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May 31, 2024 100 mins
Chris Crawford and Nathan Bishop join Ian LIVE from Snoqualmie Casino as we have a very special Mollywhop Friday! Heidi Watney, Apple TV is on the call for the Mariners game tonight and joins the guys to give an overview of the series with the Angels and just what the AL West looks like this year. She takes a deep dive into the Mariners and where they stand right now. We also learn more about the rest of the MLB headlines.John Forslund, NHL Play by Play Announcer is on the call tonight for the Stanley Cup Playoff game between the Oilers and Stars in Dallas and gives us a solid preview of the matchup. Plus, what are the Kraken getting in Dan Bylsma? Mollywhop Friday! Nathan Bishop and Chris Crawford are live with Ian from the Snoqualmie Casino and we get into an official WHOP! The Mariners took three of four from the Astros over the weekend and sit 3 games atop of the AL West, but can they sustain it? The watchability of the team comes into discussion. Chris likes the way Servais has been handling his pitching staff. What would the Mariners need to give up to truly improve this roster, and would it be worth it? What do you make of Julio Rodriguez's numbers right now? FRIENDS OF FURNESS FRIDAY! Brandon Huffman, joins us to talk about his foundation in honor of his daughter, which focuses on fighting DIPG. They've raised over $1 million that has gone to help throughout the country. Ian's golf tournament directly supports this as well. Brandon gives us the latest news in the world of football recruiting and transfer portal.
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You know from the start Rentals sportsto us Jordan ninety three point three KJRFM
Sports headlines and noon headlines Noon,I keep thinking it's one o'clock. That's
wishful thinking on my part. Noonheadlines are brought to you by Buddies,
Goodies and Glass. It's always fourtwenty Buddies. Marriers dropped the final game

of the Astros yesterday, the finalof the four games set four nothing the
final. They did take the seriesthree games and one more on that coming
up in a second still three gamesa top. The American League West Angels
are here tonight. Brian Woo onthe mound. Over in the NBA,
Mavericks took down the t Wolves,won twenty four to one to oh three
yesterday. They advanced the NBA Finals. Game one takes place on Thursday,
June sixth Got some time off,Celtics, what do you get? Probably

have like two weeks off. That'sthe next That's what happens when you sweep
a series? Is that what happens? Okay? Celtics fans and the Stanley
Cup playoffs. The Panthers edge ofthe Rangers three to two yesterday, three
to two lead in that series.It heads back to Florida, coming up
for Game six on Saturday. EilerStars two games a piece. They get

back at it in Dallas night atfive thirty, Storm Hill, Caitlin Clark
and the Fever at Bay once againone O three eighty eight. Cark had
twenty and nine, so she stillgot hers. Her team's awful. By
the way, Jewel Lloyd, herteam's a lot better. She had twenty
two Skylert Diggins Smith eighteen and ninein the win for the Seattle Storm.
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Now you heard them in the background. That was from one Nathan Bishop.
The other guy next to me Chrisstiher Crawford Ladies and gentlemen. We have
brought him Jess. They've been allowedto leave kids SAP in Mason Counties.

I you know what, I thoughtthere was an APBA for some reason.
I didn't know. Yeah, theymade their way across Highway sixteen, across
the Narrows Bridge, the long trek. Here. They're out of their element,
but the boys are here. Weare mollywopping today starting at one o'clock
will be the official molliwop. Butwe got three hours of mollywopping today.
Chris and Nathan are here, outof the comfort zone of this normal zoom

call we do on location. Theonly other time we let this happen is
opening day. But the guys andthe folks and then great people here at
so Calonic Casino said bring them onup with you today. Talk some baseball,
talk some other things. Christopher,it's been a good day for you
so far. It has. Andthis is what happens when you're an early
bird and you get to a placetwo hours early and you find a slot
machine that you like and you winfive hundred and ninety seven dollars, Thank

you very much. Woh fine,ninety seven has dwindled down. We won't
talk about it right now, butyeah, it's been a fun little day.
I'm excited to talk about the SeattleMariners. Of course, I think
I just saw cow Rally strike outin my dreams again. But it's been,
you know, a pretty pretty funtime to be a Mariner fan,
being in first place. It's thelatest they've been this many games up in
first place since I think eighteen sixtythree, so it's been checks out,

Yeah, check out. It's beennice, but uh, I've looked it
up. This is a fun sportstime. It's NBA Finals coming up.
Ian can tell me who I'm allowedto root for in the NHL playoffs,
so that'll be fun as well.But okay, I go go Stars.
The Canadians to do well. Wewant to row brothers up north to do
well well. You know, NathanWillie Nelson wants to sang a song.

No when to walk away, nowhen to run. I point that out
because my wife will come up hereoftentimes and join us for these shows.
Vegas Tammy we call her and she'llget up here and it's really good for
a while, sure, and thenshe'll just disappear come back with a look
on her face. It isn't asmuch fun. I'll tell you what I

heard. The Chris won. Yougotta come down here and try to win,
because I think Chris is almost wonenough money this morning to be able
to pay for the streaming services towatch the UF Husks next season. I've
got this really great Washington hat onfrom our folks simply Seattle. Hey,
let's remember somebody works for NBC andPeacock is a wonderful streaming and they've got
a great deal going right now,I believe. And you can watch the

Apple Cup on Peacock and you canpay for it if you come out to
still call me and win on theslots like Chris, or you can get
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Wait? Streaming in college football wasn'tthat a problem before? Well, you
see, it's all about the debitsand the credits in if you just consider
the Roy Visa via fourth quarter profits. We really have no choice but to

go to the Big ten. Itjust makes sense. I got you,
Thank you, and you are wearinga Washington hat that's like the old school
Don James hat. Yeah, Igot this from this. So we're gonna
shout out simply Seattle all day.We went by a game last year with
my family, reached out to themto just say, hey, do you
guys have a shop near the stadium, we can come by. They said
no, but our warehouse is inthere. Had my whole family walk through
there and let us hang out getsome swag, and that's where I got

this hat from. So shout outto them as always for being partners and
just for being legitimately great people.I was damn close to wearing the exact
same hoodie as Chriss has on theKingdom hoodie, which is my favorite thing
that simply Seattle. Has. Tobe honest with you, I miss the
Kingdom. I'm sorry, I justdo. I do too. I miss
those fake not schows. I missedthe Malts with the uhpoon with great spoon
that would splinter and you'd have togo to the dentist afterwards. But it

was well worth it. Man,You know, the seats that don't really
face towards where you're supposed to bewatching. I miss all of it.
Man. This is as much asI love T Mobile and I love whatever
the heck they call the Seahawks Stadiumnow. I think it's aluminid or something
like it. Field, Okay,illuminating field, Nation Fields. Shout out
to the Minions and mad great moviesthem. They didn't make wonderful stuff,
yep, but that there's nothing betterthan a game of Yeah. I was

explaining to the I think it wasChris Kid or somebody the and Michael Sean
Dugard when they were filling in forGreg a couple of weeks ago, that
said, the great thing about thedome is you just walk in there and
you know it's it's It felt like, oh is it. It's not a
it's not a it's not a cementroof, because there's like a green hue
to it. That's just the reflectionfrom the from what was called AstroTurf,

which was basically painted cements, asKen Griffey Jr. And his his ailments
will tell you over the years.But I do like that great stuff from
simply sales sippyscale dot com, malliwapfifty and check out. All right,
we're gonna do an official Mollywop comingup today at one o'clock. A Moulliwop
Monday on a Friday, getting readyfor the weekend with the Angels look back
as well. We didn't do oneMonday because we had the holiday look back

on the road trip. The serieswith Houston, which spin and large was
good. Yeah, yep, Imean it's still a results based business,
right, It's still about about winning. So we'll do that. Coming up
at one o'clock today, Johnny Fordlan'sgoing to join us from Dallas at twelve
forty five today, will preview Starsand Oilers. Also, that game six
on Sunday is actually on our eraon Big KJR ninety three point three KJRFM.

Nice. He'll be at ball forthat, So we'll do that.
We twelve forty five molly Wop atone and then two o'clock. Brend Huffin's
going to join us. The friendswith with Furness segment today are Golf the
Golf Tournament charity Golf Tournament. Hisdaughter's foundation, Avery Helfman DIPG benefits from
that we'll tell you about that.And also with Brandon we could talk a
little before mentioned college football. Okhey, hey, I mean portals still
are the portals are closed to getin, but there's a lot of people

trying to escape the portal. Right, we'll find out how everyone is done
with it and what he thinks ofthe new world of college football, which
is changing before our very eyes.So JESSMANE wish you were here. I
know you were, su were hereas I can't believe Andrews just blew you
off today and made you stand.Hey, he worked really hard this morning.
He woke up at like four partfor the course with that guy.

Oh yeah, what a hard workingjo. I'll let you guys tattoo him.
Absolutely. He's gonna owe me moneysoon. So I want to be
a little nice. But is heallowed in here? Is he old enough
to come in here? No?Okay, yeah, I'll see if he's
got a fake when they get whenthey you know, like most of us
just kind of walk and the scaredand goes, hey, how you doing
good? And I see you?And they he's the guy that gets stuck

from Hawaii, sir, that wewill not accept vertical vertical or horizontal.
I forget which one except anyway,we'll uh, we'll have a good time
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We'll take another break comeback. HeidiWatney from Apple TV calling the game tonight.

