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December 6, 2023 81 mins
On tap this week: Naming your dog Beer, Bad reviews for the TeslaBeer, Jobs that are less fun than most people expect, Smartphones may be able to detect if you are drunk, Enjoying a beer in an old air traffic control tower, HP Sauce beer now exists, all this and soooooo much more presented by Cask Branding. Crack a beer and enjoy. Cheers!
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This is about to be good radio. To me, a craft brewer is
much more of a mindset. Wejust opened two cans. Spread the gospel
of good beer beer. Tons andtons of stuff going on in the beer
world. I love craft beer.I love different people's beer. It's the
first favorite. Cheers two old USbeer geeks and those new to the craft.

What's on Tap? High five?This is What's on Tap radio beer
and the culture that flows with it. Pears Beer Guru James Simpson and Beer
Logics Chad Pilbeam. Okay, herewe go, d three. You know

we got jukebox here and What's ontop Radio Studios on the West side of
Town Studio Asset fun Fact, Heydude, I didn't know if you know,
this is just a random fun fact. Grand Rapids, Michigan, home
of one of the largest manufacturers ofjukeboxes in the world. Really true story,
a little fun fact. I didn'tknow where removed our I didn't know

where removed our fun fact from thesecond segment in the first seven I like
you no, no, no,no, that though, this has just
added value, just a little moreabout my hometown here in Grand Rapids,
West Michigan. Uh, not justBeer City, USA, home to a
lot of great beer, the GreatLakes, great beer, Great Lakes,
but also jukeboxes. Interesting see learnit's something new this week. All right,

already kicking it off, Welcome tothe show. That's Chad. I'm
James, and for the next twohours we're kinda gonna just chill out a
little bit. You know, it'sa holiday season. You know, we're
not gonna get all doom and gloom. We're gonna kind of lighten things up
this week. And I'm not notto find the beers were were drinking because
some of the beers we're gonna bedrinking gonna be really big. But some

of the stories we're gonna be talkingabout gonna be a lighter on the lighter
side. But before we get underway, let's thank our advertisers, the ones
who stand by us and you know, have faith that we're not gonna you
know, the bring the station downand that being Tantric Brewing, Superior Pest
Control, being a lot of conferenceevents in Renald Tenecan Insurance Group, the

Backyard Grill, and of course sponsoringour podcast, Cass Branding. Yeah,
they trust us that, like,hey, look, just don't mess it
up, all right, right,that's it. I know, I feel
like I feel like we're one badten minute segment away from this whole house
of cards coming down. I feltthat for the past ten years. But
you know, hold on, we'regonna just hey, we're gonna take it
easy. We're gonna rock steady.You and I we were in the production

meeting today and you and I rememberwhat you told me. You said,
Chad, I don't want to doanything real heavy this week. I want
to just kind of take it easy. Let's rock. Let's just take it
easy, nice and steady. AndI was like, I'm thinking to myself,
how many bear stories do you have? I mean, we have been
taking it easy. Oh do Ihave another Bear Story on No, you
don't, dude. Our listeners,we have the best listeners. Our listeners

go to What's on Tap Radio atgmail dot com and they send us bear
stories. And I feel like Ihave to I have to call Bobian,
our imaging director. Oh there's ourname drop and get him to make some
sounder for our bear story and wecan get a sponsored and we'll talk to
you about how you can sponsor thatsegment. But not before we do the
official rots the table. It's broughtto the official Hey wait, we're gonna

just take it easy. Brought tothe table brought to you by a friends
at the Backyard Grill on the northwestside of Houston, who right now are
sitting there and they're like, hey, look, we've got one hundred different
beers and we're drinking. Why haven'tyou guys cracked open a beer yet?
So this is the part of theshow where James and I each bring a
beer to the and if we bringthe exact same beer, well this is
the final episode. Don't see thathappening this week. That's definitely not gonna
happen this week. Nope, nope, no, So James, who do

you want to go first. Whydon't you go first? All right,
I'm gonna go ahead and lead off. Yeah, we go first. I'm
gonna take a little line out ofFirst of all, I'm gonna take a
little line out of Abbott in Costello. Okay, So I want a beer.
Well, what brewery do you want? Well? Beer? No,
I know you want a beer,but what brewery? Beer? I know

you want a beer, but what'sthe brewery? Beer's the brewery? No,
beer's the beer? What brewery?It's actually the beer brewery? And
James, what time of year isit? Uh? I guess it's Springbok
season exactly, Octoberfest season. SoI have from beer brewery in Indiana.
Taste the awesomeness there, mars andGerman style amber lagger. Yes, because

I want to keep the party going, you know what. I'm kind of
like James. I want to aslong as there's an october Fest beer in
my friend and it's not January,I think it's okay to drink. I
think it's safe. You know.It's interesting that all during the Octoberfest season,
I was bringing all these Octoberfest marsins, and Chad would follow it up
by bringing a triple ipa, knowwhat, And now all of a sudden
and I am now he's the onebringing the October Fest. That's right,

I'm not bringing a triple ipa tothe table. This is beer Brewery again,
a five point what is it?Five point three percent mars and German
style l from somewhere in Indiana.That my sister picked this up for me
and she says, thought of you, basically, you know, thanks for
helping out with the kids, youknow, my niece and nephews, and
also thanks for helping out with herdog. So here we go. This

is a little sample. Let's seewhat this is all about. Here we
go. No, that's what beerglass is drinking, you know, Samuel
as Boston loger. Yeah, wellI would say that is fantastic if you're
looking for a classic German style amberlagger. Clean multi not too bready,
touch of sweetness, very clean fermentation, a bright, bright golden copper color,

yummy, tasty. We'll talk moreabout that. But James is thirsty.
So my first beer brought to thetable Beer Brewery, Marsin style beer
from somewhere in Indiana. Well,I like to introduce my I do have
a stunt beer liver in the studio. Mister Brian Holsen is joining me long
time front of the show. Likehaving him in the studio because that means
I get to bring the big gunsout whenever I have somebody in the studio,

because it's just sad when I havethe bree guns out, it's just
me by myself. But so afew weeks ago, Brian and I went
out to No Label. They hadan event for a Murky Myers event,
which we'll talk about here in alittle bit. But one of the breweries
that Bruda Murkey Myers is a brewerythat's up and coming Talyard, which is

going to be opening up in sugarLand. And this is the oatmeal stout.
Go ahead and crack that, Brian. This is the oatmeal stout.
Now this brewery isn't open yet,but the brewer Sean was nice enough to
give us this crowler and yeah,then a little bit of a mess,
go and pour that in. I'venoticed that with crawlers when you open those,
if it's a thirty two ouncer,they always seem to make a mess.

And so this is an oatmeal stout, and I think it's at like
it's a lower ABV five percent.Brian as the can right now, but
as soon as he's done with okay, yeah, here it does. And
Brian, we got a show todo. Hand the beer over five point
seven percent alcohol by volume, oatmealstout brewed with selected specialty malts and oats,
condition on toasted oak. So goodtoasted oak. Okay, all right,

I see the glass you're drinking outof as well, the Sam Adams
Boston Logger glass. That's why Imade a note of him. But heightened
beer drinking experience, a little smokinessfrom the toasted oak. And again,
this is the oatmeal stout. I'mnot sure if it has a name yet,
but it's oatmeal stout five point sevenpercent alcohol by volume. And that's
what I brought from tal Yard Brewing, which is gonna be opening up next
year out in Sugarland, Texas.And then Chad kicked it off with the

the beer brewery b I E.R. So this is the beer brewery.
I got it. Oh, andJames and you had the tall Yard.
I had the beer brewery, andI got a trespasser. Oh stunt
beer liver just showed up. Allright, Well, we'll hang on.
We'll introduce the bill here in asecond. But on Tap this week,
we're gonna talk about jobs that soundmore fun than they are. And oh,

the reviews are in from the TeslaBeer. We'll talk about that,
all this and so much more.We'll be right back with the official What's
on Tap Radio fun fact a week. Yeah, we drink water, but
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tim of year. It is whenwe all get together. Welcome back to
the show. We want What's onTop Radio? That is first segment brought
to the table, sponsored by ourfriends by the Backyard Girl. Jack kicked
it off with the Octoberfest because it'sthat time of season. That's right,

it is, I know. Andwhat brewery is it? It's the beer
Brewery. Yeah, I know,but it's the one that makes beer.
I know. But it's actually calledthe Beer Brewery b I. E.
R. And it is from Indianapolis, Indiana. So yeah, a little
small little town they're in Indiana.Yeah, that's sure. If you guys

have ever heard of it, stopby. It's a lovely place. Lovely
place. I heard it is heard. It's nice this time of year,
it's really nice. Yeah, yeah, yeah, this time of year.
It is to that's my check out. Picaka to Peka is nice. So
I brought the oatmell stout from thetai Yard. Now they're not open yet.

