Heart Doc VIP with Dr. Joel Kahn

Heart Doc VIP with Dr. Joel Kahn

Dr. Kahn fights for your health every week with his unique brand of eastern and western medicine focusing on wellness of mind, body and spirit. Each month he will interview a Health Hero and how their journey can help you find wellness, discuss with a leader in heart disease how to reverse heart disease, talk to leaders in the food movement for health, and review the science that can take you to a new level. He is known internationally as the heart doctor not afraid to take on the giants and expose lies, follies, and confusion so you know the path to feeling better, looking better, and living better.


January 27, 2023 26 min

Some things are good for the heart but not everything.

This week Dr. Kahn provides a fast-paced update on a variety of topics starting with the Blood Type Diet (2 thumbs down). He then moves on to drugs for erectile dysfunction (good), water hardness (good), social isolation (bad), green spaces (good), and pomegranates (good). Dr. Kahn updates his experience using PEMF pads discussed on a prior podcast.

Finally, he offers the disco...

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Food fight! A new study made many headlines recently observing that people that skipped meals had a higher risk of death, and, especially, heart death.

The authors were not able to provide precise explanations as to why, but these observations have been seen in other studies. The role of fasting vs. skipped meals is in the news.

In addition, Dr. Kahn updates a series of topics discussed in prior episodes that have a new science twi...

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This week Dr. Kahn reviews some "mini" topics related to plant protein, whole grains and health, and hydration. The main topic is a new study in athletes of the intensity of exercise and the progression of coronary artery calcium scores and plaque. Surprisingly, the "very vigorous" group of athletes vs. those classified as only "vigorous" had more coronary artery calcium progression over 6 years of follow-up...

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The need to educate the public about the risks of high cholesterol, blood sugar, smoking, lack of exercise, obesity, alcohol abuse, and other factors in terms of heart disease is ongoing and critical. However, the risk is dwarfed by the risk of uncontrolled high blood pressure.

The number activity in 2023 to reduce your heart disease risk is to buy and use a home blood pressure cuff frequently and properly. Dr. Kahn discusses new d...

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In addition to this podcast and a weekly health newsletter, Dr. Kahn posts a blog every week on his website (drjoelkahn.com).

This week, he picks topics from 2022 not fully covered in previous podcasts. Prevention, nutrition, supplements, and more are covered in a fast-paced manner. Thanks to you, the listener, for tuning in during 2022, the 6th year of Heart Doc VIP.

Thanks to this week's sponsor memoryhealth.com using discoun...

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Lectins are a family of proteins that bind to carbohydrates found throughout the plant and animal kingdoms. Some people, unfortunately, think of the healthiest foods on the planet, legumes, as plant sources of lectins to avoid. Not true.

This week, Dr. Kahn talks about a lectin made by humans, galectin-3. The paradox is that this compound, measured on a simple lab test, is helpful at low doses but causes inflammation and scarring o...

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December 16, 2022 21 min

Are supplements just expensive urine? That question has come up before but a new and massive study reports that certain supplements reduce heart risk and some save lives. The strongest benefit was for the studies evaluating coQ10, a powerful antioxidant available as capsules and liquids. There was a powerful reduction in the risk of death in those taking coQ10. Dr. Kahn also reviews his recent trip to the largest meeting of anti-ag...

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Heart disease from atherosclerosis is usually a slowly progressive process for years that is silent. There is a long period to suspect it or diagnose it. It takes a suspicious mind, but as it is so common, everyone should consider their risk of heart disease.

This week Dr. Kahn discusses the approach his friends Brad Bale, MD, and Amy Doneen, DNP use for the Bale-Doneen Method. They are famous for their list of "Red Flags"....

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December 2, 2022 23 min

Hippocrates may have said "Food is Medicine" but this week Dr. Kahn says "Food is Powerful Medicine". New data is discussed on the relationship between food and belly fat (visceral adipose tissue), blood vessel aging, memory function, and the production of a metabolite TMAO that is not good for arteries and kidneys. The role of polyphenol-rich foods (walnuts, tea, Mankai duckweed) and flavanol-rich foods (teas, leaf...

