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June 5, 2024 77 mins
The Mariners got a win last night, but it wasn't pretty. How many truly good teams are there in baseball right now? What should we expect from the Seahawks offense this season? We listen to new Seahawks offensive coordinator regarding the talent on the team this year, as well as Coach Holmgren's assessment, as he joined Chuck and Buck this morning. Coach weighed in on Geno Smith, Coach Grubb and Sam Howell.  Where is the Seahawks offensive line right now and what will it look like when the season starts? Could we see an implosion of other conferences in the NCAA, and would that lead to the rebuilding of the Pac-12? We take a listen to what Gloria Nevarez, Mountain West Commissioner had to say about the addition of WSU and OSU football and how it relates to what we might see in the future. Plus, Stu Jackson, WCC Commissioner weighs in on adding sports outside of football.  What does the window of opportunity look like for the Mariners? We dive into the numbers, and it shows us they have a few more years - barring injury - with this pitching staff.  The Daily Power Play!  Anne McCoy, Interim WSU AD joins Ian in studio to talk about her role now, the tumultuous time we've seen in the last year for Washington State and what she sees in the school's future, as well as her own. She acknowledges the shift in college athletics and thinks Washington State can still be the special place it has always been.
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We'll get into some Seahawks conversation attwelve twenty today the Ryan Ryan Grubb spoke
on Monday offensive Cordner for the Seahawks. We all know him. Mike ho
Grin was on this morning with Chuckand Buck and we'll kind of go back
and forth just talking about the quarterbacksituation. You know, I heard Chris
and Greg talking earlier and DK's namewas brought up again, and I feel

like I'm like the official, unofficialDK Metcalf, president of the DK Metcalf,
not fan club, but defense club. You and Hugh Yeah, where
I've got to defend the guy alittle bit, but we'll give you some
numbers on that in that twelve twentysegment as well. And the Mariners just
they keep going. Just a realquick thought on that. We don't have
a long segment here that are that, who are who? Whatever? I'm

going to say, all the valves, all the olves, all the elves.
What we saw last night was waslike I've come to the conclusion and
I'm not this is not a slanderousagainst the Mariners by any means, but
I've kind of come to the inclusionthat there's some really bad baseball teams.
Yeah, not just in this division, but period baseball. It seems like

baseball has changed in a way,have and have nots, Yeah, but
more so than ever before. Likeso American Legue East, there's two teams
that are above five hundred, andthose are the two best teams probably in
the American League depending The Yankees andthe Orioles. The Guardians, the Royals,
the Twins, and the Tigers areall above five hundred in the Central

They all also have the benefit ofhaving the Cubs in there or the White
Sox in their division. And theTroy's only one game above five by the
way, I think they're a littlefacade there. Yeah, and Minnesota six
above, Kansas City's ten above,and Cleveland is twenty. Those top three
are good, good teams. Theyseem like they're pretty good teams. So
there's five good I would say there'sfive good teams, and then Seattle would

be six. There's like like kindof feels like there's six good teams in
the American League, and then afterthat, it's just kind of a crapshoot,
right, just not very good.Well, it's a crapshoot at the
bottom of the barrel too. It'snot just like angels are bad, A's
are bad. The a's the rightside of the A's infield was awful.
I mean, like just awful.A bunch of A players. Yeah,

that's probably why. And and likethe only there's two negatives from last night
and everything else a positive. Thetwo negatives one would be obviously the Munos
injury. And maybe it's not abig deal. I think whenever we all
saw we thought it was a leg. Yeah, and then he comes off
the field and then we find outlater he's been dealing with a back injury.

No one would know because he's beenpitching so well. He's been pitching
great. I mean, but thisisn't This is a recurring thing that we
didn't know about you, which isweird because it's I don't know, we
all want to take a shot atthe ownership, which I get. Mike
Verrell wrote an interesting column today kindof basically, you know, following up
on what the other two with divisionand Judo. It is like, hey,

you know, like stance is thiswill okay, prove it. I
know, we want to like takea shot at the ownership all the time.
I think we all have questions sometimesabout the medical side of things there.
I mean, it's just weird whathappens with that team. But maybe
that's just a baseball thing. Idon't know. I I'll play all all
plead naiveness, especially the pictures,like everyone is like a different delivery,

so like there's some more straining onsome certain muscles. Yeah, but like
he's got a bad back and he'sout there just hurling like which is great.
Yeah, so hopefully he's okay.You know, Kirby got the pitch
count up a little bit yesterday,which you know he wasn't his sharpest.
Still they got nothing great this year. No, if we haven't seen the
George Kerby were used to say hewas an eighty pitches through four it I

know, and you know they ranhim out there. They got him to
six and I think he's like overa forty r a right now, which
isn't awful, but it's like it'snot George Kirby. Well, and when
we had when we had Joe Sheenon yesterday, what do we talk about?
We asked the question about like whois you know, like like the
top rotations in the American League andeven in baseball and he said, Philly

one, and then you can makean argument for a couple of different teams,
including the Mariners at two and three. But he says, you know,
he says, no, probably nohigher than three. And that's probably
good example because Kirby, again,Kirby hasn't been at his best. Julio
is on pace to hit like eighthome runs this season and is a singles

hitter. You've got nothing out ofsecond base again once. I mean,
Polanco's even when he's been in therehasn't been good. And here they are
eight games above five hundred eight andtwo in their last ten, the best
record in the last three weeks inbaseball. Greg said something earlier on his
show. It's like this is thebiggest lead the Mariners have had in their
division since two thousand and three.That is, that's insane at this time

of year or overall period, noperiod since two thousand and three, they
haven't been this far. They haven'tbeen five and a half up. Yeah
since O three. Yeah, it'sin the game notes, but yeah,
it's but no, that's it's He'sright. Yeah, like we are so
not used to having success with theteam that it's hard to kind of wrap

your arms around him. Yeah,nobody else. I mean, Cleveland's five
games up on Kansas City. They'renot thinking, damn, we're having the
best season we've ever had. YeahNo, they're thinking, damn, can't
say is right behind us? Theluxury Seattle has is. Texas is not
good, at least they haven't beenyet. They could be. I mean
Texas, Texas still could be Houston. I think you mentioned it yesterday.
I mean, they have won twostraight games, but they're still six hundred
five hundred. They don't they feellike they've aged out of this world.

They have another pictrick going on forTommy John So yeah, yeah, So
hopefully Munno's is okay. And Ithink that's the only concern you have,
because when he is right and healthyand on the mound, he has basically
been untouchable. He's twelve to thirteenthis season in safe situations. I don't
think he doesn't get credit for that. Yesterday, right because he left the

game before the game. You haveto end the game. They have to
end the game, yeah yeah,or blow the safe and he did and
he did. Sas tried a toughsituation, but no, no, I
know, but you know what reallytough situation for him to come in.
Munyos goes into a game, andthere's a factor in that bullpen, like
guys are like, okay, okay, I'm good. I don't know,

answer well, like like A,you're not thinking that they're going to give
up a couple runs and and thenB you know you're thinking, well,
it's he's just we're not pitching,like and if I do pitch, it's
going to be in the bottom ofthe tenth worst case scenario. I got
fifteen twenty minutes and probably another fiveor ten before they call, like he

goes down all of a sudden,you're cold. You got to come in
and sas got you know, listen, had the walk wasn't the best,
he didn't have the best command,but he got out of it exactly.
Sowed them off. Little DApp tapperback to the mountain. I just loved
he like he's sprinting, by theway, and he looks good. Yeah,
sprinting the first base, underhanding thetoss. Love it all the way.
So nice win by them yesterday.They continue on, Okay, we'll

get to back to some baseball aboutone thirty take I Andrew's is gonna get
some numbers for you. I askedhim find this yesterday. The window isn't
closing on Seattle. This isn't byno means a win now year. Every
fan wants you to win this year. Yes, there is a little bit
of a tidbit. We will hiton with that, but this is not
a win now year necessarily. Butwe'll touch in on all that coming up.
We'll do that after we talk allthings Seahawks. Next nine three point

three KTERFM, My from the Rand R Foundation Specialist broadcast studio. Back
to Ian Fernetz, Power Advice,Seattle's closest sports book, snowp call me
Casino on Sports Radio ninety three pointthree kJ r FM. All right back,

we're gonna McCoy's gonna join us.She's the introm athletic direct at Washington
University. A lot going on overthere, obviously with them and the pack
two back two Hey, So we'llfind out what's up with her. What's
up with the job permanently, Yes, no interim tag coming off or staying
what she doing, so we'll checkin. That's the first time I've ever
had a visit with her, Soshe'll be in studio with us coming up

at about two o'clock this afternoon.What to expect from the Seahawks offense this
year? It's an interesting question,right what what would we expect from the
Seahawks offense this year? I caneven ask that at four nine four five
one tell them where we texted?When it game time? What would we

