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May 17, 2024 55 secs
The Colorado Rockies are setting all sorts of records this year... none of them good. 
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Channel ninety three three Rockies two onetwenty fourth season one for the record books.
They're the first MLB team to trailin all of their first twenty two
games. But the records won't stopthere. Every one of the Rockies team
pitchers is in the running for theMLB's highest dra there's also weakest bunt.
The Rockies are the first MLB teamto have a crying section in the stands.

My ticket says, I'm on thepity party deck. This is the
right place. First ever team toforfeit do to a tummy A yeah,
I think we'll all feel better ifwe just lay down for the next four
or five months. Most players hitvoluntarily by a pitch, O, thank
you. I just needed to feelsomething and coming soon. The league's first
negative batting average. What that's yourother n that's the Colorado Rockies nurfs LOL

at five oh five, brought toyou by Illegal Peach Search Loll's on iHeartRadio.

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