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May 27, 2024 80 mins
On tap this week: Restaurants are adding non-refundable deposits for reservations, Ultra Right Beer announces special car giveaway, A brewery launches special edition beer to support mental health awareness, Osama Bin Lager' beer sells out after going fast after going viral, U of M will have beer sales now  at the Big House, A soccer player buys beer for all Dortmund fans at farewell game, Special guest Brock Wagner, founder and owner, of Saint Arnold Brewing Co. reflects on 30 years in brewing. All this and so much more presented by Cask Branding. Enjoy the show, cheers!
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good radio. Oh yeah. Tome, a craft brewer is much more
of a mindset. We just openedtwo cans, spread the gospel of good
beer. Beer. Tons and tonsof stuff going on in the beer world.
I love craft beer. I lovedifferent people's beers. It's the first
favorite. Cheers too old us beergeeks and those new to the craft.

What's on Tap? High five?Who? This is What's on Tap Radio
Beer and the culture that flows withit. Pears Beer Guru James Simpson and
Beer Logics Chadpilbean. All right,here we go, Here we go,

we are Chad. I want tostart this show off with an email?
Got an email here? Oh mygosh. See technology always fails us.
All right, well, you knowwhat, we don't need music. After
all, it is radio, itis live radio. I'm looking over at

Bill and I'm like, you hearthat? And he's looking at me.
He's like, dude, you gottaget me to the hospital. I'm deaf,
like I got nothing. The lookI got from Chad was Bill,
you better start singing. Okay,I had, we had, we had
some music going. But you knowwhat, live radio, you gotta love
it. But the show must continue. I just want to start off by

saying, welcome to the show.I'm James. That's Chad. Say hello
Bill, Hello Bill. All right, we're all here. I want to
start this show off with an emailreal quick, the real quick email a
god from a listener, and Idon't really think this is his real name,
but it says, what's up mybeer drinking buddies? Listen every week?
You guys weren't on last week.Wanted to check in see if everything

was okay on the news. Isaw you had some bad storms. I
hope you guys are okay, signedBilly the Kid. And so I wanted
to start the show off by mentioningthis email from our listener and saying that
yes, we are okay. Yes, we were off last week, and
yes it was actually a planned weekoff. Yes we did get some storms,
although we weren't affected. Our showwasn't. We did take off to

you know, do some things thatneeded to be taken care of. But
we are back and yes we're okay. Thank you Billy the Kid for checking
in. So yes, I wantto start the show off with that we
have the most caring listeners. Ilike that. Yeah, you guys aren't
on. I hope everything's okay.Chad James, are you out there?
Are you okay? And I wantto say this is not a local email
because he says, I heard onthe news that you guys had some bad

storms. So I'm guessing this issomewhere outside of my listening area because pretty
much the whole area I'm in wasaffected by storm. So I'm assuming maybe
it's a Michigan or Iowa anywhere we'reheard nationwide. But thank you Ability the
Kid for checking in. Yes weare okay. Big show plan for this
week. I want to start offby thanking our wonderful advertisers. Also,

you know, thinking Ability Kid forchecking in, Although you normally think that's
his real name, but I mean, it's not his real name. His
mother may have loved old westerns andgangsters. You know, he said,
you know what, perhaps you're right, Maybe you're right. I didn't think
of that. Took one look athim in the cradle and said, oh,
he's gonna be a little outlaw.Yeah, all right. This thing

are advertisers, the ones that keepus on the radio each and every week.
That being Tantry Brewing, Superior PastControl, Bill Logic, conference and
Events reading, all to take aninsurance group, the backyard grill, keeping
those lights bright. Thank you,harbor Light Brewing, and of course sponsoring
our podcast cast branding. Thank youfor checking in and welcome to What's on
Tap Radio. I am ready fora beer. I know Chad's ready for
a beer. Bill, you're readyfor a beer, Ready for a beer.

I bet our listeners don't even wait. I bet you right now.
They don't have to wait. Theydon't have to wait. It's just one
of those things that we have todo because you know, rules are rules
on the show. But if you'reat home doing whatever you're doing listening to
the show, you don't have towait. You you don't have to turn
your phone down. All that stuff. You just just hang out with us,
That's all I ask. So Iwonder if some do, though they

might they might wait, they're like, Okay, James and Chad haven't cracked
a beer yet. We're waiting.There's integrity and listening, all right.
I mean, we got a neighborhoodwatch out there. James, you okay,
they're on the storm. Okay,that's cool, all right. Yeah,
And the good news is I don'tthink James lost on our tree.
But I don't have to lose rightbecause he lost it. All right,
let's crack open a beer. I'mgonna go first. This is brought to
the table spot brought to you byour friends at the Backyard Grill on the

northwest side of Houston. Thank you, b YG for all that you do
for the beer community in Houston andalso for the local area. So if
you're in the greater Houston area visiting, swing out there on the northwest side
of the corner of West and JonesRoad, right off a highway to ninety
and I get yourself some grub,get your grub game on, and get
one of the over one hundred beers. Tell him what's on Tap Radio sent

you and the beer. I'm crackingopen right now. Another one of Bill's
escapades and adventures. Where were youon this one? Chattanooga, Tennessee?
Okay? And oh crap, dangit, I did? I told you
where we send Bill on assignment.He really goes on assignment, see right
there? Yeah, he brought back. Now we've had beer from this brewery.

I want to talk about the nameand the artwork. But Bill introduced
the beer that we're drinking, please, from Naked River Brewery. It's Docs
Brown Ale and docs from what Camlooks like is Doc Brown from Back to
the Future. Well, Bright,it's the artwork that I want to talk
about. So it's Docs Brown Ailed. But if you know Doc Brown from

Back to the Future, it's Docthe doc as in doctor in Brown.
But this puts particular. Can hasthe DeLorean going off of a doc into
the Naked River and it says DocsBrown Ale, and it's Docs doc ks
And did you get the ABV onthis? I did not? All Right,

good job, Bill, All right. It's a silver medal. Just
it's a silver medal winner at theGreat American Beer Festival in twenty twenty one.
And we'll talk a little bit moreabout that, because James is thirsty,
He's gotta go. Speaking of silvermedal winners, bringing a silver medal
winner from the twenty twenty four WorldBeer Cup, our friends in Houston,
Texas, True nominally brewing. I'mgoing to Giant here with the red shoe.

Yeah, this one silver the redGiant did. This is a footer
age Sayson fermided with Melvick grapes.So I'm gonna go ahead and take my
barblade. Now. I got afeeling this is gonna be very it's gonna
be very wine inspired, and it'sgonna have some very tart notes I mean
downright sour, I mean foter agingis traditional Belgian style aging in wood and

a native to the Flanders region,where their beers are very acidic and sour
and James purple. Look at thecarbonation on that almost non existent. Wow,
the carbonation is all there, though, is it okay? So very
tart? I get very grape,I get some plummegranate and some raspberry.

I want to say it's a blackcherry. This is at seven point five
percent alcohol by volume, and thisis again the seven point eight percent.
Sorry that true. Normally red giantswhat I bring it into the table silver
award winner from the twenty twenty fourWorld Beer Cup, and that is what
I brought the table. Chat kickedit off with the well, actually Bill
did. He's the one who broughtit, but I want to thank him

for bringing Dox brown Ale comes inat six point one percent, so that
has brought a table. Thanks toyou, our friend over at the backyard.
Girl. We're gonna talk more intothese beers coming up, but on
tap this week big time interview.I caught up with Brock Wagner sent it
on a brewing company where he reflectedon thirty years in brewing. So stay
tuned for that interview. All thisis so much more, including coming right
up the official What's on Tap?Were you a fun Factor week? We

got an action back radio show.You do not want to miss an ounce
on. We'll be right back.The only thing we throw back on Thursday,
he's a pint of beer or twoor three. This is what's on
tap radio back to James and Chadright oooh the stuff that happens between behind

the scenes. I don't want toboy you with the details, but I'm
just glad we're on the radio.Welcome back to What's on Tap Radio.
In the first segment, brought tothe table, Chad and Bill back to
the future with the Doc Brown.Is that what I feel I feel like
we went back to the future becausewe went back old school to a style
that doesn't get a lot of love. American brown ale from Naked River Brewing

Company docks Brown and I guess there'sa dock somewhere near the brewery, or
I guess, or somebody has astory, but it's a The artwork's great.
It's a DeLorean that you with theflames behind it, and it just
went off the dock and into theriver. And so docs docks a what
did you say? Six percent?Bill? Six? Just a deep,

rich, multi medium bodied brown ale, all right, And uh, I'm
going to go ahead and I'm goingto back this up with a few tasting
notes. Here we go. Thething I like is it has a roasty
balance. It is not a lotof these brownailes don't have a strong hop
presence. Even though in American brownale will be more happy than in English.

