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May 31, 2024 55 secs
Red Lobster is going out of business... time for a Fire Sale! 
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Channel ninety three three. Red Lobster, we no longer have all you can
eat shrimp because you already all youcan ate us right out of business.
That's right, Red Lobster is closingour doors for good. But until that
happens, stop in Mondays are nowour nineteen ninety nine all you can eat
Lemonwood Schippalooza, Tuesday shell Out eightninety nine for our all you can carry

shares the smell like butterfarts. Thenthere's the seven ninety nine whatever Wednesday,
where you can take whatever vintage tartarsauce is left in the back of our
fridge, and Thursday is our allyou can grab copper wiring promotion. If
you want to stock uping a fewhundred feet of copper wire without breaking the
bank, come to Red Lobster lookfor our bright red sign that says for
lease plus everyone that the orders getsa free selt chicker fell bankrupt Red Lobster.

When you're here, your family isgonna starve nerves lol at five oh
five, brought to you by IllegalPeach Search Loll's on iHeartRadio.

Nerf's LOLs at 5:05 News

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