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June 11, 2024 91 mins
The Mariners game was insane last night - did you keep watching? Dee Eskridge, Seahawks wide receiver sits down with Ian to talk about life with Mike Macdonald, what's different about this year and what he learned from his suspension last year. Ian gives the lay of the land out at VMAC right now, plus the vibe under Mike Macdonald. Does the joint practice scheduled with the Titans during preseason tell you anything? Ian got some sad news regarding one of his broadcasting friends, and he shares the importance of appreciating the people you have while you still do. Joe Sheehan, The Joe Sheehan Newsletter joins Ian to react to what we saw in last night's Mariners game, as well as how in the heck they keep doing it. While the M's are benefitting from an injured division, they're still doing what they have to in order to win. He can't see them letting the division slip away, which isn't something he would've said a few months ago. He also expresses the importance of winning now, as pitching is what they're relying on (SOUNDBYTE ATTACHED). How urgent is 2024 for the Mariners? Have fans jumped on the bandwagon? The Seahawks and Titans are holding joint practices during preseason and Ian wonders what it'll look like. We hear from DK Metcalf and Boye Mafe, who both spoke after practice today.
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Now from the Star Rentals Sports TestsJordan ninety three point three kJ RFMS Sports
Headlines, Penn High Noon Headlines broughtto you by Venue Kingsvenue Kings dot com.
He interronesced with you. We're liveat the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.
Why well, it is the firstof three days of Mini Caamp. Mandatory
mini camp. Just that's the key, mandatory mini camp, man, That's

why we're here. It's mandatory.We're here mandatory mini camp for the Seahawks
as well. Quick note on them. They will have some joint practices for
the first time that I think everwould be the case, certainly since Pete
Carroll was here. But Mike mcdonald'llhold joint practices pre preseason game number two
with Tennessee that's coming up in themiddle of August. Managers won another one

while finished last night game tying buntfrom Luke Raley, rockoff grand slam by
Cal Raley, Logan Gilbert six andtwo third six hits, struck out eight.
We finished the game with an eightto four win. Despite what you
heard, it was an eight fourwin, not a three run home run
grand slam. Love you, Simseyand get right back at it with another
one against the White Sox night atsix forty NHL Stanley Cup Finals. Last
night, Panthers over the Oilers fourto one. They lead two games to

none entire series. You can hearright here on ninety three point three KJRFM.
Game three is at five o'clock onThursday. Former UF basketball coach Mike
Hopkins reportedly landed a job. He'llbecome an assistant coach with the Phoenix Suns.
Speaking of college basketball, Noah Williams, the often traveled Noah Williams,
former ode star Washington State, Universityof Washington. Hey, he's back,

James Madison, He's gonna play therenext year as well. Game three NBA
Finals tomorrow five thirty. Celtics uptwo games to none. Perzingis is hurt.
Apparently there's some issues going on there. He was fighting something going into
the series. Yeah, there's somenews breaking on that. We'll try to
keep an eye on. Sales Stormhosts the LA Sparks tonight. That game
is at seven p m. Shallwe start the show, Let's do it.

Whoever our listener was just that wonthe tickets yesterday? Oh, I
hope he stayed. I hope hestayed too. You better have stayed,
son of a you better have stayedfor that game last night. And hey,
shout out to SIMC. I knoweveryone's gonna that's a popular thing.
Oh it's a great listen, man. You go do play by play,
you go do live radio, youdo live television. You tell me you

don't make a mistake along the way. Hell, I've already had three of
them today and I'm only three minutesinto the show. Shut the hell up.
But yeah, it was the jubilationof the moment too. It's not
like he messed up the fact thatthey just won. And well, and
here's the key. This is theother part about it too, is that
with with less than two outs,all he needed to do is get the
ball into the outfield, right,Like, that's just that's all he had.

He didn't need to go on next. On the swing of the bat,
he said, it's you know there, it is right, that's it's
well, yeah, because it wasover. Even if it didn't clear the
fence, it didn't matter. Thegame was going to be over whether it
was one run or four runs.But cal Rawley the assist everyone's giving today
to Scott Service rightfully, So Servicekept his catcher from getting thrown out by

the way. Can I is itfair at all to have a little criticism
for Cal just a little like sure, Like, what's one of the big
strengths of his game. It's framingpitches. Hm. Hm, you cheat
on every pitch, so you getcheated on one. That was a bad
That was a bad call on astrike three. Dude, Relax, just
I know it was. Oh.Cal never complains, no, because he

knows how the game works. Itwas just a time and that he wouldn't
have complain if it was a secondor third inning. He complained because it
was late in the ball game andthey had a chance at that time to
really make a comeback. But Servicedid a great job. I mean,
first of all, great example agame why automatic balls and strikes should be
part of what we're doing in baseball. I mean, that was just the
whole thing. Was a gong showlast night behind the plate. It was

just for both teams. It wasawful. But Scott's Service comes out.
If you weren't watching the game,Raley gets called out on a called third
strike. It wasn't a strike,I mean it was I guess you could
make a chance an example case thatwas borderline. I mean every pitch is
almost borderline these days. But butService came out. Raley started saying something
to the home play at umpire anda lot of times that's an odd you

argue balls and strikes, that's anautomatic ejection. And instead he's like,
yeah, man uh, Service comesout, got him self ejected, got
between him, Manny acta Luke RayleyI think was hitting behind him right and
kind of pushed him away and gohey, no, no, we're good,
We're good. That was out ofhere. So taking one for the
team right there. It was awesome. Yeah. And I mean, listen
to the manager getting thrown out inthe in the eighth inning. Who cares,

it doesn't matter, But it wasa It was a big play because
obviously what Big Dumper did later.And you know, I know we love
to criticize Scott's Service in some marketplaces and others people want to praise Scott
Service. You know, part ofthe manager's job is to protect the players,
and there were some that were complainingon social media earlier in the game
that Service wasn't protecting his pitchers andwasn't fighting for his pictures and the strike

zone. Well, you see whathappens. The second a manager says something
about ball and strikes, you gettossed out. It's over, it's done.
And so that's what he did.But he came out and he protected
big Dumper and uh and obviously theend result was that. So, yeah,
we're gonna d s. Gridge iscoming in right now. He is
joining us. We're live on kJR. How are you man, grab
a seat. Good to see you. I'll throw this head I'll throw that

headset on you. We're live onthe radio. The Great Chris White hat
pr extraordinary bringing him in here.Let me get you all unmuted. Here
we go, all right, solet me see if I got you?
Got me? Okay, okay,wait a second, what did I do?
I did something wrong? Here?You're on. I'm gonna turn him
up, all right, give meone, two, three, Okay,
that's me, that's me. I'mgonna give you a different nedst Okay,

this is I'm gonna that's all onehundred percent on me. Welcome to live
radio. D Yeah. Yeah,well he can't hear you because I'm putting
another heads. That's what we're doing, all right, let's see talk to
me now. Once you got there, you go, you got you gotta
be okay? Uh, I'll turnyou up. How's that? How about
this? How's that? I got? You? Got me? I got?
Do you like live radio? Ihave been on it too. List

wait till I do live TV withyou. It's even about d Askers is
with us, the fourth year receiverfor the Seahawks. And I'm just gonna
say this flat. We haven't hada chance to talk to you much on
radio. I haven't had a chanceto talk to you much on TV post
game. That's a bad thing.But I'm hoping that all changes this year.
So the first thing is, howare you feeling? Man? Blessed?

Yeah, I'm set in a greatspaces, really grateful to be here,
you know, allow God allows meto go out there and work,
and I'm just blessed. Man.The the numbers I just I looked through
there. I mean kick return We'regonna get to that in a second.
Those new rules. Everyone wants toknow about that. But but for you,
how would you describe your first threeyears? You've played twenty four games
in the first three years. Notwhat you want to do when they've got

drafted, there was really high expectationsfor you. How would what's it been
like for you? Because I knowwhen fans like, man, we want
to see D S grig on thefield, or it's frustrating out having a
guy out there. Pete was thatway. I want to have PD out
there for the human being, theplayer himself. What's it been like,
Man, it's been It's been aheck of a journey. Honestly, I've
learned so much, went through somany things, and you know, just
reflecting on it, you know it'sGod is He's so present through it all.

You know, he puts so muchresistance in my face. A lot
of the injuries I never went through. I've had injuries, a lot of
the stuff outside of football that Iwent through. It was just all in
all, just a big combination ofthings that I had to get through.
And this is I'm so blessed tobe able to say that now because I
feel like a different football player now. I feel like, you know that
everything that I was before I gotdrafted, you know that's that's me again.

You know I've alive, fought through, fought through that storm, and
I'm here again. Well, let'sjust get to that out of the way.
What happened last year or what canyou tell us about it? You
got suspended, I know, andit was frustrating, I think for for
obviously for the organization, and becauseyou were having a hell of a training
camp preseason all that, and thenall of a sudden we find out you've

been suspended. What can you tellus about that? I don't know what
you're able to tell us out that, but let's just talk about that real
quick and then we'll move on.Yeah, first and foremost, I'm just
I'm just happy that's behind me.You know. It was such a such
a crazy situation, you know,everything that went in there, and I'm
just I'm just blessed to be ableto still be on the squad because,
you know, it was a slapin the face to the organization. It
was certain things about my character thatyou know, I don't agree with,

but you know, I'm still hereand I'm beyond blessed to be able to
do that, to be able togo on that field and get my all
every day. So I'm just happyit's behind me. Did you make a
mistake off the field that you orwas it? I mean, we don't
even know what these things are.They keep it down. So how would
you describe what happened? And thenwe'll move on honestly, you know,
I don't want to. I don'twant to go too deep into that,
you know. With with that,just I just know that the things that

I needed to learn, you know, I learned, And like I said,
I'm just happy it's behind me whohelped you, who helped you through
that, who helped you through gettingbattling through injuries and getting back on the
field to have because I got totell people you walked in here, you
have to smile on your face.I've watched you practice for three years.
I'm not sure if I've seen yousmile a lot. Am I wrong?
Yeah? I mean, like,so what changed some of the people that

were there? From John Snyder He'salways been just a great advocate for me,
somebody that I just love and thedoor I pre sate him gravely.
And then a lot of other people, you know, coaches, friends and
those things they do. They justalways kept me on alignment with my purpose,
you know, allowing me to beable to forget everything that's happened.
You know, we're still here,you know, what I'm saying, Let's

go out there and attack the day. You know, we have joy with
it. It's interesting. Do youask Ris joining us for just tuning in
here? In ninety three point threekids a family infnests with you. You
mentioned John Schneider And I had GeorgeFann in here last week and George had
been here previously when you were herethe first time. But a veteran in
the NFL, and I said,why come back? Like he started thirteen

games for the Texans, that's aplayoff team. Yeah, uh started with
just he comes here, he's notgoing to start. He readily admits I'm
not going to start unless something's wrongwith Abe or what have you. He's
coming into a backup swing. Anda veteran, I said why come back?
And he said John Schneider? AndI thought that was interesting because I
think, you know, Pete hashad such a big presence for fourteen years
here, but he mentioned John Schneider. Who and what is John Schnyder's a

