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June 21, 2024 89 mins
It's a shame the Mariners are on the road during this beautiful week! However, we have plenty of entertainment in the form of hockey. How will the Sonics look when they come back? Has the NBA taken a step back when it comes to the competitive aspect? Last night we heard from Reggie Jackson regarding the time he spent in Major League Baseball, and the unfortunate circumstances he faced. There are certain people that deserve tribute that we might not recognize as much as we should. Ian is reminded of Pete Carroll while we discuss Charlie Finley and what he did for Reggie Jackson during his time. Carroll cared more about his players than a game sometimes, and he did it well. Dwight Jaynes, Portland Sports Legend joins Ian for Friends with Furness and discusses his memories of Willie Mays, as well as how his play stacks up against today's talent. Could Portland see MLB come to town? Plus, what makes an NBA team great, as it seems things have changed over time. Offense is down across baseball, so do the Mariners really need to add a bat? It's not as easy as it would seem. What do you need the Mariners to do to be satisfied with their series in Miami? Jayson Stark, The Athletic joins us to talk about Willie Mays and the legacy he leaves behind. Jayson took a deep look into the lack of offense in baseball this season, which allows us some insight on the Mariners' situation right now. 

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No from the Star Rentals Sports tous Jordan ninety three point three kJ R
FM Sports Headlines headlines brought to youby Buddies Good as a Glass. Mariners
dropped two of three to the Guardiansyesterday, six to three loss. They
still remain eight games above the Astrosin the American League West. Brian wo
By the way, apparently it's okaydespite that sketchy start thirty pitches in the

first inning two days ago. Heshould take them ound back on Monday.
Marlins and Mariners this afternoon in Miami, Florida. Stanley Cup Final continues tonight
Panthers Oilers five o'clock. You canhear all the action right here in your
home for the Kraken and the NationalHockey League and the Stanley Cup not plural
final final h three point three kjrFM Sounders back in action tomorrow right here

on KJR. We should also mentionwe've got actually they're on nine to fifty
because tomorrow night we have Coachella Valleytaking on Hershey. I hear Hershey.
I'm not gonna repeat what Greg calledthought about it a break. I thought
about it put the brakes on ona Friday that game tomorrow seven o'clock.

They're tied at two games apiece.Unfortunately for Coachella Valley they can no longer
clinch at home. They'll have togo on the road. There will be
a game six in Hershey, PencilVania. Let's start the radio show.
We're seeing across the rest of thecountry right now with all kinds of like
whether it be heavy storms in theSouth, whether it be a heat wave

in the Midwest, in the east. Yeah, man, we're out here
and it's eighty degrees just and nohumidity. Enjoy it, get out,
have fun. Support local. Ialways say that, support local restaurants.
It is yesterday. Yeah, supportyour local businesses. We we did a
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Obviously, they've got that good lightcenter. Oh have you had the Vivid
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it's fantastic. Now I got tothink about swinging by there on the way
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So we had great dinner and wentup there and yeah, they of
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What else can we hear on?Uh? If you need a household
sold by Jimtooms dot com. Ohgot them all. I think I got
them all. Now. I'm watchingthe Travelers Championship, the second round of
golf tournament right now, and like, all I see every time a guy
tease off are these like ominous blackskies, like I'm waiting for the horn

to sound, thunderstorms coming, thattype of thing. And yeah, I'm
looking outside here, I can seethrough the little peopole, just a gorgeous
after God. Wish we had baseballhere this weekend. That's what I know.
They're on the road, and Iwas thinking the same exact thing that
I was going to go to agame. And then I'm like, dang
it, and they come home nextweek. And by the time they come
home, we get a little bitof cooler weather, maybe some dampness.

I only even know that because Igot my golf tournament a week from today.
And I'm I'm just I can't controlit, are you? I don't
know how people are. I don'tknow how you do this. I things
you can't control. They say,don't worry about right, I'm not good
at that. I'm not good atthat at all. I mean, like,

so you're just supposed to be apathetictowards things you care about, but
you can't control. I can't dothat. So I'm looking. I'm literally
going at the weather app Fox thirteenWeather app every day and it updates like
the seven eight days out like almostlike every few hours. It's like,
okay, at one point it wasforty percent chance of rain. Now it's
down to thirty. Okay, SoI like the trend we're taking on right

now. So I but yeah,I'm not good at that. I don't
know how people can just ignore stuff. Oh no, that's really difficult for
me as well. I can't Iunderstand even I even if I can't control
it. So we'll get to someMariners conversation in a second. We have
a fun show coming up today.It's a Friday. We do our Friends
of Farnas on Friday. Usually doit at two o'clock. We'll tell you

what's coming up at two in asecond, but we'll do it at one
o'clock today. Dwight James is goingto check in with us. I call
him the Godfather. I'm excited tohave him. Why. It's a great
dude. He's the godfather of allthings Portland sports media. A longtime columnist,
right beat reporter, radio host,and then for a while a television
co host with me on Comcast Sportsnetdoing Blazers. He's done it all,

he has seen it all. Alot of things I want to hit on
with him. One would be justhe's a huge baseball guy. Like huge
baseball guy like I'm not. Idon't know anybody in a non MLB market
that likes baseball and enjoys the gamemore than him, has an understanding of
the history. We'll talk about WillieMays obviously, and you know, is

there a chance that baseball might endup going to Portland at some point,
But we'll also talk about the greatBill Walton, and I really want to
touch base with him a little bittoo. The NBA Draft is next week.
I saw a couple of stories today, I think they're in the Athletic
and there was a lot being writtenand said I and I'm guilty of this,
So yeah, raise your hand.Guilty is charged. I'm one of

those guys. I'm guilty of this, of going down the path and the
road of comparing things you probably shouldn'tcompare. And I don't think you know,
just because of the same time ofthe year. Comparing the Stanley Cup
Final or the Stanley Cup Playoffs tothe NBA Finals or the NBA playoffs.

I don't know how fair that is, unfortunately for the two sports, because
they are side by side at thesame time of the year, there are
comparisons, but you know, andyou can be a fan of both sports.
But I don't think there's anybody thatwould deny that the NBA took a
step back this year, like itjust in terms of excitement interest. JJ
Reddick now gets hired as a coachof the Lakers. It isn't though,

because he's Lebron's guy, and that'slong been the complaint of the league is
that sometimes the inmates are running theasylum, and in this case, certainly
Lebron is. But you know,we're going to get this We're going to
get this league back, and it'sgoing to be spectacular. It's going to
be the biggest story we've had.And you know, we've talked about that

a handful of times. When itdoes come back, there will be no
bigger story than we have ever hadin Seattle, outside of maybe when they
left on July second, two thousandand eight. That was huge. I
mean, sixteen years ago, comingup on sixteen years in a week and
a half from now. But whenthey come back, it'll be huge.

I wonder what we are getting backwhen it does come back. The excitement
of seeing the Sonics on the floor, that jersey, that logo. God,
I hope they go with the onewith the space need on the background.
But whatever they do, it doesn'tmatter. Don't try to mess around
like Adrian did with the Sounders initiallyand te oh, I think maybe we

won't call them the Sounders. Ohokay, Adrian, Yeah we learned.
He did good to get him on. Adrian, what do you think about
when you were kind of toying withthat idea? Now that what are you
doing right now? Oh, you'recelebrating fifty years this year of Sounder soccer.
All right, come on, butwhen they do come back, what
will we have. I just didn'tlike the product this year. I didn't

like watching the games, and partof it was, Yeah, the NBA
Finals just were awful. Three gamesdecided by eighteen plus points. I mean,
I thought that was awesome. Butyou but you were cheering on one
team. Step back. You probablyas a Celtics fan, first of all,
you know, your team one infive they mailed in Game four,

Fine, but they mailed in gamefour, and they were never really threatened
in any other game, even theI mean, they just they won by
what you know, I'm not soclose six points with some garbage time and
not so close eight points, andthen the other three went, and then
the other three games were all determinedby eighteen plus points. There were more
four and five game series in theNBA playoffs than there were six and seven

game series. But I think youknow, we had David lock On two
or three weeks ago and former voiceof the Sonics now the voice of the
Jazz, And you know, oneof the things we're asking and talking about
him with was and I'm gonna bringthis back for a point in a second,
is it? You know? Hesaid, Man, it's going to
be hard. It's going to behard for a while because when you have

an expansion team, nobody really knowswhat the expansion rules are going to be.
In terms of drafting. You know, like the expansion draft, there's
a chance probably you could get acouple guys that maybe are salary dumps,
perhaps, but really most NBA teamsare filled with two or three hammer guys
that you're never gonna let become available, and then a bunch of other dudes

that are probably overpaid, and thena bunch of guys in the rotation that
never get on the floor. Andthose guys are players eight through twelve,
eight through fifteen, whatever it wouldbe. And you need to, you
know, you need to hit acouple drafts like the Celtics did Jalen Brown
and Jason Tatum, like they nailedit exactly. Brat seems just nailed it,
absolutely nailed it. But the Blazers, for example, they've got multiple

draft picks this year and they've hadthem in the past and they've whift,
wift and whift again. It's hard. That league is hard to get good
in, and it's hard to sustainit, you know, like like did
Oklahoma City, No one's ever goingto go there as a free agency.
Your window is really short because whenguys have a chance to bail, they
probably will. The product itself,the players have never been bigger, stronger,

faster, and frankly more skilled thanthey are now. Anybody that says
otherwise is a fool, just andthat's the case in every sport. Training
off season, training, nutrition,how you keep your body fit, all
the all the metrics they have.I mean, we just were out watching
the Seahawks training camp, mini camp. What everyone's mini camp and OTA's you

know, now you've got everyone's gota GPS for every move and practice.
Hell, it's amazing that goofy asssports broad that the soccer players wear that
have the GPS in them. Samething, Like everything's tracked and monitored,
right and so hey, it's smoothiesright off the field everything. But it's
just different, Like it's just differentlike it and players are bigger, stronger
and faster. They just are.And you know, and so the NBA,

the skill level of the NBA isbetter than it's ever been. I
mean, I love my seventy nineSonics, but I mean they get smoked
by teams these days. They justwould you know, got I mean it
used to be if you're if you'resix eight or bigger, you're not shooting
mid range shots. You're a powerforward. You're going to the basket,
you're playing in the paint. That'snot the case. He Mrby's a stretch.