This one has a dryness to itwithout bitterness, and it's got a
little bit of roastiness. But Ishould say, really a little bit of
breadiness, but I think it's balancedwith some roastiness. So I don't like
liquid bread for the sake of liquidbread. Like when you get a real
English brown ale, it's very breadyand you kind of I hate to use

the word yeasty, but coasting.Yeah, it's the this is this has
got a little more actually more likea burnt toast to it without being you
know, acrid, almost like ash. It's not that way. It's very
balanced. I like it as brownailsgo. I understand why I want a
silver medal at the twenty twenty oneGreat American Beer Festival, and that's what

we brought to the table again thanksto our friends at the Backyard Grill.
And James had to one up usbecause you know, he's like, well,
you got a silver at the GreatAmerican Beer Festival. I have the
World Cup silver. If you missedthe first segment, I sounded just like
that, Yeah, exactly like that. That was just a nice segue because

the beer I brought it won asilver medal at the twenty twenty four World
Beer Cup and I picked it upfrom our friends over at True Nominally and
this is a food age Seyson,which you Seyson's. It's a style that
really just doesn't get the respect itdeserves. I love a good Seyson,
but I guess consumers don't. Andthat's why a lot of breweries don't make
seasons. It's a farmhouse ale thatsit down and say I'm gonna drink three

or four Saissans tonight. They sayI'm gonna drink one, yeah, and
then they go back to whatever theirmain's. That's okay. It's nice to
have in the back of their fridgegoing, you know what, I want
a nice farmhouse ale. And Ithink they nailed Obviously they nailed it because
they won a silver metal at theWorld Beer Cup. And again black cherry,
pomegranates and raspberry, and it's slightlytart, not overly sour. But

yeah, this is more or lesslike the one of those beers that you're
more of a wine consumer, butyou want to drink a beer, this
is the go to right here.Is this seven to fifty bottle? Or
is that? Is it five hundredmilliars? Sure, Chad, sorry,
it is it is a little overa pint or seven to fifty milliter,
my man, seven fifty millions,So James is gonna be drinking there for

the rest of the show unless hecan get Jen to come in and Hey,
Jen, you want some wine?No, I don't have any.
I don't have any stunt beer liver, although my wife can't drink beer,
so I'm on my I'm on myown with this beer. On my own.
But congratulations true. Normally I haveanother award winning beer I'm gonna bring
into the show later. Went roundto the city and picked up some award

winning beers and I have them herein the studios that I'm gonna bring into
the show later. So that waswhat we brought to the table. Now
it's time to Edge mcate. Nowthe official What's on Tap Radio fun fact
of the Week, brought to youby Who's ever checked Clear. This week,
in some parts of the country,school is out. We have given
full custody of their children back tothem. I'm a teacher. I can

say that. So summer school sessiontime, Chad, take it away.
Yeah, gather the kids. Actually, the kids may really appreciate this story.
So if you have children, gatherthem around the old squawk box.
Because Professor Pilbeams about ready to dropsome knowledge bombs. On you here.
What I want to tell you aboutis the X Men. Are you familiar
with the X Men? Oh yeah, the comics? Yeah yeah, yeah,

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Ilove DC comics. Yeah. Oh,
somebody just lost their mind right now? Yeah yeah. Anyway, uh
but yeah, the X Men,the mutants, they all have special powers.
Well, I'm here to tell youthat we here on planet Earth,

we do live among mutants. Welive among those with special powers that we
never dreamed of. And I'm sorry, no, no, no, there's
no green news. But there isa seven year old, or was a
seven year old in the United Kingdomwho was diagnosed with diabetes and accidentally he

shot his eye out with a gunkid from a Christmas story, I guess
yeah, it's a shoot your eyeout, You're shoot. No word on
how he accidentally shot his eye out, or why he was diabetic, or
whether it's type one or type twodiabetes. However, who would have ever
thought that a seven year old fromthe United Kingdom who accidentally shot his eye

out and diabetic would amount to beinga real life X Man. I give
you John Evans, who today livesin the United Kingdom in England. When
he is sixty eight years old?Where's the patch? Does he? What
does he patch? I don't hehas a classiz. This is radio.

I just listened. I did researchon the guy. I didn't look up
the When you understand what I'm aboutto tell you about him, you're gonna
understand why I wasn't looking at hiseye. Okay, it's about his superpower.
That's what I want to talk toyou about, all right. So
the man when they examined him becauseof his amazing feats, it prompted the

real life Stan Lee to say,this guy is superhuman. They tested him
when they saw him perform this feat, and they said, this guy,
he's got to have like super strengthor something. And they checked. He's
like, no, I don't goto the gym. In fact, I'm
not that strong. And so theyhad to do tests on him, and
they determined that the sixty eight yearold man has bones that are getting stronger

as he ages. What his bonedensity is increasing as he ages, and
this is allowing him to do somethingthat no other human on planet Earth has
ever been able to do. Andif you said balance two hundred and thirty
seven pints of beer on your head, well, ladies, and gentlemen,

you would be correct. John Evanshas thirty three Guinness Book World records for
balancing things on his head. Thebone density of his skull is actually stronger
than that of a twenty year oldmale athlete, and his next drink has
increased from balancing all of these things. I said, he has thirty three

world records. Three of those areactually beer world records. And in case
you're wondering what some of those recordsinclude, well, he has balanced on
his head. This is pretty good. I like this one here, one
hundred and one bricks, sixty twobooks, what a three hundred and fifty
two pound gutted Midti Cooper, twogirls on two bicycles on the apex of

his skull. And because this isa beer show, he has balanced four
hundred and twenty nine full beer cans. He's balanced thirteen full kegs of beer
on his head. But the mostdifficult challenge of his illustrious career as an
x man is he has balanced twohundred and thirty seven full pints of beer,

which come to two hundred and fortyfive point three pounds. He had
a little trouble getting Guinness Book ofWorld Records to certify this record. Why
because no one ever thought of doingthis. So it's like, hey,
can we do this or not?And he's like, I guess. And
they started out and he had todo one hundred pints and then he's like,

that's easy, that's child's play.I got this. And then he
went to one hundred and fifty andthen two hundred and now the record stands
at two hundred and thirty seven.So your official What's on Tap Radio fun
fact of the week is that JohnEvans, a sixty eight year old man
who lives in England, had arough start to life. He was diabetic,
couldn't have those candy bars and heshot his eye out. One eyed

diabetic seven year old buddy turned intoa man who has thirty three world records,
a real life X man who hasbalanced thirteen kegs on his hand on
his head, four hund and twentynine beer cans and two hundred and thirty
seven pints of beer. That's yourofficial What's on Tap Radio fun fact of
the week. Please someone tell mewhether or not he has an eyepatch.
I just want to know that.All right, great fun fact, Chad,

all right? On tap this weekosam have Been Lagger. They made
a beer with Osama Been not LoudenLogger. We're gonna talk about that and
a great interview coming up next hourwith the godfather of Texas craft beer.
All this so much more, we'llbe at back. On average, humans
walk nine hundred miles per year,entering twenty two gallons of beer, which
means the average human gets forty onemiles per gallon. Not ben what's on

tap radio continues, all right,everybody's got a beer. You got a
beer, I got a beer,We got a beer. You know who
else has beer? The Backyard Grillon the northwest side of Houston. But
when you're you're drinking, you wantto have something to eat too, So
go get yourself some grub at thebuyg The menu is amazing. They've got

all your Texas favorites like steaks,bahitas, chops, and it's all grilled
on a wood fired grill. Gotburgers, You got wraps. Hey,
if you're vegetarian, they got salads, they got soups, homemade dishes,
and specialties like smoky the beer chicken. Oh yeah, smoked chicken injected with
local beer sounds delicious. Right,Yeah, and don't forget the green beans.

