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June 12, 2024 90 mins
Jake Bobo, Seahawks Wide Receiver sits down with Ian to talk about his own experience last year compared to this one so far. He describes the Ryan Grubb offense and the learning curve in adjusting to it. Laken Tomlinson brings a lot of leadership in a short time to Seattle. Devon Witherspoon is extremely loud on the field, as quiet as he is off it. Ian gives his observations from watching practice this week. There's going to be some serious competition at wide receiver this year. The Mariners are in a great spot in their division right now, but there are reasons to be concerned. Injuries could derail them, and with Justin Hollander giving an injury update later today, it's a little nerve-wracking. Bobby Casper, Real Golf Radio joins Ian for a preview of the US Open this weekend. He gives us his predictions and who he expects to shine. Historical buildings just don't exist in sports anymore, especially here in Seattle considering the youth of the franchises. The Sounders are celebrating the 50th anniversary of their team and Ian recalls that it was his first real team to root for. Who's your first team? What's next for DK Metcalf? We hear from Tyler Lockett who joined Softy and Dick yesterday, as well Coach Macdonald with Chuck and Buck this morning. What does this tell us about where we could see him elevate this season? We also got to know Mike Macdonald as a coach and a person this morning - we take a listen.
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Now from the Star Rentals Sports tous. Your ninety three point three kJ
RFM sports headlines and our noon headlinesare brought to you by van UW KINGSMANNI
Kings dot com Ms took Game twoof their series of White Sox Team Mobile
last night, four to three.The final score had to come from behind
to do it. Cal Rowley camethrough again two hits, three RBIs.
After Brian Woo's late scratch, JonathanDiaz was called up, made a season

debut, gave up nine hits threeruns. He was optioned back to it
to comb today. Thanks for yourhelp, buddy, Thanks for coming see
it. Bye bullpen of Thornton,Bauman, Sacito, Stannic Blank. The
Socks combined for four strikeouts in thewin. Mariners get that victory. Dog.
I did mention that Jonathan Diaz sentback to Tacoma. Brett the gas
is back up here. Katsky iscalled up another pitcher for Seattle Elsewhere,

and baseball former manor fan favorite GinoSwarez could be on the market since May
hitting one sixty one two twenty onetwo eighty slash line interesting. We might
touch on that later on. Thingsare official at the University of Washington President
Anna Marie Casse this morning. Shewill step down when her term ends in
twenty twenty five. Sad news outof the NBA Hall of Famer Jerry West

the logo literally the logo on theNBA logo, he is the logo.
He's the player there he passed awayat the age of eighty six. All
time great selected the Hall of Famethree times, player, coach and executive
Sales Storm stacked up another win lastnight. Took down the La Sparks final
score ninety five seventy nine. Theyare now eight and four on the season.
Let's go. Mariner's gonna win lastnight knocking off the White Sox.

Thankfully as I made a stop atour show's sponsor last night, Jess Snow
call me Casino, Seattle's closest casinoSnO Casino dot com. I was up
there yesterday with my son's birthday.He wanted to go to the casino.
We went to the Twelve Moons,had a great meal, went to the
casino and I hung out in thecigar bar, made some got my app

out for the phone, did alittle parley, and thank you Seattle Mariners
and thank you, thank thank you, thank you to the Los Angeles Dodgers,
yes, sir uh and oh bythe way, and to a sale
storm nice, thank you, thankyou all three of you for the winds
last night. Let's go. Thatwas the only furnest win last night at

the casino by the way. Butyeah, fun times up there, but
yeah, well we had fun yesterday. Jake Bob was going to join us
in just a couple of seconds,got us open preview coming up. Our
buddy Bobby Casper will join us atone o'clock today. Looking forward to talking
to Bobby and getting a preview ofthe golf tournament, the third major of
four this year, which starts atPinehurst number two tomorrow on what is just

a brutally hard looking golf course rightnow. So we'll do that and then
we'll spend some time in the twoo'clock hour. We got Hey man,
it's been a fun time out here. It's we've been out here for a
number of the OTAs. All theOTAs are open to the media. We
did a show out here and thenin addition to that, we've we I
me Greg Jess a couple of timeswhen she's been able to get out of

the studio. We've been out herefor mini camps and had a bunch of
fun interviews and then some other showsas well, including Softy and Dick yesterday,
talking to Tyler Lockett and Chuck andBucky this morning talking to Mike McDonald
one on one out here. We'llkind of have some of that audio in
the two o'clock hour to discuss,including McDonald and Tyler both talking about DK
metcalf, a favorite topic on thisparticular show. So all that coming up

today should be fun, show shouldbe luck going on as always. You
can chime in on the Tullamore newtext line when it's game time. It
is Tully time and miss McIntyre,how are you good? To have you
on if you were here? Yeah, I know, it's it's been lonely
the last couple days. I lovebeing out there too, but you know,
some people need some vacations, somepeople need to hold down the fort
while that's happening. And that isme today, that is you show.

Yeah, he's in the afternoon show, so that's that's fine. I should
mention that there's apparently Mariners general managerJustin Holland is gonna have a media availability
at I believe two forty five thisafternoon for a quote an injury update that's
coming up later on today. Yeah, that sounds honest. I don't like

that. I'll be honest with you. I don't like that kind of goes
back the sound we played. Imight even have you pull that sound bite
again at twelve thirty today to playafter we have Jake Bob on because it's
from Jochi and yesterday, Jess youknow what I'm talking abou oh yeah,
at the end of yeah, andwe played it for soft yesterday. It's
listen. The Mirrors in such goodshape right now. We'll get back to

the Sea X when Jake pops inhere, but they're in such good shape
right now, thirty nine and thirtyon the season, they've got a six
and a half game lead. Dodgersare hosting the Rangers again tonight, who
are the team six and a halfbehind Seattle. The Houston Astros are seven
and a half behind Seattle. Theydid win last night, by the way,
But the Marriors with that really kindof healthy, nice little cushion in
the American League West, and theonly thing that seems like it might disrupt

it is if Texas gets healthy,boy, they get boat race. You
see the Dodgers a team record,a franchise record for a team that goes
back to the Brooklyn Yeah, fourhome runs, Yeah in the inning.
I mean, my god, sosales and graa shape. The only thing
seems like it's going to derail themright now. Nine games above five hundred
would be an injury and a coupleof injuries. Well, you know,

Wu has been great. Now,you could make the argument he's your number
five starter. He certainly hasn't pitchedlike a number five starter, but you
could make that argument along the waythat that you know, he's been more
important to this team than than farmore expected. I just hope, I
hope for the young man's sake.Who just he competes his ass off.
You watch him pitch, He's gotsome energy out of the mound. He

just brings a little different dimension.You know, everybody's got a different personality,
and he's just different. Like youknow, you see Gilbert and Kirby
are just Kirby's just an assassin andGilbert kind of just has that mean streak
in him. But you watch Wuand there's just a different energy level watching
him pitch, and I just Ihope, for a guy that had Tommy
John surgery in the past, thatthe forearm tightness isn't a precursor to something

more serious. You give me aten day injured list, that's fine,
and and I'm okay with that.But man, I just I hope it's
nothing. I hope it's nothing moresevere than that. Jess. I just
I just really just for the youngman's sake, I hope it isn't.
Yeah, but with much less theteam, much less the team. I
mean, obviously the team's number one, but you just hope that for the
young guy's sake it isn't so.Jake Bobo's popping in here right now with

head said on them. How areyou body? You can see him?
Yeah, I can see it.We'll grab a seat, we'll sit down
in our little office here. We'llhit the mute button off. Hear me.
Oh see, I'll put this uphere. You've done this before.
There she is there, she is. How are you? I'm good?
I'm good. How are you doing? You need some windows in here?
You think you know what's weird?Just my producers back to the studio.

Just they cleaned out our room here. There's no more history there used to
be in here. There were boxesthere. You did think with me last
year, the boxes everywhere, allthe old media guides and all that.
Jess, it doesn't look good inhere. It's some posters. Well I
think they're gonna I heard they're gonnaput up like some sponge stuff in here,
like us in the radio world.That's the echo. Doesn't happen.
Oh, sure, there you go. Yeah, but I miss it,

man, it was we had allthe great stuff all you go back in
nineteen eighty five, Jake Bobo washere with this year, undrafted free agent
last season signed by Seattle, madethe squad, ended up contributing all season,
and now you're just a grizzled oldveteran. How you do man?
I feel like it. I'm good, man, I'm good. Thanks for
having me on. What what uh? What's what's year two? Like?

Well? How different is it thanlike? Take yourself, take Jake Bubble
back to a year ago at thistime obviously Pete, different coaching staff,
but a mini camp a year ago, you're a UDFA, you're down on
the depth chart, all those things. Yeah, how different is it from
then to now? Last year thistime, you're you're deer in the headlights,
and so coming in this year alittle more comfortable. Obviously, as

you mentioned the new staff, right, but you know, know the people
in this building, been with thepeople in this building, know my teammates
a little bit better, and sothen it just comes down to, you
know, getting to know the newstaff, new scheme, and and proven
of those guys why I should beon the roster this year. How different
is the offense from Shane Walder andto Ryan Grubb and what are those differences?

