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June 13, 2024 82 mins
The Mariners do it again, winning another one run game in walkoff fashion. How? The Seahawks canceled their final day of minicamp, which should earn Coach Macdonald some good graces with his new team. Matt Chazanow, New Voice of NC State joins us to talk about leaving Washington State after nine years. While he's excited about his future, it's extremely bittersweet to leave the Cougars. Ian laments the loss of a great broadcaster in our state, but is happy for Chazanow's future.
Corbin Smith, Locked on Seahawks tells Ian what he saw in the shot time we were able to watch the Seahawks this spring. Tim Booth, AP joins us to give his thoughts on the US Open so far. He was impressed by how much teaching he saw on the field at Seahawks minicamp. Players were out on the field much longer than in the past.John Force, NHRA Legend and Force of Nature is quite the character and tells us all about the upcoming NHRA event here in Washington. He loves talking racing, but his personality is the true gem.
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No from the Star Rentals Sports tous Jordan ninety three point three KJRFM sports
headlines and a noon headlines right tooby Vinie Kings viny Kings dot com Ms.
Took Game three of the series ofthe White Sox tamph inning last night.
Luke Raley game winning run off aMitch Hanneger walkoff little bloop single,
final score two to one for theMariners. Raley the only player to cross

the plate before that. In fact, the whole game, he had a
home run of the seventh inning.Mariners now are sixteen and have sixteen one
run wins this season, the mostin Major League Baseball. Looking for a
four game sweep tonight. Six pointforty is the first pitch. Team made
some roster moves today as well.Dylan Moore returns from paternity leave. Emerson
Hancock has been recalled, Leo Revisand Brett duguest To Gusts have been optioned

back to Tacoma. Despite all theirefforts to let Game three slip away,
Jess wrote this, the Celtics prevailedone zero, six to ninety nine,
taking a three zero lead in theNBA Finals. Luka Doncicic filed out before
the first time in forty eight playoffappearances over his career. He was not
how about it, demanding a challengeof the foul that ultimately was not a
return. Has there ever been anNBA play overturned. I don't think there

has been. It's like the mostworthless thing in sports. I feel like
I've seen it, but I can'tgive you a good example. It's never
like guys always asked for it,coaches finally do it, and it's it
just feels rare. Anyway, Well, Luca demanded, yeah, well,
and I honestly you're bleep and challengethat. Did? I give you that
sound of what we might get thatlater. I think if you're going to
take shots at guys, I'm notsure if that's the guy I want to

take a shot at. One reasonDallas is in the finals down three toh
or not, it's him. Pantherstake on the Oilers tonight in Edmonton.
That's in Edmonton, Alberta, Canadaprovincial capital, so you get champions.
Flora is up to nothing in theseries. You'll hear that game right here
on your home for the crack andjohn Ford is on the call. Stanley
Cup Finals right here on niney threepoint three KFM. I'm sorry Stanley Cup

Final. If you say finals plural, you're an idiot. No you did
not, Okay, no you couldn't. I try very hard. It's the
Stanley Cup Final singular as well.Matt chaz and now is going to join
us at twelve twenty. A friendof both Jess and I and really more
so Jess. She worked with himfor nine years on the Washington State University
football broadcast. He got a newjob. He is headed now to work

for the North Carolina State Wolfpack.Is their radio and voice for football,
basketball and everything else. And I'mthrilled for Matt. I think he's from
back East. He's from back there, and Jazz and his wife get to
go back and good for him.Lost for Washington State, you know,
like when people leave, you know, your school and college athletics. It's

it's always difficult. It's challenging becauseyou want to see guys do well that
you like, and sometimes you knowthey go to say your rival, you
don't wish them well. If theygo to a bigger job, then you
wish them well. And we'll dothat with Chazz coming up at twelve twenty
today. Man, it's a bittersweetday for all of us. I've got
all kinds of texts. I'll passa line to him from Wazoo. Fans

are going to miss him tremendously,but we'll check in with him. Good
time to talk to Hi about thestate of college athletics too, So we'll
do all that with U chass.Coming up today in just a few minutes.
Okay, so that's coming up,Corbyn Smith is weekly visit brought to
you by our good friend Jim ElliottRealatur sold by Jim dot Com two ms.
That's coming up at one o'clock.We'll put a rap on Mini camp

that was cut short by a day. More on that in a second.
Tim Booth Associated Press will do thesame. But also we're gonna talk a
little golf with him and not somuch US Open Love US Open updates by
the way, coming up every hourat what twenty after the hour? Is
that correct? Roughly depending on ourguests and everything else. Yeah, we'll
have it. Actually in the nextbreak, we'll have one. Oh okay

coming up, so say well yeah, just depending on that, yeah,
but usually around twenty half, soeither twelve after twenty after we'll those we'll
have those updates for you. Sothat's coming up, so we'll check in
with Corbyn Smith and but Tim Boothis going to join us. It's ten
years now since we had the USOpen here at Chambers Bay, as the
Pinehurst is hosting today. And ifyou remember ten years ago, we were

in university place doing radio shows,having a ton of fun down there,
massive crowds down at Chambers Bay.In fact, it was the year after
Martin Kaymer won at Pinehurst where they'replaying the US Open this year. And
will we ever get a major back. We'll talk about that. Tim's doing
some work on that for a storyfor the AP so he'll join us,
coming up at one thirty. AndI mentioned this to Greg. I think

you guys will enjoy this coming upat two o'clock Sunday, Sunday Sunday Sunday
Sunday Sunday sixty four Funny Cars.The drag racing is back at what we
used to call Seattle International Raceway whenmany of us were growing up in this
area. It's now Pacific Raceways inKent, but it's the same place.
The engines are roaring. Middle ofJuly, John Force is one of the

great characters, not just in racing, but one of the great characters in
all of sports. Seventy five yearsyoung and still driving at a very high
level. We'll talk to him aboutwhere his sport is is. I guarantee
even if you're not, I'll behonest with you. I we taped this
earlier, and I'm not a hugeautomotive racing fan. What have you?

I kind of am now after talkingto this dude. He was a ton
of fun. You like good interviewsand good radio you want to listen?
I love it, and I'm thesame with you. I almost told me
I almost passed on this. Iwas like Jess, like, yeah,
whatever, we'll do it. It'slike, he's so fun and he was
a ton of fun. Would Isay Rex Ryan makes Gary Busey. Yeah,
that's what he looks like too.So he's coming up at two o'clock

today. All right, Matt chazNow is going to join us in just
a couple of seconds. I'm talkingabout a lot of different things with him.
Tell forty five gives him some quickthoughts on what happened with Mini Camp.
They did cut it a day short. We were supposed to be out
there today if you're falling closely athome. We're supposed to be out there
today doing stuff that didn't happen.Why Well, because Mike McDonald kind of

earned some brownie points with his teamby saying, yeah, we're done.
Two days, we're done. Youguys get an extra day off team.
I'm sure related. So we're notout there today. We're here, but
Corbyn's going to help app things upwith us coming up at two at one
o'clock as well as Tim Booth atone thirty. Okay, when we come
back, our buddy Matt chaz Nowoff to NC State and the wolf Pack
former that sounds weird to say thisnow former voice of Washington State University,

I know Matt chaz Now joins us. Coming up next live from the R
and R Foundation Specialist broadcast Studio backto Ian Furnance, powered by Seattle's Closest
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a name coming up at one o'clockthis afternoon four nine, four five one
text your first and last name inwell. Since twenty fifteen, all of
us who are Washington State fans haveenjoyed the voice of Cougar Athletics Matt Chasenow.
And oftentimes when someone leaves a jobat a school, at a university

which has you know, deep deepfan bases with massive amounts of passion runs
generations. Oftentimes as well, whenif someone leaves any job in a university,
coach, administrator, what have youone of two things. One the
person leaves for a job that youdon't quite understand, and you kind of

ask yourself, why what did wedo wrong as a school? Why are
you leaving us? You feel bitteror worse yet, said person goes to
a rival. We won't name saidperson, but that you know, some
people would call that greasy. Idon't know. You call it what you
will. Other times, when someoneleaves, you applaud them, thank them

and say, man, really reallyexcited for you, whether it be a
job, bigger job, bigger school, what have you. And that's the
case this time because Matt Chas nowtoday named the new voice of North Carolina
State University Wolf packed football and basketballand the ACC I believe his wife is
from North Carolina in some ways goinghome and I just want to say,

Matt, thanks for a great timehere. You are a great listen all
Cougar fans, oh you a debtof gratitude. You brought some great moments
to us as well. And I'lljust say this, congratulations, my friend.
That is this kindest, sweetest.I really appreciate Thatddie, and that
means everything. And I love thespirit and sentiment behind it. And I

just I will miss my people andI and I love my just lifelong friends
I've made. And I knew thiswould be fun. I think it was
more honestly like I knew it wouldbe exciting. And awesome. It's been
more than I thought it might be. I've loved it, and uh,
but I don't want to mitigate either. Like I'm really excited for what's to

come. You know, it's it'sgonna be awesome and Raleigh and and the
wolf Pack's an incredible opportunity and I'mlike, unashamedly and unapologetically really excited about
it. But it is bittersweet andthat I've made so many like wonderful friends
and had memories and just all theexperiences, all of it. It's been
just fantastic. So I appreciate everythingyou just said very much. I don't

know if I can allow just tocome on today, well, not because
of anything like that. I don'tknow if I can. I don't want
her to break down on the airbecause you guys work together for nine years
and I know it's it's it's good. I know it's hard for her.
I know, Alex, I'm sureElo the whole nine yards. It's it's
hard. Walk me through it.How did this take place? You know?