GM because it feels like maybe he'smore hands on, has other better relationships
with players, and maybe a lotof GMS do. Yeah, he's really
like he's like our friend out there, you know, and it's hard.
It's hard, and it's hard inthe business. Yeah, that's what I
was about to say. You know, you got to you gotta have that
balance of big business bears friendship.And I felt like you can just tell
he's very adamant about it. Youknow, he's out there talking to the

guys. You know, it's veryeasy for him to just walk behind everybody
and just watch the business of it, you know, but he comes up
and asks us how we're doing,Uh, you know, how's life especially,
you know, all the things thatwe've talked about. So it is
I feel like he's he's one ofus. We don't really I don't know
for me personally, I don't reallylook at him as the top tier guy,
as the as his position. Ilook at him as a human being

and he and we go about itthat way. Yeah. I think that's
an interesting thing because they talk abouta culture in an organization all the time,
right, and what the culture isit's it maybe starts with the GM
as much as it starts with thecoach. So how much has changed with
Pete not being here, but John'sstill in charge. I feel like,
is everything is mode and will youknow, I feel like the coach,
everybody's on the same the same straightline with the culture that's trying to implement,

and then obviously John leading the waythrough it all, you know.
So I feel like everybody is hismode and into that, that that oneness
that we need on this team.U d Escer is joining us, fourth
year, healthy, smiling, readyto go. OTA's in the books.
Three days of mini camp, thenyou get a month off and then you
get to come back and the hardwork starts. Let's let's take a step

back for what you have seen.Ryan Grubb comes in new offensive coordinator.
Obviously Mike McDonald's new head coach.I'll ge dam in a second, but
new offensive coordinator, Ryan Grubb.What does he bring to the table.
What do you as a rocause Idon't know how much Washington football you watched.
I'm a Coogan, I'm a Wazooguy, So I didn't like Washington,
but I had to respect what hewas doing and it was impressive at

Washington. What do you see becausehe put three dudes at your position in
the NFL last year. For sure, I feel like everything about him is
this dynamic. You know, we'regonna be a dynamic offense. You know,
we already have all the talent thatwe need plus some, you know,
on this offense. So I feellike with him bringing in his dynamics
is just gonna you know, it'sgonna it's gonna be a show to watch

this year for everybody that's who's doingin. There's attention to detail. Do
you feel that where does that start? Is it starting the meeting room playbook?
Where does that start? Because itseems like there's a lot of teaching
going on. Yeah, for sure. Obviously with the with the new with
the new SIMP system implemented. Youknow, you gotta build the foundation first.
You can't just go out there andrun goals and run all these great
concepts without the wives of them.So I feel like they're doing a great

job of just tier by tier.You know, it's not just rushing everything
and flooding us with all information.You know, we're going tier by tier
and really learning the wise and theins and out of everything. Where do
you fit in in the offense.We'll get to special teams in a second.
We all know where you fit inthere. And I can't wait to
talk about that because the new kickoffrules, Like you're like when the first
guys people start talking about, butbefore we get to that, where do

you fit on the offense? There'sDK, There's Tyler, JSN, D
s Gridge, Jake Bobo. Itfeels like a loaded wide receiver room.
Where do you see yourself fitting inon the offense? I mean just just
understanding my role. You know,obviously I'm a speed guy. You know
a lot of the things that Icould say the world really hasn't seen too
much in his league yet, andthat to me, that gives me fire,
you know, because I know whatI can do. You know,

I'm excited to show it. SoI just feel like for me personally,
I'm just looking as my role.You know, there's no ego in that
room. You know, everybody hasthe one specific job or their mini jobs.
So I just fit into that.Does Ryan Grubb is is there?
Guys? Our guys set is likeokay, like like DK's an X or
or not. I mean it feelslike are guys moving around a little bit

in the in that receiver role?I mean, is that is versatility a
big thing for all four or fivesix of you guys? Yeah? Yeah,
I would say as far as thefoundation as well. We started that,
which is understanding the full concept XH, CH and Z. So
everybody is kind of tuning in,so you gotta know all. You got
to know them all. Yeah,and they're gonna put you wherever. Yeah,
okay, so that starts there.I remember that I was in Indianapolis

first game we covered on the roadin a long time after COVID first play
you go fly swim like whoa,and then obviously concussion happens. Can you
give us a little teaser? Canwe see some of that? Is that
back in the offense? Yeah?Man, it's gone. Like I said,
it is. It's gonna be thegreatest show on earth. You know
the people that the people that aretuning in, it's gonna be gonna put
on the show for him. Dscreas with us Mike McDonald, I'm not

sure. It feels like you probablycouldn't get a more opposite dude as the
head coach from what you had inyour first three years in this league.
Repete. Uh, what about Mikestands out with you? What do you
like about Mike McDonald? What haveyou noticed about Mike McDonald's I would say
this is his choir leadership. Obviously, he's he's the first time head coaches
will so you know we kind ofwe kind of see him learning as we're
learning as well. But I wouldjust say his quiet leadership, you know,

he the defenses looks different, youknow, with him, with him
leading them over there, just theenergy, the tension of detail. So
I feel like his quiet leadership isgonna be. It's gonna be what we
need on this team. I alwaysheard Pete, you know, he yelled
about you know, competition, competition, all that. The O t A
not the last one that we now. It's hard because you guys have a
bunch of we don't see with thesecond o TA. We were here for

the media watching the red zone drills. There was a lot of talking back
and forth with you guys and theDBS, and I think DB's get frustrated,
right because they can't do much inthe O t as. They can't
really defend. You guys, knowif you beat a guy though, and
you tell him about that, Soit feels like the competition is still there,
but that defense was kind of rampedup a little bit. Yeah,
yeah, I would say competition isthat that's that same mark before Pete left

or higher. You know, it'sis really iron sharp and to iron out
there right now every single day andwe're all the OTAs. Yeah, mini
camp now, yeah, what's thedifference? Can you tell me what is
the difference? Uh? Longer daysis it? What time are you in
here at? I usually get itaround about six I'll get in but just

a little bit more meetings on theback end after practice and stuff, right,
But that but that's where you learn, That's where you guys get better.
Uh, new kickoff rules, let'sstart there that. You know,
we've watched the what is the xfluf L whatever the hell it is these
days? We watched that and itappears like less high impact contact safety for
the players first and foremost is good. But it looks like it benefits guys

like you. What if you,I mean, you don't really know if
you're not going full speed for fullcontact yet. But what do you think
of the new kickoff rules? Justjust practicing it a couple of times so
far, it's really like punt return. So, like you said, it
fits guys like me, you know, because I'm not really too much of
a dancing type of guy, youknow, I'm a one cut go type
of guy. So I feel likenow with that new kickoff rule, is

just gonna be faster and more sudden, and that's that's how I want it.
Yeah, So it's gonna be interesting. I don't I don't have too
much feedback yet because we just wejust started practicing it. But it's gonna
be cool. Is that where youcan really truly make can impact barring you
know, whatever else happens in thedepth and listen, we know how it
works. I mean five six receiversare gonna play five or six seven guys

are gonna catch passes and make animpact in that receiver room. But is
that where that you separate yourself?Do you look at that because some guys
want to sep I mean special teamsis where guys can separate themselves, you
know, in a lot of differentways. Is that is the kickoff specifically,
maybe punt returns as well. Isthat where you is that where d
s Bridge can separate himself from therest of the pack most does? Yeah?
I feel like I feel like that'sright up my alley and the dynamic

type of player I am just beingable to just implement on special teams you
know, all all different phases andthen you know, not the side where
or put wide receiver under the busa little bit, but that's still going
great too, and so it's gonnabe it's gonna be amazing this year.
Like and we're excited. Final thingfor you, Gino Smith and Sam Howe,

let's just start. Let's just talkabout Geno for a second and what
he brings because in this league,we all know it's a quarterback driven league
and and we've seen Geno be great. We've seen him when he has protection
nominal and all that. Who andwhat is Gino Smith? You're a receiver.
You're the most important part of whathe does. What is what is
about Geno that kind of the guysgravitate to, whether it's throwing the ball,

catching the ball, or just theleadership, the locker room, the
intanigibles, the huddle. What isit about Geno that makes him special?
I feel like his leadership, youknow, he's he's not afraid to hold
anybody accountable. And it's not tohim just holding you accountable. He always
starts with himself. You know.I feel like that's the most important thing
because everybody can point the finger andyou know this, and D get better
with Jena. Always starts with himselfevery single time, and I feel like

that's something that as you know,he's he's a vet vit. You know,
he's the O g vit. Sohe he's went through a lot of
things. But that's not an easything to do, especially doing it from
not from an ego away, Sois og original or old o the origemal
original? I'm an og but it'sall uh. That is d Eskridge fourth

year. He's healthy, he's smiling, come a long way, and we're
expecting big things from him this yearas well. And I appreciate you coming
by during your lunch hour getting readyfor practice. We'll take a quick break,
come back with more. Thank you, Yes, I appreciate you.
That is that is D s Bridge. More to come. A nine three
point three kJ FM Live from theR and R Foundation specialists broadcast studio back

to Ian furnance, powered by Seattle'sclosest sports book, snowp Call me Casino
on Sports Radio ninety three point threekJ R FM, and we're back at
the Virginia Mason Athletic Center, dayone of Mini camp for the Seahawks.

