall, to a
lesser extent, his strengths kind offit in with that too. But I

expect that you're gonna see some ofthose mixes and matches when they're in those
four man fronts where Nuosu can playthe run just fine. You saw what
happened when he got hurt last year. I think I go back. I
argue with Greg Bell about that allthe time. Honestly, It's like,
and yeah, the numbers went down, they dropped through the bottom of the
floor. But it was also inconjunction with him being hurt. Right,
It wasn't a Leonard I never thoughtit was a Leonard Williams problem. I

thought it was a Chennan Nuosu problem. Yeah, they just the guys that
filled in for him. They didnot have an answer that they could put
into the lineup. Derek Hall wasn'tready for that responsibility playing that much.
Darryl Taylor, we know the issueshe's persistently had defending the run, and
they didn't have anybody else that coulddo that. I thought Draymond Jones played
much better in the second half whenhe was playing more off the edge.

He had better pass rushing production.Is his pressure rate was almost five percent
higher than what it was when hewas playing almost all inside it. He
can still play three tech in passingdown. That's the fun thing is you
can mix and match those guys,But I think you're gonna see them lean
more towards him being that Jadevian clowneytype that's gonna be playing off edge and
there's really gonna be a three headedmonster there, and then maybe two other

guys that are gonna rotate it.You're gonna go back out in a few
minutes and watch some more. I'mcurious the inside linebackers, stack linebackers.
What are you gonna call him?I think Bobby Wagner kJ Wright that type
of role last year. Think youknow Bobby Wagner and Jordan Brooks. Is
that still a hole on this team. I think it's still one of the

biggest weak points, if not theweakest point. And it's not taking a
shot at the two guys they signed, because I think Jerome Baker's been a
solid starter in the NFL. TyrelDodson, we gotta wait and see.
There's fifteen starts in his entire career. And the film I watched last year
was good but not great because Buffalohad to take him off the field when
they were in nickel and dime situations, and that's all you need to know.

They had some issues trusting him.And that does that mean he's not
capable. He hasn't had a timeof experience, so that's something to consider
there. But I've been saying thisfor the last couple of weeks, and
I know there's some people that aregonna scoff in this idea, but I
think Tyrese Knight has a very goodchance at some point this year to be
a starter. And listen, JimNaggy's senior bull director. He's gonna talk

up for his guys. But wehad him on our podcast yesterday and he
said, look, this guy isgonna be ready to play quicker than what
a lot of people are anticipating.I'm not in that group. The more
that I watched the way that hemoves out through the way that he's listening
to coaches, and it's clear thathe's picking stuff up really quickly. You
don't get one hundred and forty tacklesby mistake. The guy has playmaking ability.
It's just cleaning up some of theassignment stuff and not guessing sometimes.

But I think Mike McDonald's staff orthey're the guy will wherever you want to
play. Okay, I think hislong term is Mike, but I think
this year it's probably going to bethat weak side linebacker position for him because
he does have the pass rushing.Yeah, it's almost the opposite of kJ
Right when he came to in theleague. kJ Wright came in and his
long he was a will, butlike he had to play mic and then

they dropped some guy named Wagner.Yeah, you know, and when Bobby
was hurt, he'd go back there. But you're talking about two totally different
style of players right too, exactly, And that's why this happens. I
mean, Tyre's Knight didn't have likethe most jaw dropping combine that you've ever
seen. But then we turn onthe tape the way this guy moves and
there's plenty of good snaps and coveragetoo. They didn't ask him to do

a lot of different things at UTEP, But this kid, I think has
the physical tools to be able todo everything that Mike McDonald wants to do.
So it just boils down to howquickly is he going to be able
to adjust for what I'm seeing outhere? Again, these are OTAs,
but I'm seeing a kid that lookspretty hungry to play right now, That's
what I'm seeing. Okay, thisI love doing this With Cornin Smith joining

us, I brought to you byJim Elliott Realtur and I want to go
down on this road because this isalways fun. You do this, My
friend Curtis does this. I love. And we're gonna talk to a guy
that fit into this category nine seven, eight years ago named George Fant.
Undrafted free agent rolls into town.Whoa like you just say, Sometimes guys
just pop and they who is thisguy? Fat? Was that guy at

one point in time who's back nowand is playing at right tackle? We
should mention. Still no ab Lucasdon't expect to see him. According to
McDonald's all hopefully training company. Butthen I don't know. I look,
you can only interpret things so much, but I i'd be surprised if he's
ready to start training. Yeah,I didn't sound good when he talked to

us last week. All right,So that being the setup, who's George
Fant, who's puta ford? Whoare the guys doesn't talk about defense or
offensive line? Just in any positiongroup? Give me the UDFA at one
or two of those guys that youreally like offense. It's Hayden hatt and
the receiver out of Idaho. AndI know there's gonna be a lot of
people say this year's Jake Bobo,and listen, there's a lot of similarities.

They're both very good route runners.They didn't test very well. But
you look at what Hatton did thelast two years at Idaho. I don't
care if it was FCS level,eleven hundred plus yards each of the last
two years. He had a seasonwith sixteen touchdowns. He had to catch
out here at first Ota that wewere allowed out here that it was just
incredible high pointing the football. Ithink he only had one drop the last
two seasons as a high volume guy. Mean, he's just got incredibly soft

hands, really good route runner,understands the game. It's gonna be tough
with that receiving corps. At thesame time, I'm if I'm Drake Young,
if I'm d Eskridge, if I'mLa Viscus Chanalt, I'm looking saying,
all right, this kid, ifhe's gonna come out here and make
plays like this, we might haveanother competitor here that's battling for a spot
on this team. And this guyactually has a tight end background previously before

he moved a receiver. I wouldnot be surprised. At the NFL level
he can do some special teams whenIdaho was like, we just need you
to catch the football, right.So he's a guy that stands out and
the other one, Easton Gibbs,at a linebacker. We just mentioned the
weakness of that position. Easton Gibbsis one of those players that you look
at the testing. Oh, heonly ran a four to seven to three,
but he had a sub seven secondthree code ian. He has elite

change of direction. He had overthree hundred total tackles the last three years.
You look at the linebackers that havecome out of Wyoming. Wilson with
the Bengals has become a really goodlinebacker. Chad MoMA with the Jaguires gets
quite a few snaps of me.They are good at developing linebackers. And
this kid's got a former safety backgroundthat he can lean on a coverage.
He's a guy I would watch becausethat position's very wide open, and so

