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June 4, 2024 98 mins
Ian is all about the drama going on in the WNBA and it takes him back to his soap opera days. How much can you take away from Seahawks OTA's? Ian's taking note of the extra work players have been putting in after practice. The Mariners have elite pitching and a phenomenal bullpen, which is why they're winning. Why is there still a cloud hanging over this baseball team? Ian tells you why he thinks negativity still surrounds the Mariners. What would it take for you to enjoy this baseball season?  Will John Stanton do something we haven't seen under his ownership to allow the Mariners compete?  Joe Sheehan, The Joe Sheehan Newsletter joins to discuss the significant suspensions coming down in baseball right now for five players who bet on baseball. Do the Mariners have the best rotation, 1-5 in baseball right now? Joe has them in top five. Joe also gives us an overview of what the local TV rights might look like for MLB teams in the future.  Could we see a relegation system in professional American sports in the future? If we saw it in MLB, would the Mariners make the cut?  The Daily Power Play!  Ian revisits listeners feelings on the Mariners this season and what will allow them to enjoy the rest of this Mariners season. The soap opera of the WNBA has Ian's attention, and we listen to a great clip from Angel Reese last night.
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We're going to a lot of topics. We're gonna hit on some sports radio

today. Mariner Seahawks. I can'tget enough of the w NBA drama.
I freely admit this. Now I'mold, and there's a lot of people
that can and there's a lot ofpeople that can't relate to this. I
get that. But when I wasin college a zillion years ago, we
watched, we had like the soapoperas were on all day in the fraternity

house I lived in, like downin the basement, like you come back
and like whatever was on, likeall my Children, General Hospital, One
Life to Live, Oh my gosh. When I was yes, Pno,
all the networks would be up inour studio. It was also far and
ladies crying. What is that asoap opera? It's just constant ladies crying.

I never watched. There's some otherstuff in there, like usually some
of the ladies are hot. That'swhy I was on, That's why,
that's why, that's why I wason a fraternity house. But yeah,
we'd all catch up on it.We were kind of all my children people,
a lot of us in our house, and so I'm all in on
the silk don't think all my childrenstill exist. I think it's gone.
I believe I wouldn't. I knowthere's still Young and the Restless. That

was my wife's show. She watchedthat in college and for a while out
of college. In fact, Iused to have to I used to have
to record Young and the Restless whenwe were first married. I'd have to
record it daily on a thing calleda VHS tape. Oh, you had
to like physically hit the record.Well, we upgraded to one that you
could sort of program, and sometimesit worked and sometimes it didn't. But
the TV had to be on thatstation, and yeah, it was a

an archaic process. And then you'dhave like SPSLP and fast forward and all
those fun things. And yeah,so was the tracking right. And people
that are old enough to know atVHS tapes with the tracking right or not,
how is a bitch. But yeah, we would, we would.
I would take that for her fora few years when we first were married,
and then then we had kids andall that stuff went by the way
side. But nevertheless, I bringthat up because I can't get enough w

NBA S. I can't get enoughI whether it's ESPN on ESPN crime like
we had yesterday, whether it's thePac McAfee comments that we played yesterday,
Angel re speaking giving her side,you can and we'll play some of that
coming up at two. I'll throwsome numbers at you, though, that
are anybody Angel, you or anybodyelse in that league that thinks that the

success of the league or the increasedticket sales and television viewership I have anything
to do with anyone not named KitlinClark. And you are crazy. Now
if that makes you know, nowwe're gonna go down the difficult road that
we go down. Is it because? Is it because Katelin Clark is white?
And all this? She didn't turnwhite yesterday, Guys, She's been

white for four or five years,maybe even before that. I don't know.
I don't know she was white inhigh school or not. She might
have been could I could be wrong, but I think she's been Caucasian for
a few years. She brought thepopularity of a nothing program in Iowa.
Let me explain that Iowa up tonothing? Is it because of her skin
color? Maybe for some of it, I don't know. I think I'll
go back to what Alsta Charleston alwaystells us. It's because she plays like

Steph Curry. She shoots the ballfrom mid court and doesn't think twice about
it, and she does it mostof the time pretty effectively. Yeah,
with Flair too, And if I'lltouch on this late, listen, the
WNBA is this. It's not foreveryone and it never will be for everyone.
That's just the reality. The differencewhen you watch a WNBA game in

the NBA, the biggest difference yousee is with the biggs, the so
called biggs in the NBA, thesix seven, six eight guys are knocking
down consistently fifteen footers from the elbow. They never ever ever miss a bunny
inside. They never miss from insidethe paint. Never. That's not the
case of the WNBA. Sorry,just isn't. But you know what the

other thing is, if you wantto look for the comps when you've got
a young woman that can knock downshots like she can and others and others,
and ask you does the same thing, there's others. Absolutely. Jewel
Lloyd scored like eighty points a gamelast season. She scored from everywhere and
anywhere. That's that's a comp that'sfun to watch, but just isn't for

everybody. But let's be honest andI'll tell you later. It's but the
Angel reseaid some comments were just fantastic, So we'll get to those later on.
Because again I can't, I can'tturn my head away. It's it's
it's a soap opera. It's allmy children, it's younger, the rest,
it's all rolled up into one.I'm gonna touch it on the MS.
In a second, great story todayin the Seattle Time shout out to
two Division Jude, really good story. I saw that they put a thing
out on Sunday and it was we'renot covering the game today Candota is and

because we're doing a special project,and so of course I was like,
okay, what is it? Whatis it? Yeah? And it was
a good one. They had tosit down with John Stanton and kind of
a deep dive into where the Marinersare financially. John the headline, John
stant expects Mariners to be active intrademarket despite root sports woes. We'll touch
in on some of the bollet pointsfrom that. By the way, a

good picture of Curtis Crabtree holding theFox thirteen might flag there front and center.
I like that. Good job.Curtis getting yourself. Chris was a
good job of that. I sawhis face and Mike flag during the Dan
Bilsman stuff too. Curtis. Curtisis kind of that guy. He gets
he gets in front of everybody,doesn't he. So we got that coming
up as well. We'll hit onsome of the on the bullet points and
I got a Mariner topic I wantto hit it hit on as well.

Andrews is gonna has got some info. We had to do some research in
regards because the finances the franchise arewhat gets talked about all the time.
So we'll touch it on that realquick, Seahawks wives before we go back
to the Mariners out there yesterday.I know Greg touched it on this earlier.
You know, it's really hard totake a lot away from OTA's Greg

and I talked about this in thein the crosstalk though. There was an
interesting thing at the end. Helmetsoff practice ends horns all sound practice,
know, and then the helmets comeoff and then some real'll slow walk through
stuff after practice was over, andhe and I will. I'm sure he's
a beat writer. He can doit. I don't need to Whatever that

was I think, I don't knowif it was to just get some extra
work in. Maybe if you takeyour helmets office, you're just kind of
out there, you know, becausewe watch during training camp guys will stay
out long after practice to work onstuff right right. And you talked to
Mike Morris yesterday. He was running, but he ran the burm after this
stuff. Oh so extra. Theteaching which has kind of been the theme

of the OTAs that we've seen,and we've been out there, we being
the media, we've been out therefor three of them. The teaching is
a thing that jumps off the page. As Morris said yesterday, they've got
enough to play a first quarter ofdefense in right now, that's how much
they've got. They've got twenty fivepercent of their defense installed, is what
he thinks. For him, it'seasy, he says, say what they
ran at Michigan two years ago whenhe was a senior because McDonald was the

coordinator there. He also talked abouthow Jared reis going to flourish. We'll
play that interview maybe on Friday,replayed on Friday. It was great stuff
if you missed it yesterday. Hewas so good. He's just a great
interview, and I think he's oneof those intangible guys this season. You
know, we saw d lineman takebig steps in their second year. Daryl
Taylor did it a couple of yearsago. Now, I know everyone's down
on Darryl Taylor, and rightfully so. He has been on zero the last

Cup. Last year he was justa non existent. But you remember Daryl
Taylor's first year after he sat outthe entire season, he sat out the
entire COVID year, came back andwas really good after that. So we'll
see how he is in a MAFE. Didn't play much his first year.
Last year blew up. Second yeardefensive lineman seemed to kind of flourish in
the NFL. It's hard for guys. I did a stat a few years

ago and it was based on sacks. But first Bruce Irvin had I want
to say, double digit sacks hisrookie year. If not, it was
nine. It was a lot,and he was like one of the highest
sack players as a defensive end,a true d end right he had some

of the highest numbers. I know, the Moon MoU side linebacker later,
but he was that first year playingin a four to three He had a
great first year. And if youlook at some of the great young pass
rushers in the NFL, not alot of them had surpassed what he did
his rookie year. It just guysdon't come out of college and put up
big numbers all the time. MikeMorris is gonna be a double digit sack
guy, but he does. Mypoint is his impact I think will be

felt a lot more next year.I think this year I should say his
absence. He wasn't and he wasn'thealthy have surgery last year, but he
was a great right right, Well, I think that we'll notice what his
absence meant in you know, becausewe didn't know what we were missing quite
yet. No, so we'll seethat. I think just that alone,
is him being healthy and present isgoing to make a difference. The Mariners

are off yesterday. They start theseries in Oakland tonight, then they go
to Kansas City after that. Andour baseball team is I was and listen,
we joke on the show all thetime, and and uh with the
afternoon show, the Dave Softy MallerRichard L. Fain Show. Right,
I was listening with great interest yesterdaythough, And it's Andrews. You've been

doing this for a while with menow, a little bit longer than than
Jess. Ever since day one ofMollywop. Who's been the biggest critic of
Mollywop besides Chuck Pell Dick Vane.Okay, why is that? I think
because he sees the Mariner's front officeas doing their job at this point?