Mandatory mini camp for the Seahawks.Big thanks to d Scridge who came in
and join us. I'm trying tothink back. I'm not sure. I
don't think I've ever interviewed him beforefor radio or TV, and I listen,
I know the easy joke is,I know we all joke. I've
probably been guilty of it myself.Of course you haven't. He hasn't played

a lot. Ds Gridge is oneof those intangible players that when you look
at what's to come and what hecould be bringing over the next few years,
I think, honestly, Jess,when I look at the at ds
Gridge, Dwayne Eskridge, but dS Gridge is his own. I've drafted

fifty sixth overall second round in twentytwenty one. The problem with him is,
even if he has a couple ofbig years, and he's in the
last year of his rookie deal obviously, so he's kind of you know,
he's playing for a deal, he'splaying for a contract here elsewhere. The
problem with him is is whatever heaccomplishes is going to be compared to what
happened after him in the draft,right, So yeah, and that's the

same for everybody, every player,but if a guy's good, you know,
Pro Bowl caliber good. Still hisCreed Humphrey was drafted, you know,
sixty third, so seven picks afterCreed Humphrey. The offense is a
line in the center for Kansas City, who's you know, an all pro
caliber center, which is what isyou know, Seattle has been missing that,

you know for a while, likethey don't have that guy. And
you know that's kind of the oneeveryone points to you because it was in
the second round. There was goodplayers drafted after as well. The twenty
twenty one draft was goofy though ifyou remember, because that's coming out of
the COVID year. Yeah, andso everyone's kind of like, uh,
you know, I mean Nico Collinsdrafted after him as well. He was
a third round pick, you know, and if you kind of keep going

down the list, there's a lotof dudes that he's going to always be
he'll always be compared to, andSeattle kind of was weird, and I
don't you know, a'man ross SaintBrown jumps out at everybody. He was
a fourth round pick, you know, one hundred and twelfth overall. He
is a top five receiver. Inthe NFL right now for Detroit, and
you know, so so even ifyou just look at receivers, you know,

even Ramondre Stevenson, the running backshad a pretty decent career along the
way. I mean, you keepgoing down the list of dudes. It's
it's hard, but Seattle kind ofpunted on that whole that whole draft with
twenty twenty being COVID, with thePac twelve for the most part not playing,
they just kind of they just kindof got through it. To use
a Pete Carroll term in a lotof ways, So yeah, we'll see

it. Just it was He's hisinjuries have been a huge part of it.
No player wants to get hurt,No player wants to be injured,
and and sometimes just bad stuff happensfor him. It started day one,
first game in Indianapolis, and hegot that concussion on that first one of
that fly sweep, and remember watchinghim, like, damn, this guy

is explosive. He's got everything.You know, he's all the things we
heard about, and then boom,he's out for an extended period of time.
And you know, when you lookthrough all the years he's missed,
I mean he missed seven games eachof his first two years, and he
missed he missed what twelve games lastseason. I mean, he's just missed
a lot of time since he's beenin the league. The new kickoff rules,

and that was kind of one Iwant to get with him. That's
big. We're gonna hear from DKMetcalf by the way later on because he
spoke if Ascridge is healthy, JakeBobo in his second year, you know,
those are your kind of four andfive whatever you want to look at
in terms of your depth chart forreceivers. If those are four and five,
Jaike Young is six, h You'reyou're pretty deep at that position.

Guys that can contribute on special teams, et cetera. You know, one,
two, and three as good asas anybody. We also know that
dudes don't always stay healthy. Now, DK stays healthy, He's missed one
game. DK stays healthy, Butyou know, Tyler's getting along in the
tooth. JSN was hurt at thestart of last season. They could have
used, you know, a healthyd Eskridge last season. Now, part
of his health wasn't health. Partof the reasons he missed games wasn't because

of health. I knew he didn'twant to get too deep into it,
but you know he got suspend it, you know, by the NFL,
and you know that's that's on him. And you know when he got busted
and had to sit out for afew games. It was the first six
games of the season last season,and he comes back and inactive, inactive,
inactive, injured reserve at the endof the season. I mean,

it just wasn't It just never gotgoing. So I think the new kickoff
rules will help him. Greg Bellmentioned this earlier, you know, things
to look for in OTA in minicamp. Honestly, I think outside of
you know, what we've seen inOTA's right now, I'm not gonna expect
too much to see, you know, in terms of competition, Bess.
We will see players over the nextthree days out there starting in about twenty

twenty five minutes that we haven't seenon the field so far this OTAs because
a lot of guys with OTA's theydon't have to be out there. DK
Metcalfe in this offense, you know, watching what he can do. As
d Eskridge was saying, it's youknow, moving guys around quite a bit.
But you know, DK will beout there Draymond Jones hasn't been out
there that we've seen. There's beensome veteran players. We'll see if the

two linebackers, Dodson and Baker areout there at least going through some walk
through stuff. But I think thesignificant news today, which we've all own
about for a while, they kindof kept it under wraps or asked not
to have it reported, but theSeahawks made it official today that they're gonna
have joint practices with the Tennessee Titansleading into their preseason game on August seventeenth.
I think that's awesome. It won'tbe here, it'll be back in

Tennessee, but I think it's agreat situation for them to be in.
And it's very unique. There's sucha long justman, you've been covering these
things. You've been out of trainingcamp for a long time. And like
I know, if us us asbeing the media, if worse and and
staff and others, if we kindof feel a sense of monotony and groundhog

day, and it's like a imaginewhat the players are going through that are
there, you know, that arehere for twelve plus hours a day.
Oh my goodness. Yeah, Andand it's the same every day. You
get here at six thirty, youleave it. You know, five thirty
here here, you're going through thesame meetings every day. It's the same
drills every day, against the samereps, against the same players you see

on the field every single day.And you know, it's just that monotony
wears on. And Seattle never wantedto do that. They never wanted to
venture out. Pete Carroll never andlisten, it wasn't just part of was
geography, sure, but really,Pete, you know, when you go
travel and play a preseason game,you can obviously go there. Early Pete
never had a desire to do so, he never had any appetite to go.

And you know, either have somebodyelse come here or go somewhere else.
I love the fact that Mike McDonald'sbranching out, and we'll hear the
sound coming up a little bit laterfrom Tennessee's coach talking about it. But
I think that's I think it's significantnewsday now. I do believe it'll significantly
cut into the ability for fans towatch practice because you're taking about four five

days with travel, the game,the practices, you're taking some days out
of the out of the calendar forthe fans to watch, but I don't
even know him. Four nine,four to five one. I'm curious,
is it feels like we've kind oflost a little bit of the jazz and
a little bit of the jam anda little bit of the excitement for people
coming out here watching training camp practices. Maybe I'm wrong, but it used

to be. Man, those ticketsyou know, which were basically what for
parking and a bus go on saleand it just sold out immediately. Oh
yeah, twenty minutes. Everything's gone. It was gone. We were out
here the last two years, butreally last year kind of felt it and
maybe this was just the end ofthe Pete Carroll era we needed to kind
of maybe it was just kind ofa sign, you know, another little
symbol and sign of things that neededto change. But I looked up on

the burm I don't know how manytimes, and it was two thirds full,
maybe sixty seventy percent for whatever wouldbe. It just wasn't there,
just wasn't that same excitement. Soand that kind of takes some of the
excitement out for the players too.So maybe it's just time, you know,
I don't know how many practices willbe open. You know, last
year they didn't have every every timewe were out here, there weren't fans

every single time, so they kindof had cut back a little bit anyway,
So you know, maybe they're gonnado that again this year. Maybe
they'll cut back a little bit.Yeah, I mean it makes it or
to it. They had expanded itbecause of the demand. Okay, you
know maybe that's why they were doingso much. And I know that coaches,
and like you said, Mike McDonaldis pretty opposite of Pete Carroll in
many ways. Ye if he'll justbe like uh, like I think just

going against another team's good. Youknow, football football practice over and over
again, and like I said,like, okay, you're you're taking this.
You're whoever Charles Cross you basically seeDarryl Taylor every one on one pass
rap right Like it's just like okay, I'm done, Like I need something
else. Now. You'll have theinevitable scraps and fights and skirmishes and all
those things that will happen and that'llgo down. And I always Pete hated

that I mentioned this to Chris Kid. He like, there's coaches that are
okay, if there's a little scuffle, a little fight that goes on.
Sure that wasn't Pete Man when Afettiand Michael Bennett were going at it all
the time, and then of courseFEddi got suckered by by Frank Clark.
But I mean it was when therewere fights. Pete he was never happy
about that. Like you'll see somecoaches kind of show a little fake disdain

for it and then move on thatone. Pete Man, he didn't like
any part of that stuff. Soyeah, I remember him talking about whenever
that would happen on the field becauseI thought sheerman get into you know,
who is it, Phillip Oh,this is a long time ago well wide
receiver and not get into it,and Chancellor had to walk him away.
But when Pete would talk about thatimpress conferences following practice, there's no place

for that there as well. Hecalls it a waste of time. Yeah,
like you talk about how it's awaste of time, you just taking
time away from everything, and Ithink that's listen, there is You can't
fight in the football field, youknow, it's not like hockey. It's
not like it. And even hockeycoaches don't want to see that. So
yeah, I'm excited. I thinkit'd be kind of fun, a little
different, little interesting that they'll they'llget that done. Okay, we'll take
a break. Joshian's gonna join us, coming up at one o'clock today.

We'll check in with him. Yourtext four nine four or five one Tullamaru
text line when it's game time,it's Telly time. We'll set that up
in a second as well. Talka little baseball. Mariners big winners last
night. They continue to cruise alongin the American League West. We'll talk
about that the athletic and an interestingstory about ranking of their teams. I'm
not a huge power ranking fan.I think they're kind of silly at times,

but this one actually included what theneeds are the question marks the team
will touch in on that coming upnext. Nine three point three KJR FM.
My from the R and R FoundationSpecialists broadcast studio back to Ian Fernetz,
powered by Seattle's closest sports book,Snow Call me Casino on Sports Radio

ninety three point three kJ r FM. Al right back at the Virginia Mation
Athletics Center. Uh, you knowit's great about doing live radio. Jess

Oh yeah, I can't tell ifthat's sarcastocratic. No, it's not.
It is ill sarcasm. I justsaw a tweet from our buddy Mike Curtle.
Mike is a We all know Mikereally well. He's the voice of
the Tacoma Rainiers. He uh andhas been the voice in Triple A Baseball
the Rainiers for for a long longtime. And uh he he just tweeted

us out about very sad news.My friend had recently retired from baseball,
had lots of planned for the future. Rip the former voice of the Salt
Lake Bees, which was Triple Ateam as well. I don't even want
pcl whatever they call it now.Steve Cloukey passed away this morning and I
only bring this up. I'm justreading this cold, So forgive me if

you will. Steve was a heco hosted with me in Salt Lake.
Oh wow. Yeah. He wasmy co host at thirteen twenty k fan
for probably about just under a year. We co hosted a show together.
We called it Gas. If you'relistening, you'll love this. Oh Gas,
I love you. I used tocome on gas is show when the

Jazz and the Sonics were playing andGas would come on my show, and
the name of my show, ourshow, I should say it was Steve
Clokey was Area fifty one. Jess. You'll get a kick out of this.
Steve loved the love the name.Steve was a Steve was a professional
broadcaster who was just really good atwhat he did. But we called it

Area fifty one, and Gas stillbrings this up all the time. I
guess no, for those of youwho don't know who's a legend here,
hall of famer in the sports radioworld. Gas, we called it Steve,
and I called our show Area fiftyone. This is a punchline for
you, Jess, as our assistantprogram director, who I complain to all
the time. Steve, you're probablylaughing about this somewhere up above right now.

We call it Area fifty one becauseJeff Rickard, who was the program
director, who was the polar oppositeof Steve, not one of the best
people in the business. Jess,I'm familiar with this work. Jeff Riker
was a program record He never everran a promo for our show. It's
like it didn't exist. You knowthat. I knew you'd like that part.