testing numbers weren't crazy. So yousaid the forty was not when I think
a lot of people expected. He'sa little he's a little smaller, but
God, the guy just but heknows how to find the football. To
me, he's a I don't wantto say he's a more athletic ben Burke
Curvin because Ben Burke Curvin ran afaster forty, but the three cone time,
the change of direction, skills,and I see a very similar player

in the sense that he just knowswhere balls, that he gets there and
he makes tackles. Well, Ithink it's there's such a blank canvas here,
right, Like we've talked about howthese guys, I mean, all
these Scott huff He's watched all thetape. He knows what guy. He
knows what Cross can do. Allevery guy that's returning guy, he knows
what these guys can do. Butthere's also a blank canvas in the sense
that there's no loyalties, there's nothere's no built in biases. You're coming

in and it's this. If everthere was a year for a guy,
you know, to come in andmake it, make a roster to guy
I got to come in and dothat. You know, if an Easton
Gibbs is that this is the year, right, especially a lot of times
if the position you're playing at,that is really what because George Hallani would
be the other day might throw outthere and I know they're running back.
I know that Seattle's got three runningbacks at the top. But like we've

learned historically, and you know,Mike McDonald's gonna win to run the football.
We've learned four running backs as kindof a prerequisite. And Hallane when
he's been healthy. There were someinjuries in college, but two thousand yard
seasons at Boise State. He averagedover five point two yards per carrying his
college career and he had almost ninetycatches, so third down back potential absolute
well. One of those guys gonnamake the team. I mean, you

look at it in terms of whatthey have in the roster right now,
they've got six seven running backs,one tea, three seven running backs,
Walker Charbonne McIntosh, you know they'rehere. McIntosh basically red shirted last season
but before that, and I thinkKilani could push him, okay, and
then yeah, you Gojlani and KobeLewis, who's a rookie from Florida Atlantic
undrafted free agent to Mark Williams aswell. So there's like a young guy,

very young room. I feel likewith those three undrafted running backs,
it feels like there's Halani that thereis a Mount Everest sized crevasse, and
Kobe Lewis. If not for injuries, Kobe Lewis looked like an NFL running
back early in his career at WesternMichigan, and then he had a really
bad knee injury. He's just neverbeen the same player. Yeah, so

what are you writing on? Whatare we doing on your on the podcast
and writing and everything else? Whatdo you well? We had, like
I mentioned Jim Naggi earlier, wehad Jim Naggy on the show Unlockedown Seahawks
yesterday forty minutes of draft goodness.Sam Howe clips in there as well here
and from the former Seahawks scout himselfand an interesting comparison for Byron Murphy the
second. We've heard a lot ofAaron Donald, but he had another defensive

tackle that's made the Pro Bowl onhis mind there, So you can check
that out YouTube or wherever you listento your podcast. And I think we've
already got eight articles up today onall Seahawks, so we are flying.
It's it's never off season for us, so it isn't especially when they let
you come watch Ota exactly ractice andyou can nerd out there. Sold by
Jim dot Com, Jim Elliott,Pacific Northwest real Estate Broker. Sold by
Jim dot Com. Go to thewebsite, check it out, looking to

buy, sell whatever it is soldby Jim dot Com. He brings to
Corbin Smith every week on Thursdays,and we love having this during the month
of June. We've got OTAs totalk about, We've got mini camps to
talk about. There is no suchthing as an off season in the NFL
until we get to that last weekin June. In the first two or
three weeks of July. Then welet you take a deep breath, then
we bring it back into it allover again. But I really don't.

I know you don't because you lovedoing this. Yes, why we love
having you on. That's Corbyn Smith. Tell people what the website again,
you find your stuff out SI dotcom, slash NFL Seawks and locked on
Seahawks as well. Our buddy RobRang joins him. Often you can check
that out. All right, We'lltake a break, come back reset to
day. Ty kr J from theKraken is going to join us at one
forty five. George Fent We willbe here after practice in with us face

to face using that same headset thatCorbyn used just a moment ago. Right
here in nine three point three KJRFMLive from the R and R Foundation specialists
broadcast studio back to Ian Fernance PowerAdvice, Seattle's closest sports book, Snow
call me Casino on Sports Radio NTTYthree point three kJ r FM. Al

right, we are back at theVirginia Mason Athletics Center today. It's ot
a open ota for the media forus to get a chance to glance at
its run out there and then inthe break watch, a little red zone
drills. I would term it spirited, a lot of talking going on,
a lot of trash talk, alittle back and forth. I like it
all right, I like it's it'sa different world now. I mean it's

it's so weird because we don't no, we won't know anything really until September.
What eighth I think it is thatfirst game, but it just it's
just such a different vibe, which, to be honest with you, for
those of us covering, it's kindof gives you a little bit of a
a little bit of an adrenaline boost. Huh. Yeah, it's just kind
of fun. And I like Pete. I love Pete all everything he did.
But it's just it's weird. Imean, you know, fourteen years

the same a lot of the sameguys. You know, he lost coordinators
and some guys over the years,but you know there's a familiarity now,
like who are these guys? Like, Okay, I recognize Ryan Grubb,
and recognize Scott Huff and recognized MikeMcDonald. Mike McDonald, I got to
give a shout out today though.Fantastic came out with the old Chuck Knox
old school hat, on. Ohsee, it is like the truck hat.

No, it's the it's kind ofthe felt hat that says Seattle Seahawks
is the throwback one. It isa good look. Oh my, you
can get that, by the way, shout out. I think simply Seattle
has those. I think they doit is. It is a damn good
luck man. I love that thing. All right, let me take care
of some business. Ty krts.She is gonna join us coming up at
one forty five today, So joinus for that one forty five tight cars.