I mean, it's every offense isgonna be different, but just terminology
wise in terms of what we're callingformations, what we're calling different schemes.
But this is UH coach g Is, he's dialing it up a little bit.
It's a it's a it's a littlemore vertical. Can do a lot
of things in the passing game.Can tweak a bunch of different things in

terms of what coverage we're getting,what you know, type of rush we're
getting, what defense we're playing,essentially, and so we can we're gonna
be able to tweak that on aweek to week basis, and then we're
we're throwing the wall down the field, which is cool. We've done that
a lot, and oh t Ahas done that a lot yesterday and in
the mandatory camp and you know,we're gonna do it again today. So

it's been a lot of fun.He's moving guys around to different spots and
and just seeing guys make plays andspots that they haven't necessarily before is fun.
It's fun to watch. Tyler Lockettwas on yesterday with our afternoon show
with with SOFTI and Dick and theywere talking about he said the same thing.
Yeah, vertical, vertical And weheard that DK mentioned out of the
podium yesterday vertical. Is there anyreceiver in the world doesn't want to hear

the word vertical. No, Ohmy gosh, No, that's that's what
it's about. It's salivating sitting righthere. No, it's it's it's awesome.
It's it's fun to see. Hecame in day one and was like,
Yeah, we're gonna push the balldown the field and then also we're
gonna get the ball and in allof our playmaker's hands. We've obviously got
Ken and Sharers back there too,and they'll get involved in in the passing
game as well, so it's gonnabe fun. It's it's easier said than

done though, right, Like,what has to happen because I think most
guys, most there's probably not manyquarterbacks wouldn't want to throw it vertical.
There's probably not many receivers wh don'twant to get down the field and have
big chunk plays. What has tohappen for that to work. We got
to establish a run game and coachCoach G's made that a priority as well.
And then our guys in the inthe trenches they have, they've showed

up in OTAs and in mini campso far, and they did a great
job last year in terms of keepingG safe, keeping him on touch,
and they've they've got to continue todo that. We've added some pieces up
front and guys that have been ableto lead on and off the field,
which is cool. You know,Lake pops into endo my mind. He's
been great in the locker room,in the weight room, off the field
as well. But yeah, thoseguys are gonna have to step up and

they will and they have so far. You mentioned Lake, then Toblins in
the left guard right now who comesin. He's a veteran presence McDonald went
out of his way, Mike McDonaldout of his way yesterday to talk about
him, Jake on the podium withus in the media, and and and
he's a part of the leadership counsel. There's nine guys on that leadership council.
New guy veteran though who knows.I mean, I don't think a

lot of us thought was is thisguy really gonna you know, what's his
role going to be? What isit about that dude? Because he raved
about him, We've heard him onthe podium. What is it about him
that kind of separates him from otherdudes? Because he's obviously a big presence
on an offensive line. Maybe that'spretty young that probably needs that vocal leadership.
Uh huh? Any group could heuse a guy like Lake? And

I think it started, but hejust came in and worked his tail off
and other guys see that. Youstart to trust in a guy like that,
and then he can become a littlemore vocal after that, which he
has been. And that's that's beenreally cool to see how he's kind of
taking control of that front and startedto lead those guys. And to be
honest, but they started to leadour offense, offense lifts together. He's
the last one in the weight roomusually the last one walk off the field.

He's always working something and so whenyou see that, you you just
gravitate toward that kind of leadership.And he's done a great job so far.
You mentioned Gino Smith, your secondyear with him. What is he
different this year with a new offensivecoordinators? The same geno and and and
what is what is about him thatjust kind of you that just guys gravitate
to him leadership wise, He's thesame guy. I think you hit the
nail on the head. So manychanges in this building and in this offense,

totally new offense, and he's beenthe same guy throughout. He's intense
when he turns, you know,when he flips the switch. The switch
is flipped and he's he's getting readyto go, and you can see it
in his eyes. And then he'sthe same good guy in the locker room
as well, and so guys wantto follow that. He works his tail
off. He was in the weightroom this morning. It couldn't have been
much, you know, later thansix o'clock getting his getting his morning lift

in. And so when you seethat type of thing, and guy goes
out and make plays quarterback, Yeah, exactly, getting his lift in at
six am. And so for himto be able to do that and then
make plays, you have no choicebut to follow guy, Jake Bobo joining
me. You made this team.You had an impact on this team,
special teams, receiving everything else,had your first career touchdown, you know,

and then a couple others along theway, including a rushing touchdown officially,
all those things became kind of abig fan favorite of the preseason.
What was that ride like for you? It was awesome. I came into
this thing kind of with with noexpectations, kept expectations low, to be
honest, and then just you know, just put my head down and go
to work, and it paid off. And to be able to receive the

support that I received from from thiscity and this fan base was was really
cool. It was It was anawesome year. So, uh, you
know, I'm looking forward to reloading, getting back to work and doing it
again. Both of your parents wereathletes, student athletes along the way,
good athletes as well. Your momand the hockey player. I remember talking
about that last season. She's gotto love what's going on? P whl
and all. Yeah, it's allthat stuff going on. What kind of

support were they, you know,through this whole process for the last twelve
months. I mean yeah, Imean it's you can't really put it into
words, just being able to besupported by those two and my dad especially
just because he was, uh,you know, played college ball and growing
up that's what I wanted to belike. So to be able to have
both of them there and in support, and you know, my dad made

it to most maybe missed one ortwo games, So to have him there
and be able to go, youknow, on that ride with with both
of them, my two little brothersincluded. It was really cool when you
look up in the stands and orjust know that your parents are watching you.
How how special is that? BecauseI know, as a parent watching
my kid play, how cool itis, you know, even at the

collegiate level, how awesome that is. But what about on the other side,
for the for the young man lookingup and doing your parents are there?
How cool is that? I mean, they've they've supported a dream,
my kind of my entire life,and they've they've basically poured the same amount
of effort into it that I had, and so to be able, like
I said, is you're I'm justsharing this with with them and the rest

of my family at this point sharedit last fall and into the wintertime.
So you know, you can't reallyput that into words, but you go
back to you know, the PopWarner days when you look up and you're
finding mom and dad in the standsand so it'll be cool. Man,
is really fun. Do you everhear them like for the chirps they like
my dad gives my mom and earfull if she if she raises her voice,

which I was very appreciative of.Uh, youth sports. It's one
thing if the dad yells, ifthe mom't it just a little worse.
I got my mom yelling at mefrom that's the last thing you watch with
me. I want to throw aname at you for a second. I'm
watching yesterday the mini camp after theshowing, I'm out there watching and we
yours in the OTAs as well.There's all and it's hard because the defense

is kind of limited what they cando sort of that's sort of sort of
right. But there's a lot ofchirping and there's a lot of talking.
You're a basketball player in high school, right, I don't know if you
still play pick up ever or not. Yeah. So so my kid does
the same thing big, you know, and he works out of La Fitness
Football offseason. And but also likehis cardio, he's an alignment. So

he's like he hates cardios. Sois cardios basketball? Yeah, and he
says we have he has have theturn like you know, try hard La
Fitness guy that's always chirping, that'salways trying a little too hard. You
know who that guy is? Okay, yeah, I do know. Okay,
now tell me this is there?Is it possibly try hard La Fitness
guy, but also be a potentialAll pro cornerback in his name would be

Devid Witherspoon. You can't you can'tcall him a try hard La Fitness guy.
You can just please, he's outof my ear. Yeah, it's
the worst, especially when he justthere's nothing you can do to shake him,
and after you know he's gonna letyou know about it after the play.
There's no worse feeling in that whenyou see twenty one in front of
him, like, okay, Igot to catch this, yeah number one,

because I got you know, Idon't want to be yelled at in
film for not making a play here. Number two, and probably is at
the front of my mind, isbecause I don't want to hear him tell
me about it after the play isover. So that's a big motivating factor
when you're going up against twenty one. He's what, Okay, so I
know he's not trying hard Ellly fitnessguy because he's good. Yeah, but

that's what that's what it appears tobe. He's just chirping the whole time,
and it's like, dude, shutup, and but it gives him.
It gives that energy defense, Itgives that defense energy. Okay,
So so help me out here.How does it work where he's that way?
And I think number fourteen is thatway for you guys. Yeah,
always chirping, always talking right tothe dbs. And yet you put those
guys up on the podium or ifthey were sitting right here, they're as

quiet as a day is long.How different are they with a microphone?
How different than in the locker roomand on the field. He was like,
they're two different dudes. I thinkwith fourteen he's different in the in
the locker room than he is onthe field. Spoon Man's the same guy
now, you can put a microphonein his face and he probably tons it
down a little bit. But he'sthe same dude. He'll hit you know,

beats in cards, whatever it is, he's gonna let you know about
it. And that's what makes himgreat. Man. He's a great player.
He's got He's made me an evenbetter player. I'll just gonna ask
you, iron shuperds aren't right.You always hear that term. It's shape,
and that's more like iron sharpening,you know wood. I'm the wood
and he's kind of having his way. But uh no, man, it's

been great. Like I said,yeah, you can't help but get better.
Going a pick second, I'll wrapit up with this Jake bobble with
me. I just it. Listen, Pete came in here and I every
one of you guys, and everyone of the interviews I've done, guys
on the podium, all these things. We all right, what's different between
Mike McDonald coaching staff and all that? And it's hard because I think we
put you guys in a hard positionof you don't want to criticize the previous

coaching staff. The change was made. It's not your decision, but you
have to live with it. Yeah. It does feel though in the earlier
days of the Pete Carroll era,long before you were here, we always
heard the word competition from the limitedstuff. We've been able to watch three
OTAs in one mini camp. Ifeel like the competition is massive. It's
quieter, there's no less And maybethat's part of it because he used to
be thump thump thump music Blair andcould old guys like me or like music

here anything. But is it differentin terms of competition from your first year?
It feels like maybe get with thenew coaching staff, everyone's kind of
amped it up and wants to showa little bit more. I think it's
a little bit of everything. What'scool about Coach Carroll is he's he had
such an impact on just this building, So I think like that whole competition
piece is going to be in thisin this organization's DNA and guys you know,

like you can't help but compete afterplan for I played for him for
one year and that's been something thatI just feel like we've rolled and carried
into this next regime and Coach McDonaldhas been nothing but but support that and
encourage that. And I can't imaginehe'd you know, I'd imagine he'd be
pretty happy. That's that's kind ofhow this team is going forward into into

training camp. You don't necessarily haveto teach anybody how to compete. We
were taught, you know, fromfrom the Carrol staff and his time here,
that that's how you do things.And McDonald has done nothing but add
to that. So what it saysto wrap it up is that that the
culture exists. I think people foryou guys were nine and eight last year.
Yeah, like there wasn't this wasn'tThis wasn't like a two and fifteen

rebuild, right, So the pieceswere in place. The foundation. What
you're telling us is the foundation wasthere right now, let's just time to
build on that. Yeah, let'sgo and you know, you know,
we've had nine OTAs and one mandatorymini camp practice and the foundation is there
and we're starting to build on it, and it's really exciting. I'm I'm
I'm pumped to be back here inJuly and August and get to it.

I enjoy the next two days andreally enjoy the next six weeks. I
have to come back here and feelfree, just feel free. When twenty
one's out there. Feel free justto throw out there. Hey listen,
try hard, Elly fitness guy.Slow down, tone it down down,
Try hard guy, Slow down,Try hard guy. That's Jake Boba.

We'll take a break. We'll comeback with more from the Virginia Mason Athletic
Center ninety three point three kter FM. I wait, Jess, I'm waiting.
I was waiting. I don't knowwhere the music was good. I
kind of wait for the way,don't wait for the wait for the post.