Joint just coming up next live fromthe R and R Foundation Specialists Broadcast
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dot com for more. We're heretill three o'clock this afternoon. He infernouced
with you and I brought reinforcements today. The Molly Whoppers are here Chris Crawford
and Nathan Bishop, and we'll doan official Friday Mollywop segment. Getting ready

for the weekend with the Mariners comingup at one John Fordslan at twelve forty
five. But joining us right nowon the Beacon Plumbing hot Line. She
will be part of the crew tonight. We talked to her last time the
Apple guys were and ladies were intown. How do you want any from
Apple TV? Joins us on theBeacon Plumbing hotline. Hi, Heidi,
how are you? Hello? I'mdoing great? How are you? I'm
doing great. We appreciate you comingback on. We must have we must

have been a nice enough to youlast time that you're kind enough to come
back on. Welcome back to Seattle. How do you like this weather we
got for you today? Huh oh. It's looking beautiful so far, so
hopefully it stays warm tonight. Lasttime we were here it was shockingly cold.
To me. I was not preparedfor the weather and the wind.
Well, we got the Angels intown tonight. I let me quickly because

and I love talking to you lasttime. Because the great thing is a
lot of times people coming in fromnational crews and it feels like they don't
know nothing about our team or theother team. It's just all about the
Yankees and the Cubs and the RedSox and those teams. That isn't the
case with Heidie and the Apple crews. You guys know they do a great
job. Let me just touch realquick before we turn it over to Chris
and Nate, And we've got someMariner questions in a second. How bad

are the Angels. How bad isthis team? The Angels have been struggling
this year. I think this isa big pivotal year for them. With
Ron Washington, He's changing the culture, he's changing how they prepare. They've
gone a lot younger. I mean, when their top two guys are on

the IL for basically the whole seasonand Mike Trod and Anthony Rendon, if
your offense is going to struggle,their pitching has always you know, for
gosh, the last decade has beena trouble for them, and it's something
that the front office has been workingon. But I mean, you lose
Rendon and Trout, you're gonna haveproblems. Heidi, You take a look

at the AL West and I jokedon Twitter that it's changed to the AL
Central so quick nobody noticed. Butyou just take a look at the standings
right now. One team above fivehundred and nine is still Seattle Mariners with
a run differential of negative seven,one team with a positive one run differential.
I think we knew this was athree team race going into the year
because Oakland and LA probably weren't goingto contend. But how surprised are you

by the struggles of Houston and Texasand for a lot of the stretch Seattle
as well. This division doesn't lookgreat. Are you surprised by that?
No, you're surprised by Houston,yeat surprised by Houston. Didn't expect this
from Houston. But that core isgetting older and injuries have hit them.

I mean their rotation has been completelydecimated. So try, you know,
pitting together a rotation with everything thatthey have been through in terms of injuries.
Yeah, I read an interesting staffthis morning. Al West teams have
a four forty six combined winning percent. That's nearly fifty points worse than any
other division. Yeah, we've we'vewe've gotten on the central divisions in recent

years for being weak. Aral it'spretty good. But yeah, at the
Aos it's a little bit on thestruggle bucks. But hey, given an
opportunity for the Mariners to get theiroffense going, they are atop the division
and they're going to be a topthe division June first, for the first
time since I think two thousand andone, it's been been a minute.
And I like this team. Ilike this team. I think the offense

can go. I mean, they'renot going to be the Yankees, but
they can get going better. AshYeah. By the way, Chris,
it's not eighteen sixty three. Thelast time they were its two thousand and
one. As Las. Yeah,please do a little better job with your
thing for me. Hei, Ihave a follow up question for that,
and I really appreciate your national perspectivewith this kind of stuff. We've seen
the Mariners, especially by their standardsthe last two or three seasons, succeed

a lot and granted there's only onePlayoff appearance, but like I said,
by their standards, they've had alot of success the last two or three
teams seasons, excuse me, andwe kind of feel like they're this season,
they're in first place, but theoverall team quality feels really similar to
what it's been the last twenty twentyone on. I'm curious if nationally the
perception of this team is one that'sstill on the rise. Does this feel

like a franchise that that may beat risk of kind of stagnating its overall
ability level at this point or arethey still seen as a young and up
and coming organization. I think they'restill seen as a young organization. When
you have a starting rotation who like, I think they're all under twenty seven
except Castillo. How old is Castillo? I mean, they're and and they're

dominant, they're nasty. That bullpenthe Astros didn't even score off of them,
and the Astros, you know they'rehaving a down year, but their
offense is still not terrible. Sure, and you know you get that often
you're building around Jay Rodd who's heatingup over the last week and I know
it's only the last week, andmaybe we've got a trick them into thinking
spring trending starts like January first,so that like he can start hitting earlier

in the season. But you know, they're still a young team. They're
exciting. I like the pieces thatthey've put in place. I mean you
look at Dominic ken Zone and whathe's done to the team this year and
Josh Rojas filling in, and youknow it's Polongo not being who he was
with the Twins is tough. ButI just I don't think that people are

at all thinking that they're stagnant.They're not going anywhere. With Gerry Depoto
at the Helm, They're never goingto be stagnant. They're always going to
do something. I think and fromnational perspective. Having been at the MLB
Network for a decade and now youknow, out on the road covering games
every week. People like this Marinersteam. I mean pitching in defense,
right, that wins championships. Yougot to have enough offense. But I

think that's what they've been building towards. Cal Rawly is one of the best
catchers in the game. I mean, you don't have nothing. They've got
to get going and as a cohesiveunit. But I think that's something they
can do and they can keep buildingon. You can add offensive pieces,
but having the rotation that they havein the bullpen that they have, they're
not going anywhere. How do youWatney joining us? She'll be on the

call tonight, part of the broadcastteam. It's an Apple TV game.
And the bonus with having Haidian atthe end of the interview, we're gonna
ask her how you can watch itand uh and not have to cost you
an armin A Lake. Right,we'll do that at the end and uh
and how do you will walk usthrough that? And she does every time
she pops on here. Right.See, this is a good thing.
All you guys complaining about games onRoot Sports you can't see him. Now
you have an opportunity tonight and we'lltell you about that in a second.

So just relax, And how doyou'll tell you about that? How do
you know? With MLB Network,with Apple and travel around baseball, we
were so Mariner centric here and soand obviously I think most of his most
regional sport there is probably is baseball. I think we'd all agree upon that.
But who's jumped out at you?Like what teams have really kind of
jumped off the page at you?There's the obvious choices in the AL East,
the top two teams there. Butwho else has kind of caught your

attention this season? Especially as itrelates to our league, the American League?
Uh well, I mean, yeah, the obvious. I think the
Phillies just being so dominant from startto finish that has got a lot of
people's attention, because I don't knowwhy people always want to write off the
Phillies. They're like, ah,it's the Braves, And I know a
Kunya went down recently, but theBraves were not the Braves that you expected

from the start of the season.The Cleveland Guardians, we just did a
Guardian's game the other day. ClevelandGuardians are top three in offense in all
of baseball this year. The ClevelandGuardians, who've been you know, in
the bottom three pretty much for thelast gosh decade, it seems, and
we're pitching, has carried their team. And that's a team you can look

at with some similarities with the Marinersand have the Cleveland Guardians have built their
roster. They've been an exciting teamto watch. I like that the Mariners
are a top the division. It'sthe team that I pull for. I
don't know why I have no tiesto Seattle other than pretty much almost every
time I come here. It's beautiful. Although it did feel like negative twenty
last time I was here, likea month ago. I don't know.

It was supposed to be a beautifulday. I ended up freezing. I
got a space heater in a blanket, and the camerawell like a complete California
whimp. But whatever, we gottado what we got to do, right
uh. You know those two andthe Giants have caught fire lately. Now.
San Francisco is the team I grewup britty for, so I always
have like an eyeball on them.It'll be interesting to see how Aaron Judge

does tonight playing there for his firstgame of his professional career. Giants fans
really wanted to sign there, andyou know, from his camp, it
seemed like that such a hitting insuch a big ballpark, and the ballpark
that you know, offenses is notreally known for its offensive prowess for hitters,
he didn't want that, and heliked the legacy with the Yank even

for so many reasons he should havestayed with the Yankee. But I think
that that'll be a fun one tonightfor Bay Area fans. But the Guardians
are the ones that are sneaky.I mean They're pitching is always there and
theirs turned it up. How doyou Watney from Apple TVM? It will
be a network as well as she'son the call tonight. Ian fronouced with
you so O'clauma Becausino, joined bythe Molil operas Crawford and Nathan Bishop real

quick. The reason that people alwaystune out with the Phillies is because their
fans tune them out first, kindof like our fans do here with the
Mariners. That's why that's part ofthe reason the Mariners had the Phillies record,
I would not be tuning them back, no, no, no,
but I think there's this the airof negativity surrounds them. It's hard.
It's hard being a Phillies fan.Like you've been to things like World Series
and one that terrible, terrible,terrible thing. Chris, you got something

for Heidi. Yeah. I wantedto ask you about the Jorge Lopez situation
just because it's one of the mostkind of bizarre situations that I have seen
designated for assignments in all intents andpurposes to be released. What do you
make of this situation and is thissomething that we're going to see like more
often as we see more players.You know, there was a big issue

with unfortunately the translator issue, questionsabout that. Just what do you make
of that whole situation? A lotwhen I first, I mean, there's
like so many layers of this itis. It is an onion and just
like and making their fans cry,you talk about hert fan So initial I

heard the sound, I saw thesound on X before anything else, Before
anything else. I listened to itbefore I read anything about it, before
I saw any other tweets or whatever. I listened to the sound like.
He didn't say worst team. Hesaid teammates. Like my initial reaction.
I listened to it five times ina row. I played it for my
husband. I was like, doyou think he said worst team. I
didn't hear worst team. Now.A reporter later in the scrum asked him

to clarify, and he's like,probably both. I'm the worst teammate on
the worst team. Now. Thesound itself, the emotions of it,
everything, Apparently he's the players who'shad some mental health issues in the past,
and that's something that I think theteam should be aware of. I
also think it's unfortunate when a playeris involved in obviously an emotional situation.
He threw his glove over that reallytall netting into the stand. They need

to have a translator with him.I think the team did him and Sufice
not having a translator with him andnot getting together with him before and saying
I feel like he was a littlebit thrown to the wolves. And again,
if fixing base is at a mediabase that is ruthless is New York,

and they're going to press and they'regoing to want the headlines and they're
going to want the sound bites,and so I think that initial thing.
I also saw something that my Cameron, I know he's near and dear to
fans here in Seattle's near and dearto my heart. I covered him when
he was with the Red Sox.I was there the day he got released.
I absolutely loved my Cameron. Hetweeted something this morning saying if that

was my teammate, I would havebeen standing right next to him. Was
basically what he said, knowing whathe's going through. Because another layer of
this is that his son has beenseriously sick, is waiting at some sort
of transplant that I mean. Ihad my youngest son had some health issues
in his first year of life.And I can tell you the stress,

the emotional stress. Even if you'regoing to work every day and you're showing
up and you're trying to put thatin the background, and that's always there,
bubbling below the surface. So he'sgot so much emotional stress just in
his personal life that inning blew upon him. The umpires are, in
my opinion, not de escalating thesituations in general this year as a whole.
There are many fantastic umpires. It'sa job I would never want to

do. It's an incredibly difficult job, and people only point out the bad
things that you do. They don'ttalk about you when you're going well.
But they didn't deescalate that situation,so the whole thing blows up. It's
an emotional time. He's thrown tothe wolves. He says, a SoundBite
that is misinterpreted. Maybe not maybehe was saying it's the worst team in
the world. But I just thinkthat there's so many levels to where this