Is the negativity? Right? AndI'm using Dick as a as an examp.
He is one people that don't like, people that don't like the Mollywop
guys. A lot of times theysay they're quote too negative. He calls
it the what does he call it? The show? Pounding my face against
the yes, pounding my head againstthe wall show. Yes, yes,
now that was a lot of itwas last year. So my how I

was interested yesterday? Yeah, it'sit's kind of flipped, hasn't it.
Yes, you noticed that too,So I listened yesterday, and I am
again I'm general here to a point, But boy Dicks outed negative towards our
first place baseball team. I hadhim on Mariners Weekly and it was very
similar. Okay, So, usingDick Fane as an example, all of

the Dick Fanes out there because there'sa lot of right, there's a lot
of them, and this isn't it'sI think it's interesting because I think that
there is there's something to this.Let me just take a quick peek at
the standings, and I brought itup yesterday. I listened, this team
has a ton of blemishes, likea ton. They're kind of one third

of a good team. Yeah,well so starting pitching, bullpen, defense,
offense. I mean you could includebase running and speed and things like
that. Yeah, that was thefour, but those let's just use those
four. Well, starting rotation iselite. It's it's best sport one through
five. Yeah, maybe not onethrough three, but one through five best

in baseball. Okay, So that'sthe reason they're third four and twenty seven.
Yes, and their closer has beenYeah, he's been fantastic. He's
been he's been absolutely unreal. Sothat's why they're thirty four and twenty seven.
We mentioned yesterday, they're in thebottom four or five in runs per

game and team ops. They theyaren't hitting the ball. They hit it
just enough to get to a sevengame above five hundred mark right now.
So and they're plus seven run differentialwith seven games above five hundred like there.
It's the margin of air is sothin, it's slim. Yeah,

it just is so. And webrought that up yesterday because they you know,
the rankings the athletic did, andthen what the needs are in the
right come trade deadline? And thereare needs. But I was listening to
Dick and I think he speaks fora lot of people, and part of
it was, you know, diService deserve credits. Where are they?
I don't know, man, Ican't tell you if the manager deserves credit

or not. I think I thinkthe front office deserves a lot more.
They put together this pitching staff andthis rotation. I think, I mean,
as much as we want to blasta Poto and fifty four percent,
and you know Hollander is is kindof the lieutenant, even though he's got
the bigger title, but as muchwe want to blast those guys, they
have put together this rotation that isgiving you a chance not just to win

every night, but giving you achance, a really good chance to win
the division. Right, we'd agreeup on that, Yes, Okay,
So the manager, I don't care. I'll let the Afternoon Show debit whether
or not Scott Service deserves more creditor not. I don't. I really
couldn't care less about him or that. What I do care about is the
overall record, and I'm looking atit today and this one I thought you
guys as a little topic. Wecan get some text on it. Love

some talkbacks as well at four ninefour five one, or on the telemort
Tech that's on the Telemorte text line, or on our talkback which is the
iHeartRadio app, and we're I wastalking to he's getting a ton of airtime
today. By the way, ourone of our great sales guys out here,
Matthew Hobbs. Oh god, he'sso great to bounce things off of.
Though I guess I think Chuck broughthis name up today on the air,

and so I'm gonna bring him upagain. But we were just talking
about this in the pit out therebefore the show. There is still this
black cloud that continues to hang overthe head of this franchise, and it's
very reflective in the weather we're havingtoday. In a lot of ways you
look outside, it's like, yeah, that's kind of how we know it's

going or we believe it's going toget better. We see the forecast,
it seems good. I look atthe standings, they seem to be pretty
good. Thirty four and twenty seven, your four and a half games up.
Big shout out, by the way, thanks Detroit for knocking off the
Rangers last night, giving you alittle half game, little half game kissing,
a little half game kiss on thecheek yesterday when you have an off
day for the first time in seventeendays. That's kind of cool like that.

But the marriage at thirty four andtwenty seven on, I know we
have a lot of baseball left tobe played, but really this is the
year. I think the expectation inthe last month one and a half has
changed to this should be a teamthat wins a division, right. I
think we all look at this sendsfor the World Series one hundred percent.
But that black cloud still hangs overeveryone's head. Yeah, why is that?

I was going to ask you too. I think it's because of the
off season. If that fifty fourpercent speech did not happen, and that's
what I was going to ask you. Are you past that because I kind
of am. I'll give you myreason. Second. I'll give you my
reason a second. It's not thatI think it's well, it's a product
of decades too, of failure,and you know, the one time you
get to the playoffs, nothing comesof it. And then last year they

fail to after building up all ofthis momentum. Not that's through the playoff
you know experience, but also throughlast year. Yes, suck the life
out of you, Yes, becausethey had all the momentum going back.
And then the exclamation point in mymind is that speech. Yeah, you
know, I compare teams in thisin this mark a lot. Maybe that's

unfair, but I just I thinkthere are some and those are our teams
we care about. I don't.We don't care about anybody else right about
our teams in our market sports,so we care we salesports ready, we
care about our teams. And sobut I've what Andrews just said, we
brought that cracking them. The Krakenwent through the exact same thing the year
after the Mariners do it. Thecrack can do the same thing, get
to the playoffs, even if youdon't have great playoffs success. So much

excitement around this, so much justfire firing about it. Everyone's jacked up.
Mariners last year come out and justlaying egg early in twenty twenty three,
never really got themselves going so sellat the trade deadline, sell at
the trade deadline. Whatever. Yeah, they contended towards the end sort of
for a wild card spot sort of, but they lost. By then,
you lost all the excitement, thewill mend them be built up the year

before. I mean, it justhappened, cracking fourteen playoff games, two
seven game series. Markets on fire. People, can't you. There's lines
around the block at the Queen AmBeer Hall, people hanging off the ceiling,
even for road games. It's like, we're going crazy. This is
awesome. We're seeing the streaming numbersblow up. People are talking about hockey.
They never talked about it before.And then you come out and you're,

you know what, two and sevenin your first nine games? Where
the hell they were last year?Just and boring? And the difference was
this The Kraken took action, bigtime. They took action. Yeah,
they they and you knew it wascoming because they had a postgame press conference
without the GM of the coach together. They took a coach who was the

finalist, one of three finalists forCoach of the Year the year before,
and they kicked him to the curb. Yep, like, thanks for coming,
Hey Hack, thanks buddy, appreciateit. By the way, here's
your parting gift, golden parachute.You got your contract extension which kicks in
the twenty twenty four season. Yeah, thanks for coming, bye bye.
But they took action manners did.They kind of went back and rolled it

back the same way. But theyhad the exact same thing. So I
think what is there's a little bitof what Jess said, a little bit
of what you know fifty four percent, but I think it's what Anders said.
I think it's more of what happenedbefore. But I'm gonna get into
a topic in the next segment.My my reasons different. But there just
is this this cloud that hangs overthe baseball team, and it shouldn't be

that way. Guys, they're thirtyfour and twenty seven, they're seven above
five hundred, they're leading the divisionby a fairly comfortable four and a half
games. Right now, they looklike the class of the division period.
We expect tech system maybe get betterand healthier. Who knows, Houston,
They're not showing any signs now,I know, And I'll ask Joe about
that Joe thought a couple weeks agothey were, oh right, now they're

done, They're they're yeah, there'reseven games below five hundred. Yeah,
like did really have to crank itup? But there still is this just
aura of like negativity. We'll getinto more of that coming up next four
nine, four to five one,Well we'll tell them more. Jack sly
Went's game time time. All thatcoming up today u WNBA Drama. Don't
want to miss our soap opera atwo o'clock today, right when General Hospital

starts. Joe Shean coming up atthree. We got a daily power play
update on what's going on with Krackn'sfarm team. All that coming up on
nine three point three KJFM MI fromthe R and R Foundation specialists broadcast studio
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afternoon, will join us for hisweekly visits, brought to you by Wildwood
Spirits, so stand by for that. I brought this up last segment,
and I'm gonna throw the kind ofa general question everybody, and I'd love
to get some feedback, love toget some talkbacks too. If we get
some of those, Andrews will checkthose, We'll pull some on the air
as the day goes on. Andthe question was really kind of simple.

It's I'm and go to the talkback. All you have to is go to
the ihetradio app KJR red microphone,click on you guys. Don't have to
do it by now right. Mostpeople are listening on the app anyway.
For goodness, maybe we have someneopies out there. Let's do that and
fire away. So my thought wouldbe from listening to Dave and Dick yesterday,
from the general vibe around town.I got a buddy in town in

studio with me today. Well,I'm gonna do him later. Actually,
it's kind of a fun little thing. He's doing that in guys, we
play golf with just people. Youhang out with you guys, are probably
the same. The general vibe isstill this weird black cloud hanging over the
head of the franchise. It sitsin first place. Story comes out today,
which I'm gonna hit on in asecond, and the sale times.
My question is simply this because I'veI've had to ask myself this a lot

as someone who grew up here,someone who started watching this team in nineteen
seventy seven Ruper Jones and centerfield.Ah yeah, I've asked myself this a
lot. What will it take tojust enjoy this team and this season?
What wouldn't take to enjoy the baseballseason? What will it take for you?

I'm and it sounds like a verybasic, weird, easy question.
But and this isn't maybe for thedie hard fan like Andrews. I would
consider you a diehard fan. Yeah, so you're gonna enjoy it, win
or lose anyway. Yeah right,And I've actually made like I've told myself,
I'm going to make a conscious decisionto get behind this team and like
have something to root for, youknow, not necessarily like fall on positivity.

Everything's sunshine and rainbows, but justlike you can. But what will
it take just to enjoy this teamin this season? What will it take
for you to get past the blackcloud that hangs over their head? And
I'm asking, and I'm curious forour audience, you guys listening right now,
what what will it take just toget past all the questions about ownership,
the questions about are they going tospend? How can I watch the

games because I don't like root sportsor whatever. I'm doing whatever it might
be. But what will it take? And we asked the question last segment,
Jess, like you brought this up, but it's okay, Like why
why is there a black cloud?You mentioned fifty four percent and decades for
you? Why is there a blackcloud? You're way younger than us.
We all know that, well establishedyoung fella in there. What but why

for you? Was even like whydid you have to ask yourself? We
didn't rehearse this. You just saidthat, yeah, Like, uh really,
yeah, I guess I've had I'mtrying to enjoy it. Yeah.
Well, and for some reason,like it's I go back to like I've
watched a bunch of documentaries on likeprevious Mariners, like good teams like the
two thousand and one team and theninety five team, and it just seemed
like there was this huge momentum teams. Yeah, I know, but like

I just you know what I mean, I understand that the success has not
been very long and very repetitive,right, so it I just want to
I'm wondering kind of the same thingas you. Why does there seem to
like there was so much momentum andthe whole city was behind the team during
those years and it even though maybein a little bit in twenty twenty two,

but even if you remember during thatyear, there's a lot of negativity
too. Sure, they were tengames under five hundred at the end of
May. So I just I don'tknow why it can't seem to get to
that point where the whole city's behindthem, everyone's just excited about their baseball
team. And I think a lotof it, like I kind of mentioned
it last segment, is because theykind of everyone was excited during the playoffs

in twenty two and then you know, didn't really do anything in the off
season to capitalize on that. Intwenty three. I think that that was
the biggest thing for me. Andthen going into twenty three, I was
like, all right, they bettermake the playoffs again, and they didn't,
So I don't know. I thinkthat. Yeah, And even though
you're you're decades younger than a lotof our audience, for me and others,

you have the same vibe, it'sthe same vibe, it's the same
feeling. I'll tell you what.First of all, what will it take
for me to get past I'm I'mI'm where Andrews is now? I told
myself a couple of weeks ago.I was talking to my daughter. She's
a huge fan. Yeah, youknow, I get text from her all
the time. I'm driving to thestore. The other day in the torrential
downstorm, I'd run the real quickdur in the middle of the game,
which I didn't want to do.And it's next thing, you know,

you know, I hear It's justit's a JP and like ten exclamation marks,
right, and I'm like, ohcool, he did something cool.
That's awesome. Yeah, but communicationfor me, Yeah, for me,
I share that with her. Andmy son has actually become a big fan
too, which you know, II he's the He's there, they are
the demo, they're the target,They're they're a little bit younger than you.