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The words "prevent not stent" are the highest goal of care at the Kahn Center and can be confirmed by the "test not guess" philosophy of using CIMT and CT imaging for plaque detection. In many, plaque is already present and needs attempts at reversal.

This week Dr. Kahn discusses two supplements he has used for years for disease reversal based on a rich medical science literature. He then describes two new approache...

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This week Dr. Kahn discusses a new agent being researched that lowers the genetic cholesterol called Lipoprotein(a) by up to 100%. The future is bright. The bad is another study showing that when statins raise Lipoprotein(a) it may raise the risk for bad events. The ugly is a study of supplements to lower cholesterol and the layers of conflicts and questions. Plus, a warning about a popular vitamin called NR.

Thanks to xtend-life.c...

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Is it possible that 2 or 3 bursts of high-level exertion, often known as high-intensity interval training or HIIT, can result in measures of fitness and metabolism comparable to moderate, continuous exercise for 30-45 minutes?

This week Dr. Kahn discusses the Tabata, Gibala, and Carol Bike protocols. All of which he uses in his own exercise routine. The Carol Bike features ReHIT or Reduced Exertion HIIT where even 5 minutes of exer...

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The American Heart Association (AHA) has taught Life's Simple 7 to estimate cardiovascular health but now there is an upgrade to Essential 8. What was added? Optimal sleep!

A study called MESA demonstrated the profound impact of sleeping 7-8 hours without sleep apnea and the data was so strong it is now part of the risk estimator. (Want a home sleep apnea study? Call 248-731-7412)

A second study from the UK described the partic...

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Every heartbeat is an electromagnetic event that is a marvel of efficiency until illness sets in. For decades, pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) therapy devices have been used to support a variety of health issues and are FDA approved for bone healing.

This week Dr. Kahn discusses PEMF therapy devices and heart conditions like hypertension, atrial fibrillation, and congestive heart failure.

This week's episode is sponsore...

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Niacin, also known as nicotinic acid and vitamin B3, is essential for health. At higher levels, it can cause important improvements in cholesterol particles like raising HDL-C, lowering LDL-C, and lowering Lipoprotein(a).

This week Dr. Kahn discusses what niacin does, how it has been shown to reverse atherosclerosis, and how it has fallen out of favor unfairly. He shares his favorite brand of niacin products and how he uses them at...

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Can you really have "3 Doors" to choose from if you have advanced heart disease? Optimal Medical Therapy (OMT), stent placement, or bypass surgery?

This week, Dr. Kahn discusses a recent patient visiting the Kahn Center and the process of informed consent, research, and advice regarding this crucial decision. Are there too many stents and bypass operations performed? You listen and decide.

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For over 100 years, heart disease has killed more persons than any other medical issue. Have you heard about the war against heart disease? Operation Warpspeed Heart?

This week, Dr. Kahn shares a just-published article calling for an urgent need for earlier, more intense, and more precise heart disease therapies focused on ultra-low cholesterol levels. After that, brief updates on prior topics of Heart Doc VIP that have recently be...

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This week, Dr. Kahn is excited about 3 brand new nutrition research papers. One is vegan and explores what some call vegan keto diets.

One paper is "non-vegan" and explores a fish oil mixture called memoryhealth.com on cognitive function. There is a discount code Kahn15 on your first order.

Finally, the last paper is an amazing science paper exploring the low-calorie fasting-mimicking diet Prolon on cognitive function in me...

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No diet can make you "bulletproof" but there is ample data to conclude that vegetarian and vegan (whole food plant-based WFPB) diets do reduce the risks of disease.

This week, Dr. Kahn reviews 2 new research papers, one focused on heart disease and one on brain health. Both argue for WFPB diet choices. Then he provides common myths and solutions to succeeding at eating a healthy WFPB diet.

More tips on healthy eating can be...

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The relationship between elevated cholesterol and heart disease is in the news a lot. A high level of LDL-cholesterol is a cause of clogged arteries and can be treated.

This week, Dr. Kahn reviews the GG pathway and suggests using GG-Pure from xtend-life.com to promote the normal levels of several key metabolic products that can be blocked by cholesterol-lowering medications (use the discount code Kahn15 for a discount on your firs...

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