I think they projected what they saytwenty twenty four. Sometime. I
think June to reset that too realquick. Because for those who don't know
where Tallliard is, Okay, soin Sugarland, Texas, which is on
the southwest side of Houston, whereI grew up. Fun fact, there's
a baseball field for the Castllation Field, home of the Space Cowboys, which
is a Triple A affiliate for theHouston Astros. And right down the street

from this beautiful stadium is going tobe this beautiful state of the art brewery
in building in construction right now.And we've gotten to know the owners of
it and the brewer and we've beenhappening to hang out over No Label last
week with they were doing a MurkeyMyers kind of all, a couple of
breweries around town brewed to Murkey Myers, which is the what kind of IPA

is it? I guess it's ahazy IPA for Yeah, No Brewing Company.
So some of their friend breweries kindof came out with their own version
of it. It was really cool. And happened to catch our buddy Sean
over there, who's gonna be thebrewmaster for Talliard, and he handed me
this omell stout. He said,a man, I love for you guys
to try this beer. Let meknow what you guys think. They actually
did open it at the event andwe liked it. I just don't know

a lot about oatmeal stouts other thanthe fact that they're lower ABV, especially
this one, and it has likea kind of like a smoky taste and
it's got a little bit of alittle bit of chocolate, and I just
the roasted flavor is that's my favoriteparty and it's a thinner body goes down
remooth. So I know Bill's hangingout in the studio Harbor Light Bill and
so oh yeah, he shut upa little late because he had to find

a parking spot. Well, itis kind of hard to park there.
Well, you know, they gotto pay to park and then you want
a valet. It's weird. Butoatmeal stouts, what's the what's the profile
of a omeal stout? Bill?Well, I like to brew oatmeal stouts
and use the oatmeal for a coupleof different reasons. It gives you a
better mouth feel, little creamy ortaste. That oatmeal also has a tendency

to uh subdue the bitterness and alot of the strigencies that you get from
the real dark malts. Yeah,that's exactly what it tastes. Yep,
Bill, I feel like we justwent down to the fifty yard line for
an analysis on that last play man. That was great job there, Bill.
We'll check in with you later inthe game. Back to you guys
in the studio. Now, Butis that five? And uh yeah,

I'm a I'm a big fan.I like the lower ABV stouts if you
like the lower ABV oatmeal stouts.As a matter of fact, I think
I have one in the fridge andnow I got a stunt beer liver,
I may have to crack another oneopen. I mean, you know,
we want to keep the party going, but wait, we want to just
rock steady. There you go?All right, Uh, we got we
gotta do this, Chad, hangon now the official What's on Tap Radio

fun fact of the week, broughtto you by Who's ever checked clear?
This week? And then when Chad'sdone with this, I do have a
story about I wanting a beer?Oh okay, well I was once upon
a time I wanted a beer andI got one. Oh wow, just
just wanted one. I just wanta beer. All right? Well this,
uh, this official what's on TEPradio fun Fact of the Week scratches

right where I itch and we're gonnajust take a die. Know there's appointments
for that Chad, Yeah, yeah. Or I just turn on some yacht
rock music. That's what I do. That's what I do. It's it's
my genre, that's what I like. And uh, I was it was
interesting. I was scrolling through justlooking at non beer stuff and somebody says,

check it out. The new SteelyDan hit just dropped, and I
was like, what, dude,they can't do that. There's no way
that there's there's no way. I'msorry, they didn't just release new new
music. So what I wanted totackle really quickly with this is I said,
wait a minute, I'm curious toknow since the drink of yacht it

tends to be more champagne, Itend to realize that. I'm like,
beer kind of gets overlooked in theworld of yachts and yacht rock music and
southern California. I don't understand what'sgoing on there, but I could yacht
rock music and beer be related.Well, it turns out that at the
height of their popularity, Steely Danwas absolutely part of the yacht or rather

part of the beer landscape, andthey did a little jingle four Schlitz beer.
But I thought about this, It'slike, why did I never hear
this? Where did this never surfaced? I don't remember seeing this commercial or
hearing it whatsoever. And I'm like, wait a minute, And I started

looking all over for it, couldn'tfind it, couldn't find it, and
couldn't find it. Let's pause outon this story for just one second.
Ladies and gentlemen, if you havechildren around you, you may want to
cover their ears ear muffs. SteelyDan gets its name from a certain apparatus
that a lonely female may use tomassage tense muscles. Yes, that's what

Steely Dan is named after. Believeit or not. Turns out somebody made
a beer bottle version of that formen, and yes, it looks exactly
like a beer bottle. Ah huh, what does that have to do with
anything? Well, when Steely Danwas approached by Schlitz Beer to write a

jingle. It included a Spanish translationfor to grab a beer, and it
just so happens that the word inSpanish for to grab is Latin American vulgar
slang for well, let's just sayrelations, intimate relations, and therefore,

as a result, the ad neveraired. However, we hear what's on
Tap Radio, we do the deepdive and we do the research and James,
if you'll play cut eight, youwill find mind the never released Steely
Dan Schlitzbeer ad once and there youhave it, the brand new release from

Steely Dan. Actually it's not abrand new release, it's the never released
jingle for the Schlitz Beer ad.So your official ONTs on Tap Radio.
Fun fact of the week is thatSteely Dan was approached by Schlitzbear to write
a jingle, but it included aLatin American vulgar slang word in one of
the translations, and therefore never aired. And if you ever look up what

Steely Dan was named after, wellit turns out that it's a well,
we'll just leave it alone. Youjust remember incognito search whenever you're using that
Google Now that's your official ones onTEP Radio Fun Fact of the Week.
Next time, I'm gonna run thisnow, usually you would run this before
the fun Fact. The following featurehas been rated PG by the Motion Picture
Association of America. Parental guidance issuggested we should run that before the fun

fact. But sorry about this incase you know, but well, I
do remember seeing that Slit's add butthis is not on TV. This was
on YouTube because I love watching oldbeer commercials, whether it's Hams, they
had really good commercials back in theseventies, Schlitz, who else had some
good ones? Well, Olympia,Yeah, Olympia had Olympia had some good

ones too. Hey, Mabel blackLabel and then Peels Beer. Peel's Beer
was another one with black and whitecartoons. Yeah, so I'm sorry we
had to get a little vulgar onthis one, but I thought it was
interesting because of how Steely Dan wasnamed. And yes, it just crosses
the line on all of these areasof vulgar relations. There you go.

Every now and then we got to, you know, skate the line a
little bit. That's been official.What's on tap of your Fun Factor week?
All right, we gotta take abreak. But when we come back,
we've got a lot to discuss,including the reviews are coming in on
the Tesla beer. We'll discuss those, and we're gonna talk about naming your
pets. All this is so muchmore be right back. Did you know
that six beers a day can reduceyour risk of giving a rat ass?