I know you're thinking, wait aminute, is this guy just talking
about all the grilled stuff and you'regonna tell me to eat your veggies.
Hey, mom said eat your veggies. Over one hundred different menu items,
get the green beans. Trust me, you won't regret it, and over
one hundred different beers head out tothe backyard grill in the corner of Weston
Jones Road on the northwest side ofHouston. Cheers. All right, Chad

was making fun of men break soI kind of ripped and read on the
one sheet here. So there's astory about this brewery that put Osama bin
laden on a label. There yougo. That's how it said. And
apparently you would think that there wouldbe some backlash about it, but there's

it's actually gone viral. So Iyeah, we gotta get into that.
Yeah, we're gonna get into it. Coming up on this episode. Also,
we're gonna be catching up with BrockWagner, the godfather of Texas craft
beer, celebrating thirty years. SoI sat down with him to reflect on
thirty years in business, and we'lltalk about that next hour. Good news

for you Michigan fans talk about that. Yes, we're gonna get into that
here. Ultra Right Beer is announcinga special giveaway, and Bill, do
you know that Miller lt Miller LTEhas a new giveaway. You're be excited
to hear about that. Yeah,we'll see if we get our hands on
that. I'm gonna get online andsee if I cannot camp one cannot buy

Bill. Bill likes to set goalshe can achieved. I want to try
and not buy one. Hey,look they're sold out. Go ahead and
get that credit card ready there.Bill, all right, he's not even
gonna take the credit card out becausehe's not gonna be because he's going in
hoping to succeed by not getting it. We got some soccer in the news
and all. This is so muchmore coming up this hour. I don't
know if we can get it allin this episode. We'll try. We'll

try, but we're gonna try todo that. Jam. But Chad and
Bill have another beer to crack,and I'm gonna talk about this new restaurant
policy that I'm not not at.I could certainly see why it's they're putting
this policy in place. Whether youbelieve you think it's a good idea or
not. We'll talk about it aright good talk. It'll be good talk.
Yeah, all right, all right, So Bill and I stunt Bill,

stunt beer lever, Bill from HarborLight Brewing, hanging out in studio
with me and uh, he gonnaneed that stunt beer liver for this one
here. Recently went down to Kalamazoo, Michigan, and swung by the old
tap room and got a fresh bell, two hearted rite on the stick right
there at the source. Who that'stough to beat. And I walked over
to the gift shop and where youcan buy some beers, and I put

a little pack together and they wererolling out what the taproom manager, the
store manager said is the best keptsecret in the brewery and even in Kalamazoo.
And I looked down and I sawwhat it was, and I was
like, oh, yeah, I'mpicking this up right now. For those
of you who are not familiar withthe Third Coast Old Ale, it is

a barley wine style beer. Andthey stopped producing it. They've done some
variants, one offs here and there, but they don't make it anymore on
a regular basis. They went downinto the cellar this particular batch right here
comes in at ten point two percentten point two ten point two okay,
and it was packaged on October ninth, twenty fourteen. Oh wow, did

a Spradley poor again? I'm sorry? Almost ten years old? Almost ten
years old, yes, as almostas old as this show. So this
right here is what we're drinking.Bill, I took a little too much.
You want some of this? Okay? Bill said no, because he's
got a drive, so he knowshow the game works. I mean,
stunt beer livers are here to help, yes, but not to get well

intoxicated. Bill as a professional,he drinks responsibly. Okay, he leaves
ten year old beer. That isamazing. It's really good. It does
not taste oaky or sorry old inpapery, doesn't taste like wet cardboard,
It doesn't have those dark cherry notes. It actually tastes like a beautiful barley
wine. Old. Usually when theygot that old, they start getting a
little sour too. Yeah. Now, I will say the long after taste,

long after I've had a chance tosip. That does taste a little
papery, so but still delicious beer. That's really good. So that's what
we cracked open from twenty fourteen.They were just pushed it out there and
you can buy as much as youwanted, and they pulled it out seller
the Third Coast Old Ale from Bell'sBrewery. Now, I wanted to talk

about this briefly just because last yearwe just recently renewed our season tickets at
Michigan State because we're glutton for punishment. Yeah, go sparty. But last
year Michigan State entered into the worldof selling beer inside the stadium and that
was beautiful. And they were sellingout of beer, yeah they were.

It was a real sparty party.But I got to admit I got kicked
out of a spartan stadium for sneakingbeer in once the tempting statue of limitations
ran out of that. You up, however, a professional you are billing
here you come, brothers disclaimer,But he is not like one. He's

just helping us drink beer and helpskeep the lights on. All right anyway,
But now entering into the fray,the University of mis that's right,
the big house in ann Arbor willnow be selling beer this football season.
So if you're a Go Blue guyor gal, be happy to know that

it's not just going to be aspardy party, but it's going to be
an opportunity to drink beer at theBig House. So I thought i'd share
that now. Also, the otherthing is is I mentioned Kalamazoo. We
had some really nasty storms go throughand some tornadoes went through Portage, which
is the southern suburb of Kalamazoo,and so it's pretty nasty. And James,

we know about the storms in Houston. Yes, Cyprus, your old
neck of the woods man got pounded. A lot of them are powerful.
Five yeah, yeah, a lotof them without power for over a week.
Sixty five mile an hour winds rightin my neighborhood. And so I'm
glad everybody's okay. I know,I know this is trivial in comparison,
But one of the things you normallyhear about are the breweries because we studied,

you know, we follow the beernews. The breweries that were affected.
I have not heard of a singlebrewery that has lost beer had damage.
I don't either, Yeah, soI don't know really interest, I
don't really know how many brewis areout in the Cypress area, but there's
a few out there. I mean, Location six is in Waller. You've
got also our friends at the backyardgrill. They were they were safe and

they were okay out there also CreekwoodGrill, so you got misfit brewing out
there. So there's a few others. I lost powerful Senate Avenue. How
did I forget Senate Avenue? Ithink the mayor. I think he lost
power at the house. Either thehouse or the brewery, I can't remember.
I was kind of quite a fewdays. Yeah, he was without.
But anyway, glad everybody's okay.So, speaking of a backyard grill,

I'm gonna talk about this restaurant thing. And maybe you may think this
is a bad idea, but Ithink this might be a decent idea.
Although I don't I don't fall victimof this. Have you ever made a
reservation in a restaurant and then dida no show or maybe just timing didn't
work so they just just didn't showup, or maybe just found a better
option. No, because I'm notjerk, Well some people do that.
They're like, oh, well,you know, we made a reservation,

but you know, let's just let'sgo to Applebee's instead, said nobody out
call the restaurant said nobody ever.Uh, well, in the future,
you could be charged for that.Check the story out. A new report
says that many restaurants operate on slimmargins, and when they hold a table
for someone who doesn't show up,they lose money. So some may start
charging a non refundable deposit when youreserve a table. So I love this.

So some high end restaurants and biggercities already charge a what they call
it reservation fee, which is thendeducted from your bill after you show up
and dine and drink there. There'sno specific amount. Reports say it varies
from fifty dollars to one hundred dollarsor fifty dollars per a person, and
it could be easy to implement,either by using apps or just taking your
credit card when you book. Andother industries already do this. Vacation homes,

resorts, hotels keep your deposits andtell you, you know, case
you're canceled, I'll you know,charge you for it. Doctors, dentists,
they'd all charge appointment fees. Sowhat do you think? What do
you think restaurants adding a non refunneabledeposit for those that make those reservations and
go you know what, we havea better option, let's go there instead.