Didn't hear it there? It isokay, gotcha? Oh, I
gotta tell you. I don't thinkpeople always truly understand, you know,
what what it's like when we're whenwe're on a remote. It's it's really
it's kind of especially you know,out here when you're like I'm here by
myself. Jess is back at thestudio and there is a little eerie kind

of like am I on? Arewe okay? If there's any kind of
like in people in our business,if there's like two seconds of dead air,
it feels like an hour, feelslike an hour, and then you
like you have this little panic attack, like, oh god, are we
do we lose a signal? Arewe on what happened? Do the signal
drop? What almost six happened?It's disappeared. Well, we found that

out when I lost the signal.We had it, We had it when
last it was two years ago.Yeah, it was pre it was pre
Jessamine and pre Anders even I don'teven know who are. We had a
producer that's no longer with us.Well he's with us, but he's not
with us. And we were outoutside during training camp and this is a
first for me. We lost Therewas the plug in the AC outlet outside

we plug all our equipment in aswe're sitting under the NBA's out to our
training to training camp out here theVirginia Mason Athletics Center. We do our
show right by kind of the cornerof the end zone underneath the scoreboard that
says Virginia Mased Athletics. We're outthere, been out there since two thousand
and nine. And under the littlewhite you know canopy, there's a big
you know they've got power sort youknow the AC out there, Well,

the AC that AC thing and I'mnot it never got fixed even last year
it was still broke. It justwent out and we had no idea and
we were running on battery power andall of a sudden, everything's dead and
I'm like, oh my god,it and I had I had a very
very very inexperienced producer because Kevin wastaking his paternity leave, and it was

just like pure panic for like fortyfive minutes, like trying to get back
on and dead air and running commercialsand it's just it's the worst feeling in
the world. Yeah, it was. It was craz Shout out to my
friend Brenna Green. She jumped on. She was like, I said,
Brent, I need you to comeand fill time with me for a while
because I've we run every commercial wehave. Oh yeah, I remember that.
I remember you telling that story.Yeah. So yeah, I hear

two seconds or you play a slowbit of music like that. I'm like,
ah, what do we doing here? Anyway, We're back at the
Virginia Mason Athletics Center and it's daytwo of Mandatory Mini Camp. There's a
million storylines out here, guys,and we'll have time next week to kind
of wrap some of those up andcheck in. Our guy, Corbin Smith
will join us tomorrow for his weeklyvisit, and he's out here in person,
So it's great. We'll have himin studio or in the little closet

here tomorrow. But you know,I was looking when when we decided to
have Jake Bobo on. A coupleof reasons came out. One is I
remember talking to him last year.He's a great interview. He's a fun
guy to talk to. Two becamea fan favorite. And three, I
think there's gonna be some legit competitionin that wide receiving group this this this
training camp. And you know,we deescers joined us yesterday. First time

we've had d I think ever onthe radio station has been a guy that's
been just kind of there and sullen. And you know, I think the
guy you heard yesterday is a youknow, feels like someone that's kind of
getting his stuff together. So it'sa great interview with him yesterday. And
then you know, I had requestedto have Jake on at some point and
he came on today. And I'mlooking through the depth chart and you know,

Metcalf Lockett, Jackson Smith, andJig but one, two, three,
After that, there are some dudes, Jake Bobo, Jerreke Young,
special teams standout, d S.Gridge return specialist, a guy that can
step up and do a lot ofdifferent things for you if he's healthy,
and that, of course if hasbeen a big capital if since he came
in the league in twenty twenty one. And then you know Laviska Chennault junior,

who they picked up this year.You watched him up close destroy everybody
in the in the Pac twelve,including the Koogs from when he was at
when he was at Colorado. Jess, I mean he had and I don't
put a lot of stock I'm listen. I hope I never do this.
I don't put a ton of stockin what I see at a OTA or
a mini camp, but there arecertain things that will jump out at you.

Yesterday was a big time challenge.The wind off the lake thirty miles
an hour. Both quarterbacks kind ofhaving a little bit of a hard go
of it, and he kind ofballed throwing to the outside. The wind
would catch it and kind of throwit all over the place. And so
it wasn't the best day for theoffense in terms of passing and catching,
especially as Jake Bobo said, howvertical they want to go. But I

will just say on two or threeoccasions eighty one, you know, like
like a number of polic ooh ooh, like kind of like what was that
one that was eighty one again?And Labiscus Chanal Junior can also be a
return guy. I mean, ifyou go through one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, those are seven guys right there.
They're gonna probably just keep six andthen you can throw out of the

guys Cody White long shot, HaydenHatton long shot, Dee Williams long shot,
and our guy, Esop Winston Junior, who is a really good return
guy from Wazoo is also he wasa star last year in the preseason,
and they bring him back. Andyou bring guys like that that you bring
back you see something in them.So you know, barring an injury,
there's probably eight guys that legitimately havea shot at six spots. And you

know someone in the Jake Bobo,Darek Young, d s. Gridge,
la Viscous, Chanal, Esop WinstonJunior. You know, two of those
guys are getting cut and the easyone would be Chanlt and Winston. But
I don't know, barring injury,I mean, it's it's gonna be a
pretty good battle Darek Young is aguy that hasn't done much of anything in
terms of receiving game since being draftedin the seventh round in twenty twenty two.

But he's a guy that does playa ton of special teams. You
know, Jake Bobo, in termsof what his special teams numbers were,
he played about thirty percent of thespecial team snaps last season. He played
about twenty nine percent of the offensivesnaps last season. But I think because
of his body type, the biggerbody that Jake Bobo has. He's a
six four to two ten pounds receiverand he's every bit that size. I

think because of that body type,he's got a pretty good I wouldn't say
he's a roster locke. I'd sayhe's I'd be surprised if he's not on
the team. But he mentioned ithimself, and that's why I even bring
it up. He says, yeah, you know, if I'm on,
I got to make this team.He made that comment at the end of
our conversation. He knows, youknow, he's but the bigger body that
he has probably gives him a littlebit. Because Winston and Eskridge are very

similar body types. Channel's not thebiggest dude in the world. So yeah,
Bobo's probably got a probably has aspot. He can block, really
good blocking wide receivers, so Ithink all those things help him. But
yeah, there's gonna be some damngood competition that wide receiver spot this year.
It's gonna be fun to watch intraining camp. But what are the
many battles? And I'm we're gonnahear from Lake and Tomlinson tomorrow. I

want to we'll play some sound hespoke yesterday to the media. Doesn't time
out, It's fine, we'll playsome of that tomorrow because Lake and Tomlinson
the left guard right now, he'sbeen talked about a lot. Mike McDonald
talked about him. You just mentionedJake Jake, Bobo just talked about him.
I heard Tyler Lockett talk about himyesterday as well. When a left
guard is being mentioned by skill playersand the head coach just kind of randomly

off the cuff, that's a guywe got to start paying attention to,
not just for his play at leftguard, hopefully stabilized in that position,
Hopefully he plays better than Damian Lewisdid last year. They didn't match his
contract they were. They just whatCaroline paid for him was borderline criminal and
so good you go. Do youdo you in that regard? But yeah,
I think we'll talk a little bitmore about him coming up to him.
Okay, when we come back,a little update on our baseball team,

what's going on there, we'll checkin with that. We'll also do
at top of the hour of theUS Open update and a preview with our
guy Bobby Casper. So a lotcoming up today in the more Seahawks Conversation
the two o'clock hour, all comingup right here from Jess A barren little
closet that we're in. No,I was just gonna say it's crazy because
I haven't seen it ever without allof that. I'll be honest with you,

I missed it because I'd sit thereand pull out like the nineteen eighty
five Yearbook or the nineteen ninety oneMedia Guide, miss little look at Yeah,
yeah, yeah, I miss it. So yeah, kind of bummer.
All right, We'll come back withmore from the Virginia Mason Athletics in
our nine three point three k DFMLive from the R and R Foundation Specialist
Broadcast Studio. Back to Ian Furnancepower advice, Seattle's closest sports book snop.

Call me Casino on Sports Radio ninetythree point three kjr fm'or back
of the Virginia Mason Athletics Center ona Wednesday afternoon. I hope you're enjoying
your week. Hope it's going well. Father's Day coming up on Sunday,

Sunday Sunday. Good times out there. So anyway, we're gonna get to
a lot of stuff, including golftoday. Coming up at noon, we'll
check in with Bobby Casper, RealGolf for Radio. He'll join us with
a US Open preview, which shouldbe a real I mean FREUS golf fans.
Should be a great turn of thisweekend. We'll get a daily power
play preview tonights both too well.Actually two games are gonna put preview tonight.

We'll talk two games. We'll talkabout one. Stanley Cup Final resumes
tomorrow. We can hear that gameright here in nine three point three KJRFM,
and then game seven tonight American HockeyLeague playoffs as our friends the Coachella
Valley Firebirds awaiting the winner of theHershey Series and see if they indeed win
Hershey's in Cleveland, So we'll findout how that one goes. So lot's
going on tonight. We'll get toall that. Urners last night beat the

White Sox four to three, seasonhigh nine games above five hundred. Pinch
me, wake me up? Isthis true, Jess. I can't believe
this is happening right now. Iknow, and I think that it's funny
because I'm still I'm still cautiously optimistic. Well, listen, nobody should be
blamed for being cautious or cautiously optimisticwith this team. Greg was talking on

his show earlier about Greg and Chrisboth were discussing. Yeah, I remember
when we had Dave Sims on andhe was really dismissive when people were criticizing
the team after a slow start,and they were kind of laughing about it.
And I guess, you know,Greg and sims have talked about it.
Here's the thing. And I loveyou Dave Simms. I do.
He's a good dude. He listen. I know he voted for me for

and helped me with the Ward acouple of years ago, and so I'm
a Simsy fan. I liked theguy a lot. I understand when you're
with the team close to the team, work for the team, you have
a different viewpoint, I think thanothers that aren't that close. And he
was right. It was way early. It was incredibly early for anybody to
be too stressed out. Except forthis. The history of this franchise has

got to be taken into account.And there are a lot of teams right
now in baseball that if they werenine games above five hundred, it would
be no big deal. For thisfranchise, where they've been in the last
almost three decades, it's a verybig deal. Where they've been for fifty
years, it's a very big deal. And so, yeah, there was
a lot of a lot of peoplethat were, you know, stressed out

with that bad early start, especiallywith an offseason that frankly, they didn't
do a lot. And the funnything is with the offseason, Luke Raley's
starting to come around, you know, he's starting to kind of get things
going. Ralely now batting two toeighty one with a couple three doubles,
a couple home runs, five RBIsa nine to twenty four ops in his
last eleven games, So he's heatingup. Mitch Garber heating up a little

bit as well too, But reallyit wasn't like a great offseason. It
wasn't an off season got people alot real excited. This team's doing it
with pitching. The Mariner's starting pitchingspitchers have allowed three or fewer runs in
fourteen of their last seventeen games.Their starting pitching is what we expected it
to be, and that is elitelevel. Top end can give you a
chance and should give you a chanceto win every single night. So when

they started out slow and they weren'thitting and they still aren't hitting a ton,
then yeah, there's going to bereason for people to be pessimistic.
And it's called history. That's whywe study history in school. It teaches
us things. It teaches us whatto expect, and what we've seen in
the past can kind of be aprecursor and maybe, you know, warn
us a little bit what's going tohappen in the future. And for this
baseball team, that's why. Butnow is time to enjoy it. With

nine games above five hundred with ahealthy lead. We talked about that earlier.
The only thing that can disrupt thisI mentioned it is an injury and
we're gonna find out later today.It sounds like Hollander is going to talk
before the game down at T MobilePark about give an a quote injury update.
We assume maybe it's France, asJess whispered in a break to me,
I think it's probably Wu. Maybeit is both guys. I don't