I feel like this is a Ihear Casey Casem coming in American Top forty
time, out of mind, stillyDan. I just want to schlitz now
all of a sudden. Yeah,during the break, we were talking about
some of our favorite beer commercials fromthe seventies and hell we went sixties,
and here comes Bill chimes in.I'm like Bill, damn it, No,

No Bill, Bill, Bill,Bill, tell everybody what was your
favorite commercial? My favorite commercial forany beer was the old Rainier beer,
and the best one was a motorcycle. He's driving around Mount Rainier and the
throttle of the bike sounded like tadeit away. It was just the best

commercial. I don't remember that one, but I will definitely look that one
up. No, Rainier did havesome good beer commercials. That was another
one that was really good. SoI want to piggyback off your story real
quick, Chad about a wedding ofbeer. So yeah, So I was
twenty about to be twenty one.I was in Europe and I was skateboarding

and I was stopped at this trainstation. I was going to catch the
train to the next town, andit was the last train out for that
evening, and I was about fortyfive minutes before the train came, and
I was really hot from skating fromwhere I was to the train station.
So there was this little brewery.I don't know if it was like a
brew pub, but it was rightoutside the train station that had this huge
Hamburger signed with a nice beer ad. And I was like, you know

what, I'll go for a beer. But I didn't really know a lot
about beer. So when I walkedin, there was this old man sitting
at the end of the bar justreading a newspaper, and there was a
big bartender. This guy's massive,and I I was like, yeah,
I want a beer because I didn'treally know how to order a beer.
And he's like, oh, youwant a beer. He's like, yeah,
I want a beer. He's likeyou want a beer. He's like,
yeah, I want a beer.He's like, you want a beer.
I'm like, oh my god,I'm scared. Just give me something,

man, And I guess you heardmy accent, and he just gave
me the thickest ten W thirty I'veever seen in a glass. But I
remember it being the most delicious thingI ever tasted. And I remember from
that point on, I was like, are there more beers out there like
this? I must go in aquest and fight them. And I drank
one and it was a half liter. And I drank one, and I

got up and I paid and Istumbled on out of there. Meanwhile I
stumbled, oh yeah, did Iever? And meanwhile the old guy sitting
at the end of the bar probablyhad about ten of them, you know,
finished up his newspaper, finished hisbeer, paid and just walked out
casually, got on his bike androde off. But like I said that
you're trying and brought it up thatI want a beer, I just didn't

know how to order one. Soyou just said I want a beer,
and the guys like, you wanta beer, and it's like, yes,
I didn't. I didn't see whatwas wrong with your answer. And
that's why I guess he was like, well, we have Carlsburg, we
have Tuborg, we have you know, Foxy, we have all these.
I just told him I wanted abeer, and so he was like,
oh, I mean we have youknow, eight different beers on tap,

but you want a beer, Like, can you give me more? And
I was like no, I justwant a beer. And he's like,
you want a beer. I'm likeyes, So finally got angry. I
just want a beer. Just giveme a what I don't know what I'm
doing. I don't know what kindof beer it was, but if I
want to tell you a guest,I would have said, it was kind
of a maybe a dunkle, butI remember it being sweet, but it
was really dark and just so good, so full of flavor. But that

kind of that kind of interested mein this beer culture. Yeah. And
then then you said, after yourlast sip and you paid your bill,
I'm gonna go start a radio show. Exactly what I said. I called
my mom. I was a mom. I need to come home from Europe
because I know what I'm destined todo. I can't talk now. I'll
talk more about it. I won'want to get home, but book that
next flight. I tell you whatI'm destined to do. I'm destined to

open up another bottle because I gotstunt beer Liver Bill from Harvard light Bury
in studio with me, and Iwant to keep the theme going because what
time of year is it springbok right? Exactly? Octoberfest season, right,
And so I wanted to have anothertraditional German style Octoberfest beer. As we
know, not all Octoberfest beers areMarsans, some are Imperial pumpkin nails.

And this one with Karen from SouthernTier Brewing Company. Right now, somebody's
yelling at their radio a cern TearBrewing Company the eight point six percent caramel
pumpkin. By the way, itis pronounced caramel. If you say it's
caramel, you're just wrong. Okay, it is caramel. We don't get
the eight point six percent very color. I mean, pumpkin beer doesn't have

to be dark. In fact,I'd say probably most pumpkin nails are.
I got a little bit lighter incolor. But wow, oh well,
Bill just jerked his head back.Oh man, great, now I gotta
file a insurance claim because he's liabilityclaim. He's got whiplash. Here we
go, man, how's that?Taste. It tastes like liquid caramel,

but a little bit of pumpkin,A lot of caramel, a little bit
of pumpy. Yeah. I wasgonna say, it's like pumpkin spice been
kissed and drizzled and drenched and baptizedand everything else in caramel. That is.
That's a cavity in a glass,is what that is. Okay,
we si it's a Southern tier inthis part of the country. But I
don't think we do anymore, dowe? Brian? Look at this artwork,

though, I like, I kindof like this there. It's got
the it's like the angry pumpkin themid wearing a chef's hat, and he's
got like all the put a pumpkinbatter all over his apron and he's got
put up large muscles. Put itup again. Look at it. He's
kind of a beast. He's gota little overalls on. Yeah. Well
no, he's got an apron onand he's got that batter from like making
pumpkin pie. And then but Imean it's got caramels just sticky all over

the place. This thing is I'mnot going to be able to finish this
whole thing. I don't think nicechef's hat too. Yeah that's true.
Yeah, so all right, Sofrom Southern Tier Brewing Company the Caramel Pumpkin
Imperial pump Pumpkin Ale inspired by theBrian heisb Bavarian Purity last fifteen sixteen,
which was part of the original OctoberFest. And right now everybody is ready

to tune out. Okay, bythe way, none of that is true.
I made up all of it,except for the fact that that's what
we're drinking. That's at chefs ifyou hold this show. All right,
So I hate Brian. I thinkit's time to for us to crack another
beer. What we're gonna go with? Special beer? I told Brian pick
any beer out of the old coolerhere at or the fridge here at studios.
Nothing's off limits, nothing's off one. That's except for that that the

third road. Did you get inthe crisper drawer? That's where good beer
goes to die? Oh crap,I forgot we put beer in the crisper
drawer. It's sat in there fora year. All right, what are
we going to crack here? Dogfishone? Shut up? So going yeah,
yeah, we're gonna do it big. You know it's the holidays.

Well, geez man, nothing likecoming out swinging. Well, Brian gave
me this beer, like what acouple of months ago. Yeah, it's
been sitting in my fridge here atstudios. It's one of the only I
pas that you can actually age alittle bit. See you check that out
one twenty dogfish head. It's noteven really an I p A. It's
more of a barley barley wine.It's a barley wine. But you know

they they call it one twenty becausethey, you know, soak those Hopkins
hop it for one hundred and twentyminutes, so for two hours you just
see hops just going shaking in there. Oh that's so good, sweet sweet
barley wine. Yeah it's barley wine. Yeah, it's probably one exactly what
it is. M hmm. Butthis, yeah, dogfish one twenty,

and this comes to you at well, I don't know nd lot seventeen percent
or something. It doesn't even eighteenI don't even think. I don't even
think they put it on the labelbecause if they put it on the label,
I don't think they're allowed to sellit in certain states. All it
says is age as well. Yeah, yeah, a lot of that's yeah,
it's so stupid laws, stupid government. Yeah, government, We've we've

done dogfish Head one twenty on theshow multiple times. But yeah, just
been a minute. It's been aminute since we've done it. But I
wanted to bring it back. LikeI said, I told Brian, pick
any beer out of that fridge,and out of eight beers, I said,
no, no, no, no, that's the one you got.
All right, Hey, just kidding, Hey, I want to pick you
back real quick off your fun fact. I came across a fun fact about

Winston Churchill. Did you know hehad a doctor's note to drink unlimited alcohol
during the Prohibition? No? Yeah, so apparently after getting hit by a
car when he was trying to crossthe street, he had a doctor write
at prescription so he can drink unlimitedamount of alcohol during prohibition. It's said,
and I quote this post accident causedaveillance of Winston Churchill. Necessities the
use of alcoholic spirits, especially mealtimes. The quantity is naturally indefinite,

but the minimum requirements would be twohundred and fifty cubic centimeters that's roughly two
hundred and fifty milli liters or eightpoint five ounces. So he actually had
a doctor write him a note sohe can drink unlimited alcohol during prohibition because
yeah, he got hit by acar. I thought was interesting fun fact.
Uh, well, that's yeah.I don't even know how to top

that. I mean, that's Iwant this. I want to meet that
doctor. I want to, Ireally do. But uh, Brian,
Hey, Brian showed me the clockingin at fifteen to twenty percent ABV the
right. They don't give you theexact on that. I'm gonna guess this
is probably somewhere around eight, No, probably seventeen percent, because I think
it feels that age is more.He gets the ABV jumps up there.