But they're the demo. Yeah,they're the target. You have to
have that group. People are startingto jump on board. And those that
you know that haven't suffered through decadesof of you know, losing and disappointments
and ownership questions. You know,I'll just give you guys the background.
I mean, back in Softy andDick can relate to this when they come
on later because they've been here asyou know, their whole lives like I

have for the most part, withmy little exception to Salt Lake. They
you know, this is a franchisethat that in some ways held us hostage.
George ar Drss is going to movethe team. We're going to move
to Tampa. This is before theRays came into effect. Kingdome's not good
enough, all the stuff that happened. Boris doesn't want to let a Rod
sign here. But that just theownership of George ar Driss was so bad,

like just so horrible. And youknow, Smollian came in and didn't
have enough money to run a majorleague team, which is kind of a
theme right Andrews throughout baseball, Likethat's kind of the norm. Yes,
So he got to fit in welland then Nintendo people bought it and there
was money, and then it feltlike it didn't matter if there was money
or not because it wasn't being spentwisely. And it feels like, as

a Mariner fan, just this isme personally. I feel like I've been
just kicked in the teeth so manytimes over the years, and I want
to love them. I want tobe excited. I want to enjoy baseball
all summer. And then inevitably,even the year they went to the playoffs,
they sucked the life at us beingten games under five hundred by the
end of June, You're like,huh, here we go again, another
relevant summer because I want and I'vetalked about this with the Seahawks, I

talk about it with the Krackt,I talk about with these guys as well.
As a sports fan, the firstthing you want is relevant games throughout
the season. You don't want tobe playing out the string. Hell,
the Seahawks fired a coach last season. Do you guys remember they were playing
for a spot the playoffs in gameseventeen, yep, and they fired the
coach. But they played with twoexceptions. Two exceptions. During the fourteen

years of Pete Carroll every every singlelast game of the year, with two
exceptions, and actually, I'm sorry, with one exception, there's only one.
Twenty eleven was the only time whenthey didn't make the playoffs, and
what was it, sixteen seventeen.Whenever the year was, they were still
playing they had a long shot kindof like last year, the last game
still meant something, even games,even games that they had clinched the playoff

spot, they were still playing somethingfor something in seventeen. Why home field
advantage, what have you. Theyalways played relevant games throughout the season.
That was the case every single yearwith the Seahawks, every year that has
That was the case with the Krakenone out of three years. The other
two years for the Kraken they playedirrelevant games. Well last this past season

for a month. The first yearthey were out of it by mid December.
So that's happened in the last threeyears. And they have played relevant
games. Yeah, and so that'sa big party. I want them to
be relevant. But I think withmy kids and Brie and everything, like
getting fired up. I just toldmyself a couple weeks ago, I look,
I can criticize, I want youknow, I can be that fan.
Yeah, but I'm just to thepoint now where I'm just going to

enjoy it. Yeah, I'm justgoing to enjoy I look forward to games.
I look forward. I felt likethere was a gap for me last
night. There's no game. Itwas weird. I just yeah. But
there have been years. There havebeen years. There have been a lot
of years where I have sat thereand said, hey, man, like
I don't care, I'm not watching, I'll do something else whatever. No,

man, I felt a gap inmy world last night. I didn't
like it. So for me,I'm already there. But I know a
lot of you guys aren't. Iknow, so what will it take to
just enjoy it? The rest ofthe way to just enjoy it. We'll
talk about the newspaper article two comingup in a second, because there are
some things in there that you couldgo wow, yeah, that's great,
and then you go, wait asecond, I thought, did you just

talk out both sides of your mouth? I'm not really sure what you're saying
here, So trying to try totranslate some of the stuff in there from
John Stanton was interesting. But fournine one Telemrity text line whce game time,
It is time to love to geta talkback, love to get a
talk back. What will it take? What will it take to just enjoy
the rest of the season for yourfor the Mariners. I'm not saying buying

in. I'm not saying jump ona bandwagon. I'm just saying what will
it take? Or maybe you're alreadythere right that you're enjoying this ride,
a first place ride, seven abovefive hundred, decent, comfortable lead.
I just want to say a coupleof texts that we've gotten in a lot
of people are saying, win aWorld Series and then I'll buy in.
Do you really want to have towait until they've won a World Series?
You know, I wait your entirelifetime, guys to jump onto that.

But I mean, like I andI would be shocked if you looked at
the text line, which I haven't. Yeah, I would have been stunned
if you hadn't looked at it andsaw the first two things was that I
would have been shocked. I wouldhave I was thinking that was exactly what
you're gonna pbably get right out.Yeah, think it. But it's like,
okay, so next year if theywin the World Series this year hypothetically,
so you won't enjoy it until nextyear. You want to write it

with the whole team and behind it. Maybe your answer is what will take
to get to Maybe you're like,hey, you know what, We're already
there. I'm watching this the greatestpitching staff that's ever been assembled here in
this town. Whatever, whatever itmight be. Anyway, your thoughts on
that, let's get some of those. We'll talk about the article. Much
more to come right here in ninethree point three KTERFM live from the R

and R Foundation specialists broadcast studio backto Ian Furnance, powered by Seattle's closest
sports book, snowp Call me Casinoon Sports Radio ninety three point three kJ
R F M Joshian will join uscoming up at one o'clock today and we'll
check in with our guy Joshian dotcom Joshian newsletter. We got one talk

back fire away. I think we'regonna win the World Series every season,
and so we're mathematically eliminated. Ican see why some people would have a
jaded view of things, even whenwe're leading the division. They've been disappointed
for years. It's like when thingsare going great in your life, you're
always worried something bad is going tocome and just ruin everything. Yeah,

it's kind of a hard way togo through life, but I understand it.
That's a definition of anxiety, sir. What that is? Yeah,
yeah, yeah, but I understandthat. I mean, I understand that
that thinking. I mean, we'reforty eight seasons into this thing, forty

eight years of baseball and five playoffappearances, no penance, no World championships,
no World Series appearances, in fortyeight years of existence with this with
this organization, and I mean it'sthat's hard. That's a hard sell,
and that's hard to get people onboard. But that doesn't mean you can't

enjoy the product. There's a lotof products out there and in sports and
aren't very good that people, youknow, they still listen. I'm a
Cougar fan, I'll I can sayit. Yeah, like we know disappointment,
you know, like it's it's like, but you still enjoy It's still
your team. You love them.And that's why we're asking the question,
Dave, the question that you hearthe talk back, what will it take

to just enjoy the rest this season? What or just to enjoy Mariners Baseball
again? And a lot of peopleI know are saying win a World Series.
I get that a lot of peopleare saying that along the way.
Uh see out Time story today.It's definitely a good read. Ryan and
Adam did a terrific job. Iwould go just read it. Talked about
a lot of stuff in there aboutroot sports finances, you know, revenue
streams, all that fun stuff.And actually Joe Sheen wrote about that.

We'll talk about that with him today, what they may do nationally with baseball
with revenue rights and local TV rights. He brought up an interesting thing.
There are some teams that want nopart of of doing that nationally, namely
Yankees, Cubs, Dodgers. I'mprobably the Metro in that category as well.

They want no part of that.My guess is the Giants would probably
fit in that category, but yeah, they want no part of that.
They they're making that. I'll behonest. Look at what happened with MLS.
Learn from their mistake. Yes,make it accessible? Please? What
did MLS do? MLS? Correctme if I'm wrong. Anders. MLS

went out and they made a nationalTV deal that took all the local rights
and rolled into a national deal.And it's it basically, it's it's socialism.
Like everyone's the same, right,everyone's the same. We all get
the same same, same, same, same same. Everyone's got the same.
Okay, that's cool, except forthere were teams Seattle, Portland,

Salt Lake, Kansas City, acouple others now Miami, Miami that were
going to benefit far greater from doingtheir own thing and probably wanted no part
of this, but they got rolledinto the I mean the masses wanted it.
Yeah, and I think a lotof you took care of all the
half nots without worrying about the halfI like a lot of it had to
do it. The signing a messytoo. They probably had to have some

things worked out to make because Iknow a portion of each Apple MLS pass
subscription goes directly to him, right, so, which is pretty crazy.
But I think that's not what theywere thinking. It would be no,
right, I know. But Imean because they lost a lot of fringe
fans. They did for each individualteam, I think, but they also
are gaining a lot of international fans. Well, sometimes you got to take

care of the big the big boys. Yeah. I'll give you another example
where it didn't work is a littlething called the PAC twelve conference. Yeah,
you guys might have heard of it. Conference Champions to Rest in Peace.
Yeah, Rest in Peace us C, USC and more so USC than
anybody else. But USC was carryingthe mail m hm. And they're all,

well, wait a second, becauseit used to be back before the
PAC twelve and it was a littlething called the PAC ten. You would
get paid when you're on TV,like National TV, you would get paid.
Well, guess who was on TVmore than anybody USCA, especially during
the Carol and at times Oregon,the odd time in Washington. Whoever it
might be sometimes UCLA, but reallyfor the most part it was USC.

Well, USC and UCLA. They'regetting the same money as Wazoo in Oregon
State, Arizona, Arizona State,Washington, Stanford, cal. Not a
good deal for them. Yeah,so TV writers are differently. We'll talk
about that because it That was abig part of the article today in The
Times. John stan says the following. This is a quote from the article
from Jude and Divish, and Iwould encourage people to read it. My

objective for US is to have asustainable product on the field, meaning a
team that is consistently competing every year. We've grown payroll each of the last
three years. Maybe not as muchas you would like us to, but
we all deal with constraints, right, but we are doing everything we can
to put a competitive product on thefield. Okay, a couple things jump
out. One Number one is this. He used that term when we had

him on fifteen months ago on ouron our show, on our on Our
Show, down to Jimmy's, hetalked about sustainable, sustainable, sustain that's
his favorite word, sustainable product savewith Jerriot's what the whole fifty four percent
things about exactly. Yeah, wedo everything we can to put a competitive
product on the field. I thinkwe've got a terrific team. We build
it the right way, and themost important thing to me is it's sustainable

over time. Well, I guessthe question I would have is what's sustainable?
What's a sustainable team? A teamthat kind of hangs around every year
but may or may not get tothe playoffs. That's kind of what the
Seahawks have had. And they finallyhad enough and said we're gonna take We
need to take a chance here,go hire our first time head coach and
make a pop at it because we'vebeen sustainable and we've actually been to the

mountaintop, right, But that's notgood enough, not good enough. So
consistently being competitive's fine. But Idon't know would you trade sustainable every year?
And so so, I mean,it's not like this team has been
great if five playoff appearances in fortyseven previous years, So what is sustainable?
Does that really matter? But here'sthe thing. I think this is
where fans get upset, and Ithink fans have a right to get upset

with this. Maybe talk about growingpayroll, maybe not as much as you
would like us to, but weall deal with constraints, right, Okay,
this is the criticism, and thisis something that he and someone has
to be able to tell him inhis ear. The constraints are self imposed,

yes, exactly. This is nota salary cap league. Your financial
constraints are only there because of yourwant to make money. Bottom line,
Your constraints are not what the NBAhas, not, what the National Hockey
League has, not, what theNFL has, not even what the MLS

has or the WNBA for that batterleague. Yep, you have no constraints
other than the ones that you imposeupon yourself. So when you say that
whatever your constraints are financially as abillionaire, when you're saying that is a
billionaire and most of your fans areliving paycheck to paycheck, stuff comes up.