I mean a lot of times peopletake jobs in the universe. I
mean, you know, Bob robbless God, bless him, was there
till you know, almost his finaldays. Bob Rondo did just get out
of it a couple of years ago. But was it Washington for decades and
decades? The guy you're taking over, I think was there for almost forty
years plus or thirty plus years inNorth Carolina state? So how did this

come about? Yeah? No,Look, it's an amazing opportunity. You
know, I inquired about it.I knew it was open. But like,
honestly, when these things pop,I guess it's what's the saying,
like it happens slowly and then allat once. Yeah, I knew it
was opening and then boom, ithappened quick, you know. So and

so here we are, and they'vehad an amazing run this year and continue
to. I think they play Saturdayin Omaha. So there's that. But
I knew, like I said,like I'm so, I'm really excited for
what it is, and I reachedout about it because I knew it was
it was a special and rare opportunity. These are unlike coaching positions or frankly,

like you know, players, evenif they were to stay their full
time and not portal or whatever,that's only four or five years maybe six
whatever. But like you said,Bob was here fifty and Gary Hahn is
the broadcaster i'm replacing, was therethirty two or thirty four years. So
yeah, look, it speaks tohow how unique they are, how rare
it is. You alluded to it. You know, NC State's an amazing

thing on its own, Ashley.My wife is from two hours west of
there, so there's definitely a personalelement to it that's really special. But
it was it was something that whenit popped open and he announced his retirement,
I thought, and I was like, hmm, I wonder and so
yeah, so it popped and it'sit's exciting, but you know, I've

been I just knows I will missJessam and macamtyre very great. Oh,
I'm according that. I am savingthat this guy and I. Oh,
his first year at Washington State,we went to the Sun Bowl. Wait
was it second year? Second year, first first year, first year twenty
fifteen? Ye, the snowy SunBowl. It was the win over Miami

yep, yep, and we almostdied. Yeah, and it was funny.
That's how you get to know someone. Because all the planes were grounded
anywhere in Texas. Jazz is like, Ben, here done that. We
go to the grind, we getliterally the last car in the airport,
and he goes, this is howwe're going to play it. I'm going
to get us. We're gonna driveto Tucson, we'll stay there overnight.

We're gonna fly out of Phoenix tomorrowand everything's gonna be fine. And I'm
exhausted because I just spent like eighthours in the snow on the field and
it's it's late at night, noplanes, nothing, and so he goes,
yeah, no, okay, weI got it. I got it.
And I'm like, okay, LikeI've worked with the guy for one
season, so we got to knoweach other a little bit. So I'm

like, okay, like let's gosense and we take off into the night.
Then we're starting to get these alertsthat there's like freezing tornadoes in the
area, freezing tornadoes. We're ina Chevy Spark and the roads start to
close behind us, so we haveno choice but to keep going forward,
and you know, there's you know, semis all over the side of the

road and everything, and Chas goesat one point he's like not white knuckling,
and I'm breaking out and so,but he was so calm and then
he goes, you know what,pull up that weather map. Could you
just take a look at that,because it seems like the weather keeps getting
worse and we made it just likecrossing the Arizona border. All of a

sudden, it was like, well, and and that that was yeah,
that was the game that won downthere, right, that wasn't when?
Uh? Yeah, it was restin peace Mike Leach when he had Connor
Halliday run an option at the end, so good. John Thompson was catching
balls in the slot and they wereable to survive. That was the new
Mexico ball. Yeah. Well,Matt Chas, now join I guess I

know you've been asked this, andwe'll be asked this multiple times. I'm
sure Koog fan others are doing storiesand the spokesman, but give me,
give me your your favorite memories ofof outside Listen. I know the people
are them like I like Jess.I know you're tight with Alex and and
and Eggs and everything like that,but what what from a from a football
or basketball? I'm god, I'mso happy you got to call tournament games,

not just for Westwood one, whichwe hear you on but also for
your school for Washington State this year. But what were your some of your
your favorite memories, your favorite momentsin the booth. I mean that some
of them are really obvious. EasthopWinston eighty nine yard touchdown that's all time,
you know, Calvin Jackson junior's toetapper, and Berkeley really selfishly,

like super selfishly. This is goingto sound really benign, but there was
a Keith Harrington home touchdown against Wyomingearly on. It was a game the
Koogs won, not easily, butlike pulled away late. Yeah, not
the one in Larity, but thehome one prior and the call. The
crowd really got under it, andthe timing was right and the pacing,

and I was really excited about likethat. I knew it was the first
not the first time, but itwas the early moment where I said,
that's what I want to sound like, like that's what I can call.
And I would go back unbeknownst toJess. So I'm going to reveal a
truth to Jess that she So we'dgo to Etsy off and after the games,
like Roy Manning would be an Etsybe hanging out with the coaches and
stuff after winning that with you yeahno no no, before we went no

no no, before like, hey, no, you're fine. So you
know, I lived in the armoryright down the street, so i'd go
home after the broadcast because I couldwalk. It's like the only guy in
the pack who could walk to wherehe lived from the stadium. And I
was so I just could not goand have a fear or I couldn't go
hang out. I needed to hearhow it sounded, and I would ask

our studio host to upload the archiveand I'd go back for like thirty minutes
and just listen just some stuff earlyon, and because I was frankly like
nervous, and I wanted it togo well, and I was new and
all these things, and so Iwent back and I was excited about,
you know, what Jerry Kylo wasdoing, and you know, at the
time it was Guesser and Jess andthen when Alex came on, and so

anyway, I'm being long winded,but early on that was that was selfishly
exciting because I felt like it wassomething I could just objectively feel really good
about someone, something I could senda call to and say, hey,
that's it, right, and theysay, yeah, that sounds really good.
So I personally my favorite thing arethe home when it's about the crowd

and the fans and the and thebrand and coaches. Right, it's not
about as Keith Jackson said the BobRobertson in the best nine minutes of audio
I've ever heard, that stopped thestudio I was in. That was before
I came out here. He saidthis in uh the Bob Now Bob Robertson
Broadcast Suite. He says, it'snever about the round bottom broadcaster up in

the booth, and he's right.It's about the fans and the brand and
the crowd and the false start callsand the early fumbles against Justin Herbert from
Oregon to start the game in twentyeighteen. Yeah, that was special.
I could tell Jerry, I don'thave to talk. Just bump up the
crowd. I'm gonna lay out andlisten to this place and like, let's

let the fans carry this because thatwas really special. Those moments we were
amazing, you know. You know, it's an underrated Bowl game, not
for the Kooks but nationally. TheAlamobile win against Iowa State, that place
was rocking. It was super loud. Jess knows because obviously, but that

was the best attended Alamobile ever fromwhen with two teams not from Texas.
That place was odd. Fire wasgreat. So some guy named rock Party
Wazu beat some guy named rock Partyin that game, if I'm not mistaken,
right, So and Polure got DavidMontgomery to fumble and it was Montgomery's
like first fumble in three years.Yeah. So uh that was when Dion

Sanders tweeted about Marcus Strong getting apep Oh yes, yeah, dance young
man. That was awesome. Iwell, I was just thinking back.
There's a couple of games I wasjust curious about, and unfortunately they're linked
with tragedy as well. But TylerLensky's come back with poise, stiff and
mention. You mentioned Peyton and Peytonhad to pick six in that game,
right and a huge play and justtalked to him the other day. It's

just it's I mean, there's someiconic moments that that that win, that
come from behind win is like anall time Obviously the game day what about
hoops this year must have been justa thrill to good and and you've always
I can I'll tell people now there'llbe There were times in the Ernie Kent
era I'd be texting Chaz, going, man, this ain't working, this
isn't work. He's like, no, no, be patient, be patient.
You were always you were always agood company guy. You always had

the glass half full mentality. I'mlike, no, dude, it's not
working. But I know, Iknow, I know how much you love
basketball too, and so this musthave just been a thrill this year to
see this thing and great kids likeit can get, especially basketball, I
think you can get a little transactional, a lot of portaling, a lot
of like one hitter and done,kind of almost a little bit of an