Yeah, probably something like that.But I don't know. What do you
think? Brian so good? Yeah, that's all he does. That's all
he says. Yeah, and ifhe drinks that bottle by himself, it's
gonna be so good. But wehave another beer on the on deck circle
that's a little lower ABV. Butyou know, I figured that we have
some helping studio that we might aswell, So let's go ahead and reset

here. So hanging out in StudioS on the West side of Houston with
James is Brian Holzen, our goodbuddy from KPRC, and then hanging out
to TV Yes CTV and at theBeer Logic World headquarters and drinking emporium in
Alligan, Michigan. I've got Billfrom Harbor Light helping us keep the lights
on. And uh so we're hangingout here and James and I just you

know we're gonna be able to samplesome more beers on this episode. Here
and now you've also got bonus funfacts because James, he's just crossed the
streams throwing in a Winston Churchill reference. Well, I figure we don't have
that doctor, but I want him. I figure we do this well.
Light, we'll lighten up our storiessince we'll go heavy on the beers,
the ying and yang effect of what'son Tap Radio this week. But on

Tap this we've got plenty more toget to. We're gonna talk about naming
your pets, and the reviews arein on the Tesla beer. Are they
loving it or they hating it?We'll let you know. And how about
drinking beer inside of an old airtraffic control tower. We're gonna talk about
that this week. All this somuch more, we'll be right back we
have to talk about it. Weare, Yeah, we have to talk
about this week. The more youweigh, the harder you are to kidnap,

stay safe, drink more beers,you've got what's on tap radio?
Come fly with me, Let's fly, Let's fly away. Basically how I
feel right now after enjoying this dogfishwith my buddy Brian Hols in here in

studio s on the west side oftown. Let's fly away. But we're
not We're not going as fast asChad and Bill. Well, there's a
reason. I mean, what wedrank was not I'm not gonna lie that
that caramel. Bill, did youlike that beer? A little too sweet?
That's no, that's a solid no. He's trying to be nice,

yes, kind of. But butas a brewer and brewery owner, I
never like to, you know,dog anybody else's beer because they make it
for a reason. You can youcan say you don't like it without dogging
it the way you do it.Just a little too sweet for me,
too sweet for him the way youdo. Look, I know there's I
can appreciate it. I know there'sa demo out there for it, but

it's just not me, right,that's not our demographic. It's too much
for us. And now I gotto schedule a dentists appointment because I gotta
get that cavity fill. All right, it was a little too sweet.
By a little, he means alot. So we're gonna go ahead and
crack open another beer. Holidays,Holidays. I don't even it is,
you know, we're just I don'teven know what it is. Let it
open. Yeah, well, thisis this comes from a brewery called,

let me check here, Harbor LightBrewery, South Haven. Oh wait,
that's that's Bill. Bill made this, all right, Bill, tell everybody
what we're drinking. Well, it'sa double ip, a double dry hot
bourbon barrel aged I made all abouta year and a half ago. What
barrels, bourbon barrels. It's guys, I don't care what he says.

It is. It's freaking barley wineand it is heaven. Wow. Chad's
in a good place speaking the thirdperson. Now, Oh, I like
how wow, Lion's pulling up hissleeves that. Oh you want to do
that? Okay, Okay, Igot something, all right, I start
just one up in each other.They're on the show. I thought we
were gonna rock steady and just takeit easy. We are stories. We're

taking easy on the stories, butwe're still got some good stories to get
to. However, the beers,on the other hand, you know,
we have to balance the show out, gotta balance it out a bit.
Well, Hey, I like howyou did that, So James, So
those of you who can't see,because this is a radio program in a
podcast, James just put his handsup like a couple of wings. For
the last few i'm gonna say months, we have been saying we are gonna

get to this story. It's kindof like Jimmy Kimmel when he ran out
of time for Matt Damon. Andwe'll get Matt Damon on next week.
And we'll get Matt Damon On nextweek. But believe it or not,
we have stories. It's what wecall Evergreen, and we have a folder
called Evergreen, and these are storiesthat one day we'll get to. They

have no shelf life, they're nottime stamped, they're not dated, so
we can get to them at anytime, talk about whenever we want exactly.
And I've been trying to get tothis story for like, I don't
know, three weeks now, butwe have these little little behind the scenes
journalism here inverted pyramid here on What'son Tap Radio where we have all this
stories ABC. Those are our topstories. And then at the very bottom

of the pyramid is stories like enjoyinga beer in this air traffic control tower.
Well, no, see that's thething right there. And see I
didn't find this that interesting in thatI thought, wait a minute, what
are two things you never want tohear. Let's see, drinking beer and
air traffic controllers? Like, waita minute, Well it got me thinking.
It got me thinking. We've beento a lot of brewery amongst the

four of us, all right,and it's very expensive for a brewery to
build from the ground up. I'mnow t tell yard, which we've been
talking about. They're building from theground up. But a lot of times
they'll just take over a space anddo some renovations and make it into a
brewery. And so Chad has drummedup a list of some Yeah, he's
made out a list of breweries,interesting breweries that have I've renovated a space

and what it used to be.We have a few lists, a few
on the list. But so wecan finally get this on the show.
I'm not gonna I'm gonna start withthe place that we've been talking about for
over two months. We're gonna starthere. Ladies and gentlemen, if you
want to drink beer at a breweryin an unusual location, I take you

too, just outside of Denver,Colorado. Where you can go and you've
never hang out Denver International Airport.Well, no, well, there are
breweries at Denver International Airport, Butwhat originally opened in nineteen twenty nine as
the Denver Municipal Airport in Stapleton andserve the Mile High City until nineteen ninety
five. You can now go anddrink beer in an air traffic control tower

and that's sorry. You can goup there and pretend you're landing planes and
do whatever you want. You cantour the place for ten bucks. But
there is a Denver based brewery openingits doors and a now retired air traffic
controls. Now, you're not gonnaby the way, You're not gonna be
in the way of somebody going,Yeah, your scheduled land that's a right,
runway nine, runway eight. No, you're you're clear. Now you

can pretend all you want. It'sgonna cost you ten bucks to go up
there in the tower and pretend butit's the flight company spelled fl yte Co
Brewery started occupying the space back intwenty twenty two. It's an aviation theme
bring company previously only occupied on thefirst three floors, but now offers an
entire tour of the tower space andyou can go up there, you can

drink beer, you can hang out, pretend you're an air traffic controller.
If you're twenty one years and older, and anyone under age, you got
to be accompanied. But there yougo out there. You can now enjoy
beer inside of an old traffic airtraffic control tower. And this led to
a discussion. Well, when yousaid an air traffic controller and you said
Denver, have you ever been toDenver International Airport? If you've been that

that airport, you can need abeer or two. Oh my gosh,
yeah, that airport is out ofcontrol. There are two airports that are
that that caused me to have anelevated level of stress. I can name,
I've been checking name. Don't letme guess Denver. Denver's one.
But there's there's a lot of goodbeer there. There's a lot of rock
Bottom Brewery there. But also ifyou've ever flown through Atlanta, oh my

god, brew that place. Absolutelyscrew that place. If you have a
choice of flying through Hell or Atlanta, choose Hell. I'm telling you Atlanta.
If you're listening right now, fixit. It is the worst airport
in the country. Oh I hateit. I hate that place, all
right. So, James, wewere talking about. Here's a list of

some other places, and I justwant to know how you feel about this.
It in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Youcan drink at the church Brewworks,
which is a former Lutheran church.Also the Phlossmore station in just outside of
Chicago, and the filling station justoutside of or actually in Traverse City,

Michigan, former train stations. JailhouseBrewery in Georgia. Take a while,
guess what it was a museum sono, actually no, it was a
place where senior citizens went to knit. No, it was a jailhouse.
Yes, it was a jailhouse burgerso yeah, that was the case.
Let's see Brewery Vivant in Grand Rapids. This one's fun It was an old

funeral parlor. It was a churchdedicated to funerals. I don't know,
I feel about that. I don'tknow either, but that that takes me
back to the first time I wentto the Great American Beer Festival and Schmaltz
Brewery, which was a contract brewerythey got rid of there they actually built
a brewery. Smalt's no longer inbusiness, but at the Great American Beer

Festival they had a coffin there andyou could go drink a beer in a
coffin. I don't know, andI know I did it. I did.
I was there. I got apicture of myself going a beer in
the coffin and because they had ablack I PA called death of a contract
Brewer. It was a great beer. Also, sticking with the Grand Rapids
them City Built Brewery is in theold Brass Works building, which is where

founders actually started out, and that'sa furniture city. So Brass Works they
did all the brass fittings for furniture. If you're just tuning in, we're
talking about breweries that have taken overspace and what this buildings used to be
used for. Now I want builtbuild described the Minton Brewery in downtown Grand

Rapids, fantastic space, the oldfirehouse from Grand Rapids Fire Department does built,
does have the pole nic Yes itdoes? Uh and built around eighteen
seventy Yes, I believe. Yep, there you go. And so that
Britain, Colorado Springs. Bristol Breweryis an old elementary school, which I

think is awesome. Two guys Breweryand Grand Rapids was an old seven to
eleven And I can't help fetch brewerywhere you and I went that summer,
James. That was an old bank. It has a vault. All that
kishop is that was cool and oneof the coolest places Backpuwbe Brewing and Porter
Texas, which had was an oldchurch and when they cleaned the place out,

they found all the seven Deadly sinspainted on the wall, which they
walked the kids by, like,don't do this, don't forget our friends
at Platypus used to be an urbannight nightclub, Yeah, nightclub, and
they found some very interesting things whenthey were doing some renovation. So that
thought that was pretty interesting. Sodrinking beer in an old traffic control tower
in Colorado interesting? All right?Coming up next hour, we're talking about

naming your pets. The reviews onthe Tesla beer hold my beer and watch
this all this is so much more. Hang with us. We'll be right
back, because it's five o'clock somewhere. Live life, every old and menonomet
it's always time for those slackers ofwhat's on tap Radio? Two three?