I'll be honest with you. Franceto me is as big a concern as
WU is, and for a lotof reasons. I just mentioned what the
starting pitching is done, and he'sa big, big part of that.
Starting pitching rotation has been good.He's been better, frankly lately than Miller
has been. But we talked yesterday. I want to play this sound by
one more time because I think itjust bears mentioning. It's a good thing
to kind of re establish where we'reat. Joshian joined us every Tuesday Joshian

Newsletter Jochian dot com, and hetalked about yesterday. I said, Hey,
should there be a sense of urgency, even though because this pitching staff
is under club control, they havethese guys for a while, they're not
going anywhere. But should there bea sense of urgency for the organization to
win right now? Strike while theiron's hot? So to speak because they

have such good starting pitching, andhe brought up some examples. Can you
remember the twenty fifteen Mets Synderguard Harveyto Grom Wheeler Stephen Matz. They thought
they were set for the next threeor four years too, and they did.
They never want another playoff game.That team just that did want to
made a wild card in twenty sixteenand lost and never did. That group

did not win another playoff game.It doesn't work that way. If you
have six great young hitters locked up, you can make that kind of projection.
If it's pitching, you've got towin immediately. We just look around,
look at the Braves. The Bravesdon't have Strider. You know,
the Yankees haven't gotten inning out ofcalling it. You just can't count on
pitchers anymore. And to the extentthat you ever could, it's even worse
today. So I think, ifyou've got four healthy starters, now you've

got to push the pedal down andtry to win with this lost one hundred
percent. Man, I just youhave to do that now. The other
thing they're doing, which they should, they're beating up a team that they
should beat up. Two more againstthe White Sox before Texas comes to town.
I mean there is there is areally strong scenario with Texas having a
couple more games against the Dodgers,Seattle could be eight and a half up

in the American League West over theTexas ran They could be eight and a
half up when the Rangers come totown for a weekend series against Seattle.
Can you imagine just eight and ahalf game lead on June? What would
that be? June fourteenth? Right? So yeah, is that Friday?
Wow, wouldn't that be something?Wouldn't that? But they still are a
team that needs some things to changeand a blemish on the screen. So

yeah, they need to get betteroffensively. They had a hope, like
hell, we get good news todayabout WU, hopefully we get some good
news about France as well, althoughagain I don't think that's I think Wu's
a little bit more significant. Youstart losing pictures, Like Joe just said,
they might be under club control,but clubs can't control health and that's
the biggest concern you have. Allright, Well, take a break,
come back, Bobby Casper, RealGolf Radio. We're talking all things US

open coming up next now from theStar Rentals Sports to US Jordan ninety three
point three k JR FM sports headlines, Bye Buddy's good as a glass always
four twenty Buddies Manners took Game twoseries with the White Sox Team Mobile last
night four to three. The finalscore. MS had to come from behind
to get that win. Cal Rawleyonce again comes through big a couple of

hits three RBIs mister Lake game heroicshimself. Brian Wu was a late scratch
don as the Diaz called up.Made the season debut, didn't perform all
that well. Nine hits, threeruns, couple home runs, gave up
as well, struck out four.He was sent down today. Brett de
gust was called up in a rostermove for the Mariners. Bullpen Thornton Bauman,
Sacito Stanic blank the Socks, thoughthey combined for four strikeouts to get

the victory. We're hearing that JustinHollander will make a statement or we'll have
an update on injuries for the Marinerscoming up at about two forty five at
Team Mobile Park this afternoon. Elsewherein baseball, Gino Suarez might be on
the market. Interesting had a hotstart to the seasons. It's May He's
hitting one to sixty eighty. That'shis slash run. Probably not as good

as you're getting from Rojas right now, though, if we're being honest for
ourselves also we should mention last nightHouston was a winner at San Francisco,
but the Rangers got so lacked bythe Dodgers. So the m's up right
now six and a half games inthe American League West. Other news going
on out there, Anna Marie Casse, Washington president at the UM, big
part of why Washington moved to theBig ten and out. She will be

stepping down officially when her term endsin twenty twenty five. That news was
kind of first reported by our ownDave Softy Maller a long time ago,
but the Huskies made it an officialtoday. What Softy told us a few
months ago. Sad news out ofthe NBA Hall of Famer Jerry West passes
away at the age of eighty six. All time great selected the Hall of
Fame three times player, coach andexecutive in the Storm got another win last

night, took down the La Sparksninety five seventy nine. They are now
eight and four on the season.Live from the R and R Foundation,
specialists broadcast studio back to Ian Fernetz, powered by Seattle's closest sportsbook Snop call
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golf challenges up. It is atnight three KGr dot com. That's ninety
three to three KJR dot com.You can sign up now your chance to
win some golf at gamble Sands andmuch more. Go check it out at
ninety three to three KJR dot com. The third of our four majors is
tomorrow, starts AT's Pinehurst. Itis the US Open. Joining us right
now on the Beacon Plumbing hotline frombeautiful Salt Lake City or Pinehurst. Not

sure where he's at right now,our good friend, Yes, indeed,
it is from Real Golf Radio.Bobby cast Hi, Bobby, how are
you? Ian? I am doinggreat? How are you? I'm very
very good, my friend. I'mgetting ready. I love this event.
Love all the majors. This onejust kind of jumps out because of just
the absolute train wreck that can beprovided by the USGA. We saw that

here at Chambers Bay ten years ago. Hey, before I get into this
tournament this this week, let melet me stay local. Here for a
second. I know you were uphere. You and Brian were up here
in twenty fifteen when we had theUS Open at Chambers Bay. There were
a lot of things that went wrongwith the golf of course, whether it
was related part of it Mike Davisrefusal from the USGA to water the greens,

and the greens were frankly not ingreat shape anyway. But then the
fact that they didn't really all thatwater rescue grass too, and now the
greens are different. Yeah, allthose things kind of took place. We
expected to see a US Open backhere at some point. Now I think
the earliest that it would be availablewill be twenty forty or twenty thirty eight,
just way down the road with allthe other announcements. What do you

think went wrong at Chambers Bay andwho's to blame? Well, you know,
there's a few things. It's toughto get crowds around that golf course
with all the dunes and you know, and there were people getting hurt in
that kind of thing, So Ithink that might have been part of it.
It was a relatively new golf coursethat might have been part of it.

Also, the greens with the fescuegrass like you would see over in
the British Isles on a links courseover there that that could have been part
of it. And then as yousaid, Mike Davis and the grounds committee,
like you said, refuse to putwater on the golf course. They

wanted to make it kind of weirdand tough and everything like that. Mike
Davis is no longer with with theagronomy and the grounds and it's it's a
different setup now. So now wehave for for competitions. Uh, we
have John Bodenhammer who's from your partof the Neck of the Woods up there

in the Pacific Northwest, who alsoplayed at BYU, who was a teammate
of mine, and uh, andhe's a great guy, and he wants
the golf course to be extremely tough, but he wants to be he wants
it to be fair. He wantsthe guys they have to hit every club
in their bag and use their theirfifteenth club, which is the six or
eight inches in between their ears,to figure out and play the golf course

is the best that they can.This one going to be a really tough
one and uh, but it's it'sgoing to be a great test and the
guys understand that from the get go. Do you just real quick before we
go to Pinehurst, do you believethat with Chambers Bay was it was the
golf course and could the golf coursebe good enough to host something again out
there? Oh? Yeah, absolutelyabsolutely. I love Chambers Bay. I

loved it being there on the soundand uh, I love the view of
everything. And the golf course isa great golf course. We had a
chance to play it in the mediaday and it was it was awesome.
Yes, I think I think theywill that that could hold a different one
another one, whether it's a USOpen or a PGA Championship. But I

think since they've had a US Openthere before, I think that's probably what
will be the next one. It'sjust you know, they still have I
in. They still have some somedates open or some years open, so
it could be something that could fitin. But one of the things that
they've done is they created these anchorthese anchor courses now and you've got Pinehurst,
which is kind of the cradle ofgolf, of American golf. You've

got uh uh, there's two othersbesides that that are in that anchored kind
of position. And they'll go backto these courses like every five to seven
years, and they're helping put infrastructurein with these courses. So like here
at Pinehurst, they've buried a bunchof water lines for all the concessions,

They've buried elect a bunch of electricallines, so they're not going to have
to use generators when they come backhere. So there's all kinds of things
that they're doing at these anchor spots. Oakmont's another one, as Shinnecock is
another one. I think Marion couldsee one and uh so it's maybe uh

wingfoot, but you know, andthen it then it leaves less openings for
other courses. But I think they'llbring it back there. I do.
I really do so. Bobby castfor joining US Real Golf Radio preview.
US Open starts tomorrow and h andagain we'll have all the updates for you.
We'll also have to make sure yougo check out our uh Major Golf
Challenge at night three three KJR dotcom as well. There one other one

other non US Open question, ButI think this is also something that is
that's on the mind of everyone.It feels like there is a maybe we've
taken another step forward to some sortof mending of or blending of the Live
Tour and the PGA Tour. What'sthe latest? What are you guys,
what are you guys hearing from theplayers and those involved with the game of
golf about, you know, bringingthe game back together. Well, you

know what's interesting is, you know, I was talking with a lot of
we've been we had lunch with someof some other medium members, some people
from ESPN and some other writers todaysitting around the table when we were talking
about live golf. And last weekwas in Houston, and you know,
the final group that the winner cameout of, they had fifty people following

and watching that group last week inHouston. Yeah, it was hot,
but still only fifty people. SoI think there's there's some stuff going on.
I think, you know, JohnRahm jumped because of all the money
and thinking that something was going tobe done between the PGA Tour and the
public investment fund from Saudi Arabia.So you know, maybe his agent said

to him, you know, let'slet's go ahead and take the money.
Now, grab the money and you'llbe back pretty soon. Well, he
wasn't back for Arizona for the wastemanagement this year. He wasn't back back
for Tory Pines. You know,he had to withdraw this week because he
had infection in his foot and itdidn't look good at all, and withdrew

last week as well. So he'sgot major FOMO right now. He is.
He is sad because he's not stuffdidn't happen quick enough with the with
the framework agreement, but they tooka step towards it last week when the
higher ups with with the f SGthe PGA Tour. Some of the players,

