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May 16, 2024 1 min
Everyone loves the Choco Taco... but do you know it's rich history?  Neither do we, but here goes nothin'! TBT LOL from 2015. 
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Nerves Ello Well at five oh fivepresents fake history of the Choco taco,
discovered in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, in eighteen ninety by a local tacoa
tribe, yll Me. This tastyice cream treat has since satisfied millions of
Americans and NASCAR enthusiasts. Many peopleremember in nineteen sixty nine when John F.

Kennedy asserted, mark my words,we will put a Chaco taco on
the moon, which later turned outto be fake because he tragically died six
years earlier. Chaco tacos are notallowed through airport security. The chocolate syrup
can be used as an industrial orpersonal lubricant and is a natural snake repellent.
When frozen. Choco tacos are asolid eight point five on most scale

of mineral hardness, and if youthrow a Choco taco directly into the air,
it will return to you because ofgravity. Well, today we hope
you learned a little more about thefake history of the Choco taco. Nerves
l O l at five oh fivebrought to you by Illegal Peat Search l
OLS on IHR Radio.

Nerf's LOLs at 5:05 News

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