Man, I gotta do this.My health insurance went out. Whatever.
But you can't afford as a billionaireto spend a few extra bucks on
a team to get to the WorldSeries. That's a hard sell for people.
And so when the so that criticismis legit, Absolutely, that is
legit criticism. We'll talk about thatmore as the day goes on. Joe
Shehan's going to join us coming upnext now from the Starrunners Sports to us

your ninety three point three KJRFM sportsheadlines, want to Clock, headlines,
bout to buy venue, Kingsvinue,Kings dot Com manners off yesterday, Oakland
Tonight first of three with the A'sfirst pitch is six forty. Let's see
Storm hosts the Phoenix Murky Night seveno'clock climate play Erana Sounders on Saturday at
Sporting KC NFL News. Christian McCaffreylooking to extend his contract. At two

year extension, he would average nineteenmillion dollars a year. Justin Jefferson looks
at that and says, that's justpennies on the dollar. Let's go.
Yep, It's now time for Ian'sweekly Visit with Joshian of the Joshian Newsletter,
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Now with the Inverness, it's ourweekly baseball fix with the one and
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Spirits, Chef John Howie's Spirit CompanyFantastic Beverages. Let's go. Summertime is
upon us. I'm to crack opena couple huh, Let's let's do it.

Maybe I think by Friday will havesome good weather out here. Johan
joins us right now, be componinghotline. Hello, sir, how are
you you know? Ian? Withthe way this schedule my daily schedule works
up. I'm rarely actually writing whenyou call me, but today I am
because of the Tikipedia Marcano story's I'mliterally like typing as you're starting to bring

me into the show. Okay,you know what, and I haven't even
got to that yet, and weshould touch on I'm glad you brought that
up. Thank you for reminding me. For people that missed it this morning,
major League Baseball has a couple prettysignificant h well, it's a significant
story and some pretty massive suspensions comingup along the way, a lifetime ban
and a bunch of one year bandsas well. Let's just touch on that

real quick. Jokes again, I'mremiss. I was talking about some owner
stuff this earlier. Marsano's asa tohow do your parnounse his name marconnoll to
Coimpeda Marcano. And I only knowthis because he was on a bunch of
my fantasy teams coped. Yeah,he's a He was a Padres prospect,
was traded to the Pirates. Itwas with the Pirates last year that he
was betting on baseball while he wasbetting on Pirates games while he was with

the Pirates, And that's what getsyou a lifetime Dan. He's now with
the Padre as well, he's notwith anybody anymore. There are also four
players who have been bounced, somebounced between the miners and the majors.
The most prominent one is Michael Kelly, who's a thirty one year old as
the leaver, has been pitching wellout of the a's bullpen. Andrew sal
Frank, who people might remember fromthe World Series for the Diamondbacks last year.
Philly's reliever Jose Rodriguez, and Confrey'sprospect Jay Grum. Yes, so

those are the four. None ofthese five really are gonna trip most fans
wires, but the fact that MLBhas suspended the five of them now knno
gets a lifetime ban for betting ongames, and there is a distinction within
the rules. Rule twenty one done states that if you bet on games
in which you're not not part of. If you're on the padres and you

bet on a Dodgers Giants game,you're suspended for one year. If you
bet on a game win or losethat you're involved with. If you're with
the Pirates and you bet on apart of the Pirates game, you're suspended
for life placed on the permanently ineligiblelist. This is a rule under which
Pete Rose is on a permanently ineligiblebit list. He bet on Reds games

while he was manager of the Rets. So this is all black and white.
There isn't a lot of gray areahere. I've seen a lot of
covers, a lot of reaction talkingabout MLB's relationship with gambling and taking money
from all the bookies. But itdoesn't matter. MLB can take all the
money it wants in the gaming industry. And don't get me wrong, I
think there's been a ton of problemsthere, but that's got nothing to do
with the fact that every time youwalk into a clubhouse there's a rule on

the wall says don't bet on baseball. I mean, I'm paraphrasing him,
but that rule I just described,rule twenty one d is posted in every
clubhouse in professional baseball. Don't getto say you didn't know. Yeah,
I mean, outside of the somewhatcomical part of the fact that for us
that like to play some cards everynow and then, the rule is twenty

one mile call blackjack. Outside ofthat, it is it's very black.
Well, the NFL wants do thesame thing. You know, Calvin Ridley
a couple of years ago, right, It's like and some other guys last
year. You cannot bet now theNFL's rule. And I don't know what
baseball is specifically, but I knowwith the NFL, like nobody can bet
on their own games, what NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball, NFL,

whatever it is, you can't beton your own games or in your
league games. The NFL, youknow, with their relationship too with DraftKings
and and what's the other or whateverthe other one is. But we don't
have them out here, Joe.We have only tribal gambling. But these
are all done legally through those thoseapps that Major League Baseball and all the
other leagues have relationship with. Butlike I know, the NFL says,
hey, you can, you cango bet on NBA games, but you

sure as hell can't do it whenyou're inside the facility at a stadium or
in the you know, in yourpractice facility. And that's where some of
those guys got busted, much less, you know, the league itself in
baseball, it's the same thing whereyou just can't bet on, you know,
on baseball, what have you.I just find it amazing that in
this day and age, when weall have a little thing called a cell
phone, which is your own humanGPS tracking system. The guys would be

dumb enough to still do it,because you're right, there is there's no
gray area. Like there's no grayarea. It doesn't matter if the NFL
or Major League Baseball, you know, getting sponsorship dollars from these gambling sites.
That's where we are in twenty twentyfour. But the rule is you
just can't do it. I can'teven fathom people trying to defend these guys.
Well, and you mentioned Washington statenot having a legal gambling actually didn't
know. I know thirteen states havingWashington was one of them. Yeah,

but because of that, you actuallyhave to sign on. There's a software
either there's an in app software orif you do it from a desktop,
there'll be an out app software.But the point is they have to know
where you are yes to let youmake bets. So every time you make
a bet and the Suddy, Iguess the NFL that says you can't do
it for the team facility, wherethey're going to be able to figure out
you did it for the team facility. And I think the interesting thing about

the news today is that a lotof the report had literally all of these
details about the various players betting thebet The books and the league are together
on this, so you might thinkthat the book's not going to give out
your information if you're a player.And this, to me is the big
story today, one of the bigstories that the players now know that if

they're betting baseball, the bookie knows, and they're going to tell the league
like there's no you're on my sideabout this. They're not, because the
bookies in the league have the samemotivation, which to make sure fans know
that the games are on the level. The whole reason we have all these
rules is because in nineteen nineteen,of course, Anno Rothstein bought off a
bunch of Chicago White Sox, andI mentioned nineteen nineteen the World Series the

Black Sox. But gambling in theearly days of baseball was rampant, supposedly
trust Speaker in tykab through games inthe twenties. You go through the early
days of baseball history up until thetwenties, and gambling was just everywhere.
So baseball and this is one ofthe reasons that we're having this fight now
because because of Baseball's history with betting, m they'll be we'll just say baseball

them'll be really it really didn't existuntil like the nineteen nineties. But if
you're a baseball fan, you grewup here in how bad gambling was.
You have generation upon generation upon generation, and baseball fans has been told all
this stuff is evil. And thenin twenty eighteen passed by the basically the
gambling band gets repealed, and everyleague jumps in on this, and baseball

jumps in on this. So you'vegot whiplash. It's alien dude. I've
been I'm pro gambling. I've beenprogrambling my whole life. I was the
nine year old Philly on football tickets, you know, the illegal booking on
the block. Yeah, I haveno problem with gambling, but I even
me pro gambling love baseball. I'vebeen alienated by the way Baseball has just
jumped into this, sucking up everynickel on the ground. You know,

in the World Series last year yougot game game odds during the World Series
games, m'll be network as abetting show. MLB does a highlights show
every day called Quick Pitch. It'sa great show, but halfway through it
they'll dedicate one one game's highlights tothe same game parlay Man, I don't
want that. I don't want thechocolate in my peanut butter. I set
up for the newsletter a separate listbecause they were, you know, a

third of my people, my subscribers, really want gambling stuff, and two
thirds of them don't want it atall. And half of those are really
going to be mad if I giveit to him. So you got to
kind of separate the chocolate from thepeanut butter. And I just when I'm
watching a highlight game, I don'twant the betting information. I just want
to I want the baseball on it. So right now, baseball is in

this moment where it's taking all ofthe money. It's grabbing, it's scooping
up all the money because you know, all these baseball owners are poor and
they don't have a lot of money. You can't really play. But in
doing so, they're really alienating generationsof fans who are were told as recently
as seven years ago, baseball wascompletely against baseball betting, and now it's

everywhere. So that's a long speechto make the point that you know,
baseball doesn't want this to happen.And if you're a player who thinks he's
going to get away with it.What we saw today is there not?
Now if I see one more interpreterjoke, they're not funny. You know,
well what if they had had aninterpret because everybodys STI thinks, you
know, the show it's funny.Just today his name Issahara actually played guilty

and he's gonna go to jail fora while. What we called the show
Heyo tany gambling scandal had nothing todo with Joeyo Tony. Is he trusted
the wrong guy. The guy stolea bunch of money from them. But
there's still a suspicion that, youknow, MLB is not going to go
after the big guys. And Isaid, you know, maybe not.
But if you look at the historyof protesting, eventually Nanny Ramirez got popped,
Robinson Cano got popped. These areas our future Hall of famers.

So I don't think MLB is goingto duck it. If it turns out
some all star was putting twenty grandon prop bets on his own team,
I think that's the lesson to today. Baseball serious about keeping this out.
So I think baseball can do boththings, which is take a bunch of
money and also spend players. Idon't think those two things are related.
I think people are going to usetoday's news to beat up MLB. But

MLB does have a problem with howit's embraced camping. Well, it's the
thing is is he almost had tobecause every other league was doing it.
You know, you're not gonna beleft and you know, whether it be
draft, Kings, fan duel,whoever it is, you know, casinos,
whatever it might be, right,the money is out there. We
all live in a business. Now. I'm working in a business standing here
talking to you today, and we'reyou know, dependent on ad revenue.

That's what we are in Major LeagueBaseball, which we're going to get to
in a second, is no exception. NFL is maybe the one exception,
but they've embraced it in the NHLand the NBA. The NHL loves it
like the NHL. I mean,if you we're in close to the border.
I watch Canadian TV all the timefor hockey playoffs especially. I don't
think anybody's embraced it more than theNational Hockey League, but they the same

thing. All these leagues are thesame. It's a very simple thing.
You can't do it with your ownleague, your own team, whatever it
might be right. And like yousaid, here's the thing, like those
geo fences are set up and thetracking is set up because I can't use
I can't downloaded Draft Kings. Icould download a Draft Kings app or a
FanDuel app. I can't use itin Washington. I can't use it here.