Adam Scott and Tiger Woods, RoryMcElroy, they were all Rory mclor
is on a zoom call. Butbut those guys were on a They're in
New York City talking with the PublicInvestment fun chairman, and uh, I
think they're getting I think they theywill be getting closer. You know,

they want to make they want tobring golf back together. They want to
they want to get it cemented backtogether, whether that's they continue to still
have live golf, but they youknow, I think they'll have lived golf
be part of the the framework orthe scenery in professional golf, but not
necessarily. Greg Norman, I gotyou that's Bobby Casp for Real Golf Radio

joining US. I hope it happens. I think we all hope it happens
along the way. Okay, let'sget to the course itself. Anybody who's
ever played the game knows how hardthe game of golf is, no matter
how good you are. But Iknow the USGA you just mentioned it.
They want you to use every clubin your bag. They are they think
if in the USGA's mind, ascore of par is a good score in

golf, you're aiming to get par. If it's a par four, you
get down in four shots. It'sas simple as that. We saw,
we've seen. I think it was. What did what did Xander? When
the PGA was at minus twelve,right, twelve under the well Xander,
Xander was Xander was twenty one underpark, twenty one under Yeah, Well
I got my I'm dis like twentyone under part Yeah, I'm just like
it. Twelve twenty one. Yes, I got two of the numbers right,

just in the wrong word. Thatwill not be. That will not
be the case this week. Howhard is this golf course? What makes
it so difficult? Well, it'sit's everything concerned First of all. Martin
Kimer won the last time we playedhere in two thousand and four fourteen.
It was a year before Chambers Bay. Yeah, and he shot he shot
like nine under park. Okay,he blew the field away. I mean

absolutely belue to fill the way.I think he won by seven shops.
And there were only four guys underpark total for the tournament when it was
won by Michael Campbell one under parone and Tiger Woods finished second when it
was won by Paint Stewart one underpart and Phil Nicholson. That was one

of his really good chances to winthe US Open. He has yet to
do that. He's got three ofthe three of the of the legs of
the Grand Slam, but Phil hasn'twon a Grand Slam yet. So you
got to think that it's going tobe very similar to that. You're going
to see maybe one under part fourunder par max average is a ground four
under par for US Open in alot of ten years in the last decade.

So, having said that the golfcourse is going to play about seventy
five hundred yards, guys are goingto have to get the ball in the
fairway, and Dander Schoffley said yesterdaythat I'll hit irons off the team.
Get to make sure he keeps itin the fairway, and add of the
wire grass in the native areas onboth sides of the fairways, you're going

to see a lot of that,a lot of sand, but a lot
of it's hard packed. So ifa guy hits it in there and he
gets a good lie, he's gonnabe able to he's going to be able
to get it out, hit iton the green and uh and spin the
ball. Okay. Then then thethe second toughest thing is the shots into
the greens. These greens are whatthey call turtlebackgreens. So if you look
at a turtle, it's kind ofdomed, reverse domed or domed on you

know, like a like an upsidedown bowle. So this golf course has
some flat spots in it on thegreens and that's where they'll stick the flags.
So you have to be able tohit your numbers to get the ball
close to the hole or to evenget it onto a flat spot where you
can make a part. Scotty said, you know most courses you just you

just pound it down in the fairway, doesn't matter. It's in the rough
a little bit. You want ashorter club in and you're going after birdies
every time year. You're gonna haveto get it in the fair way.
You're gonna have to hit it inthe right spots to be able to get
it up and down or two puttor whatever for pars So and then if

you if you miss the greens,you want to miss it short because then
you're you're mostly pitching up the greenand up uphill. If you get it
to pin high or long, you'reyou're dead. And you're gonna and you're
gonna see Boge's double Bogie's triple Bogiesand a lot of those this week.
So there's gonna be a lot oftrain wrecks and guys that can manage themselves

off the tee, manage themselves andhit their numbers into the greens and are
phenomenal chippers and pretty decent putters.Are guys that you're gonna have to look
at. And it sets right upfor Scotty Scheffer again. Well, yeah,
I mean I stopped by one ofour sponsors to call me casino.
I stopped by st calallb me casinoyesterday. Sky Scheffer like like to finish
even the top five, he's likeminus one twenty, Like you just never

see that in golf on it Isit fair golf course? Yeah, it's
a very fair golf course. It'sa hard golf course, but it's a
very fair golf course. Now.Tony Fenale said last night that there still
is some moisture in the greens andguys that cannot only hit the ball different
ways in the air, left toright or right to left. The USGA

is trying to see who can controlthe ball the best when when the ball
hits it's the surface, okay,so spinning it left to right, spinning
it right to left, that canbeing able to take advantage of that as
well. That's part of what they'retrying to bring out in the player that
wins the championship. So it isa fair It is a fair golf course.

It's a really hard golf course,but it's got moisture in it,
and I think you're going to seethe best scores in the first round,
but then it's going to continue toget warmer. It's still it's it's kind
of cloudy today, but they're notexpecting any rain, so it's going to
continue to get warmer. The golfcourse is going to bake out a little
bit more, and guys are goingto have to hold on to what they
do in the first round, andif you don't get up to a good

start, it's going to be extremelytough. They have a chance to compete
and being contention when it comes onto Sunday. Bobby Casper joining US Real
Golf Radio, Bobby, do youlike seeing that? Do you like seeing
these guys, you know, strugglefor pars, struggle to get to you
know, a red number one ortwo under party from just as a golf

guy. Do you like seeing that? Or do you like to see the
twenty one under? You know,I don't know necessarily that I like to
see the twenty one under. Ilike what Augusta does in where it's around
eight to twelve, Yeah, somethinglike that, and a good score.
You know, when a guy shootsa really good score, you shoot sixty
six or sixty five or sixty four. You know what Augusta which that's out

there. But a US Open isa total different animal. And the great
thing about it is it only happensabout once a year, and you know,
coming in it's going to identify thebest player for the week that can
handle all the pressure and all themental challenges and everything that's going to happen.

My dad was fortunate enough to winthe US Open twice, once in
nineteen fifty nine at wing Foot andonce in nineteen sixty six at Olympic Club,
where he came from seven shots downto beat Arnold Palmer just on the
back nineties seven shots down, tiedhim, and then beat him the next
day in an eighteen hole playoff.And he's won the Masters once. He
loved the competition. Always wanted towin the US Open, that was his

premier goal, but he loved winningthe Masters and all that it represents and
how they honor their champions and thatbecame his favorite golf tournament and favorite championship
to play in. Can someone becausethe difficulty of this course and Scott we'll

talk about Scotty in a second,but because the difficulty you said it's gonna
be hard to come from behind ifyou don't have a great first round.
But you get to the weekend,right, and you get to Sunday and
you're four or five shots back,is it safe to say that you could
catch the leaders? Because there couldbe some of those holes in which there's
a double triple bowlgie, like,can someone sure? Could someone come from
behind on Sunday? Could we havedrama on Sunday? Even if someone is

pulling a Climer and is leading bya good, healthy margin. You know,
I don't think you'll see a guybe a Climer this week. I
don't think I think Kimer was hittingon all cylinders. I don't think you'll
you know, And there are guysthat are hitting me on all cylinders right
now in their game. There's gotIn, and there's there's Xander, and
there's Rory. And you know that'sa great story too, Rory patching it

up with his wife and they're goingto work on that, and I think
that's going to be great for him. Colin moore Kwa is a phenomenal player
and he's a guy that hits hisnumbers. Cameron Smith, he grew up
in He grew up in Australia inthe sand belt and this area is the
sand belt of North Carolina, soit's very similar to what he grew up

on. But having said that,like you said, can a guy come
from behind? Absolutely, because aguy that's maybe four or five shots behind
that goes out before the guys thatare leading the golf term on the weekend.
He could go out and shoot aneven par round or maybe a one
under par round and bulk of theleaderboard. But it all depends on how
many players are between him and theleaders. You know, the leader could

be four under par, but youmight only have four or five guys,
six guys in between you and theleader. And when that happens, it's
a little bit easier to make abig move like that than it is if
there's twenty or thirty guys between youand the leader. I'll wrap it up
with this, pobycasp joining us RealGolf Radio. This is the favorite question

everyone is asking this week. You'rea good BYU guy. You're not going
to do this. You're not goingto put juice on it, You're not
going to gamble. But if youwere Scott, Scotty Cheffer or the field,
who do you take? I think, you know, when's the last
time we asked somebody this question?Tiger Woods? Whoever? Again? Tiger
Woods? Absolutely, And you knowwhat, he's in the same conversation as

Tiger Woods. Tiger Tiger was thelast person to win five times before the
US Open. He won the Mastersand the US Open in the same year
a couple of times. Scotty nowhas a chance to do that, and
he's the one that's being talked aboutin the same way as Tiger Woods five
times before the US Opens. Andyeah, he's absolutely the odds on favorite

to win, and it is it'stough to take him against the field,
but in he is that good.I mean, he is really that good.
And he's got a caddy on thebag that keeps him on the straight
and narrow and understands how to getScotty around so that he can play his
best shot and score his best SoKetty Scott is a phenomenal caddy And with

those two together in their partnership,yeah, I would say, Scotty Scheffer
against the field, tell peopleut RealGolf Radio what you got coming up,
and golf fans need to tune inand find out what's going on at Real
Golf Radio. Yeah. So Saturdaymornings from eight to ten Mountain time,
which is seven to nine year time, you can hear us streaming on iHeartRadio

and SoundCloud and all the podcaster sites. Also you can hear the show live
on online as well streaming online,and yeah, it's we've done it for
twenty five years now. It's reallyreally fun. I enjoy it. It
kind of gets my juices going fromplaying professional golf and that kind of thing

and being able to talk about it. But yeah, what a great game,
what a phenomenal opportunity for the majorsin this one this week, and
I'm so excited for it to starthappening tomorrow. We may try to track
you down tomorrow get a little updates. Thank you so much. Real Golf
Radio go check it out on theiHeartRadio of the app and we'll find out
more as the week goes on.It should be a ton of fun,
thank you sir. All Right,Betty take care. There you go.