Aau feel, and in some wayseither you to embrace that or it's gonna
be hard to you know, bea part of at this point. And
and these kids. I remember walkingback to uh it was with Matt mule
Box, the Arizona player who wasan analyst for pack. Really nice guy.
We go back and we're just chattingand h like half the team was

praying before a meal, like headboutand just sweet kids, great kids,
the kind of kids who like IsaacJones could have been probably five to six
more points a game, more rebounds, and he was almost packed player of
the year anyway, but it kindof faded late. He could have stat

stuffed. He would never do that. He was a winner that kids and
he was and same thing with Wellsand even Watts's still there and all your
great kids, and it just warmsyour heart. And I think that's a
wonderful thing that you don't get tosee as much if you're you know,
if you're not behind the curtain.You know, I think what Kyle Smith
did and what this Cougar program hasbeen was was was about to bubble over

like dancing this year probably happens twoyears ago if not for injuries, like
when Deshaun Jackson got hurt. Yeeven Mohammed Gay, you know, he
got injured in Seattle on that dunkand and he wasn't right after that and
that's when they lost in the nT. You know, you know,
so anyway, I digress, Butlike hoops has been so fun and it's
been it kind of also showed,like you know, Washington State can do

both, right, It's not it'snot just a football school and and the
best coaches have come through Pullman andyou know, basically like once a decade,
like the best coach has been inPullman literally, So it's awesome and
there's there's there's richer history there thanmaybe folks understand. So yeah, I

think seeing the great talents like latelycoming through Big Mo Muhammed fa Fe was
a great kid Baghi's He goes,so, I see f a ex and
I see Fa in Vegas right becausehe's playing in the G League yep,
and the Kougs are there. Itwasn't pac Turney. I don't even remember.
We're playing somebody at some point anduh Fa walks by. He'd gotten

like smoothies for the team and hegoes, uh. He goes, hey,
good to see you guys. Ichanged my name, like you changed
your name. He's like, yeah, I'm a bogey. Now we're like
stop. He's like, yep,told everybody about it. He kind of
just messing with people. He's justa character. It is really really funny.
Yeah, great, So it's great. I want to Chazz Matt Chasnell

before I let you go. Youknow, I I inevitably you you know.
The reaction for many is as youwould expect with Cougar fans. Oh,
my god, another one's bailing on, another one's leaving. I I
try to explain in our business,in the media business, there are bigger
and better jobs. And listen,that's a huge job. That's a national
championship program in basketball, it's asleeping giant in football. Your wife is

from there. You didn't leave tojump ship. You left for an incredible
opportunity, which is awesome. Sowith that said, what would you tell
Cougar fans? Because you know,there's a lot of nervousness, there's a
lot of sadness, there's a lotof all, God, where are we
going to go next? What's goingto happen next? You know, the
administration, whether it be Anne McCoyor the rest of the group over there

right now, You've always had agreat feel for the landscape of college athletics.
What would you tell Cougar fans?First of all, I'm really glad
you asked this, and I reallyappreciate your preface because it is exactly how
I feel, and it bowse eyedit. But I can put it in
my own words, and you're exactlyright. I'm really excited for everything NC

State is professionally. And then thereis a personal tie as well, and
that's a underful element to it.But I hate to be part of any
kind of negative rhetoric around Cougar athletics. It is the last thing I want
a part of. And it's reallynot to your point accurate. Cougar football
is going nowhere. This is areally good cook team building a brand new

indoor that I've witnessed through baseball seasonthat will be ready to rock and roll.
You've got updated facilities in academics aswell, and all of that is
a credit to what has been goingon here in terms of fundraising and passion
from coobs over the last ten,fifteen years, twenty years, Right,
that takes a lot of time,and I think you know above all,

the thing to remember is like allof this is a pit stop along the
way to something that I don't I'mnot privy to, right in terms of
the structure of college athletics and wherethis sort of lands and ends up.
But a couple really impactful things wereannounced structurally in college athletics over the last

like ten days. One of them, it's really important to note when they
came out and said players can bepaid by the schools, and it was
on ESPN. It was a hugedecision. It's twenty million bucks and it's
this whole deal wherever this evolves.It was Power five football that could do
that right, specifically noting the PACtwelve, which as a brand was actually

referencing two schools right now, okay, and that is that issuper impactful to
note that they were recognized officially aspower league, power level ball in terms
of just the rules of what thisis. Jake Dickert has a power football
team as expected and recognized by theNCAA in the country, and like the

law like that is. So Ijust hope above all that Kook fans understand
and I think they know this.And I hate to give a pep talk
on the way out the door,like you're saying it's not my but yeah,
so here I am, because Idon't think to some degree they need
it. Maybe they do, maybethey don't. There's been a lot of
odd things going on off the fieldof historic things, but Cook football and

frankly, what buy you did inthe West Coast Conference and what the Zags
and Saint Mary's has done in theWest Coast Conference basketball is undeniable. And
then you know coach chose a reallygood baseball coach, and I've seen it
firsthand. Those are the programs upclosest to everybody knows. I don't mean
to dismiss Todd Schulenberger or Dustin Whitewith golf, any of those guys,
but the three that I'm most intimatewith, like the passion of Kook fans

and all of the grads that livewhere where listeners are right now, where
you guys are, Seattle and beyond, and then over here in the East
Side. That's not going anywhere,and that is well known and well recognized
nationwide, and I'm excited to hearwhat comes of it, and optimistic and
in no way, shape or formis whatever's gone on, like you know,

in terms of off the field stuff, and however I play into that.
I just hope is not a negativein any way. But you know,
I I think it's a it's ameritoriously wonderful place. Like all the
reasons that Koog's love the police andlove Washington State. Other people do too.

You know what, It's like everybodyhas that feeling because it's it's not
in a vacuum. It's not likeone person feels that way, and everybody
feels that way, right, andso it's known and recognized, and there's
incredible power behind that and passion behindthat, and and you know, I'm
excited for Jake Dickard and David Rileyand and honestly like Jess like it's gonna

be a blast on the broadcast andI'll miss her and I'm excited to hear
all about it, you know.So that's that's so I'll step off my
soapbucks now. Well, no one, and I appreciate it. Listen,
we got to run, but II we will talk again again. I've
always appreciated your view of college athletics, and now that you're in the a
C c uh be rooting like hellfor North Carolina State, especially when they're

playing the Bay Area school. Justkick, smack the trees and the bears
all over the place. It'll bea good day for everything. But honestly,
Chazz, congratulations, Thank you fromCougar fans that really appreciate your work,
loved your work and uh and reallyenjoyed it the last few years.
You're gonna kill it in North CarolinaState. I can't wait for you to
just have great success there and congratulationsyour wife moving closer to home as well.

You're one of the good ones myfriends. So congrats and we'll talk
down the road right. I lovethat. Thank you, Iana. I
look forward to standing in touch,and thank you Jess for having me out.
Thank you guys. It's really apleasure to talk to you. Always
is. I'll talk to you likelater. Matt Jazz now voice of The
Cougar's former voice, The Cougar's Out, the voice the North Carolina wolf Pack
will come back. It's an equcNo Thursday. Tell you more about that
next live from the R and RFoundation Specialists broadcast studio back to Ian Fernantz,

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the stats right here. I wantto hear some stats. Give me some

stats. Go on the sideline toJessaman McIntyre. Give me some stats.
Okay, yeah, no, eventhe six o'clock hour got one at seven
okay, So I believe the sixo'clock hour isn't listed on here. We've
were perfect every time we've done it. Today we've been perfect. The station
house, the station okay, good, all right, good deal. Wait
six o'clock with me be listed becausethe first giveaway would be seven rights.

But it's from the six o'clock hour, and they usually have a hard time
getting that. And you got upyour game, you got jazz has carried
you long enough, all right,so I know it's finally free. I'm
happy for him. I'm good.Words on the future of the conference.
I was just reading some stuff upa minute ago, and you know there's
a lot there's a big debate outthere about Apple Cup tickets and not selling

the tickets, and Wazoo fans don'tcare about the Apple Cup. And I
love you Greg Winner from koof Fan. I'm telling you right now, you
can yell from the mountaintops all youwant. Wazoo fans have a big middle
finger to that game and the rivalrynow, so it's not good. They
may buy a few in the end, but nobody wanted to see the game.
They just didn't. They don't care. And that's the thing with college

athletics. I think it's sometimes forgotten. The emotions run so deep that sometimes
you forget about the bigger issues,and the bigger issue here's finances and what
you can make and all those things. But that Chas said, kind of
described everything quite well. He wasa treasure. Listen. You know we
had some great broadcasters. Bob robis well. First of all, Bob
rob is a Hall of Famer.Yep, you know both Bob's in this

state that did college football and collegebasketball for decades are Hall of famers.
Bob Roberts Bob Rondo Hall of Famers, period and a story Chrishankle Award.
That's all you need to know.And then you know and Bud Namick is
is one of the best broadcasters inthis state for the last forty years.
And when Bud took over, youknow, he did basketball forever and then

took over for football before they movedon to Chazz. Budd's I think so
much a Bud namemic and think sohighly of him. And he's I want
to say, a four or fivetime winner of the Washington State Sportscaster of
the Year Award is Bud Naming Jazzcame in with some big shoes to fill
and he did that and then someAnd he'll be missed, there's no doubt
about that. He'll be missed andand a great job. In fact that
his wife is from back there.She played a state championship volleyball game in