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I am the complaint department. Allright, you won't be the first
or last to send a complaint.All right. Uh, it's not for
us to crack another beer. I'mstill nursing the one twenty, so I'm

gonna let that kind of sit over. Oh you got you have a second
glass, a stunt glass. Yeah, of course we do. We're pro
secondary. Yeah, we just turnedpro last week. So oh I'm nice.
That's sorry. You've been you cameout of the relegated league. You're
no longer in the Division one,You're up in the Premier League. Yeah,
we got pulled up to the dance. I like it, all right,
Brian. Brian's actually gonna pull somethingout of his little cooler here.

Oh you know, Okay, I'mjust gonna tell you right now, Brian,
I'm gonna tell you this guy alwaysbrings his A game when he shows
up in studio. He doesn't goand say, well, let's here's some
trash I want to unload. Healways says, let's see if I could
drop one and on Pillbeam or onSimpson there where they go wow. And

he does except for that mitchelbe Ultrathat he brought. Oh he did bring
a michelot. But you know whathe did though, when he brought the
Michelo Ultra, we all went wowand we couldn't believe it, Like,
what the heck? It made forgood radio? What do we got?
Right? So this week we've gota big country from Martin House Brewing up
in Fort Worth, and it's asmoked pecan and vanilla stout. Okay,

so there's no weird like not enoughpizza sauce in there, where's the where's
the squid ink and the menthol Comeon, man, it's Martin House.
There better be some carrots, I'mtelling you if there's not a shoelace in
there, and come on, there'sgotta be more to that beer. It's

Martin House by the way, ifyou're not, if you're new to the
show, Martin House Brewery out ofFort Worth, Texas. They make really
good beer and then then they makeother stuff dark that looks that looks great,
great too? Yeah, what dowe get on that? Dang?
Look at that? Bill wants toget a look at this. Oh yeah,

there you go, Bill, therethere, Yeah, look at that
thing. It looks like a darkboil change. What's abv on. We're
not messing around. Yeah, thisis you know what. I kind of
feel like we've turned this into acompetition. We were gonna take it easy
on the story stories. We havenot taken it easy on the beer.
Well. I told you we hadto balance the show out, So that's

how we're doing it. We gotthe lighter stories, but the heavier beers.
Do we have a bear story inhere? So I got a bear
story. Hold my beer and watchthis brought to you by the ring Melds
of ten Hacen Insurance Group, wherethey'll cover you for just about everything except
this. Try to figure out wherethis took place. Let's just say Florida
for the second story, but probablynot. I was just gonna say,

dude, I mean, don't youlove our show prep? Okay, so
let's just how easy are we goingto take it on the stories this week?
Not even going to show prep.We're not even going to look and
see where this one took place?All right? So it's an employee at
a Chili's in Port Charlotte. I'mon it, okay, contacted authorities after
her wallet was stolen and a cardwas used in four unauthorized transactions. The

card was used at a wind Dixie, a Public's, a Shell gas station,
at Dollar General in the span ofseveral hours. On October twenty ninth,
deputies visited the stores where transactions weremade and reviewed the surveillance footage,
which showed a man in a blackshirt, black pants, and a Chili's
baseball hat. The deputies contacted themanagement at Chili's, who I d the

man in the footage as Edward Atwood? Does he know us? Does not?
Maybe he does? I don't know. Oh maybe maybe I'm not dropping
name for him. Okay, Iwon't drop a name. It was revealed
that Atwood was working at that saidChili's on the same day her wallet was
stolen. That's right, a coworkercriminal. On Halloween, deputies arrived at

Atwood's home and spoke to the homeowner, who said aw Would had purchased a
brand new pumpkin on their front porch. It was very nice to jack o'
lantern alongside with a case of beer. When I saw pumpkin, I saw
beers like, oh, he purchasedpumpkin beer. No, no, no,
he purchased a pumpkin and a caseof beer. Does it say what

kind of beer? Does not saywhat kind of beer? Journalism damn it
Ow had arrived at home shortly after, and he was arrested. Deputies found
his coworker's wallet on his person,along with all of her ideas and cards.
Deputies also reviewed other footage which showedAtwood leaving the house wearing the same

outfit he was seen at the storesurveillance and removing the purchase beer and pumpkin
from his car. That was releasedfrom the Charlotte County Jail after posting a
twenty three thousand dollars bond. So, yeah, we have Edward Attwood,
who was charged with four counts offraud, impersonation, possession of a stolen
credit card, and first degree pitta theft after the incident was unfolded on

October twenty ninth, Oh Florida,Florida. I say, I was just
gonna say, there's a reason wedidn't bother looking it up, because we
already knew where it happened. Yeah, Florida man impersonates Florida man steals wallet
from Chili's coworker to buy a pumpkinand beer a case of beer at publics

now I'm going to say, I'mgonna just go out on a limb here,
and I'm just gonna say this rightnow. I would never steal somebody's
wallet, purse, anything of thesort. But hypothetically if I did,
the first thing I'm doing is I'mlike, where can I get me a
pumpkin and a case of beer?I'm in right there, I mean because
that, I mean, so thisguy, you know, logically, he
bought the two essentials that you needa pumpkin. And I have to say,

because the police department posted a pictureon their Twitter or ex whatever it's
called, it's a very nice whatever. It was a nice handcrafted jack a
lantern. So he did some ofhis his jack landern skills were pretty good.
I guess, surprise he didn't buya knife too curve that thing.
But no, it does not saywhat kind of beer it was. But
yeah, Florida man wallet from Chili'sco worker buys a pumpkin and beer from

a publix and that it's been yourhold my beer and watched. It is
brought to you by our friends atRenalded take an insurance group. We'll then
ensure you for lots and things butthey're not gonna show you if you're going
around stealing people's wallets or co worker'swallets, and then going around buying a
case of beer and you know,a pumpkin. No, though not enough
liability insurance for that. No,so yeah, I didn't know it was,

but sure enough, there it iswriting the story Florida man, that's
been your hold my beer and watchedthis all right, Still to get to
we have got to talk about thisTesla beer. The reviews are in.
Also, we got to talk aboutnaming your pets. I know, what
does that have to do with anything? We'll make sense of it all.
All this so much more coming rightup. We'll be right back. Beer.
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This is gonna sound funny if youlisten to the podcast, which is brought
to you by cast Brandy. Ifyou listen to podcasts in like ten years,
but pretty soon hitting the roads orthe Tesla trucks. The Tesla trucks
are gonna be hitting the roads hereand before you know it, you're gonna
start seeing them all over the place. But coming up, the reviews on
the new Tesla beer are out,and I I'm not I'm surprised. I'm

surprised. I'm surprised with the reviews. You know what surprises me more than
a review on the Tesla beer.I did a beer logic show in Atlanta.
Was I in Atlanta when I ranit? Yes, I was in
Atlanta and a guy came up tome and he said, Hey, I
heard you guys talking about the Teslabeer and I want to try it.