That's pobbycast for Real Golf Radio.Scottie Scheffler of the field. Who do
you take? I don't know,I don't know. Should be a lot
of fun though. We'll have,of course, us open updates here on
KJR over the next two days onThursday and Friday, twenty minutes after every
hour, don't forget again. Checkout our Major Golf Challenge ninety three three
KJR dot com. Your chance winsome great prizes, including golf of gamble

Sands all getting ready for the USOpen. We come back. The Sounders
are doing something fun this weekend.I'm gonna pose a question to you guys
on the text line at four ninefour or five to one. But it's
what they're doing this weekend is reallyreally cool. Frankly, I wish I
knew about it sooner. Anyway,we'll talk about that coming up next.
Ninety three point three KJRFM lie fromthe R and R Foundation Specialists broadcast studio

back to Ian Fernance, powered bySeattle's closest sportsbook, snowp Call me Casino
on Sports Radio ninety three point threekjr FM. I'm back here at the
Virginia Mason Athletic Center Mini Caamp underwayjust a few feet from us out on
the fields at the Virginia Mason AthleticsCenter Mini Caamp. Day two for the

Seahawks mandatory Mini Caamp, and thenof course they'll have the final one tomorrow.
It's earlier in the day, andthen they wrap it up and say
goodbye until I believe it is July. I'd love to check that July twenty
sixth, I believe is when they'llbe on the field next that'll be the
first day of training camp and we'llsee what the availability is for fans to

come out here, hopefully quite soonas well. But yeah, we're out
here. We had Jake Bobo onearlier DESCA yesterday, Softy and Fain,
had Tyler Lockett on yesterday out here. Chuck and Bucky were out this morning
with Mike McDonald. So yeah,we've been we've been Seahawk heavy the last
couple of days. Of course,the Mariner is in action again tonight,
taking on Chicago. If they canfinish off a sweep get some help elsewhere,

they could head into the weekend withas much as an eight and a
half game lead in the American LeagueWest. Wouldn't that be something else?
I'm gonna I'm gonna broaden something outa little bit. It's taking place on
Saturday, and it's not the marriagethe Sounders and before you go, soccer,
oh, golf, man, Ican't believe for now you're doing soccer,
golf, and hockeyell in one hour. Yeah I am. It's also
June twelfth, but I will themost dead time. Yes, I am

doing that, but I want toI want to ask a question that I
think everyone can can relate to that'sa sports fan. And I'll start with
Jessaman here in a second, andshe has no idea what I'm gonna ask
her, which is, let's doit cold. We're gonna do it cold.
So this Saturday, the Sounders aregoing to honor this nineteen seventy four
team, the inaugural Sounders team,nineteen seventy four, the first year of

the franchise. Fiftieth anniversary. Goddo I feel old. Fiftieth anniversary of
the Sounders franchise. And with theSonics gone, and even if they come
back, the longevity or the consecutiveyears won't be there. The oldest professional
sports franchise we have in our areawould be the Sounders. And you know,

the Seahawks started in nineteen seventy six, the Mariners in nineteen seventy seven.
Sonics started well earlier than that,but then after forty one years were
sent off to purgatory hell where youwant to call it, Oklahoma City.
So the Sounders celebrate fiftieth, theirfiftieth anniversary Saturday night at Loomenfield. That
nineteen seventy fourteen being honored at halftime, and there's a lot of stuff going

on that day to celebrate the fiftiethyear. But I'm glad they're honering that
inaugural squad. In nineteen seventy four, they played in Seattle Center High School
Memorial Stadium, which still exists,although I believe Oakview Group is working hard
to try to renovate that and updateit and change that building and make it
more functional and just a better buildingfor everybody. And when that building goes
away in some ways be kind ofa sad day for a lot of people.

We don't have a lot of historicalvenues in our town. You know,
Jess, you grew up on theWest side or on the East East
coast, I should say, andyou know, I mean back there msg
the most famous arena in the world, is there. Yankee Stadium has been
demolished and rebuilt. Probably not thesame for true diehard Yankee fans. You
grew up a Mets fan. Shapeno longer exists, right, you know.

Historic buildings they just they they justkind of they don't exist anymore.
They come and they go, weget and that's is there not good enough?
According to the leagues, Well,and in today's world, if you
don't have luxury suites and club levelsand all that fun stuff, and you
know the infrastructure within, I getit, and even just some of the
simple things like you know, modernclubhouses, video rooms, workout facilities,

kitch all the stuff goes into it. I only bring that up with Memorial
Stadium because I was telling somebody theother day. I was talking abouty Jake
Jake Schmid out at simply Seattle.We're out there. Their Kingdome stuff is
selling crazy right now. T shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts that that you know,
pay tribute to the King and stuff. Yeah, and that's kind of
what we have. The Seattle CenterColiseum where the Sonics first played, where

the old Seattle Totems played after theybuilt it as an exhibition hall in the
World's Fair. When that got renovatedto Key Arena, it wasn't the same.
And when they thankfully demolished it allbut the roof to build climate Pledge,
we don't have that Sixth Stadium waswhere the Pilot's played. It's now
a Low's hardware store on Rainier AvenueSouth. You know, we just don't
have the Kingdome. Obviously, gonethat we just don't have historical buildings.

So history's hard Memorial State was likeone of the last standing structures of any
sense of history. And it's becausein nineteen seventy four and nineteen seventy five
the Sounders played there, and theysold that place out, especially the second
half of seventy four and all ofnineteen seventy five. They added seats in
both behind both goals. Capacity wasclose to eighteen thousand for of you know,

permanent seats there like fourteen thousand,but a lot of them are obstructed
view. But that's our building.But the seventy four team is the old
team. They're being honored again thisSaturday. I ask this question. For
me, it's special because that waskind of my first team, not my
favorite team, not the team thatyou know, like I gravitate towards the
seventy nine Sonics, or you know, I think everyone gravitates towards the ninety

six Sonics. Certainly the Seahawks thatwon a Super Bowl, your quote favorite
team. But for me, theseventy four Sounders team was kind of my
first sports love in a sense,like the team that I kind of wow,
I'm a sports fan. Like Iturned into a sports fan with the
seventy four Sounders, Peppy Fernandez,Berry Watling, guys like that that I
still remember this day, Davy Butler, other ones like that. Just what's

your first team? What's the teamthat you first fell in love with sports
with? Mm? Well, andagain not your favorite, right because,
but just the one that you firstremember. Wow, I'm kind of a
sports fan. Was it a Metsteam? Was it a an Islanders team?
Do you remember like your first sportsteam? Yeah, it was definitely
the Mets. And it was becausemy dad was, you know, a

football coach, and so his onemonth off a year that was the only
thing that you could watch on TVbecause it was the only time he had
off and he would watch every singlegame. And so I mean we're talking
you know, could In and DarrylStrawberry, Garry Carter. Yeah, exactly
when I was, you know,young enough to actually like old enough to

get it, but too young tolike really know what was going on.
So I'd say that, but Ithink it has more to do with like
the familial relation of it, becauseI wasn't necessarily a sports fan, and
my real first sports love was basketball. Believe it or not. And it
wasn't a team, it was theplayers. So I mean, that's the

thing, is like I didn't havea team. I don't. It wasn't
the Knicks, and so I justlike players. I guess I'm just different
that way. So my yeah,first team would be the Mets and you
know, later on the Jets.But it was definitely Muggsy Bogues. I
loved him so much because we werethe same height when I was playing basketball.

I'm not kidding him not being thatwas no shot. I loved him.
I love Charles. I loved ReggieMiller. I loved watching the New
York media just destroy Reggie Miller becauseof the you know, the Nicks and
the Pacers had that storied rivalry,and he would do the choke sign.
It would be on the back ofevery New York Post and Newsday, and
so I just loved him. Iguess I drew towards a villain. Charles

Barkley later on Shack. Yeah,those are those were my guys. Okay,
So I'll ask the question four nine, four to five one tell Themaru
text sign. When it's game time, it's Tully time. What was your
first team what's your what's your firstteam? The first team you remember really
kind of falling in love with sportswith what was that team? Four nine
four to five one Tullamaru text line. Also love to hear a voice text

for two today as well. Allyou have to do is go to the
iHeartRadio app and go to click onthe red microphone on the KJR part of
the iHeartRadio app. You get thirtyseconds to speak. But yeah, it
caught my attention today because nineteen seventyfour, you know, going I was,
I was playing soccer as a youngguy, like really like everyone in
our area, if I felt like, played soccer growing up, and you
know, some people stuck with it, some people didn't, but it was

kind of the first sport many peopleplayed out in the Northwest when I was
growing up with soccer, like everyoneplayed. And then all of a sudden,
we have a professional team, andyeah, the North American Soccer League
was what it was. It eventuallywent out of business because it was poorly
ran. And luckily in you know, with the World Cup coming here,
they brought back the MLS or startedthe MLS up and we have you know,
pro soccer again. But the Sounderswere my first, the seventy four

Sounders. I just that that teamwill always hold a special place in my
heart as a sports fan. SoI want to know from you guys what
that team is. What's your seventyfour Sounders? Who are your seventy four
Sounders? And again, I'm nottalking about it your favorite team that won
a championship, because I think mostpeople are going to say, listen to
twenty thirteen Seahawks or even though theydidn't win the title, the ninety six

Sonics are immensely popular. But maybedepending on your age, you know,
it might be a random team froma random year. What was the team
that you first remember being a bigtime sports fan with four nine four five
one telem Root text line when it'sgame time, so fire that off.
Jess says it was a Mets team. Yeah, I was too young to

remember the series obviously, that serieswin against the Red Sox. But yeah,
but that that team that carried throughthat decade. I'm sorry it's not
one specific year, but no,no, no, that's right, But
I mean that's what it is.Like. I mean, I could say
seventy four and seventy five, uhSawk or Sounders I should say I could.
Both those teams come to mind becauseplaying I think part of it was
playing there at Memorial Stadium. Imean there's a big part of me.