expect? What do you guys expectfrom the Seahawks offense this season? What
is this? This? To me, it's the strong part of the team.
It's it's something I think should bea top ten offense in most everything
that they do, total offense,total yards, scoring, rushing, receiving,

what have you. They've got toimprove on third downs they were really
struggled in that lately. But whatwhat would your expectations be? What do
you want to see from the Seahawkoffense this season? Four nine four to
five one telemorted text line. Whenit's game time, it is Tully time.
Yeah it is again the uh itis it is. Indeed, talkbacks
are welcome as well. Four ninefour five one is the talk is the

text line? Talkbacks Go to theiHeartRadio app, go to the KJR part
of it, and fire away yourthoughts, your questions, comments and concerns.
But what would you expect? I'llask you guys out before we get
to some sound from Ryan Greb andmy coman Jess. Would you expect in
the Seahawk offense this season? Ithink it will be moderately better than last
year. Moderately not moderately just becausethe new editions. I look at the

wide receiving cord, which I considerto be in a tier one category,
and I think that with JSN havinga year under his belt, he'll be
a little bit more involved. AndI think that we can expect more from
dk Metcalf this year. So moderatelybetter with a quarterback who has now had

the helm for a while and SamHowell as a backup, and it'll be
interesting to see how Ryan Grubb actuallyutilizes the fact that they have a new
weapon. I think Sam Howell,in the instance that he will be utilized,
will be learning under Gino Smith,who has proven to be a very

good leader in that locker room.We would you expect their pella if the
offensive line figures it out. Thisis a top five offense in the sport.
I think you have all the tools, you have a quarterback that can
make the every throw. You haveelite receivers and pass catchers, and you
have a great running game. Ithink in terms of ken Walker, I

think we still haven't seen his ceilingyet. I'm excited to see what that
will look like. But I thinkit all depends on how that old line
protects. We saw what happened withwith you Dubbed last year. They had
one of the best offensive lines inthe sport, probably the best in college
football, and I think that wasa big reason why they were so successful
because they had a lot of oneon ones with receivers. So I don't

know, I just think that's ahuge kind of factor in everything. Because
I trust Ryan Grebb, I trustGino Smith, I trust the guys he's
throwing to. I don't know ifI trust that line, I would tend
to agree with everything you're saying.I I'm gonna come back to DK in
a second, because that was athere was something was brought up today on
the ten to one show, whichI want to get to in a second.
But whether it's d K, Tyler, ken Walker, Jackson Smith,

and Jigba, Zach sharbone Yep,Noah Fant using him more better. The
fact he didn't have a red zonetouchdowns just remarkable last year. And those
are you know, like what aquarterback. You know, obviously the offensive
coordinator number one, quarterback number two, but in game, the quarterback,
it's all those guys I just mentioned. They're depending on the people around them.

Offensive line for the running backs,play calling for the running backs,
scheme, etc. The quarterback makingdecisions, who which ride receivers to go
to, what routes are running,all those types of things. What does
the offense look like? That again, is all based on that. So
as I look at all those things, here's what I'm asking about with this
team, Like we have a guyand Ryan Grubb coming in that has just
been sensational at Washington. In histwo years as the offensive coordinator there,

we saw Michael Pennix went from aguy that could never stay healthy, couldn't
finish a season Indiana to becoming arunner up for the Heisman Trophy and a
guy that was in the Heisman Trophyconversation both of his years here as a
Husky quarterback. Ryan Grub on Mondaytalked about and we'll just go to the
kind of in order here for asecond. The first thing he talks about
is using the talent they have.We just talked about some of that talent,

the talent they have to the bestof their advantage. Well, I
think that that grows and involves everyyear, right, and you base some
of that on the talent that youhave and the guys that you have here.
And so for us, we're tryingto make sure that we find every
way to utilize those things. So, you know, when you talk about
some of the run pass balance,you have backs like you know nine and

Zach You're you're pretty excited about yourability to run the ball. So I
think for us, you know,we're trying to melt some things together with
some of the things we've done inthe past, whether it's a long time
ago or even just you know,the last few years, and get the
guys understand that we want to bea physical, dominant team at the same
time have that same explosive, confusingelement that people are used to. You

know, Ken Walker last season misseda couple of games, only had i
say, only had nine hundred andfive yards, But in a seventeen game
season, he needs to be athousand yard rusher. He did have two
hundred and nineteen attempts, which isgood, you know, it's it's not
great for missing the two games.He needs to be up in the two
fifty plus range. The days ofthe three hundred carry running back are almost

gone, with a few exceptions alongthe way, but he needs to be
in that two fifty range. Iknow he mentioned Sharbone. I don't know.
My eyes just tell me that thereis such there's a massive difference between
Walker and SHARBONA and Sharbon is anice number two, but Zach or Kenneth
Walker the third is a absolute horse. It should be a three to end
back. He should be and youknow the three downs come in. Can

he block? We're watching a lotof stuff in OTA's right now with some
of the unfits and blocking schemes andpat and he's in there. Yeah,
So that's obviously a point of emphasisfor what they're doing. But I just
I think ken Walker there is.This team is not a playoff team.
If he's at nine hundred yards orless again this season, they just aren't
they He needs to be a thousand, probably closer to a twelve thirteen hundred

yard back, and he's more thancapable of being that guy more than capable
of being that play. He hadeight touchdowns last season. He's got to
be ten plus. He has tobe a big, big part of what
you do. And he's I mean, you watch him, you know.
Pete talked about it a little bitbefore, you know, in the last
couple of years, about what tolook for with ken Walker, and a
lot of it was ken Walker,you know, remember what changed. In

fact, I interviewed him postgame afterone of those changes. Remember who's dancing
around his rookie year, and he'salways looking for the home run. Just
hit the hole, man. Yeah, if it's four yards, it's four
yards, three yards of three years, some of his best carries in his
two years have been for two orthree yards, yeah, when he done
a crucial points right, But someof his other some of his first runs
have also been for four or fiveyards when you know, or for negative

yards when he should have just hitthe hole. He's always looking for the
home run. So I'll be interestedto see how they coach him up this
season. Let's get into the quarterbackthough. Let's do that. Let's start
with Ryan Grubb, what he's learningabout his two quarterbacks. You know,
Smith and Sam. Hell, they'reawesome. They're freaking awesome. They are.
I think that they're both really reallyhard workers. They're very diligent,

intelligent, and I know that itmeans a lot to him. And I
think that their leadership in the roomand how they react and work together says
a lot about the kind of guysthat they are. That they understand the
team concept and they're both fighting toget better every day, and I just
I couldn't be more happy with thenumber one where they're at. And then
the type of guys that you know, management has brought into this place have

done a really good job. Wefrom your quarterbacks that you really demand like
presence from those guys. I thinkthat that's the word that both those guys
use. What does that look like? That sound like to you? Well,
I think for those guys, justhaving the ability to take control of
a huddle, a practice and beout there and when they don't know or
it doesn't go perfect, they ownthe moment and when it goes good that's

what they expected. They move onquickly and just communicating, you know,
whether it's a call with the center, talking on the sideline, getting the
right people in the huddle. Ithink that that presence is something that guys
you can show that you have confidencein the scheme and that you've been working
really hard, that you understand things, that you can move quickly through things,
and that can speak volumes about whereyou're at. And I think both

those guys have really grown in thatregard through their careers. I think,
certainly Geno, when you're out therewith him, you can feel his presence.
He does a really good job outof commanding attention of his teammates.
And I think even since our timehere, I think Sam has really grown
in that regard. All Right,I'm gonna I want to do this.
There's two guys on our station ona here a regular basis that I trust
when it comes to quarterbacks and whatquarterbacks are all about. One is Hugh

Millin. Two is Mike Holmgrin.One of those was on today. That
would be Mike Holgrian. He wasin studio today with Chuck and Buck this
morning and Chuck asked about winning andcan you win with Gino Smith? Is
Geno Smith good enough to win aSuper Bowl with? I believe he is.
I've said that all along now twoyears ago. If you remember I

think he even surprised a lot ofpeople with how good he played. If
you remember, his numbers were reallysomething and then all of a sudden he
had a little stretch at the endof the season. But you know,
you got to see what he coulddo. Last year wasn't The numbers weren't
as good. But if you gokind of a deep dive, I think

there are reasons other than Geno Smith. You know, he's got he can't
play the game by himself, andso I think there was some issues last
year. So I think no,I think not only that, but the
new coordinator. I'm kind of excitedabout that and looking at the new offense.