But he said, I want totry it with you, So I'm willing
to buy it and send it toyou, but you got to tell me
how to get it. So we'regoing to try and get our hands on
some. But I have somebody who'sgoing to buy this beer for me.
That's nice of them. Well,it's one hundred and fifty dollars for two
bottles. It's seventy five dollars foran eleven ounce bottle. And I'm like,
I'm not spending that No, whatYeah, I know Bill was over

here. He's like, yeah,I'm in the wrong. I'm making the
wrong kind of it. It's aHellis lagger. It's only five and a
half percent Hellas lager, like witht notes and such. And you know
what the problem is, Bill,It cost I'm about forty nine cents to
make that bottle. No, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no. You didn't callit cyber beer. See that.
If you call it cyber beer,you can charge seventy five dollars a bottle.
Yeah, you can do whatever youwant when you have a fancy name

on front of it. So beforewe get to that story, as I
was talking earlier, when I wasgoing around Europe and then I stumbled across
a brew pub and I wanted abeer, and they had like eight different
beers on tap, but I didn'tknow how to order a beer because I
was want to beer beer beer.Anyways, Well, when you're over there
in Europe, some condiments they havehere we don't. They didn't have over

it in Europe, but they dohave conniments over there that You're just like,
all right, well I don't havethis, so I guess I'll substitute
with this. Now. I willnever substitute in a tela for peanut butter.
I will not do that one.No, no, no, no.
But will you put Manny's on yourFrench price. It's kind of like
a it's not mayonnaise. It's it'slike it's a it's aol. But yeah,
okay, yeah, delicious. Irather no, it's not. I

rather get some. But the HPsauce I can't get down with. I
cannot get down with HP sauce.I've not had this yet. Now.
HP sauce comes from the United Kingdom, right from England, and I've seen
on the shelf and I wanted tobuy it, but I never pulled the
trigger. Now I want to.No, you're gonna buy it and try
it and you go, oh,I wasted. How much is the money
on it? It's like nine bucks, I guess for a bottle. But

you put it on I had iton the eggs. They put it on
brats and stuff, but you putit on every They put that on everything.
Frank's red hot only for the UnitedKingdom. They put there's a memory
in Europe or in UK Camden TownBrewery and I feel like we talked about
this free before, but they haveteamed up with HP Sauce who launched a
full English inspired beer named Camden HPBrown Ale. Don't tell me that they

poured the sauce in the beer.Please tell me they didn't. Now that's
what I thought too, but ohmy god, that would be terrible.
So instead of adding HP sauce directlyinto the beer, the brewing team used
ingredients and flavors of HP and addeda lots of aromatic malt data pure mosaic
hops into the brew to create whatit calls an unexpected taste on a British
classic. So why creating the beer? The brewing team also added some of

the sauce of signature spices so subtlepepperery and clove background and a hybrid fermentation
with a sour ale strain to givea beer a tangy note. Yeah it's
tangy, I think worcestersier sauce,but like tomato sauce, it's just I
just couldn't get down with it.And don't we find all the off flavors
in beer and put it into onedelicious bottle. So what the Brits are

gonna love this apparently because they're like, hey, what BRIT's love They love
beer and sauce, according to thebrewmaster here, and so the debates were
coming in whether or not what kindof style of beer to go with,
and they decided to go with abrown ale and the HbA marketing manager says
that they're excited to be working withthe Camden Town Brewery and then it's a

brilliant partnership and they are going tobe selling this rich flavor and one of
their favorite drinks beer and it's gonnabe very delicious, and it's gonna be
hitting the stores across the UK.But they hope HP fans will love this
beer as much as they love theirsauce. So a full English breakfast inspired
HP sauce beer now exists. Soif you're into that kind of stuff,
which I am not. Look,I can respect it. I can respect

it all right. But if thisis your thing, just know that they're
an HP beer out there. HPis I heard crying out of Fort Worth,
Texas somewhere around Martin House. Damnit, why didn't we think of
this? Oh man? All right, and I know that I know they're

gonna I'm gonna upset some people,going, man, that's the best sauce.
You don't know what you're talking about. No, no, no,
it's not good. It's not good. Well, well, so when we
tease this next story with in studiowith me here in Algan, Michigan,
at the Beer Logic World headquarters anddrinking Emporium, Bill from Hart were like,

when I told him what Tesla wascharging for a Hellis Lagger, he
said, damn it. He couldn'tget out of his head. He's like,
seriously, eleven ounce a bottle forseventy five dollars. I'm like,
no, it's two for one fifty, dude, you get a deal.
And then all of a sudden he'slike, wait a minute, I'm trying
to do the math on that.By the way, I want to thank
our friends at Superior Pest Control ofWest Michigan, our research department, for

following up on this story, becausewhen Tesla came out with this, Superior
Pest Control West Michigan said, uh, did you see what people are saying
about this beer? Like, well, let's go check it out. I
find it ironic. That people.Nobody's complaining about the cost of the automobile.
Although the James and I we havea friend. I'm not sure we

can say his name on the air, but he bought a Tesla and he
couldn't wait to get rid of it. Oh yeah, yeah, I don't
know if we want to mention hisname or now. He's a good guy
and he's a big supporter what's ontap radio. But man, he had
a Tesla and he ripped it.He could has it. I don't know
if he still has no I thinkhe got rid of it. He is

so oh he hated that thing.Well, turns out that Tesla super fans
aren't all too happy with the fiftydollars purchase cyber beer. Are you telling
me they're not happy with it?I'm upset. I don't feel like good
value. Shocking. But here's no, it's not that they didn't get a
good value. That's not the problem. The problem is they said Tesla cyber

beer. It's hot garbage. That'sright, And I'm like, whoa,
that's a bold statement. Not coldgarbage, hot garbage. That's basically,
it's trash beer. It's terrible.In fact, they're even posting pictures on
x aka Twitter, which is ownedby I wouldn't do that. You can
get primarly banned, I bet fordoing that. Right who also makes the

Tesla Yeah, of rusty bottle caps. This beer has not been out long
enough for the bottle caps to haverusted. And they say, not only
are the lids and the caps onthese rusted, but the beer is nasty.
And one person even posted it says, why does the testless cyber beer

feel like something I'm going to getalcohol poisoning from out sh anyway? Since
I guess it's been since the beginningof October. Yeah, that that's what
it was released. We've been talkingabout it for a long time, but
it was released in October. Right, So, Tesla's been selling two of
their cyber beers, which are twoeleven ounce bottles, and these very unique

bottles. They're so futuristic, andthen you get two cybersteins. By the
way, Cybersteins cyber beers not Internetor Bluetooth compatible. I'm sorry, they're
just not. I mean, wetried, we heard, and but they're
selling the entire kit for one hundredand fifty dollars and it's a Hellie Lagger.
It's like a five and a halfpercent, but hey, you get

two Matt Lack ceramic steins designed themimic the form of Tesla's cyber truck in
the long awaited Evy pickup truck.Now who cares? Now that even truck's
hitting the streets pretty soon? Iget that, but here's everywhere. Yeah,
by the way, if you ifif you work for an autoparts store
and you're worried about sponsoring what's ontap Ardos Like, I'm not sure I

want to be associated with auto andalcohol. Tesla made a beer. Okay,
so by the way, check usout, send us a message.
What's on tap radio gmail dot com. But uh, fans aren't happy about
this at all. But I havesomebody who's offered to buy me this beer.
All I have to do is figureout how to do it. So
if it's available on the website andit's not like the Miller Lite or corps

Late gimmicks where sorry, we're allsold out, guess who's gonna get to
try this soon? This guy,well, you have to get you.
I'm not paying for it. ThoughI'm not paying for it, you have
to give your honest opinion of it. Okay, oh I will so anyway.
So the reviews are coming in,and I'm sure not the last review
we'll be bringing to the show,but yeah, if we can get our
hands on, I guess people justwant to have it in their collection,

just maybe put it on their trophywall or whatever. Of the of the
beer, maybe not to drink it. But you're the huge fans of Tesla,
so all right, when there's reviewscome, we'll bring it all right,
still to come. Let's help youname your pets, all right,
and then smartphones can also detect howmuch alcohol you've consumed. Oh, it's
so much more. We'll be rightback. When someone says, hold my

beer. You know a trip tothe e R is in your future,
so hold your own beer, buddy, and just listen to more of what's
on tap what's on tamp radio?I ain't working to them all right,

thinking about it. Don't just saythis don't do its job. Yeah you
do that, and you don't haveany money to buy beer, so you're
you're you're kind of on the outs. Welcome back to What's on Tap Radio.
While we were at break, wegot a message, Uh, don't
forget about the breweries. We weretalking earlier on in the show about breweries

and different locations. There are twobreweries against the Green Brewery in Louisville or
Louisville, Kentucky and the Sandlot inDenver, which are in baseball stadiums oh
oh oh No. Earlier we weretalking about breweries that are in building the

locations, buildings that used to besomething else. Well, yeah, they
were something else, but they weresaying, you know, hey, you
know you can still have a beer. Like putting. They put a like,
here's a baseball stadium, let's throwa brewery in it. It's like,
well, it's still a baseball stadiumtechnically, but if you want to
drink beer in a brewer in abaseball stadium, you can do that.
Against the Grain in Louisville, whichis a minor league club, been there

a few times, famous for theirbrown Note Brown Ale, which, by
the way, the can art.We took a picture of that. It
was one of the most like photoswe ever had on Instagram because it's a
cartoon layout of a dude in histidy whities and well it's the it's the
backside of him and brown note andyou can figure out what the rest is.

