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Hi I’m Johnny Cosmo. I had a feeling I would find a home in radio. When I was a kid I’d walk around the house with a spatula and discuss the weather. In fact, I’m still a big fan of kitchen utensils. After a few years as a semi-pro class clown. I finagled my way into a few college radio shows and—if you’ll pardon the pun— moved the needle from bad to average. Welcome to my home. From happy hour to last call. Get the scuttlebutt in Hollywood and abroad, And my views on what’s in the news. My show shifts your paradigm and pushes your envelope. As we discuss the facts and figures about movies, books and bars. From ME-- a guy who thought General Electric was a war hero--- I can still jog with a full martini, And my credit score and cholesterol count are the same number. Now Take of your coat and open your mind. ... Show More

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