But the but the game itself andthe league itself, and it does
come back. What will we see? And that's why I'm excited to have
Dwight on today because I think hecan give us great perspective. He's covered
the NBA for I want to say, four decades, and you know,
Portland's a good example, Like they'reso far away from being good and you
know it's it's been a while.They had Damien and Lillard, who was

able to carry them to a coupledeep playoff runs, along with Nurkicch and
some other guys. But they seemlike they're so far away now, and
like to the point of not justso far away, but so far away,
to the point of they may notthey may not be back for a
long time. Well, what wouldan expansion team look like? I bring
that up. My my son wasthere was something on Instagram last night.

I might have been on Sean Camp'sInstagram and it was it was Casey calling
a couple of his dunks against theWarriors. I just talked yesterday and the
Great Bob Blackburn was doing color becauseit used to be when Casey came here,
it was kind of like they dowith the Mariners broadcast on radio,
like someone does an inating or twosomeone else doesn't entering two. And that's
what what Casey and Bob did.They kind of traded off. And but

I we're watching I sent it tomy son or watching the highlights of The
rain Man and he just he justgot himself a Rainman T shirt from Simply
Seattle for his birthday. You know, he loves him. You know.
The rain Man was just and it'slike, man, I want the Sonics
back so bad. I said,but they're coming, They're going to be
here. You know. I thinkyou texted me earlier this week, Jess,
and it was saying, Hey,you know, are we just doing
some show planning. We won't getinto that, but just doing some show

planning. And I said, Ithink we're a little ways away because we
still haven't figured out the media Ricedeal. They're going to want to make
a splash. They've got to figureout what the hell they're doing in Vegas?
Is the building going to get donedown there? That I've said this
all along, I'm going to sayit. Tell you guys again. The
best way to look at what happenswith that when do they break ground in

Vegas? And that probably gives youa little bit more of a timeline I
still think they're going to throw theball up in the air here in the
fall of twenty twenty seven. Ithink that's you know, I've heard twenty
six a lot, but I thinkI mean, remember, this is twenty
twenty four right now. I thinkwe're three years away. We saw it
with the Kraken, right, andlet's take COVID off the table. I
don't think that really impacted the timelinefor them, But it was twenty twenty

that it was fortunate, It wasfortunate. It was fortunate that because they
have the time. It was Yeah, it was fortunate that the well,
the building just got pushed back alittle, because buildings do get pushed back
already happens. Yeah, we're readyto go here, but Vegas, whatever
building they end up playing them.But I'm prett sure it's gonna be Oakview
Group one. When that thing getsgoing, it's you know, it's going
to take you know, and thatthat's a whole complex, that's a hotel,

a casino, and an arena thatthey're building that's going to take.
I mean, if they break groundthis fall, that's three years they can
probably get it done. Yeah,we were lucky here because because the building
because CPA had just some just somevery ever so slight delays. They would
have been pushing it because of that, they pushed out because yeah, remember
when the NHL we all had thehats instead of NHL Seattle twenty twenty.

I still have the sweatshirt. Yeah, the sweatshirts. Earl buddy Jim Moore
used to wear the sweatshirt basically fourdays. Yeah. I think he slept
in it and spoke up in it. Yeah. But when that happened,
When that happened, it was like, okay, twenty twenty. And because
we went down to Sea Island,Georgia in the in December of twenty eighteen,
was ours the news conference down there. Yeah, and we thought you
it ended up being three years.So I think we're three years away from

the NBA. It will come back. We'll talk to Dwight about about what
that's all about as well. Comingup at one o'clock today. Other things
I want to throw at you guystoday mentioned this, Uh, Jason Stark
is going to join us from theAthletic. Longtime Major League Baseball writer worked
for a variety of different places.Obviously a lot of people know him from
ESPN days, just knows them,my friend and just knows them from his

ESPN days And luckily, because fantastic, luckily, because of jests, we
got them on. Today. Isvery busy, but good to have a
well known, well respected national nationalvoice on from Major League Baseball, uh
to who covers it to talk marinerswith us and and and just the American
League. I'm really curious, andyou know, we've spent a lot of
time this week talking about where thewhere everybody is was as it relates to

the trade deadline, and the tradedeadline is has turned into this kind of
I don't know if you've noticed,it's like a magic bullet, like we
all use the trade deadline as kindof a magic bullet. This will cure
all, This will cure all,ill the reason that everything happens. You
know, Greg and Greg brought itup today softy and well, you know
what, I'll give crew word,Chris do. Sergeant Doom brought it up

yesterday. Their show is so good. Yeah, Sergeant Doom brought it up
yesterday, but he's right. AndGreg brought it up again today. Their
Home and Road splits not just interms of record, but also in terms
of what the pitching staff does isstriking. So this is a flawed team
that is winning in a really baddivision and kind of on the verge,

are running away from a early baddivision. But it's a flawed team that
you were getting a little greedy.But I like greedy. I like the
fact that we're greedy. We're notjust sitting here thinking, boy, I
sure hope they get to the playoffs. No, I think people are now
to the point of, hey,they better win the division, give us
some home games, and with thispitching staff, you should be able to
take a run in the postseason.You should be able to And I'm with

Dick. I'll go with Sergeant Doom. I think, just based on where
we're at with this pitching staff,our expectation, our hope should be ALCS.
That's where I am. Final four. I think Jackson said it yesterday
when I was listening to Softy andDick like final four. One of them
said it, Yes, ALCS.But what must they do to get to

that point, Well, they're goingto have to amp up the bullpen.
They're going to have to get somethinggoing in terms of a couple spots in
the lineup, corner, outfield,et cetera. I know that he's really
popular, but I'll give Andrews credit. He's right, Hannah Grain, it
just isn't sorry, and he's areally mensely popular player, and he has

a good you know, there's aspot on the roster for him, probably,
but that's not an everyday player fora team that's going to contend.
So they've got to add some things, they've got to do some things along
the way. And we'll talk toJason Stark. Excited to do that about
about that with him, because again, the national perspective is just a lot
different than and has a little bettercontext than the rest of us. Is

great, So we'll do that withJason coming up at two o'clock today.
I didn't watch the game yesterday atrick Wood Field in Birmingham, but all
you need to know as they celebratedthe Negro leagues last night and obviously the
life of Amed, but that wasthis game was planned well before then.
There was some comments by Reggie Jackson, the great Reggie Jackson, mister October,

I mean, Hall of Famer,one of the greatest players we've seen
in the last thirty forty years,especially arguably the most clutch player we've seen
in baseball play for two different greatteams and champions and the Yankees in the
a's. He had some comments onFox last night, Big Fox that is

about his time in the South inBirmingham, and I think a lot of
people will kind of raise their headsand went, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa what what what? Yeah,it's worth listening to. We'll have
that coming up in a second.React to that. On the other side.
As always, because it's no longeran EQC note Thursday, we will
take more texts today. They're easierto find than here. It is a

fun Friday four nine, four fiveone tell them text line when it's game
time. So fire off your thoughts, comments, questions and concerns. We
love hearing you on the talkback Mikeas well. That's easy to find,
easy to get to. All youhave to do is go to the iHeartRadio
app and fire away your questions,thoughts, comments and concerns there all today
right here on ninety three point threeKJR FM Live from the R and R

Foundation, specialists broadcast studio back toIan Fernetz, powered by Seattle's closest sports
book, Snow Call Me Casino onSports Radio ninety three point three kJ R
FM. Back here on a Friday, Manners and Marlins. We'll get to

that coming up in just a fewminutes. Start a series this weekend after
the M's lost a rare lost,a rare series. They haven't done that
lately a lot. We'll do thatcoming up a little while out of Cleveland
onto Miami, taking on one ofthe one of the few teams really in
the National League that's kind of outof it. Only one of two teams
in the National League that's out ofit, one of my one of it.

Yeah, one of only five inthe league that's in Major League Baseball
that's out of it. But we'lltalk about that in just a couple minutes.
Last night on Big Fox, therewas a game that was televised nationally
celebration of the Negro Leagues its playersas well at Rickwood in Birmingham, Alabama,
Rickwood Field. It was a gamethat was supposed to really kind of

celebrate a lot of different things,including the history of the Negro Leagues,
baseball, maybe how far we havecome, but really how far we haven't
come in a lot of ways aswell. In the pregame show on the
panel, the Great Reggie Jackson joinedthe Fox guys Alex Rodriguez, Kevin Burkhart,
Big Poppy, etc. And we'llget to the audio in a second.