I hope just a pro tip here. Adrian needs my advice, doesn't he?
Adrian had hour? Is that?Oh yeah, I'm sure Widian's thinking
today, like what's he what kindof great ideas does he have? But
before the Lywiki's and Oakview, beforethey renovate, and I've just I've seen
the plans. It's going to becrazy cool what they're going to do with
with Memorial Stadium down there in theSeattle Center grounds before they do that,

whether it be one of the youknow, US Open Cups they play at
Starfire or something like that, Idon't know how that. I think the
urf's okay there. I think it'sbetter than it was. I'd love to
see the Sounders play one more gamethere. I think it'd be cool.
I think just for old time sake. You know, that's where that song,
you know, the Sounders seemed,that's where it first started blaring through
the speakers, was back in highschool nineteen in the mid seventies at that

stadium. I'd love to see himplay one more game. But who are
your seventy four sounders? Four nine, four to five one? Tell them
more? The text line also loveto hear your voice text as well.
All you have to do is firethat off by going to the iHeartRadio app
and we'll love to hear your voiceas well. Now from the Star Rentals
Sports Tests, your ninety three pointthree k j R FM sports headlines and

our two o'clock headlines brought to youby Vanue Kingsmanuekings dot Com. Here we
go. Let's uh start first forthe Mariners. You know them, Jess.
Don't you see the Manners? I'maware of their existence. Yes,
every single night to Yes. Mannerswere winners last night, knocking off the
Chicago White Sox yet again, anotherclose game four to three, the final
that had to come from behind itonce again to do so. Big night

for cal Rawley two hits, threeRBIs next up another game tonight against that
same horrible White Sox team that haswait for it, five road wins all
year. A team did make oneroster move today, Brett to Guss called
up a pitcher option, Jonathan Diazback to Tacoma. He was last night's
starter didn't do all that well,but kind of a spot start. So

he's back in Tacomo where he's havingpretty good success this season. The bigger
concern is Brian Wu, what hisstatus is, how his health is arm
forearm tightness. Yesterday. There's supposedto be an update from Justin Hollander at
TM Mole Park later on today andback later on this hour. I do
believe as well. University Washington presidentHono Marie Casse announced this morning officially she

will step down in twenty twenty fivehundred term ends. Dave Softi Maler had
that story many moons ago. Forus, We've had that for a while.
This is not news for us,it's just for the rest hits news
for the rest of the world,and it's official today. But our guy's
softyhead of a long time ago,got to give him credit show exactly officially

official. Sad news. Out ofthe NBA Hall of Famer, Jerry West
passed away at the age of eightysix. All time great selected the Hall
of Fame three times, player,coach and executive. Amazing Sales Storm stacked
up another win last night, tookdown the La Sparks ninety five to seventy
nine. They clumbed, climbed outof their early season whole. They were
at one point what, one andthree? They're now eight and four on

the season. NBA Finals, bythe way, do resume tonight, Jess
is a game tonight? Do who'splaying in the NBA Finals? I forget
what you mean? Who does teamfrom the East Coast? The Eastern Coast
champions? They were Green and Shamrocks. Yes, yes, Celtics. Let's
go Celtics trying to take a threeall series lead against the Dallas Mavericks.

That's a five thirty start tonight.Let's get into our number three live from
the R and R Foundation specialists broadcaststudio back to Ian Furnance, powered by
Seattle's closest sportsbook, Snow call meCasino on Sports Radio ninety three point three
kJ R FM, and we rollon into this hour. Hello, everyone,

appreciate you checking in with us today. Seahawks mini camp continues. We
are watching things, checking things out, seeing what's going on. They are
on the field right now, GeorgeFantna practicing. DK Metcalf came out later
on the normal and it's all thatstuff I'm trying to think what else is
going on. I'd be honest withyou, it's June practice. We're like,

you know why we like to beout here because we got a guy
by the name of Jake Bobo onearlier. If you missed that interview,
go check it out. It's availablefor you on the podcast page of iHeart
Radio, iHeartMedia, and hopefully youcan. You'll enjoy that. It's been
a ton of fun to be outhere talking to guys over the last little
while, so check that out atiHeartRadio on the app. He was fun.

We had d Eskridge on yesterday.We're out here for the interview.
Some people are out here to watchfootball practice, guys in shorts and jerseys.
We're here for the interviews. Jesright to talk to him face to
face. It's so rare that,you know anyone gets to do that,
let alone us, and so achance to get to sit down and catch
up. You hadn't talked to Jakein a year. Yeah, we have

spent a long time since we hada chance to talk to him. So
okay, let me let me getthis in. I really been interesting the
last couple of days. The nameDK Metcalf was brought up quite a bit
with through UH through various people,including Mike McDonald, the head coach yesterday.
Also, Tyler Lockett would be broughtup with Dick fan great question from
him yesterday. I want to geta couple of those in right now.

That would be We'll start first withTyler Lockett. Al was Softy and Dick
Fane yesterday. And you know,the second all time receiver in Seahawk history
is Tyler Lockett. But a guythat many people feel could put up numbers
that rival that and then some whenit's all said and done, is DK
Metcalf And he was asked, wasTyler Lockett about number fourteen yesterday? Tyler?
DK is absolutely unbelievable. We watchhim with awe every single game,

and yet we all feel like there'sthere's just more in there. There's more
to unlock. And DK, doyou feel that as well? And if
so, what is there to unlock? And how we get it done?
Man? I just think that whenDK gets the opportunity to get the ball
in his hands, I think it'sgonna be amazing for everybody just to be
able to watch because he can makeany single play. He could run any

route that you need him to run. He can get open versus man the
man if you go trips right andit's one on one on the backside,
No doubt in my mind, Iknow he's gonna be able to get open.
I know he's gonna be able tomake the play. Me personally,
I just think the only thing thatseparates him from all the other receivers that
get most of the credit is thathis targets aren't the same as all the

other guys targets. And I thinkif DK gets those same amount of targets,
I think DK goes for fifteen hundredseventeen hundred, Wow, because he's
that great of a receiver. Ijust think that, you know, for
us being in with the Seahawks forso long, we're all sharing targets and
you don't really see that a lot. When you look at other receivers,
you're gonna have more receivers, haveway more targets than the next person.

But when you're on a team thatshares the ball a lot and we run
the ball a lot, it kindof makes it harder to be in those
conversations. But I definitely think thateven when you look at the targets that
he had. I think he playedphenomenal. He made plays after plays,
catch out the catch to be ableto help us win games last year.
And it was really fun to watchbecause I saw how much better he's gotten.

And that says a lot because hewas already really good when he came
into the league. Okay, that'sTyler Lockett And if anybody knows the game
of TK Metcalf, it's his runningmate number sixteen out there. Mike McDonald
on This Morning with Chuck and Buckytalking about the same guy, a number
fourteen, DK metcalf What does thatmean to you? DK Metcalt's next level?

What does that mean to the newhead coach of the Seahawks. Yeah,
I think you're not doing it justiceif you just put it on coach
Grubb or Ryan on that. AndI think one, DK has the mentality
and and the want to, youknow, to take to take his name
game to the next level. Sothat's part one. I think we have
a vision for how we want thatto kind of come alive. But like

Frisbane, Jackson's been doing a greatjob with DK. The rest of the
receiver room's doing a great job ofbuilding everybody up, you know, with
the scheme and all the rules andhow we're moving positions and the operation and
things like that. But I think, I think this scheme provides some flexibility
on where we can put DK andand and kind of the route tree that
he can run from different spots,uh, you know, so it'd be

hard to kind of account for himall the time where he's not just sitting
in one one place, you know, for sixty five plays a game.
All right, So listen, MikeMcDonald's he's forgotten more in the last five
minutes about football than I'll know inmy lifetime. But I heard that SoundBite
this morning, and I thought itwas I thought it was curious. Just

from this standpoint, DK Metcalf hadeight hundred and twenty five offensive snaps last
season, So in seven hundred andnineteen of those were wide left or wide
right, so left wide receiver oror a what right wide receiver, so
like on the boundary. Okay,so just on the outside. Twelve percent

of his snaps last season, orone hundred and six came from the slot.
Because when I heard that, Ithought, well, like he I
thought, wait a second, Iknow he's been in the slot before.
In fact, Week one he wasin the slot twelve times. Thirty five
times he was a wide out.Now those number that was his high.

That was the second highest mark ofthe year in terms of where he was
positioned on the field. He wasa slot ride receiver thirteen times thirteen snaps
in week ten, eleven times inWeek sixteen. So only three times last
season was he in the slot doubledigit snaps ten or more. Twelve,
thirteen, and eleven. He wasin the slot every game he played at

least once, but for the mostpart, Mike McDonald's right, he was,
you know, outside a boundary receiver, maybe tether to the line,
maybe not, but there was.It's not like he was at the same
spot every single snap. So Iwas curious when McDonald made that comment,
you know, like I kind ofI guess the follow up I would have
wanted to know was like would hehave like what's ideal for him? Like

is it a fifty to fifty split? You know, we had had d
escre John yesterday and he talked abouthow you got to play all three receiver
positions in that room. All everyguy in there has to be available to
play all three Hughes done a greatjob of articulating this so many times,
and it's true. DK Metcalf asa route runner was was grade at higher
as a route runner last season thanTyler Lockett was by Pro Football Focus.

Take that for what it's worth,but at least one, you know,
set of eyes and multiple sets ofeyes with PFF. It's not just one
person saw him as an incredible routerunner that is versatile and can quote run
the route tree every one of thosethings. I wonder when when Mike McDonald
mentions that, does that mean asopposed to almost thirteen percent of the time

and you know eighty seven percent ofthe time he's going to be wide out,
thirteen percent in the slot? Isit coming closer to twenty five seventy
five? Is it? You know? Is it thirty seventy? What is
it? But I think there mightbe a little bit of a misnomer out
there that that DK Metcalf only playedas a wide out last season. That's
not that's not true. Now,we could quibble all we want about how

you know, how often he wasoutside and how often he he was inside,
but DK Metcalf has moved around.That's not on DK Metcalf, as
McDonald mentioned that that's on the quarteror that's on the coordinator, and that's
on play calling, that's on him. He goes where he is told to
go. When they go in thehuddle and get to play in it's like,
hey, you're here, you're there. He knows where to go.

But the versatility certainly would be there. I think it'll be fun to watch
this season because you know, TylerLockett's a guy you kind of think of
can play pretty much anywhere, JSN, pretty much anywhere. But this misnomer
that oh Tyler, that DK metcalfis strictly a guy that doesn't play in
the slot. In fact, Iheard Greg and Chris talking about days like,
oh, can you imagine in theslot? Well, we can't.
There are three occasions last season wehad ten plus snaps in the slot.

So yeah, he has been therebefore, he has done that. It
sounds like what Mike McDonald is sayingis he's going to play more in the
slot maybe this year than he hasin the past, and you can use
the versatility and get him around alittle bit. But it's not like he
has never done that before. Okay, speaking to Mike McDonald. He was
on This Morning Again with Chuck andBucky. Some great stuff in that conversation.