And they hold this table, especiallya busy restaurant that you know they're
holding out on this table and youdon't show up, and now they're losing
out. You know, no bustingseats. I love this policy. I
am a fan because I know howdifficult it is for restaurants, like you
said, slim Margins, and theyoperate on volume. And if they're going

to turn a guest away because they'reholding a table for you and you don't
show, that is so rude.It is so rude. I mean,
you're the kind of person that doesn'ttake the shopping cart back. Not only
do you not take the shopping cartback, but what you do is you
find the mini van that says babyon board, and you wedge the shopping
cart between the drivers or and thecar next to it. Because you're that

big of a jerk. I'm sorryall the restaurant and canceled. According to
data at Open Table, twenty eightpercent of Americans admit they haven't shown up
for a reservation they made within thepast year. And I can't figure that
because, well, to me,it's no big deal. One way or
the other because I can't remember thelast time I went to a restaurant that
actually needed a reservation. Okay,so Bill, you don't need have places

that have cloth napkins. Not really, okay, I'm actually I'm for this.
I think this is maybe a goodway for them to recoup losses by
holding a table that you know,could potentially house somebody that now they're holding
because you were in n a holeand didn't show up. But that good.
It is a good idea though.It's a great idea, and it's

not about it's not about recouping losses. Well it is, but it's it's
lost revenue and lost revenue potential.And so yeah, if you if you're
gonna tell me, hey, youknow what you got to you're gonna hold
it for you know, twenty fiveto thirty dollars per person. I'm fine
with that. Just it comes offthe bill at the end and I'm sorry,
or you just reverse the charge.There's nothing wrong with that because,

like like you said, try andbuy an airline ticket and then cancel,
you know, twenty minutes before you'resupposed to get on a plane. That
ain't happening. Yeah, so that'sjust some restaurant news. Yeah, adding
non refundable deposits for reservations. Whatsays you reach out to us on our
social what's on Taprido, Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram? I guess x
or what's on taprio Gmail dot com? Let us know what you're thinking.

All right, we gotta take abreak. I do want to talk about
this Osama bin laden on a beerlabel. I would think it would cause
a backlash, but it's actually goingviral. We'll discuss that. All this
is so much more. Hang withus, we'll right back. This is
what's on tap radio, right,welcome back. So enjoying this Red Giants,

this giant of a beer seven drinkingthat the whole show. Dude,
you're gonna have to put it asideto crack another one. There's no way
you can. Yeah, I don'tthink I'm gonna able to finish it,
but it's so acidic and sour itis. I don't even know if I
if I did finish it, Iprobably have like a yeah ulcer maammel off
my teeth and yep, yes,that's right. I probably just my palate

be wrecked. But I do haveanother I want to bring to the show.
Later on this segment brought to youby the Linux Truck, Bedliners and
Teeth and the AML Replacement Company.I mean, come on, dude,
just spray it back on because you'regonna strip it clean. Well, I
went round and picked up these beers. I did some TV and I brought
these beers on. And when Iwas sampling these beers, I didn't really

prep them properly, like, hey, by the way, you're gonna be
tasting this. They just went fullon in and was like, whoa.
Because it's not overly hour, butit's it's got some tart notes to it.
It gets you. It does getyour attention. Overall very good and
I can see why it did wellat the World Beer Cup. But coming
up, I had another beer atthe fridge here studio S that I'm gonna

be bringing. Do you want totalk about this beer? Then? I'm
not quite sure how it's not gettingany kind of backlash because I feel like
an ass chad during the break.I feel like we've done stories of breweries
putting dictators on beer labels and themgetting a backlash. I feel like I
feel like we've done a story abouta brewery putting Trump even though I'm not

calling I'm not calling Trump a dictatoranything, but but I'm just saying,
there are people, gentleman, that'sat James in the radio, and that's
that's called crawfishing. A political figureon there, and people going wild and
I'm gonna boycott this brewery, andYadA, YadA, YadA. We've seen

more boycott. So are fake boycott'speople saying they're going to boycott based on,
you know, just a label.I mean, I remember whenever they
put the Hindu god on one ofthe labels. I think that was Avery
label or something, or you know, it was the the idol that they

worshiped, the elephant. And thenwe've I've seen the baby on the label,
the Canadian Mountie on the label.Let's see, we've had Trump on
the label. We've had Putin onthe label. And I remember but a
lot of the ones where Putin ison the label, one of them where
Putin is a jerk, a maleappendage. And then there was the what

was the other, Oh, SouthernStar Brewing Company had one where they put
a dictator on It was Stalin.I think it was for their Russian Imperial
stout. And and i remember abunch of people saying, oh, look
Southern stop and Conro doing their praisinga dictator who killed millions of people,

and it's like, no, that'snot you know whatever. And then the
former Buffalo by You Brewing Company didMao cow Bell. Where they did it,
it was basically they put Mao fromChina the dictator there on a a
beer label. So it's it's notin speaking, I shouldn't say this that

we're we're we're PG radio. Butspeaking of dictators, yeah, uh,
Buffalo by You Brewing Company known forhiding certain images on their uh speaking of
male appendages at different dictator. Ifyou turn it upside down, it was

a male I'm telling you that.I guess t ABC didn't catch when they
were doing label approval. No,they did not. They did not catch
that one. But this label looksfine. Turn upside down with WHOA.
There's a beer named after Osama binLaden and it's sold out and is going
viral all over social media. Staffat Mitchell Brewing Company had to unplug phones

and close their website temporarily because thedemand for Osama ben Lager. The company
of Billing Hay in Lincolnshire. Thisis in England, also Bruce Kim jong
Ale and Putin porter Ooh yeah,they're all tongue they're all tongue in cheek
names. A nicer outlook on someof the horrible dictators, said one of

the co owners. Millions of peoplehave seen the picture of the beer named
after the former al Qaeda leader whodied in twenty eleven. They post on
social media. A husband and wiferun the brewery, and they woken up
the last couple of weeks with thousandsand thousands and thousands of notifications of people
wanting to get their hands on thisbeer. And they said it's been crazy.

And the phone lions have just notstopped ringing of people trying to get
their hands on the Osama Bin Laggerbeer. Interesting, Chad shaking his head.
I don't know if I I don'tknow if I would be if I
owned an establishment, if I wouldwant to put that on tap. I

mean, yeah, you're gonna sellbeer, but you're gonna get more questions.
I mean remember when Brash Brewing inHouston had their Black Masses beer,
Oh my god, and they wouldthe Catholics would protest on the Wow.
Yeah they went, they went andthen and then there were bars in Houston

that if you carried any brash beerthey got phone calls and threats and people
showing up and throwing stuff. Andbecause you carried brash beer, it was
that was a real like that wasa scary time, Like wait a minute,
hold on, I'm just trying tosell beer. I could see you
know somebody. I mean here,I'm just gonna say this right now.

Osama Lagger not going to be realpopular in New York. No, although
some of the proceeds from the saleof this beer go to a nine to
eleven survivors foundation, So that's cool. I wonder for an extra price,
you'd get like a six pack oneOsama bin Lager and five Navy Seal pilsners.

See there you go that, yeah, yeah, that's right like that,
and then and then the bottle ofOsama bin Lager has a bunch of
bullet holes in it. All right, I'm sorry, we're getting a little
too far off the rails there,But that also does remind me I can't
I'd be remiss if I didn't bringin this. Remember the the other beer

from the United Kingdom. So apparently, if you want to get you know
racy. You can go to theUnited Kingdom and do it. But they
had the tap handle that for theclassic tap handle or beer that spun upside
down, where on one side itlooked like a beautiful princess and then when
it spun upside down, it lookedlike an old hag. Wh yeah yeah,
and old witch. Yeah that's athat's a good one. And they
got in trouble for that because itbasically objectified women. But the other one

was the the oh I wish Iremember what it was the name of it.
I have a bottle of it.It was sold in a white paper
cloth and it had two eye holescut out of it. It was the
coward beer, right right, Andit made fun of you know, whitek
but the KKK it also looked likea white supremacist and so yeah, it

looked like the beer bottle looked likea white hood on the K on the
klan. But if you did,if you didn't know anything about it,
you just saw it, you wouldobviously think, oh my god, this
is a you know, there's somekind of clan. It was the opposite.
It was the opposite. They wereactually making fun of those supremacists.
But yeah, there you go.Something Ben Loger beer sells out in minutes
after going viral and people are stilltrying to get their hands on it.