That's why I can chuckle a littlebit with Steve passing away, but
we ran it was area, sowe called our show Area fifty one.
We had our voice guy build athing era no One. No one will
admit their healing, That's what itwas, and we played that. We
played the X Files theme underneath.That was the theme of our show,
was the X Files theme. Andno one will. No one will recognize

us, no one. They allpretend like we don't exist. Welcome to
Area fifty one because they literally neverwould run a promo for our show on
thirteen twenty k fan. This wasactually after lock left Lockhart, both of
us, Dad Lockhart, both ofus in Salt Lake to do stuff I
was doing, and the thing waswild. As I was doing the hockey
play by play for the Triple Ateam for the La Kings and the later

Dallas Stars affiliate, the Utah Grizzlies. Steve was a Triple A baseball announcer,
so we just morphed in. Wewere all in the same radio umbrella,
so we work together and got tobe very good friends and Steve.
When I would do TV games onFox Sports Rocky Mountain, Steve would do
the radio for TV and then viceversa during the summer months when then they
did TV games for the Salt LakeBees, they're the buzz Back then,

I would do the radio baseball baseballplay by play on the radio for Steve,
so we kind of have that relationship. Steve also did jazz pre and
postgame shows during the season when thebaseball season started and hockey season ended.
I would then do jazz pre andpostgame shows after David lockleft, and so
we had that relationship, did ashow together. Anyway. I just he

was a huge, huge influence onmy career and on my life. And
yeah, I just saw that.Mike just pass that. Mike just tweeted
that out. That's why I shouldstay off Twitter. I think I need
to stay off Twitter. I've kindof I've kind of morphed away from Twitter,
and you kind of need to dothat. I don't need to see
that stuff in the middle of theshow. Is that's I would say this

pretty good, pretty good lesson here, and all of us, me included
me especially, probably need to learnthis take every day and cherish it.
Because Steve just retired, I meanliterally just retired. Was he a live
to work guy, like was lifeblood? Yeah? I think in a lot
of ways. And you know thatthat play by playworld is that way,

you know. I mean Dave neeHouse may rest in peace. Steve Cloukey
and others do it until the veryend. And uh Steve had just announced
his retirement. This I think washis first year not doing play by play,
and he loved, My god,he loved for play baseball. He
got it. He did have achance over the years to do a handful

of games at the major league level, filling in kind of like I did
with hockey. So he did getto live a little bit of that lifelong
dream. He like Mike Curdle,phenomenal baseball broadcasters. I mean Mike's Mike's
a major league talent. And thensome Steve was the same way. They
had very simple, they have verysimilar voices, but they're both really good
at what they did. And uhMan, salt Lake lost a great one.

I lost a great friend and amentor and my former co host.
So and I just saw that fromfrom Mike and it's it's sue Yeah,
live to work. That's a goodway, Jess, I think, and
we all probably need to take thatlesson and take a step back and not
just live to work. So anyway, Joe Shean's gonna join us. Thanks
for indulging me. I just I'msorry you lost year, but uh,
you know it's getting to be thatpoint in life, I guess. Anyway,

we move on, Joe Shean's gonnajoin us. We'll talk all things
Mariners coming up next now from theStar Rentals Sports tests, your ninety three
point three kg RFM sports headlines anduh one o'clock headlines by to you by
Buddies' Goodies and Glass. Mariners wonanother one wild finish last night game tying

bunt Luke Rayley. By the way, that's the first game tying bunt by
a Mariner since Mark maclamore twenty threeyears ago. Crazy, it was pretty
good at that walkoff Grand Slam CalRaley Mariners win it. Mariners win it.
Logan Gilbert six and two, third, six hit, struck out eight
h finished the game with an eightto four win. Right back at it
tonight, White Sox Brian who getsto start six poin forty against the childhood

friend making his major league debut.Kind of a cool little story Tonight.
National Hockey League Stanley Cup Final Panthersdefeated the Oilers four to one last night.
They lead two games to none.That entire series you can hear right
here on nine three point three KJRFM. Game three is five o'clock on Thursday.
NBA Finals resumed tomorrow five thirty.Celtics up two games tonight. God

give us somebody, give us aseries please as well. That again starts
resumes again tomorrow in Dallas. FormerUF basketball coach Mike Hopkins landed a job.
He'll become assistant coach with the PhoenixSuns. Noah Williams, former Coup,
former Husky now at James Madison Storm, hosts of Sparks Night at seven
and worth the Virginia Mason Athletics Center. Day one of mandatory mini camp for

the Seattle Seahawks, who, bythe way, will have their first joint
practices. I believe ever, they'lldo that in mid August when they travel
to Tennessee for a preseason game.Let's get to the great jo Sheian.
It's now time for Ian's weekly visitwith Joshian of the Joshian Newsletter, brought
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Now with the infness, it's ourweekly baseball Finix with the one and only
Joshian. The one and only Jochenjoined us here on the Beacon Plumbing hotline
Joshian dot com Joshian Newsletter. Willtell you about that in just a couple

of seconds at the end of thesegment, and how you can get all
this great baseball information, And damnit, if you're a Mariner fan,
why would you not be doing thatright now? Because our team, Joe,
I don't know if you've noticed this. You may or may not look
at the Major League Baseball standings.We are in first place out here in
Seattle, how about that? Andhave been for a while, certainly benefiting
from the injury problems that Houston inTexas and Texas have had. But this

is a good baseball team. We'vetalked a lot about. We both love
their rotation and especially now with wuwho goes tonight back it's just, you
know, five above average starters.But you just don't see in today's game
some of the offensive issues still therea little bit better than they looked at
a forward. May I gotta askher. I know you've probably talked about
this already, but can we talkabout bunting ninety nine at your face?

I want to yes? What Imean? First of all, who bunts
anymore anyway? But ninety nine atyour face? Luke Raley, I mentioned
this in our update just a secondago. Joe, this is a crazy
stat, Luke Raley. Big thanksto Alex Mayer who does just can can
punch this home. He is anunbelievable guy in terms of research and numbers

with the Mariners PR staff does afantastic job. Luke Rayley the first Joe
Mariners player with a game tying orgo ahead RBI bunt in the eighth inning
or later since Mark Macklimore July thirtieth, two thousand and two. Really has
five bunt hits this season. That'stied for the most in Major League Baseball
with Jacob Young. I mean thisdude, he's a big dude, but

he can run. But you're right, like to have the stones to do
it with the ball coming at yourface? Yeah? Pretty good? Pretty
good? Here we talk about there'sa whole stop bunting thing. You might
have seen Brian Kenny do it onMLB. Now you might seeing the T
shirts and it's true. But whatwe probably don't talk about enough is it
means stop sacrifice bunting, and thatjust doesn't make it as good as slogan

right, stop sacrifice bunting, you'reputting people to sleep. Stop bunting is
piffier. But bun thing for hits, particularly against the shift to defense bunting
again, bunting for squeeze on squeezeplays, well, you're directly trying to
score a run. These are actuallygenerally good plays. The bad bunts are
bunting a runner from first to secondand the third, you know, things
that we don't really see as muchanymore. But a squeeze play and again

grab me. It's a two outsqueeze place. So it's not even like
you just have to get it.You actually have to bunt for a hit
in that situation. Yes, saysyou said, the decision to do it
alone, all of it, justthe stones to do it, getting it
down, getting it down on thepitch that was thrown. I gotta tell
you, Maddy, Yeah, youknow, I think that was on Slack
last night. I saw somebody mentionthe bunch hit for the Tyler game,

and I figured, okay, yougot a good pitch over the middle,
and then you see it and again, I can't say this enough, it
was ninety nine at his face andhe got the bunt down. So you
know, it's stuff like that.We're in an error where there's not a
lot of small ball, and thereshouldn't be. We know that small ball
doesn't win games. And you know, we talk a lot about what pitchers

do in the spin. We talkabout hitters playing three two outcomes baseball.
But if you're a scene at ifyou're a baseball guy, the squeeze bunt,
the two out squeeze bunt off ninetynine at your face is the kind
of thing that gets you going.I think it was Manny Acta, who
was on with us Jess a coupleof weeks ago, and it was after

Railey had you know, one ofhis now five It was probably you know,
bunt bass hit or bunt rbi squeeze. I don't think it was.
He might have had a suicide earlierthis year too, but he had one.
And I remember asking Manny who coachesthird base here now? And obviously
former major league manager about bunting,and you know, like, do guys
are guys good at it anymore?Are guys able to do it together?

You know? Can any major leagueplayer lay down a bunch? And he
just flat out said no, Andyou know, like just it's not something.
And like you said, small ball'skind of gone away for a variety
of reasons and things like that.But it's a skill that's maybe turned into
more of it, Joe, aunique skill, I would guess, it
would say. And one that youknow, most of these guys grow up
and they're the best player on theirteam since they've been five years old,

right, They just you know,they're batting clean up, they swing.
Guy Betting ninth in the major leagueshitting one forty is still the best player
all through his entire life, college, minor leagues. What have you?
So those guys maybe never asked todo it, but I think it's amazing.
Is it a lost art or isthis small ball just no longer a
smart way to play with all thenumbers we have at a disposal? Well,
certainly not something you practice as muchas say you and I get his

kids average players growing up. It'snot quar as much part of the game.
I don't think we talk enough aboutthe way the pitchers are now.
For all the reasons that it's harderto swing at a baseball, now,
it's harder to bunt a baseball.You know, guys, you know people
complain about funting. You know,guys are bunting seventy eight and eighty,
you know, without a whole lotof spin back in the day, and
now you know, every pitcher throwsninety three is the actually clutch of twenty

four is the average fastball, andevery picture has these ridiculous breaking balls.
It's just harder to lay down abunt against this stuff. So you've got
a combination of players not practicing itas much as they're being part of the
game, and the pitches that you'retrying to bunt of the nastiest in baseball
history. Those two things combined tomake fun thing very difficult. So again,
you know, rarely getting it down. Last night, as you mentioned,

he has the bunch, and he'ssomebody who you're kind of a dead
poll hitter. He's going to theextent that you can maneuver the defense.
You you'll guys will go ahead anddo that against him, and it does
leave a lot of space open onthat left side during the full shift days.
I want to say Anthony Rizzo wassomething who's really good at this.
Joey Gallo was something that's really someonewho's really good at this. So I

think it's a weapon you want tokeep in your bag as a left handed
hitter. Even with the more restrictivedefensive rules, they're generally giving you a
lot of space on that side.And if you can pick your spots and
you want to do that, youdon't want to do that with youwo outs
and run nobody out right. Youwant to be streaming for the fences in
that spot, but leading off innit runner on first, nobody out or
runner on third in the squeeze spot. You want to have that in your

bag. So I think, Iknow, personally I look at really and
kind of more see a DH type. But you mentioned he runs well and
he's got this particular skill. Soyou love to see players using as many
weapons as the cand of what agame. Well we were just I remember
wh Kyle Seger was still playing hereand that was in the full on shift
days, like the full shift,like if Third Basement's playing not even where
the shortstop would be like closer tosecond than third, right and so,

and we always ask that question,like what Kyle lay one down, and
it was like didn't have the abilityto do so, Like he's better swinging
with you know, eight of ninefielders in you know, all congregated on
the right side. Then he waslaying a bunt down. So yeah,
even with the shift not what itused to be, although there's still very
much a shift there, it seemslike it could be a weapon if it's

something you have. And now you'rehe's done this so many times this year,
right, Joe, that now everyteam, when you're doing all your
pre scouting, that's something you haveto pay attention to. It should over
time prevent hitters, prevent defenses frommoving your infielders as far to the left
as you'd like to against Raley.I know one of the things that I
want to say this is Russell Cartonat Baseball Perspectives. I might have that

wrong, but he researched it andhe found that you had to lay down
a lot of bunt hits before thedefense would react because there is the tradeoff,
right, you know, the chanceat one a maximum of a single
versus if the guy swings away,now he can hit a double or hit
a home or so you're going tobe able to defend the ground balls in
line drive a little bit better,but you're adding some risk of the extra

base hit. And he concluded thatyou had to. It was very rare
for the defense to actually change howit aligned against a hitter based on a
number of bump hits. But again, pick your spots. Leading off an
inning. The single best thing youcan do is get on base, not
making out. So if you canget that butt down fair more than half
the time, go ahead and doit. Joshianjonis Joshian dot Com, Josian