But I think most of our listenershave heard the name Reggie Jackson.
I'm assuming most know who Reggie Jacksonis. Mister October Hall of Fame inductee
in nineteen eighty three. By theway, I'd like to know this.
This is on a side note.He was on three hundred and ninety six,
four hundred and twenty three ballots,easily getting in. But what is

that ninety see twenty twenty seven peoplethat didn't have him on the ballot?
What what's wrong with you people?Nevertheless, I digress. I mean you
can do that. I mean Jeterhad won right and Griffy had won right.
You know, there's always there's alwaysyes exactly. But fortunately there were

those guys. Yeah. Well,and I wonder who those guys were for
a lot of different reasons. We'llhear that in just a couple of seconds.
There's no real this guy that Imean, he got ninety three point
six percent of the vote. Where'sthe other you know, six point four
I because there were those that probablyjust for whatever reason, maybe still had
a grudge, didn't want to puthim in there. Fourteen time All Star,

he was the nineteen seventy three AmericanLeague MVP. He was the two
time World Series MVP as well,which is just I mean, what he
did in his career was simply nothingshort of remarkable. Led Major League Baseball
in home runs on four different occasions, thirteen times in the top ten.

But he was mister clutch as well. Just I mean, I think I
look at one number that just kindof jumps off the page at me.
The guy had eighteen career home runsin the postseason renders having played eighteen games
in the postseason. It's just hewas something else, and I mean one

of my favorite players. Watching himgrow up, we all want to emulate
the swing. None of us couldbecause we weren't Reggie. But Reggie Jackson
is truly one of the greatest fivehundred and sixty three career home runs.
On the pregame show yesterday, AlexRodriguez asked him about Birmingham, Alabama,
playing at rick Woodfield and coming back. Coming back here is not easy.

The racism when I played here,the difficulty of going through different places where
we traveled. Fortunately I had amanager and I had players on the team
that helped me get through it.But I wouldn't wish it on anybody.
People said to me today I spokeand they said, you think you're a
better person. You won when youplayed here and conquered. I would never

want to do it again. Iwalked into restaurants and they would point at
me and said, I can't eathere. I would go to a hotel
and they say they can't stay here. We went to Charlie Finley's country club
for a welcome home dinner and theypointed me out with the end word,
he can't come in here. Finleymarched the whole team out. Finally they

let me in there. He said, we're going to go to the diner
and eat Hamburgers, or go wherewe're wanted. Fortunately I had a manager
and Johnny McNamara that if I couldn'teat in the place nobody would eat,
we'd get food to travel. IfI couldn't stay in a hotel, they'd
drive to the next hotel and finda place where I could stay. Had

it not been for Raleigh Fingers,Johnny McNamara, Dave Duncan, Joe and
Sharon Rudy. I slept on theircouch three four nights a week for about
a two month and a half.Finally they were threatened that they would burn
the our apartment complex down unless Igot out. I wouldn't wish it on
anyone. The year I came here. Boll Connor was the sheriff the year

before, and they took Based bythe League Baseball out of here because in
nineteen sixty three the clan murdered fourblack girls children in eleven, twelve,
fourteen years old at a church hereand never got indicted, like magazine did
a story on them, like youwere being honored. I wouldn't wish it

on anyone. At the same time, had it not been for my white
friends, had it not been fora white manager and Rudy Fingers and Duncan
and Lee Myers, I would havenever made it. I was too physically
violent. I was ready to physicallyfight some I'd have got killed here because
I'd have beat someone's ass and theyyou just saw me in an oak tree

somewhere. That's Reggie Jackson powerful wordson the Fox pregame show last night before
the game at rick Woodfield, andI don't think you probably could have had
a better start to that broadcast thatgame everything than having somebody that went through
what he did come on and speakon it. And because there's probably a

part of Major League Baseball speculating here, maybe this is unfair, but I
think there's probably part of Major LeagueBaseball and part of part of the broadcast
and folks at Fox and everyplace elsesaying, hey, this is great,
We're gonna celebrate, We're gonna celebrateWillie Mays and basically the de segregation of
baseball and all those things that wewant to celebrate. And you know,

kumbaya things are great. You neededsomebody that had lived through it to remind
everybody what living through it was.And the great Reggie Jackson did that yesterday.
I'm gonna come back on the otherside because there was as he's speaking
about all of that, I thoughtof one person, and that's Pete Carroll,

and I'll explain why. But hetalked about his owner, Charlie Finley,
Charles O. Finley, and Ithought of Pete Carroll, and I'll
explain the significance of that. Andthen we'll move on. We'll dwy Jane's
coming up one o'clock mentors today.We'll get to that at one thirty and
Jason start coming up at two o'clock. All right here in nine three point
three KTERFM Live from the R andR Foundation Specialist Broadcast Studio, back to

Ian Furnance, Power Advice, Seattle'sclosest sports book, Snow Call Me Casino
on Sports Radio ninety three point threekJ R FM. I mentioned earlier that
in the last segment, we'll getto Dwyight James going on with us be
a fun conversation at one o'clock.Jason start from the Athletic at two and
wrote a story in The Athletic todayabout how you guys will all be surprised

by this. Offense is down inMajor League Baseball, but to historic crazy
lows right now. First thing,when I read the story, weird thing
about that wasn't wasn't the shift beingtaken out supposed to help offense? Well?
It was, but I mean it'slike everything's an adjustment, right They're

constantly playing you know, offensive defensedifferent ways, and every single sport it's
a constant adjustment. It hasn't changedanything. It's still pictures are just too
good. I think it's the premiseis of his articles. According then from
Ty France too, I think thepremises is that, you know, pictures
are too good right now. Butwe'll get to that coming up with Jason
and get his thoughts on what theManners need or could do before the trade

deadline to take that next step.All that coming up on the show.
We played the Reggie Jackson sound aminute ago. If you missed it,
ingle, listen to it on thepodcast. But and it's all out there.
Talking about his time in Birmingham andcoming up in the Miners, he
mentioned Charlie Finley who was the owneralong with other people that stood up for
him. That team was the affiliatefor the Kansas City As that then moved
to Oakland after he played in KansasCity? Did Reggie just one year after

making it up for the Miners.But as he was discussing that, he
talked about Charlie Finley going to thecountry club bringing the team in there.
You know, like, hey,we're gonna eat here. They said that
the N word can't eat here ifhe's with U or you know, you
can't eat here if he's with ususing the N word, pointing to Reggie
Jackson, and Charlie Finley took theteam out for a white man at that

time in this world, in thiscountry and that part of the country.
And I think that's an important partof it that part of the country.
Racism exists everywhere, probably more oppressingin some places South than others, maybe,
But for him to do that andstand up for his player, young
player, twenty year old player atthe time, says a lot. And

I thought of Pete Carroll and Ilooked back and I mentioned this to Greg
bell Off the year earlier. Youknow, Charlie Finley was a lot of
things. He was eccentric, hewas crazy, he was nuts, he
was there's a lot to him asan owner of the Oakland A's, But
he put together a world championship team. The Oakland A's, believe it or

not, in the seventies were athing like they were a wagon. All
kinds of Hall of famers on thatteam, on those teams, all kinds
of players that today, by today'sstandards, would be Hall of famers.
I mean, it was crazy whatthese guys who and what they were.
But I thought of Pete Carroll,because you know, a coach owner,

what have you standing up for somethingother than the sport. But Charlie Finley
wanted his players to be who theywere, and I bring that up for
this reason. The Oakland did notlook like most teams in Major League Baseball.
Not only did they have a rosterthat was not filled with Caucasian males,

which many teams back then for themost part did. To the contrary,
a number of African Americans, BillyNorth, Reggie Jackson, Claudell Washington,
players from other countries, Burt Campaniasheyesus Alou that were not Caucasian males
from this country. He had thewherewithal to not worry about what someone looked

like. He just wanted players.And it goes as far as this.
You know, Pete let his guysbe their own thing. Obviously, you
know, in the NFL, whichis a predominantly black league, in terms
of the makeup of the players,it's a little bit different. But he
let players be who they wanted tobe and who they were. I always
think of the Yankees and how archaictheir thought process is, and you do

you in New York. That's fine, but the no facial hair policy,
for example, and that a lotof teams actually used to have that in
Major League Baseball local days. Didn'tyou look at pictures of the ages from
the mid seventies, Rolly Fingers hadthe famous mustache with the hook and the
curls on it. But I mean, by and large, most of those
guys had some form of facial here, Catfish, Hunter, seal Bando,

guys like that Hunt. They justlooked different than other teams because their owner
cared about the individuals being individuals.Who does that sound like? That was
Pete Carroll one of the great things. And I feel like I needed to
say this today because I also feelas if in the last few months,
a lot of us as we're singingthe praises and excited for the new era

of Seahawks football, and it wasneeded, make no mistake, it was
needed. But as we're going throughthat, I think sometimes we kind of
forget what Pete Carroll who, andwhat he was and what he meant to
this city, this organization, andmore specifically to the players. He let
them be them, and he understoodsometimes there were things bigger than a game,

bigger than preparation, bigger than apractice. You know, two days
stick stick out of my mind.Tennessee, the game against the Titans,
when at that point in time,President Trump used some words that were unacceptable

and sent the nation sideways, especiallya lot of African American non players.
Players didn't matter. And that Saturdaynight a game in Tennessee. When a
Saturday night and f in the NFL, it is its meetings, your final
preparations walkthroughs a It's an important timefor an NFL team. At the hotel,

they have a numb They basically usuallyrent out a hotel that has an
entire floor that has nothing but conferencerooms and ballrooms, and it's routine.
It's routine, but in those ballroomsthere's meetings, there's all that stuff going
on, final film study, finalgame prep, all those things. We're
doing a pregame show that Sunday morningin Nashville, and one of the assistant

coaches who I was close with,came up and I said, how are
we doing? You know, justjust kind of general bs before we started
doing our show, and I'm onthe sideline and it's like, oh,
probably not gonna go well today,Like what he goes. We didn't do
one football thing last night. Wedidn't do any football. What do you
mean to do any football? IsPete thought it was more important, and
this coach was not disagreeing with it. He goes. Pete thought it was

more important for our players to betogether discuss the words that were used by
the president. Where we're at justa lot of different things. And then
they they had conversations with the Tennesseeplayers. The Titan players looked to the
Seahawks for later leadership and guidance,what do we do in the next day,
for the anthem, everything else?And this isn't about if you agree
to disagree with that stuff. I'mplease don't go down that road with text

today. My point was is thatPete Carroll decided it's one football game,
but what was more important was tostand up for his players by support them
and what they felt was more importantto do that day. And they had
so many alpha male leaders in thatworld on that team, guys like Doug
and Richard and others. And again, don't please don't go down the road,