It'll be interesting. But to answeryour question, Chuck, I think
he can do it. Yeah.Well, I mean, I guess to
my question on that would kind ofbe I mean, Patrick Mahomes wins it
again, right, I mean,he's got Andy Reid and he's unbelievable.
You know, you got people likeDak Prescott that had a great year and
they still didn't have enough to evenget out of the first round. I

think in the playoffs, it feelswe all know how important the quarterback position
is, and yet how far downfrom those that inevitably take their team to
the playoffs and advance far into theplayoffs or actually win the Super Bowl,
like Patrick Mahomes and your boy AndyReid have. I mean, how far
behind them is he and how muchbetter? I guess my point to that

is, how much better does therest of the team have to be if
he's not one of the top tierquarterbacks. Well, I think your team
has to be good. Yeah,you know. I mean the quarterback,
you know, is an important themost important part of the team. I
think if you don't have a guywho can throw it around and accurately and
get first down stuff, it's gonnabe tough unless you have one of those

great defenses like the Bears in nineteeneighty five or the Baltimore Ravens when they
won it and the defenses was sodominant that the quarterback could be good,
not great. I think in Andy'scase, you brought up Kansas City,
Mahomes has to be great. Hehas to be great, and he's proven
that he has great. Most ofthe guys need more help. Most of

the guys need more help. Someguys can pull it off without a lot
of extra help, but I thinkGino falls in the category of you look
at their offense, they have thereceivers, they have the running backs,
they have a tight end that thoseare all really upper tier good players.
The thing I think will be keyBuck is their offensive line. And I'm

stating the obvious, I think,but if they can put that thing together,
and I think that was the problemlast year, and they have some
injuries and all of a sudden they'removing people around and it showed. But
if their offensive line, if theycan get that together, great. One
of the other issues though, isa new coaching staff. Yeah. You
know, anytime if you're if you'rewith a guy a long time, the
same coaches, the same system.Then for the quarterback. You've heard me

say it many times. By thetime the third year comes around, things
click in. I had all theguys tell me I get it, now,
I get it, and then allof a sudden, you got another
five six years of steady good play. They they're challenged this year will be
a new coaching staff, and Ithink getting the offensive line right. I

don't know if we're going to describeevery aspect of the Seahawks as great at
this point, So what kind ofimpact do you expect Ryan Grebb to have
on Genosmith. You know, Ithink that's one of the key questions too,
Chuck. I think he what yousaid about University of Washington last year,
absolutely that's they were awesome, awesome, and so you know, he

did that, he created that.He had great players. He had really
great players that normally you could saywere probably in most cases a little better
than the guy the receiver was betterthan the guy he was going against in
a lot of cases, you can'twhen you move into the NFL. First

of all, you can't say that. Most of the time. It's a
you know, it's pretty even movingfrom the college game into the NFL.
There are adjustments to me made.When I had my opportunity to come from
BYU to the forty nine ers,I wasn't the coordinator. I was the
quarterback coach. Bill Walsh was thehead coach slash coordinator. So I took

notes, I watched, I learned, I learned a system. So then
when I be able to when Ibecame the coordinator there, I was ready
and so I went through a transitionperiod. I think there's going to be
kind of a little bit of atransition period. But I think he's really

good Ryan Grubb and so but listen, it's a different it's different you come
from college in the NFL. Formost guys, it's different. And so
we'll see, all right, that'spart of it. Let me get the
second half of Mike Hong grin becausehe likes Gino, no doubt about that,

and likes what Gino Smith can bring. What about the backup Sam Howell?
How do you read into the SamHowell addition to this team. Well,
I think it's a it's probably agood addition. I saw him play
a few times last year. Hedoes some really good things. I was
thinking about that this morning, alittle bit about backup because we're having gover

this morning. Kathy goes, who'sthe who's the second quarterback? I go
Sam Holland got me thinking about him. You know, so he but he
threw all his interceptions, got sackeda lot. But here's a young guy
who started for them and played forthem and did some really good things.
Still learning, still learning. Ithink I think they're really in a good

position having him as the backup becausehe has played and you want that guy
to come into the game and withthat kind of experience. But you know,
he got it. He threw outtoo many interceptions and but they threw
the ball a lot, didn't runthe ball, and so, but his

experience last year makes him a realvaluable I think number two is Gino.
Should Gino feel threatened at all?Do you think he will feel threatened?
I don't, you know, Idon't think so, Chuck, I don't
think so. No, it's notlike it's not like the guy is the
number one draft choice who is nowthe second quarterback. The guy who's playing

knows they didn't draft him number oneto not play might be a year or
two, but he's gonna play.That's a little different. I think this
when you get a guy, well, like they got the young man last
year, Luck, what's his name? Lock through Lock Yeah, And so
it's kind of like that, youknow, it's but yeah, he's he's

a good guy to have on thestat on the on the team. So
Gino's in at twenty touchdowns last year, expect more than that this year.
Yes, I do thirty six hundredyards more than that this year. That's
a lot of yards. It's notas many yards as it used to that
used to be a big number.Yeah years ago. Yeah, now now
five thousand, Now they're throwing alittle bit more. I would expect I

would expect more. Yeah. Uh, nine interceptions, that's pretty good.
Yeah, I mean nine interceptions.You know you'll take that. Yeah.
Well, you know, I coachedby Far, you know, so I
you know, I loved him todeath. But balls were forty five seventeen.
Balls were flying all over the place. Good stuff there, All right,

let's uh, let's check that.I just I like the basis of
comparison though. Here's like, letme just let you know I coached right
far the guy last year, uh, Drew Locke. Yeah, that's the
guy. I'll go through some ofthe numbers Mike was talking about when we
come back. And also we'll hearone more thing about the offensive line.
Put a rap on this A ninethree point three KFM Live from the R

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hour. Uh, back to somebaseball one thirty today four telemort text line
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questions, comments, concerns via thevoice text that is available by going to
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what your expectations are for the Seahawksoffense this season. We went through and
we'll talk about the offensive line herein just a second from Ryan Grubb.
You know, Mike Comrian was talkingabout a number three interception rate last season.
Gino was right around well. Asa team, they were right around
the middle, but he was basicallythe guy about thirteenth in the league in
terms of interception rate per pass,So a little bit of of average,

not a ton, but a littlebit above average in that regard. I'll
go through some of the other numbersin a second. I want to get
to DK Metcalf as well. Butfirst here's Ryan Grubb talking about his current
assessment of the Seahawks offensive line.Oh yeah, we we've got all the
ways to go there, and Ijust mean more more about the reps and
opportunity. Some of the guys,you know, are still working through things

and getting back and so there's beena lot of guys shuffling in and out
there, but we've been working throughsome of that and I think that they'll
continue to grow each week. Ithink, you know, Charles and and
lake and have done a good jobof kind of building the mesh on the
left side a little bit there.So that's probably the most continuity we've seen,
is those two guys working together.So I think that's the next step

for us is continuing to build continuitywithin within that group. And we're coming.
You can play with like the firstten seconds again please thanks. Oh
yeah, we we've got all theways to go there, and I just
mean more more about the reps andopportunity. Okay, there you go.
Yeah, that was almost Pete Carrolllike, yeah, yes, that was

my exact impression. That was almostPete Carroll like, yeah, listen,
the offensive line is going to bethe key. And right now, without
having a healthy offensive line, youknow, with no Anthony Bradford, with
no Abe Lucas, Bradford would becompeting for one of the guard spots.
Lucas would be your starting right tackle. They're certainly down in that regard.

You're gonna have a new starting centerand new starting you have two new guards,
more than likely starting guards. You'regonna have a new starting center.
Although, oh the Timmy did playa little bit last season for you,
and hopefully your tackles are back.I mean if in a perfect case scenario,
bookend tackles that are both good andhealthy and young in their third year,
a second year center who I thinkyou feel pretty good about in Ola