Newsletter. All right, so Ihave to I was thinking of you last
night when I'm watching this game unfoldwith Seattle, knowing that the White Sox
had blown. I believe at thetime it was twenty eight laid in in
games like seventh inning or late orsomething like that. This year they're seventeen
and fifty. Their run differential nowis minus one forty eight. It would
have been well, it was oneforty four now it's one forty eight after

the Grand Slam. But the WhiteSox are seventeen and fifty two, fifty
four uh winning percentage, blowing gamesand just absolutely as bad a baseball team
that finds a way to win asthere is. They're in a big market.
I know they're not the number oneteam in that big market, but
we've talked about this before. Bigmarket, small market, media market teams
to try to win, teams thatdon't try to win. How did the

Chicago White Sox get so bad?And how can a team that bad matnor
fans it can get worse? Howcan a team that bad ever get better?
And how did they get that bad? Well, they missed their window.
You go back to seventeen eighteen wherethey traded away Chris Sale and they
traded away Adam Eaton and they kindof built what it was a really good

farm system, and those teams wenton to the playoff teams in twenty and
twenty one. Unfortunately, that didn'thelp them at all because in twenty twenty
nobody went to the ballpark. Intwenty twenty one, you couldn't really get
as many people into the ballpark asyou'd buy, so winning in those years
didn't return as much value. Theythen, I want to say, in

twenty one, they hired Tony LaRussa, and Tony Russa was just no longer
equipped to run a major League baseballteam. So at a point where this
franchise should have been peaking for thethree to five year window of being good,
they undercut that by hiring LaRussa.And they couldn't take advantage of it
by filling the ballpark because nobody wasgoing to the ballpark. And then the

other thing was, you know,Jerry Reinsdorf has simply never participated in free
agency. I shouldn't say ever.They signed Albert Bell in twenty five,
almost thirty years ago now to afive year deal, and I believe Bell
had it opt out after two andthat's when he went to Baltimore. But
the largest free agent contract in thatfranchise's history is Andrew Benin tendy five years,

seventy five million dollars. They paidsome of their players, but by
and large, they haven't spent money. So we talked about them as a
large market team, but they justdon't behave like it. It's like the
Mets under the Willpons towards the endwhere the Willpon's had so many non baseball,
financial issues, that they couldn't runthe Mets like the Mets actually played
in New York. Rainsdorf is elective. It's not financial, it's just until

he just doesn't want to play atthat level. So all of those things
combined meant the White Sox missed theirwindow and now they're what they are.
There was a stat I looked upI ran in the preseason preview. The
White Sox have won a postseason seriesin just one of the last like one
hundred and ten years. That wastwo thousand and five when they won it

all. They won the Division Series, the LCS, and the World Series.
Those are the only playoff series they'vewon in one hundred year period.
This is we think about them asbeing failing as much, but they really
are a failing Franters under Reinstorf.You know, they've made the playoffs one
two four times in the forty yearshe's on them, forty two forty three
years he's owned them. And mindyou, that's with being for the last

When do we go to the CentralDivisions ninety four thirty years, they've been
a large market team playing with threesmall market teams in that division. To
the extent that that should matter.They should be able to dominate. Just
you know, they have a bigfinancial advantage over the teams that they're playing
against, and they haven't tried toleverage that. So how did they get
this bad? You know, likeI said, they wasted their window.

He didn't build in depth. Theymade a couple of horrible free agents.
I mean, then attendee. It'sjust been a miserable free age and signing.
They've had a lot of a lotof injuries. Robert you know he's
back now, you saw him lastnight, but you know he's been hurt
for much of the year. AndLloyds at Menez is out. One Moncatta,
you know, Moncotta is probably outfor the year. It's a lot
of things, and they haven't draftedor developed well at all. A lot
of I mentioned the prospects that theyhave were largely trades. They weren't We're

going to draft this guy and he'sgoing to become good. Andrew Whand's been
a disaster for them. He wasthe fourth pick in the draft. Uh,
he four or five years ago nowand he just hasn't hit it all.
So they haven't developed their own talent. So it's a little bit of
everything. If you're going to getto two fifty four baseball, everything has
to go wrong. Everything has goneI mean, it's incredible. What do

you do with Robert Junior? Doyou do you use him to build around
or do you make a move tobuild into the system and multiple players,
because I would assume, as youknow, I mean, Seattle's one of
the team's been linked to him andothers that guy would that guy would would
net a haul. Uh Seattle's Imean, I just he fits what they
need here, probably fits with alot of teams need as well. What

do you think you do with him? I think he's a hard player to
trade for. Obviously, the contractis great. It's one more guaranteed here
and an option years I believe fortwenty six and twenty seven, so it's
a lot of flexibility. He's notpaid a whole lot the catches. He
doesn't stay on the field, andif you're going to invest the prospect capital
it's going to take to trade forLuis Robert if you were the if you're
the Mariners and you're looking to trade, you've got to trade Cole Young or

you've got to trade the kid Emerson. Are you going to put that into
a deal for a player who plays, you know, seventy five games a
year. I think Robert's a reallyhard guy to trade for for that reason,
and maybe you trade for the restthey trade from. They put him
in an outfield corner, takes alittle bit less on his body, it
helps, you know, maybe theMariners can do that. Most teams are
going to look at him as acenter field. I'm not saying don't trade

for for Louise Robert. I'm sayingthere's a lot of it's almost like a
picture sized risk in trading for Robertbecause of they just can't stay on the
field. Is he what the Marinerscould use? I mean, anybody who
could git at an average of betterlevel. It's what the baronus could use
at this point, and there's anupside and trading for him too. I
mean I picked him, I believegoing into twenty twenty two, I picked
him to be the al MVP,and you know he went out and played

I think seventy five games that year. So a really tough situation. I
think if I'm a GM, andI can say this because it's not my
job and I'm not betting my futuresalaries against it. I would probably rather
trade for Luis Roberts and try tocapture that upside than trade for a player
who I know is gonna be inthe lineup but only might be like a
one or two win player. Ithink you win championships with upside, so

trading for Robert doesn't make sense.But if you're the White Sox, now
you've got to get If you're gonnatrade Robert and you're gonna trade maybe Eric
Feenny, you've got to get itright. And that does mean getting high
end prospects. You can't do itthe package that Marlin's got for Luisa Rias,
like the three four and seven guysin the Padre system, guys who

weren't even rated prospects in the topone hundred, top one. You can't
do that for the White Sox.You've got to get the guys who are
going to be the best players onyour team in twenty twenty eight. Well
and me, yeah, Seattle,that that's the dilemma. I mean people
run it that all the time.You've got prospects, and do you use
all your prospects or use your prospectsto make your major League team better.
And that's the that's the dilemma we'rein. I I want to jump into

this before I let you go.Joe Sheen joining us. You did your
your ballot, your All Star ballot, and I'm I remember, man,
I don't know, Joe, youwere when I was growing up and I'd
go to the Kingdome back in theday. I love the All Star ballot.
They'd hand it out the little theold computerized ones, right, you
kind of punch out the little things, and you know, and and all
that, and you just it wasget the pencil out and boom, Okay.

Rupert Jones or Alvin Davis or whoeverwe had on the Mariners at the
time. You know, it's it'sit's we're gonna go down that list.
But you're the guy who voted forJulio Cruz. Uh no, no,
no, no, no no.I probably voted for Jim Presley, I
think at third base voted for uhBut I'm looking through you, so Seattle
doesn't and not that they should.In your ballot, Vladimir grow up first,

al Tuove at second, Ramiro isat third, Gunner Henderson at short.
Retchman is your catcher. Judge Soto, Tucker in the outfield, and
Jordan Alvarez at designated Here, thething that jumped out at me is this,
I'm you have three right, threeAstros in that mix, and I
wonder from where you're looking right now, it's just a ballot and there's a

lot of other intellgibles. Here.Are the Astros the biggest threat to Seattle
in the American League West? Oris it still Texas in your mind?
Well, I have the Astros winningthe division at the start of the year,
so I probably have to say theAstras, except the Astros now down
seventeen or eighteen starting pitchers. Wegot word last week that the Javier and
Arkidi will not be coming back thisyear. They both at tyle elbow surgery,

So you really got to wonder who'sgoing to be starting for them for
the rest of the season. Sowe know the Rangers are getting back Scherzer
de grand Mali. They got JohnGray back the other day. We know
that Chris Young has been aggressive atthe trade deadline. They still have some
that system to deal, whereas theAstros don't. So I would probably flip
that at this point and say thatthe Rangers are the greater, the greatest

one. They're here this weekend.It is we've we've kind of chirpinged about
this in Seattle at thirty eight andthirty White Sox with four more games before
the Rangers come here Seattle. Isthere is it fair in your mind for
us here in Seattle to have theexpectation that they need they this this is
the year they really should be expectedto and need to win the American League

West because everything below them has somesort of blemish. As we just talked
about Houston. Can't you know theydon't have pitching, The Ranger has been
banged up. You already have afive and a half game lead that should
extend by the end of the weekbefore Texas comes here. Is there is
there a reason for us not tothink Seattle should win this division. I
wouldn't have said that in March,but now in June with a lead on

these two flawed, injury prone teams. Yeah, And the thing is when
your fils around pitching, you haveto win in that moment. Because yeah,
we know Hancock miss some time,obviously I will miss some time or
place by Handcock, but the fourguys up front have started every start.
Who knows how many years that's gonnabe, that's gonna be the case.
So when you actually have your startershealthy, you've got to cash in on

that. So and I think thatinforms the decisions that Jerry the Poto's got
to make coming up. You know, we talked about Robert and I mentioned
a couple of prospects, Henry Fordthe catcher also in that next You'll remember
they've already trained a lot to gethere, you know, Nolde Marte and
Edwin Arroyo and other prospects they've dealtjust to get to this point. I
think you've got to try to cashthis in now. There's only so much

you can do. Right If Itell you, right now, poof the
Mariners won the AO West and they'rethe number two seed. You know,
they actually caught the the AL Centralwinner and they're gonna play I can do
that. You know, whoever winsthe Yankees guarding series in the second yeah,
Baltimore, Yah, Yeah. IfI tell you even at that point,
even then, you're still only talkingabout a team that has a max

of the twelve fifteen percent chance towin the championship. That's just the nature
of the baseball postseason. So it'sonly so much you can do to make
that chance greater. It's just likethe nature of baseball. But I do
think if whatever you can do,you have to, whether it's boaster a
bullpen that's been ravaged by injuries,or go out and trade for some short
term bats to fill out a lineupthat again better recently, but the Poto's

winter shopping hasn't worked out. Ido think that after twenty one, twenty
two, twenty three, where they'vekind of been leading up and almost squeaking
into the playoffs one year, you'vegot to try to cash in this particular
team because you have four now fivehealthy starters and that's just not going to
happen very well. And that's thekey because people I've seen people and you

brought up health, and I'm gladyou did, because I've seen people bring
up Hey, look at Seattle,like the window with Seattle with these start
with this starting rotation. Well,they've got all these guys either under contract,
castile or club control. The otherfour guys, they've got those guys
locked up for the next three minimumyears. Like this rotation in on paper
is good for the next three plusyears. But what you said is key.