the in the in the basketball arenathere. They have a toddler too.
Yeah, yeah, I know whatthat's like. We me, we are
family. We did the same thing. We moved away, but then we
wanted to come back and that's that'swhat you do. So good for him,
Happy for him as well. CorbynSmith's gonna join me in just a
couple of moments, our weekly visitwith Corbyn All things see. Hawks will

wrap up Mini camp, which shouldhave wrapped up today. But Mike McDonald's
a little softy. You know,he's just a little nice guy. He's
out there. He's just like,yeah, you know you guys, Ken,
we'll give you an extra day off. We're done. I if you
would have asked me that back tothe start of OTA, is this guy
gonna to end? Because it's acommon theme around the NFL, is a
lot of coaches do this. Wehave three days of mini camp, man
forty mini camp. Most of alot of coaches will say, yeah,

we'll just do a couple of daysand give the day the last day off.
I didn't think this guy would dothat. He did, but it
did give us a chance, withthree OTAs and two mini camps to come
up with a lot of thoughts onwhat the Seahawks look like heading into the
season. No better guy to discussthat with than our weekly visit with Corbyn
Smith from the Locked onn Seahawks podcastand much more. He'll join us next
Don't forget EQC Nope Thursday. Getready to hear a name called Coming Up

Next Night three point three KJRFM Nofrom the Star Rentals Sports to us your
ninety three point three KJRFM sports headlinesand one o'clock headlines by twa Buddies Good
Us in Glass. MS took Gamethree of their four game series with the
White Sox tenth inning last night.Luke Rayley scored the game winner off of
Mitch Haneger walkoff single final score twoto one. Raley the only player across

the play for Seattle homer in theseventh as well. MS are now six
to have sixteen one run wins thisseason, the most in Major League Baseball.
Looking for the four game sweep tonightsix to forty, first Pitch made
some roster moves today as well.Dylan Moore returns from fraternity leave. Emerson
Hancock has been recalled. Luca Duncicfiled out for the first time in forty
eight playoff appearances over his career.He was not happy, that wanted the

challenge, didn't matter, not overturnand oh, by the way, who
won that game? That's right,Celtics one oh six ninety nine. Jess
will tell you they have a threeto nothing lead in the NBA Finals Panthers
take on the Oilers Edmond to tonight, Florida is up to nothing in that
series. You'll hear that game righthere in your home. For the Craken
and the Stanley Cup Final ninety threepoint three KJF four to thirty. Pregame

show starts after Softy and Faine USOpen taking place Pinehurst, number two,
North Carolina. Patrick Cantley in theclubhouse with a lead. Right now,
he sits there at five under sixtyfive. Rory McElroy three shots back to
wonder through nine, playing on theback right now on number ten. How
about Rory huh? Divorce called offright there in the top four. Here

he comes, here he comes.I mean thought he was gonna do well
after he filed for the divorce.Now that the Revorces divorce has been revoked,
game off. He's doing better.I like it. He's playing better,
better golf. By the way,it's an e QC note Thursday.
Standing by, you're waiting for aname. I've got a name for you.

Actually I don't, just does.I certainly do. And I'm really
excited, okay, just because Ilike doing this. Okay. Steve Anderson
in span Away. Steve Anderson inSpanway span Uh wait, you ever been
span Away? I've been through it. I haven't stopped there. I'm just
I'm being honest, and I'm alsoin my in my stopwatch, I am

putting in the delay for our voicesto get to the person listening. So
we haven't really pushed the envelope toomuch, have we on our show?
Oh? Like I said in honorof Kevin Shockey and no, you're very
tight. I know you're very tight, but I'm making it fair. I
know it's good Steven, Steve Anderson, Steve Anderson, span Away, you
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all things Seahawks with Corbyn Smith.He's got everything you need to know with

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dear's e and sorry, I'm justadmiring Bryce and d schambeau chipping in may

or may not have him this weekand some things two hunder now at a
boy pricing, Let's go, CorbynSmith joins us. Corbyn before I bring
you on to Metel again. SteveAnderson from span Away. Steve Anderson,
span Away, you have a fewmore minutes to call two oh six two
eight six nine five eight eight twonine o nine five zero Steve Anderson,

span Away. We have one hundreddollars waiting for you on an e QC
note Thursday. Call us right now, Steve Anderson, span Away. Corbin
Smith joins us right now from AllThings Seahawks locked on Seahawks podcast and much
more. Hello, sir, howare you? I'm great? Thanks for
having me. As always, wewere talking yesterday on the sideline, watching

practice as we wrapped as they wrappedup Mini camp, thinking well there'd be
one more. But as you mentioned, oh yeah, guess what Mike McDonald's
talking today, And I think wecan look at each other and said,
wonderful'll be out here tomorrow if thecoach is talking two days in a row.
And the answer was no, heprobably earned some earned some points with
some of the veteran players by cancelingthe last day of miniamp. Do you
think, Yeah, I think that'sa good way to get some brownie points.

But you know, I think thisis one of those things where he
wasn't gonna do that unless it absolutelywas the right choice to make. He
wasn't just gonna appease as players.But I mean, you were out there.
You get to watch some of thepractice the last two days, especially
yesterday, that was as competitive ofa mandatory mini camp practice as I have
watched during my time on the SeahawksBean And not in a way that's like

going against the rules either, likeit just they went as competitive as they
could. The defense was flying allover the place, a lot of deflections.
It was really fun to watch.It was a very competitive practice.
So I think Mike McDonald thought atthat point, hey, what's one extra
day here going to really gain uswith the risk of getting guys banged up.
Let's let's go into our six weekoffseason and then we'll come back ready

to rule for training camp. Theyhad the extra week with him being a
new coach at the beginning, hefelt like, Hey, we've done what
we need to do to this point. Let's go get refreshed and then let's
come back recharged. By the waySteve Anderson called from span Away. Yet,
Steve Anderson, span Away, you'rerunning out of time. Two O
six two eight six ninety five ninetyfive, one hundred dollars for you.
We'll give them save the number onyour phones. People, let's just give

the hundred bucks to Corbin Huh twosix two eight six ninety five ninety I
can change my name to Steve Andersontoday. We're talking to Steve Anderson from
span Away right now. He actuallysounds a lot like Corbyn Smith. That's
what we're doing, Corbin Smith joiningus. Locked on Seahawks Pot to you
by Jim Elliott, Realtor. Soldby Jim two ms dot com. Go
check it out. Check out thewebsite. Cool website actually does a great

job with it's sold by Jim dotcom for all of your real estate needs
in the greater Puget Sound area.Let's talk about I mentioned this earlier in
the show. In the first hour, I ran into a couple of guys,
our sales manager and UH and ourgeneral manager here at the radio station.
They're asking about, you know,mini camps and thoughts and impressions,
and here's what I told them,And I want to get your thoughts and

in general, we'll go kind ofdeeper into this, and we've got you
on a couple more weeks before weturn you loose for July. But what
I said was this, I youknow, impressions of Mike McDonald, very
detail orientated, very different vibe outthere. But despite all the you know,
competition talk that we heard for solong, and rightfully so from Pete
Carroll and how he kind of wentabout his business, we all understand how

that was. I thought, likeyou said, uber competitive, like really
really competitive training camps or OTAs andmini camps and so forth. I thought
what we saw out there were guysflat out getting after it. Even though
the music was turned down, theheat was not it was, it was
cranked up. And yesterday was agreat example. I think you have to

have tone setters, Corbyn, andI think Devin Witherspoon as at the top
of the list of setting the toneof how that defense is going to play
this season. He's at the tonereally for what I thought were the last
couple of days with Mini Camp.Yeah, they don't need to put the
music up because you've got Devin Witherspoonout there chirping every single play. And
I know, the offensive player thatkind of gets under their skin a little

bit, but you need them.You need a guy or two like that
on your defense. And here's thething, swag that he plays with.
He backs it up. The bestplay that happened yesterday didn't actually count in
terms of being an interception, butyou got to see the complete package that
is Devin Witherspoon. He peeled offof his receiver. This is the instincts

that he plays with. Peeled offof his receiver. Gino Smith thought that
he had dk Metcalf wide open,and it looked like he did in the
back of the end zone back rightcorner, and suddenly here comes Devin Witherspoon
peeling off of his guy who hewas covering like a blanket. Comes over
to flex the football, knocks itto himself and then dies in the back
of the end zone. And hewas maybe two centimeters away from having both

feet down in bounds when he caughtthe ball. And you and I were
looking over towards the big screen theyhave on a sideline, and guess who
was watching this play on replay andhad a huge grin on his face,
John Schneider. I mean, andwhy wouldn't you? This guy is just
flat out impressive other players. Imean, you've got nine and ten year
veterans coming over to Devin Witherspoon seekingadvice. He is showing Julian Love and

