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February 4, 201939 min

39 min
What Song Reminds You Of Your Ex?

January 31, 201940 min

40 min
A Tim, Ben and Brooke engagement announcement

January 29, 201938 min

38 min
Tim Has Great News To Share With Everyone

January 28, 201939 min

39 min
Tim Has Some Very Scary News To Share

January 23, 201941 min

41 min
Age Is Just A Number? When Does It Become Creepy?

January 23, 201938 min

38 min
Today's Show: Tidying Up Your Life With Tim, Ben and Brooke

January 17, 201934 min

34 min
Who From The Show Would You Call To Help You Get Rid Of A Body

January 16, 201935 min

35 min
Have You Seen The Netflix Show 'You'

January 15, 201940 min

40 min
Man Card Violations!

January 14, 201939 min

39 min

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