could have gone better if someone fromthe team went and put their arm around
him and said, hey, cool, look, calm down. The media
is going to want to talk toyou, but go in the back.
Just chill out for a minute,gather your thoughts before you address them or
something. I don't know. Imean, I know the media loves your

it's the great soundbites that everyone's havinga field day with this, But there's
a person behind that. There's aperson with a big child, who has
a family, who has struggled ordoesn't have struggles. I don't know.
I don't know him personally, butI just feel like everyone's jumping on the
situation and it could have been handleda lot better. I just I just
I'd add to that, Hidie,this that you know, I know here

in Seattle, you know, withany of the players that are not one
hundred percent comfortable speaking English. Andand Freddie, who's one of the PR
guys that he translates, he's there. And Jessman, you know, you're
there a lot more than me.He is there on every single road trip
too. He does not miss atrip. Well. And I think that's
a hundred percent of the PR staff, Heidi, to be honest with you,
I just think it's one hundred percenton them. And I love the

fact that guy was accountable, becausein baseball, most guys aren't accountable like
that you hide in the back inthe meal room or the training room or
what have you. Sure, Ilove the fact that he was accountable.
I hate the fact that the PRstaff did not do their job. Your
job is not to do game notes. Your job is especially with how everything
you said his son being sick.I'm a father too. I couldn't fathom

no, what you know, that'sjust and then on top of that,
the pressure of that and everything else, and if you add the mental health
aspect into it, Today's last dayof Mental Health Awareness month. It's a
big thing for me and my family. So yeah, I just I think
everything you said Heidi was bang on, Nate. You get the final word
with Heidi, Okay, Heidi.I was just curious as Seattle Mariner fans
were really familiar with Ron Washington fromhis time with the Rangers, beloved baseball

figure around the game. Waited along time to get a second crack.
Obviously happy for him as a guythat he got his shot here with Los
Angeles. Obviously this is an organizationthat's got some serious issues right now.
We talked about it at the beginningof the segment. I'm just wondering if
you've had a chance to check inwith wash and what his kind of temperament
and his mood is here. Iknow, in a lot of ways this
is kind of a dream for himto get his second shot at being a

manager, But obviously I would assumethis isn't the kind of roster that you'd
want to step into and try tonavigate that he does he seem to be
Does he have that spark still?Is he feeling good at this time?
No, he has that spark.I am telling you game two weeks through
it all blends together. It wassometime in the last month and I was

ready to run through a brick wallfor the man. I sat in the
UK for an hour just talking baseballand his team and young players and motivating
guys, and we ran through.I literally asked him, I think about
every single player on his roster,and then guys that aren't even on his
roster. His his big thing ischanging the organization from the ground up.

It got to build of culture.Every single player was out there. I
think I met with him at onein the afternoon. It was early.
It was Don Trell. Willis wasnot happy that he had to be at
the ball parget like for a seveno'clock game, but he had to meet
with us early because he's running everybodythrough drills. The pictures are running more.

The infielders are doing drills, theoutfielders are doing drills. Pictures were
non pfps that day. This was, you know, mid May, early
May. Oh, it was Mayten. Batch that was the game,
and he's he's worked with zach Netto. They've developed a super close, funny
story. Actually, zach Netto challengedWashed to a fielding contest. They did

it before a game one day girlon Ron Washington just out there fielding ground.
There's just like just like the badassthat he is. But no,
he's he's so motivated, he's soenergized. He just the conviction with which
he believes in players, and hebelieves in his teachings and the fundamentals of

the game and playing the game rightand instilling that in this young roster.
It's a young roster. We talkedabout Logan O Hoppies. He's still learning.
So he's still learning how to callgames. We're still teaching him.
He's got the wristband and everything,but you've got to learn that feel and
everything. I think he's going tobe great for this organization, especially with
a lot of young players. Andlike we said, those two veterans stalwarts

are not playing right now. Althoughmike'srout has been around and he is still
every bit a leader in that clubhouse, and it crushes him that he can't
be out there. But I think, honest to God, after sitting there
and talking with him, and Italked to him numerous times over the years.
I covered the Braves in twenty one, the entire postseason when they won
the World Series, saw him outthere every day doing his you know,

in field drills, and he's helpedso many players. It's the consistency,
it's the effort, it's the attitudethat he brings to the field that he
expects every one of his players tobring to the field. And he's not
going to let them get complacent.He's not going to let them fall into
a malaise because they're in last placein the als. They're going to build
and he said, it's incremental.You may not see it. Fans want

like an immediate turnaround. They want, oh, Washes here, We're going
to win the division. It's goingto be great. Not a media,
especially with young players, he said. But they're working every day and that's
what he wants to see that thoseincremental improvements that may not pay off this
year probably won't with their record,what are they twenty one thirty five?
Its not ideal, but maybe nextyear, you know, maybe next year
you see them take another big stepforward. Heidi, I go to a

minute left. Jos wrap it upwith this. How can people watch the
game tonight? It's not on RootSport. So if you want to watch
the game Apple TV? How dothey do so? Apple TV? Yes,
go to my x handle formerly knownto Twitter at Heidi Watney. There
is a free link, a freetwo month trial if you haven't tried Apple
TV. It is the best picturein all of sports. You will feel

not even like you're at the gamebecause our cameras are like all over the
field, so you're going to feellike you're, you know, playing shortstop
next to JP Crawford. It's amazing, free two month trial. I always
say come to the baseball stay forted lassa or shrinking or any of those
appresses. You're great man. II hope you're doing some more games this
year because if nothing else, wewant to have you on the radio show

on a few more Fridays. Sothank you so much for popping on and
have a great broadcast and enjoy yourtime here in the Emerald City and we'll
talk again. Thanks Heidi. Allright, thanks you and take care.
Guys. There you go, hieyou Watney joining us here on the Beacon
Plumbing Hotline on the call tonight onApple TV. John Foresland on the call
for Stanley Cup playoffs. He's alsothe voice of the Kraken on television wherever
that is these days. We'll checkin with Johnny Forsln coming up next live

from the R and R Foundation SpecialistBroadcast Studio. Back to Ian Fernanz Power
Advice, Seattle's closest sportsbook Snow callMe Casino on Sports Radio ninety three point
three kJ R FM Today, socalled me Casino, Seattle's closest casino.
Beating the point spread is kicking offtoday. We'll tell you about that in
just a couple of moments. ButI don't want to keep this gentleman waiting.

Joining us right now in the BeaconPlumbing hot Line, I in Froness,
Chris Crawford, Nathan Bishop with you, Bro the moiwop guys with me.
He is the television voice of yourSeattle Cracking. He is also a
national voice for the National Hockey Leagueon TV and radio. The Great John
Foresland joins us from the Lone StarState, Dallas, Texas. Hello,
John, how are you? I'mgreat, Ian, how are you?

Thanks for having me, buddy,Hey, I appreciate you popping on.
I really do. I know you'regetting pulled in a lot of different directions,
but we've got the game that you'reon the call with on Sunday,
Game six, of Stars and theoilers can't wait for that Here on ninety
three point three KJFM, the homeof the Seattle Cracking as well, where
John actually called the first ever crackinggame on the radio back in Vegas a
couple of years ago. So we'llhave that for Are you with Eddie on

Sunday on our station? I'll bewith Jimmy Fox. Jimmy Fox, Okay,
the King's great announcer as well.Perfect. I want to get to
the new coach here in Seattle,Dan Bilsman, A second, just a
quick thought from you though on aseries that boy, this year looks like
it's got the makings of a sevengamer oilers and stars. What a series
so far? Well, you know, Ian, when you get to a

point in a playoff series and youlook around and ask the people who are
covering it, you know, whatdo you think? And no one has
an answer. If they're honest,we can all act like experts and say,
well, it's going to go inthis direction. I think you're right.
I think you're bang on that it'sprobably going to go seven games.
But there are no conclusions drawn afterthe first four because I haven't seen a

series where within games it looks likeone team is totally dominant and then it
just goes away, and it's happenedto both teams. Both teams have had
electrifying first periods, it's evaporated,the other team has taken over. The
best players have been front and center. The two captains lead their teams in
scoring, McDavid and Ben. Thegoaltending has been sensational at times. The

goaltending has been weak, you knowso, and each team doesn't have a
power play goal, which I can'tbelieve. So there's a lot of things
here that are head scratchers, butit makes for a great series. First
of all, John a huge fan, and I can't believe the in's actually
want to me talk to you,but I wanted to ask you about my
block because he made a couple ofchanges for that last game, bringing in

Corey Perry, swapping out a coupleof forwards. Just how good of a
job has this guy done in thisplayoffs, because it seems like every move
that he's made has ended up workingout for them so far. You're right
on because when you look at it, Corey Perry in the previous round,
and Eddie and I covered a lotof it for TNT. It appeared,
you know, that it finally caughtup to him in terms of the foot

speed. Right, he's thirty nineyears old, He's got well over two
hundred playoff games, as you know, Cup winner and on numerous times of
the finals and all this stuff.But it looked like, you know,
like we're seeing with maybe with JoePavelski, these players that are approaching forty
at some point will hit a walland then they have to come to grips
of where they're at. That's whatit looked like. But you're right,

knaw Block inserts Corey Perry and notonly puts him in the lineup, doesn't
put him in the lower half ofthe lineup. He plays them with Leon
Drycidle and Ryan McLeod who was scratchedin the previous game. A young player
twelve goals in the regular season,zero points until he was scratched in Game
three. McCloud as excellent speed.He put that line together. They never
played at all as a three someomeall season and they were terrific. McCloud

scored the first goal, dry Sidlehad his best game of the series,
and Perry was a difference maker.When you look at what happened on defense,
Vincent d Rna was their top shorthanded penalty killer in terms of defenseman,
he struggled in Game three. Theytook him out of the lineup.
They put in Philip Broberg, who'sa first round pick that hasn't panned out
yet, hasn't played at all inthe playoffs for them. Spent the majority

of the season in the American HockeyLeague, and he went in there and
did not look out of place.So a lot of tweaks, and we'll
see more of it tonight. Youknow, here and there, Chris Nabloch
has pushed a lot of the rightbuttons in his first goal around in the
National Hockey League. Good for him. John foreslan TV voice of the Crack,
and you can hear him on Sundayhere on ninety three point three KJRFM.
You're home with the Crack. Gethome for the Stanley Cup playoffs as

well with Game six Whilers and Starsas well. John, you're telling us
that coaching matters. So you knowa guy that you've watched guy closely,
especial. Don't ask the players,Ian, don't ask the players. I
won't though we had Ty Carcier onyesterday and he raved about Dan Biles But
you watched him in Pittsburgh, youwatched him in Buffalo success and then a

little bit of a struggle, butthen now he's reinvented himself. I was
really impressed. He sat down withus at the thirty two on Tuesday,
and I really enjoyed the conversation.But you've watched this guy from from the
booth for many years? What isSeattle getting in Dan Bilsma. Well,
I'm glad you're having me on todaybecause I was able to kind of soak
it all in, watch it fromAfar and think about this, because when