Well, I was just talking aboutthe whole racist thing. I wanted to
grab this story really quick. MarcoReus of Dortmund in the Bundesliga, which
is the German Prepaere soccer league,he did something that not a lot of
athletes get the opportunity to do,when they say farewell to their home stadium
and decide to sign off. AndI walked off the field that's right,

And he said, that's right.He never paid me enough and that's why
I'm leaving. I forget you.I'm gonna go sit on my beach.
No, he didn't do that atall. But I mentioned this because FIFA
is FIFA is uh looking at hasa campaign to try and promote equality and
racism. And so the reason Ibring this up is is as Marco,

who's had an illustrious career playing footballor soccer, signed off on the pitch
with a four to nothing win athis home on his home pitch, that's
the field, and scoring one goalas he stepped off before eighty one thousand
supporters bought the entire stadium around abeer. So that's a guy I'll talk

about. I'll try to do themath on that, Chad. How many
fans, Well, they're eighty onethousand fans, not all of them of
drinking eight let's say, let's sayseventy five thousand or seventy thousand, seventy
thousand, Yeah, let's go withthat. And how much are beers going
for at this stadium? I don'tknow, but the man spent a pretty
penny. So all right, Sohere's to you, mister Marco Reyus,

and we want to celebrate you asand also as we sign off on hour
number one and what's on tap Radiocoming up an hour number two, we
will we'll probably raise a glass andtoast him, as well as hold my
beer and watch this and much muchmore, including interview from the legendary brock
Wagner Santa O Brewing Company. Thisis what's on tap radio. We'll be
right back. Yeah, we drinkwater, but it has to be filtered

through a brewery. First. You'vegot what's on tap radio, Hold my
beer and watch this brought to youby your friends edwring All, the Ten
Taking Insurance Group, located in GrandRapids, Michigan and Holland along the Lake
Shore RTI Grand Rapids, rt IGrand Rapids dot Com. All right,

welcome to hour number two. What'son Tap Radio? Coming up this hour,
I caught up with the godfather ofTexas craft beer, mister brock Wagner,
to reflect on thirty years a brewingand it's a great interview. Don't
want to miss that. Quick.I'm gonna interrupt you real quick. What
if I don't live in the Houstonor Texas market? Do I really care

about this? You should? Youshould? Yeah, you should, because
chances are, chances are the brewerythat you enjoy, that you love,
the brewmasters love Saint Arnold. Yes, there there is a there there.
It's it's it's a it's a treewith lots of roots and those roots run

deep. And why they've been openfor thirty years and so they've had a
lot of people come through the brewerywho've worked there. The chances are they've
left and gone and open breweries maybewhere you live. And it all started
with brock Wagner and he's gonna reflecton a thirty years. So that's coming
up later this hour. But Igot a crack a beer. I know,
Billin and Chattey crack a beer,but they can. They can hold

your damn horses. All right,guys, pump the brakes a little bit.
Pump the brakes, all right,all right, hold beer to crack.
I do too, I got abeer to crack too, all right,
James, real quick, do youwant to open a beer? So
you want? Okay, we'll allowit, all right, go ahead,
Yeah, Bill says it's okay,James, Mike one. He controlled the

entire board. Chat Well, youalready ruined it. I was trying to
pour the He's trying to make itsound like he was pouring the beer in
the glass because sound effect, becauseit's not. No, he really was
pooring. What are you drinking?Cheep? All right? Another award winner
from the World Beer Cup, Speakingof Saint Arnold, I ain't. I'm
going to say hello with the IrishHello, the Irish dry stout at four.

This is one of the best beernames. Yeah, Irish Hello,
which is opposite the Irish goodbye.That pittacoulis one. So Irish Hello wins
a medal, and then right afterthat, Irish Goodbye wins from Petacoulas Iris
another brewery in Texas. Yeah,they're up in Dallas. Yeah, and
so one Irish Hello, Irish,goodbye, Hello, goodbye. This is

a dry Irish stout, I believeyou said. Okay, so classic,
very dry four point three and it'sgot chocolatey notes, roasty notes. And
what I like about is the ABVfour point three percent. So you can
have like three or four of theseand you know, be fine not to
drive, but you know, tohang out. But I want to say
congratulations to Saint Ernold. I'm celebratingthirty years and for picking up a medal

at the World Beer Cup with yourIrish Hello. So that's all right,
cracking well, we need to crackopen a beer, of course you do.
Chad and Bill, I'm gonna putyou on the spot because you know
you keep throwing out around these awards. Fine. The beer I hold in
my hand is the single most awardwinning beer from the Great American Beer Festival.

It has won more awards than anyother beer at the Great American Beer
Festival in the history of the festival. James, what beer in my dream?
It used to be? It usedto be the Alaskan smoke Porter,
and that is what we are drinking. But I don't think it's the case
anymore. I think there's really yeah, I think there's another beer that's surpassed
it. But yeah, the AlaskanSmoke Porter. Amazing, amazing beer.

Yeah it is. Yeh. Billloves smoke beers. And he says,
I've never had this before, andI said, well, get ready to
have your taste. But going awaytwenty thirteen. Excuse me, twenty twenty
three, I said, twenty thirteen, twenty twenty three edition. I picked
this up at a local beer storeand we'll talk about that after we find

out about the stupid criminal. Theweek brought to you by our friends at
Ringnoldleton Acon Insurance Group. Hold mybeer and watch this brought to you by
the Ring Nalda ten Hacen Insurance Group, where they'll cover you for just about
everything except this. All right,Here we go, Here we go.
Ummm yeah. Cops haven't said whatthe fake name was on the guy's ID,

but we're thinking it might be Bigfoot. All right. A drunk driver
was pulled over and Rock Rapids,Iowa, one Sunday after a cops saw
a twenty sixteen Ford focus, swervingall over the road, and when he
handed them his ID, they knewit was a fake immediately because I had

one name. That's when you saymclovin. So I was like, I'm
waiting with baited breath, James,And and what name was it? Was?
It from a super bad No,it was not mcloven, McK lovin,
It said mclove No, it wasnot mcgloven, all right, No,

it was it was his height thatwas a red flag. His height
was listed at eight feet tall.Just to know age. You know,
the tallest sleeping person in the worldis eight foot three, so it could
have been him. It could havebeen him, but it wasn't. Ever
it's eight foot eleven. So Iknow a sixty eight year old who has

diabetes and one eye and he cancarry two or in thirty sot some beer
on his head. All right.The driver was a thirty three year old
man named Joel Vieta who's actually fivefoot eight, so he's over compensating a
little bit with the eight footer.Okay, got it. He failed a
sobriety test and flunked the breathalyzer testas well. He had an open container

and the cup holder, and itactually mentions what kind of beer it was.
Oh, finally, Corona. Itwas a Corona. Didn't have a
line. I didn't say if Ihad a line, but either lazy journalism.
Come on, at least we knowwhat kind of beer it is.
Yeah, we didn't. We knowthat because there was a bottle or canned?

Was it dressed? It was?It was a bottle because there was
a six pack of bottles of Coronain the back seat. They also found
it a oh gosh, they founda folded one dollar bill with white powder
in it, and he admitted itwas meth Ooh, I would have gone
with cocaine, Bob. It turnsout he needed a fake ID. The

reason being is because he doesn't havea driver's license, so he went with
a woman with an eight foot heightmclen He was wanted and for picked any
height you wanted, but you pickedeight foot five. Yeah. He was
wanted for not appearing in court fora previous drunk driving charge. So this
guy is just oh yeah, withthe previous one. He was only six

foot eight. Yeah, he thoughthe was gonna be able to full of
judge. All right, you werein here before, you know that guy
was way shorter, way shorter.Yeah, you're confusing me, judge the
same name. Yeah, I getthat a lot, but I'm only five.
So your hold my beer and watchthis week is a drunk driver's fake.
I d said he was eight feettall. Again. This has been

brought to you by her friends.Hevrey Donaldson, Insurance, insurance, Osama
been lot, no, no,bring all the it's easy for you to
say it. Insurance group, Welldon't ensure you for lots of things,
but they're not ensuring you for ifyou're going on your fake ID for eight
foot tall. Oh. I can'tmake this stuff up, folks. All

right, good too, still togood too. Got a great interview coming
up, and we got to talkabout the ultra right beer. They got
a new giveaway, we got totalk about all. This is so much
more hang with us, much morediscussed. We'll be right back beer.
It's like pouring smiles on your brain. What's on tap? Radio continues,