Timmy, and then good competition atthe two guard positions. I think Haynes
would be a guy you'd like tosee in there, and Bradford the other
guy ideally as opposed to the olderveterans that they've brought in. But maybe
mcclending, Curtis or somebody like thatis still the guy. But there there's
no set, nothing set in stonethere with that offensive line, Like there's

just nothing set in stone. Yeah, we got work to do. Okay,
last season, Seahawks offense totally yardsper game, they were twenty first,
They were eleventh in yards per play. They were twenty eighth in rushing
yards per game ninety three yards pergame rushing. That has to be better.
You have, first of all,you've invested in the position. Second
of all, you've got Ken Walker, the third that has to improve so

that that pops up every other numberpops up. Yards per play. Rushing
they were middle of the pack sixteenth. That speaks to the the ability of
him to have some big plays alongthe way. And then in terms of
passing yards, they were fourteenth inthe league at two thirty per game.
They were twelfth in terms of yardsper play. I think both of those
numbers will go up. Certainly,yards per play, you know, you

can live with twelfth in the league, but I think with Gino Smith's arm,
with the receiving threats they have withRyan Grubb offense, that's going to
go that number is going to goup as well. I heard the conversation
earlier about DK Metcalf, and Iwanted to bring this up because I think,
you know, Chris and Gregor talkabout Chris mentioned something about, you
know, he's it takes us andI don't I'm paraphrasing here. I don't
want to put words in his mouth, but you know, there's there's a

little bit of a maybe a misnomerout there about who and what DK Metcalf
is, and you know, ittakes a little bit to get going.
What routes are going to run.Well, we had a whole entire,
you know, knockdown, drag outfight last year with Softy Fain and route
tree and everything else. Regard toDK Metcalf, I'll just say this with
DK Metcalf. If you think thathe's only a guy that's going to run

a deep or a deeper route,you're wrong. And let me just explain
a couple of things. One,and we've talked about this with you a
bunch of times. We talked aboutit with the draft every year, we're
going to do our draft prep.No player, now maybe since that time
has been broken. But in twentynineteen, in his draft year, no
player ran a faster ten yard splitin the forty than DK metcalf. One

point five. No player ran afaster ten And that doesn't matter now.
He ran the fastest forty yard fora player two twenty five or more in
terms of pounds and weight. Heran the fastest forty ever. So yeah,
breakaway speed for a big guy,and you would think, wow,
it takes a second to get going. Let's go back again. One point

five for a ten yard split,nobody has ever done that before. That
was the fastest ever. So thereisn't any and Hughes talked about it a
lot on this radio station during HardcoreFootball and other shows. There is not
a route that he can that hecan't run, and there isn't a route
that he can't run and beat hisguy, period, end of story.

The problem is DK Metcalf has toget the football. Not all targets are
created equal, right, And that'sa hard thing. You'd have to go
and watch it every game tape andsay was that target? Was that target?
Yes? Or a yes? Orno? Ball? Some balls you're
a target, but you have noit's a throwaway. You just happen to

be the guy that he throws overthe head near the sideline right because pressure's
coming. What happen? You sure? But even with that said, you
guys tell me if this is acceptable. And this is where I think Ryan
Grubb, by the way, comesinto play and does a better jomb twenty
twenty three dk Metcalf twenty seventh inthe NFL and targets twenty seventh in the

NFL and targets in twenty twenty three, twenty twenty two twelfth better but still
not probably where it should be.That's the best ever twenty twenty one,
sixteenth, twenty twenty, fifteenth,twenty nineteen is his rookie year, thirty
seventh's let's throw that away. Although, just for giggles, let's go through

the years when he only had whenhe was thirty seventh in the league in
targets rookie season, he still hadnine hundred yards receiving in seven touchdowns.
Not bad, right, yeah,when he was fifteenth in the league.
These numbers are staggering. Fifteenth inthe league twenty twenty in terms of in
terms of targets he was he hadthirteen hundred and three yards and ten touchdowns

when he was fifteenth in the leaguein targets. I'm getting to a point
here. Twenty twenty one, whenhe was sixteenth in the league nine hundred
and sixty seven yards twelve touchdowns.Twenty twenty two, when he was twelfth
in the league his best ever.He had ten thousand or one thousand and
forty eight yards six touchdowns. Lastseason twenty twenty three, when he was

twenty seventh in targets, he missedonly one game. By the way,
he played sixteen games. He missedone game twenty seventh in the league in
targets still racked up, which waspretty remarkable. Eleven hundred and fourteen yards
and eight touchdowns. Imagine what happensif this dude sees the ball more often,

they get the ball and not justa throwaway. Because Greg mentioned it's
true sometimes you have eleven targets andmaybe you had three catches, and those
games have happened. But where werethose balls thrown? I'd go back to
the Tuesday night football game in LAwhen he lost his mind and walked off
the field in the first half.He had two targets or one target in
the first half, and they wereboth throwaways, including the last one where
he walked off the field, andpeople were criticizing him, saying, oh,

dkse, you know he's a male. Continue, he's a Diva's this
he's at Shut up. We satthere in the press box, we watched
I have to watch game tape.That's one of the buildings. You can
sit there a high above, lookdown and say, dude, beat Jalen
Ramsey, he's open. Russ,get on the ball, Gino, get
on the ball. Whoever the quarterbackis, get on the ball. Didn't
happen. Receivers can only do somuch. Yeah, Ryan Grubb's going to

make this a better offense because DKMetcalf is going to become the player the
DK Metcalf has to be. Hehas to be an All Pro or at
least a no doubt about it ProBowl or maybe a second team All Pro.
He has to be that guy.And I think Ryan Greble make him
that guy. One hundred percent thinkhe'll make him that guy. Agree,
That's why this offense is going tobe better. As long as Scott Hoff
paging Scott Hoff, you guys canget that line going right. As long

as you guys can get that goingall right, we'll tell you break.
Come back. We'll jump into alittle bit of college football, getting ready
for an McCoy visiting us at twoo'clock. Future of college football, college
athletics as a whole coming up livefrom the R and R Foundation Specialists broadcast
studio back to Ian Fernetz, Powerad by Seattle's closest sportsbook, snowp Call

me Casino on Sports Radio ninety threepoint three kJ R FM. Roder said,
I taken on the A's in Gametwo of their series last night.
Of course got the nice win.It was awesome. They awesome in the

sense that got the win, wasn'tawesome in terms of what happened in the
game because we saw the situation withhosSorry you had it, Yeah I did.
I was going to get to it. Yeah, sorry. That was
That was Logan Gilbert Logan, Gilbertgoes tonight got against Johnny Estes Gilbert go

one on one six point one.Oh e er a, let's go get
him, go get this one tonight. I asked Andrew yesterday because when we
had Joe Sheian on and we talkedto him about the situation with you know,
who the top rotations in baseball andall that, right, and who
are those and what are those andall those things, and one of the

things that we that we were discussingwas, you know, with that rotation
and as good as it is,you can't let the opportunity go by the
wayside. You can't waste that thatrotation. You don't want to do that.
That would be like, you know, if you have this great sea
defense in twenty twelve, thirteen,fourteen, and it never got the Super
Bowl, you know, getting theWorld Series here is something we've never seen.

We all know that that's a givenso just getting there would be remarkable.
Winning it, of course, wouldbe ideal. That's the goal.
Should be the goal every year inprofessional sports to win a championship. But
just getting there would be ideal.But as I mentioned yesterday with the guys,
I'll jest everybody, we were saying, well, you know, what's
that window? And when we're talkingto Joe and I saw some comments even

on the text line about it yesterday, like, hey, that window of
opportunity could close. In fact,in today's column that Mike Farrell wrote in
the Seattle Times, he mentioned thatexact same thing. He said, Hey,
you know window of opportunity and couldit close? Now? It could
close for one reason. We sawthis last year. Now they were able
to rebound because they had such greatdepth, but Robbie Ray pitched part of

one game and was lost for therest of the season. He was your
number two starter, and then MarcoGonzalez was out a good chunk of the
year. So now Marco, thoughI wouldn't put quite in that same category,
he wasn't even a starter when youwere in the playoffs and he was
in your rotation. He was healthytwo years ago. Yeah, he wasn't
even on the roster. No,he was, he was inactive. Yes,

he was a healthy scratch, aswe would say in hockey. Yes,
But I challenge Andrews to do thisfor him because the other thing we
always hear is Harry Ford is aguy that's going to be traded, and
then you'll hear the pushback on it. Well, they can't trade harry Ford
because they're gonna lose cal Rawley.And I was somebody on with Softy last
week and I'm not sure who itwas. Was it. I don't know.

I want to say Brett Boom,but I don't think it was him
as somebody else anyway, SUSA,No, but might have just been Yeah,
any it might have been, couldhave been all right, anyway,
here's what it was. What's thewindow because because cal Rawley scot four years
left right of club control, heain't going anywhere for four years, right,

what about the pitching staff? Whatdoes the window look like for the
pitching staff? We know they resigned Castillo to long term deal. Yeah,
and he's actually the first one togo into free agency, even even
with signing him to a long termdeal. So here's here's how the four
or the five starters. Current fivestarters for the Mariners. This is the

last season they will be able toplay under club control before they go into
free agency. Luis Castillo twenty twentyseven, Logan Gilbert twenty twenty seven,
George Kirby twenty twenty eight, BryceMiller twenty twenty nine, and Brian Wu
twenty twenty nine. So you havea good twenty twenty four, this year,

twenty five, twenty six, andtwenty seven before any of your starters
go into free agency. So thewindows not closing, no, not on
the pit side, barring an injury, yes, barring an injury. Yeah,
But I mean, which is greatnews, Like that's I mean,
that's I think for any Mariner fan. That's that's the best news of all
is you have this, you havethis great opportunity coming up. But with

that, you could have as we'veseen, and Matt Brash is the best
example. Pictures are fragile. Stuffhappens, it takes. They can absorb
probably one, you couldn't absorb twocatastrophic injuries. And not not to paint
this dire picture and be that guy. But the bigger picture is this.
The windows there, The window isthere? Now I think because of where