I have to think about Dan Biosma, I have to go way back in
my way back machine, right andI have to try and remember. It's
hard. You know what happened intwo thousand and nine, okay, But
the team I worked for at thetime, the Carolina Hurricanes, played his
team in the conference final. SoI was in and around him a lot,
and nationally too. And what Iremember was that he took over mid

season from the American Hockey League andit was a lot of fire and brimstone
that the players needed. Michelle Terrianwas the previous coach. He could get
a team to a certain level,but he couldn't get them over the hump.
Ailesmu came in and did a wonderfuljob. And the key that I
think that I remember the most wasthe style of play, which was a
little bit ahead of the curve.We started hearing about north passes around two

thousand and nine, which is verymuch a part of the vernacular today,
right, moving the puck north,playing fast. All these cliches we hear
started in and around that time.Now he was gifted with a great roster
and they underachieved at times during hisPenguin tenure, but he was in line
to coach and did Team USA atthe Olympics, and that was okay for

him. Over in Russia. Theproblem and maybe the breakdown for Dan.
This will lead me to why I'mexcited about this is what happened in Buffalo.
There seemed to be a breakdown betweenDan and the younger players, most
importantly Jack Ico and sam Urine Hurt. And you know, when you look
at that, you wonder, okay, what happened here when you have great
young talent like that, Because itreally started to spin out of control.

But what I heard in all ofthe things he said, and listen,
this guy will sell the game inSeattle. He'll be great for us,
He'll be great for you guys.He's a quote, he's personable, he's
you know, it's gonna be it'sgonna be really good that way. So
it's a pr home run. Butmost importantly, how do the crack and
get better? He said that he'slearned that he can now formulate relationships with

individual players, and maybe that wasn'tin play there because the fair he wasn't
in the mix for any head coachingpositions from the time he left Buffalo till
now okay, and he went toDetroit and did his thing, but it
was like out of sight, outof mind, and all the every post
that came open and there were interviews, Dan wasn't involved in any of that

to my knowledge. Okay, sowhy is that? That might have been
what happened. Word gets around,and now what's happened is you hear him
talk and you hear about how he'sre energized about his own coaching. I
think he's changed now when we seethat, and let me say this too,
formulating relationships in the American Hockey Leaguein the NHL are two different things.
You know, every player in theNational Hockey League is coming from a

different headspace. You've got contracts involvedand guys who think they deserve ice time
and sometimes contractually they deserve the icetime. So he's going to have to
manage all that and we'll see whathappens. But if that's happened for him,
if that spark has been ignited,then you put everything else together and
it's going to be really good forthe Kraken. And it's gonna be a
fun month too, because with ninedraft picks coming up on the weekend of

June twenty eight to twenty ninth,free agency soon thereafter, some cap room
for Ron Francis and his staff towork with. I would expect Dan Bilsma
and his staff will have a littlebit different looking team than we saw at
the end of the season, thatteam that struggled way too many nights compared
and you just talked about some talentlevel. Just there's no way you should
be losing to San Jose a coupleof times like they did. I think
we're going to see a vastly differentteam and I'm excited for I think cracking

fans should be as well. AndJohnny, we're excited to hear you on
Sunday on KJR if you got seriousXM you can check them out tonight as
well on the NHL channel. Ihave a great call tonight with Jim Fox
and this weekend, and we'll lookforward to seeing you down the road.
Thank you, okay, and thankyou and then keep up the great work
there. Appreciate it. I appreciatethat's John Forestland joining us here on the
Beacon Plumbing Hotline, taking time outbusy schedule he's got going on season ends

and boom doing the national dn T. I'm gonna be honest with you,
guys. Dn T is just missingthe flipping boat man. Question about this
guy should be on television right nowcalling games. I love the fats,
I love like he's I love thefact he's on our station calling games.
Yeah. But yeah, oh youknow who else is missing? Our friends?

The four letters? So you coulddo a lot better in the booth,
and we just talked to the guythat would do better. But that's
that's that's me saying it, notanybody else. What are we doing?
I don't know Taylor, I don'tknow what we're doing. I can tell
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uh and drop the final game ofthe Astros four nothing the final yesterday still
won the series three games to one, still three games atop the Al West
Angels. Here tonight game is onApple TV. Brian Wu is on the
mound and he has been damn good. We'll talk about that in a heartbeat

NBA. Last night, MAVs tookdown the t Wolves, won twenty four
to one to oh three. Theymove on to the NBA Finals against the
Celtics. That series starts in sixdays Boston and Dallas. Game one next
Thursday night. Stanley Cup Playoffs.Last night Panthers with the Rangers three to
two, three to two lead inthat series. They head back to Florida
for Game six tomorrow. So Oilersand Stars tied two games apiece. They

get back at it in Dallas nightat five point thirty and the Storm winners
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Yes, I have two of them. I'm wearing my gray on Navy.
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awesome stamp. Cool. I gotthe Cougar hat that my guy sent me
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you for that. I almost worethe Kingdome hoodie because I'll be honestly,
it's my favorite hoodie. We'd looklike a father son thing. It'd be
really fun. Yeah, door orthe father on the side. Chris Crawford
is here, Nathan Bishop is here. We always start Molly walk mondays.

And by the way, you guysdon't don't listen Save some Energy. Were
doing it again in three days,but we didn't have a show Monday,
and the boys invited up here todayto smopaalm Me Casino for the Beat the
Points Spread Challenge kickoff event, sowe're here for that today as well.
We can tell you what they gotgoing on in June in a second.
So we're gonna molly wap for thenext little while. We'll do daily power
Play quickly at one forty five,and then Brent Huftin's gonna join us at

two as well. Today we alwaysgo opening statements, but I think Chris
is gonna go first today. Youwanted to go first. What do you
got? Well, I'm gonna doit a little different. I have gifts
today. Okay, I think everybodyknows I'm a big appreciation guy. Like
I said, I appreciate it,appreciated a whole bunch of twenty twenty two,
twenty twenty three. I am superappreciative for all of you guys.
So I have gifts for everybody.My gift for Anders is that he's still

allowed to text me and we'll justtalk about that match. So Jessamine is
one of the kindest and smartest peopleworking in this industry, and she's been
so kind to me. So I'mgonna give this to Ian and he's gonna
bring that back to where she's gettinga Bobby Wagner autographed card. Who he
now Jessamine so much. Yeah,you know what, Now I have something

to live up to. And Idon't like you setting the bar that high,
but I really really appreciate you too. Chris gay On, my friend
Nathan, we've been doing this forfour years together and you are the ultimate
optimist. So I want to giveyou a prospect card if you could hand
that to Nathan please. That isa Harry Ford autographed card to tooth from

the class of twenty twenty one.Where's it gonna be next year? I
was gonna say, well, future, that might be one of the reasons
I was willing to give it toyou, man. And then Ian,
you are also a person I'm gonnagive you. I'm gonna give you a
choice between these two cards right here, and you need to tell people what
these cards are. Jason Hill autographcard and let me slip this over.

Is that Michael Penox. That's MichaelPenick. So that card's about fifty bucks
in this one postage in handling.Yeah, you get to choose which one
I voted form for the Heisman.I'll take it, okay, yeah,
all right, yeah, you knowwhat, you can have this one too.
And I also wanted to give youthis one man, because you talked
about this guy. Oh wow,and so Bill Walton card. That's unreal.

Thank you, very welcome. Man. Wow, that is awesome.
I'll put me up in the sportsoffice. That's awesome. I know we're
supposed to talk and rant and raveabout the Sea, the Seahawks, the
Mariners striking out too much and allthat stuff, but well, I owe
Ian so freaking much, like maybemore than any person in my career right
now. So I'm just very appreciative. I'm excited to be here. Thank

you, guys. You're very well, so awesome. I drove through about
three hours of lovely traffic to gethere, and my wife was nice enough
to come with me. And thething that I said, because you never
had a chance to meet you,guys, was I'm really excited for you
to meet Chris. I think he'sone of the nicest beans I've ever met
my entire life, and I wasbefore I knew you were gonna give me
a twenty twenty one Harry Ford rookiecart, So buddy, you can sell

that to the Red Sox next year. Oh if I see those on eBay,
I'm just thinking I'll get a goodutility player with some club control for
this, especially if you're gonna waittill about it. Two games out of
a playoffs, so bad. Sothirty four counts of something management. Hey,

no, no, no, no, I I'd never a follower.
I do it. Listen. Iappreciate you guys a time. And this
is honestly, I say this allthe time, and we especially the end
of the year. I mean,this is this has been a really it's
been a fun segment for us.I thank Kevin because you know, shockey
came well. I thank Kevin Mathermostly because that's like the only good thing
I ever did, is he putHe's somehow between Kevin Mather being Kevin Mather

and Shocky and actually Ryan Dimmish.Dinnish was a guy that kind of said,
hey, Shockey's like who we needto get some different voices on to
talk about this particular situation, andsomehow both of your names came up.
We did it one day just forgiggles, and it worked, at least
in my mind it worked. Andyou know what, there's a lot of
battles with management, sponsors and othersthat we gotta that I have to overcome

to keep this thing going. Butbut it's well worth it. And and
Jess was picked it up right whereKevin left off. So I love having
you guys on. I love talkingbaseball. I get more feedback on this
segment than anything we do, andlike a lot of things to get good
feedback. Love great Cosel you know, love Rob Rain, Sure, you
know, love you and Rappaport love. Yeah, you guys would get more
feedback. Hey, it's just notall the same, which is good.