She's gonna come up, and weshould mention it's an EQC note Thursday.
Yes or no? Did Rob callin? Yes? He did.
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We'll have one hundred forty four thisyear. And again we're raised money
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et cetera. We make it aton of fun. We have a lot
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so I hope people get out there. The schedule came out for some of

the early games in college football.Like I said, I joke about this,
but to be honest with you,it's probably true. Softy will go
through this a little bit later ontoday at three o'clock, I've got you
covered. He's got you covered.Wazoo announced officially that their Texas Tech game
is on Big Fox. We alsofound out the Apple Cup on September fourteenth

is streamed on Peacock. I thinkit's interesting in this point, and I'm
not gonna believe. I don't thinkanybody at the PAC twelve was ready for
one hundred percent streaming, and Iget that, but I do find it
a little bit comical that that firstApple Cup game non PAC twelve, wise
will be on a streaming service onPeacock. That's interesting to me, kind

of ironic in a sense, butit also you know, what also tells
you is that that NBC and theBig ten and all those TV partners,
they put it on there for areason. They they it's why you put
things on the stream on Peacock orAmazon, because they know and they think
and they feel like people will purchaseit and watch it. Right, just
like let them put the NFL playoffsas simple as that. It's I'm not

saying yeah and by no means asWashington Washington State the NFL playoffs, but
they put it on there thinking thatpeople are going to pay to watch it,
and they will and they there isno doubt that they will if you're
not going to the game, andno, tickets are pretty damn expensive,
to be honest with you, Ia lot of people complaining about that.
I haven't looked into it. I'lldo that at some other time. Okay,
we're gonna take a break. Comeback, tykar Ja from your Seattle

Kracking played for Dan Biosma. We'llhave him join us. Coming up next
nine three point three k FM.Falkin shoots one in on gold A Flecks
and I start It's crasby stop.This is the daily power play deep slot
on now Ian fernez Son Sports Radioninety three kJ r FM. Yeah,

big week for the Seattle Kracking asthey announce on Monday their new head coach,
Dan Biosma, who is still coachin the organization as we speak.
The American Hockey League called A Cupplayoffs are continuing Western Conference Finals Game one
last night Coachella Valley a winner overMilwaukee take a one game to none lead
in that series. Of course,last season the Coachella Valley Firebirds fell in

the finals to Hershey Bilesman leading thatteam as well. He's a Stanley Cup
champion coach. Great resume takes overfor Dave Hackstall, and a guy that
knows him well joined us right nowon the Beacon Plumbing Hotline from your Seattle
Kracking, Ty Krtcher with us,Ty, how are you? Yeah?
How are you doing? I'm good? Let me first inform we'll get to

Dan Bilesman. A second season's overyour rookie campaign with the Kraken eleven goal
season for you, you had anopportunity to basically you're in Seattle all season.
You're a bona fide full time NHLplayer. Season ends. What do
you do now with yourselves? Like, what was what's been the offseason like
for you so far? I thinkit's been pretty for me. You know,

I get home, take some timeoff, and then uh, and
then start to start to get backinto it. When when the body feels
ready to go again, how's thebody feel after seventy seven NHL games.
It feels pretty good. Actually,I can't complain. It feels it feels
pretty good, a lot better thanit did last year. You're such a
great story. I just I thinkwe talked to you at the start of

the season. Early in the yearhe had a game winning goal. I
remember I was over and doing ashow on Smoll camera talking to you,
and I just said the story,you know, coming up last season in
the playoffs and getting a chance toplay quality time. You played ten playoff
games last year for the Crack andhad three goals in the postseason. Uh,
just kind of burst on the scene. But an undrafted player out of
juniors and just it's one of thegood stories in hockey. Did you ever

have to pinch yourself this season,Tye and say, man, I'm here,
I made it, I'm full time. This is this is my career,
did you ever have to pinch yourselfand and and just what's your what's
your attitude feeling like after all thehard work you paid on paid put in
getting passed over in drafts to bewhere you are right now. Yeah,
you're definitely right. There's a coupleof times where I had to pinch myself.

I mean, eventually it kind ofclicks in and you realize what you're
what you're doing. But last yearwas so fast with the with the playoffs,
Like I came up, I playedthe games, and I was back
down and it was almost like likenothing happened. And so this year,
when you're there for a long stretchthrough ups and downs, you kind of
you kind of pinch yourself a littlebit at the start of the season,

and then and then you settle ina little bit and realize that you're kind
of in there for the long hauland and you're just trying to try to
do your best. Are you keepingtrack of what's going on with all your
buddies in Coachell Valley right now inthe HL playoffs? Yeah, I really
enjoy watching their games. They're alittle late here, but I'm really really
cheering for the guys down there.They're they're great guys. They deserve a

championship this year. Are you inOntario right now? Yeah? Yeah,
I'm back. Allman Kingston, Nicenice Ty Carcie joining us. Well.
Dan Bilesman gets hired as the newcoach, taking over for Dave Hackstall.
Let's start there. You played forDan down in Coachell Valley last season the
twenty twenty two to twenty three seasons, so you know him. Well,
what are you guys as a teamgetting in Dan Bilesm at the NHL level.

Yeah, I think we're getting agreat coach. Obviously, his track
record with the last two years withwith the Firebirds, taking us to the
finals last year and hopefully winning onethis year is incredible. But you know,
he's a great person and he's agreat coach. He's he's going to
be really good for us. Idon't know if a lot of you guys
watched the press tournaments, but youknow he brings the energy, he makes

the rink a fun place to beand he has relationships with his players,
which I find really helps you know, kind of just let you know how
you can, how you can dobetter, and just kind of straight shooting
what you need to do to besuccessful. So I think that'll be really
good for us. Yeah, wehad a chance. We were out at
the at the Cracking Community ice puckson Monday, Tye and I had a
chance. He sat down with ushere on the radio, face to face

and we had a good, youknow, twenty minute chat with him and
really enjoyed. I kind of feltthat, and I as, it's funny
you brought up the relationship with theplayers. I asked him that because he
kind of brought it up, like, yeah, you know, one of
the things I've learned from when Iwas in Pittsburgh and Buffalo is you know,
just you know, the relationships.And he talked about how important relationships
were. How does that translate fora young player, maybe even a veteran

player, having that positive, greatrelationship with your coach, Because every coach
is different, every style is different. There's guys that are standoffish. I'm
thinking of Daryl Sutter and guys likedont of the Years, Tortella, Tordorelli
and say and others, and thenthis guy seems to be a different breed.
How important is that to today's athlete? Yeah, I think, well,
with the experience I had with themlast year, it was super important
just being able to build a relationshipand talk to your coach and he'll let

you know, like I said,what what you need to be doing to
be successful and if you're doing ifyou're doing the job or you're not.
But it makes it easier to talkto him about that when you have when
you have a nice, a nicerelationship with him and it's not just and
it's not just him kind of youknow, not not ripping you like some
coaches would, but it's nice tohave relationships and you can talk to him

a little bit and uh open likeyou want you want that, you want
that back and forth, that communicline of communication. I think that's especially
for a young team everages young player, but for any player, you want
that line of communication. I whatare the what are the style the style
of play? It feels as ifit here's a situation where a little more
up and down, a little morewide open. But he said he likes