O Sherman's No, this was thiswas I just I was mesmerized.
I had I mean, our conversationprobably lasted ten minutes on the sideline,
I'm like, damn and I andhe says, just kind of keep that
to us. So I use,I said, I want to use a
little bit on our pregame show andI mentioned it, but it wasn't a
big deal. And but I broughtit back up again during the pandemic and

when the Seahawks were in training campand if you remember, there was another
incident during training camp obviously, orthat's that year of racial divide in our
country, and and we were doinga we did an hour training camp show
every day on Fox thirteen. Ithink you were at Fox then I and
that was a day it was aSaturday, and I was, yeah,

I was. I was doing theshow that day on the Saturday. And
our show was basically mostly like,hey, we're filling a lot of the
time with player interviews and practice.We're showing some practice and things like that.
We get out there and the facilitieslocked. Even with COVID, we
still had waves, couldn't go in. They canceled practice, and Pete thought
that day was more important. Hegave an incredible on Zoom if you remember,

he did an incredible thing talking aboutit, and I thought it was
important because what Reggie Jackson said thereand that piece before the game, he
said, I need you know,he says, my white teammates, my
white owner stood up for me.And I thought that was powerful and it
was also worth mentioning. And Ithought of Charlie Finley and I thought of
Pete Carroll because people in power arethe ones that can make a difference,

good or bad. Charlie Finley didlet his players be them, didn't care
what somebody looked like, can youplay ball? Perfect? Good? Let's
go? And you do you?You want to have facial hair, you
want to say something, you wantto be spoke out? Do you do
you? Pete Carroll's one of thefew people that did the same thing out
of the Cookie Cutter. Do youthink? And I think we always need
to remember peak. I don't wona super Bowl here, went to the
playoffs almost every year, took thisfranchise to a different level. But going

back to his time in LA,some guys do stuff when camera's around,
and some guys do stuff when peopleare, you know, there to see
it. Look at me, Hey, let's put this on social media.
I'm doing something good that's never beenPete Carroll. He cares about the greater
good, the greater bigger picture,and I always appreciate that. And when
I heard that Reggie Jackson talk aboutCharlie Finley, that was the first person
I thought about was Pete Carroll.Today. So Honday four, nine,

four to one, we'll check thetext letter, Dwight James, the Godfather,
the Godfather, We'll talk NBA,Bill Walton, baseball in Portland,
maybe much more coming up next nowfrom the Star Rentals Sports to us your
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Ladies and gentlemen, Captain Slacker,be in for ness. Damn right,
it's a Friday. We're mailing itin. I have other people carry
the show for me, and thisguy carried me for a long time on
Comcast Sports at Northwest doing Blazers preand post game. He's used to carrying

me. Dwight James joins us.He is the godfather of all things Portland
sports media, co host on theafternoons of Ripcinity Radio with my buddy Chad
Doing, former columnist at the OregonianPortland Tribune as well. He joins us
right now on the Beacon blumbing hotline, Little godfather, how are you well?
And it's a pleasure to be partof mail it in Friday. I

have certainly mailed in my share ofFridays. But on that promo that intro,
I heard something about bribing your friends. I didn't hear about any payoff
for being on today. I needsomething we work for the same company.
You can just check in with ourpeople and check in with your people.
You know how that's going to gofor you. Yeah, very generous group.
Yeah, okay, got it.No one if you can find them.

I don't know how it is downthere at rip City Radio. I
look around our office, Jess,is there anybody here today that it's Friday?
I know exactly a lot of mailat the door. Yeah, you
want to mail it in Friday,Dwight, you can wind up here on
a Friday on Elliott Avenue. Howare you? My friend's been a while.
I'm good And I got to tellyou the same thing here Chad.
When I leave and when Chad leavesafter the show, we're the last ones

out of a building and we don'teven turn the lights off. But you
know, it's just it's unbelievable.Now people just don't go to work anymore.
They just look at their little computerand do it all online. Hey,
you've been in this business a longtime. There's probably been a lot
of times when you say, lastguy out, turn off the lights.
You've been there on that road before, right, I think all of us
out, not by my choice,no, exactly exactly. I want to

hit on a bunch of topics withyou today, especially with the NBA kind
of feeling like it's imminent to comeback to Seattle. We're going to hit
that in a second. I mentionedthis in our first hour of the show.
I've known you for for boy twentytwo years, I think it is
now, and I know you've alwaysI've always thought of you as a baseball
guy, like you are a baseballI know you love the sport. You've
you've I'm holding for you and othersthat the Major League Baseball gets to Portland

at some point. But I knowyou're a baseball guy. Uh and not
to date you me or anybody else. You have a great idea of the
history of the game. What didWilly Mays mean to you and to baseball?
Well, yeah, I gotta tellyou. Growing up as a kid,
Willy was my guy. And Ithink every every guy has their guy,

and and growing up he was.He was my idol. He was
the man. And I can't tellyou how many trists. Starting as a
senior in high school, me andmy baseball buddy He's got in a car
in August after our Legion baseball seasonwas over and drove down to the Bay
Area to watch the Giants play,and sometimes went even all the way to

San Diego and watch games all theway down just to see guys play.
And Willie was the main reason.And he's the first five tool player,
legit five tool player, first guythat you saw that could do everything on
a baseball diamond and do it well. He was incredible. It is I
mean, he was Junior before junior, he was Bonds before Bonds. Yeah

right, I mean he was allof those things. Yeah. Just it's
and and it's it is remarkable becausenow I think we take some of those
guys for granted, but that wasthat wasn't always a case with baseball.
We didn't have guys that you saidthat were truly five tool players. Yeah,
your set of best. He saidhe's the godfather, godfather of center
fielders, and I think he's right. And I put out the same day

he died. I put out onsocial media. I think he's the best
I ever saw. And people say, oh, it's impossible for a guy
who played that long ago to bethe best ever. But I've been here
and I've seen all these guys comeever since, and I hear people like
Tim kirkchen and Keith Hernandez and somany other people in the game say the
same thing. There just hasn't beenanybody come along that could do all these

things as well as he did andthen play with that flare and that joy
that he had, which was,you know, he always said, I
can make the easy catches look hardand the hard catches look easy, and
he did, you know, andhe played with that flair that you just
loved. And they say it wasfrom the leade negro leagues, where you

know, they wanted to put fansin the seats. You know, they
needed to make money, so peopleput on a show and they celebrated and
they did all these things that arenow kind of coming into Major League Baseball.
But it was a much different leaguein that regard, and I think
that's where he got to start andhe kept that personality all the way through
his career. I want to pickyour brain about the NBA in the second
before you get there, one morebaseball thing by James joining us Ripsey Radio,

longtime media member down in Portland hereon the Beacon Plumbing Hotline. Dwight,
what are the chances with just theuncertainty around all of baseball. There's
still just thirty teams in baseball.The A's are going to allegedly play in
Sacramento for a couple of years beforethey allegedly build a building in Vegas,
which many people still don't think isgoing to get built. What's the latest

on Major League Baseball in Portland.Well, it's a difficult question because our
guys here are unlike the group tryingto put baseball in Nashville, for example,
and even the ones trying another spots, they don't say anything. They
don't update their progress, they don'tsay where they are. They just do

their work behind the scenes. AndI've been as sure they're doing their work,
and I think they've done a lotof groundwork in the Commissioner's office.
I think they're in the running,but I think at a certain point too,
and you need to put that shovelin the ground and start that ballpark
that you've been talking about. Andthey've identified a site, but they still

don't have the property yet, andit's such a long process. And they're
very fortunate that baseball moves at thespeed of the slowest glacier in the world,
and so everything goes so slow inbaseball. You know, it takes
them forever to put in like apitch clock, for example, which we
all knew ten years ago needed toput in. And it's just kind of

a crazy situation where my best answerto you and is, I don't know.
I remain hopeful, but I gotto tell you I'm probably one of
the few left in Portland that's stillhopeful. Do you think the Mariners there's
a lot of folks up here thatbelieve the Mariners would never allow it happen
as part of their territory. Doyou think the Mariners will be a problem,

Well in the end, no,And I think everybody's got their price,
and I think it's going to beresolved, just like the Washington Nationals
Baltimore situation was resolved, and that'sreally right in their backyard. And if
that can be resolved, anything can. I don't think baseball could keep this

from happening, and this would bea great baseball town. Believe me,
I'm sure the Mariners wouldn't be happyabout it, because you know, down
here we're still supplying a decent portionof their fan base. I mean I
have friends who have season tickets anddrive up there for a series, you
know, and so I think itwould work, but it would bite into
them a little bit, both inperson and in the television realm. Well,