we are forty eight years into thisfranchise, as there's impatience and so that
window and that impatience part of thewindow comes into play a lot. So
we need to get that figured outand get it figured out quick because they
need to improve this baseball team,which we spent a lot of time yesterday
talking about. And I thought itwas an interesting column today by Mike Forrell
on the follow up to the Judeand Divish story is that and Mike nailed

it, Okay, Like Stanton's gotto step up and they've got to do
something. And the great thing inbaseball is that there will be people to
be moved and there will be peoplethat they can go out and get like
that will happen. There will beopportunities, Right, giving up one doesn't
negate your ability to get another.I mean, I don't know who's a
kid for for Oakland's a bullock?Right? Which which one? I look

at it? The guy last nighthe's hit in like three hundred. I
mean they got jj B. No, I'll tell your that's it. That's
it? Yeah? Yeah, Likewould he be available? Yeah, they're
gonna sell everything moment they are.But he's one of a h only guy.
We already have two players who can'tplay in the field, so well,
one of them caught six innings lastnight. Yeah, I don't know

if you want that regularly. Oneof them caught six innings last night,
so what the hell? Yeah,I just it's it's a fascinating time right
now to be a Mariner fan.Because as much as we all want to
truly and we talked about this alot yesterday, truly buy in and enjoy
everything, it's also in the backof everyone's mind is, damn are we
sure well? In the last twotrade deadlines are are good examples of what

could happen, right because in twentytwenty three, you know, we weren't
in the position that we are now. We were like leading the division and
had a really good chance. Theythey will say that they you know,
sacrificed one area to improve another area. But they they they kind of sold,
They sold on the season right beforethey went on a really long winning
streak in August, right, sothey they miscalculated that. No last year,

Yeah, do we like the Seawalltrade though? Take the fact out
of his of his health, rightnow, do we did we kind of
Are we okay with that trade?Yeah, I mean I was. I
think I wasn't. Nobody was atthe time. I was. Me and
Nate were like pretty positive on that, to be honest, which is weird
because Need's not usually positive like that. Anyways. I think because of how

ineffective the off season additions were goinginto twenty twenty three and made it that
you needed to do that. Sothat was a good deal for that time.
But I still think they could havedone more than the offseason to improve
your team, So you didn't haveto make that trade, right, But
in terms of where your team wasat that I just still think we won
the trade, and he might beavailable again. Arizona's falling out. You

need a bullpen arm. He's arental guy. He's a free agent after
this year. Go get him back, bring him back for a playoff run.
Well, would that cost not much? Send him Bliss back for a
rental No, Yeah, he's arental reliever, so I don't I don't
think it would costs very much atall. Yeah, maybe maybe maybe available
that So that trade was okay,Yeah, But then in twenty twenty two

is the opposite, right trade?No? Oh, that was one.
Yeah, twenty two is when theywent out and got Castillo. We got
Castile, and they really cemented themselvesas Okay, we're going for this year,
and that's when they went to theplayoffs, won the first series.
We all know what happened against Houston. But I think this year will maybe
not win that first series without Castilebecause he was lights out. He was
lights out in Game one against Toronto. So yeah, I think this will

be more of a representative of whatthey're what they did in twenty twenty two
than what they didn't twenty But thebig thing to know is this the window,
so called window of operation Unity isnot closing any time soon. And
that's why they won't be as uberaggressive as a lot of people want them
to be and selling out the futureor whatever. Because I always say this,
look at how Baltimore has one ofthe best teams in the league.
Now, they didn't trade for anyof those players. Those are all prospects

that have come up, and youcould say the same thing could be happening
for the Mariners now. Obviously,prospects are not a sure thing. Never
know what could happen with them,but a lot of people would say that
you know, the players you havein your system are better than who you
would be trading. Recap one moretime before we go on the contract status
of the guys. Window of opportunitybased on the starting rotation is so this

is the last year that these players, the top five rotation guys will be
before they are free agents. LuisCastillo twenty twenty seven, Logan Gilbert twenty
twenty seven, George Kirby twenty twentyeight, Bryce Miller twenty twenty nine,
and Brian Wu twenty twenty nine.That's at least three years from now,
two and a half years. Goodshape. Yeah, like it a lot,

Yeah, absolutely love it. Goodnumbers, yeah, yeah, very
good numbers. All right. Telemorttext linement his game time, go ahead
and fire off text thoughts, comments, questions and concerns. We'll get to
those coming up at two thirty today. The other thing we want to do
as well with you guys, geta voice text in love hearing your voice
four nine four, I'm sorry thetotlemart. That's a Telemart text line.

Yes, say on the voice.The voice text. We got to go
to the iHeartRadio app and fire awayyour thoughts there at that red microphone and
you get thirty seconds give you willcount down five, four, three two
one boom speak and we know it'svery professional, very it's it's user friendly
with I have to say in thebusiness as well. All right, well
take a break, we'll come back. Uh Daily power Play. How is
Coachella Valley doing good? Would bethe easy answer. And two kind of

a lot better last night. Iremember I told you a couple of days
ago that it's it's great they're winning, but it's a lot of four A
guys. That wasn't the case withthe game three win last night. We'll
tell you what happened in Coachella Valleyand why is a cracking fan You should
be fired up and excited. We'lldo that next night. Three point three
k DRFM, Falkins Streets twenty onGOLDA Puts Today. Stop it's Crosby Stop.

This is the daily power Play DeepSlot one time M Kenneth now Ian
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All right, we are back andit's time for the daily power playing

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Well, it's also your home forninety three point three KJRY. Can
I give a p A? Yeah, I'm gonna give a PSA right now.
I think that's a great ida.I think, yeah, do you
want the breaking news? Yeah,give me some breaking news. I would
love that. I would avoid sportsfans listening to the radio station. I
would avoid the following today. Infact, we should send an email out

to our program on JEPH thank you, yep. The Tacoma News Tribune and
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and certain ads. You know,when you click on a site, the
ads pop up every now and thenthere's an AD that's actually smallware and cyber

attack. And I was on BaseballReference today and looking up Julio's lack of
home runs by the way, funfun anyway. As I was doing that,
I just you hit the lottery,because certain pop up ads happen all
the time. I didn't hit thead, didn't matter, It didn't even
matter. Baseball Reference, they takeit over anyway, it takes over right

away because it's that's the ad websitesand then and both the News Tribune and
Baseball Reference may have figured out bynow, but I just went through like
well, I don't know if youguys noticed, I was distracted for the
first hour and a half here theshow messed up, the Blue Death going
on, trying to do a zoomwith our it guys at Fox thirteen.
Big shout out to Ryan and BillMan. Those guys are awesome. Yeah,

fantastic dudes. And yeah, theysaid, basically, what happens is
when you click on a site andthey just they were doing two at the
same time. They one of ournews reporters on the Tacoma News reviewing today
and same thing popped up. Soyou just gotta be really careful, they
said, just avoid it for atleast the next few hours. I also
have an AD blocker on my Yeah, I do too, trust me on

this thing. On the Fox thirteen, which is owned by Big Fox Robert
Murdoch doesn't let us do anything onthis and it's got everything and it doesn't
matter. Yeah, and it's justit's like hit. I told myself I
got about a lottery ticket like Igot I won a lottery because it happened
to me twice. That mean tome. When I went to another website
that I always go to. No, not one of those websites. I

know what you guys are saying.What you're saying, you just you just
lay it on a platter for them. Trust me, trust me on this
computer, I ain't doing anything butno. And it happened as well.
And it's it's just like they whateverthose guys are doing, and they have
they place ads and it could bean ad for you know, hell Hymn's
blue pills or to you know,get your patio redone or what are the

national things? And it pops upand it just if it if it's rolling
through, they all scroll through,you know, like all those ads scroll
through. If it happens to mewhen you click on it could happen.
And they he said, they've beenlike six of them already in the last
two days. So there's stuff outthere. So yeah, so just be
careful. I think I might justavoid the internet later, but I do.
I'm out of here anyway. BaseballReference to go on Newstribute and both

have been infected. So just becareful if you're if you're out there riding
around and hopefully let's go back tothe DPP. Yeah, okay, cracking
affiliate Coachella Valley winners yesterday over Milwaukeethree nothing. You know what else?
That means they're up in the seriesthree nothing. That's the Western Conference file.

And I told you yesterday I wasnot trying to be Debbie Downer.
Trust me, I'm not being that. I don't want to be that guy.
I don't to inform us on whatI just think it's I think it's
important to know who you know,who the players are that are contributing,
right, you know, like whoare contributing and who's who's getting stuff done.
And you know, when you lookat it, a lot of the

guys contributing their playoff successful far thisseason are four A guys. Chris riger
has gone every step of the wayin goal, for example. But last
night they won three to nothing.And here was kind of the part that
I was excited about. First goalscore scored by Calee Flury, John Hayden
Devon Shore the assist Tom of thegoal thirty one seconds in the first period.