to He kind of is a I'dalmost term him as like a chameleon.
It feels like he can fit whateverstyle he wants to coach a team with,
whether it's how they trap, howthey for check, if they cycle?
Uh, he used to love thestretch pass back in the day,
I know, with Pittsburgh and andand stuff. So it feels and he
kind of said, he goes,I want my guys to feel comfortable playing
a variety of different ways. Isthat how it was down in Coachella Valley

where there was no set structure system? There were many you just kind of
you did whatever in the game andthe opponent fit. Yeah. I mean
he is a very structured coach andvery detailed, but you're right within,
uh, within ways that you canyou can change it and feel free and
play. So I think that's that'sgood for us. It's not you're not

just sticking to one thing. Youcan kind of feel free to play a
little bit within the within the structurethat he has. How far away is
this team? Do you think?Like you guys were there last year Western
Conference semi Finals Game seven, youwere right on the brick of the brink.
You see the team that knocked youout as in the Western Conference Finals
in Dallas this season, there's youknow, sometimes if you look at the

numbers and the standings, you think, wow, Seattle took a massive step
back. And then you look atthe goals against, and you're great in
your own end, You're great atkeeping the puck out of the net.
You just couldn't scores like you couldthe year before. How close is this
team? What does this team needto get back to where they were a
year ago? Yeah, I thinkobviously the start of the season will be
super important. We got off toa slow start this year, so I
think, first and foremost, getgetting out of the gates hot will be

a huge confidence boost for us because, like like you said, two years
ago, you know, they theydid it and they had a great regular
season and made it all the wayto Game seven in the second round.
So I think, you know,the components are there and uh, and
you know, the guys, wejust have to we have to execute and
obviously putting the puck in the net, uh is a huge part of that.

So yeah, we just gotta wegot to execute and you know,
play up to par. What doyou what are you working on this summer
besides just conditioning Once you get backon the ice, what what do you
need to do to take your gameto the next level? You know,
I think, uh, for me, it's always been a lot of skating
stuff. Uh when I was younger, you know, coming out. Uh
that was kind of the knock onme was that I wasn't a great skater,

and maybe that's why I didn't getdrafted or anything. But uh so
that's a huge thing for me toto keep working on the skating, you
know, just because the game isso fast, so you always there's always
something to work on there. Andthen you know, just being comfortable with
the puck and and having eyes upand being able to make make plays and
make smart plays and hold onto thepuck a little bit. Uh. There,

There's there's a lot of opportunities outthere for coaches. There's another coach
that's being mentioned a lot, maybeas an assistant here or maybe even as
a head coach and in the AHL. Tell people about Jessica Campbell because I
brought this up this morning, didanother radio hit for our station, and
ty I just said, listen,professional hockey's a business. Like you're not
getting a job just because you're thefirst female or because you are female.

You're getting a job because you're goodat what you do. And I would
put Jessica in that category. Butwhat is it that she does that kind
of separates her. What are herstrengths? What did you see and learn
from her while you played down there? Oh? Yeah, you're exactly right.
She gets the jobs and obviously hasjob the job in Coachell because she's
done a really good job. Andyou know, she's done a really good

job with the power play and inspecific to me, the skill stuff and
a lot of the skating stuff thatyou know, we would get out and
do skill sessions before practice last yearthat I thought really helped helped my skating
and you know, helped me getprepared for this year. And then when
it comes to the power play stuff, the meetings are very detailed and everyone
knows what they're doing at all times, and and that's a lot a lot

to do with the coach. Ifshe was named the head coach of the
American Hockey League, would you thinkthat would be a good move. Do
you think she's ready for that?Yeah? I think whatever she wants to
do, I think she's ready for. Like I said, she was tremendous
for me last year. So Ithink I think it's kind up to her
what she wants to do and whichway she wants to go in her career,

but I think whatever she does,she'll be very successful. Yeah.
I think she'll either be that orshe'll be running your power play next year,
which based on the numbers with CoachillaValley's power play the last couple of
years, massive massive success down therewith that putting up two hundred and thirty
goals. I think it was,yeah, like she knows what she's doing
on that power play and it'd benice to get to that. Back to

that point as well. Hey,Ty, I appreciate you coming on.
Enjoy the off season in Kingston,get some rest and then we'll see you
in the fall. But thanks forpopping on and talking about Danny Bailsman and
your new head coach, and we'lllook forward to seeing you in the fall.
Man. Thank you, yes,sir, thank you very much.
Super excited for next year. Thereyou go, Ty Carts joining us from
your Seattle crack and with some goodthoughts. One of the best stories out

there. There's some similarities by theway, you know when you look at
him and you know he's not drafted. Danny Bilsma was a late pick and
you know, grinded his way throughthe HL and Pro hockey for a while,
and I think that's the kind ofguy that that Dan Bilesman really appreciates.
Absolutely. Yeah, I mean it'sjust in and card. SHA's got
his upsides big, like it's big. He's you know, he had eleven

goals in seventy seven games last year, did you know? It was kind
of a guy that bounced around himmostly mostly a fourth line guy, which
means you don't get as many minutes, but you know, he you can
slot him in the top six.And and I I just I'm I'm really
fascinated to see what they do inthe offseason. But I know like him

and guys like Shane Wright are abig part of what's going to happen in
the future. And uh, andwe'll see. All right, take a
break, come back, George,Fan's gonna join. I'm guessing around two
twenty today, all right, that'sthat's what we're thinking. We've got an
EQC Note Thursday giveaway. We'll giveyou another name coming up at two o'clock
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Rentals Sports to us your ninety threepoint three KJRFM sports headlines. Head Headlines
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OTAs continue here at the Virginia MasonAthletics Center. We'll have George Fenn Settle
Seahawks tackle making his way back here, back home in a sense, after
stops in New York and Houston.Back with the Hawks as an offensive lineman

this year, he'll join us comingup at about two twenty this after noon.
NFL or NHL Playoffs. Last night, Edmonton knocks off Dallas five to
two. That series tied at twogames apiece. Head back to Dallas for
Game five in the NBA Playoffs lastnight or tonight. Rather, Minnesota will
try to stave off elimination one moretime, taking on the Dallas Mavericks that

game tonight at five thirty in Minneapolis. There is one other NHL game tonight,
Rangers and Panthers, that series alsotied at two games apiece in the
Eastern Conference Finals. Some early TVdates are out for the college football world,
including the Apple Cup, which we'lltouch in on just a couple seconds.
And how about this. The NFLand NFL Films have selected the Chicago