We just talked about what happened inHouston, right. The fact that
they are a healthy rotation in today'sbaseball joll that doesn't happen all the time,
does it. Do You remember thetwenty fifteen Mets Sinderguard, Harvey de
Grom, wheeler Stephen Mattz. Theythought they were set for the next three
or four years too, and theydid. They never won another playoff game.

That team just that I wanted tomade the wild Card in twenty sixteen
and lost and never did. Thatgroup did not win another playoff game.
It doesn't work that way with Ifyou have six great young hitters locked up,
you can make that kind of projection. If it's pitching, you've got
to win immediately. We just lookaround, Look at the Braves. The
Braves don't have Strider. You know, the Yankees haven't gotten innying out of
call yet. You just can't counton pitchers anymore. And to the extent

that you ever could, it's evenworse today. So I think if you've
got four healthy starters now, you'vegot to push the pedal down and try
to win. With this loss today, tell people where they can get all
this great insight information if you lovebaseball and believe it or not, our
Mariner fans are starting to love baseballmore and more by the day. They
really love it today after what happenedlast night. So if we should be

getting some more readers to the Joshiannewsletter, tell people where they can find
it. It's been fun because thelast couple of years, when we've been
talking again, it's been a goodtime to be a matter of s fan.
Sometimes you know, you go intoa market and oh God, and
we have to talk about the Tigers. Really, but I get you get
bomb up like that from the JoshianBaseball newsletter. Just turned fourteen years old,
so I now have two teenagers.The newsletter at least doesn't talk back,

so at least some days it's myfavorite. But yeah, I check
it out. It is a paysubscription newsletter. You get all the information
At Joshian dot com. You cansee excerpts of things that I wrote.
I just posted those. The allStars you mentioned today, I just posted
those today. I'll run a freepiece later this week. I've been running
as many free pieces because I nowhave a separate free list. If you

just send me your email address.Go to Joshian dot com. Look the
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So go to Joshian dot com.Get all this information again, all that
information Joe Shean dot com. Gocheck it out big thanks to Joean,
Hollie Wildwood Spirits as well. Anduh yeah, I'm looking through the numbers.

We'll talk next week about Kansas City. We just saw them last week,
and I think what you said isreally true. Like I feel good.
I think we all feel good aboutthis baseball team right now. But
boy, Cleveland, Kansas City,Seattle, certainly what's going on the top
of the Al East. There's somegood baseball teams out there. It's gonna
be a fun baseball year, andwe're kind of glad we're finally a part
of it. And it feels likethat's gonna be the case all year.
Joshian dot com. Go check itout. We'll talk to you next tuesday,

my friend. Thank you. Thanksto take care. That's Joshian joining
us. We'll take a break comeback. He said something there at the
end. I want to I wantto kind of reiterate that's an important point
he made about the urgency to win. Now we'll do that and talk about
that next Nice three point three KGFMLive from the R and R Foundation Specialists

broadcast studio back to Ian Fernet's PowerAdvice, Seattle's Closest sports book, snowp
Call me Casino on Sports Radio ninetythree point three kJ R FM. Can
you remember the twenty fifteen nuts,Cindergard, Harvey de Gram, Wheeler,
Stephen Mattz. They thought they wereset for the next three or four years

too, and they did. Theynever won another playoff game. That team
just said it wanted made the wildcard in twenty sixteen and lost and never
did. That group did not winanother playoff game. It doesn't work that
way with If you have six greatyoung hitters locked up, you can make
that kind of projection. If it'spitching, you've got to win immediately.
We just look around, look atthe Braves. The Braves don't have Strider.

You know, the Yankees haven't gotteninning out of Hola. You just
can't count on pitchers anymore. Andto the extent that you ever could.
It's even worse today. So Ithink if you've got four healthy starters,
now you've got to push the pedaldown and try to win with this lost
I was Joe Shean just a coupleof minutes ago Joshian dot Com, Joshian
Newsletter, our baseball guy. Hejoins us every Tuesday. And the context
of that, if you're just joiningus, I brought up, Hey,

listen, you know what kind ofsense of urgency is there for the Mariners
this season with this pitching staff?And you know, I had Andrews last
week when he was spending a rareday with us and not you know,
moonlighting somewhere else on another show,Jess doing whatever else he does. He
is our Swiss Army knife. Idid bring up with him, and he
actually like, hey, where arewe at? Club control and everything else?

And really for the next at leastthe next three years, the Mariners
are in great shape, maybe evenfour in terms of this five man rotation
that's intact right now, being intactand ready to go. And so you
know, when people say window ofopportunity, what do they mean? And
as Joe mentioned, that window eventhough you have guys under club control,
under contract. And when I sayunder contract, you're not paying more those

guys not named Castilla. You're notpaying them anything, right, Gilbert,
I think got an extension or gotsomething, but it nevertheless, you're paying
these guys. Softy went through anexercise last week. I'll ask him later
on. You're paying these guys pennieson the dollar for what they're producing.
Gilbert's and you know anybody not namedCastillo, and even Castillo, and probably

in some ways as a bargain,probably for a great top end pitcher.
So the point is you've got theseguys here, they're under contract, they're
your guys, are not going anywhere, our bell, eligible, what have
you. You're not gonna lose them. They're not gonna walk out the door.
But like Joe said, pictures arefragile. Man and Seattle knock on
Wood has been really, really luckythis season. Now you think back to

a year ago, how it cango different in a hurry. Robbie Ray
hurt Is, you know, hadone start for Seattle last year, Boom,
Tommy John Marco hasn't been a factor, wasn't a factor really his last
two years in Seattle wasn't even activein the playoffs in twenty twenty two and
was hurt most of last season.They have the pitching depth and so they've
been able to solidify it. Butwe all know what could happen and how

quick a guy can go down andbe done. So there is a true
window here and a sense of urgencyto win now. So when you hear
somebody say, hey, they gottime, they can build this thing up
and all this and no, twentytwenty four is probably a year to be
feeling urgent if you're Jerry to Potoand Justin Hollander, because as long as

these guys are healthy, you havea chance the second. But that can
go away in a hurry, ina big time hurry. Look at what's
going on in Houston. You know, I just mentioned Joe's All Star ballot.
He's got three astros on it.Offensively, you know, three of
the top guys offensively at their positionsin the American League are playing for Houston.
They just can't pitch. Seattle hasthe pitching, they need some help

hitting and they got to go findit. By the way, I don't
know, I bring these numbers upfor me now and then maybe they're interesting
to me and nobody else. ButI think they are an interesting dynamic to
look at the Mariners. Just doyou think people have jumped on the bandwagon
here? Do you think that peopleare buying in? Are we closer to
buying in? Where do you thinkwe are? I think we're in an

ever growing cautious optimism to tell youthe truth. That's probably good, that's
probably yeah. I say you're right, But I would say that the balance
of that scale is getting more optimisticthan the FORMA. Well, I bring
that up for this reason. They'reTV numbers now, their TV numbers are
different because you know Root Sports iswell it's Root Sports, and they're top

tier on cable, all those things. We all know the dilemma there.
That's why the Kraken made the decisionto go elsewhere for more eyeballs or at
least easier distribution, more people canafford and see it more accessible. The
Mariners right now, and there's twonumbers. They are still down. They're
down eighteen percent in terms of theyear to date comparison, so from the

start of the year to right nowtoday, eighteen percent viewership from a year
ago, and so I wonder ina year ago they weren't in first place
there. I believe about six anda half, seven and a half out
of first place right now a yearago. But they are as it stands
right now, they're down eighteen percentin viewership from a year ago. Is
that cutting the cable? Is thatcutting the cord? Is that just the

where we're at this world? Butto just to your point, their numbers
are up in June sixteen percent,So that would tell you there's a trend
upwards, like yeah, yeah,we're starting to believe a little bit more.
It's starting to become more of adestination. It's starting to become more
something we'll want to watch and see. So up sixteen percent in June,

down eighteen percent overall, which,God, if you think about it,
how far would they be down ifthey weren't up in June? But yeah,
I think what you're I think whatyou said is right. People are
starting to a little bit more buyin to what they're doing right now.
So they're up a little bit,but not by much. People still haven't
bought fully in. And we'll seeif that happens. From the Star Rentals
Sports Tests, your ninety three pointthree KJRFMS sports headlines and our two o'clock

headlines, brought to you by VenueKingsvenue Kings dot Com. Mariners won another
one last night, a wild finish. Came from behind down four nothing,
but here come the Mariners Luke Raleya game tying vunt late in the game,
first one of those, eighth ina year later since two thousand and
two and two. Then a walkoffgrand slam by the big dump cal Rawley

Logan Gilbert six innings, six andtwo thirds, six hits, struck out
eight eight for the final. Nextup another game tonight, I get excuse
me against the White Sox. They'reawful. I don't know if you know
that jests. The White Sox arereally bad. Yeah, that's why I
was a little scared in that.Uh you know, first couple of innings
there for nothing. I mean,are you kidding me? Four nothing?
You're down? But you know it'sthe White Sox. They blown almost thirty

games this season in that same situation. Okay, that's going on there now.
Stanley Cup Final last night, Panthersover the Oilers four to won the
final empty netter at the end.Now they lead two games to none entire
series. You can hear right hereon ninety three point three KJRFM Game three
sometime in the five o'clock hour onThursday. Our cover starts at four to
thirty with the pregame show. JohnnyForzeln's on the call, so enjoy that.