I just think the part of mealways looks at it. From this
standpoint, the rivalry could be ano brainer, boy, especially if you
were able to move the A's thereor expand. If you expand two teams
and it's an American League team.I know Seattle, I know the Manterers
maybe would want but today inter leagueplay doesn't matter anymore. But boy,
if you had fifteen games a yearbetween Seattle and Portland, you would have

a rivalry. And there aren't anyof those out there. I mean,
there's the Dodgers and the Giants andthat's it out West, Like there's no
other rivalries out West in baseball,most sports. I think you'd agree with
me. You need to have aplayoff series to really have a rivalry of
where. You know, people talkabout is our a rivalry with the Kraken
and the Canucks? No? Isthere one with the Vegas. You know,
the NHLs tried to force Vegas intoa rivalry with Seattle. The two

expansion teams. They haven't played aplayoff series yet I mean Colorado maybe because
of what happened last year, wenever had it with the Blazers and the
Sonics. Really, we never reallyhad what we probably could have had,
maybe for a couple of years whenthe late great Jerome Kersey and x Man
were beating the hell out of eachother on a weekly basis. But outside
of that, right, we neverhad it. I think baseball will be
an automatic rivalry and all by theway, everyone benefits because you're selling tickets,

right. Oh, absolutely, AndI recall covering the Blazers when the
games were in Seattle and that yearwhere where the arena was being worked on,
and they were playing in Tacoma Dome. I swear half that building was
Blazer fans, and I think thatI go all the way back, though,
I go back to the Buckaroos andthe Totems, and I mean that

was a serious rivalry. I mean, those two teams didn't like each other
and they went at it. Itwas big time. And I feel like
such a dinosaur now because I talkabout that rivalry here and people don't know
what the hell I'm talking about you, And it's amazing how they don't understand.
My son says all the time.I don't know for these Seattle teams.
I was brought up correctly, andit was like it was just that

rivalry, you know, and growingup my dad said, we don't want
Seattle to win, and they feltthe same way about us. And that's
great. It's great for sports.And you know, the regional thing of
the two franchises being that close,we is that out west, the East
Coast has it all over us forthat. You know, they're just little

short train rides away from each other. All those teams you know, Philadelphia,
New York and Boston, New Yorkand Washington and whatever. You know,
they're also close that you can havegreat rivalries. But out here,
like you mentioned, Dodgers, Giants, that's it. That's it. And
I just hope, you know,and I would look forward to everybody down

here is looking forward to Seattle gettingits NBA team back because we want that
rivalry back. We want that teamup there. For one thing, it
just makes travel easier for both theseteams to have a team right on their
doorstep like that. And they're gonnaget it. And there is no question
in my mind they're on that list. You know, the commissioners trying to

raise the value by saying that there'sso many teams wanting expansion, but it's
going to be Las Vegas and Seattle. I don't know. That's been that
way all the way, and I'veheard that from NBA people now for five
years. Yeah, it's just amatter of when Vegas can get their damn
building figured out in which building it'sgoing to be, and it's going to
happen. I mean, I cantell you for a fact in Seattle.
I mean there's people that work forthe Hockey Slash Building Organization up here that

have all kind of shifted their gears. They're all kind of they've moved.
There's there's a whole group working onthat. It's good. I always laugh
when Silver's like, well, youknow, yeah, like you said,
Mellotz, we we'll address that andtalk about that down the road. You've
talked about it on a weekly basisbehind the scenes for the last three years.
Like the second climate Playfarina opened up. So stop, I mean,
stop insulting our intelligence a right,Dwight James joining us. When the NBA

does come back to White will whatwill fans here see that they haven't seen
since two thousand and eight, AndI say that under the context of we
just came off what was really kindof a nothing burger NBA Playoffs, and
certainly the NBA Finals lacked any kindof excitement or drama. So where is
the game right now? Where isthe league right now compared to what was
in two thousand and eight. Well, I'll tell you this, and you're

going to see all up three pointsh And in the beginning, that three
point shot was the home run ofbasketball, and people got really excited about
it. But when you start shootingfifty or sixty of them in a game
and you start missing more than halfof them, it's not as exciting as
it used to be. Miss threesare the worst part of basketball Right now.

The game has slowed down to adegree. I kind of like what
Boston has brought back, which isan element, at least an appearance of
team basketball. We've gotten into suchan isolation age where you're seeing the best
guy on each team just running ina one four flat offensive scheme, just
going one on one all the time. I hate that. It's a beautiful

game, and that game needs tobe all five guys touching the ball,
all five guys capable of scoring.That's kind of what the Celtics were.
You never knew on a given nightwhich of those guys would leave them scoring.
And I really appreciated that. AndI have to say Joe Missoula really
surprised me in what a great jobhe did. Ema Udoka got it going,

and Joe came in and just keptit going in the same direction.
And it's against my grain kind ofto be happy about anything the Celtics do,
but in this case, I thinkit was good for basketball to see
teams win in that regard without thetraditional you know, get three guys together,

get two guys together, and gotto have two superstars, all that
garbage and just play team basketball andgood hard defense. Have five guys who
can play both ends of the court. All that's good for basketball well.
And I think part of it too, is the fact that you have two
guys that could have won the MVP, right, I mean, you could
have it like that. Doesn't usuallyhappen in the NBA finals. It's a

joker's gonna win it, or whoevermight win. You know, if if
Dallas wanted Luca would have been ano brainer. It would have been but
in this case, you actually didhave a couple of guys you could choose
from all by the way, theywere both drafted by the team, right,
So this is kind of a refreshingthing. The draft is coming up
to White I think Portland's got abunch of picks, But it feels like
your team and some other teams thatare down right now, Utah putting in

that category as well, teams thattraditionally used to be, you know,
perennial power of perennial playoff teams inthe NBA, it feels like they're a
long way away. How hard isit to build an NBA team and a
contending team these days? It's it'sit's impossible. I'm telling you what I

see here is what I warned peopleabout, and they are all, take
the big swang, got to gofor it, You got to do this
and that, And then there wasa well we got to drop back down
and get that top pick and goget a superstar in the draft. Well,
as Detroit has shown at Philadelphia Showfor years, you can be in
that lotry a long time and notget your superstar. And they've been tanking

here the last three years, andman, I keep telling people here.
If you think they've tanked so far, wait till next year, because next
year is the draft with all kindsof talent, and once again they'll have
the generational superstar at the top.So a lot of teams will be tanking
next year, including this one.And it's such a dangerous game to play,
and it's really so hard to dothat. And you know, the

cap space and all the rules noware for teams to be able to keep
their really good players, so they'renot going to see the movement of free
agents. And heck, Parland couldn'tget free agents anyway. They never have
been able to get the premier ones. Nobody wants to come play here,
so you know, it's it's areally tough situation now. To be Frank,

I would almost have you go aheadup in Seattle. Let Jody move
the team here up to Seattle.You can have that one. I'd almost
rather have the expansion to you,no, because you know you got cap
room and you got some veterans,but you're going to be bad enough to
qualify for a decent pick. You'llget a decent player. But like the
draft this year, everybody, everybodysays it's you know, they got to

pick in the top seven or eightand there's a there's a good player there
somewhere, but nobody knows who heis. And you know how that is,
and you've seen it before. Yeah, there's a good player somewhere,
but everybody has a different idea ofwho it is. So you gotta have
good scouting and you got to geta little bit lucky. But it's this
year is just not that draft,and there are years like that. So

you know, tanking and going forit like that is a dangerous proposition and
sometimes you have to learn that thehard way. Well, and it's as
you mentioned, like you gotta getyou got to hit the hit the jackpot
in the draft, and it's notalways the no brainer top. I mean,
listen when Yama comes around once inthe generation, right, I mean
those types of guys. But outsideof that, yeah, you got to
hope you hit the guy that thatyou know, is it five, six

or seven ends up being an AllStar. You hope you find a Jason
Tatum and Jalen Brown or whoever itmight be along the way. But man,
but Dwight, the hard thing is, even if you get one or
two of those guys like you mentioned, to supplement the roster. It's hard
Like Oklahoma City, it feels like, and we love when they suffered great
year, but you know, whendoes their window close? Because no one's
ever going to go there as afree agent, right and at some point

people are gonna leave, Like dowhat Portland do out of Damian Lillard?
Like in terms of the move,the trade not not nearly enough, and
they want everybody here wanted the previousgeneral manager fire. Everybody did, but
they replaced him with somebody who's justnot as good. And the trades they've
made, they've let go a lotof good players and gotten relatively little back.