Bears officially to serve as this year'steam on Hard Knocks. First episode coming
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The Mayor of Maple Valley Open comingup on Friday, June twenty eighth,
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raise money for three great foundations.This will be the twelfth year we're
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I've been having people text in whencan we sign up? When can we
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now, So get that in.Okay, let's I want to this is

gonna be a theme. One ofmy buddies already texted me and and I
get it. And I've touched onthe irony as well. With the the
news coming out, We've got theyou know, the schedule, the TV
schedule is out for some early seasongames and some different things like that Peacock
is doing the Apple Cup. There'stwo Friday night games for Washington. There
are so many elements to the newworld of college athletics we're in, and

specifically here in Seattle, with Washingtongoing to the Big ten Wazoo obviously in
Oregon State kind of on their ownplaying the Mountain West pseudo Mountain West Conference
schedule. They both have games onFox. Their game by the way,
the Washington State Oregon State games onCW nationwide. But I say that nationwide,
it's still CW. It's not likeit's a massive network, but still

we'll be televised nationally. The Peacockelement to things is interesting. The pay
per view world that we're going tolive in or streaming and I, you
know, the I don't know howAndrews, You're You're into this world a
lot more than me. The streamingworld. Yes, if we're kind of
ranking the streaming services, how wouldwe rank them these days? Ooh,

are we talking like I'm talking likeyour world like of you know, mid
to late twenty something. Yeah.Yeah, yeah, I just mean like,
are you talking like the ones thatjust have their own like like say
like Max, who has who haswhat? Like what like like you and
your friends, your your you knowyour demographic? Yeah? How popular?
Like what's the most popular? What'snumber two? What's number three? What's

number I would say, uh,YouTube TV is probably the first most popular
one because I think you get almosteverything with that. The only thing locally
that you don't get sports wise,at least is root sports obviously. But
if you were, if you were, just if I say, okay,
listen, Peacock Netflix, So you'retalking Peacock, Okay, Peacock Netflix,
Amazon, Apple, Hulu. Okay, where would we put Peacock in.

I'd say three or four, becauseyou you gotta add paramount plus to as
well. Oh yeah, so Isay Amazon's number one, just because it
includes like actual package delivery and allthat Amazon Prime you get the video,
Yes, exactly. Yeah, I'dsay probably either Netflix or Max Slash HBO
is number two, okay, andthen I would probably go to the Peacock

paramount plus kind of yes, there'sstill Peacock's still better than It's still maybe
more a little more popular than sayApple or Hulu. I would say there
was on a similar tier. ButI think that a lot of more people
have Peacock like then a lot ofpeople think I think people seem to think
that it's like some of the lowerones, but I think it's on that

same tier. I mean, Peacockis obviously a sport. Peacock have soccer,
Yes, it has Premier League,So if you're an English Premier League
fan like myself, it is astaple. Okay, So I mean I
think that's big, right If theyhave EPL, that's a big thing I
think with for me, Peacock isbig because there's a lot of golf on
it, depending on the tournament exactly. And so you know, ESPN Plus
I put in that same category.ESPN Plus is an interesting one because there's

a lot of games, like ifyou go to ES if you're an ESPN
Plus subscriber, you go to LiveTV. There are a ton of events
on ESPN Plus, right, likea ton of events most like a lot
of minor smaller conferences or non revenuesports like if you want to watch UW
softball. I'm sure next year.I know, like I've watched my kids

girlfriend's soccer team plays in the sunBelt stuff like that. I mean,
there's a ton of stuff there.I almost think it's maybe gets lost in
the watch Peacock it becomes a biggerdeal. But the fact the Apple cups
on Peacock it shows something to me. It doesn't say that, you know,
the world's ready for all streaming,Like, I don't think that's the
case yet. College football is notready for one hundred percent streaming. I

think we most of us would agreeupon that. Yeah, and big sports
they're only putting things on there thatthey think people will buy, right right,
Yeah, they're not. They're notputting an event on Peacock that they
think is going to be an afterthoughtand no one's going to purchase new They
want new subscriptions. And you know, I think that's kind of why they
that with you know, the AppleTV and Major League Baseball. They want

you to get those games and theywant you to buy that and if you
know, like you capture. Sothe Mariners are on there again tomorrow,
right, They're on Apple TV thisweekend or tomorrow night. Well, why
is that. Well, I meanthey're a good team, that's Scott.
I mean their TV numbers are upthis year. They're doing really strong TV
numbers in the market, and they'reprobably figuring people like me that maybe don't
have Apple are gonna go ahead andbuy it right and then when you buy

it, you don't use a cancelright away because you forget about it and
then you have it. Yeah,that or you would kind of look to
see what else is on there.It's like, oh, I forgot the
ted Lasso is on Apple TV.Let me get it out of shot,
like other things like that. IfI buy that tomorrow, I might have
to watch ted Lass. You've neverseen ted Lasso. Oh, that's a
whole other conversations. I know.That's just I hear. It's good.
I want to It's an absolute must. I'm not like I'm a soccer fan

over any other sport. But that'snot even the reason why that show is
so good. It's about like theconnections between a coaching, you know,
prodigy and his players, which isso much fun. All Right, I'm
gonna spend some time tomorrow, Ithink, and I think it'd be a
good conversation we can have, andwe're gonna not talk all baseball with Chris
and Nate tomorrow out. Yeah,we're gonna do more than that. There's

a lot of stuff we want tohear. The Heather Tar interview yesterday that
Softy and Dick did with Heather Tar, the softball coach at Washington was spectacular.
It was so telling, so mediain terms of information listening to a
coach of a big ten to bebut a big ten program, right,
softball probably on that campus, it'sprobably the number three or four sport in

terms of popularity. I'd say,I mean, it's it's football, men's
basketball. I'd put it maybe slightly, if not ahead of women's basketball and
volleyball. It's on par with those. Yeah, and she's lamenting the fact
she can't compete without it big timeniled money, and I thought was really
I think it was a jarring componversationthat they had with her. The reality

of college sports. The rich aregoing to get richer. And I'm not
talking conferences. I'm talking about sports, and those sports are football and do
a little lesser extent men's basketball,and everyone else is going to be left
by the wayside for the majority ofprograms across the country. We'll talk more
about that tomorrow. We'll take abreak, come back, George Fans expected
to join us. SUSY wrap uppractice right here A nine three point three
KJFM Live from the R and RFoundation specialists broadcast studio. Back to Ian