Oh man, it was hard forme to get through that story. The
hold my beer and watched this.Sorry, if I rend today an insurance
group guy, I gotta get himlove because I was. It was hard.
It was hard. I was laughingtoo hard. We had to file
an insurance claim on how many timeswe said their name wrong? Were tall
story? How do you mess thatup? I can see you putting a

you know, the wrong name.I don't know, but putting your high
that eight foot something. Sorry,sorry, I love it, dude.
That's sold and it's just, ohmy gosh. Reminder, do not drink
and drive. We always ask thatyou and vibe responsibly. And speaking of

being responsible, I have a stuntbeer liver in studio with me Harblight Bill
and Bill's never had this beer.In fact, I'm a little surprised.
But then again I started walking aroundlooking for this and I realized Alaskan Smoked
Porter from Alaskan Brewing Company. Thisis the twenty twenty three edition annual release

and this particular beer. James saysthat there's another one out there that's actually
won more awards at the Beliefs GreatAmerican Beer Festival. Limited though I'm gonna,
I'm gonna go, I'm gonna I'mgonna stick with what my if and
I would be happy to ad minutes, but I feel that there's a listener
out there who knows let us know. But I think it's well here,

maybe it's one more gold medals andeverything the other but in I don't know.
But this is a six and ahalf percent smoked porter and the story
behind this, and I'm going toadd to our fun facts a little land
yap is James likes to say.The brewery was next to a fish house
where they smoked fish, and theydecided to do a deal where they traded
fish for beer. And so theysat around and the brewers would give them

beer and then the fishermen would givethem fish. And then they thought,
well, what would happened if wesmoked some of the malts and made a
beer with it, and Alaska SmokedPorter was born. But I went to
a beer store in Grand Rapids andjust walking the shelves and you know,
walking the aisles and looking at theshelves, and there was one bottle of

this and I haven't found this thisyear. You can't find it either,
Uh huh, No, you can'tfind like maybe in your market if you're
out there, listeners, let usknow, but this is not readily.
And there was lawn bottle, Iremember they were everywhere in the Texas market.
But yeah, you won't see itmuch anymore. And this is a
look at this. Remember these things. It's a bomber bottle, twenty two

ounces. Yeah, those things.So there it is. That's the story
behind it and great beer. It'sabsolutely dominated by smoke, but it is
not ashy. It doesn't taste likea campfire in your mouth. So that's
why I love this beer, very, very delicious. It absolutely lives up
to all the hype. Bill's lovingit so love it. Yeah, it's

really good. So that's what wehave here. So those are your tasting
notes. If you don't like smoky, I'm gonna say this. If you
don't like Scotch, avoid all costsbecause this is a smoky all right,
James, I'm gonna give it.You want to talk, We got conservative
Dad's ultra right beerd that's a I. It seems like they're been in the
news of a lot lately, butnow they come out with a special giveaway.

I love this. Yes, it'sone of those. If you're a
seven year old diabetic who accidentally shutyour eye out, what do you do
for a living, Well, youbalance stuff on your head, Well,
like a two hundred and thirty fivebeer pints. Well, if you get
an F beer rating from the BetterBusiness Beer because you can't deliver beer that
you promised, and you decide toupset the establishment with your anti woke beer.

What do you do? Well,you get into the giveaway business and
you start giving away more stuff,and well, uh, the anti woke
beer Altra Right announcing a special giveawayafter being told, hey, won't you
tone down the politics and your ads? Well, I'm just gonna go ahead,
and you know what, CEO ofAultra Right, Seth Weathers, put

together a new ad and uh,well we're gonna go east bounding down.
Will you hit cut number three?And uh, let's let the listen.
So this is his response of thisadvertisement. This is his response for those
telling that, hey, let's backoff the politics. Yeah, politics out
cut three, please, here wego. It's been a wild ride since

I started conservative Dad's ultra right beer, and we're just getting started. So
he's in a trans am for theIC Radio, obviously an old trans am.
He's founded downstyle. We got backto the basics, great beer,
fun, patriotism, fast cars andbeautiful real women and woke free. So

now he's doing donuts in a parkinglot. Donuts doing donuts in the car,
doing donuts in a car. Andhe's got this, you know,
hot girl in the car with himand just doing donuts in the parking lot.
But some people tell me he needsto tone down the politics and our
ads. So I'm making this adjust for them. Continues with the donuts,

donuts, donuts, donuts, drinkbeer, do donuts. How's that
for tones? So now they're doingan aerial shot. They do a bird's
eye view of the donuts he justdid. But wait, there's more.
Assuming I don't I'm giving away mygas guzzling classic American muscle car. I

can dot com I beat that,by the way, because they're not a
sponsor. So the bird's eye viewof the donuts he just read? Was
it said? Trump twenty twenty four? How's that for toning it down?
That's right? You like tone?How's that for tone? So now he's,

oh, you only tone down thepolitics, giving away his trans am
that he just did donuts in noword of whether or not gonna they're gonna
replace the tires on it or not. Uh now, right right now?
And this is this is a thisis a reproduction and uh is a reproduction.
Build of the classic Smoky in theBandit UH trans Am, the t
top that was used to make theclassic beer run to haul cores light from

UH Texas to or Texarkana to UHAtlanta, and he's gonna give it away.
I love how he says this.It's like, Okay, we're beer
company, and I'm sorry, Igotta segue here just real quick. We
were in talks with an auto partscompany and they were like, yeah,
to sponsor the show. They werelike, yeah, I'm not really sure

we can associate with alcohol because wedo a lot of racing sponsorships and we
do a lot of other sponsorships withcars and driving. Not sure we can
do that. This guy says,you know what, let's go drink some
beer and do some donuts. WHOAyeah, And if you want to get
your chance to win this trans Am, good luck. There are six different

ways that you can enter the giveaway, including uploading a photo of an unopened
can good lug in your hands onthe can, posting on X, making
a purchase on their website, orsigning up for a text message alerts.
In. All six ways of registeringand getting their chance to get this car
har managed by the same marketing companythat does Milkers. If you missed the

website, mess the website. It'sI'm giving away my gas. Guys like,
that's an American muscle car. Ican dot com again, not a
sponsor, so uh, we're notgoing to give you the address. You
know, you can figure it outon your own if you're that interested.
I've just shocked. You know,we talked about this a little bit of

controversy. It's like, okay,well you gotta know some have bin laden
beer. You got a beer companythat's promoting you know, you know,
a little bit of fun in themuscle car. You know, increase your
carbon footprint. I mean, Iguess whatever you want to do. And
uh, I don't I don't know. I don't know. I just if

you get an F rating for theBetter Business Bureau because you can't deliver the
one thing that you're supposed to deliver, beer to the customers. If you
win the car, no one's wantChad, no one's gonna win this car.
It's just a gimmick. Now.If I'm if, if you win
the car and prove me wrong,I love to be proven wrong. Free
tickets to the Katie wild West Broof, It's on us man. You you

you show us proof that you wonthat car. I'll give you tickets to
the Katie Wallah. Yeah. TheUltra Right Beer announces a special giveaway in
its latest ad, hitting back atthe critics, saying, how's that for
tone? After they were told downto tone down the politics. The guy
jumps in this trans am, doesdonuts and then showing that house is for
tone, says Trump twenty twenty four. So there you go. It is

every stereotype exacerbated so high, andhe's just like, damn the consequences,
Damn the image. I don't care. We've already got en f rating from
the Better Business Bureau. Can't getany lower than that. Let's go rip,
all right, we're gonna take abreak. Coming up next segment.

I sat down with the godfather ofTexas craft beer, mister brock Wagner,
to reflect on thirty years of SaintArnold Brewing Company. It's a lot of
interesting things to say. Don't yougo anywhere. It's a great interview.
You don't want to miss out stuff. We'll be right back. Beer is
not the answer, but it doesmake you forget the question. So what
was I saying, oh yeah,more What's on Tap Radio, Superior Pest

Control of West Michigan, Superior Pestdot Biz. They are sponsors of the
research department here at What's on TapRadio making sure that we have all this
awesome content. Give a call orreach out to them at Superior Pest dot
Biz. I'm going to start thisinterview off my saying I've been looking forward

to this interview for ten years.I like to welcome back to the radio
program Brock Wagner, owner of SaintArnold Brewing Company, which we coined the
term years ago, and I stillcall you this the godfather of Texas craft
beer. Yeah, well, thanksfor having me back. Has it actually
been ten years. No, ithasn't been ten years, But okay,
because we spoke during COVID and allthat we talked about. You know,

your business is now your pivoting andso forth. But it it's really about,
you know, the twenty year markand now the thirty year mark,
a big milestone for st. RamleBrewing Company. He was about to celebrate
your thirtieth anniversary. And have youthought, have you got a chance to
sit back and think to yourself,Well, thirty years been doing st Rale
Brewing Company. So the funny partto me is like, I feel like

I had thought about ten year anniversary, twenty year anniversary, twenty five,
thirty is until it was like comingup, it was like, wow,
I actually never contemplated a thirtieth anniversary. You know, you start a business,
you know, started the brewery whenI was twenty nine. When you're
twenty nine, you do not thinkabout thirty years from then. That is
longer than you've been alive at thatpoint. So what we're you thinking?