You know what I get. You'rethe worst Mariners commentary that I've ever heard
of, And it's always that Piratesof the Caribbean thing. Well you have
heard of me? Yeah? Ilove it, absolutely love it all Right,
let's get to it, fellas.Good road trip for the most part,
come home, nice week, Takethree of four. There's always that
just a little bit left to wanting, right, Like, you know,

a four games sweep would have beenjust so special and fun, but it
didn't happen. But nevertheless, theystill they took three of four. So
since we last spoke, it's beenwhat has it been twelve days? Right
since we last the last spoke,I last did this. Let's go through
some true opening statements. By theway, thank you so much, Chris,
and you course deserve everything you're getting. What do you got? Echo

what you just said about Chris,and then you know, I think that
we're kind of getting to the pointwith this team. We're pretty far into
the season. We have a goodfeel for what kind of baseball team this
is going to be. Choose yourown adventure. Man, If your primary
concern is a Marinas fan, andI would totally get this, is I
want to see the Seattle Mariners wintheir division and get back to the playoffs.
And why would you not place thatas a priority if you're a Marinas

fan. We've had one playoff appearancesince two thousand and one or eighteen sixty
three, I can remember which oneit was at this point, same but
so we have that. That's great. The team is three games clear in
the division. We're coming up ona stretch where they're going to play some
of the very worst teams in baseballstarting tonight. We've got the Angels and
I think they have the A's andthen the White Sox are coming up in
a little bit. The team couldtheoretically clear a lot more space than the

division. Good thing, sunny dayoutside, it's Friday, we're here.
It's an quama because you know,having a great time. Now, do
we want to talk about what it'slike to actually watch the Mariners play baseball?
Completely separate discussion. This team isso brutal to watch on a day
in and day out basis. Ijust checked. Since the last time we
talked, they've played twelve games.They have been outscored sixty to forty three.

But they're six and six because theyare finding ways to win games.
They I don't think they could haveso easily gone one to nine on that
East Coast lad trip that we haven'thad a chance to digest. I think
they were ahead for three innings thatentire trip. They played one solid baseball
game out of the ten where theyjust led wire to wire against the Yankees

and otherwise had to pull everything outof their rear end. Right, But
you know what, Hey, we'rea hero, We're a results based business.
They're three games up their first place, grandest, the worst division of
baseball. I as the known optimiston the show. As Chris said,
have a hard time feeling anything buthappy today. Yeah, and you know,
credit to when Ricky Fain I believehis name was on with you he

gave you that stat about like theywere leading that give of sixty three innings
or something like that. It's theyou know, it's nice to see that
guy finally carry his way a littlebit. But it's that it was a
weird time watching the Mariners, man, because you know, the four and
six, like we would have signedup for it. We talked to it
on Thursday after that game that weabsolutely would have signed up for it.

But boy, it was hard towatch. Boy, it was really difficult
to watch those games and say,boy, this team sure is as good
as the Baltimore Orioles in the NewYork Yankees. And again, like I
said on the previous molliwop, thatshould be the goal, right, It's
not just about getting into the postseason. It's not just being competitive. It's
not just about fifty four percent.It's about competing for a World Series championship.
And yes, winning the division isa massive step, and I can't

wait to see if they win thedivision a couple of home games and not
just an eighteen inning that felt likea couple of home games. Seeing I
want to see the team play someactual home playoff games. But that's just
not good enough. It is notgood enough to just settle for above average
mediocrity, and it doesn't sound likethey're going to. That's the one positive
that I can take from it isI do hear a lot of stuff about

the Mariners being aggressive and looking toget better, But based on that trip,
even going four and six, evenwinning three or four against the depleted
Astros team, there's no way youcould tell me that everything's just alright.
Okay, let me let me Iwant to go back to the watchability I
guess is if that's the word ina second, I'll do that in a
heartbeat. I want to take abreath here, because the expectation that you

guys just brought up for this,for these teams, I think that's an
important place to go. Sure,I'm the same way. We have such
different expectations for teams in our market. Oh yeah, it's you know,
there's two teams of the Big threeCracking Seahawks Mariners. There's two of the
big three that if they get inthe playoffs, that's good enough. If

the other team, if the Seahawksare a wildcard team this year, like
I think, people whatever you know, like when you're gonna when you're gonna
beat the forty nine ers and winthe NFC West again, right, and
when you get back to the superBowl, when you get to the NFC
championship game. In frankly, ithas been a long time. That's fair
and that's and that is also why, that's why they made a coaching change,

like for a guy that wanted toSuper Bowl, because they don't accept
that. But the expectations here are, hey, just get in. And
when you've been to the postseason fivetimes in almost fifty years, yep,
I can understand that why and thecrackn earn in a different boat because they're
earlier in the ten year to getto the playoffs is good With that on
the table, A team that sitshere at thirty one and twenty seven,
albeit with a minus seven run differential, in the worst division in the American

League and maybe in baseball, right, our expectations should be a division,
right now should not. Yeah,there's no reason not to win this division.
Texas has one and a half healthystarting pitching, Houston has major issues,
and there's two teams that are literallynot trying to win, like the
Angels and Athletics. If you've toldthe Angels and Athletics right now you can
stop playing right now, they wouldprobably be okay with it and take their

odds in the draft lottery. Sowhen forty percent of your division is that
and then the other forty percent thatyou're competing against have these kind of holes,
there is nothing acceptable but winning thisdivision. They should probably win the
division by seven or eight games.The one cavy to that is Texas is
an aggressive team. They have agreat farm system. You saw them make

moves to get better last year.They have young players who have struggled right
now who are probably gonna play alittle bit better. And Houston's Houston Untel
Houston is in Houston. Like,this team has dominated this division. They've
made the ALCS what seven years ina row something like that. You can't
completely rule them out. Even thoughwatching them over this four game series,
if they didn't have the Houston nameacross it, you would not think that

that was a team that had beenanywhere near postseason contention, but anything but
a division championship at this point.Some of it based on what the Mariners
have done, and a lot ofit based on what the division hasn't done.
Is going to be a major disappointment. Well, and not only that,
there's not gonna be a wild cardteam that comes from the American Absolutely,
they don't win this division. They'renot going to make the playoffs.
Good point, and you know,really, to echo what Chris is saying

there, I do love the ideathat the Mariners are talking about being aggressive
and talking about adding, But ifI could put away my eternal optimist hat
for just a quick second year.Part of the reason why they need to
add is because there's gaping holes allover this lineup. And part of the
reason there's gaping holes all over thislineup because the people that are going to
be aggressive at the trading deadline havealso been responsible for the last two off
seasons, which have been results asidewin loss, absolutely disastrous. Now,

there is nothing good that has comefrom the last two off seasons for the
Seattle Marys. It has been justawful. Luke Rayley has been a really
fun player until his recent it soundslike they may have some nagging injury stuff.
Otherwise, every acquisition from this offseasonlooks terrible at this point, and
that's the second year in a row, so it is concerning to me aggressive
or no. I just don't seea lot of track record that this front

office can identify and acquire quality majorleague positions. And it's worth pointing out
that with the Luke Raley thing,who had a absolutely beautiful May up until
the injuries, Hose Cabra has beena really good player for the Tampa Bay
Resolute and would be a pretty niceplayer to have in your middle endfield right
now too. So it is evenworth pointing out that even with the success
of railing, you're not necessarily winningthat trade right now. We absolutely not

see you all trade yes last yearall season? Well, yes or no.
That's such a tough one. SoI keep going back to that trade
because long term, I think it'sgonna work out. And I've said this
ad nauseum. I've said it onMYLEI, I've said it on your show,
I've said it on better shows.Wait what what where am I again?

So if you make that trade onNovember thirtieth, December or November thirtieth,
twenty twenty two, or November thirtieth, twenty twenty three, you win
that trade. Making that trade onJuly thirtieth is still something that I have
to keep in mind because it absolutelydid not help you make the postseason.
It did the opposite. Having PaulC Walder that bullpen would have been I
think enough for that team to makethe postseason. I have seen flashes from

Kenzone that suggests that he can bea helper. I have seen flashes from
Ryan Blitz, who I thought hadone of the best at bats of the
year up against josh Ader and hadanother good at bat against josh Ader as
well, winning it. I guessso just because Paul sea Wall has been
hindered. But it's it's pretty close. Well. Bryan Bliss though, I
mean, that's a fun player towatch run. Sure looks like there's some

potential. Sure still looks like he'snot an everyday guy at this level.
No, and he's got tons ofwork to do with his glove for my
understanding, and it's like limited talentset. I think there's things to be
excited about there. I think thatyou know, Josh Rojas's play over the
first couple of months is really hasreally been what's helped tilt that trade towards
the Mariner's shover. Honestly, howit comes down to is probably how you

feel about dom can Zone. Andfor my personal preference, I understand what
people see there. It's a watch. I don't like players that need to
hit thirty home runs to be playable. Yeah, play, and that's what
it is. If he does nothit thirty home runs, he's not a
player that you can play every singleday because there's just nothing else left in
that skill set. So I understandthe process behind the trade. If you're
going to trade a reliever to geta non elite reliever, and I love

Paul Syawall, but he's not anelite reliever. If you're gonna trade him
for three guys that have club control, you do it every single time.
However, what is the value ofpotentially missing out on a playoff spot last
year? It's incalculable, especially withthat rotation. And what is what is
the biggest weakness on this roster outsideof the position group right now at the
bullpen? Yeah, no question aboutit. I mean getting getting sauce back
helps, but yeah, there's stillit's still not the same. I mean,

they got two gey guys that wehaven't seen yet this year. One
guy for sure won't be back,the other guy maybe maybe not along the
way. Quick thought before we wrapit up, so I want to come
back talk Julio strikeouts and other thingsin a second. On a very positive
note, they're throwing a guy outthere tonight that you know sore arm in
spring training, goes down to Tacoma, does everything right, comes up and
looks like looks like your second beststarter right now. He's been phenomenal with

Brian Wu has been absolutely sensational,and you know, he probably should have
been pulled after the five innings,to be honest with you, or after
the six innings, to be honestwith you. He did have some struggles
in that last inning, but Ilike that Scott Services was aggressive with him
and said, go get me seven, Go give me a chance to get
there, especially with some question marksin the bullpen. His stuff looks vastly

improved. It's not just spin now. It used to be just the spin.
Right handed hitters are just not goingto get hits against this guy.
But do you have the secondary pitchto get left handed hitters out. He's
been dominant against left handed hitters.It's been really impressive to see. And
as much crap as we give theSeattle Mariners for a lot of stuff,
and justifiably so all of that turnit the other way because they are as

good, if not better than anyoneat developing pitching. Brian Wu wasn't a
hot prospect coming into it. BryceMiller wasn't this massive superstar prospect coming out
of the draft, and they haveturned those guys into mid rotation starters now
who with a couple of adjustments couldpitch at the top of the rotation.
They absolutely deserve a ton of creditfor what they've done with this pitching staff.
You know what watching Wu pitch remindedme of. Actually, it's our

conversation on George Kirby, because watchinghim pitch right now, it feels like
he's ahead one to o two onevery batter. But it's not the George
Kirby when he's been struggling, wherehe's not throwing quality strikes. Exact Wu
is dotting running two seamers on theblack. Yet the eyes at the knees.
These are quality strikes one versus two. So think about that when you
watch wu pitch and I assuming thathe does blow up wish now that we've

praised it, he absolutely will.But think about that when we're comparing that
to the kind of struggles that GeorgeKirby has had another huge strike throwing,
get ahead kind of pitcher. Butwho's stuff and the place that he's putting
those strikes is just a cut aboveand that's what's really helping him be effectively.
All right, take a quick break, come back more where it's snow.
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been on the sideline. No.Yeah, they don't let me down there.
Okay, maybe I don't know,maybe nine times a year. But
outside of that, yeah, Iand I take it for granted. I'm