At least OKC is sitting on likefourteen draft picks. You know,
they got all kinds of picks,but Portland does not. And they got
a bunch of first round picks thatare going to land in the late twenties
in twenty twenty eight, twenty thirty. You know, I mean, who
cares? They might be in anothertown by then if they keep this up.
You know, it's just it's nota good situation the way it's gone

here. I can tell you that. Does it also tell us something about
where the league is right now,where JJ Reddick gets handpicked to be the
coach. I mean, I knowmaybe he was choice number two, but
still, come on, man,how does a guy get that job that's
never coached before. Yeah, well, in the situation with the Lakers,

you know, yeah, you gotto be buddies with Lebron. That's what
helps. Oh yeah, he's stayingout of the coaching search. Sure he
is, Like, are you kiddingme? Who's going to hire a coach
for the Lakers without running it pasthim or without taking his suggestions? I
mean, come on. And thenthey say, well he's been hired for
after Lebron, Well, I guaranteehe's got to go at least two more

years with Lebron. And that's thechallenge of coaching that team because he's not
the same player. I'm sorry allyou Lebron fans. He doesn't defend anywhere
close to what he used to.He has to have the ball in his
hands all the time. He won'tplay the low block at all anymore,
and so you're looking at him dribblingaround outside and hoisting up threes and doing
whatever. He's still a good player. I'm not taking that away. From

him, but he's not the sameplayer that Remember in the old days,
if you had them on your team, you got a great chance to getting
to the finals. Not that guyanymore. We've seen that. Well,
we'll still take whatever they got inthe NBA. We'll take it to heartbeat.
We can't wait for it to comeout. I get that we're shooting
threes and I'm tired, meek.Yeah, we'll take it whatever. Jess,

I don't care. Give me whateveryou got. I mean, it's
just we we want it back andit's going to come back. It's just
a matter of that twenty six ortwenty seven when it is. So Yeah,
well, I got to tell you, I'm still hurt because you guys
got the NHL and we didn't,and that just broke my heart. I
mean, this was a good HockeyTWN, really good Hockey Tel team Christmas
and yeah, you know that you'vebeen around and it's like they should have

that rivalry going again. Portland,Seattle and even Vancouver in the mix.
Once they get going in the samedivision, playing each other all the time,
they'll be blood on the ice.I'm telling you that it's that'll be
great stuff. Well, we usea little. We use it. We
use two words here when we're givingstuff away on our text line here that
you should know because in all transparency, but you you get it because if

you're in Portland, you don't wantSeattle to win necessarily, and vice versa.
And it's and it goes back tothe Totems and the and the and
the buckeroos, and it's to thisday with the Winterhawks. The Thunderbirds might
be playing kam Loops and when agoal is scored, they still yell Portland
sucks and it just doesn't matter.They yes. So that's what we use
for boom people dot text in forwin stuff because when tho t Birds were

on a roll a couple of yearsago and going to the championship, they're
giving us tickets. That's what wedo and people know. But that's what
should be. It should be thatway like sports. I mean, there
is a rivaly Washington Oregon certainly exists, and and there's no doubt that the
Huskies and the Ducks don't like eachother. But yeah, I think we
need to get to the pro leveland hopefully sooner than later, and then
you know what, then we'll bewe'll be bribing you to come on more

and more often at that point intime, my friend. Until then,
I thank you for today, havea great show with Chad and and thanks
for carrying me all those years onComcast Sports Net too. Well. Just
so you know, I kind ofmailed it in today. Insist in your
own I love it. I'm proudof you. Well done, well done,
godfather. That's Dwight James. Thanksbuddy, Dwight James joining us here
on the Beacon Plumbing Hotline. Lovehaving him on. Great guy to talk

to, one of my good friendsin the media. We'll take you a
break. Come back. We'll setup the manners game. Coming up tonight
on nine three point three KFM slive from the R and R Foundation specialists
broadcast studio back to Ian Fernetz,powered by Seattle's closest sports book, snowp
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will get to little daily power playhere at one forty five. Jason Stark,
long time with ESPN, Now withthe Athletic We'll join us at two
o'clock. Give us a little nationalperspective. He wrote a story on the
lack of offense in baseball. It'sin the Athletic right now. It's a
long read, but it's a reallygood read. Did it with another writer?

And the thing I got ask JasonStark after reading his story adjustment is
that like, like, do theMurners even need to go out and out
of bat because it feels like it'spretty much fruitless in terms of offense in
baseball right now? Like why wouldyou even worry about offense at all?
Because it's I mean, technology inbaseball has taken offense out of baseball,

is the premise in essence of hisstory, all the technology, the the
now. A lot of what hewrote to is the pitching, and the
pitching's been and we've talked about thatwith Joe Sheen, we talked about that
with Nate and Chris. You know, pitchers are just bigger, stronger,
and better throw with more velocity,they throw with more spin rate. There

are three pitchers in baseball that throweight pitches and like you can make their
well, a lot of guys no, no, that have thrown eight pitches
at least ten times this season.There's another handful that have thrown seven,
and there are too many to countthat throw at least five pitches on a
regular basis. It's really hard foroffenses, like very hard for offenses.
We'll talk to Jason about that,because I think for most of us here

in Seattle, we look at itlike, well, manners are thirty four
and five when they score four plusruns in a game, like, go
out and get a little more offenseand you know, add half a run
of game. You know, byadding a couple offensive pieces, you're nearly
unbeatable with that pitching staff. Wellmaybe not. It's harder to add offense
than you would think because this guysaren't hitting and you're built. Here's the

good news is that that's the badnews. The good news is you're sitting
there right now with this elite pitchingstaff. You're probably in better shape than
most teams are because you're not relyingon hitting the baseball, you're not relying
on offense. And because of that, you know, I mean their quality
starts this season, they're still sittingthere with forty six. Number two is

Philadelphia forty two, but EM's havefour more than them. Chris kind of
poop pooveed that staff the other daya little bit to us on molliwop and
I understand, but I understand whybecause with pitch cow and things like that,
there are teams that aren't. Butyou know, Seattle's got three guys
that they don't worry about a pitchcount with really for the most part,

well the top three guys. Wu'son one, like they're going to treat
him with the kid gloves. Andyou know, Bryce Miller isn't really on
one, but he's a number fivestarter. So I mean that's that's the
reality of where they are right now. So forty six quality starts is pretty
damn good as well. They haven'tbeen in this situation for a while now.
They lost had a back to backloss for just the second time in

the last twenty four games really thelast month, if you want to look
at it that way, back toback losses. They don't do that all
that often. There's still been greatin their series lately. They should win
this series. Their last nineteen series, they've been just lights out in terms
of winning series, with thirteen serieswins over the last nineteen. This will
be number twenty. I would expectit to be fourteen. Miami's not good.

Their pitcher's got an era that ina day and age. We're just
talking about how the pitching is sogood. Miami's pitcher today, Trevor Rodgers
one to eight, the five pointnine eer damn, you can't beat him
with George Kirby on the mound.Then you do have some bigger issues.
But there's still eight games up.They're still cruising along. We'll do some
scoreboard watching tonight as well and seewhat happens, because all of a sudden,

Houston is coming at you. Buthey, Astro's good news. Who
you hosted this weekend? Little teamcalled Baltimore. Oh hi, in Miami.
You got Baltimore. You guys gohave fun with that action, right,
So this could be a nice weekend. Kansas City's in Texas. That
eight and a half or that eightgame lead could certainly crime climb back,

and it should. If we're notat double digits and a lead on Monday,
I might turn into Sergeant Doom.I was gonna ask you what you
think, would you be satisfied withtwo wins out of three or do you
need a sweep? Satisfies satisfied asa big word. Yes, it is,
It has three syllables. It doesit does it? Does have three

syllables. I don't know if i'dbe sad. Yeah, listen, we're
gonna win the series. Or areyou just like Argent dooms sweep let's go,
Well, the sergeant Doom would comein if they don't win this series.
Oh, if they don't win.Yeah, if they win the series,
that's fine, that's listen. II I just think, because what

the other teams are up against.I mean, at best, Houston wins
two of three against Baltimore at best, so you're still sitting there with eight
game lead if that happens. Atbest, I think Texas wins two of
three against Kansas City easily. Boththose teams could lose their series easily.
And Seattle wins a series. Yeah, then you're you're pretty happy with the
way things look at that point.But yeah, I don't know. Sweeping

hard. Sweep. Sweeping is hard. It is regardless of the talent your
face. And Seattle's not as goodon the road. The pitching splits are
striking. Everything about this team onthe road is is different. They're just
not as good. So yeah,it doesn't matter where you're playing. Yeah,
you get a series win, I'mfine. Yeah, let's make it
easy if they they they, Imean, there are four games under five
hundred on the road as seventeen oftwenty one. I go win the series,

and you hope along the way thatHouston and Texas to have their stumbles
this weekend, which they probably will, and then it's a good weekend,
a good weekend all the way around. So Jason Stark looking forward the conversation
with him coming up today at twoo'clock. Again, offense is way down
in baseball despite the shift. Someinteresting stuff he wrote about outfield and could
they bring somewhat of a shift likethey did with the infield to a major

league outfield in the future as wellto create more offense. And I'm assuming
fans want more offense. I thinkI maybe not here, but elsewhere where
pitching isn't so good. I thinkyou probably want more offense. We'll talk
to Jason Stark about that coming upnow from the Star Rentals Sports to us

your ninety three point three KJRFM sportsheadlines and two o'clock headlines, brought to
you by Buddies, Goodies and GlassMars. Dropped two of three to the
Guardians yesterday, had six to threeloss back to back losses hasn't happened often.
Series losses haven't appen loten either.That'll change. Tonight they take on
the Miami Marlins, first of threedown in Florida. Ms are still eight
games up in the American League West. Brian Wo says he feels fine after

his start, despite being disappointed thatthirty pitch first inning. Kind of a
struggle bus for him on Wednesday,but he will be on the mound on
Monday in Tampa. They take onthe Manors again in Miami, the Marlins
in Miami later on this afternoon.Stanley Cup Final continues tonight. Panthers and
the Oilers, Edmonton five o'clock,City of Champions, Provincial capital, Oil
Country. Here we go. They'retrying to hold off elimination because the Florida