What are you thinking? Five years, five, ten, You know,
those were kind of the timetables.If I talked about twenty twenty was like
this crazy future where people are arelike driving flying cars kind of thing.
So now thirty just was not amilestone that was on my radar. Now

that we're here, I think,for one, it's pretty amazing. You
know, I've it's been a greatride. You know, we have an
amazing team that's helped us get here, and I am more excited about being
here and doing this for another thirtyyears than I ever thought that I would

be. So now we're looking aheadto another thirty years. Yeah, Okay,
I'll kind of want to I'll bewell, I'll be eighty nine then,
so still just kicking. Yeah,I do kind of want to go
back to nineteen ninety four. Ifyou wanted to jump into Delare and crank
it up to eighty eight miles perhour and go back to nineteen ninety four,
what advice would you give nineteen ninetyfour Brock. The first piece of

advice I would have given nineteen ninetyfour Brock is don't open a bury in
Texas with the laws as they existedin nineteen ninety four. That would have
been the That was the biggest headwindthat we had. I mean, it
was a tough market. Nobody knewwhat craft beer was, but from just
a pure business model, not beingable to sell people beer at the brewery,

not being able to sell people asix pack to take home, and
that is most impactful for a startupbrewery. You need the cash. You're
trying to create experiences. I mean, we started doing the tour the very
first Saturday we were open. Thatwas critical for our business. We did
that, you know, I'd ledthe tour every Saturday. I remember back

when y'all were on was it fortythird? Yeah, it was near thirty
fourth Street. We were on MitchellDale, which was back near thirty fourth
and two ninety and it was itwas free. We gave the beer away
for free. The very first partiesthat people held at the brewery were free.
And then I think we started chargingfive dollars for a pint glass and

that so we started charging. Sowhat year do you think so we started
nineteen ninety four, What year doyou think we started charging for our tour?
I would say two thousand three,two thousand and six. Oh okay,
okay. We went for twelve yearsjust to get a deer. It

was free, which is a terriblebusiness model, but it was important to
creating exposure and educating people and creatinga culture where people went to breweries on
Saturdays. They did not do thatbefore. Now, when you talked about
the laws and all that, wasit when you were building this brewery in
nineteen ninety four. Was the lawsnot something you thought about when you were
opening it? I was aware ofit. To me, Houston was the

largest city in the country that didn'thave a microbrewery. I loved Houston,
still love Houston, and I thoughtthat the number of people here and sort
of the wide open market was goingto make up for that out five years
in I remember looking around the country. It may have been it was a
little later. I think it wasprobably about eight years in, looking around

the country, feeling like we're doingso many things well, and I realized
every brewery in the country that waslarger than us was north of a line
that you could basically draw just underthe south side of San Francisco and draw
it all the way around across thecountry. And it mainly had to do

with laws. The only two theonly two exceptions were Abida and Stone.
If you're suiting in talking to brockWagner, founder Saint arn A brewing company,
talking about thirty years in business,wanted to sit you down kind of
reflect on the past thirty years andwhat have been. Let's start with your
highest what do you think your highestachievement something you look back on going wow,
I can't believe I achieved that,or I got the opportunity to do

that. I mean, there's that'sa long list. I feel like,
uh, you know, the brewery, the campus that we have today with
the beer garden, the team thatwe have that operates everything here. I
feel like that is to me,the greatest accomplishment. And like I never

imagined the beer garden and the operationnext to the brewery and this great you
know, the old historical brick buildingthat we repurposed, this kind of cool,
interesting right by downtown kind of brewerycampus. But it took the law
changing for us to be able toaccomplish at least the beer garden part.

All right, let me flip thequestion around. Now, what is something
you look back on and you kindof regret, Maybe that wasn't the best
decision that you've done. Maybe somethingyou're like, I kind of wish I
didn't do that. I don't feellike we have a ton of those.
I mean, there's little things hereand there. You know, we definitely
did some experimenting to see we hadan intellectual experiment to see could we go

farther afield and sell our beer inFlorida? And we did that at about
nine years ago. We went wefirst researched the market about ten, ten
or eleven years ago. When wefirst looked at it, there were five
craft breweries in Florida, and whenwe opened the market like just over a

year later, there were almost fifty. So all anybody wanted was what was
local, and we kind of wereslowly building the market, but it proved
to us that what we really wantto do is stay close to home and
focus on Texas and Louisiana. Andyou know, ten years from now,
I will be perfectly happy if wesell our beer in Texas and Louisiana,

so staying kind of the the Southarea, Welf coast. Let's talk about
the beers. You've had so manydifferent beers come outs, and of course
some beers discontinue because consumers aren't buyingit. Is there one beer that you
look back on and you go,man, I wish that beer was still
in production, but it's not anymore. What's that beer that you? Oh?
I mean we we definitely there's definitelysome there. I have my list.

I mean I can go on andon. Bronto White Noise was so
tasty. You know. The witwe had which we called comeback with Uh
you know, it actually came outin a couple of different iterations. It
was part of the Icon series,The Bishop Beryl number two Britanno Miacees,

which again we've done that again.Is the Funky Christmas or we take Christmas
Ale put it into white wine barrels, put in it, you know,
fifty pounds of cherries and then addsome britannoiasses and then wait two and a
half years and that kind of givesa little bit of sourness to it.
It gives it more there. Itdefinitely drops the pH but there's more sort

of funky, earthy flavors in there. And uh, you know, that's
a beer that I wish I hadevery day, but it's you know,
Amberil was still around and Amberhill isincredibly will World Beer Cup last year?
Yeah, No, it's still goingstrong. It's actually up this year so

nice. That's unusual for a beerkind of as quaint as that one,
but it's still delicious. And soif that one had gone away, that
would have been my answer. Butfortunately that that one is still is still
chugging along. Well, I gotyou bought two more minutes Brock Wagoners our
guest founders center on a brewing company, reflecting on thirty years. What's next
for you, Brock? I imagineeventually you'd probably want to hang it up,

go fishing, maybe get an RVand toward the country. But what's
next for Brock Wagner. So Iget asked a lot, what is my
exits strategy? Maybe that, butyeah, like what are you looking for
me? I look forward to doingthis. I have thought about what else
would I enjoy doing, and thereis nothing I would rather do. And

part of that is my life ismade a lot easier because I have a
really strong team here. You dohave made so I get to do exactly
what I like to do, andI like to focus on the strategic aspects,
the beer development, some of themarketing kind of stuff. You know,

those are things that really turned meon, and I love doing it.
I love I'm still very much involvedin the hiring process. I mean,
I would say ninety percent of thepositions I do the second interview.
In fact, I have one rightafter this, and it is the most
important thing that we do is hirepeople. So I still like this.

You know, I wouldn't mind,you know, being away a week a
month, but honestly, that's somethingthat's achievable because my main role is strategic
and you don't want to be doingstrategy forty hours a week, fifty two
weeks a year. It'll drive everybodycrazy because you'll keep changing and you won't
ever be achieving anything. There yougo, brock Wagoner, owner of Santa

Al Brewin Company, and be workinguntil he's eighties years old. At the
sixtieth anniversary. Can't wait to dothat interview. But I want to congratulate
you on thirty years and on behalfof everybody. And What's on Tap Radio
keep kicking it and we're proud tosee what you guys have done and see
what you guys are going. Thanksso much, Keep up your good work.
Tag Wagner's our guests, you haveone. We're a segment. What's
on Tap Redo, Hang with us. We'll be right back. The more

you weigh, the harder you areto kidnap, stay safe, drink more
beer. You've got What's on tapRadio? We don't thank our friends at
Tantrik Brewing Company located in Alegant,Michigan, right there on the Kalamazoo River.
Beautiful sites, beautiful beer, beautifulfood, and uh yeah, you

see the beer logic guy in therehanging out. Stop by get a free
What's on Tap Radio? High five, great beer, great times, great
food. Locate an Alligant, Michigan, Tantrik Brewing Company. All right,
last segment of What's on Time Radiofor this week? For this week,