Coachella Valley's second goal scored by RikerEvans. Hey, there you go.
Coachella Valley's third goal scored by RyanWinterton, assisted by Logan Morrison,
coach and actually won five to nothing. I'm sorry. Coachella Valley's fifth goal
scored by Jacob Malanson, twenty onedraft pick. So they had three of

their five goals scored last night bytheir draft picks, by their young guys
coming up. That's damn cool.That's really exciting. That's what you want
to see. Now they are ona crash course with Hershey to play for
the Calder Cup final for a secondyear in a row. Let's hope it
goes better this time it did lasttime. But that's who they're going to

hook up with in the second round, so or in the finals, I
should say. But Chris Drieger yournumber one star, thirty one saves on
thirty three shots. He's gonna gethimself an NHL job next year. Cail
Flury your second star. I'd beinterested to see what Bilesma thinks of him.
Yeah, he's a guy to askthem. And Wade Allison from Milwaukee

was your third star. Read Schaeffor former Tburg early penalty costing the power
play goal. Okay, that's it, that's a daily power play. Oh,
I should mention I believe. I'mpretty sure I'm gonna. I'm gonna.
I'm gonna put the squeeze on himright now. Put the squeeze on
all purple sheet, do it.I believe. I believe that he's going
to have uh that that he's goingto carry the games in the finals.

Yes, h yeah, he askedme earlier, goes, do you think
we should carry the games? Isaid yes, one hundred percent. Thank
you because that makes me work lastnext week, So thank you. Oh
it does. Yeah, because I'mdoing I'm Jackson's out of course, I'm
gonna. I'm not gonna be withyou again next week. Where's Jackson going
now? No idea. It's weirdbecause I need a day off next week
too. They can you give methat? I don't know. I'm gonna

ask him. Uh, anyway,we're gonna we're gonna carry those games in
the Coachella Valley at and Hershey BearsFinals. I'm assuming that's going to happen
coming back three and aping's not gonnahappen Milwaukee. No, not gonna go
all right, that's your daily powerplay. We come back. Anne McCoy,
who is the introm athletic director atWashington University, live in studio on
nine three point three k FM,No from the Star rentals Sports to us

Jordan ninety three point three k jr FM Sports Headlines and two o clock
headlines, brought to by Buddy's Goodiesand Glass Always four twenty at Buddies Matters
continue what they should be doing inthis division. That's right winning Last night
they beat the Ages four to three. Kirby five innings, six hits,
two Roun struck out nine. Andre'sMuno, though did leave in the bottom

of the ninth after collision home platecovering a wild pitch, trying to close
out the game, trying to figureout what's going on there? Backing do
you see anything at all? Seeanything? Nothing? You had no updates.
I honestly probably wouldn't expect it tocome before the game today, But
well, he'll service will meet withthe media and hopefully he'll say something for
game. Yeah. Uh, Saucecomes in. Huh, Okay, let's

go. Let's go to Hoasauce dog. We're all Maple Valley here. Huh.
Yeah, came in cold, didn'thave his best stuff, got the
safe. Yeah, that's like,dude, I'm telling you, I like,
here's my gamer. Yeah, takeeverything aside Maple Valley to Home of
Bears. Dude is an absolute bulldog. Have you seen his live streams when

he was injured? Yea in Washington'sawesome. He's awesome. He's a year
ago. That guy was at theback end of the like, he's like,
Okay, well someone's getting shelled.You're gonna come exec. He's turned
into high leverage and energy guy.Yeah, if Moonyes is out for any
time, you might get some savings. Yeah, he's I'm just always thrilling
for him. That was awesome.Storm beat The Mercury last night eighty sixty

two, and the NBA Finals tomorrowbegin with the Celtics hosting the MAVs.
Finally, Coachella Valley will win lastnight in Milwaukee, knocking off the Adrolls
five nothing, five one. I'msorry they now have a three nothing lead
in that series. Let's go coach. I don't know about it. And
they were actually led yesterday by acouple of the young guys draft picks by
the Kraken, Ryker Evans, RyanWinterden, and Jacob Lansen all had goals

last night. All are future Seattlecracking players, which is a good sign
for things to come. Let's moveinto the who o'clock hour four nine,
four or five one. Tell themwhat the text slim as game time you
it's still the time the end.We'll get some get some thoughts coming up
in just a couple of seconds fromall of you doing that at two thirty

today. Look at here. BillyStevens is here, the great Bill Stevens
sports information director of the year everyyear, not just this year, every
year. In uh out in hand do you want to get some headsets?
We have head sets? Yeah,there we go. Okay, oh
perfect, okay, all right,your sideline reporter. You know, I
just gotta make sure she's on heron her game. Here, Uh excite.

I've never met our next guest.I know of her, I've heard
great things about her over the years, but I've never met her. What
are you looking at? Stevens?Like? I got to tell people the
story. Bill Stevens a sports versicition. We we like the bus with chops.
He does a phenomenal job. Sidis basically, that's the PR guy
for a university of sports information director, and you are, You're one of

the best. Even though I getphone calls from him every now and then
chastising me for things driving around,but he's you're one of the best.
You really are. He's giving mea look both, would you concourage you?
Yeah? You got to work withhim every week. He's usually good,
growing on thirteen years. Yeah,I would say in our state,
were good. Jeff Beck told thatWashington's really good. Hates I hate to
admit that, but he's good.He might be the best thing about Washington

and the only good thing about Washington. And Billy's great too. But he
brought in An McCoy today. She'sthe intermathletic director at Washington State University.
She's with us in studio. Niceto meet you. How are you.
I'm so well, Thank you,Thanks for having me. It's great to
meet you. And for the record, I agree on everything you said about
this. He does the best.You're doing the tour today. You're going
to see my friend Aaron Levine atmy other establishment where I work at Fox

thirteen later. So he's a Stanfordguy. That's all right, though,
he'll treat you will I'll treat youwhat brings you to town? Uh,
talking to you and talking to everybodyand just spreading the Cougar love. I
love it. I love it.We had some sound earlier in the last
couple of weeks. I've had anopportunity to talk to Gloria Navares. Yes,
and also Stu Jackson. Oh wonderful. So two people you know well,

absolutely very much so. Gloria fora number of years and Stu.
We're getting to know more and moreevery day. And WCC in Mountain Conference.
Let me start with this first ofall, with where you're at taking
over from the former athletic director atWashington State University, who now I think
is residing in this area somewhere.Not sure I've heard that. Yeah,
the rumor kind of disappeared, felloff the face of the earth. But

you have taken over an interim role. Is it just introm? Are you
hoping to make that a permanent role? I'm hoping to serve however Washington State
best needs me. I mean tobe honest, I was thrilled to be
the interrom. I would be honoredto be considered the permanent, long term
athletic director. But right now myfocus is really what Washington State needs,
and that's just you know, providingsome positivity and some stability for a tumultuous

time. It has been a verytumultuous time. You've been there since two
thousand and one, Yeah, Januaryone of two thousand and one, so
over twenty three years. So youknow the school well, you know the
landscape. Well, for the mostpart, what have you been doing?
You know, whether it was withthe previous athletic director, the one before
that, in Bill, the onebefore that, I think with you,
Jim, yeah, I think youhave three right, I have Yeah?

What what have your roles been reallyover the twin me three years? A
little bit of everything, you know. I came in more in the internal
operations space. We'd been working throughsome budget challenges that Jim inherited, and
we were really working to gain somecredibility as a department athletically and on campus
financially, and you know, proudto say we balanced our budget every year
when Jim was there, and thenworked with a lot of our sports a

lot of our internal units. Butalthough I've been at Washington State a long
time, a lot of my rolehas been more behind the scenes, out
and about some as needed. Reallymuch more involved, you know, nationally
are on committees or meetings, butonly really relative to sports. I oversaw
directly and just so it's been great. It's been great to be in this
different role and to really parlay thelove and the experience I've had at Washington

State for you know, kind ofwhat I think, you know, we
need right now. And I'm aproud Coog mom. My daughter was a
student athlete at Washington State. SoI feel like between living in Pullman as
long as we have and being aroundWashington State, we kind of have all
the bases covered. I think.I think with that it's important too because
your daughter at Tailor right Yes,Taylor was just swim at Washington State.
And I'm gonna get to that asecond, because i think that's a big

part of the piece of the puzzlewhat we're going to right now in college
athletics, with you know, therecent decisions and all the changing landscape,
not just in terms of realignment,but also the landscape that has changed in
terms of now maybe you can payathletes and what that's going to mean with
a revenue share, what happens tosome sports, hopefully not swing. Washington
got rid of the swinging program seveneight years ago, I believe it was.