Panthers lead three games to two.Connor McDavid eleven points in four elimination games
already in the postseason this season,we'll have all the action for a five
o'clock right here in niney three pointthree KJRFM. Tomorrow, we've got Coachella
Valley, the crack In affiliate takingon Hershey six o'clock on nine to fifty
am. Also tomorrow Sounders Dallas FCthat game seven thirty seven o'clock pre game

with the great Jackson Feltz getting readyfor that game as well. It's moving
to the two o'clock hours Mine fromthe R and R Foundation Special is Broadcast
Studio. Back to Ian Furnett's PowerAdvice, Seattle's close this sports book Snow
call me Casino on Sports Radio ninetythree point three kjr FM. Earlier today

at one o'clock we did our friendswith Furness are Mailed in Friday segment where
I just lean on somebody that Iknow in the business for a long time
and get a fun interview that wecan talk about a variety of topics.
Mail it in Friday. Kind ofmy theme in this world. I'm old
and this is where I'm at.This is anything button mailing it in this
next guest. This is something thatI'm excited about. Every Maritor fan should
be excited about baseball fans as well. And I know Jess is because I

think you've worked with Jason Stark inthe past at the Four Letters back in
the day and Jim and Jason StarkJoy just right now from the Athletic on
the Beacon Plumbing Hotline. Thanks forcovering now some time for us today.
How are you? I? I'mgood, has everything? My friend?
Eight games up in the American LeagueWest, Jason Stark, how do you

think they are here? Huh?This is uncharted territory for us. I
believe it was ten games just afew days ago. Right, little thing
called the Guardians need some smelling salts. Let that go. A little thing
called the Cleveland Guardians got in theMariner's way. You might have heard of
them. They're kind of good thisyear. Right there, Listen, we're

fine. Eight games up the firstday of summer in Seattle in the American
League West. The last time thathappened, Uh, you had a big
mustache. And we're working for ESPN. I was in Portland somewhere. It's
been a long time, sir.It's been a long damn time. But
you know, I'm Sam. It'sfor my kid bits. You want a
tidbit that will really make you feelgood? Absolutely? Okay? Look at

this. In the wild card era, there has never been a team that
missed the postseason after taking the leadof ten games or more in its division
at any point in June. Feelbetter, just clip. That save that
we have we're gonna use. Yeah, it is the kiss of death.

Somewhere somewhere in the Mariner front office, just down the street of Team A,
Jerry to Poto and Justin Honder arelike, what the hell is Jason
Stark doing to us? Like,what is he doing? Come on now,
June's a long way from October.Very familiar with that in my world.
But here's the same. All ofthose games they've won are deposited in
their account. They're drawing interest ina world where you know, the Rangers

pitching is going to get a lothealthier and the Asher is pitching. I
don't know where it's heading, butit's good. It's not going to be
in as desperate a shape as itis now. So when you've got that
lead and that gap between those teamsthat seems huge to me, Well it
feels that way, and you know, all joking aside, it's you know

this, It feels like Seattle mightbe the least of the of the flawed
teams in the American West. Iwant to Jason, let me get back
to them in a second. Andalso, and we have a lot of
a lot of folks on from TheAthletic on a regular basis on this show
in our radio station. We welove the site. We love we love
what they've what you guys do there. I'll just tell Mariner fans right now,
First of all, if you're notsubscribing to The Athletic, what the
hell's wrong with you? Second ofall, if you go to the MLB

page and we're going to talk aboutthis in a second, Jason teamed up
to write an incredible story and offenseand it's actually funny because it made me
think, well, maybe the Mannersdon't need to do anything of the trade
deadline. But we'll get to thatin a heartbeat on a much more somber
note. But I just you're knownfor your tidbits also understanding of the history
of the game. Thoughts on thepassing of Willie Mays, who and what
he was for the sport of baseball. Well, you know, we spent

the last two days I feel likeagreeing on a thing that felt like it
was hard to agree on in thepast, which is Willie Mays was the
greatest all around baseball player who everlived. And you know I love numbers.
I'll get to the numbers in aminute. But I would put it

this way, anything that you wouldwant a baseball player to do, Willie
Mays did and did it better thananyone. And beyond that, the way
he played, the joy that heplayed baseball with, the joy that he

exuded, that charisma, the funof watching him, I honestly thinking,
and he turned millions of people intobaseball fans. He was a sport changing
figure who was just different than prettymuch every Hall of Famer who is still

currently with us. I don't knowthat there's anyone that had that aura that's
still with us. It was,you know, it was Willie and Henry
Aaron who had that. But thenwhen you look at everything he did,
it's the whole package. You know. I did this column yesterday Willy Mays

by the numbers, and there areno numbers like Willie Mays's numbers, because
nobody had a career like his.But here's the one that I think got
to be the most four home runtitles and four stolen base titles. I
thought to myself, could anybody haveever won four of both of those?
So I started going through the listof all the guys who have led their

league in stolen bases four times ormore. And I mean it's like it's
a lot of Deep Gordon's. Yeah, I was gonna say, yeah,
you guys aren't gonna win any homerun titles. All of those guys combined
won one home run title by TyCobb in nineteen oh nine. Wow,
and Willie Mays won four of themby himself. Well, just because there

are guys that have played with greatathleticism and power, but oftentimes the power
kind of doesn't it kind of supersedesthe speed. Like you got a singles
hitter is going to have a chancemore in stolen bases than a guy that's
hitting for a slugging percentage. Correct, Like you're gonna Ricky. As you're
saying that thing to myself, Iwas taking to Ricky Henderson because you know,
Ricky I think still holds the recordright for an all time leadoff home

runs. He had, he hadpower, He had Poppy had power,
right, but right, but that'sjust a different level of power that a
guy like Willie Mays would have.Jose Canseco pre whatever we want to talk
about, wasn't he the first fortyforty guy? If I'm not mistaken,
right, that was a big deal. Yeah, I mean Willly, you
know, really came really close decadesearlier. Yeah, that's that's hard.

I mean, that's just it,he said, looking looking at I mean,
look at the numbers on his BaseballReference page. You know, you
see a fifty two fifty hommer Steelseasons and a forty steel season, and
a two hundred hits season, anda twenty triple season and a season where
he won the batting title. Incrediblethat one man could do all the stuff

he did get thirty two hundred hits, hit six hundred and sixty homers and
the most if you're going to say, what's the is the highlight of Willie
Mays's life and times it wasn't play? Yes, I know, that's just
crazy. There's nobody in club yousay that about, no as funny as

you're talking about baseball reference page.I spent some time today going back one
of my first baseball memories is youknow, i'll date myself here. I
was a huge fan growing up inSeattle before we had a team of a
team called the Oakland A's in theearly and mid seventies. And you know,
with Reggie last night on Fox,and you know, his powerful words
and telling the story. And Ilook back, and you know, I
was watching that, and you knowwhat I thought was interesting, Jason was

is his talking about Charlie Finley,who was always kind of thought to be
what kind of a crazy eccentric owner. But I made the comparison earlier to
a little bit to Pete Carroll.Like Charlie Finley let his players be themselves
and he didn't care what they lookedlike. He just brought guys in that
could play. You want to havefacial hair, you want to have long
hair, I don't care if you'reblack, white, Dominican, it didn't

matter. And it was it wasvery Pete Carroll like in the sense that
like all I care is can youplay? And I'll stand up for you
as well, which Reggie talked abouta Charlie Finley some powerful world's words last
night as they were in Birmingham obviouslyhonoring Willie Mays in the Negro League.
Jason, how about the timing ofthe rick Wood game coming two days after

Willie May's passing. That's just anincredible thing to try to digest. I
mean, Willie's son flies to Birmingham, flies to Alabama, gives the word
about his dad flies all the wayback because his dad in the forehead turns

around and comes back to Alabama tohave this commanding presence at that game.
And there were just so many goosebumpymoments, but that was a huge one.
That was definitely when Jason started fromthe athletic joining us here on the
beacon plumbing hotlining. Thrilled to havehim on with us today. I mentioned

the athletics story, and we allknow offenses down. It's kind of like
it's you can just easily throw thatout there in a general sense. Hey,
the offense is down in baseball,Well, they're going to change it.
They'll eliminate the shift sort of kindof. I still see you guys
standing next to second base, butwe know what we're talking about. They
did that a little bit. Buthey, now we're going to put a
ball in a humid door. Butit's still down. And you wrote about

it today and I'm going to bringit back to how it relates to our
team here in a second. Butit's remarkable how far it is down.
We were just talking about Willie Maine. I mentioned Reggie Jackson in his career,
his career batting ads was two sixtytwo by today's standards, that's about
what twenty five points higher than theleague average. Bruce Bokie would Voch,
you would have been an All Starright as a journeyman catcher. I mean,

my, how the game has changed. But it feels like, as
much as anything, we live ina world of technology. Jason, how
much of lack of offense is thetechnology available for today's mostly pitchers in baseball?
Yeah, that really was a bigpart of his story added up,
and there are a lot of numbers. I think this one kind of drives

it home. The average team nowonly gets eight hits a game. They've
only been five worse seasons in themodern era. Four of them were nineteen
oh six, oh seven, eightnine. The other was nineteen sixty eight.
And like the heck with nineteen ohsix to nine, if you're even

in the same sentence as nineteen sixtyeight, it should get your sports attention.
And so you know, Satas andI spent several weeks just delving into
all of this, and we didtry to write about how the data advances
the information wave in pitching and defenseand especially outfield defense. It's now so

far ahead of what offenses are tryingto do to combat it. That it
just made us wonder whether baseball orwhen baseball would reach the point that it
reached in nineteen sixty eight when theylowered the mound, or even before two
years ago when they changed the rules. I mean, I think if unless

there's some sort of dramatic upturning offensewhen the weather he eats up, this
has to get people's attention. Seventeams in baseball yesterday had less than that
eight hits in a game. Igud just and that was this funny one
when I read the story that kindof jumped out at me too, because
you know, people here in Seattlemaybe were a little different because of this
elite starting rotation, especially the topof the top three guys. And it's

fun to watch these guys go out, whether it be Castile or Gerby or
Gilbert. And at times when Wu'shealthy, it's him as well, just
to go out and deal Muno's comingout of the bullpen. But the the
other side of things, it's themargin of air is very small, and
Seattle's as a good example as anybody, because I mean, you know,
you get eight or nine hits that'sthat's a good day for the Mariners,
like any other team in baseball.I saw this earlier. I remember before

the Mariners played Kansas City. There'sthree pitchers I think right now, right
that you wrote about in the leaguethat throw eight pitches. Three guys throw
eight pitches. I don't know howyou combat that as a as a hitter,
that's impossible. You know, thechanager's actually quoted in this piece.
I mean not talking specifically about that, but about what are the eight pitches?