these guys what to do on thesidelines after plays. Just an incredibly instinctive
player. And I say this,and I know some people are gonna Batton
and eye, but this is whatI think the ceiling of Devin Witherspoon looks
like. I think he is acombination of Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas,
and Camp Chancellor. I know thatsounds crazy, but we're talking about a

guy that's got Chancellor's physicality, he'sgot that fly all over the field mentality
of Earl Thomas, and he's gotthe instincts and ball skills of Richard Sherman.
That is the type of talent wewere talking about here. I would
say, Corbyn, that the onlything that prevents or will prevent Devin Witherspoon
from being a multiple time not Probowler, but multiple time All Pro in

this league is hell because of whatyou said, how he plays, the
reckless abandon he plays with the factthat he has so much juice, the
fact that he plays so physical.The only thing that prevents him from having
All Pro next to his name APAll Pro First Team, second Team multiple
times will be if by playing thatway he's unable to stay healthy. That

dude flat out gets after it.He just absolutely gets after it. And
I mean, I just i'm I'mI can't wait to watch him plan of
the Mike McDonald offen our defense.It's gonna be a ton of fun.
Let me let me take a couplesteps back. Tone of of Mike McDonald
And this is where I was talkingto the guys here earlier. They're asking
about it. The tone of whatwe saw out there and the tone of

what we kind of were watching withwith everything going on with this or with
the organization or with with the MikeMcDonald regime is this. There is high
level competition, There is a lotof teaching and a lot of details,
and I think what people forget.I mentioned this with Jake Bobo when we
had him on the show yesterday.The crazy thing is this team. Most

coaches take over a team and thatteam is you know five and twelve,
you know, four and thirteen,whatever they might be. They were nine
and eight last year. He's notworking with an empty, blank slate.
I think I think you, asa Seahawks fan, I would just say,
I think you should be really excitedif you're a Seahawks fan about what
they're going to bring this season,I would agree with you. I'm coming

out here. Listen. It's miniKP. It's still tempo of OTA.
He still don't have contact. There'sa lot of questions that we still need
to answered. But I'll tell youwhy. I think that the optimism should
be through the roof because of thedefense as a large part of this.
I just think looking at what you'reseeing developing with this defense, that frontline

has four or five absolute dogs onit. You've got a couple edge players
at Kennon Nuos who coming back boyMafe looks like he's taken another step forward
during this offseason. Pram, helooks fantastic. And then that secondary Witherspoon,
a healthy Reek wooland Julie Love raSeon Jenkins is gonna be a great
addition. I've been really impressed byeverything I've seen from him, not just

the way he's playing, but theleadership aspect that he's bringing to that secondary.
And I will say this, Ian, you and I talked about this
a little bit yesterday. I kindof have some cautious optimism about the linebacker
position, off ball linebacker. AndI can't believe him saying that because we
haven't seen Tyroll Dodson and Jerome Bakeryet. And yet, you like a
dude, I know who you like, I know who you like. Go

ahead, tell people who you like. You got your you got your mini
caamp Man crush. And and youknow what, I don't disagree because he
had a pick he had an interceptionyesterday. Tell people who you like,
Well, he didn't pick off theball. Well you're talking about Tyree to
Night, who I'm really excited about. But I just want to throw the
name Patrick O'Connell out real quick,because Okay, the last the last two

days, he had three pass breakups. The last one he had yesterday led
to an interception for Rayshawn Jenkins.He not up in the air, and
that was not a bad decision byGino Smith. It was just an incredible
play by O'Connell who showed the abilityto slide over and coverage and make up
ground and swap the ball up inthe air. And this guy that had
doublegit stacks at one point at Montana, I know it's fts level, but

he has done a lot of differentthings in different positions in his football career.
So that might be a name tokeep an eye on. But let's
get to Tyree's night, as youmentioned, because I don't know that there's
been a more polarizing draft pick interms of what fans and draft experts have
said about this kid. There's alot of experts that have looked at him
as a late round even undrafted guy. I know some draft experts that thought

maybe he might sneak into late Daytwo, and the Seahawks picked him in
the fourth round right there in themiddle, and the film in college there's
a lot of tantalizing plays there's alot of plays there are like ooh,
he looks like there he's a deerwith light in his eyes, like he's
just struggling. Like there was alot of hit and misplays, but he
had a pick yesterday. I justfeel like the growth that he's had the

last few weeks has been tremendous.Mike McDonald to take them in his wing.
He got a few reps that firstteam defense on Tuesday's practice had some
one on one coaching for Mike McDonaldon the field after a few of those
plays. I just would keep avery close eye on him because he's got
all the physical tools. He clearlycan tackle one hundred and forty tackles last

year at UTEP, and you're startingto see some coverage ability from him as
well. With the athleticism that hebrings to the table. Has played as
a rusher off the edge. There'sa lot of different things he can do.
So I am really bullish on Tyreetonight. A lot of people aren't
going to agree with me on that, but hey, I've been on the
field and I've gotten to see whatthis guy can do. I like the
really highs that we've seen the filmI think that that translates to the league,

so I would keep a very closeeye. He could be a rookie
that plays a lot quicker than peopleanticipating cordor well Teas ahead in the next
couple of weeks. For example,next week, I kind of I really
want to spend some time. Ilove your ability to kind of really break
down what some of the x's ando's, and next week we'll spend some
time talking about what that defense lookslike, especially the defensive front. You

mentioned Mafe and some other guys thatare kind of stepping up. We'll do
that next week before I let yougo. This week, just offensively,
you've had a chance to watch,you know, Gino and the offense with
Ryan Grubb, we Jake Bobo,DS Gridge. I had both those guys
on. They both talked about howGrub really wants to drive it down the
field, really wants to get vertical. They've got that three headed monster of

Lockett, JSN and DK. Ginothrows the ball even in the win,
with such effortless ease. It's it'skind of fun to it's really fun to
watch, to be honest with you, just how he chucks it around.
But let's talk Gino and the receivers, because listen, running game, there's
nobody hitting anybody. You can't reallydo anything. What have you saw?
What have you seen from Gino andeven Sam Howe and the wide receiver group.

I thought Sam Howe was making alot of progress until yesterday's practice.
It was just a really rough onefor him. He overthrew des Gridge twice
the end zone when Escridge was wideopen. They were a couple other really
bad decisions that led to interceptions.So he had a rough day. But
listen, I think when you lookat this entire offseason holistically, he has
shown growth. Yesterday was just arough day. I thought he looked much

better on Tuesday. But there's areason this is not a competition. Geno
Smith right now is head and shouldersabove Sam Howe, and maybe how makes
up some ground on him, andmaybe he can still be your starter down
the line. But Gino looks tobe in full command of Ryan Grubb's offense,
and listen, he has a lotof the same skill sets that Michael
Pennick's junior brought to Washington's offense.I've been saying that since Ryan Grub was

hired that look, I think Gino'sa great fit for this offense, and
they are running a lot of deepercrossing patterns what we've seen, and that
really fits his game. It fitsJackson Smith and Jigbu, Tyler Lockett's game.
I think at this stage there arefour wide receivers that have already earned
a spot on this team. I'mgonna yesterday on our podcast, I said

it was ninety five percent on JakeBobo, So after sleeping on it,
I'm one hundred percent Jake Bobo ison this football team. So you're gonna
have Jasn, You're gonna have Metcalf, Lockett, and Jake Bobo. It's
really gonna be a battle for oneor two spots between Deareke Young, d
s Gridge, Laviiscus Chanald and maybeHayden Hatton. The undracted rookie hat of
Idaho could throw his hat in thering. But it looks like those four

guys battling for one or two spotswith the top four positions being held.
Bobo had a really good mini camp. He has not missed a beat.
I know he had to impress thenew coaching staff, but he already has
so I think those four receivers havealready etched out a spot on the roster.
Uh tell us about where we canfind your work, My friend,
as always on all Seahawks, SIdot com, slash NFL slash Seahawks and

five days a week walked on Seahawkswith my good buddy Rob Ranging fighting on
YouTube and wherever you listen to yourpodcast. Rob rang name sounds familiar.
May have heard of him before,may have heard of him before. All
right, We've got two more ofthese, the twentieth and twenty seventh,
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we start training camp. Thanks toJim Elliott real ittur homes by Jim,
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by Jim dot com two ms soldby Jim dot com. Corbyn Smith will
talk to you next week. Friend, Thank you. Sounds good man,
Take it easy. That is CorbynSmith joining us here on the Beacon Plumbing
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talking Seahawks and a little bit ofgolf. Ten years since Chambers Bay
hosted the US Open. We'll whatevercome back. We'll do that next live
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point three kjr FM, Hi,Welcome back in Sports Radio ninety three point
three KJRFM. On a Thursday afternoon, MS by the way, wrapping up
a homestand later today, not ahomestand, but a series with the Chicago
White Sox, which has been farcloser than it should be. Guys,
probably gonna cover that later. Joinus right now on the Beacon Plumbing Hotline.