If I want to go our swanour show sponsored Joe and you know
people know this is so call mecasino. They have a sports book,
they have an app. I canonly use the app when I'm at the
sports book on premises there. That'sfine. But for these guys to like
have any like, you have nono excuse here because the app, as
you said, tracks you. Theyknow who you are. You can't hide

behind Joe and John Doe. It'sas simple as that. Hell, I
think you should get suspended for longerthan that, just for being stupid,
Like I like, just and that'snot a translation, that's just I'm gonna
say it again. Stupid. That'swhat you are because and you know,
whether it be an NFL player,Major League Baseball, and HLNBA, you're
just dumb. Go go to Vegas, do your thing in the offseason.
Do whatever you want to do,but just it's there's there's no there is

no excuse here, and you're right. I've I was telling my buddy,
we're driving in today. I gotone of my friends with job shadowing me
and I said, you know what, with Otanni, it's interesting. I
can't imagine the cash cow would everget busted. Not to say, I'm
with you, it's he got takenfor a ride by somebody he trusted.
But you're right, baseball doesn't discriminate. They're all times hit leader is sitting

there. He's not in the Hallof Fame, you know, Cano and
others who have been busted for steroids. They're just as a Rod was a
You couldn't find a bigger star thanthe a Roun. I don't think baseball
cares what your name is. They'llbust you if you're doing the wrong thing.
And you have to have that becauseit keeps the integrity of the game,
because you can't have a game.You can't get people to watch a
game if they think it's not onthe level. We saw the MBA with

the Tim Donnies. Yep. Youknow, back in the two thousands,
you had a referee manipulating over undersand I'm my big concern isn't it even
the players when it comes to MLB, by big concern is the umpires because
we tend to dismiss bad ball andstrike calling as oh, well that was
just good frame or that's his strikezone. And you know what if it's
you know, his buddy's got tengrand on the understrike or the over strike

out for you know, that's inme is real weakness. It's the other
reason why what's a big favorite ofthe automated ball and strike calling. Let's
go back, let's get that absand as in fact this this should be
almost an impetus to do that,you know, like let's let's let's get
that thing in their a sap Joeshe and joining us Joshian Newsletter Joshian dot
com. I want to get torevenue in a second. You wrote a
story and we were just touching onmy teas in a minute ago, because

we're touching in on what TV rightsand revenues and it's a story in the
big, big story in our SattleTimes today as well. Real quick,
though, Joe, I'm gonna askyou just and I know, just gave
you heads up, so hopefully hadenough time in between writing to kind of
come up with this. We're talkingabout our baseball team here, uh seven
games about five hundred four four anda half games up in the division.
A flawed team certainly offensively, buta pitching staff at least, a starting

rotation that we believe is as goodas there is in baseball one through five
Mariners starting rotation, Castillo, KirbyGilbert, Bryce Miller, and Brian wu
one through five. What are theyrank in Major League Baseball in your mind?
Start of the year I started theI ranked all the units opened starting
lineup, defense, offense, andI had a Mariner second behind the Phillies.

Statistically, they haven't been as good. Their second innings seventh in the
ra A, ninth and fifth tenthin Fangraft War, so they haven't played
up to that. Now. Someof that is Emerson Hancock getting a bunch
of starts, so that is somebad battered ball. Look, I think
right now I still have them inthe top five. You know, the
Red Sox with under Andrew Bailey,have really improved this year and gotten incredible

work at a cut of Crawford andBrian Ballow. The Phillies I think are
clearly the number one. With thedevelopment they've done with Christian Sanchez, looks
like they'll probably put Spencer Turnbull backin the rotation for Taiwan walk You're here
pretty soon. You look at theOriels statistically have been good, the Tigers,
the Royals. I don't think Ican get the Mariners past three.
So if you want to argue theRed Sox instead of the Marriners, I

think that's an interesting conversation, butno worse than the third best rotation in
baseball. That's a rotation that ifone and two aren't in your division,
you should win your division almost right, Well, I mean it's you know,
there's both sides of the ball.It's perfectly possible to have a great
offense and not enough pitching, andit's perfectly possible to have a great rotation
and not enough hitting. And youknow the other thing is that this team

is missing missing a couple of relieverstoo, so the bullpen isn't as good
as it was last right, right, But just on rotation, the thing
about a rotation is that it's thething about a great starting rotation is that
you're in every game, Like youcan have a great offense and you're down
six to nothing in the third,it feels like Rereda. You're fighting your
way back the whole time. Butif your starters are going six or seven
and only giving up one or twoor three, you're just never feel like

you're out of a game. Now, you might be because the offense is
never going to score more than tworuns. And that's a whole Mariners issue.
But the thing about having that qualitystart every time out, especially in
an era where a lot of teamscan't find three starting pitchers, much less
five average to above average starters likethe Marritors have, you're in the game
every single night. Joshian joining usright now on the Beacon Plumbing hot Line.

I want to hit on this becauseI was this jumped at me on
your newsletter super League and the firsttime I saw that super League. What
do we talk We're going back downto this college football world in baseball.
What are we talking about? Butit's relevant to us today. With the
demise or or apparent demise of RootSports, the regional sports network out here,
the Mariners had to take over fullownership of that when Warner Brothers and

Time Warner, all those guys gotout of it about six or eight months
ago, and you know they're wondering, We're wondering what the future is.
They already lost the hockey team,bailed on Root Sports. They're doing their
own thing with a local affiliate here. That's the only property that the NBA
team in Portland, which was alsoon Root Sports, is probably out as
well. The RSN that they ownmight be kind of hemorrhaging money. We

hear things like and it was writtenabout today in our local paper about trying
to nationalize the local TV rights,but then it sounds like that may not
happen, and as you pointed out, there are some teams that probably would
want zero part of that, namelythe ones in La Chicago and New York.
Right. This has all been acceleratedin recent years by the collapse of

Diamonds Sports Group at Tea getting outof the broadcasting they I guess they sell
to Warner Brothers Discovery, and thoseare the Root Sports that are going out
of business now too. So youhave sixty to seventy percent of MLB teams
with their TV rights and plucks goingfrom that guaranteed and at the low end,
most teams are getting twenty to thirtymillion a year. At the high

end, for these teams, you'regetting eighty ninety one hundred million. I
want to say the Rangers had thebiggest deal of maybe one hundred and fifty
million of all the Valley's teams,So there was already a spread among those
teams. But you're not going toreplace that through direct to consumer stream.
You're just not going to memory.These prices were based on the cable model,
which was the the RSN sells itselfto the cable companies. The cable

companies charged not by who's watching,but by how many cable subscribers there are.
That math is gone. It's nevercoming back. So MLB is going
to have to eventually get to aplace where it's selling its rights to you,
Bobby Baseball Fan, for eighty nineto ninety five a year a team,
or one hundred and seventy nine ninetyfive a year for the whole package,
whatever it's going to be. Butyou're never going to get to twenty

thirty forty million a year like that. It's you're going to be missing money.
So what the smaller teams are lookingat is these incredible broadcast revenues that
teams in New York, in LosAngeles, in Boston, in Chicago,
Toronto. We don't have direct numberson Toronto, but we know the Blue
Jays do well. And saying well, you need to share even more of
those and what my piece and thisEvan Drelichi of the DIT kind of brought

this up a couple weeks ago.I kind of jumped on his idea.
But already the one third of theleague that's doing really well is already kicking
back hundreds of millions of dollars tothe teams at the bottom of the league.
We don't have they don't publish revenuesharing numbers, but as reported,
like the Yankees, Dodgers kick backabout ninety million dollars a year, the

Marlins, the Royals, the Brewers, teams like that collect seventy to ninety
million dollars a year every single year. And if you go to the teams
that are generating all these revenues andsay no, we want even more.
We want you to sign over yourlocal television rights so that we can sell
them as a group, I wonderif at some point those ten to twelve

teams don't say the hell with us, We're not going to continue to kick
back one hundred million dollars a yearto the rest of you when either you
pocket it or even worse, youuse that money to beat us. I'm
not sure which of those is betterif you're you know, House Steindrunner or
John Henry. So this is acomplicated factor for baseball because the fact of
the matter is the top third ofthe league pays for the bottom of the

league. And you don't have thisin the NFL because all of the NFL's
rhetoric revenues by a large or nationalThe NBA is a slightly different mix of
revenues, but you're only selling fortyone, you know, games a year,
same thing for the NHL as aforty one or forty two games a
year. Now, MLB is tryingto put people in the Sea eighty one
nights a year, and no individualbaseball game is going to be as big

as any individual football game. SoI'm not saying this is going to happen.
But you know, we thought theEuropean Soccer League teams try to get
together and basically take all the bigbrands and make them into one league.
In thinteen ninety two, the topEnglish soccer teams formed the Premier League that
was a breakaway league from the FootballAssociation. So there are precedents for this

happening, And to me, Seattle'skind of caught in the middle where Seattle
is not a small market team,but of course they have the TV right
situation. I think if you weregoing to carve out sixteen teams, the
Mariners would probably be one of them, but that's not guarantee. But these
are the issues that MLB is facing. How do you take a local game

where local revenues are going to bereally disparate because of the sides of the
markets in which these teams play.I mean really talking about like Pittsburgh or
Cincinnati or Cleveland, where you reallyhave small cities. But how do you
share revenues in a way that's notgoing to just alienate the top five to
ten teams. I really think we'reat a point where the top revenue drivers
in the league would balk if yougo back to them and say, no,

we need you to give out evenmore money to everybody else. Joe,
there's another precedent that just happened it'scalled college football. And we just
watched our conferences out here because youknow why, because USC and u C,
l A and l A were tiredof paying for my alma mater at
Washington State and Oregon State and everybodyelse. I mean, if it,
if it can happen in European what'sthat you know that? I'm an s

cgrette. I didn't know that.There you go, Yeah, so we
were. You guys are paying forus. We appreciated it for all those
years. It doesn't matter. Itwas still still the dumbest thing. The
day we do that, we decidedto go to the big tags and remains
one of the dumbest dates in sportshistory. And the everything that's happened since
then has even still I mean,yeah, the USC Washington Big Ten game,
that's going to really excite me.You don't want to get me started

on this, but you make agood point. You make a good point.
Though it's the larger brands pulling outand trying to make more money.
If if, if it can be, if it can happen in European soccer,
which has been aud for one ortwo years, if it can happen
in a century, if it canhappen in a century old college football conference.
I think we'll have this discussion again. This is this is why we

like having you on. I neverknow where we're gonna go sometimes, and
this is where we went today,and I really appreciate h Tell peop about
the newsletter Joshian dot com and lookforward to the gambling piece you're writing as
well as we speak. But tellpeople where they can get the subscription joshian
dot com. Check it out.You can actually see ex sorts of recent
stuff I've written about the Yankees,about Eric Judge, about the Indians,
excuse me, Guardians Royal Senior seriesat starts tonight. I'll be writing about

the Chicago baseball tomorrow. I putexcerpts of every piece up there. I
also put free pieces occasionally. Iposted one last week. I can't tell
you what it was. I cannotremember what it was, but I posted
up free last week. Go checkit out. Yeah, go to Joshi
Go to joshi in dot com.A lot of your listeners Ian have also
signed up for the free list.You go to Joshian dot com to read
about that, but you get onefree issue a week. Gradness. I'm

the credit card number or anything likethat. Just sign up, send me
an email, edge of the list, get one free newsletter. Check it
out. Converted a lot of thosepeople so far, too, So I'm
excited about that. I appreciate thesupport you give the newsletter, and I
appreciate all the readers that have signedup for it. Well. Thank you,
Thank you to our listeners, andmore importantly, thank you to John
Howie Wildwood as well. We'll talkto Joe next week. Thanks j'all talk
to you in a week. Thanks. There you go. That's Josh and

Joshian dot com. Great stuff there, we'll put We'll get some stuff to
chew on. We'll do that comingup next Live from the R and R
Foundation Specialists Broadcast studio back to IanFernetz, powered by Seattle's closest sports book,
SNOWP Call me Casino on Sports Radioninety three point three k j R
f M. What do you think, Jack? What do you think?