I take it for granted. Ithink if you get a chance to do
that, and do that, Soget here, we'll tell you more about
that as well. Here at thestill call me becauseino. Okay, let's
get back to my wat unwatchable.You guys both mentioned unwatchable. I'm sure
the text line at four nine fouror five to one is just gonna be
lit up with comments after that.I didn't say unwatchable, by the way
I did. Why Uh, it'snot fun to watch your baseball team be

behind one to nothing after seven inningsevery single baseball game while striking out ten
to fifteen times against some pitcher thatyou'd never heard of two weeks ago,
because he's some like emergency call up. He's the other organization's like starting pitcher
twelve in the organization depth and hecomes out and he strikes out eight guys
through the first four innings. It'snot fun. It's not fun. To
watch that. It's really fun inthe eighth and ninth inning when they get

their closers on the hill and youlike scrap out a couple of runs and
get a good comeback. And thenAndris Munoz, who's been you know,
just about the best closer in baseballsince I said something stupid about a month
ago, which I'm the only oneof the three of us that i think
even remembers that. But Chris remembersthat's awesome, do you, Chris,
I have noticed. Uh, it'sit's that part's fun. And that's a

credit to the team. To beclear that the team goes through plays eighty
percent of their of the game everygame looking like dog crap, and then
still has the fight to come backmore often than not. Credit to them.
As a credit to Scott's Service.We've talked about Scott's Service before,
but as an overall viewing experience,it's not something I'm super excited to spend
two to three hours every single daywatching it. Yeah, you still do

well. Yes, I do alot of very stupid things, and that's
part of why I'm here. Yes, exactly, Yeah, it's exactly.
It's just it's it would be niceto watch a more esthetically pleasing brand of
baseball. All right, So thestrikeouts, Yeah, how big a concern
is it. It's concerning mainly,you know, if they were drying a
bunch of walks to go with thestrikeouts, you know, like the on

base percentage, and you were gettinga chance for those three run homers,
and you know you have to takesome strikeouts because you have to take pitches
to get those walks, it'd beone thing. But when it's just uts,
when it's just you not putting theball into play, it's problematic.
And I keep going back to thefact that they mentioned they said that this
was an issue, that this wassomething that they were going to fix,

and they've done the opposite. They'vebeen just as bad, if not worse.
And I've watched ti Oscar Hernandez havea pretty darn solid season compared to
what they've gotten from Mitch Hannigher.And the contact issues are always going to
be there with ti Oscar, buta lot of good things are gonna happen
with ti Oscar as well. Alldue respect to Mitch Haniger, I haven't
seen a whole heck of a lotof good things. Some good stuff in
the early portion of the season.But it's been a very hard watch,

and I mean literal hard watch,because you just can't help but see,
boy, those skills are diminishing rightin front of our faces, and you
know you have to keep giving hima shot. And partly because of what
you're paying Mitch Hanniger, and partlybecause I think he's earned it. I
do believe that Mitch Haniger has earnedthe right to be able to bust out
of this slump. But there's beennothing that I've seen so far from him

that suggests that he's going to bea quality comp outfielder, especially watching him
play defense. But going back toyour overall point, strikeout's bad. It's
going to be something that they haveto address. Are they a good baseball
team? I think so. Ithink they're a good baseball team. I
don't think they're a great baseball team. I'm not even sure they're a very
good baseball team. But I thinkthey're a good baseball team in part because

one through five they're starting pitching Ithink is the best in baseball right now.
Some of that has to do withinjuries with some other stuff, and
then some of it has to dowith the fact that, like Luis Castillo,
has been absolutely sensational this year LoganGilbert, even like yesterday's start or
whatever the heck it was that yousaw that four runs. There was more
than a few flashes, brilliant andhonestly it should have been two runs.

Don Canzone made a horrible read onthat home run in football should have absolutely
been God, I know, Iwas shocked as anybody else. Their starting
pitching is really good. They haveone of, if not the best closures
in baseball, certainly the most talented. All due respect to Mason Miller.
I need to see Mason Miller doit for a little bit longer in order
to me for me to put himup there. But Andre's Monios is one

of the at the very least oneof the best closers in baseball. You
have some really talented players up themiddle, like Big Dumper and Julio Rodriguez.
Yeah, I think they're a goodbaseball team. What do you think.
I think they can be a goodbaseball team. I think they have
been a good baseball team for stretches. I think that they're going to be
a good baseball team for stretches.Moving forward. I have legitimate concerns about

the way that this roster is constructedand the things that they don't do well,
and how that plays out over onehundred and sixty two game schedule.
It is still after It feels likethey've been playing baseball for this year for
a long time. We're barely athird of the way through the season.
There's a long ways to go.The dog days are still far off in
front of us. I feel likethere's just so much. Let me put

it this way, I feel like, outside of Julio getting his stuff together,
which I know is something we're goingto talk about anyway, I'm not
sure where improvement for this team comeswith the roster as it is currently constructed.
Fair I don't know who is drasticallyunderperforming They're ability level based on what
I've seen their talent to be orI mean, so how about not how
about expectations? Yeah, well,as opposed to what they're talent, that's

a question who's expectations. We talka lot about if guys could just if
guys could just play to the backof their baseball cards, we'd be doing
better. Well, did they lookat the back of Mitch's Baseball Card last
year. Yeah, and I'm andI love Mitch. We talked last time.
I don't like dogging on these guys. I love them, But there
was no reason to expect Mitchanaiger tobe a good, everyday major league right

fielder, and then I don't thinkthey brought him in here to do that.
This year. They didn't, andthey've had to do it because they
bombed everything else, because Luke Raleydidn't play for some reason in all of
April, because Dom Canzona was allowedto run like a baby giraffe all over
the outfield for reasons unknown to me. So I I don't I think that
they can be good. I thinkas long as that starting rotation is healthy,

it's hard to ever imagine them beingany worse than okay, and I
think that's about where they are rightnow. I just think they are going
to have to cash in some chipsin that minor league system, which they've
done a really good job building backup sure to get some plus plus offensive
talent into this line up. Ithink the only exception to that, real

quick is I would say Jorgete Polanco, I would agree, here's the problem
with Horne Polonco he has what Iam now calling CJ. Procise satis,
and that is that I think hishamstrings might be made out of tortilla chip.
CJ procisis, CJ precisis. Isaw you make that comparison to the
Dan and I just I started,I shuddered. Actually, I because you're
a big Notre Dame fan and youjust hate bringing up the great Halo.

But it's it's it's like, Imean, when you're bringing up CJ.
Procise, you're just saying it's thingsaren't gonna work out well well, And
there's a chance that this is justchronic because this is now a long history
of having issues with this type ofthing. And there's no question of that.
He's shown a good approach at theplate, and I think his defense
has been vastly improved as we gotdeeper into the season. But looking at

the baseball card of that guy,that is definitely a guy who is better
than the baseball card that we haveseen so far in twenty twenty four.
Now, is he gonna be healthyenough for that to matter? I have
some real question marks. And theother guy he'll say too, is big
Dumper. We love to just waxpoetic about how good that guy is.
This has been a pretty rough patchfor him lately. I mean, he
has struck out an awful, awfullot, and he unfortunately has made some

pretty costly airs in the field aswell. I still think he's one of
the very best catchers of baseball.I put him in the top three.
But he has to play better,too, and I think he will play
better. I just believe in thatguy's bat and that guy's work ethics so
much that I will bet as longas they can stay on the field that
cal Rally and Jorge Polanco are goingto be difference makers. May not be

too strong of a word, butmuch improved for them in twenty twenty.
All Right, we'll take quick break, we'll come back, we'll talk a
little Julio, we'll talk about weprobably you wanted to think, get back
into what was going on, andkind of wrap up our conversation with Haidi
Watney too on hore Lopez. Right, sure, yeah, we can do
that a little bit too, andthen brend Huff's going to join us top
of the hour. But we'll talka little bit about Hulio, talk about
the staff. WO get to starttonight it's the Angels. This should be

at worst a two in one weekend. Yes, maybe a three zero weekend.
We'll talk about that with the Boyscoming up next night. Three point
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today. Nathan and Chris were withme this afternoon. We're doing one more
bonus segment of the Molly Wop.Let's look at Julio Rodriguez last seven games,
heating up hitting three forty five.The craziest number, though, is
on base percentage is also three fortyfive, Yeah, which tells you there
has not been a walk and andthe other way to get on base so

far besides a base hit, andreally roughly it's been a baseit with two
home runs mixed in there. Right, we were looking at splits in the
break. Tell us what splits wewere looking at and why we were looking
at his splits on when he swingsat the first pitch and when he takes
a first pitch for a ball.And you just take a look at those
numbers with ops's in the one pointone to one point two range. And

this is what Julio Rodriguez needs tobe right now. And I know the
Seattle Mariners desperately want to turn JulioRodriguez into wants Soto with speed and power.
Wan Julio Rodriguez is not Juan Sotowith speed and power. Julio Rodriguez
is Julio Rodriguez. And when yousee him assertive, not aggressive, but
assertive, attacking first pitch fastballs,attacking after getting a breaking ball outside,

attacking the fastball that is going tobe in that strike zone. He is
as good of a pure hitter asanyone in baseball. I know the control
of the zone stuff, and Ithink long term, yes, in order
for Julio Rodriguez to reach Nathan you'vetalked about it, the seven to eight
war thing that you need him tobe to be that MVP type caliber player,

and he can get there. Butright now, that's not the best
version of Julio Rodriguez, and that'snot the best version for the Seattle Mariners.
The best version of the Seattle MarinersJulio Rodriguez is what we have seen
over this set. Just to givethose numbers that Chris was referencing, first
pitch, when he's aggressive, hisfirst first pitch and this is his career,
Yes, first pitch batting average threeto fifty one, on base percentage