Yeah, yeah, I mean andWashington State, though, I believe
you're at the minimum right for aDivision I school. We're technically one above
the minimum, but already a prettyyou know, lean complement of sports we
offer. Yes, right, sothere wouldn't be any sports ever cut at
Washington State as far as right.That's just because I want to bring that
up first, because I do here. I think when we do talk about

revenue sharing, that's the first thingthat goes through people's minds that really understand
what's going on is, hey,does that mean we're going to lose a
sport or two along the way?Even the great Stanford University has lost sports
over the last few years, andthey've got more money than most people in
the world. So we're not goingto lose any sports over there, correct.
I would sincerely hope not. Sowe would do whatever we could not
to and still provide a great studentof fit experience well well sponsoring all the

sports we currently have. And McCoyis the interromathletic director Washing State. And
we'll circle back to that in asecond. Let's first of all start with
we talked to Glory, we talkedto Stu. We're all kind of wondering
what's going on. There's rumors andrumblings, and it feels like every day
there's like this. It almost feelslike aftershock, right, like like we've
had an earthquake. And I hateto talk about, you know, trgies
like that, but it feels likewe've had an earthquake in college athletics with

what has happened over the last twentyfour months, with the demise of our
conference, the PAC twelve, andthen we hear other after shocks. The
ACC is the aftershock right now,what's going to happen there? When you
talk to your colleagues around the country, when you talk to President Schultz,
whoever it is, and you're havingconversations with Oregon State, what's the general
feeling with what we see today?When will it change again? Do you

think in a year's time we're goingto have another change in terms of the
conference alignment? No, for sure. You know, I would say,
if not an earthquake, then areally good roller right now, because I
think there have been so many ups, so many downs, so many unexpected
twists and turns. Things could becompletely different in a year, as much
as they could be by five o'clocktoday. Quite frankly, it feels like
with the way things are so it'sbeen it's been a lot as we've navigated

everything this past year. But Ifeel like, you know, right now,
we're optimistic. We think of itas an opportunity we can really you
know, have great partnerships with theMountain West and the WCC, you know,
over the next two years for allof our sports between the PAC twelve,
the WCC, and the Mountain Westto have a place to compete for
championships and land and you know,hopefully compete you know, well into the
postseason. But I think right nowwe're really evaluating everything that is happening,

that could happen. It is alittle bit, you know, just reimagining
what it could possibly look like,because I think that's really where we're at.
I think what we know traditionally ascollege athletics is not going to be
what college athletics is moving forward fora variety of reasons. That saddens me
as someone who grew up in Seattle, went to Washington States. You know

even I mean grew up going togames at mont Lake and then end up
going and loving what my experience there, my wife, my daughter alums as
well at Wazoo, And I meanthat saddens me because you know, I
just I love college sports. Myson plays football whitworth and whether it's at
that level or the or Division one, I just love college sports. And
I just feel like, you know, your daughter's probably lots more similar to
my son than most Division one athletesin the sense that you know, it's

you play because you love the sportand you play for your teammates to compete
amongst yourself. That's been lost,that, hasn't it? Am I am?
I just am I just like theold guy yelling colluds or has that
been lost? No, I wouldsay I think it's in danger of being
lost. But I think that's thechallenge for all of us in college athletics
right now is to keep everything thatis so wonderful about those you know,

sentiments of why people do what theydo, while also coupling it with the
newfound benefits and things that student athletescan really avail themselves up. So finding
a happy medium where they can certainlyhave all of those benefits and and you
know, if that's where they're inclinedor what they're interested in, while not
losing that limited amount of time thatthey have to be a college student athlete,
because it's a great thing and itshouldn't that that should not be lost.

I just I go back. MilesRice made some comments of the day
to an Indiana website and he said, you know, it's great to be
somewhere. I'm finally loved and appreciated, or you know, I'm paraphrasing,
and I don't. It's hard toget angry at a young man and a
student athlete, And yet I wasangry, and I thought to myself,
wait a second. First of all, you had an nil deal last year.

We all know that, like youhad an NILD, you you weren't.
And they also sat by you fortwo years while you battled a horrific
disease and you had still a scholarship. You never lost any of those things.
But everyone at Wazoo showed him love. I use him as an example
the student athlete. Now, maybeit's different at Wazoo because we're not quote
a Power five right now, butit feels like it's not being loved.

Is it like just with your handoutand what the nil world can do for
you? You know, I thinkit's defined differently, honestly for every person.
I think what people have for priorities, what's important to them, you
know. I do think Miles felta tremendous amount of support while he was
at Washington State for a variety ofYes, very much so. But then
as people have to look at what'sa priority for them in their lives right
then and make decisions for themselves,you know, I think that's really tricky,

But I think I think Washington Statedoes have a chance to still be
a special place to be and ina way that is you know, present
day current, but also embracing allthe things that have made us special forever.
That's Isaiah Watts you just described him, Yeah, very much, sir,
and Donald Wats, who's a Huskylegend, and he just described what
they have been on a show acouple of times here. And we're going
to hopefully have Isaiah studio and hewants to get into this business, you

know, and we're going to havehim over here. He he embodies what
I think Wazoo is and it's notfor everybody. You know, it's just
isn't I mean, you know,it's it. Bill went there, I
went there, Jess works there,You work there. It's not for everybody.
It's a yes or no place.Okay. So realignment wise, two,
there's a two year window there,and there's a there's a nest egg
right, there's a whatever you wantto call it, the war chest,

whatever you want to call the moneycoming in from the what used to be
the PAC twelve. That money,How does that distribute it over the next
two years? How does that twoyear windo work. I'm a little confused
by it. I think a lotof people are sure. I would you
know, I guess started back alittle bit with something you said a minute
ago. Washington State is continuing tooperate like a Power five like the PAC
twelve. May not have Power fivestatus right now or autonomy status, but

really, other than some voting,voting and different things, it doesn't change
what we can do for our studentathletes, which I think is important for
people to understand. But with that, you know, there is a need
for resources to fund things at thatlevel, whether it be cost of attendance
or a lot of a variety ofthings. We can do, and so
what we've decided to do. Thereare still revenue streams that come in.
So the NCAA has granted a twoyear grace period where the conference can drop

below the minimum number of members butstill remain you know, a recognized conference,
a legal entity as a conference.And so there are still you know
NCAA distribution moneies that come in.There are still CFP moneies. There are
still you know, the ability tohave bowl agreements and revenues, et cetera.
So between what those would be morenormal annual conference revenues, although just

at a smaller scale right now,we also have the future conference revenues,
which largely is going to be youknow that people think of as the settlement.
Now, it's not as simple asjust this this large pot of money
I think everybody thinks is there becauseyou still have a conference operation to run.
We have conference staff, we havethe PAC twelve enterprises and folks there
that are really continuing to keep thePAC twelve you know, really well positioned

and moving forward and reimagining themselves too. And so then you know, we
have this year, we have alittle bit of a financial you know gap
to close and then really using thatmoney over the next two years to stabilize
our revenue sources and really keep ourbudget, you know, in the ballpark
of where we feel like it needsto be. The So, yeah,

the two hundred and forty eight millionor whatever, can you tap into that
at all for your operating budget overthe next two years, to the degree
there's an amount available to both OregonState and Washington State University to have distributed
to them. Yes, okay,So so basically you work with the same
income this next two years as youhave the last couple of years, the
same two amounts of income as eachother these two years, but we ended

up needing to We actually had tocut our budget by about eleven million dollars.
Now that's not all just so it'seleven million less. It's not.
There's a lot of ins and outsthat got us to the eleven million,
but we had to make some reallydifficult decisions to pair our budget back from
where we're at this year down toeleven million dollars less next year. A
McCoy's interrom Athletic Director, Washington University. I assume that will be some staffing,

some support staff and so forth.How hard can you touch in on
the personal side of that. Thoseare people that you worked with, Bill
worked with, you know, wework with in the media probably in a
sense as well. How difficult hasthat been for you? It's been unimaginably
difficult, you know, to lookat you know, at first, you
know, one time expenses we don'thave, and then how can our expenses
you know, I'm sorry our programsbe more lean or be more efficient or

whatever it might be. But ultimately, at the end of the day,
scholarships for student athletes and staffing areour two biggest expense items, and you
know, to continue to remain atthe Power five level and be you know,
fully funded with our scholarships, Staffingreally was the area that we had
to look very hard at, andit was it was gut wrenching. I
mean, these are folks that youknow, we eliminated positions, but many

of these positions had people in themwho'd worked for Washington State for a long
time through no fault of their own, people doing really good work. But
just deciding what we could continue tofund and what we couldn't. And it's
really hard. Yeah, I justthink, especially when we're talking about revenue
share down the road. I thinkpeople tend to forget when we're when and
mostly I'll be honest with you,it feels like a lot of it's media,