Jack gets mad when I mentioned this, But I will tell you that we
had to battle through some technical difficultiesthroughout the entire show, but we made
it. We made it to thevery end. I want to thank our
good pal Brock Wagner celebrating thirty yearsof Saint Arnold Brewing Company. I also
did an additional twenty five thirty minuteswhere we just talked and talked and talked,

and I asked him questions about,you know, what's that one beer
that he's disappointed it's no longer inproduction, what's his what's he's proud of?
You know, what's he want todo? I mean, what's his
ultimate end game? Stuff like that. So make sure to catch up on
our podcast where we kind of expandmore into the conversation. But this segment

brought to you by our friends overat Tantric Brewing Company, which sponsors the
last segment What's on Tap Radio ofthe week. Tantrick Brewing Company located Alegan,
my hometown. Go over there andlike our Andrew did, Andrew showed
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Uh lives in Wisconsin and he camedown. We offered. We said,

hey, anybody willing to fly infrom out of state, you you as
long as we have tickets, youguys get him for free. And Andrew
got on a plane, flew fromWisconsin, came down to the Katye Wall,
West Broofest. We hooked him upVIP style, came in and hung
out. We've been staying in touchwith him. Great guy and really nice
guy. Super and then uh,he's like, oh yeah, I'm going
to West Michigan. And you know, just like we say, swing by

Tantrick Brewing if you're ever in theair. He was in Grand Rapids,
drove down to Allegan and he's like, where's Chad Pilbeam. I was refing
a soccer game. Turns out Iwas refing a soccer game nearby, and
we met up at a local barand had a couple of pints and had
some food and so it was goodto catch up with him. So he
got a free and he got afree What's on Tap Radio High five.
So I wasn't able to meet himover at Tantrick, but he did go

over to Tantrick and posted a picture, So thanks for supporting those who support
us. That's good. That's awesome. Let's work our social What's on tap
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Where else? Frins, Instagram,all over the place? What's on tap
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lot of great pictures. I tooka brock and then yeah, make sure
to catch our podcast anywhere podcasts arefound. I mean, our podcast is
found anywhere on every single podcast platform, thanks to our friends over at cast
branding you Space mytube. Yeah,I want to thank Superior pest Control for
sending the story over I like agood, feel good story, and this
is a good one. Out ofIowa, we talked about hold my Beer
and watched this was out of Iowawhere this guy was his fake ID.

They knew it was fake because onhis idea it said he was eight foot
tall, when in fact he wasonly five but eight. But Big Grove
Brewery, we'll give a shout outto Big Grove Brewery out in Iowa.
They're in the news after launching anew beer called Brighter Days to raise money
for mental health charity, and aportion of the proceeds are going to a
group called community like Community Crisis Services. And here is Julia Winter, she's

a director of development and Community CrisisServices talking about the special edition beer.
Let's I think it's cut five.So for us, our goal here is
really to just raise awareness for theservices that are offered for our neighbors.
I think it's a great time ofyear's graduation weekend and this beer is launching

on May tenth, and we're justreally grateful for the opportunity to get in
front of an audience that might notknow about Community Crisis Services. It's Julia
Winter, director of development in CommunityCrisis Services, talking about the special edition
beer. And yeah, Big GrowthBrewing out of Iowa launching a new beer
called Brighter Days to raise money formental health charity. So I applaud that.

I like a good fiel good storylike that, So I do too.
That's something that's it's really never discussed. It's a huge problem in this
country mental health awareness. It's funnypoliticians will talk about it the like we
need to addrest mental health and brewerssay, you know what, how about
this will brew a beer and we'llgive all the proceeds to actually doing the

research and then then the politicians say, way to go, Way to go,
And then everybody looks at the politicianssay yeah, we did your job.
So thank you to the brewing industry. They find causes that politicians talk
about, and brewers just have away of doing stuff. And by the
way, as a beer drinker,you're doing your part because when you buy

that beer, you're making sure they'resuccessful. And they keep doing those causes.
So cool, way to go,very cool. All right. Next
next president has to have a brewer'slicense. That's it. That's a mandatory.
All right, Biden, sit down, Trump, take a back seat,
get out. All right, thisstory right here speaking, James asked

me. He says, we gotto end on a feel good note.
Well, you kind of want toend on it feel good. It's what
we learned from Dave Ward along Marcasterin the Houston market that if it bleeds,
it leads, it's all in thenews runs. But you want to
shut an assault that all leads,but you want to close out the show,
close out the news with something thatmakes people feel good inside. All

right. So this story comes tous via email good friend of ours who
is a brew crew member over atthe backyard grill, Philly. They came
northwest side of Houston. It isBilly the Kid. How'd you know because
Billy Kid emailed us in the beginningof the show asking us that we were
okay because we were all last weekbecause he knew that we had storms to
come through our way, but wewere okay, okay. It's actually Devin
Bealy. Oh, it is Devin, and we call him doctor Bealey.

That's right, doctor Bay and heis. He's on the Cookoff team out
there and a great friend and aavid beer drinker, loves his dark beers,
and big supporter of the BYG andWhat's on Tap Radio. So thank
you, doctor Baly. Devin Bealeysent this over to us. He says,

guys, I think you missed thisstory. I've heard you talk about
the people with the auto brewery syndrome, but I don't think you talked about
this story. And this story goesback a couple of years. It's a
couple of years old, but wemissed this one. James, a Belgian
man, was pulled over two timesin a single month in twenty twenty two
for failing a breathalyzer test. Itwas over the Belgian's legal limit, and

he was charged with drunk driving.How tall, however, how tall was
her height? Was the eight feettall? No, no, he was
not. Actually he was four footfour, which led to why he only
had two ounces of beer and puthim over a limit. No, none
of that. In case you're notfamiliar with the auto brewery syndrome, it

is a very rare condition, veryvery rare. In fact, rumor is
is that according to well, let'ssay rumor, but statistics say that there
are only like twenty people in theworld with this condition. I mean,
it is so rare. But whereyour body takes all the carbohydrates and converts
it and ferments it in your stomachand the alcohol goes directly into your bloodstream.

So anytime you eat carbs, youryour stomach is a working brewery and
you are getting drunk. And sohe'd previously been hit with fines and had
his license suspended in twenty nineteen fordrunk driving because he didn't realize he had
ABS. But they had three independentphysicians test him, and now he's on
a low carb diet. And again, only twenty people in the world diagnosed

with this, and he was acquittedof all charges, Thank goodness, because
I mean the guy's just trying to, you know, drive home, and
he had no you know, noidea. Just it's not like he was,
you know, playing around with agun at seven years old and took
his eye out. I mean,you know, at his own accidentally.
This is a guy who is justborn that way and his stomach fermenting pushes

all ethanol levels above the legal limit, and so he has to be very
careful. And the twist about thestory not only does it end on a
happy note where you know, thedoctor's confirmed he had the condition, he
was released and without being charged.But ladies and gentlemen, what do you
want to guess? Take a wildguess of what he does for a living?

No, tell me, he's abrewer. He's a brewer. He
works at a brewery in Belgium.How's that for reny? And I want
to thank Devin Beely for sending thatover a brewer in Belgium suffers. He's
one of the twenty people in theworld who has an auto brewery system.

And by the way, syndrome andI have to ask this question. There
was a story we didn't get tothis week where they're making beer from killer
bees in Africa. My question isthis, who's going to be the first
one to make a beer from abrewer's stomach? Lining. Oh, that's
an odd They've made it from worstparts of the body. Close this show

out, okay, on that's thisis made for the testis from someone's body.
All right, I'm gonna give aspecial shout out to a brock Wagner
saying our brewing company for stopping bythe show. Go check out that interview
and then also check out our podcastwhere we did an additional minutes. Any
more podcasts are found, but Ido want to thank our wonderful sponsors before

we get out of here to thatbeing Tantric Brewing, Superior past Control be
a lot of conference and events.We know it's to nake an insurance group,
the backyard grill, giving the lightson nice and bright thanks to Hartle
Light Brewing, and of course watchour podcast cast branding so from mister Bilage
chap Hill being harbor lighte Bill Iam Bergrew Jameson saying thank you for checking
out What's on Tapago. We hopeyou enjoyed it and we hope that you
enjoyed it for another act pack ofyour show next week. Have a good

week, folks. See then thecheers
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