The entire conversation is available on theiHeartRadio app. You can go check
that out. Jess, what I'dlike to do is start with the second
cut and and Bucky Jacobson asked thequestion. I think it's a great question
to ask because as we're watching practicesout here, and you know, last
last yesterday, I had about achance to watch about the last hour plus

of the practice once our show wasdone. You know, we're all kind
of curious because it's so different thanPete Carroll. The music's the obvious thing.
It's down, it's lower. Butthey've got a big screen out there,
like a huge like a replay screen, and after plays, guys are
watching replays after the eleven on elevendrills. It's pretty cool actually, like

some like the technology they're using that'sdifferent, Like I watch, like you'll
see a play and then like theguys that were on the field for the
snap, they'll look up and kindof watch what just happened. Great teaching
tool, a great part of hisphilosophy. But the Bucky asked the question
where his coaching philosophy was born.We are coaching at Georgia and then under
one of the Harba's and then anotherharbor, back to the original harbor.

Where is your where does your Iguess the fabric of your coaching philosophy?
Where was it born? Out of? Oh Man? I mean, there's
it's it's so much, you know, I spent a decade with a with
a family and really John for youknow, nine of those years. It's
hard to kind of separate like whereit started and and and you pick things
from like anywhere from when I wascoaching high school football with Zavier Smith,

about taking responsibility, taking pride inwhat you do, having love for your
players. Mark Rick just like assaultedthe earth human being, like can't hide
it, like walks the walk,talks the talk loved is like I guess
the common thread is is like thelove for your players, you know,
like and have an appreciation for whatthey do. And then you know when
you get when you talk about Jimand John Harbaugh, it's how how do

you do it your authentic self?How do you do it your way?
But like being a real guy,like there's no there's no alter agenda going
on like, hey, we're nottrying to like show you over here and
punch you this way. It's like, no, like, this is what's
always what's best for the team,Always having your players backs, tell them
the truth, tell them with love, do it your way, and it
kind of empowers you to like takesome pressure off yourself that you have to.

You know, you're not trying toemulate anybody. You're just hey,
I can just go be Mike McDonaldand hopefully that will resonate with the guys.
Mike McDonald is with this brand newhead coach for the Seattle Seahawks,
and you know, you can thinkabout being a head coach, you know
from the time you're five years oldwhat it would be like, and then
all of a sudden, one dayyou are one getting adapted to that role.

What has been the biggest challenge sofar in that role and then what's
been the biggest thrill with you beingable to call the shots of your own
NFL team? Well, it's youknow, it's not. It wasn't like
it always a dream of mine tobe a head coach. I was.
I was kind of I said,I was kind of just like nerdy X's
and those guys that kind of fellin love the development and the edge's portion.

And then for the longest time,I go is to be a DEEFC
of coordinator in the NFL, andthat was it. And then you start
you sit in that chair and yousay, okay, like wow, like
if I were to have that opportunity, this would be kind of my vision
of how I'd like to do it. I think this could really work.
I think this could be a powerfulthing. And that starts to really you
know, energize you, you know, to work towards that type of goal.

And it happened sooner than I everexpected or ever dreamed of, I
guess, but it's been in agreat experience. I mean i'd say,
yeah, there's challenge. I meanthere's challenges every day, you know,
of making decisions and there's things thatyou're trying to balance and making sure it's
that you know, you're staying consistentin your approach. But I think right
now it's establishing the foundation, whichhas been really fun and it just and

that manifests itself in so many differentways. It's little conversations every day with
these conversations we're having, you know, even talking to Dave every day,
you know, we just I meanit's those are the things that all those
things matter, you know, Andthen it's also big picture of things as
well. But I think if youfocus on just the daily interactions, what's
that, what's happening next. I'mproud of what we've done the last you

know, ten to fifteen weeks sincethe players have been here. I think
we've done a great job. Whenit comes to how you get guys to
buy in. I can't imagine runninga fifty three man roster trying to get
all of them rown in the samedirection. But in doing that, is
there a run a tight ship towhere every we're all in this thing together
type of a thing, or isit I want you to be you and
then we're gonna basically kind of pointyou in the right direction. Yeah,

that's a great question. I mean, I'm not a big fan of like
the tight ship. It's like,hey, this is our standard, you
know, and and the way wedo that is being the best team we
can possibly be. The boy,you have the best team you can possibly
be. I believe it's the culminationof having the best your best self and
one hundred of those guys you know, so if you can imagine that and

where that's going, that's kind ofthat's that's a big part of the vision,
you know, that's it's a bigpart of the ad did a great
job at and Dirty did a greatjob with the We have the coordinators in
front of the team at the beginningof the meeting yesterday and he said,
hey, like here are common threadlike why we're trying to win. You
know, I'm trying We're all kindof robbing the same train here, but
like we're trying to win. That'sthat's the estabt. That's like the baseline

of our of our relationship. Butwhat's cool about coaching and and being on
a team is we're not But thenwe're gonna walk together forever, you know,
So after the season's over, whenour experience is over, like we're
gonna we're going to share these memoriestogether and be hopefully be proud of like
of what we you know, puton tape and the memories that have and
that's the stuff that really matters.And that's that's the really cool stuff.
You can come back and look andsee what you're a part of. You

know, that's what you're trying tocreate. Yeah, good stuff there from
Mike McDonald. I his his demeanorand and his his just how he handles
things. It's just so different.But I think different in this case is
really good. And I think,like I mentioned earlier, it's probably it's
probably it was probably needed, andI think people in the organization felt like
was probably needed as well. Iwant to get to at least one more.

Jess Bucky asked about the relationship withRyan Grubb and how that developed,
because if we remember the story,Ryan Grubb was following Caitlin de Bor,
he was in Tuscaloosa, he wasin Alabama, his his face, his
bio. None of that ever showedup on the Alabama website even though he
was there. He had it,I think on his Twitter page or his
ex page, and you know thathe's offensive coordinated at Alabama. But but

you know, there was always somerumblings and and you know, would he
stay, would he come back here? He he didn't get the Husky.
In fact, he even really geta sniff of the Husky hit coaching job,
which I think is still just mindboggling. But nevertheless, he did
find himself staying in Seattle. Herewith the Seahawks as a first time NFL
offensive coordinator, and Bucky asked aboutthe relationship with Ryan Grubb oftensive coordinator.

Ryan Grubb is a guy that we'vegotten to know a little bit over the
last couple of years covering the Huskiesand watching how impressive he was with that.
I mean, where did your guys'relationship begin and how is it evolving
as far as you being able tohand that part of the team over to
him and him create the vision thatyou want. Yeah, I think when
you're going, I mean, you'relike, you're kind of going to who

do we want as part of ourteam? You know, players, coaches.
He has the mindset that we thatwere looking for, like a growth
mindset, trying to find solutions forhis players, a great track record of
establishing relationships, especially with the quarterback. A guy that's done at every level
of football. He's been a partof turnarounds, championship teams one everywhere he's

been and produced all within varying likewith an evolving scheme that kind of matches
what environment he's in. So Imean to me, it's you know,
it's like, well, what's thedifference between going from college, the NFL.
If he's been doing it all theway from Naia all the way to
Washington at a high level. Andthis guy thinks, like how what we
want our coordinators and our coaches tothink it. So that's how it kind

of took off, and we're reallyexcited about it. I mean, just
then and there's it's never gonna it'snot gonna be like hey, everything is
just fine and dandy all the time. I mean, anyone on your staff,
you're gonna have to have conversation.What I love about Ryan is like
he just wants to get it right, you know, so like he's he's
very he's an open book. He'slow ego, he's got to sign in
his office lo ego high output,which I love. It's just it's all

about what's best for the team,what's best for our quarterbacks, what's best
for us. And I really appreciatethat about him. Good stuff there from
Mike McDonald again. The entire interviewsup on the website at ninety three three
KJR dot com. And I dowant to there's a couple more I want
to get tomorrow, maybe especially talkingabout the secondary. Just when we had
Jake Bobo in earlier and we're kindof joking around about try hard guy Ellie

Fitness, try hard guy in thebasketball floor. His name is Devin Witherspoon.
But that secondary just watching them,watching how they compete. And Bobo
mentioned the legacy of Pete Carroll andnot just the legacy, but kind of
the culture he built. And somuch was made about pictures being brought down
and taken down in the hallway.The hallway that really, frankly, nobody

really sees except for a handful ofus in the media when we walk down
to the indoor practice facility, andthe players at times when they leave a
meeting room and walk towards their lockerroom, not as big a deal it
was probably made out to be.He wants to establish his own identity,
does Mike McDonald culture, But theculture is Jake Bobo mentioned that was established
by Pete Carroll. That's important thatstill lives on in this building. Maybe
it's a John Schneider thing, butI think it is what Pete Carroll established.

And yes, you want to haveyour own identity and who you are.
But that backfield, that defensive backfield, was alway He's a staple of
Pete Carroll, like, how greatthat defensive backfield was was? That was
a Pete Carroll identity, and therewere a couple of years it slipped,
but I think it's right back towhere it was. Witherspoon Brown, Trey
Brown had a really nice day yesterdaywatching him. Hopefully Reek Woman bounces back.

I think if there's a legacy here, not only competing, playing hard,
all that fun stuff that maybe wentaway a little bit, the one
legacy that exists is that great secondaryand we'll hit on that a little bit
tomorrow from Mike McDonald. We heara couple more sound bites from him in
his conversation with Chuck and Bucky.Again, that was this morning here at
the Virginia Mason Athletic Center. We'lltake a break in a minute, but
we come back four nine, fourto five to one. Tullamore new text

line, Jessaman, when it's gametime, it is so we will hear
from you. Read your text.I asked the question the sounder is celebrating
fiftieth anniversary on Saturday, so muchto discuss in that regard for soccer fans,
But bigger pictuer, even if you'renot a soccer fan for me,
the seventy four Sounders. That waskind of my first first team that I

kind of fell in love with.Maybe not the best team, certainly wasn't
the best team. They didn't wantto chance. I don't think seventy four
Sunders even went to the playoffs,but they were the team that I kind
of became a big sports fan with. Followed every game, listened to the
games Bob Robertson, Oh, thegreat Bob. Rob was calling the games
on KBI radio back then, sowhen they weren't, you know, we
didn't go to a game necessarily,we could listen to it. It was
awesome. Bob did a great jobon soccer, by the way, I'm

no one's surprised by that. Hewas great. Yeah, he was honored
to Yeah, he was a Hallof Famer. He's fantastic.
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