What do you think? Andrews abouta Super League? Walk me through what
happened in European I have takes onthat, okay, but walk me through
what happened. So it was actuallyright after COVID and I saw the EPL,
and all that stuff was always orwhatever we have there. He's right,
So it happened in the EPL,where the actual Premier League is separate
from the English FA, right,the Football Association, but they still have

promotion relegation, so teams from theFA can get promoted to the Premier League.
So it's still connected, but it'snot part of the like the entire
league, which is what like Bexhiam, is it part of it? How
many people are in EPL or teamsteams you get relegated to the bottom three
get relegated to the second division,and the top three and obviously in the
second division get promoted. So whatdid it look like pre covid That is

the same that what he's referring tois a proposal from which didn't end up
happening. Oh okay, from allof the European top leagues. So like
the big brands from Spain, Germany, England, France and all those like
the all the big owners from thoseteams wanted to just form their own league

and get rid of all of thejust country leagues, right and have it
just one giant European league where it'slike all the best teams from all those
and they again it's gonna sound confusing, but they kind of have that in
the Champions League. But the ChampionsLeague is a tournament format just to be
replacing your regular league, what doyou call the one in Italy or Syria,

Bundesliga aplace all that. So it'seffectively what's kind of happening in college
football or college And but the thingis there was such big fan outcry,
even with fans of the bigger teamsdidn't like it because you would lose that
rivalry, you would lose a lotof like the Cinderella stories of the little

teams playing against the bigger teams andgetting promoted and you know, all that
kind of fun stuff. So it'sso similar. I had never put that
two and two together, but itis so similar to what's happening in college
well. And you know the differenceof college football is it's or college and
we say college football is college athletics. Although I'll tell you I would go
back if you if you haven't heardit, go back and listen to the
Heather Tar interview from last Wednesday.I think it was right with Softie and

Dick, because if you listen tohow she if you read between the lines
what she was saying, and sheactually dropped the little nugget in there about
you know, I don't know ifthis is the right league for US,
right conference. She even referenced likecollege football doing their own thing. And
then the rest of the ULS andMAT came after they had had a staff
meeting that day that she talked about. So obviously that's being discussed. And

I'm sure that the Heather Tars ofthe schools out West Oregon, Washington,
USC, UCLA, whatever sport we'retalking about, Hell, I'll probably throw
Callen Stanford in there. I don'tthink the Big twelve schools honestly care as
much as Utah and the Arizona schools. Geographically they can fit in a couple
They can fit in the Pac twelveor could, and they can fit in

the Big twelve. Probably doesn't botherthem that much. Central time zone,
Mountain time zone doesn't matter. ButI think for the four six schools out
here, the two of the ACCand those two schools that we're just referring
to, the four pack Twin tenschools going to the Big Ten. That's
what we talked about from the startit's ridiculous, like what they're going to

have to go through. And BOYDlook no further than dub softball, which
just now, maybe some of thoseyoung women come back. I don't think
they are, because there's a lotof schools that a will pay them.
And if you're at Washington, yourpriority right now is paying football and men's
basketball and everything else doesn't matter.Sorry, And I could hear it in

her voice. Oh yeah, there'sa desperation in her voice. That's the
reality of college sports. One ofthe reasons Washington was so damn good,
she talked about it because of thegeography. They play their first part of
the season, non conference games inwarm weather? Where out west? Where?
Out west? Where? What isthat? Oh? Yeah, where

all of her players come from.Look at our roster, Arizona, California.
Now, all of a sudden,you're asking moms and dads to go
across the country. Why would thosewomen do that if they can get an
nil bag and be play closer tohome in warm weather? Like, can
you think of anything more? Doyou think it's miserable to play softball and
baseball here in the spring? Howabout playing in what is what does early

season Major League Baseball look like inthe Midwest snow. Yeah, exactly,
it's h so like so the realbut the realignment happened. And when we
bring this up, because you're justjoining us, Joe, she and just
on with this, brought up thesuper league in baseball, the possibility of

a super league in baseball. Andbefore you think it's the craziest thing in
the world, let's just go back, it's really not. We just we
just saw college football undergo this massiveseismic change of something that had been taking
place for a century, and notjust in our conference, but obviously all
over the country and part and whatwas the biggest reason why the revenue share?

USC didn't want to share revenue withthe smaller schools out west, and
the big guys wanted to get bigger. Small guys left cast aside. That's
just the way that is. Andin Major League Baseball is Joe, this
is a great story Joe wrote,you guys, go read it man just
Joshian dot com. You know,as he says, there's going to come
a point when some owners say enoughupcoming CBA negotiations, We're going to be

complicated enough with some teams. LocalTV revenue falling to zero or close to
it members CBAS and those agreements arebased on revenue with the players going to
get all of a sudden, You'renot Why would the Yankees, the Dodgers,
the Cubs, the Red Sox.He's right, the Blue Jays.
The Blue Jays are Whether my friendsof Vancouver like it or not, the
Blue Jays are a national team.They're making a ton of money. Why

would they want to share that withthe Pirates and the Padres and the Mariners
who shouldn't be a small market teambut do operate that way sometimes. Why
do they want to show that theywouldn't. Could you imagine a Super League
Baseball? They've talked about retraction alot in Major League Baseball. They've talked

about that a lot. Imagine moreso than an expansion right now. I'd
be all for relegation in baseball.I would be all in for that in
every sport. To be honest,I would be. I don't have any
issues with that. It's the bestcollege athletics, but in professional athletics,
I like it. Yeah. Imean, the NFL be impossible. Baseball,
you could do it. You couldhave a sixteen team league and another

sixty two teams at bring, Portlandand Nashville in whatever you want to do
sixteen and sixteen. Top three moveup to the first one. Bottom three
moved on. Let's go. Yeah. I think it's a whole new type
of competition. Yeah, as Joesaid, he thinks Seattle would be in
it to grid of it. Let'ssee, I'm just going through he would

I think he said they would beone of the sixteen teams. I'm just
going through it right now. Let'ssee Boston in uh, Toronto, I'm
just helping. Who am I missing? Okay, two New York teams,
yep, l A t l Ateams. We're at six, Chicago,
Boston, Toronto. We're at eightChicago. Okay, I got both Chicago

team, So two two and two. The three big markets to have three?
Three big markets l Okay two,Boston, Toronto, Right, Texas,
that's Dallas. That's a big market. Probably throw Houston in there too,
Okay, Houston two, three,four, five, six, seven,
eight, nine. What are weat? Uh? We're at nine?
Nine? Going around now we're ten? Right now, we're at ten.
Adam Bears make the cut? Theywould, they would. I'm just

looking at big billion markets. Atlanta. Oh yeah, Atlanta's debatable with the
Cardinals because they just a big brand, but that's not a huge market.
Philadelphia, I forgot about phil PhillyDetroit are both in Yeah, big markets
Philly Detroit, uh DC. Yeah, well so okay, I haven't put
the marriage down yet. One,two, six, seven, eight,

nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen. I'm at fourteen. I
think the Marriags would be the nextteam to be honest, they're ahead of
Miami to be right in the bottomthree. Yeah, ahead of my Yeah,
I had it both all the Floridas. Yeah, Marrors make the cut.
Yeah, the Marriors make the cut. Only the reason make the cut
is you're taking two teams from allthe I mean it's double market even it's
based on market size though. Welljust yeah, I mean I'm not looking
at brand because I mean, becauseDetroit doesn't have a brand, but it's

big market. Yeah. I likeit. I like it. I'm in.
I'm in on this. You knowwhat forced your team to spend money?
Yeah, force your team to compete. I mean. The other thing
about promotion relegation that's huge is thatyou get almost more urgency from the bottom
teams because dropping down to the seconddivision lowers your revenues. That's why you

do it. And that's but thatand it comes back, bring it all
the way back to start. Yeah, that's why he brought it up.
That's why. That's why Joe wrotethe story because those big market revenue teams
are sick and tired of paying forthe Kansas City Royals and the Oakland Athletics
and the Tampa Bay Rays who stillare good every year but don't make any
money. You know, they're they'retired of paying for those teams. They're

tired of paying for the Pittsburgh Pirates, They're tired of paying for the Cincinnati
Reds. That's they're tired of payingfor those teams. I don't blame them.
Yeah, be tired of it too. And unfortunately, that's what happened
to football on the West Coast.That's what happened. And I'm with Joe
dummis thing that ever happened. Butguess what had happened? And it ain't
looking back? All right, takea break, come back, Daily power
Play. Next, Malkin shoots onein on gold of pucks and I start

it's Crosby, stop this is thedaily power Play Deep Slot one timer McKennon
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Daily Power Playing. You're home forthe Crack at ninety three point three kjr
FM Daily power Play Today, I'llhow about the Calder Cup Western Conference Finals.
Game three is tonight, Milwaukee,Wisconsin Admirals Kracking. I'm gonna dance
around this a little bit because Idon't want to be negative. Nancy here,

Debbie Downer. Well, listen,you'll see tweets from the Cracking account.
You'll hear a lot about this seriesin terms of actual prospects. And
I've talked about this before, butI kind of did a little bit of
a closer look at it terms theactual prospects playing for Coachella Valley that are
contributing. There's guys playing. ShaneWright, Ryker Evans have both played.

Shane's played six games in the playoffsout of nine, Riker's played all nine.
Logan Morrison's played nine. I don'tconsider Luke Kenman a prospects the first
guy they ever signed, but he'splayed five. Ryan Wyinterden's played nine and
even seven. Anyway, I bringthat up for this reason. Shane Wright

is the ninth leading scorer, whilehe's tied for eight leeting scorer for the
Kraken or for the Coachella Valley inthe playoffs, everybody above him, including
Kale Flurry, whose journeyman defenseman.He's kind of like their number nine defensemen
in their system. Do you rememberhow many how often the crack them would
send him up, send him down, and get him up and send him

down. I like him right he'sright shot man. He's a right shot
defenseman. I never thought he lookedout of place anyway. Shane Wright's tied
for eighth them scoring. He's gottwo goals, three assists in six games,
five points in those six games.Riker's got the same five points in
nine games. Those are the onlyguys that you're looking at, going okay,
they're they're contributing, and they're alsoprospects. So it's kind of just

what we've talked about before. It'sa four a tournament for the Coachella Valley,
but I hope they win. Thoseguys getting some playoff experience. But
it looks like just judging from thenumbers and the four wards above them,
it looks like, guys like,this is what would happen last year.
Do you guys remember Shane Wright.Shane Wright was a fourth line player in
the Calder Cup playoffs last season.It looks right now, maybe maybe getting

second line, I don't know,maybe third, But the rest of those
guys are all fourth liners. Usuallythe more successful teams in this tournament are
the more veteran four A guys.Yeah, let me look and see.
Just for example, because Reed Schaefer, who won a title last year with
the t Birds, he's playing forMilwaukee. Let's see what kind of ice
time he's playing. That's the onename I'd recognized from Milwaukee. Is he

in their top He's played all elevengames, he's got one goal, one
assists. So it goes back.Yeah, Phillip Tomasino, he's a veteran.
Oh yeah, it's the same thing. This is four A versus four
A. Yeah, that's what hesays. It's so cool. I hope
they win it. It's good forthe bottom line for the kracking, good
for the bottom line for the organization, good for the and you know what

matters. They spend money, Yeah, they they spend money. They don't
mind spending money along the way.Let's go, let's go. Come on.
Well they got twenty two to spendand they've got nine draft picks this
year. They got like thirty inthe next three years or something like that.
Yeah, they got some capital.This is a massive I was talking
that with Purple Sheet earlier. Thisis a big, big starting Susie.