Not so much to talk mariners,but some other things. Tim Booth
Associated Press, good friend of ours, joined us right now. Hello,
sir, how are you. I'mgood. How are you doing? I'm
good. Hey, we just hadCorbyn Smith on. I want to get
to a golf story, local golfstory. I know that you're passionate about
and I kind of been working ona little bit of stuff as well.
We'll do that in a second.But first, you were out there for
mini camp two days. We hadit wrapped up today, no mini camp

today, which is probably ah.I mean, that's a good way to
to get the veterans on your sidefor Mike McDonald, right, he tells
us yesterday. Yeah, that thatwas that was received quite well. I
assume, yes. I don't thinkanyone is going to argue about cutting short
practices that nobody really wants to beat at this time of year. Uh

anyway, especially with vacations and youknow, they're finally gaining a little bit
of a break for a lot ofthose guys to get away the last little
stretch before the start of training camp. So I don't Yeah, that's a
very good way to ingratiate yourself towardsthe veterans and uh and even some of
the young guys who you know areyou're trying. You're trying to get all

them to buy into what you're selling. So yes, giving them an extra
day off and cutting short mini campis always a good move. The hammer
can come down in July, soit's it's a good way to start things.
Just general impressions, what what whatjumped out at you from the three
OTAs and the two mini camps thatwe were all able to attend. I
think one of the things that reallyjumped out to me was the amount of

teaching that felt like it was goingon it really and not to say that
they didn't teach a lot in thepast, but I think because they went
longer on the field and that thatwas another thing that stood out, was
they were on the field longer,they were doing it felt like more teaching
an individual instruction in a lot ofways while they were out there. You

know, these weren't the these weren'tthe sort of seventy to ninety minute practices
we got used to under Pete Carrolllike they were out there for a good
two to two and a half hourswhen they had those opportunities. So it
felt like there was a lot oftime to do a lot of individual work,
a lot of you know, basicteaching of what their systems are going
to look like, what they wantto install, how they want to play

certain things. And then there wasa lot of eleven on eleven time.
And I think that and that wassomething that Mike talked about after practice.
I think it was on Tuesday,about you know, trying to get your
in some way, getting your beston best and and putting them in situations
where they are, you know,going against each other early on so you
can get a judge andcy, howis our installation going, How are they

picking up this scheme, how arethey learning this offensive system? How does
this you know, how does thislook come come come across on the defensive
side. So those were the coupleof things that stood out. I thought.
I thought that the amount of teachingthat was done stood out, in
the amount of of eleven on eleventime that they did really stood out.
Yeah, I thought the compete levelwas really high too. And I think

that that goes back to what youjust said about the eleven on eleven,
right, you get you know whenyou put best on best eleven on eleven
and it was ones, ones,twos, twos, three threes, and
really yesterday I saw a lot ofthat too. That just like really high
compete level and it kind of feelslike there's a little little jam back,
a little spark back out there,which frankly maybe just needed to happen among

other things. And we all,you know, listen, Pete Carroll won
a Super Bowl, but it's itjust felt like there's more energy out there,
a little more compete when trying tomake an impression on the coaching staff.
And I thought it was a beneficialyou know, a few days at
least the ones that we got tosee Tim booth Ap joining us right now.
I want to get you on though, too, to talk about this.
We were having a discussion yesterday justfor a little background for our listeners
in the Seahawks media room where reallymany world problems are solved on a daily

basis when we're all in there,exactly we're brokering peace around the world and
we're sitting around that table talker.It really is guys walk in and after
jabbing each other, there's always alot of things that are solved. But
you and me and Aaron Levine fromFox thirteen, and Aaron's done a lot
of work trying it. He wasactually working on trying to get a PGA

event here along the way. We'retalking about golf. This is the tenth
year since Chambers Bay hosted the USOpen, and it's now the tenth US
Open without any new one in sightfor us not to have one back here.
Let's start right there, US Open. Do you think we'll ever see
a major here again, at whetherChambers Bay or anything else on the men's

side, I'm I'm very pessimistic aboutit, at least in the relative near
future. I think I think there'sstill an impression that Chambers Bay can make
on professional golf on the men's side, and I think what it means is
having to disassociate itself from the USGA, and I would mean trying to create

a relationship with the PGA of Americaor the PGA Tour to try and bring
something of significance to the area.And that's easier said than done. Especially
when you are a golf course thatfrom the very beginning of when you were
being constructed, was working with theUSGA on how do we do this,

how do we do this, howdo we do this? All with the
idea of we want to bring theUS Open to this venue at some point.
So I'm pessimistic because of how farout now they have booked up the
US Open, how they've kind ofcreated these anchor you know, periods of
time when every five to seven years, there's going to be an open at

Pebble Beach, every five to sevenyears, there's going to be an open
at at Pinehurst like there is thisweek. Every five to seven years,
there's going to be an open atOakhurst, you know, or excuse me,
Oakmont. You you create those anchorof you know, locations, it
really limits the pool of possibilities forother places to get in the mix and
sort of work their way back intobeing in the discussion. So I think

I still think there's an opportunity.I don't want to cut off, you
know, you know, close allthe doors, but I think it's going
to mean having conversations with entities otherthan the us GA. Why do you
think Tim Why do you think itdidn't come back and it hasn't come back
and it isn't in the near future. What what? What? Who's to
blame? I think there's a lotof people that that can take blame.

I think you go back to justthe general impression that that week ended up
leading with players and with fans andwith you know, county officials, the
USGA. There was a lot therewas for as as much excitement and attention
as there was leading up to it, and that happened during that week because

you know, the course fell apart. There's no you know, arguing that
the course fell apart. The greenswere a mess, but you ended up
with an incredibly compelling product that endedon the seventy second whole with Dustin Johnson
missing two putts and Jordan' speed endedup as your champion at the time when
Jordan speak was kind of the biggestthing in golf. Like, you couldn't

have sort of told the story ofwho ended up winning that any better than
what happened. But the USGA absolutelydeserves blame for losing control of the golf
course. Mother Nature deserves blame fordeciding to have a heat wave that spring
and the week of the tournament,so that the course ended up just even
more burned out and in worse conditionthan it needed to be. I think

there's been some officials within Pierce County, because it is a publicly owned golf
course that based around what happened andsome of the impressions that were left afterward
just haven't gone to bat in theway and played the game in the way
that's needed to in order to youknow, placate the USGA and sort of
ask for them to come back withwith an event of this size again.

So there's there's plenty of blame togo around. There's no solutions as to
what needs to happen in order tocorrect, you know, this feeling that
we all have about feeling left outand and you know, bring about an
opportunity for it to come back inthe future. Jimbooth ap before you go.
I I mean you you love thegame. I love the game,

I playing watching everything about it.The Champions Tour has been well established with
the event up at the Bowl,at the Bloe Classic up at Snowcalmy Ridge.
We all know you know that's there. I also, I don't know
if you share my my My thoughtsare something's better than nothing, But I'd
rather have an LPGA event here everyyear, or or find a way to

get a PGA event here on afairly regular basis than have the Champions.
It's fun, but I think it'srun its course. I know they're sponsorships
involved. Do you think we couldsee something along those lines, or do
you think the Bowling Classic kind ofblocks that. I know that the Boying
Classic blocks some of that because it'sit's one of the premier events on the

Champions Tour, because people come outto watch it. It's an event that
is successful for them. They gethuge crowds on the weekend up there at
snow Qualmie Ridge, and so becauseof that, they're very reluctant to consider
making changes that would jeopardize the successof that of that event and that tournament.

But I'm like you, Ian,I would much rather see an LPGA
event out there, and and aPGA Tour event at Chambers or Tacoma Country
Club, or if the Hall thesemembers ever wanted to be more active than
they are than they than they havebeen, you know, an event out
out at sahlly On on a regularbasis. I think I think it's the

grand scheme of the golf fan inthis area. As successful and as as
good as the as the Boeing Classichas been, I think it's time to
evolve and to look at what otheropportunities there are. And if that means,
you know, going to the PGAof America and being or at PGA
Tour and saying, hey, wewant something better than this. Okay,

what what are those options? Andhow can that and how can that you
know, come about, even ifthat means losing, you know, having
the Champions Tour event. I thinkpeople are are golf fans are ready for
something else, and I think we'regoing to see it this next week with
the with the KPMG out at toHolly Women's Golf. Right now, is
that is that the highest peak?Maybe it's at one of its highest peaks

in its history with someone like NellyCorda who's going out there and just destroying
the competition. We're going to seethe interest this week or this next week
out out at Saholly for the Women'sPGA. I think people are ready for
something like that on a more regularbasis here and absolutely golf fans here would
would end up having either a regularPGA Tour stop here or the idea of

some sort of major event coming backhere on the men's side. Yeah,
I think what Nellie cordas she's steps, she's got a scheffler of the women's
side, and then some right now, and yeah, there's some stars.
It's fun to watch, it's relatable. It is interesting hunt Tim that the
success of the Bowling Classic is goingto prevent us from maybe having the tour
events that we really want to seeas golf fans, because the success of

the Bowling Classic has because golf fansdo still flock out there, you're correct,
Yeah, And it's and it's acredit to the golf fans around here
that they're that that they're willing toembrace and accept the you know, sort
of the champions who are being thebiggest thing that they can go see in
this in this area. But it'salso a I don't know if it's a

fault or just a shortcoming of theof the PGA and everyone involved in golf
not to look at this area andgo, how in the hell do we
not have a PGA Tour event oran LPGA event in the Pacific Northwest in
Seattle, in that market during thebest time of year to have something there,
whether it's July, August, eveninto September, like, how has
that not happened? And people willpoint to sponsorships or course availability or not

having the you know, a perfectvenue for it. But at the end
of the day, someone's got tolook at it and go, this makes
too much sense not to have somethinghere. How can we make that happen?
And there just hasn't been that pushfor it to this point, and
it just leads the golf fan here, you know, feeling left out.