Yeah, okay, you know theeight pitches usually include three, sometimes
even four different fastballs. And youknow, if you think about the way
hitting has always worked, it's beentrying to get yourself ahead in the count.
So you're in a quote unquote fastballcount. How even when that happens

and these guys get a fastball,they still have to think of themselves which
fastball? Okay, because the fourthscene seems to rise, the two scene
sinks, and the cutter like veersin on your hands and it all comes
out of the same slot, thesame tunnel, at the same velocity,

with very similar spin, and it'sit's a multiple choice quiz with way too
many answers. I like. Themore I talked to hitters about this and
looked at the data, the moresorry I started to feel for the hitters.
Mitch Haniger's comment and quote in theremultiple fastballs as hard as Hanniger because

you can't put the same swing oneach fastball. And as you mentioned,
two three four set fastball sometimes byone pitcher. So you see these things,
and we see the stack cast andwe watch the you know for us
out here, the EQC tracer andthe strike zones, like, wow,
that was a fastball's ninety six,you know, middle middle, how'd that
guy miss well? Because he wasn'texpecting that particular fastball, right, Like,
it's a not all fastballs are createdthe same. It's not velocity,

it's where it is and how itspins and drops rises it's I don't know,
we're playing in fast pitch softball.We've got risers, now, what
the hell? Yeah? Like,you know, I didn't I didn't get
this deep into the weeds in thisparticular piece. But you know, here's
use technology too, said information.They have their virtual reality goggles now in

their cages where there's video of everypitcher that you're going to see and it'll
duplicate every pitch you're going to seefrom that guy. But there's no advanced
in hitting technology that is remotely keepingup with everything that's happening in pitching technology.
So there's that, and then theother part that I think people seem

like they're really surprised about that inthis story is about defense and how outfield
defense is so different now. Theseguys play so much deeper than they've ever
played since we have been keeping track. The average center theater now plays twelve

feet deeper than he played in twentyfifteen. And why to steal extra base
hits? So you hit a gapper, the guy's already shaded there because he
knows exactly where you like to hitthe ball, and he's playing deeper than
he's ever played, And so nowonder. We've seen a thousand doubles disappear

since then, and we've seen twentyfive hundred extra base hits disappear in that
time. What's baseball going to doabout that? The hitters wouldn't mind if
they drew big circles on the fieldthat told the outfitters where they can stand,
like baseball's telling me infielders where theyhave to stand. Well, you
could just have dom canzone. Hedoesn't have any range anyway, So that's

fine, all right. I digress. Yeah, as you're talking about that
though. It's a great he did, Jason. In an article they talk
about how one of the low lowminor leagues, like a Winter League or
something like that, did kind ofexperiment with it, just like you know,
we're seeing that with ABS at theTriple A level. We'll see if
it gets higher up in baseball.And you know, I'm so old,
I'm not sure if I'd like itor not. I do want to see

more offense. And I'm thinking tomyself, Man, I remember back in
the day when I first got inthis business, Jason, I'd go in
the Kingdome locker of a clubhouse inthe Kingdome after game. There would be
Edgar Martinez in the back corner watchinga VHS tape on SLP back and forth
hoping the tracking is good enough.And now you're telling me these guys have
virtual reality glasses on. It's amazing. Read folks, check the art.
It's really fun. I read throughthe whole thing. It's awesome. You

guys do great work. I wantto talk to you about our baseball team,
because I'll tell you honestly, Jason, Jason start with the athletic joining
us. After reading that, andI'm thinking to myself as we sit here
in Seattle talking about the Mariners,and we're excited, and this great elite
pitching staff, an all Star calibercloser. They're gonna get some bullpen help
back when Santos comes back here prettysoon. We're loving what's going on,

but we know, we think,we believe that they need some more offense.
Then I read this story and I'mthinking, is it even worth going
out and chasing offense down or allthese things you talk about? Is Seattle
in a position where they're at abetter position than most teams to contend because
of how their team is built.Pitching still wins in October. Starting pitching
still wins in October. And ifI was going to ask you whose rotation

in the American League do you likebetter than the Mariners? I would say
none? Am I wrong? No? Philadelphia is the only one you can
make an argument with. And ifthat gets that, if it gets that
far, we're talking about something thatwe can't even mention and say out loud.
Here, it's just never happened.Yeah, so that like that's where
you start discussing how far this teamcan go. But you still have to

think about whether they can score enough, because at some point to get to
the World Series, wouldn't they haveto outscore the Orioles or the Yankees like
that would have to happen or theGuardians and Jason yesterday Castillo didn't have his
best stuff and they couldn't outscore theGuardians, Right, they're pesky. Yeah,
so you got a team hitting twotwenty and okay, it's all relative,

but twelfth and slugging twelfth and onbase when it's eleventh and run scored.
I think I think it's safe tosay they need more. They're going
to need more from Julio and morefrom JP Crawford. They need to get
Polanco goings. The core needs todo more. But it's not a mystery

about what Jerry's plans are going tobe next month, Right, He'll he'll
be shopping for bats. I wouldimagine specifically he'd be shopping for corner outfield
bats. Yes, I think thatthe issue is there's gonna be a lot
of shopping carts in that aisle.That's the thing. I'll let you go
after this, Jason, to startwith us from the Athletic that like,
twenty five teams are within striking distanceright of at least a wildcard spot and

even and and like, I youknow, I've heard guys, you know,
fans in our town talk about well, I mean really it is Pittsburgh
early in and I'm like, hey, guys, we were that team in
Seattle a year ago, you know, like three or four games, you
know, out of a wildcard spot, you know, well out of first
place in the Al West. Andyou know, everyone in this town's trying
to convince themselves that they're still init. Everyone wants to be in it
because you want to sell tickets inJuly, in specifically August. Right,

So if there's twenty five teams init, let's just say we've cut down,
Jason to twenty two teams, andthey're twenty teams in it. As
July goes on, how hard willit be for Jerry and Justin and those
guys to make a move. They'renot going to be a lot of sellers,
but there'll be more than there arenow. Yeah, yeah, you
have four or five now, andsome of them really don't have much to

sell. The White Talks are sellingeverything and everybody. But the price is
I don't know if it's prohibitive,buddy, it's pricey. So you need
some of these teams that know they'renot good enough to win now to do
what they need to do right sothey can join the sellers club. But

right now, like especially the Nationallyuelod Card Race, it's the race you
can't fall out of. It's amess. Who's Setle's biggest challenge in the
American League West Houston or the defendingchamps in Texas? Well, that's a
hard one to answer because I knowthe Rangers are going to get their pitchers

back and that's going to make themvery formidable, But they really haven't hit
the same guys who did what theydid last year start to finish, including
October, haven't done that thing thisyear, and they don't understand why that
is. And like trying to analyzewhether that's going to continue is what I

would need to know before I couldanswer the question. I think the answer
is Texas askwers are just so bangedup, But the Rangers are a mystery
on many levels. Something about winningDNA to though Houston. As much as
I hate to admit it, there'ssomething about that, they're just still there,
you know, with everything's gone wrong, they're still kind of hanging around.

Jason Stark the article of The Athleticright now, MLB offense is hearing
all time low hitters have theories,pitching is out of control. The Ty
France and Mitch Hannagher actually included inthat article that Jason wrote in tandem.
I really appreciate you coming on toyou. I know how busy you are,
and I know you get a tonof requests. Luckily, I've got
a great producer who has a relationshipwith you, and so she was able
to you answered her calls, themany calls and texts, and maybe we

can maybe we can track you downagain and do it again. Because this
was a ton of fun. Andbaseball is a big thing in Seattle right
now, and that's not always thecase in the summer. So we're loving
life out here. So thank youJason for carving out some time for us
today and I enjoyed it. I'mglad it finally worked out. Thank you
very much. That's Jason Stark fromthe Athletic joining us here on the Beacon
plumbing hotline, fun stuff having themon, what a great conversation. The

article's crazy. I'm gonna tell youright now. When you read the article,
if go to the Athletic can readthat article. The first thing that
came to my mind was Seattle isbetter positioned right now just because of where
baseball is than so many other teamsin Major League Baseball. But Jason mentioned
like you still have to score,and good example, yesterday Castillo didn't have
his best stuff. Guardians scored sixfive and a solo shot at the end.

But they score five or six runs. You do have to find a
way to score runs because you asgood as those guys are at the top,
they're not going to be elite everytime. They're going to have an
off dal along the way. Andif you have one of those off days
in October, that's no good
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