and a lot of it's national media. It likes to yell from the
mountaintops about you know, all theseplayers deserve this and they should be,
you know, getting paid in therevenue share, and all these schools are
just making millions and millions of dollars. And yet I saw a list the
other day. I mean, WashingtonState's down the list. They're on the
list, but you're down the listin terms of what your debt load is.
Cows at the very top. Washington'shigher than you guys are in terms

of debt load. I mean everyonecarries debtload. I mean, it's not
like athletic departments help me out here, and they're not making millions and millions
of dollars, are they? No, they really aren't. I mean there
are very few in the country nationally, and even then, you know,
it could be a perfect storm ofhow everything is accounted for. But at
the end of the day, Ithink that's what we look at, what
our value is to Washington State Universityand what we bring, you know,

is not a simple positive or negativecash flow proposition. I mean, it
really has to be more than thatin driving admissions and driving alumni engagement,
investors, et cetera. You know, donors, And I think that's really
our niche. If we're looked atas a standalone business, the financial model
honestly doesn't make a whole lot ofsense. And so it really is being
an integrated part of the larger campusenvironment and being just one piece of that

as opposed to a separate, standaloneentity. Scott Barnes is the is the
vice president athletic director of Oregon StateUniversity. I asked your predecessor this couple
of times. I've assume it's thesame thing. Do you feel like you're
working side by side and you're like, you it's almost like your co athletic
directors right now? I mean,how close are you with Scott and what's
going on down there? Because itfeels like everything you guys do, you

have to almost do together. No, most definitely, And I think that's
really important right now that a lotof the benefits of the PAC twelve conference
continuing to move forward and the PACtwelve enterprises, et cetera. The three
of us almost have to be reallyon the same page, whether it be
you know, whatever it is,looking at media rights deals, looking at
potential conference possibilities. And we wereactually just with our friends at Oregon State

the vast majority of yesterday just reallybrainstorming and talking about a lot of things
in our colleagues at the PAC twelve. So yeah, well, the I
don't want to say the priorities,Well, we may look at things differently
in some cases at each institution.The common goal really remains the same and
we just might come at it froma little different way. You know,
in baseball be a good example ofthat. You know, there's those things

that are going to be you know, we aren't going to be one hundred
percent on the same page show tospeak. But that doesn't mean we're not
aligned. No, I'm rooting forthey got they got a super regional this
weekend going so exciting. Yeah,let's go gole Bes. Okay, So
let's talk about what that is thegoals? What is the goal for Washington
State and organ state this so calledPAC two right now? Is the goal

to reinvent and continue the PAC twelvein a couple of years. Is that
is that priority number one, Ithink I would take a step back and
really priority number one right now isleaving no stone left unturned and evaluating what
would a rebuilt PAC twelve look likeand what does the PAC twelve staff and
the two institutions see that as isthere another option out there that we don't

yet know about because of the potentialyou know, next roller coaster dip or
earthquake or and everything else exactly.So, I think our goal right now
is to leave no stone left unturned, to be really open and you know,
nimble or adaptable, but to reallyknow who we are as an institution,
to rally our resources and our supporters, to be in that best possible

position to take advantage of whatever thatopportunity is that we decide is the best.
So patients, I think is goingto be really important. As much
as the uncertainty is so difficult foreveryone, it's better to land in the
right place than the first place.In my opinion, have you heard from
other conferences around the country that thatare interested in Washington State and Oregon State?
Other conferences not name the Mountain Westand the WCC. I think there

is a lot of interest for ourtwo schools. I think that people are
you know, scratching their heads alittle about what just happened a little bit
like we are. And I thinkthat they feel like we have two amazing
institutions and brands with passionate fan bases. You know that that have you know,
great facilities and that have you know, great programs, and you know
what they're stronger at, you know, or what we're stronger at. We

really complement each other. And soI think there is a lot of interest.
Now, is there you know Xy Z proposal. I mean,
I think it's too premature for thatbecause the conferences are also doing. What
we're doing is kind of trying tofigure out what's happening, what's going to
be the next next you know,shooted drop. We haven't even played a
year with this new alignment, right, and it feel like there's already realignment
coming again. As we talked aboutthe start, have you talked to the

Big twelve? And is the Bigtwelve possibility in the future for the for
the PAC two. You know,we talk with our colleagues, not to
sound evasive, but to be honest, we're talking with so many colleges and
our DRIDE variety about it as wewere even placing our sports in the WCC
in the Mountain West and just determiningwhat are the you know, what are
the possibilities. I think for usnot to have open lines of communication with
all possibly you know, possible conferencesor options, really does us a disservice.

The TV deal came out in sorry, and the TV deal came out
CW for a lot of games,there's a Fox FS one element as well.
The national exposure is great to keepthe brand out there, the most
recognizable logo in college we talk about. I mean, I think go back
to game day in twenty eighteen andwhat a remarkable day that was. And
there is there is that potential forthis team or this this this school,

this institution. But the television dealitself, what did it mean to you
guys? What did it mean toOregon State? And you know, I
mean it's not what you know,it's not what it used to be.
But also the exposure seems better.What do you think of the television deal?
Yeah, I'm excited for the exposure. Yeah, no, no,
yeah, football, I'm excited forthe exposure because the worst thing we can

have happen, right, now isfor people to stop seeing us or stop
talking about us, right because Ithink for us, you know, to
you know, fall into the woodwork, you know, or back into the
wall, would be the worst possiblething. So there could not have been
a better time for the partnership withthe CW and just getting our games out
there literally in every household because thenyou're going to turn on and you're going
to see the Cougar logo and weneed that right now. We need people

to be talking about us or learningabout us, or realizing we are very
much here to stay and we arethriving, and you know, to not
have that exposure right now, thatis far more valuable than anything. How
hard is it to convince people somethingthat I believe working in the television industry
as well as this, that WashingtonState is the Seattle market is part Washington
State very much so, like II that's the part that I've never been

able to wrap my head around isyou know, I see the TV ratings
every day and get them sent tous. We look at them from from
Fox thirteen. They're like, here'sthe team rings. And when you play
on a network not name the PACtwelve network, you pop. I mean,
it's Seahawks, Husky football, Cougarfootball. If you're on a real
network, it pops. You're numberthree in this market, media market twelve.
How hard is it and why isit so hard to convince people of

that? You know? I don'tknow, because I mean, obviously we
are Washington State University, one couldargue, and we do have so many
fans and alums on this side ofthe state, and so I don't know.
I don't know. You know,that'll be something interesting for me now
that I'm in a little bit differentrole and to talk with you know,
you guys, to find out whyyou think it is and what can we
do about it, because I don'tknow if part of it is, you

know, just the sentiment that weshouldn't feel like we're as much of a
priority or as visible or as involvedhere, but yet we are and we
should be. So I don't know. That's a really good question, because
I I think I think it's thebiggest challenge in the sense, I mean,
when you're talking whoever, you're talkingto your colleagues across the country,
it's television numbers don't lie like theyjust I know, they're not to be
all to end all, and youknow, when they're not going well on

TV, we say, oh,don't worry about the TV numbers when they're
not going well, and radio like, I don't worry about the numbers,
but they don't lie, like theydon't lie. Let me wrap up of
this because I know I know Aaron'swaiting for you over Fox or teed do.
No, that's I want to wrapit up with this because I got
to push a brake. But whatwould you tell Washington State University fans and
alums and boosters? What would youtell them about how they should feel going

into the next couple of years oreven I think, to be honest with
you, we probably know this thenext six to eight months. Sure,
you know, my biggest message isone that I feel myself, which is
there's hope and positivity. I mean, I know the last year has been
really rough, but at the endof the day, the Kougs have to
know what has made us special andwhat has made us such an amazing place
has not changed. And while theconference landscape may look a little different for

a year or two or maybe forevergoing forward, at the end of the
day, what made everyone fall inlove with Washington State and want to support
us is still there and we needpeople like right now is the worst possible
time people could sit back and wait, Like we need season tickets, we
need single game tickets, we needviewership, you know, we need donations,
whatever it is. We need Koogsto be pressed and involved and not
feel like they're waiting, waiting tosee, waiting for what. You know,

it's still a great day to beat KOUG And that's my biggest message.
I hope we can have another conversationin the near future. I'd love
to spend more time with you.There's a ton of things to talk about,
a ton of things to discuss.So whether you're over here again or
we can get you on the phone, there's litany of items that we'd like
to get through and discuss in thischanging landscape of college athletics. And we
on this show on this station,even though we're the Husky flagship, we

college athletics or are priority number two, probably behind the Seahawks and maybe number
one the Gray Show. Yeah,I like that. Yeah, every minute
we can take up exactly, happyto anytime, and thank you so much
for coming by. A McCoy theIntermathletic Director at Washington University, and for
my money, it probably should takethat title off, but who am I
to decide. I'll call Schultz laterand tell them that is mccley will take

a breaking back. Check your textnext, gokug
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