Former up basketball Yeah, former UNFbasketball coach Mike Hopkins has reportedly landed
a job. He'll become an assistantcoach with the Phoenix Suns. Also in
regards to college hoops, Noah Williams, former ODAY star, former Washington State
University Cougar, former University of WashingtonHusky is now going to play at James
Madison Game three NBA Finals tomorrow fivethirty. Celtics up two games to none.

If you want more information on that, just follow Jess on any social
media platform and show up complete breakdownfor you. Salestorm hosts the Elia Sparks
tonight at seven pm and worth ofVirginia Mason Athletics Center Day one Seahawks Mandatory
Mini Camp. It's mandatory, sowe are here for you as we roll
into the two o'clock hour live fromthe R and R Foundation Specialists broadcast studio

Back to Ian Furnett's powered by Seattle'sclosest sports book, snowp Call May Casino
on Sports Radio ninety three point threekJ R FM. Back at the Virginia
Mason Athletic Center. Jessman's back onthe shores of Elliott Bay on Elliott Avenue

north west. Whatever we are at? Windy out here? Is it windy
out there? Yeah? Very windy, very windy on the shores of Lake
Washington right now. Oh especially,I know you probably don't take the bridge
considering where you live. But goingover those bridges either one five twenty ninety,
we'll sketch. We'll sketch you today. I mean, wand in June.
Why do we have wind in June? What the hell is? We'll

take it over the gloom. Yeah, I mean it was the sunny end.
I haven't stepped out of watch alittle bit of practice. I haven't
seen a lot. Yeah, no, you're not seeing it either. Anyway,
We're we're here to the Virginia MasonAthletic Center. We'll get to some
Seahawks down in a second. Wehad d SC John on earlier. We'll
we'll find some stuff to play fromhim later in the week as well.
As good interview. We've been reallylucky with our Seahawk interviews, to be
honest with you. We've had Georgewas fantastic. Descrige today was fantastic,

Mike Morris was really really good,Trey Brown really good. So hopefully we're
grabbing some guys. I hope whenI when I ask him for guys,
I want to grab guys that Ifind have interesting stories to tell and interesting
situations, and hopefully everyone enjoys thoseone on one interviews. So we had
another good one today with d Eskridge, who has not made much of an
impact in his time here, andhe readily admits that. But we'll see

what he's able to do this seasonas well. And I would just say
I don't think he's a roster locke, to be honest with you. Second
round pick. She probably give alittle more leeway even though he's in his
fourth year. But I wouldn't puthim in necessary in the roster lock category.
So we'll see how that turns outfor him. I expect him to
make the team. I'm not sayinghe's not going to. He should be

your main kick returner. But Chanal'shere as well. Viscus Chanald, who
they brought in who can do thatsame role. So it might be a
pretty good camp battle with him andChanel. Okay, before I get to
DK Metcalf, before we get toBoye Mafe Jessamin. I I the cesspool
that is the world of social media. I was gonna say social media X.

I do stay away a little bitmore. I just find it.
I can't I mentally can't go downthat road a lot of times, but
I do peruse it and kind oflook at it every now and then.
And I saw what people were sayinglast night. If you remember on the
show yesterday, did I not guaranteeyou win for the Mariners? Last night?
You did? And there was andthere was some chirping going on up

until the ninth inning. I sawsome chirpin from some people out there.
I know who you guys are.I've blocked every one of you. No,
I'm kidding, I haven't done it. I don't care. But I
did see that, Yes, didbig Dumper get me off the hook?
Maybe maybe I never had a doubt, never had a doubt, never doubt
it. So yes, my lock, my bet, that was a lot

came through, not even close,not even not even a not even a
hesitation, not even a worry inthe world. Who is Bill K.
Dumper let Ian off the hook?M no, no, no. I
called it last night. In fact, I think even called it to the
Mulleywop guys in the text chain lastnight. So in fact he said this
is this is our Bill K.Guy. Would be a very good way

to learn a very about valuable lesson, even though it's someone who likes Ian.
I think he was thinking that Iactually put money on the game last
night. I did not. Oh, I did not. And if you
think losing one bet would be teachingme a lesson in the world of gambling,
oh, sir, you are sadlymistaken. You are a seasoned veteran.

It is you are sadly, sadlymistaken. If you think that's gonna
slow this guy down, Oh,that would have happened years ago, with
many losses, many many losses ago. So now I appreciate the text or
the tweets. So okay, Iwant to get to a couple of things.
One is I didn't mention this inthe headlines. I did earlier.
Brian Callahan's a new head coach atTennessee with the Titans. It came out

today both teams announcing that they willhave joint practices for Seattle. This is
a new thing around the NFL.It is very, very common that we
see joint practices. In fact,if you watch Hard Knocks every year,
it feels like almost every team thatdoes Hard Knocks right just has like they're
doing joint practices. At some pointusually ends in up fight or a brawl
or something like that. It's andyou know, puer stupidity, but they

do get joint practices in which aregood for both teams and both sides,
and coaches plan it together and theyrun it and it's kind of if you've
ever if your kids play like highschool football, it's kind of like a
summer camp for high school football,like when you go to summer camps like
UPS used to do. When Ithink POLU does a big one now around
here. Central does a camp wherelike say, you know, five ten

teams high school teams go, theystay in the dorms and they practice and
the scrimmage and things like that.That's kind of what in that sense,
it's sort what the NFL does.And you go through these is and and
it's good for all sides. Yousee different players. First time the Seahawks
have done it in a long time, maybe even ever that I can remember.
You're in Cheenie, You're there's nofacility there for it, really and

out here. Pete never had aninterest in doing it. I don't think
Mike did either. So they're doingit this year when they go to Tennessee
for their second preseason game. Here'sBrian Callahan, who is the head coach
of Tennessee, talking about the agreementto have the joint practices. Yeah,
it was great. You know,you get call around as the schedule is
being made, sort of after thedraft, early before the draft. You've
in trying to see who would bewilling to work. I try to find

guys you're familiar with, and sometimesthe league accommodates those requests. Sometimes it
doesn't. But for the most part, we requested to work with a team.
They try to make that work.So we trying to make sure we
had a dance partner because they getfilled up pretty quick with team practicing together.
And so we requested to work withSeattle, known that they'd be one
of our problems likely preseason opponents,and talked to Mike for a little bit

in the spring, and they wereall on board, so excited about it.
It's great work. I love topoint practices. We'll get two days
in really good work against Seattle priorto our game that Wednesday and Thursday,
since we play Saturday. But it'sgreat. I'm looking forward to it.
We would have, we would havewe had some conversations about some of the
other teams that we played and seeif we can make that work logistically.
It gets hard, but I do. I do two weeks with three weeks
of it. If we could,it really changes that training camp and he

gets adventure guys or other people otherschemes. So I'm excited about it.
Love. I love doing the jointpractices, and I think our guys did
to uh Brian Callahan, the newhead coach there with the Tennessee Titans that
have joint practices coming up. Iguess the only downside is from a fans
perspective, probably takes away a fewdates, potential dates for your for your

fans to come and watch your practicinghere. If you're a Seahawks fan,
I'm still curious and kind of wondering, to be honest with you, what
they're gonna look like this year andhow much we're gonna do with that,
as you know, I mean,are they gonna still have the same amount
they've had the last few years.I could tell you this, it is
a little bit tight out here underthe new head coach, Mike Victaw That

was with Pete Carroll. So well, we'll have to wait and see what
they end up doing in terms ofthe number of times fans can come out
and watch things. Okay, let'sget to this. DK Metcalf spoke to
the media today. We haven't seenhim for the most part in the OTAs
He's been here for some ots,but not the ones open to the media.
But here we are with what isthe basically the mandatory mini camp and

DK Metcalf spoke to the media justa short time ago. Still pretty early
on, but what your thoughts ofthis offense to get about all the time.
But like you said, man,it's pretty early. I've only been
here a couple of days throughout theall season. But from the days i've
been here, I like Coach Grubbhis motivation, how every day he's strictly
the same person. He's always motivatedus to be our best selves. So

that's one thing I like about himand this offense I think, you know,
it has a lot of potential tobe great, you know, especially
with the weapons that we have inour receiver room, tight end room,
running back room, and even theO line, the veteran leadership that we
that we brought in this offseason,I think has potential to be special.
Just getting ready for the next threedays, what did you do? I

mean, just work out, lookover plays, watch film. Like I
said, I've only been there acouple of days, a couple of days,
so the film study really was amajor key part of me being prepared
to have the confidence to come outhere and line up and run the place.
What gives you the impression special?With the weapons that we have on
offense, you know the O line. You know we brought in Lake and

George fanis back. You know,we still got the two headed monster with
Ken and Zach in the backfield.Noah, we brought in Farrell Brown from
the Patriots, and then uh,you know me Locke, Jackson, Bobo
Derique, a laundry list of receiversthat have you know, great uh you
know attributes to add to this offense. How would you describe the offense stylish
prepared to get their offense? Youplay that. I mean every offense that

I've played in, from Shoddy toShane to now, they all have their
you know, unique you know variations. But I like the way, uh,
you know offense is very explosive andhe tries to push the ball down
field preparing for this offense. Didyou take a chance to watch Washington film
and his coach Grubb talking all abouthow he used room of doings then maybe

using that as a comparison for placefor you with us off No, sir,
I mean I haven't watched too muchof you Dub because you know,
this is the Seattle Seahawks, sojust taking it one day at a time
with the installs that he's installed forus. We haven't talked much about you
know, Rom of Dunes that hewas a great uh you know player at
you Dub. But I'm just tryingto you know, add DK Metcalf to

you know, Grubs offense. Whatdo you what are you just kind of
getting you know, Mike McDonald kindof what are your thoughts on him?
And then kind of the you know, obviously at Pete is your first coach
here for the first four years,right, you know, Uh, it's
a learning curve for me because youknow, I've been accustomed to one way
for five years. And you know, just with coach Mike, I think

his leadership and the way he viewsfootball. He's a defensive It was this
one thing I don't like about him, but you know it it's good for
our team. But uh, Ijust like the way how he's you know,
open. He he loves communication,open communication, talks uh to each
player, and you know, justhe's bringing his own style to Seattle,
and you know that's what I like. He's not trying to copy uh,
you know anything uh that anybody's donethe past. He's just bringing Mike McDonald

to uh Seattle Seahawks. What kindof growth are you seeing with Jackson from
your Uh, I think just thenext step for Jackson, in my opinion,
is just continuing just to be consistentalong with you know everybody else,
just come in here uh every dayand just being the same player, uh
from day one, so you know, there's no hiccups during the season or

no hiccups during training camp. Everybodyknows what they're gonna get, uh,
you know, from Jackson from fourteenfrom you know, locked from everybody on
the uh Seahawks. So just consistencyall across the board. And would you
think in his different season from wakingthe progress, I mean he was great
with the chances and opportunities that hehad, he uh took advantage of him
very well and uh, you knowmade a lot of plays. What did
you count the last two years nineand seven and obviously the playoffs one time.