And again credit to them for goingout and making the Boeing Classic as successful
as it has been, but wedeserve more, frankly up here than what
we've got a golf I agree hundredpercent. All right, Tim Booth AP
does a terrific job. Love havingthem on. Thanks buddy, I'll talk
to you soon. Take good.That's Tim Booth. We'll take a quick
break, come back with more dailypower play next night. Three point three
KJFM Now from the Star rentals Sportsto us Jordan ninety three point three kJ

RFM Sports headlines and two o'clock headlines, brought to you by Venue Kingsvenue Kings
dot Com Mariners to winners last nightTan thinning. It took them all the
way. Stop screwed around with theseguys. Seattle, huh, White Sox
are awful. Certainly got the ratingsthough. Yeah, they're you have Root

Sports. Probably pretty happy right now. Right you just keep making these things
go all the way to the Bitterantwo won the final ten inning last night.
Ralely had a solo home run andthen scored the game winning run on
a Mitch Haniger walkoff single. Mannersnow have sixteen one run wins this season.
That's the most in Major League Baseball. Looking for the four game sweep
first pitch six forty tonight, teammade some roster moves as well. Dylan

More most importantly back from the paturnlist, Emerson Hancock has been recalled.
Luca fouled out for the first timein forty eight playoff appearances in his career.
Celtics beat the MAVs one oh sixninety nine, three to OHO series
lead in the NBA Finals. Pantherslooking to take a three OHO series lead
tonight in Edmonton, provincial capital ofAlberta, City of champions, Alberta Canada.

Here we go Edmonton and oiler Edmontonin Florida. Tonight floor is up
two to nothing in that series.You can hear the game right here in
your home for the Crack and theStanley Cup Final nine three point three KTERFM
pregame show starts at four to thirtyra after Dave Softy Maller and Richard L.
Faine. John Forrest is standing Bobbybefore we get to him. You'll
love this thing coming up. Heis a character before we get to that.

It's an e QC note Thursday,just in a I'm not in a
good spot right now. We alreadyare oer for we're one for two so
far today. Also, if you'recalling right now, which I can see
happening, No, we didn't givea name yet. No, we didn't
give a name. Now if you'reable to call right now and we do
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you're that clairvoyant, I'm gonna tellyou right now, two hundred dollars meek,
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seriously, okay, you go dothat all right? What's our name?
Our name is Toby Benedict of Covington, the cove, the cove Benedict,
like Benedict, Arnold Benedict, TobyDick okay from Covington. Yep,

Okay, Toby, give us acall. Toby from Covington. Two O
six two eight six ninety five ninetyfive eight hundred eight two nine oh nine
five year of the easiest number toremember two O six two eight six ninety
five ninety five. Two O sixtwo eight six ninety five, been doing
it for seventeen years, Almost forgotjeesiest never to remember. Wait what senior
moment? Two O six two eightsix ninety five ninety five. Toby Benedict

from Covington, call us right now. You could have two hundred American dollars
Toby Benedict, Covington, two hundreddollar on the line, right now.
Li from the R and R FoundationSpecialist broadcast studio back to Ian Fernetz,
powered by Seattle's Closest sportsbook, SnowCall me Casino on Sports Radio ninety three

point three KJR FM, Welcome backin Sports Radio ninety three point three KJRFAMI
internats with you and coming up onJuly nineteenth, the twenty first at Pacific
Raceways and can we don't do alot of talking about NHRA and funny cars

and all that fun stuff. We'redoing that today. Why because we have
a legend with us. And alsowhen I hear about this event, I
think back to my childhood and nowit's Pacific Raceways and can it used to
be s I R Seattle International Raceway, sixty four funny cars just all hell,
break and lose. And the guythat was a huge part of that
joined us right now, the alltime winningest driver in NHRA history, sixteen

time funny car World Champion, ownerof John Forst Racing team. That means
obviously his name is John Forst.John, how are you today? Boy?
You brought back to I'm great settingright down here in front of team
mobile the stadium, but we're comingin here to race in Ken at the
NSRI Northwest Nationals. But you're rightthe early days, over fifty years ago,

I raced sixty four funny cars.Hell, you were just a kid
and you even asked me are youstill driving? I'm still in the seat.
I'm even second in the points.I don't know what's going on.
You have to race against your daughterBritney, who we all know well.
I drive funny cars for the Peakchrival at and Brittany will be driving top
Field Dragster for Flavor Pack. Shewon the championship a few years ago.

Car's been struggling, but she gotfast down at Bristol and we're gonna be
okay. And then I got thisyoung kid proc driving my Cornwell Tools.
He's in the points lead. ButHagen and Ron Caps and all those kids,
the Jr. Todd, they're comingafter us. We'll see what happens.
I love it. We're going totalk more about the event coming up
here in July July nineteenth twenty.First, the Pacific Raceway and Kent down

in Seattle. What those of usthat grew up in the area know is
Seattle International Raceway, Sir as heused to call it. I used to
love the commercials, but now it'sPacific Raceways. They do a lot of
stuff down there. Thirty fifth AnnualNational hot Rod Association Northwest Nationals coming up
that weekend. I want to goback in time, though, John,
because so many of our listeners guysthat are, you know, my age,
a little younger, little older,they remember with seafair. Back in

the day, we had the Hyderplanes on the water. We had you
guys on the pavement out there.What do you remember about those early days
out at Sir and the sixth.I mean, think about that, sixty
four funny cars getting together for justa showdown. That was wild back then,
wasn't it. Well, you know, the crowds were huge then.
The crowds are huge now. Therules have changed a little bit. Like

we used to do Burnouse when thepeople run out on the racetrack and the
smoke and look in the window ofthe funny car. It actually happened to
me a number of times. Marchingbands, music playing. It was a
complete different deal. And NHRA tookit and it was great in those days
too, but it's great now.They organized it. We have great safety
safaris if we have a bad crashor somebody there to help us. You

know what I'm saying, protect us. And you know we come to town,
it's p T. Barnum. Weroll in, we set up the
big top, we set up thetents and just like the old days,
and that's how it was. BillDonner was the guy that run it back
in the early days and we hada ball. It was crazy, but
it was scary because we went downsome roads sometimes that I thought we shouldn't

have went down this road. Butin the middle of it, nhr's organized
it greatest show on Earth, menracing women. You know out there.
They got the junior dragsers with thekids like my grandkids race. They got
top fue old funny are nitro methanebelching out the pipes. They got pro
Stoc pro Stoc bike. But you'retalking about cars that go down one thousand

foot in less than four seconds andon nitro methane. At at three hundred
and thirty, I think my daughterran three thirty six and a half being
set the track record. I runthree thirty five, three thirty six in
a funny car. So it's it'sa great show and get the family out
there and we will entertain you.What what's what? I go back?