three seventy one. Still doesn't drawwalks, but still three fifty one,
three seventy one on the first pitch, slugging six seventy eight ops one point
four to nine. That's pretty good. A one to oh count if he
takes a ball in the first pitch, this is obscene. Four to fifty
five batting average for sixty five onbase percentage eight twenty eight slugging one point
two nine to four ops as well. Yep, and and real quick,

everybody's stats are better than when theyare ahead count so it's not like it.
But the first pitch is the onethat jumps out here, the first
pitch is the one that jumps outto me for sure, and then the
one oh obviously too that when hegets the timing of that pitch, when
he has seen one pitch go by, or if he feels confident swinging at
that first pitch, he's off feelingdarn good. And go take a look

at the splits when it's two two. Go take a look at the splits
when it's three to two. Heck, even look at the splits when it's
two to oh to one. Evenwhen he's ahead in the count, he's
just not as good of it.Okay, this is obscene. This is
just crazy. I just looked atthis. Sure. So we see three
zero counts all the time in baseball, of course, Yeah, like we
we'll see a handful of them tonight. Yep. Julio Rodriguez has seen a

three to zero count in just twentytwo played appearances in his career. Yeah,
and last time I checked, Ithink he has zero hits. You're
one hundred percent correct. Yeah,yeah, and he's so also on these
splits. Look at his numbers atoh one, So this is behind in
the count. Yeah, he's hittinggreat. Yep. Again early in the

count. Everything's early in the countthough, because if you go down deeper
in the counts he would traditionally youget behind oh one, you struggle.
But for him, yep, ifit's early in the count and he's assertive,
assertive, yes, not just aggressive, not just hacking, not just
Gabriel Guerrero ing it to bring backan old name of the Seattle Mariner prospects.
He can recognize pitches, he canrecognize spin. But when he is
assertive, and that's also why Istill think he belongs in the leadoff spot.

There is something about Julio Rodriguez hittingat the top of the lineup.
No, he doesn't get on baseat the same brain as JP Crawford,
and ultimately the on base skills that'swhat's supposed to matter, right. I
think it's different when you have thatchance to get that first pitch homer,
when you get to get a chanceto line that ball into right center and
get a double or a triple.There's something about that because I think that's

much more valuable than just rona walk. Well, I think that's a really
interesting and almost you could take thisto a broader discussion, but we'll focus
it around Julio. This is thisdiscussion in the modern days of analytics.
We're trying to create this. Tobe clear, I would love Julio Rodrigez
to bi Wan Soda with the speed. That sounds amazing. So I understand
the idea to want to make himbe that player. Sure, but there's

this. I think what analytics areused as their best tool is not just
figuring out what's the ideal baseball playeror the ideal football player. It's what
is the best use of this player'sskill set? And I marry that to
someone like Pete Carroll, who wejust lost. Pete was absolutely amazing at
getting the best version of whatever aplayer could be out of them. That's

what he did with the legion ofBoom that Sar did with tons of guys.
He got them to buy in tothe best sense of themselves. And
that's what you're saying, Chris,is we would all love Julio to be
a four to ten on base percentageguy who's hitting you know, three twenty,
sure, slugging six point fifty andplaying gold glove defense. Sure,
recreating Kangerphy Junior sounds amazing. That'snot who he is right now. And

what the Mariners need him to beis not an MVP necessarily, but they
do need him to be the bestversion of himself, which may be in
contrast with what an a purely coldanalytical approach would say is the best version
of time. Ask you this,I'm gonna go back to thise. You
guys know numbers I don't, andat this level, not not nearly the
level you guys do. You wentto Washington Stagles. Just that in mind,

we count in easy six. Thisis how we count six, twelve,
twenty four. Oh wait, there'san eighteen pack. Everything's thrown off
now, Okay, sixteen hundred almostsixteen hundred career played appearances. Yeah,
twenty two times he's seen a threeto zero count. Yeah, that seems

it's it's pretty really hard. Andsome of that is how we control his
zone here. Yeah, well that'sdo we not control his own? Guess
not? Are we not controlling thezone? Nate? I don't know if
controlling the zone is necessarily a universallyapprecable, applicable model for every single baseball
player that has ever existed or everwilling. Yeah, this is crazy,
man, Like, how do youonly have twenty two ever times you've seen

a three zero count your in yourlife? Well, we see three ozer
counts all the time. Oh yeah, yeah, I mean we've talked about
Julio two. He gives off theimpression of someone who can be prone to
pressing. Yep. And when hehas longer at bats, he has more
time for that brain to get going. Sure, somebody who is prone to
overthinking personally, Boy, can yousee his gears get going when he gets

deeper into in a bat. There'sno question harder for him to identify good
pitches to him. It's good thatyou identified that with yourself. Good.
Yeah, you know I'm I'm workingon myself too, So I'm glad to
be here with you guys in thisvery special moment. I appreciate you listening
out for me. That was Thatwas a special moment. Was that was?
That was deep. All right,We're gonna take a break. We'll
come back. We've got a lotmore to get to. Brennan Huffin's gonna

join us. We've got a lotgoing on. Golf tournament, gott to
tell you about that, tell youabout his daughter's foundation. And college football's
had to change? Or where's theApple Cup again? I believe it's a
shoot high school in between office weruns, right, Okay, yeah,
that's right. And Lasars had adifferent network. That is a different network.
Okay, I'm showing my age again. Andrews right now is driving off

the road. There's no way thatguy has a license. Let's just be
that's true. I couldn't even getin here today now this casino our learners
permit. We're proud of him.Lazy lazy, so proud of him.
We'll take a break. More tocome. Chris and Nader here where at
so call me casino will casino willtell you why? Coming up next nine
three point three kter FM No fromthe Star Rentals Sports desk. Your ninety

three point three k j R FMsports headlines and our two o'clock headlines are
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MS lost yesterday the Astros for nothing. They did take three of four
games in the series. Next upthe Angels of Los Angeles. Brian who
was on the mound in a specialnight tonight because fortieth anniversary of the Rookie

of the Year campaign for mister MarinerAlvin Davis. He'll throw out the first
pitch. I think the mayor proclaimedat Alvin Davis Day as well today did
Bruce Harral so cool. Alvin dais one of my favorite Mariners of all
time. Number twenty one, yourfirst baseman getting honored tonight in the NBA
and Mavericks took me down. TheTimberwolves won twenty four one to oh three
yesterday. They advanced the NBA Finals. Game one takes place in six days

June sixth Boston against the Celtics fivethirty Stanley Cup Playoffs Panthers over the Rangers
three to two yesterday. They havea three to two lead in that series.
Game six is tomorrow back in Florida. That series continues also tied right
now. Oilers and Stars two gamesapiece back at it in Dallas to night
at five thirty storm over Caitlin Clarkin the Fever last night one three eighty

eight the final in that game aswell, and it is time to head
in to the two o'clock hour.Welcome to mail within Friday. So you
know what that means. Our middayhost has tapped out and needs to lean
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seven sports. Hello, sir,how are you how? I'm good?
I'm good. I'm gonna can barelyhear you. Are you there? Hello?
On me? I put my otherheadset on check one. Two.
Is Brandon there here any better?I'm gonna check on our connection and we'll

get him right back. Jess isgonna check on that. You know what.
They'll give me a second well beforeget Brandon back on to tell you.
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here. You're stuck here with Chrisand I. You know what's funny is,
once again I've hosted this show andthere have been no issues like this.

So no, no, really,So are you blaming me or Jess
again? We'll talk about it duringthe commercial. Well who was there when
working? Well, you were therewhen when I were that second time?
So Andrew's just got a promotion.We congratulations, buddy, that's everybody.
Hey, that's news to everyone.Okay, Brandon Huffin's back with this.

Hello Brandon, How are you canI blame the connect, the era or
the Oregon technology for the issues?Oh that's right, you're down There is
AVERY showcase this weekend. Avery Showcaseson Sunday ups tomorrow the Northwest Showcase to
Western Oregon. So I'm going toblame this gas pumper or didn't let you
pump your own gas? No taxstate for the poor connection. Yeah,

I liked not pumping your own gaswhen I lived there, though, I'll
be honest with you. I likenot having to pay tax when you buy
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Okay, thank you, Brandon tellus. One of the reasons we
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Give us a quick synopsis on whatyour foundation is all about. Yeah,
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would be huge. Every time wego out there to Druids and the Huffman
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The soccer season gets on our wayin the summer, but we'd love
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If you haven't signed up yet,there's still a couple spots left.
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We have a great emotional fun afternoonand early evening, and I hope

you can join the Huffmans and theLynskey's and us all out there for that
event coming up on June twenty eighth. Brendon Huffman with US twenty four seven
Sports. Massive changes, SIRP,in the world of college athletics in terms
of recruiting and for people to know, Brandon kind of focuses on the high
schools, although you've had to branchout into transfer, portal and everything else

in this world we're living in rightnow. But the changes we've seen in
the last just week or so,what are you hearing from coaches and potential
recruits across the country. Well,you know, I thought one of the
funniest things I saw this week wasthat, you know, cam Rising might
get an eighth year with just thenewest thing that that's kind of happening.
I mean, you know, ifhe's not walking out with a PhD from