But what do you think kind ofhas to happened if you guys get
passed that this sort of thing,and you know, make a goal consistency,
Like I spoke before, like everywe we will play great some games
and then not play great you know, other other games. So just being
consistent and being you know, ateam that's hungry every Sunday or every Monday,
Thursday, whatever day we line up, it's gonna be, you know,
the same team that you see onfilm is gonna be the same team

that you fell on game day.Dk's talk about expanding the NFL regular
season again to eighteen games, whereyou think about that, it's above my
pay grade. So if we playeighteen games, I'll be out there for
eighteen games to getting new get anew receiver coach in prison of Jackson.
What's it been like so far gettingto know him and how's he different from
previous receiver coaches that you have.I think he's different with his approach.

You know, Sanja was very technical, Nate was very technical. He's technical
a certain to a certain extent.But he's really trying to, you know,
learn to plays along with us,you know, with this offense.
So I really haven't had a chanceto see, you know, how he
coaches out there, you know,on the field, But looking forward to
it, he seems like, youknow, he knows exactly what he's talking
about with releases and route stems andeverything. So it'll be interesting to see

once the season gets started. Doyou pay attention to the contract of like
justin Jefferson, it's kind of somethingsomething other received, you get. My
pops told me growing up, neverpocket watch. So you know, congratulations
to all the receivers out there andeverybody getting paid. But nah, I
don't pay attention. Can't can happenaround them with season? You unders any
different problem? How he's coach coach, like I said, man with coach

Grubb, he tries to make sureeverybody you know brings their best self every
day and so like speaking on Geno, uh, he's trying to learn the
offense very long with uh right alongwith everybody else. But you know,
his attention to detail. His leadershipis really you know blossoming right now with
you know, a whole new staffand everything. And uh, you know
everybody's just following Geno's league because he'sthe quarterback. Uh, He's the one

that's gonna be you know, commandingthe huddle. So uh, just his
leadership this year I think has reallyjust stood out good relationship case interview.
Like I said, man, that'sabove my pay grade. I love Pete.
You know, he's the one.Uh he's the reason that I'm standing
uh right here in front of y'allalong with you know John. But uh,
you know, he was a greatcoach for me. Can't dismiss what

he did for me in this organization, you know, before I got here
and when I got here. Sohe's a great coach, a Hall of
Fame caliber coach in my opinion.But uh, you know, just sad
to see, you know, somebodylose their job like that. But no,
I've had conversations with him since then, he's doing good. And you
know, that's all I can do, is uh, you know, just

keep in contact with him because hegave me an opportunity to play in his
lead. That's DK metcalf a shorttime ago at the podium pre practice today
here at the Virginia Mason Athletics Center. Two things jump out. One,
I love DK. I'm not pocketwatching. In terms of Justin Jefferson,
I don't know. Five belie hiJef. I'm I'm not sure if I
really it's hard to ignore. Yeah, you know, but he has a

sense of maturity about him in termsof some of those answers which I liked,
you know, above my paid gradeeighteen games above my pay grade with
Pete getting let go, but Ihave still have a relationship with him,
and he's right. I mean,remember the Pete taking his shirt off with
DK and all that stuff before thedraft was awesome, and you know,
and and Pete, Pete was agreat coach for who in what DK is.

He's fiery, he's emotional, whereaseverything on his sleeves, you know,
the roma doonsay question. It's aninteresting one because a lot of us
have used the comparison, Rollma Dunesay, DK Metcalf and and what they
you know Ryan Grubb with that offense. Well, DK Metcalf's faster like he's
he's faster and he's he's he's thickerlike not many guys are built like and

looked like DK and run like that. And we talked about the numbers.
You know, his ten yards splitwas the fastest ever when he did it
back at the combine. Was DKMetcalf's he's a beast and DK Metcalf in
his time in the NFL is Imean, he's had three one thousand yard
seasons, a nine hund nine hundredand sixty seven yard season, he's got
forty three career touchdowns. All duerespect to the question, and again we've

all used that comparison. I don'tthink I would ask DK that because in
some ways it's kind of disrespectful wherewhoever the player is to ask a current
NFL player, Hey, it's okayfor us to talk about it, I
guess, is what I'm saying.But say, hey, what do you
think of you know, can yoube like Roma donsay? Romadunes right now
should be wanting to be like DKMetcalf, that's all I kind of felt

a little bit of that. Wouldhe answer the question, It's kind of
like, really like you're comparing meto a guy who hasn't caught a pass
yet in the NFL, Like comeon, But now in terms of stylistically
and things like that, sure,maybe I would compare it more with Ryan
Grubb. Took three guys and madethem all NFL draft picks from college,
utilized them all effectively, including alsotwo tight ends, you know that part

of the offense. But I don'tknow if i'd be comparing role with dunes
Day to DK Metcalf. To DKMetcalf's face, that's just men, get
can we get one more in realquick? Yeah? Sure time, yep,
we'd have to do. Boy,Let's get Boy and mafey in uh
and and Boy and MafA joined thegroup outside just a short time ago as
well. He was asked what hethinks of the new defense with Mike McDonald's
so far, there's a lot ofthings I like about this defense honestly.

Uh, you know, it givesthis opportunity to use guys in different ways.
A lot of different people have differentroles, and we can use guys
to their best of their ability andput them in different positions. You specifically
have things compare and contrast to whathe had in the defense the last two
years so far, and it's hurt. I definitely feel as if right now

my roles of you know, there'sdifferent opportunities. You know, you're putting
me in different positions. I'm seeingthat I'm moving around on the field.
So that's one thing I do like, and I like we can do that
with anybody in the field. AndI like how we how we're doing the
defense and how we're learning it andthe standpoint of we're learning on the whole
defense. How do you assess theseason again last year? Uh, I
mean it's interesting. You know,It's one thing to say is you know,

it's a good year or whatever,But to me, I kind of
took it as you know, it'sa stepping stone. There's a lot to
learn from last year, there's alot to improve on from last year.
And the job's not finished. Youknow, we still got work to do.
There's still things that I got towork out of my game and learning
the game and becoming a better player. So for me, it's just taking
the next step for you when theWilson went down to the tas you got.

Yeah, I mean there's definitely playeda role into that. You know,
that's a big part of our defense. He's one of those guys that
helps a lot in that defensive standpoint. So you know, you have to
figure out. But at the sametime, we've always had that next man
up mentality, So it's never oneof those situations where we look at as
it is if you know it's hindering, but more of a thing of like,
now it's time for the next manto step up, and understanding that
we all have roles. We allhave to play those roles. Having him

back out of here for everything withthe lofts, what's that depth you guys
happened to turn back. I meanit's great. You know, it's one
of those he's a key player inour defense and he's you know, communication
and play style and just everything abouthim. And honestly, it's one of
those things that you have but youare missing your brother. We were playing
last year, so now you havethat chance to play back with them and
together like another year with them.So if anything carries over from the scheme

they I mean, there's you know, football. At the end of the
day, it's it's just you havea job. You got to defend them,
stop them from scoring touchdowns. Youknow, you're doing the same things
as that standpoint, But every schemeis different. Every team and every defense
has their own implications and things thatthey do in their scheme that is different.
So you just got to learn itup and understand that you have to
be ready for whatever they throw atyou. Different stop puts difference if you're

new the same Uh yeah, Imiss still an outside linebacker at the end
of the day. You know,I still got to rush the pastor I
still got to do my job,play the run, set the edge.
So at the standpoint of what amI doing, I'm still doing the same
thing. So we just have theopportunity to learn new things and learn more
and have a different role and biggerrole in the defense. You've got a
new defensive coordinator added Thirday, who'svery hands on with the defensive lineup to

cook the line in Dallas. Whathas that been like so far, getting
to know him, getting to workwith him on the practice school. I
mean it's honestly great. You know, we we go really in depth through
everything so I feel the attention todetail and everything we're doing and how we're
focusing on ball, and how we'refocusing how to you know, basically make
yourself have the best opportunity pre snapand focusing on those things and putting yourself
in the best position. It's beengreat to be able to have that mindset

and what he's teaching us and whatwe're learning from him. I've definitely enjoyed
that. A lot of guys upfront are several guys we've talked to when
you we've talked about kind of beingmoved around more maybe than the kind of
better the past. Is there isthere a talent that all or does it
taste of learning and things like thatto God of learn it? If you
bet, it definitely does. Imean it's you know, you're learning more
positions you're not, you know,strictly playing on the outside. You have

wherever you want to be. Youcould be off the ball, on the
ball, over the center, whereveryou want to put up somebody. So
having that opportunity to learn and justhaving that chance to learn it heigh ends
your football IQ and heightens everything you'relearning. So honestly, I think it's
great, and I think it's somethingthat we want. You know, as
a team, we're learning it andonce you get a dialed in know,
once we get everything cooking, I'mexcited to see what it will look like.

You think about Mike and Donald onhis funtion side, I'm learning a
lot. You know, he's aguy, he's still I can tell he
watches ball and I can tell howmuch he really he's died on his details.
He's a very detail oriented person andso for us, it's one of
those things that you have to matchthat energy and make sure you know what
he wants and what his vision isfor the team, what he wants it
to look, and just doing ourbest ability to epplicet that boy. You

guys are gonna have some joint practiceswith the tightness is falling the camp.
How different, but of an experienceyou expect that to be having a different
human important against Yeah, that's interesting. You know, I've for my career,
I've never had a joint practice.So this is gonna be my first
time doing a joint practice. I'mexcited, you know, something new opportunity.
We'll see how it plays out,and you know how honestly what it'll

feel like to go to travel toTennessee practice with him for a couple of
days. So you know, itcan't really change much for me, but
more so of just your mindset ofgoing to practice like you always do,
that you gotta get out there andget better. Going back to Michaels,
what's on your culture that you see, it's really that he's setting kind of
coaches set. I mean, theculture is still in defined. We're you
know, we're who we are,and that's the standpoint is he's teaching us

how he wants us to run it. And at the end of the day,
it's up to the players to formthat identity, to form that culture.
And we're forming that. We're figuringout what we wanted to look like,
what type of team we want tobe. And I feel as if
once, you know, once everythingis rolling, we'll be able to show
showcase who we are. Point isfor the players to have a coach that's
really could be back they have beenvisioned unless the players you know that vis

I mean, it's very important becauseat the end of the day, you
know, when it comes to Sundays, who's between the white lines and whose
identity is it showing yes, youhave the coaches, idea and the philosophies,
but at the end of the day, it's who's between those white lines.
Who had a really interesting year lastyear a club record seven straight games
with a sack. Played in sixteengames last season, seven straight with a

sack, but he had eight othergames in which he didn't have a sack
at all, Like, what's sixstraight after that without one, two against
the Titans, and then the lasttwo games didn't post one as well.
So consistency probably the big key forhim to take that next step this year.
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