Anyway, we kind of went alittle dark on that. Speaking of
going dark, well, as Isaid, welcome back. We are hanging
out James on the west side ofHouston. Me here Beer Logic World headquarters
and drinking emporium, and we've gotStunt Beer Livers with us, which allows
us to open new cans in Michigan. By the way, he didn't he
stayed over his location. I'm sorry. So I'm on the west side of

town, Katie and chats in Michigan, Katie, Texas Alligant Michigan. Yeah,
home of Tantrick Brewing Company. ButI'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna
crack this open. Uh. Oneof the I want to thank Mikey G
Radio kia CUK again. When wewere out visiting, I got to go
over to Iowa and Uh, Istopped at the I don't know gas station.

No, I didn't. I stoppedat the beer store. This Triptic
beer which t R I P TY c H. I believe it's out
of Illinois and that's a neighboring state. This is a really cool name,
really really dank meme double I PA and hold on second, we're gonna
open it up. It's interesting,y'all going I p a heavy. We're

going stout heavy here. Yeah,I know I can smell it across the
room. Here. I'm gonna takea little swig here, and you're big
old bag of weed all right there? It is wow bitter. Actually I
thought I didn't. I thought itwas gonna be a little more West Coast.
It's a lot more hazy and tropicalthan what I thought. Did not

say it was a hazy I pa but really dank it is. In
fact, it's really really k hencethe name on there, and I like
the little description on it. Itsays a bigger, louder, and zestier
version of the beer that has becomeour flagship offering. So coming in at
eight something doesn't matter. It's overeight less than nine. That's what we're

walking into this segment with Taking hereasy. But as a reminder, ladies
and gentlemen, if you tell youremployer take this job and shove it,
you won't have a paycheck anymore.By the way, that song Johnny paycheck
coincidentally, and then that means youcannot buy beer. So have you ever

sat in your office at work andthought to yourself as you looked out the
window and daydreamed about having a funjob, like, I don't know,
driving a samboni on an ice rink. That would be fun, dude,
I want that job. Well,sorry to break it to you, but
no job is as fun as youthink it is. Someone recently asked the
internet, which job is a lotless fun than most people expect? And

people from all walks of life camein and chimed in on everyone's dream job
parade. They rained on the dreamjob parade, and here's some of them.
Before we do that. I figuredthat since Chad and Bill have been
cracking some october Fest beers, thatBrian and I will get in on this
train october Fest fake news, fakenews, Oh you sun it October Saint

Arnold Octoberfest, which okay, it'sa Scotch jail it is, but that's
not real october Fest. Like thisImperial Pumpkin caramel beer from uh oh wait,
never mind, I'll stop talking now. Isn't that a Christmas beer?
Something like that? Yeah? Butso James is cracking open in the Saint
Arnold Octoberfest and I'm just gonna goahead while he's pouring. It's a Scotch
jail. Okay, we get it. It's won all kinds of awards.

So fun fact, when I didthe october Fest segment on Houston Life,
when I brought on TV, Ididn't bring Saint Arnold Octoberfest because I knew
somebody out there would give me abeating about it. Yes, even though
it's a great beer and it looksgood on camera. It looks great on
camera, by the way, thatartwork. That's what's important about TV.
You got to remember what looks goodon TV is what sells. Okay,

in october Fest, Saint Arnold looksgreat on TV. But anyways, bring
it. I didn't bring it becauseI knew someone who out there would do
that's test. Anyways, continue tomy discussion about those dream jobs that you
think about when you're looking outside thewindow, going I hate my job so
much. I'd rather be driving atZamboni on an ice drink. I hate
to break it to you, butthe grass ain't greener on the other side.

For example, anything freelance. Weall know that, very well known
James. We know this way toowell. Yeah, hey, listen,
are you freelancer. Hey, listen, could you do this. The first
thing they're going to do is they'regoing to try and lowball you on the
cars. Yep, so for yourtime. And then what they don't realize
is because whenever you do that,then they want you to fill out a

ten ninety nine, which means you'regonna play, you're gonna pay thirty percent
in self employment tax. So findingwork is a hassle. Getting paids a
hassle, and plus you're on yourown for benefits and retirement. Yep.
All right. How about working inthe film industry. It's a demanding job,
it's stressful, deadlines, and you'reusually working to execute someone else's vision.

All right, No, that's notwhat I want to take it again,
Yeah, take it again. Ohthe old video game testing. Yeah,
plenty of video games is fun.Playing video games is great, but
testing the same elements over and overand over for weeks at a time is
not. It's mindless. You're basicallyon an assembly line. You're on an
assembly line. Yep. How abouta working for the FBI. That's you

know, you see it on TV. That looks fun, but basically one
writer who wrote you're a government slave, spending ninety nine percent of the time
working ridiculous hours in a cube disconnectedfrom reality and human emotion, and one
percent of the time doing actual somethingcool. Have you actually ever been on
a steak out? There is nogrill, there is no steak. You

sit there and stare at a building. How about FBI agents really just do
paperwork. There's very few field agentsthat do the fun stuff. Again,
we're talking about jobs that are notas fun as a seam How about a
tattoo artist or a body piercer.People are basically just have dumb and boring
ideas and don't shower enough. Oneperson out, Yeah, that's a visual

I didn't need. How about atraveling salesperson. So some people, some
people think the constant travel is sexy, but in reality it's endless cycle of
airport, hotel, boardroom, hotel, airport, with no time to sight
see or explore. I have neverever ever thought like like when I first
started this, I was a travelingsales guy, and whenever I was traveling

on expense account, I thought,dude, filet mignon every night and it
was awesome. I never thought Iwould get sick of it, but I
got sick of eating steak every night. I was like, oh my gosh,
get me home and sleep in mybed. How about being a touringian
musician. It's boring. There's toomuch waiting time, and there's also the

travel grind in the unusual hours.Next on the list of jobs that are
a lot less fun than most peopleexpect, how about bartending. There's a
lot of dealing with drunken idiots.In fact, one person compares to it
to babysitting toddlers while people are yellingat you. I know, hold on

a second. I can honestly saythat I have never bartended in my life,
but I have witnessed a lot ofbartenders dealing with this, and I've
wanted to intercede and just say,listen, just say the word. I
don't work here, but I'll throwthis guy out. I will do it
in a second, because this toddlerneeds to go home to his ma,

all right. Coming up next onthe list, working in tech. You
often work a lot hours, stressfulhours. Yeah, I wouldn't want to
work at tech because you're always oncall and uh. Rounding out this list,
how about being a beer brewer.It can be a lot of physical
work in very long hours. Oneperson said, it's like working a wet
janitorial job where you get a beerat the end, thank you for cleaning

this toilet and that toilet in thistoilet, but as that toilet. As
a beer brewer, you're not justa brewer. You're also a bar back,
you're a janitor. You're doing itall inventory control specialist, maintenance tech,
sanitation worker. So you remember thatyou're sitting looking outside your window and

your office singing. Man, ifI can only be a zamboni driver,
which by the way, it's notas fun as because you flip levers and
start and just drive in a circleover. Oh you do is driving a
circle over? I thought that wouldbe fun. But the thing is that
you can't be is see I seezamboni driver, and I think of it
as like mowing my lawn, andwhen I mow my lawn, I got

a beer. I've never once seenthe zamboni driver with a beer, but
that would make a better job.It's very stressful when things break. So
those are some jobs that are alot less fun than you expect, including
bartending and being a beer brewer.Hey, coming up in the last segment,
your smartphone can tell you whether ornot you've had too much to drink.
And we got another bear story inthe news. All this is so

much more. Hang with us.We will be right back. And we
got name pets too. Craft beer. It's not alcoholism, it's a hobby.
This is what's on tap radio.Tantrik Brewing Company, located in Alegant,
Michigan, proud sponsors What's on TapRadio and located right here in my
backyard. Chad Pilbeam, the beerlogic guy. Go in there and ask

for free what's on tap high fiveand check out the amazing beers Tantic Brewing,
Tantik Brewing dot Com tantrik Com.All right, last segment, what's

on tap Radio for the week.And we want to thank our friends at
Tantric Brewing Company in downtown Allegan.I know what you're thinking. Construction.
No construction done. The city isopen. Get your butt down there,
lots of parking and lots of greatbeer. Are good friends at Tantrik Brewing
supporting local businesses, supporting local economy. Get down there. Tantrik Brewing,