We're about them two weeks away fromhaving a very big time start for Ron
Francis and his staff because they've donethe one thing they can do to get
this thing turned around and get backto where they were last year. That's
fire. The coach doesn't take therocket scientists or a hockey expert to know
what the next step is. Getbetter or well they got just they got

tons of stuffy. They got it. They got And here's the cool thing
is, I think Ron's got alot of opportunity here with all those draft
picks, all that draft pick,Collaud and prospects, and guys are already
in the system or guys that arein junior. You know, you may
trade it. Jagger Furkus. Thatcan happen. You kind of bomber we've
been talking about for two years.Yeah, Yeah, I mean he's tearing
it up, but it would bea good trade, high candidate. You
know what it's like. It's it'sthe Harry Ford thing. Yeah it is.

Sometimes you got to trade the youngguys to get better immediately with the
big guys. Right, And that'swhat all that matters. That's what we're
talking about today. Will continue thatconversation a couple of minutes. I also
want to get your talkbacks. Goto the iHeartRadio app, look on the
red microphone there and fire away yourthoughts, comments, questions, and concerns.
We asked the question earlier, whatwill it take for you just to

enjoy the rest of this Mariner seasonor just enjoy Mariners baseball? Is there
something immediate? Or are you justgonna sit back and kind of look like
the weather outside the cloud above ourheads and say, eh, I don't
know, man, whenever, whenever. We'll get there at some point.
So we'll get your text. Fournine, four to five. I think
we got a couple of text thatcame in, didn't we. Oh yeah,
like I say a couple, Isay a couple and there's a little

sarcasm hint there. We'll get yourtext. I want to hear your talkbacks
as well. Andrews will check those, so if we want to hear your
voice, fire those away. We'lltake all those coming up in a second
we come back. The soap operacontinues. It's also cold called the w
NBA and and I am I amso in on this thing man. Whether

it's the ESPN on ESPN Crime Lovethat, whether it's Angel in Chicago versus
the rest of the world, whetherCaitlin Clark's getting bullied or is she maybe
she's not a victim who knows.I'm in for all of it. We'll
talk about that. Get more ofyour text on the Maurers coming up next

now from the Star Rentals Sports testsyour ninety three point three kJ RFM Sports
Headlines two call headlines byt to myBuddies, Goodies and glass. It's always
four twenty at Buddies Manners Day offyesterday. They are in Oakland tonight start
a three game series with the a'sfirst pitch six forty. Mitch Spence for

Oakland. George Kirby goes or theSeattle Mariners and was made the Victor Roblos
signing this morning, Luis Serious clearedwaivers to make room on the forty man
roster. He has been outrighted tocoma Storm hosts The Phoenix Mercury. Tonight
seven o'clock Climate played Aerina That gameI think is over on Fox thirteen plus

Richard Lphane Elease Woodward on the call. Check that out. NFL News forty
nine ers reportedly extending ringing Offensive Playerof the Year Christian McCaffrey to a two
year extension should average about nineteen milliondollars a year. Justin Jefferson says Hetty
cash nothing, it's nothing money.That's a running back money. Yeah,
running back cash. That's not widereceiver money a dozen Jefferson's maid in quarterback

money. Yeah. And then let'sgo live from the R and R Foundation
Specialist broadcast studio back to Ian Fernett'spowered by Seattle's Closeness sports book Snow call
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and enders Christ and Beard. Surprise, surprise, guys are pretentious, entitled
billionaire of a majority owner that droveaway fans in the offseason, doesn't take
financial responsibility. Once again. Youknow it makes me not want to root

for this team. But I gotto stand behind our boys, and I'll
just give a big middle finger tothe ownership group. Go ms hi an.
I think that the women of theNBA aren't understanding that they are strictly
totally entertainers, just like any othersports. They're entertainers and people are putting

their money where they want to beentertained. And when they start doing this
football, hockey wrestling action during basketballgames, people don't kind of want to
see that. That's why so manypeople are upset and you get a technical
foul doing a non basketball play.Hmm. Interesting. A couple of different

topics we're gonna hit on this finalhour of the show four on four or
five one tell them we text themat the game time. Well styled in
today we beautiful. We will alsoget some more talkbacks. If you want
to hear your voice, I'll haveto just go to the talkback Mike on
the iHeartRadio app. Jar part ofit and fire Away love to hear your
voices today, two different things.We're gonna hit on both those this particular

segment. Christ and Buryen touching onthe Mariners. We brought that up earlier.
I'll get back to that in justa couple of seconds, just asking
the question today, what will ittake to just enjoy just not to be
on a bandwagon. I'm gonna talkinga badwagon. No, just what will
take you just to sit back andenjoy? Andrews, you and I were
come the same page. We talkedabout this like we're there. We just
we just said different reasons for differenttimes. We just made a conscious decision.

I'm just gonna enjoy this thing.Yeah, and enjoying it means I'm
gonna live by the highs and liveby the lows. But I'm gonna enjoy.
I guess still get upset when theyfrustrate me, but I'm not gonna
sit there and just say, yeah, I just prove something to me.
I'm just gonna enjoy the rest ofthis season. But I and I brought
this up because listening to Dick intoSOFTI yesterday, It's just Fame was always
truly living up to his nickname asnow globe, like he was just He'd

get mad at the Mullywop guys forcriticizing Hyeah. Now all of a sudden
he's like, I'm not giving servicecredit and I just you know, prove
me wrong. Offense has still gotoff all these things. All those things
are true. The offense isn't good, that's one hundred percent true. It's
a very flawed baseball team. Butthe reality is they're in first place.
And nobody ever looked. This isn'tcollege football or basketball where there's a resume

to build. We're not looking andsaying, Okay, the Mariners are sitting
there right now, good, goodrecord, having a good season so far,
thirty four and twenty seven. Butyou know what out of those thirty
four wins, Because Dick brought thisup and it's a good point, they're
they're beating bad teams and that's it. Yeah. I think he looks at
what the Rangers did last year.They were under five hundred against teams over

five. And that's what the Marinersare. So like, the Marriers aren't
chalking up enough Quad one wins.They're just not like, where's our guy,
parish, Listen, I don't havethem in the top twenty five and
one? Why not enough quad onewins? The Mariners don't have enough Quad
one wins. They just don't,guys. But they're in first place.
Yeah, you know what I wasgonna say, it's It's not whether you

can or whether you're ignoring the blemisheson this team. It's whether it's your
emotion about it. Yeah, youknow. And it's I like hearing your
guys perspective too, because it differsfrom mine. I came out here in
a professional capacity in two thousand andnine. This is your hometown team,
and so you were born and raisedwith that fanhood. I gravitated towards it
because I want my I want teamshere. Plus, you know, I

grew up a National League fan andthey're in an American League, actual AFC
fan, and the Seahawks are inthe NFC fan, I can exactly until
you know the World Series where theMets play the Mariners. The Mets might
be one of the worst teams inbaseball, is any issues? So I

but I do find myself the pasttwo seasons with more emotion towards the Mariners.
Emotion not not paying attention, butmore emotion than I have had in
my career out here. And Ihave it this year too, And my
emotion is joy. Yeah, Itruly enjoy watching the team, and that

last year I was majorly disappointed,but I was also going to mid week
games and watching the stadium be packeduntil the bottom of the tenth inning,
you know, everybody riding on everypitch, and that is emotion too,
and I was hardly you know,I was extremely disheartened at the end of
last year the way it ended up. But I have that emotion. Yeah,

so this is the first time achoice though. Yeah, so I
was out way with the Sonics.That was the first time the songs from
my first love. And so youknow, good or bad, I live
and die by everything, but Istill watch. When I was working in
Utah and sitting courtside doing a preand post game show for the Utah Jazz,
I'm rooting against them with every fiberof my being in at the same
time, like how the Sonics doingtonight in Phoenix, you know, or

how the Sonics in San Antonio tonight? It's your first love. It's hard,
but you know, for a lotof people, they've just had enough.
Like these people my age are youngerthat have had enough. And so
you know, when I asked thatquestion, I asked it very specifically in
that way, what will it taketo just enjoy this baseball season for you?
And here's the thing. Four twofive, just textas in, we'll
get to all the text at bottomof the hour and maybe just you can

kind of find some of the bestones for me in the next because there's
there are one or two in there. Winning a blanky division rhymes with pity
division isn't enough. The team needsto make it to the series. Period.
I am never I'm not one totell anybody how to fan, but

I will I will, I willsay this that is I like that in
a sense. I don't don't agreewith you, but you can see where
they're coming from. But I likethe fact that there's a demand here,
kind of a pounding the fist onthe table from from our baseball fans in
this community, in this area.I's kind of finally kind of been enough
is enough. And you're right,Jess, maybe it started with a fifty

four percent comment. I think thatthat was an ex kind of like the
end that kind of like that waskind of the straw that the brook Camel's
back in terms of like, youknow, even those that were die hard.
But I do like the fact thatwe should we talked about on this
show a lot it's professional sports there. Professional sports are about only one thing

from a fans perspective, winning,winning period, end of story. It
is not about bobbleheads. It's notabout mascots, it's not about the in
game experience, postgame concerts, it'snot about whatever you're doing as an organization
to support the community. Those thingsare all great and fine, and you

support that. It's awesome all thosethings, but it comes down to one
thing, winning, winning, winning, winning period. We saw what the
Seahawks end of the year last yeeven though they were playing games that were
relevant, they kind of didn't feelthat way. And what happened end of
the year. Towards the end ofthe year, both in what November Thanksgiving
and then the last home game ofthe year with with Pittsburgh, saw something

I'd never seen before. Empty seats, not empty seats, seats filled with
fans from the opposing team. Ohmy goodness. I had never seen that.
Since I've been back, and Igot back in two thousand and six,
but since I started covering the teamreally full time in twenty ten,
I'd never seen it. Was That'salways what Seattle did to other cities and
other markets. We sit there andpress boxes all across the country and just

laugh and look at all the Seahawksfans their pre game and look at all
the Seahawks fans taken over a game. Everyone's leaving. Oh not the Seahawks
fans. They take over every teamthat happened to our guys. Why because
they weren't winning to the level theyexpected and wanted to. And they said,
you know what, here's how We'rejust we'll sell our tickets. We're
out. And we saw that.We saw that with Cracking this year.
There are a lot of games thisyear with the Cracking where did not feel
like a home game for the Cracking, right, Like Detroit took over the

Flip and Red Wings. Man,they haven't won since Gordy Howe and no,
I'm sorry. They have Brendan Shanahanand Mike Babcock and the yeah it's
been a while, it's been awhile, and they took over this this
arena. So I do kind oflike the pounding on the fist and going
down there. Okay, I wantto get to the little drama. We'll
get to your more texts phones ortexts and voice text coming up at two
thirty three. I want to hitthis a little bit. I mentioned the

start of the show I'm all infor the drama. I'm all in for
the soap opera. It's great,The League Man, All My Children,
fantastic, great show. Back inthe day, Kelly Rippy used to be
on the show. You know that. That's she was on Soap Opera Actors.
She's the morning show host with Kellyand her husband, wasn't she with
Brian's Secret was Kelly and Ryan andthen Michael Strahan too, and Regis Oh

well yeah that was originals and Kathya too deep in the weeds on.
That's what she is, very stating, pretty blunde. Back back in the
day when soap operas were big,we'd watch them in college. I mean
we did. We'd watch them incollege all the time. My buddies our
frat had them all on all thetime. You just did come home for
lunch. What's your favorite soap opera? Oh? We got enough texts?
Oh my god, you know what? That'll get more texts in the Mariner

one did. Anyway, I'm infor the soap opera. So we've been
keeping up with the sound, rightwith the with the audio or the storyline.
Saturday early game, nine am Pacifictime, The Chicago Sky played the
Indiana Fever and a w NBA gamethat was televised nationally in ESPN, And
it was really kind of a standalonegame. There was nothing going on.