Utah, what did he do inthe last five years. But I mean,
it just it's fascinating. I wasdoing an interview last week with a
newspaper. I said, you know, there's been about six different stages in
the twenty plus years I've been coveringrecruiting, but nothing has been like the
last three years. And it allreally started July first, twenty twenty one,
when and I all went into play. And then you started to have

the no longer being required to sitout a year when you transfer. Now
we've got unlimited transfers. You cantransfer numerous times, and so because of
that, that's complet completely change theway college head coaches manage their roster.
We have the timetable of when guysare signing moving up. We have that
being voted on to move from thethird Wednesday in December to the first week

in December so that coaches can gettheir portal. So there's just a constant
movement of goalposts and colleges are beingforced to adjust on the fly. Some
schools have the personnel to other schoolsdon't, and that's why you're seeing a
bigger gap between the haves and thehave nots in college football. Brandon I
just saw on ESPN that there's goingto be one thousand games that are going
to be airing, So I kindof wonder if it actually matters that much

or not. But just with theseconference realignments, how much is this changing
the recruiting landscape. The fact thatyou really have these teams like Stanford is
in California, are now Atlantic CoastConference teams, that you have teams that
are joining these new conferences, andthe timelines I think are going to start
to change. But how much ofan effect does that really play in recruiting,

especially for guys who are a littlebit younger in the record landscape,
like those sophomores and juniors who arestarting to pick which schools they're nearing right
down to. Yeah, I thinkthere's actually, you know, multi levels
of that that are impacting each other. And I think because of the unlimited
transfer, but I also think becauseof the ability to play right away rather
than having to sit out a yearlike you used to have to, guys

are more willing to leave their backyard. They're more willing to leave their region
than ever before, go try somethingnew. See if I want to go
play in the Southeast, if I'mon the West coast. I want to
play in the Midwest, and ifit doesn't work out, I can just
transfer to my own hometown school ina year from now play in front of
my friends and family. But Ialso know that if I go to a
bigger school, maybe on the otherside of the country, that game is

going to be televised, that gameis going to be streamed, it's going
to be accessible. There's now anilin play so that my family can fly
out to that game without it beingany kind of extra benefit or impermissible.
And there's probably a chance that I'mleaving my backyard to go to a school
where there's nil that's going to makeit enticing to leave my region. Brendan
Huffin joining us twenty four to sevenSports, the you kind of touched in

on it, But I'm just curious, like the haves are gonna still,
you know, does it really changethat much? I mean, the top
schools get the top guys. That'sbeen the way that college football has gone
forever and ever, how much hastruly changed in terms of like who's going
where or is it what you justsaid, maybe guys are more apt to
go to a different region of thecountry because they can so easily transfer after

a year or two, I thinkthey're gonna actually see more parody. And
I think it's partly because of thetwelve team playoff, but I also think
I mean, remember five years ago, everybody bemoaned the fact that it was
like Clemson in Alabama. Clemson inAlabama comes in in Alabama every year.
And yes, Alabama has still beena prominent factor, but Alabama was recruiting
guys because of Nick Saban more sothan even the logo. And now they're

coming back to the pack a littlebit. Georgia looks like they're, you
know, separating themselves, but eventhey can't separate themselves too much because schools
that have not had the history andtradition of top five, top ten teams.
But if they had the resources,now they're the chat to be a
program that can be a prominent program. We're seeing it with Missouri when the
state legislation is approving nil and allof a sudden, Missouri is now going

eleven and two. They're playing inthe new year six bold, they're having
one of their best recruiting classes ever. They're extending their coaches and we wouldn't
have expected Missouri to be a have, but because they have the resources,
now Missouri is in play as ateam that could be a prominent factor in
the SEC, even as Oklahoma Texasjoined it. So now the haves and

the have not to become more ofwho's got the resources, who's got the
nil pool and the collectives that cancontribute to allow you to have a better
chance of getting top recruits if youdidn't have the history or the slide in
your locker room, or the barbershopin your locker room, the facilities that
maybe set you apart ten years ago. Now as a matter of do we
have the collective that can set usapart? Brandon And I think you said

you were down in Oregon, soI know as a college football I just
want to say, I'm sorry you'reso far away from any quality college football
right now, but being back athome soon enough, quick question for you.
I feel like, just as kindof an outsider but a huge college
football fan, I hear a lot, obviously, this is a time of
huge change in the industry. Wehear a lot of coaches complaining. We
hear coaches, you know, takinglesser roles in the NFL because they don't

want to be college football head coachesanymore. We hear administrators complaining, we
hear politicians complaining about this new eraof nil and I think sometimes it's easy
to lose focus on the impact thatwe're really worried here and the bottom level
impact that you see every day,which is these kids that actually play the
sport that we watch every Saturday.And so I'm kind of curious, if
you cut through all of the noisewe hear from the kind of the establishing

moneyed interests that we hear at thetop of the sport, what has this
change been like for the people onthe bottom. I know there's still a
lot of confusion, a lot upin the air about how this is going
to shake out, But does thisfeel like a positive? Are recruits excited
about this new era that we're in? Is this a fun process for them?
Absolutely? I mean, you thinkabout how many times we saw guys
lead for the NFL after their thirdyear because they were draft eligible and not

get drafted and they had no chanceto return to college. They would try
to go play in Canada, maybeplay in the Arena League, but their
chances at the NFL and that paydaywe're gone. Now you have guys that
maybe stayed to their fifth year orat the COVID year, their sixth year
because they're getting fifty thousand dollars orone hundred thousand dollars just for being on
the roster out of school. They'remaking that money and they're getting to extend

their degree, maybe the cam risinglevels where they're getting the PhD. But
now guys are choosing to stay inthe collegiate game. I mean, granted,
the COVID year. Once we getfurther further away from the twenty twenty
season and the players that were incollege that year and we no longer have
that year of eligibility, maybe itchanges. But now guys have seemingly,

you know, turning down the NFLdraft to stay in college because there's the
guarantee of a payday if I comeback for my fifth year or my sixth
year, rather than the risk ofgoing to the NFL and pray that I
get drafted and then make a roster. I think the game, you know,
we saw the ratings in twenty twentythree were the highest they've been in
years. We saw some of themost highly rated single games that we saw
in college football in recent memory,and as we see the NFL continuity it

extend its dominant in you know,live television, college football is right there
behind it. So for all ofthe memoaning of the facts that we're seeing
better races, maybe that means peoplearen't going to games as much, but
they're watching on television. The gameis healthier, the quality of play is
better than it's been because guys arestaying in college rather than going to the
NFL. And the uncertainty there Brettanhave been joining us twenty four to seven

sports, the shakeout, the portalis still it's technically closed, right,
you can't go back in, butthere's still guys looking around the country trying
to find roster spots. With thaton the table, What does it look
like for the schools in the Northwestand maybe even the new Big Ten schools,
the ucla USC and everybody else,now that you kind of have a

better feel for the rosters, Whatdoes it look like for Washington? What
does it look like for Oregon?Ucla USC going in the Big Ten will
start there? Yeah, I meanwhen you talk about those four schools,
two of those had late coaching changesafter the signing day in December, with
Kailen de Boor leaving in January andjet Fish coming in shortly after. With
Chip Kelly leaving in February. Afterthe original signing day and Deshaun Foster taking

over, Washington got brutalized in theportal. They lost a number of players
that were there to play for Kailende Bores, Several went down to Alabama,
several went to other schools, andthen they had players that signed with
Washington in December that opened up therecruitment in January, whereas with UCLA they
only lost a couple of guys.Surprisingly, and part of the reason that
Deshaun Foster was promoted was because therewas a feeling that he would maintain the

roster there. So both Washington andUCLA, you know, they lost some
players of the portal, but WashingtonI think was impacted more than UCLOS.
Whereas USC and Oregon, they're bothraising their game to compete in the Big
Ten, to compete nationally. Andyou look at two of the better portal
classes in the twenty twenty four cyclewas Oregon and it was USC. There's

no longer you know, with Oregonlosing three times to Washington the last two
years was you know, kind ofjust you can't do that. And with
us Seats to go from ten winseleven wins in your one of Lincoln rally
to down to eight wins with thereturning the Heisman Trophy winner, Now you're
going to the big ten. Youbetter get your stuff in your ducks in
a row to make that move.And so s Seats and Oregon did a

better job of maintaining the Russ butadding key parts to what they both hope
can get them over the hump afterlosing games to their rivals this year.
Let me wrap it up with thisBrandon Brand huffin joining us. The two
showcases you're going to this weekend,the Avery showcases, I'll have you kind
of explain what those are. Iknow there's a smaller college one next weekend

in Spokane that Whitworth puts on aswell, but a big schools go to
that too. So they got theseall these showcases for these young players that
good out there, and there's collegecoaches at all these getting a chance to
evaluate how different is. First ofall, tell people what those are,
what your deal is with the Averystuff this weekend. But also how different
it is in terms of with NILin play. Kids aren't just looking for

a scholarship anymore. How are thoseconversations? Oh, I mean, it's
the scholarships, and the fourth mostimportant thing in the conversation it's what's the
NIL? How soon can I getit? And how much can I make
each additional year that I stay hereand NIL? You know, it's funny
because the player signed nl as nationalletters of intent and some schools just say,
hey, your NIL is the NLIwe're sending you. Other schools are

saying, hey, just get here, will take care of you. And
with the showcases, you're seeing ashift with a lot of the showcases too,
where because of the recruiting cycle beingsped up, with the portal being
sow at play in December, withcoaches having to coach their season, and
the expectation and pressure. Now coaches, instead of waiting until January before the
February signing day like the old days, now they want their recruiting class sewed

up by the middle of July.For the July weekend they could have eighty
five ninety percent of their class done. They'll do it so by June they're
already halfway two finishing their class.They're turning their attention mostly to the underclass.
And so if you're a twenty twentysix, at twenty twenty seven,
guys's going to be a junior ora software this fall, there's a chance
that you're gonna have more eyes onyou at these showcases. And instead of
now having to go to thirty camps, you can go to one camp and

there's thirty different colleges there to watchyou. And it's become such a game
changer in that now kids don't haveto go across the country. They can
go to one event and have potentialfor thirty different schools. And now those
schools they don't have to host acamp on them campus where they might have
only offered three guys anyway. Nowthey can go to a Division III school.
Their polo alone makes that event thatmuch better when Dan Lanning and Jake

Picker and Jedfish show up at thecamp, and the reality is the majority
of those guys going to those eventsare probably D two D three level players,
So that gives the D two's andthe D three is a better chance
to find talented players in the summerand the drap might have been playing in
front of the organ coaches of theWashington coaches. But now if you're a
ups, a whitworth, a plua Western Oregon, they're coming to your

campus and you have now that opportunityto be a player in that kid's recruitment.
Interesting, I see that even andthe trickle down effect too, with
all the transfers and that unlimited transferand all those guys are had in six,
seven, eight years. The levelof play I've seen the last three
years of that level has gone updramatically, no question, like it's it's

insane. All right, Brannon,we'll talk again. We will see you
on June twenty eighth, but wewill talk before then again. Mayor and
Maple Valley Open. Brennan and hisfamily are a big, big, big
reason why we do it every yearand love to have the Huffins out there.
I wish it was under different circumstances, but we're gonna raise some money.
We're gonna make sure that other familiessomewhere down the road don't have to

go through what so many people havewith that horrific disease. Along with the
folks at Lynsky's Open, Jordan MorrisFoundation, Drewis glenolf dot com online store.
Hit shop that tab right up thereand you can sign up for the
golf tournament the Mayor Maple Valley Opencoming up on June twenty eighth. Thank
you, sir, Thank you guys. I have a good one.
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