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June 20, 2024 54 secs
Looking for a job doing nothing?  You should be a Lifeguard! 
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Channel ninety three three. It's summer. You need a job, you slacker.
What are you willing to save alive for six fifteen hour? Then
you could be a lifeguard. Okay, what don't I have to know?
Cpu it's our Not really, it'smore like selling concessions, cleaning dandads out
of the skimmer. Where's speedo?Oo? Speedo? And you get to
yell stuff like quick you can bea lifeguard. I think I have what

it takes to be a guardian oflife. Anyone can do it, really,
I mean really, really, really, what are you doing? You're
just sitting there in the sun lookingat chicks pretending you're not If that sounds
good, be a lifeguard. Mustown your own whistle. Swimming not required.
You might want to get some reallycheap sunscreen. Girls like lifeguards sort
of, well, the really goodlooking ones. Javir legs. You look
like a sasquash dick, looks tinyand speedout hashtag mouth and mouth with chest
compressions. We'll give you a floaty, but we're gonna want to back nerves.

LOL at five or five brought youby Illegal Peach Search. Lol's on iHeartRadio.

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