Furnance, Power advice, Seattle's closestsports book, Snow call me Casino on
Sports Radio ninety three point three KJRFM. We are back at the Virginia
Mason Athletic Center. He infurnesced withyou this afternoon. And you know,
selfishly, us in the media likelike certain guys, like when you hear

their signed, they're coming back,They're re signed. You're like, oh,
that's that's a good thing. Whybecause we like talking to certain guys.
One of those guys is back inSeattle after a stint with the Jets
and the Texans. Number seventy fouris eligible in a lot of different ways.
Ladies and gentleman, George Fant isback with your Seattle Seahawks. How

are you. I'm good man,how you doing. I'm good, Good
to see you, Thank you,happy to be back. What brings you
back? Like you you had opportunity. You've been a couple of different spots,
different coaching staff for different world,but here you are back in the
Virginia Mason Athletics Center. Yeah,I mean, I'll say you know right
away. Number one was just youknow, the opportunity to come back here

just feels like home. So thatwas probably one of the first parts of
it. And then from there itwas just like, you know, opportunity
to win with a team that Ikind of started with, you know,
so you know, looking at theroster, knowing what coaching staff they was
bringing in. So when I gotback off from John, it was just
like, man, this is agreat opportunity for me, you know,

on the back end of my career. You know, don't know where it's
gonna go from here, but it'dbe great to come back here, you
know, and possibly finish on mycareer. So it was back end,
don't don't you're dating all of usright, Thirty one years old, ninth
NFL season. That's a long wayfrom bowling Green Western. That's a long

way from Western Kentucky and playing hoops. Yeah, but I'm gonna go back
in time twenty sixteen. You comein here and we were just just talking
to Corpin Smith, one of theother guys that covers the team out there,
and we're talking about like undrafted freeagents and the guys that come in
and there's certain dudes that kind ofpop like and you go, oh that.
And I remember in twenty sixteen,all of us in this room,
all of us media guys were like, hey, like that guy, Like
there's something there, Like they theycan't try to slide him through the practice

squad, they can't. There's somethingthere with this guy. Yeah, and
and low and behold here you area nine year NFL veteran, which is
just an amazing story for anybody thatcame from where you came. Basketball players,
We all know. What do youremember from twenty sixteen, those first
OTAs, mini camps and training camps. Yeah, I think I remember,
Like the thing that kind of standsout the most would be, uh,

you know Tom Cable uh and justthe belief that he have in me from
the beginning, and that all theone coach Well, yeah, I mean
I think that for Cable, youknow, you look at his history of
what he does with with athletes,and I think it's the way that he
kind of taught me the game.It's a little bit different compared to what

you know around the league that I'veseen. So just the way, you
know, if you gotta uh thisanalogy he used all the time. It
was Clay. You know. Healways called me like his clay, so,
uh, he can mold me howhe wanted to. So it was
one of those things that I didn'tcome in with bad habits or anything like
that, so he could kind oflike teach me like, hey, like
this is how you do it,and he always yeah, yeah, yeah.

And then it was just like itwas like teaching me that kind of
related to me in basketball, sohe would like teach things to me in
basketball language. So that was likeprobably the main thing that they helped me.
And then I'll never forget like thefirst day he is out here in
No Tas, there was a playerhere who like just trying to punk me,

like you know, the first play. And at the time, man,
I wasn't going for that. WhenI was young, I was out
all the rest of the stuff.So you know, next time, next
time you next time I went againstsomeone trying to like put them on the
ground, And then Cable was likethat's mixed these two things. You're gonna
be a good player. So justdon't ever like back down for anybody,
like don't don't do any of that. Like this is a different kind of
sport. So those those are thetwo things that kind of like I took

those two things and kind of ranwith it from there. Tom Cable probably
love that. Yeah, that's lovethat. The basketball and that like comparison
as a coach, it's an interestingthing. I got you. I've introduced
these guys earlier, the two guysWhitworth and here the two offensive tackles,
and they were as you're saying thattalking about the basketball terminology that they both
played hoops. But they're both kindof not right like athletes are athletes,

right, right, But but talkingin a way you can understand it.
It translates in basketball, translates tofootball most definitely, most especially your position,
right, Yeah, as a powerforward, it definitely translates. You
know, you're trying to looking atit like you're playing defense. Yeah,
and past protection. The quarterback isthe room, you know, and never
want to like turn your body fromthe room. You want to stay square
to the room. I say squareto the defender and and to the rim.

You're back to the rim. Youknow, anytime you take it on
power. It's like, you know, holding up the post was somebody kind
of back you down the post.So you you know, teaching you how
to like plant your feet in theground, Like how would you how would
you stop somebody they were trying toback you down the post. It's the
same way you would stop a bullrush. That's awesome. So just things
like that, man, it wasjust like a little small things that kind
of like clicked for me. Whatwas New York? Like the Jets?

I mean, you're just in that. It's just such a different world than
we are in the out here.What was that like? It was?
Uh, it was an experience.It was an experience, man, And
it wasn't you know, obviously itwasn't all bad, you know, it
was it was. It was definitelyI think I probably played some of my
best football there. I grew asa player, I would say I grew
as a leader. It was anopportunity for me to kind of go out

there and explore what was out there, you know. Uh, and just
going back bro it was just likeanother reason why I'm happy to be back
here, Like you don't find organizationslike you have here, Like there're very
few and in between. So,uh, just coming back here to a
situation where you know, the wholebuilding is very positive. It's a lot
of great things going here in agreat direction. It just really really helps.

And you mentioned John, like it'sso it's a different world now Pete,
and I mean it's an entire one. Carl Scott's the only assistant coach
left from Pete's regime. So there'stwenty two new coaches. But John Schneider
is still here and and his lieutenants, all his personnelity that the same group
there. How important was that toyou? If John wasn't here, do
you think you'd come have come back? Yeah, I don't know. I
mean, I don't know if Iwould, but they definitely played a huge

part in it. Man, itwas the craziest thing ever. Is that?
Okay? So last May? Yeah, last May, I was in
Louisville. I was at the Derby, and you know, I'm having a
good time. It's a really goodstory. So you know, I'm at
the Derby, you know, obviouslyhaving a good time, and I got

my sun glass is on. Igo into the bathroom and uh, as
I'm washing my hands, I justhear somebody say my name. I look
left and it's John So so it'sJohn Man and he's just you know,
we just chopping it up. Andyou know, this time, you know,
I was, I was unsigned.I wasn't for sure if I wanted
to keep playing. I was comingoff a bad injury, so I wasn't

for sure. And he was justlike, hey, bro, if you
ever want to come out to Seattleand and you know, whenever you finish
up and retire, like I'm allfour, I would love to have you
back. Yeah, And just thefull circle moment that you know, uh,
getting that phone off from John.Yeah. Yeah, but but it
was but it was, it wasit went the right way. Like you
know, I was able to godown in Houston House. It's just like