There were legendary drivers back in theday. You just mentioned the kind of
the family affair you have. Iremember guys like you don the Snake Prudome,
guys like that, this cruiserund whatwhat is your world like? How
how tight knitter close or how muchof a rivalry do you build up maybe
even going back in the day,has it changed, has it evolved?
You know, you fight them everyday and and and you know, even

though the drivers now are half myage, I turned seventy five, you
know, May fourth, and butI love it race car. Don't know
how old I am, so don'tdon't tell it. But but the Don
for Domes, the Connie Colettas,the Raymond Beatles, the Kenny Bernstein's Jungle
Gyms. I mean, it wasunbelievable, uh in the early days,

but it's unbelievable now there's new starsHagen and JR. Todd and Ron Caps
and young drivers like Wilkerson's sun IsDriving. I mean, I mean Hill,
I don't even know half the guysanymore in the gals, but it's
great racing. And but the technologytechnology has changed. Corporate America has come
in and taken over. They don'thave Don the Snake for Dome or Tom

the Mongoose anymore, or Jungle Gymor Brute Force. It's all corporate names
like Peek and Cornwell Tools, youknow, and flavor pack is is.
It will be on Britney's car thisweekend, so we're her Coffield Car really
excited about that. And and soit's changed a lot. And then the
cars the technology computerized. You know, the computer can't make any decisions,

but it can tell you everything that'sgoing on. But these screw chiefs anymore,
they're geniuses. They can make thesecars go down a dirt road at
these speeds. I can't even imagineit. I'm a driver. I just
hang on. John Forest joining uscoming up again. July nineteenth, twenty
first Pacific Raceways in Kent. It'sthe Pacific Northwest, the National hot Rod

Association Northwest Nationals at SIR Pacific Racewaysand Kent. John, As you're going
through that, it is interesting thata lot has changed. I mentioned the
hydroplanes. It used to be summerin Seattle was as I mentioned the hydroplanes,
and then sixty four funny cars andthe drag racing out at Pacific Raceways.
The hydroplanes have all but gone away. I think there's six or eight

boats left. It sounds like yourspots sport, though, is thriving.
Why is that? Why is thissport still going strong? Well? What
if I and I love NASCAR andIndyCar My son in law gram Ray Hall.
We have two grandchildren with Harlem intentlywith my daughter Courtney. The drove
funny cars. But the world's changedand and uh, but anybody can be

a drag racer. All they gottado is get in their car and get
a helmet and pull on a seatmounta and go out to uh you know,
uh to to the raceway and kid, and you're a drag racer.
So anybody can do it and evolve. Young kids are doing it in junior
dragsters and Indy car and NASCAR.That's a long road to get into and
fight and go down that road tomake it, buddy, can be done,

but only a few make it.And drag racing, everybody's a drag
racer, and the kids are outthere. It's unbelievable for me watching my
grand kids jacobanoa nine and eleven yearsold out there driving these cars down a
racetrack and a miniature dragster and uhNHR offers you everything that you want from
bikes to motorcycles, uh, youknow, to your street chevlet or whatever

kind of car you drive, andand uh and then the pros and it's
uh, every take us a pitpass. You can get in there and
get autographs, pictures with the driver. Tony Stewart has joined nhr A come
from the NASCAR. He's down heredriving doing a great job. And so
many young stars, but so manyof the older ones. I happen to

be one of the oldest. AndI still love driving my hot ride.
John. I'm wondering, like like, and I've always wondered this with with
that, with hot rods and dragracing. How much of it is skill?
And how much of it is thetechnology, your crew, your equipment,
what you have, so to speak, under the hood or behind your

behind your back, and and andwhat is the skill that it takes in
sure is it is it reflexes?What is it? How much? What's
the balance between skill, driver talentand technology. Well, the the crew
chiefs, even we have crack guys. Lanny mcleazy goes in, you know,
three four days early preps. Thetrack knows every bumped this out there

everywhere that it is loose, andthen the crew chiefs are given that technology.
But it evolves through the day,through the rounds, with the heat,
the weather and all that. Becausewhen it's a great track, everybody
can be fast. But when it'sterrible. That's when you when it's just
the conditions are bad, you knowwhat I mean. It gets too hot,
even too cold. They the crewchiefs got to adapt to it.

And then the driver's putting the seatof the car. He's got to get
it A to B. He's gota reflex on the start line. And
boy, I'm up against these kidsthat are really good and in the middle
of it, you gotta reflex.I come off with win just a few
weeks ago, off at Epping.I'm really excited. Even won the mission
a showdown up there, won tworaces in one proc won them both last

week in Bristol. So he's hot. He's in the points state. I'm
second. I think Britney moved upin the points in the top ten.
Her car's been struggling, but it'sstarting to come around. But in the
end, you gotta be I driveby the seat of the half the time,
I don't even see what I'm reactingto. I feel it in the
car, and that gives me anadvantage to a newcomer that's being beat up

in the roll cage and rattling andshaking and smoking the tires, and it
helps me some just from you know, from fifty years of experience. I've
been out here a long time,still out of town, never get tired
of it. And when I getbeat, I'm the biggest fan. I'm
up in the stands and I'm watchingthe race go on. Your best career
best speed is three point thirty sevenpoint three to zero. Have you ever

been afraid? Have you ever beena freight in the in the seat?
Like I mean, I can't evenfathom that. That's like, that's airplane
speed. I crashed pretty bad inDallas. I was there for two months
in the hospital. Finished in thetop ten because I was so ahead and
the points, and but I missedsome races, and I went through a

lot of rehab. Build a gymin my home where I could live in
the gym. Had to change mylifestyle. If I drank. I had
a little bit of wine every nowand then. But I got to go
to bed. I can't party likewe used to. We want an effing
and my guys say let's go outand party. Now I'm going to bed.
I've got to play this game different. But yeah, you get back

in that seat when you're in thathelicopter and the guy's looking at the other
guy saying he ain't gonna make it. That's when you start realizing, Man,
why am I doing this? Butwhen they put you back in the
seat of that car and they firethat motor with ten thousand horse power and
you're sitting there and it's vibrating andshaking, that's my whole life. I've

raised since I was a kid inhigh school. I graduated in sixty seven
and I went into cars. Idrove fuel lolwards in the early days,
fuel coops. I the front enginedregsters. But nobody knew who I was.
It took me years to go downthe road. And so when I
get in it, the only thingI got, the only thing I know,
And boy, I know how toblank the fear out because fear will

control you. You've got to havefear. You got to have respect,
but you got to control it,and you got to make that car do
what you want. And if itcatches on fire and it blows up,
you better know how to go througheverything you need to do. Fire bottles,
parachutes out, get that card stop, protect the other driver. You
know what I'm saying, Where youdon't mix him up with the problems you're

having and I've done that before,always apologize. But in the end,
these cars are safe. We buildthem in Indy, our own cars by
NHR rules and they are meant toprotect the drivers. So God bless them
and NHRA and Safety Safari and Ijust totally love Sorry I'm rattling on,
but you're talking about what I love, and I love baseball and football and

all this stuff, but I lovethe NHR drag Racing. It's the greatest
show on Earth. Well, I'lltell you right now, I just I
love you. I love your enthusiasm, and I know I've got a ton
of listener. I'm gonna challenge myproducer, Adjessman I stumbled across at the
end of the day, but nextcoming up to the next segment or later
in the show that I'm gonna playit. When you started talking about strapping
yourself in and the nitrogen behind youand all that kind of stuff, we

used to play KJR, the stationyou're on right now. We used to
be an AM news an AM musicstation, and I remember listening to those
commercials growing up. You know,you strap yourself in and ask yourself,
what in the hell am I doinghere? It was the best commercials ever
we'll find with of those employ itfor old time's sake and talk about all
the deal drivers. Let me wrapit up with this John John Forest with
us again coming up July nineteenth andtwenty first Pacific Race Ways in camp It's

the It's gonna be awesome. It'sthe thirty fifth annual National Hot Rod Association
Northwest Nationals. You have nine funnycar wins career in Seattle. This must
be a special place for you.Just walk us through again. What fans
can expect that day. You saidyou can get autographs, you can get
all that. How fan friendly itis. What can fans expected with those
three days? Well, first ofall, get your tickets at NHR dot

com. Get out there early startson Friday, then Saturday, and then
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, andwe're all there and it's the greatest show
on earth. That's an old timecommercial. The Bill Downer used to do
those, yeah, and it wasthe greatest part of my life just to
hear that sounds over the radio.But come out there with the family,

watch women racing men side by side, see all the stars of our sports.
Get an autograph, get a picture, get grandma on Grandpa, and
I can say that because I amone. Get off the couch and get
out there, and let's start living. And let us entertain you. Where
you come out here and you asksome fine great show nitral myth thing,

hit her pipe, fire out thepipe, side by side, racing,
funny cars and tragsters and pro stocand motorcycles. It's the greatest show on
earth and you gotta be part ofit. If you don't see it,
well you're lost. Let us entertainyou, and you'll love it. I
promise, and come find me andget your picture with me. I'm not

getting any younger. I don't thinkyou've lost a step though. John Force
joining us here on the Beacon PlumbingHotline. I can't wait. Man,
you got everybody fired up on theradio today. Thank you so much,
and we'll see you in about alittle over a month's time. Out here
at again Pacific Raceways and Kent.I like to call it what it was,
Seattle International Raceway. Sir. They'llget all mad at me about that,

but it's Pacific Raceways and Kent again. July nineteenth through the twenty first.
It is a thirty fifth Annual Nationalhot Rod Association Northwest Nationals. Join
us out. There should be aton of fun. Go find John get
an autograph. You can find outmore information. By the way, go
to John Force Racing dot com slashJohn dash Force find out all that information
there as well. Thank you somuch, man. We'll talk to you

soon. Thanks John love your show. Thank you for having me on John
John Forest. Yeah, he listensall the time, A longtime listener,
first time calling. Yeah, abouttrying to talk to you. We'll play
We found some a little old spotthat we used to play here Sunday,
Sunday Sunday. We'll do that.Coming up in the next couple of minutes.
We've got a US open up date. Oh. By the way,

Toby Benedict called in from Covington.I knew I could trust the cove
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