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May 21, 2024 55 secs
Coors Field... forget the baseball, it's a BIG bar in LoDo! Let's GO! 
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Channel ninety three. The hottest newclub in Lodo is actually twenty nine years
old, Club course Field. Clubcourse Field is only open on select nights,
so exclusive, but with injury startingat one dollar rockbye. We're open
to anyone with over one hundred andtwenty thousand square feet of club space.
Bring your whole crew for a nightof partying on three levels of pure excitement

and no matter where you water atcourse Field, you'll find food and drink
to satisfied dippin' duck. Don't feellike moving, take advantage of complimentary table
service. There's no age restriction atClub course Field, so if you're under
twenty one, your secret is safewith us. Now Dinks for you.
Come party where the millionaires hang out. There are the players, they have

to be here. Club Corsefield NervesLOL at five oh five brought to you
by Illegal Peach Search. Lol's oniHeartRadio

Nerf's LOLs at 5:05 News

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