a lot of success down there,yep, yep with a team that wasn't
really supposed to be that good.So it was, you know, it
was it was great for me tokind of get that the hunger back and
playing football game, you know.So and at the time they didn't need
me here at the time either,so that you know, they had you
know, some situations that they hadset up right there. So I think
I sign the Houston thing was wasa perfect perfect situation for me. But

just the full circle moment to getthat call from John after the year before
that, you know, ran toeach other, so it was definitely a
full circle moment before well, Ithink it's it's probably safe to say they
would have liked, they would haveliked to have kept you in twenty twenty.
But I mean, you're a freeagent. Money. I mean you've
you've been able to, you know, monetize a career, which is awesome.
Yeah, George fans with us hereSeattle Seahawks, and we all know

and remember George coming back now here. How different is it on the field
Mike McDonald and his staff do thingsit looks like entirely different than than what
Pete did in a general sense,George, what's what's what's the biggest difference
as a player when you step ontothe field, in the meeting rooms,
all this stuff compared to when youwere here before. I think the main

thing that I think that Mike isdoing, which I think is pretty cool,
is like he's not coming in hereand he even said he's not trying
to come in here and change thecomplete culture of what the things that's going
on here. Like I think that, uh, you know, pp in
here so long and establishing that culturethat they had here, uh it kind
of lingers, you know, likethere's there's still a little bit of that

stuff here and he's not in herelike whatever was last year, we're not
doing no more. It's not thatkind of deal. It's like he's he's
really mixing those two things, andhe's mixing his way, his way of
things into the building. And he'salso like, you know, acknowledging that
there was a certain culture here.There is a culture here. There's the
way that we do things, andyou know, the way that you know,

the guys react to certain things inthe meeting room, the way that
guys you know, walking around thebuilding, a lot of things. You
know. So him coming in andbeing able to be like, Okay,
like I I acknowledge the culture here, what you guys have, I can
add to it and we can kindof build from there. And that that
looks like what he's doing that cultureis winning, Isn't it Like that?
When I hear the term culture andit's like there's some places and organizations in

all sports and the culture is wellwe just get by. Yeah, it
does the culture here since I thinksince Mike Holber, Yeah the standard Mike,
Mike said it. He took itto the next level. And you're
bringing the guy in wants to it'sit's a winning culture. Uh, And
that's why you come here right likethere's a Lombardi Trophy out front, like
like it's it's still here. Butalong those lines that the how the coaches

act is different. You know,you weren't here with with the previous offensive
line coach. But I'm watching ScottHuff, who we watched coach at Washington
the last couple of years. Hehad the best offensive line in the country.
That was the award they were givenlast season as a group, and
I just think highly. I thinkwe all think very highly of him.
Boy, I've I've never seen theattention to detail and the teaching that we

saw, whether it's you know,bringing the quarterback and for past pro and
there's Walker in there, the walkthrough. Basically you're doing things like that tell
people about what Scott Huff is,who he bring, what he brings to
the table, and and how kindof different he is and maybe other offensive
line coaches you've had. Yeah,Alis got a lot, man, think
exactly what you said, Like youcould tell that he's really locked into the

game. He understands it, andI think they he teaches it really will.
So I think for him, forthis room is a really young room,
like they're twenty twenty two, twentythree. You know, obviously me
and Lake the old guys in theroom. But uh but yeah, man,
like for for those guys to stillbe young and then get a guy
like him who really understands the technique. He's an ex player, he's you

know, been around them for along time. They with some really good
coaches. You know, he reallyknows what he's talking about. So I
think it's cool. I mean,I'm still trying to learn from him too.
He got some things that I like. You know, so, uh,
did you a little bit? Yeah? Man, most definitely, And
not respect that a lot, likehe's definitely like and sometime you know,
years ago, I know, right, like you're like, you're honestly tribute.

No, most definitely, man,And I think that's a testament the
amount of all that I played,and you know, I understand, I
understand things a different different way thanyou know, who helped you when you
first got here offensive line wise,like who are the who are the leaders?
That the kind of walking man.When I got here, we were
really young. We were really young, you know. I think Justin Britt
was our vet in the room.He and that was like his third year

and Fetti came in together. Yea, uh, we were young. I
think they brought in jam Marcus Webb. He got hurt early in the season.
But as far as like, youknow, who helped me with some
technique and stuff like that, HowardMud, how Mud, howarm Mud,
howar Mud. Uh I got theI actually met Scott Huffed through Howardmud.

So yeah, Howard m was Itwas a person that helped me out and
the technique and stuff. But asfar as they players, uh yeah,
like Britt was our was our vettingroom at the time. What impresses you
about this offense and Ryan grubbing whathe's gonna do? I would say,
just the way that they go aboutthe operation operations was pretty uh date,

they wanted to be really clean andthey and they have a standard of things
being really clean. And if yougo back and look at them and you
do they are really clean. Youknow, they move fast, they played
fast. It's a clean offense.So yeah, I think that's that's probably
the main thing. Is that whymini camps are really important. And I
mean that in a sense like veteranguys sometimes they want to come, sometimes
they don't. I get that,we all get that. But when you

talk about how fast they want toplay, how clean they want to play,
how precise things have to be,is that why this time of the
year is kind of important. Yeah, it's important. It is important.
Don't ask these guys watching that guylooks he's like like Nick, George is
at you know, when to likeget to the end of the line.

You know what, I think thosenew those new guys need to hit the
sled. I'll you don't need tohit the sled every time rotation. Get
get out the way, man,But I love it, George. Before
I let you go, you've hada chance to you know, now see
Geno Smith and that receiving corps.You know, we only see this is

the second time we've been here,but you know, I know DK has
been here a little bit and you'vewatched Tyler and Jackson spent in Jigba the
running backs and Gino. What impressesyou about the skill positions that you have
here? I got a lot,you know, they got a lot.
They got guys who they can rotateand play a lot of different positions.
Uh. But man, I'm tellingyou know, the most impressive piece to
this offense to me is the runningback room. Man like that was there's

some dudes in that room, manlike the health that yeah, both of
them, both of those two runningbacks and yeah so and you know they
even got some more guys in theresereally good players. But uh, but
that room is gonna be really special. Uh. Last thing for it.
He's in the inside, so youdon't see him a lot, I don't
think, but depending on what you'redoing. Team drills. We were watching

just for the first time, Ihave kind of laid eyes closely on by
m Murphy, the second in theirfirst round pick this season, kid from
Texas and first of all, hasnever missed leg day. Yeah my goodness,
yeah, yeah, he is explosiveand my my very untry, untrained
media guy eyes like, that's anexplosive, impressive athlete. What have you

seen from the rookie? Yes hewas, he actually was one of my
favorite uh defensive linemen in the collegelast year, obviously Houston. Last we
got to watch a lot of thoseTexas games, and he popped off the
screen for me, like just theway that he plays obviously not funny,
but like natural leverage that he hassure uh, and the way his ability
to get like off of blocks reallyquick, great hand placement. Uh.