Tantrik Brewing Downtown Allegan, and constructiongone all done? Yes, go check
them out free. What's on tapRadio? High fives? All right,
last segment and uh for this weekand Brian's gonna crack our last beer of
this show. Brian, what arewe cracking here? Looks like we got
a beer called Triply Thread. Ohit's Trip Threat from Tantric Brewing by I

love that beer. I love thatbeer so much. They're going crack this
and this is at what's the ABVon that one? High? Really high?
It's sixteen point five. It's atriple I p A. And I'm
not going to say that the labeldoesn't correctly reflect the the ABV. But

it's a really strong beer. There'sa reason why we waited the last segment
to uh try this beer before weThis beer is so good. I love
it. I love it. Soyou had one triple which is a triple
I p A. I'm gonna saythis right now, Triple Threat Tantric brew
greater than one. Yeah, I'mgoing on. The mouthfeel is a lot

different. Yes, it is outstanding. Wow, that is outstanding. I
almost gonna some woody taste to it. Uh huh huh, yep, it's
and there's no wood in it.It's the malt would taste to it,
right, it's the malt characteristics thatthe mult profile that's using that. That
is one of my favorite beers thatPatrick does at Tantric. I love that.

I feel like I need to takemy shirt off though. Man,
it's like who it's got warmer inhere, wooly mammoth brown hair. So
that's what Chad. Is it coldup there in Michigan yet? Because I'm
coming naked? All right? TantrickBrewing Company, Double Mash, Triple India
pl al, this is what Chadwas bringing these Triple I p as during
the october Fest season. But yes, well it is october Fest season still,

right, Yeah, I mean itis. Uh yeah, there's a
month with a rn it uh sixteenall right. Before we get out of
here, we got a lost storiesget to you. I told you that
I'm gonna help you name your beer. Name your beer, name your dog,
your cat, your pet. RealSo, rover dot com releases annual
list of the most popular dog andcat and once again everyone's naming their dogs

Charlie, Max, Luna, andBella. Feeling guilty because we had a
dog named Charles rest in peace andthey're naming their cats Luna, Milo,
Oliver, and Leo. But themore interesting thing about this whole story or
report and the unique names that peopleare choosing and twenty twenty three, names
inspired by foods and drinks are huge. For dogs, You're ready for this.

The name beer is up thirty percentthree and thirty percent. Who's name
their dog beer? Hey? Beer? Get out here, boy deer?
Hey, where's beer? It's inthe fridge. I had one of my
best friends dog in the fridge.One of my best friends in McKinney,
Texas had a dog name the Lager. I thought that was a good name
for dog Lagger. But other turningnames include green bean, cheerios, schmore,

termasou, parsley ice cream, andbaguettes. You name your dog Parsley?
I guarantee you you lost a fighton a playground. I'm sorry.
There's no way when you were akid that you were like, all right,
let's fight. And for cat,one the most popular unique popular name

for a cat Prosecco up three percent. Prosecco, prosecco. I think it's
a type of wine. Yes,it's it's a wine. Prosecco. Yeah,
yeah, yeah. But other othernames for you. How do you
say I'm pretentious without saying I'm pretentious? I name my cat prosecco. Other
names for a cat can include achive, stuffy, Starbucks, Djon,

sausage, Seltzer cat sausage, Seltzer, we felveta. Oh. Also,
burger is a popular name for acat, according to Rob dot Cosh.
And meanwhile, no, I'm notgoing to make the comment, but I'm
just gonna say some partan cultures thateat cat. Let's just leave it at
that. So so popular names forpets is beer for doll and prosecco for

cats. Also, if you wantto name it your cat, green bean
or sausage. But there you go. So if you're like, man,
we got this new puppy so adorable, we just don't know what to name
it, Apparently beer is a verypopular name. I'm gonna say this right
now. There's a form of childabuse out there whenever you name your kid
something really stupid, but we don'tcall it child abuse. But the kid

has to live with that name.Sue pet pets. He had like a
boy named Sue, exactly right.But your your your pets don't know any
better. They were like I don'tcare. You want to call me taco.
I don't care if I'm at chiuahua. You know, some people are
gonna be like, that's tasty,but I don't know. I don't get
that. But maybe your smartphone willhelp you with that. How do I

say that? And why do Isay that? It's real simple because smartphones
and smart speakers are now starting toanalyze your voice patterns and they may be
able to detect how intoxicated you are. Check the tape. Check the tape.
I think twenty fourteen, twenty fifteen. I think I said there's gonna

be a smartphone app that's gonna beable to detect this, and here we
are in twenty twenty three talking aboutit. Check the tape. Yeah,
and also check the tape. Jamessaid for five straight years that glitter beer
was gonna be the next hot sensation. Just gonna say say, look,
hey dude, you got one outof five. Dude, you did great.
Look not every prediction is gonna comeout in fruition, but I did

this, Leo, way to go. I predict this one. I did
predict this one. There's gonna bean earthquake tomorrow. No, it didn't
happen. There's gonna be an earthquaketomorrow, No twelve, tomorrow, twenty
twelve. The world's gonna end.I dare I guarantee you. Let's put
out a movie. It says it, all right, Well, I didn't
mean twenty twelve. I met twentytwenty one. I'm dyslexic. And then

next thing you know, you're like, well that a zero. I don't
know about twenty twelve. We're allgonna die. I don't know. Min
encoulendar is the mind calendar, right, smartphone, smart speakers. They have
these sensors now that may help determinea person's level of intoxication. Because researchers
at Stanford Medicine and the University ofToronto have conducted a survey or a study

of eighteen to twenty one year olds. By the way, when you're in
Toronto eighteen, you're almost legal.But they went ahead and did the study
anyway, and they did weight baseddosage of alcohol samples to random subjects,
and they assigned them a series oftongue twisters, and they checked them one
hour before drinking, and then theychecked them every hour after drinking up to

seven hours and the participants were askedto read a series of tongue twisters allowed
to the smartphone, which was placedone to two feet away to record their
voices, and amazingly, the researcherswere able to also measure their breadth,
their breath alcohol concentration, and theydid so and predicted their alcohol intoxication level

with ninety eight percent accuracy. Andif you don't think this works, ladies
and gentlemen, keep in mind,here you go, your phone is always
listening. Yeah, keep in mindwe are. We're trying to keep you
safe. That's why they're listening,because they want to keep you safe from
drunk driving. And that's that's yourcreepy cybernet fun fact of the week.

No, but it's interesting that theysell these breathalyzers that you can get at
CVS, you can get it atWalgreens and all that and everyone about one
hundred bucks. But pretty soon onyour smartphone, they'll just tell you,
Yeah, the little speaker drive thespeaker that you talk into, I bet
you've been listening. Yeah, there'sgonna be a little censor in it that
can smell your breath and detect whetheryou're Yeah, I've been your speech,

and I can smell your breath.That's right, it's gonna say. I've
been listening to you. I cansmell your breath, and you should not
drive. Speaking of smelling, whathappens if a bear smells tacos, it
comes to eat your food. Sothat's what happens. We're gonna close out
the show. Somebody ordered forty fivedollars worth of door Dash and Florida,
and they weren't home yet, andat bear came out of nowhere. Our

bear that we've been talking about wonderedouts. The three legged bear and eight
forty five dollars worth of door Dash, all caught on the ring camera.
Yeah, likes Taco Bell like therest of us. Yep. So this
bear continues to just wreck havoc,this time eating forty five dollars worth of
Taco Bell door Dash. That ubereats left, so the bear's ain't going

away. But hey, we haveto go, Chad. We're being told
we we close out the show.Put a bow on the show, put
him on the show. I wantto thank Bill and Brian for hanging out
with us, but I also wantto thank Tantric Brewing Superior Pest Control being
a logic conference and events ring AtenegInsurance Group, The Back of a Girl,
and of course it's a bunch ofour podcast cast branding. So for
mister biltg. Chap Hill being myemigo Jamson Thing, thank you for checking
on What's on Top Video. Wehope you enjoyed it and we hope that

you enjoined us for another actually pacoryshow next week. Have a good week,
folks. Year it
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