The US Women's Open coverage didn't starton linear TV for another two hours.
The PGA tournament didn't start on linearTV. Tell those the RBC Canadian Open
didn't start until like noon or somethingPacific time. Trying to think what else
it was? The USFL game,but nobody cares about that. There was
a little thing called the Champions LeagueFinal. It was a standalone game in
our country. All right, I'llgive you that stand alone country in our

in our country. XFL. Whateveris XFL? What is that? UCO
Champions League? No, no,no, no, the football it's XFL.
Now right on the rock. Therock bought it, I know,
I know. Flipping around, Isaw an empty stadium. That's all I
know. There we go so soUnited Football League whatever it is, who

knows, don't care. Yeah,they keep recycling, failing and popping back
up again. The Dragons that whateverhappened to the Dragons, the Seattle Dragons.
R I P R I p okay. It was a standalone game.
The basically Caitlyn Clark Angel Reece gameis what it was, and it was
like honestly in terms of competitive andclose and fun and emotional, it was

everything you wanted. Then Kennedy Carterdecides she's gonna cheap shot. Caitlin Clark
knocked her the floor. Actually there'sa little confrontation with Angel rees and Caitlin
Clark earlier. I don't care aboutthat because honestly, that was just under
the back. Yeah, that's aphysical best point. Yeah, the other
one was a cheap shot. Therejust isn't much of a place for that.
But there's a way to police it. What you do is you call

a flagrant too and kick her out. Not a flagrant one. The day
after it's a flagrant two, youkick her out right. Then there's just
not a basketball play. And itbecame a big deal. It was interesting
because in that game, the emotionbetween the two teams is why people watched.
I watched most of the second half. In fact, I watched a
good chunk of the game only becauseit was Caitlin Clark against Angel Reese.

If it was just Caitlin Clark,I would have been maybe tuning in for
a minute, but Kaitlin Clark,ANGELI I'm in. I'm in for it
all long, and the short ofit is the back and forth turned into
a huge deal on ESPN yesterday,host on host crime yelling at each other,
Pat McAfee. We played some ofhis audio yesterday, and Pat McAfee,
despite the crude way he put it, was right. This league is

not about everyone else. The league'snewfound interest is about one player. It's
about Caitlin, but Angel Race herfoil her basically biggest rival from college.
When she's playing at LSU, She'llhave none of that. Here's Angel Rees
yesterday talking about the incident and justwhere we are with this league. I

can ask me you stop still goingon ors and now just being lot to
like because of the honest I thinkso many people are watching women's basketball right
now. It all started from theNational Championship game. And I've been dealing
with this for two years now andunderstanding, like, yeah, negative things
have probably been said about me,but honestly, I'll take that because look

where women's basketball is. People aretalking about women's basketball. You've never would
think that we talk about women's basketball. People are pulling up to games.
We got celebrities coming to games soldat arenas like just because of one single
game and just looking at that,like, I'll take that role. I'll
take the bad guy role, andI'll continue to take that on and be
that for that for my teammates andif I want to be that, and
I know I'll go down to history. I'll look back in twenty years and

be like, Yeah, the reasonwhy are we watching women's basketball, It's
not just because of one person.It's because of me too. And I
want you to realize that, Like, it's not just because of one person.
A lot of us have done somuch for this game. And Kennedy
has been here before, obviously,but there are so many great players in
this league that have deserved this fora really, really long time and luckily
it's coming now. Two things.One, Kennedy, her teammate was standing
next to her. She's been kickedoff two WNBA teams, her own teams.

Ye, she's a problem child,she's got issues. Not good enough
player to be that player, butif the lead's gonna allow that, then
so'll be it. Angel Reese hercomment about it's about me too, not
just one player, and then shesaid a lot of US. So there's
people been dissecting what that means.I just told you I watched I'm not
watching Angel Reese game by herself,but I'll watch Angel Reese versus Kitlin Clark

all day and every day because ofthat. But here's the harsh reality that
the rest of that league better wakeup and figure out before Caitlin Clark says
screw it, I'll just go playoverseas and I don't need this nonsense.
She's carrying that league. Attendance atnon Caitlin Clark WNBA games is from Jimmy

Training this past weekend seventy six hundred, four thousand, ninety eight hundred seven
thousand, thirty two hundred ten thousand, seven thousand attendance at the two Caitlin
Clark WNBA games this past weekend seventeentwo, seven four seventeen four oh one.
She drew thirty five thousand people fortwo games. I'm doing the quick

math here. I don't think theother ten games added up to that.
No, sorry, not ten gamesone, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, No, they didn't. They be right around
there. That's that's insane. Thatis now here's the thing. Let's go
let's just go to tickets. SoI went to ticket Master day for the
storm just for giggles, see whatI could get in get in price for

games at Climate Plage Arena, forexample, Let's find this is a I
found this good one here, hangon, hang on, Phoenix Burcury,
and I twenty five dollars get in. That's like, that's the low price.
That's the normal one, right,So that's that's what it is.
Kelsey Plumb comes here with the LasVegas Aces. We've heard of Kelsey Clumb.
Haven't Plumb, haven't we? Yeah? Pretty good player. Daran Waller

kind of showed me what she's about. Oh my god, what happened then?
Was that her? Yeah? Ohit was yeah. Oh you guys
tell me off probably off air,Yeah, okay, off anyway, Las
Vegas. I can't say anything else. Okay, Las Vegas ace has come
here July tenth, Get in priceand that's that. Would think that would
be your probably second biggest straw.Get in price. Twenty five dollars standard

a mission across the board for thatgame. Tickets available all throughout the area.
Same thing tonight, Chicago, theChicago Sky that's Angel Reese's team.
Right when they come to Climate PledgeArena, get in price twenty five dollars
more tickets available for that one thanare for Las Vegas, about the same

as they are for tonight. Thisis all courtesy of ticketmasters. This isn't
even now. The next time theIndiana Fever come here June twenty seventh,
that Thursday, get in price isminimum sixty five dollars minimum. That's in
the upper corner of the arena youcan also buy basically, and those are

the only tickets available, right.Everything else is secondary market. You tell
me who's carrying this league there,Angel, it's one player, and it's
one player. One If Kelsey Plumbdoesn't sell tickets in Seattle, which is
a great WNBA market, Angel Reeseisn't selling tickets in Seattle. We know
Diana Tarassi never has sold tickets inSeattle. Brianna Stewart would only sell tickets

if I don't know when she playedfor the Storm and they were great in
killing people playoffs. Yeah right,Caitlin Clark sells tickets. People watch her.
So it's not about one player,yeah it is, yeah, sorry,
it is. It's about one playernow, and that when that one
player plays certain other players, specificallyChicago and Angel Reese. Oh yeah,

that then you are part of theequation. Whatever percentage you want to put
it at, seventy thirty, twentyeighty, whatever you want to do.
I love, I love the backand forth. But I'm I'm just I'm
I'm flabbering. I'm just stunned bythe fact that they just don't get it.
Also, I don't mean to bethis guy, but there is a

little bit of relevance to Angel Reese'spersona. And like, like you said,
you would probably watch a Kaitlin Clarkfor a few Kitlin Clark basketball game
for a few minutes. Yeah,then, but since it was because against
Angel Reese, you're all in,all in, right, Angel Reese is
good for the WNBA, but she'smostly good for the WNBA because of Caitlin
Clark. That's exactly what I wasgonna say. How relevant would she be

if she didn't play against Kaitlyn Clarkin that National championship? She wouldn't.
If she would have stayed at Maryland, Yeah, if she would have stayed
at Maryland because remember she transferred,Yeah, she was State of Maryland.
Did in transferred LSU, and theywould have just been some ACC team whatever
or Big ten I guess, andyou know, maybe even whatever, she
would have been just there. Shetransfers, give Multing Company. They go

down there to the win national championship. They have the great they have two
great epic battles in the final four, won the title game on the Final
four. Absolutely fantastic. Like,if we're being honest, Angel, you
probably owe her a lot, youdo, You probably owe her a lot.
Surprises me is they don't see thatshe's providing this platform that you can
now go and show people. Oh, I can be entertaining too. You
are exactly exactly and that's it.I like Angel recent player. You know

why she had she had at onepoint the other night, eight of her
nine rebounds were on the offensive glass. Yeah, Like she played hard.
She plays hard. She's undersized,she's not the biggest, especially even by
that league standards, but she playshard, especially on the offensive glass.
I love watching her play. Butyou're relevant because of Caitlin Clark. Sorry,
but whether you like it or not, and that ain't a black and

white race thing. That's just becauseand you want to play the villain,
find you she should embrace the villainrole. Absolutely, don't cry. First
of all, don't cry foul everyone'sagainst you. When you want to be
that villain, embrace it. StraymondGreen, embrace it. Be the villain.
It sounded like she was there forthat's what. But then she's like,
no, look at me, I'mstill a big part of what this

league is. She she does,there's a little standing in her, talking
out of both sides of her mouth. She's the same one that says,
don't sexualize me. That she's inthe in the SI Spring Swimsuit calend Or
issue this year in a bikini andall that, like attractive woman, like
you do you, but don't complainabout it, like right, like,
don't don't be that. Don't youcan't go both ways. Well, I

understand what she's saying though. It'sthat she appreciates all the attention coming in
here, but it isn't just aboutone person, and I think it's okay
for her to say that the attentionthat is being paid she's jealous. I
think the Holy Games because of oneperson, but the whole league is not
about one person. You look atthe game tonight, like I just again,
I went through. I'm just lookingat the ticketmasters, tons of tickets

for this game tonight. Yeah,you know. And and I think Phoenix
is about one of the better playerstonight, right, And Grinder's kind of
a non factor these days, isn'tisn't what she used to be. So
it's kind of like it's a nothingburger in a sense. A Storm run
a role to playing well. Imean they'll they're diehard fans will support them,
yeah, but the upper decks closedlike it's it's it's not what it

is when Indiana comes here. It'srounders when they play and when and even
when it's not even when a bigstar Wight Kelsey Plumb, who is this
town's you know, college basketball women'ssuperstar comes down, Absolutely, it's same
thing. Okay, take a break. I'll come back on a ton of
texts on the Mariners, maybe atalkback or two as well. Jess is
going through some of the best texts. We'll get to those coming up next
night. Three point three kJ FM
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