And then you know, I thinkthe the dope thing for him is that
he has like a good vet inthat room that's gonna Jared, Yeah,
Bro, that's that's going that's gonnapush him. You know, they're gonna
gonna PUSH's gonna push them for sure. J's gonna push him, and it's
gonna be uh in the best positiveway, and they're gonna hope to the
standard in that room. So Ithink that he's in a good situation.

He knows what he's walking into.You know. I think I've seen an
interview he said he grew up aSeahaws fans. Yeah, so he knows
he's walking into so and I'm excitedfor him, for sure. I'm excited
to have you back. I thinkyou are as well, and I think
everyone here is excited to see youback. I got one quick more thing.
I know, Rich' stand out here. Just when you came back.
You mentioned it wasn't right a yearago because they had some depth, They

had some guys. You know,we're hoping to see Abe Lucas back out
there and hopefully I think Mike McDonald'scity should you know, he's hoping to
have him out there for training campready to go. Both him and and
Charles were banged up last season.They see the drop off in this week
if you start going like depth,that tackle is hard, right? Were
there any assurances, promises what not? Even what was what was told to

you? Because you came here asa veg you want to play, but
at the same time, versatility isa big key. What did they tell
you in terms of what your role? What did they firstee because they got
two young guys on the outside.Yeah, No, my my role is
to come here and back those twoguys up. That's my role. I'm
coming in here the same my sameroad that was in Houston last year.
You know, I just happened tohave to play all those games. Yeah,

like I said, well, butwith the situation when somebody got hurt
and they needed me in there,so my my role is still come in
here and back those guys up.You know, I'm obviously gonna go out
here and compete, But the endof the day, that's the role,
you know, that's the that's theroad that was understood. So if you
got to start, yeah, butif it's situation, I gotta play,
I'm prepared to play, you know. So and then also man like I

think also is just like come inhere and help these guys, you know,
get to the next step too,like, you know, as far
as technique and different little questions thatI can answer for him and even film
like the way you know, lookingfor certain stuff. So that's my role.
Man, I'll come in here.I'm embracing that role. And I'm
just like I said, I'm justhappy to be back. Welcome back to

Seattle. Thank you. Number seventyfour is eligible and he is back and
ready to rock and roll. Itis George Fan. He is with us,
and we appreciate it coming by.We will take a break, we'll
come back with more. Dave Softimleris going to join us in a moment
right here at nine three point threeKJRFM Live from the R and R Foundation,
Specialists broadcast studio. Back to IanFurnance, Power Advice, Seattle's closest

sports book, snop Call me Casinoon Sports Radio ninety three point three kJ
R FM. All right, we'reback at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center putting
a rap on. Thin Softy willjoin us in just a couple of seconds
when he pops into the studio gettingready for his show starting at three.
I think minus Dick Fain today.I think Dick's got another basketball. Yeah,

we got Humillan doing double duty today. Oh, he was back on
with with soft I like a lotof humil Hey what George Fan, big
thanks to him for popping on.What a what a refreshing conversation a guy
that And I think, you know, I guess maybe you could look at
it both ways. You could say, Hey, I want a guy who's
gonna come in and he wants toplay, he wants to compete, but

uh, maybe, just maybe it'sthe perfect role for him at this point
in his career. If he hasto play, he'll you know, it's
probably an upgrade over Stone Forsyth.At the same time, as he said,
Hey, I'm gonna I'm gonna goahead and make some I'm gonna I'm
gonna help these young guys out.Uh, just a pleasure to talk to.
What a great story. You know, he's carved out nine years in
the league as a former basketball playerfrom from Western Kentucky and he's back here

here now. Sam Howell is talkingto the media. I popped out there
for a second. He was expressinghis excitement to come to Seattle as well,
kind of the same A lot ofguys say, hey, you know,
but he said when he knew hewas going to get moved, this
is one of the places that hewas hoping it would be. Kind of
talked about the fact they really pushedthe ball down the field with Ryan Grubbs
offense, something we talked about withHugh earlier. So Sam Hell just talking

to the media right now and wrappingthings up before we get soft. You've
got a minute or two here.I just want to mention mayor Maple Value
Open registration is up, it isgoing, it is underway, and we
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the way. But how can weprevent some of those things from happening and
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Softie, it sounds like still yeah, we just finished things off.
Coming up tomorrow on the radio show, we're gonna be at the Sotcloma Casino.
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the Mollywop guys are coming with meon the road tomorrow. Believe it
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bunch of things coming up in themonth of June. Can you bring a
couple guys with you, namely Chrisand Nate. Once I picked myself off

off the floor and realized that theyweren't joking, that they were serious,
that they wanted those two guys outthere, I said, absolutely, We're
gonna bring them dudes up. Can'twait, and we're gonna have Nate and
Chris with us coming up tomorrow.Yeah. The next question is why I
wasn't invited? You were, butyou are doing the morning show tomorrow.
Yes, yes, I am?Are you not? I am? They

stop picking on the guy, willyou? For God's sake? We're right,
Jimmes, give me a tease.What's coming up on your show?
Other fellow teas ray Sean Jenkins comingup on the radio show, Red Boon
coming up on the radio show,and after the ms and astros, maybe
something from the clubhouse. You neverknow, Oh, oh, you never
know? You know what? Ilike your tea's voice. By the way,
Yeah, to turn your onland Ben, ray Sean Jenkins coming up today.

And as we say goodbye, Drewwas glennngolf dot com sign up for
the Mayor of Maple Valley Open andI can tell you a special guest appearance
that day. Dixon Fane will bethere with us four point eight handicap and
Dick Fane and ladies and gentlemen,the voice you hear right there is gonna
make his first ever appearance after howmany years? Now is it? This
will be twelve and I finally geta chance to play in your stupid ass

tournament. I can't wait to there. It had to be the twelfth year,
and it had to be your twelveguys. Twelve yes for the mild
mannered and marginally objectionable Inverness. Thisis paddle day saying so long everyone,
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