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Success Secrets Exposed

Meet Sally A. Curtis: Your Guide to Success, Legacy, and Monetizing Your Content Welcome to the Success Secrets Exposed Show, where Sally A. Curtis, the insightful host and founder of Monetize Your Content, leads intimate conversations with today's thought leaders, change-makers, disruptors, and masters of their inner genius. Sally's mission is clear: to unearth the humaneness of success and challenge, providing you with tips, strategies, and insightful perspectives that shape personal and professional growth. At the heart of this transformative journey is 'The Legacy Leavers Series,' an impactful extension of the Success Secrets Exposed Show. It's more than a podcast; it's a dynamic movement with a mission: 'Spread Wisdom for Global Good.' Sally invites you not just to listen but to join the movement actively. 'Legacy Leavers' celebrates thought leaders whose shared wisdom sparks change, influences communities, and shapes tomorrow's narratives. Tune in, share, and become a legacy leaver. Let's craft a lasting legacy where insights transform into action. Success Secrets Exposed is broadcast live Tuesdays at 7PM ET. Success Secrets Exposed TV Show is viewed on Talk 4 TV ( Success Secrets Exposed Radio Show is broadcast on on W4CY Radio ( part of Talk 4 Radio ( on the Talk 4 Media Network ( Success Secrets Exposed Podcast is also available on Talk 4 Podcasting (, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, Audible, and over 100 other podcast outlets.


May 7, 2024 50 mins
Today's guest, Kimberly Jarman, a seasoned mental performance coach with a Master’s in Counseling, reveals how our neurochemicals and hormones shape our thoughts and emotions. Discover how addressing mind and body can unlock peak performance and lead to transformative results. Kimberly's unique approach integrates mindset psychology and cutting-edge neuroscience, guiding women to careers and lives that leave lasting legacies—withou...
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Amber Ontiveros, a former civil rights advisor for the US Department of Transportation and now an executive coach, transforms organizations with her change management consultancy. After a near-death experience, she authored "Heal The Four Woundings," exploring the neuroscience behind unconscious bias and personal healing. Join Amber as she delves into overcoming internalized oppression and breaking the cycle of discord with strateg...
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Jürgen is a podcaster, podcast coach, podcast strategist, speaker and marketing strategist who helps thought leaders build sustainable visibility, credibility and meaningful connections with their dream clients.
He has held over 550 conversations on his Innova.Buzz Podcast with outstanding entrepreneurs worldwide and developed the Innova.Buzz Flywheel system to use podcasting to grow any business.
His philosophy is to make marketing...
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February 15, 2024 39 mins
Join us on an insightful journey into sales funnels, where our guest expert, Nyrie, demystifies the secrets to success. Nyrie, a seasoned professional in sales funnel mastery, shares his valuable expertise, guiding you through the key elements to keep sales funnels simple and successful. Tips and strategies make sales funnels an indispensable tool for your businesses.

Success Secrets Exposed is broadcast live Tuesdays at 7PM ET.

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Jeannine, a seasoned Intuitive Reader, 5D Astrologer, and Medium with nearly 30 years of experience, offers profound healing insights. A Yogi, Teacher, and Writer, she excels in guiding clients worldwide on their transformative journey to self-discovery. Her expertise lies in delving into past lives, unlocking mind and emotional freedom. Emphasizing present awareness, Jeannine aids in evolving one's whole self, making healing not j...
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Join Madison Frederick, #1 International Bestselling Author, as she shares her journey from trauma survivor to master life coach & spiritual counsellor. With expertise in EFT, Madison delves into overcoming negative beliefs, emotions, and fears, guiding you towards a life of freedom and away from stress, anxiety, & self-doubt. Discover how to transform your life using the lessons she's learned and adapted for others' growth...
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November 10, 2023 44 mins
Meet Tina Evans, a seasoned communication expert and certified leadership coach dedicated to elevating teams from mere performance to high-performance.
Tina specializes in offering leadership strategies that streamline processes & unearth underlying challenges hindering peace, productivity & prosperity in businesses. Her unique approach empowers teams to unlock their full potential, driving transformative results. Tune in to...
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Annie Bourke, an international bestseller & skilled animal communicator/medium, bridges the gap between animals & humans, both living and in spirit. Her mission is to heighten global animal awareness.
In her podcast "What Animals Tell Me," Annie shares astonishing dialogues with animals, offering peace to their human companions. Her acclaimed book "The Bridge to Animal Consciousness" delves into animal soul journeys, reincar...
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Jürgen is a podcaster, podcast coach, podcast strategist, speaker and marketing strategist who helps thought leaders build sustainable visibility, credibility and meaningful connections with their dream clients.
He has held over 550 conversations with outstanding entrepreneurs worldwide and developed the Innova.Buzz Flywheel system uses podcasting to grow any business.
His philosophy is to make marketing and podcasting human again an...
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Wendy Hooton, a dedicated Down syndrome advocate, speaker and author, shares her journey of love and learning after her son's unexpected diagnosis.
With humor and healing, she offers support & resources, championing the value of the differently abled. With 18 years as a volunteer in a non-profit, Wendy has supported families while juggling a demanding career and her most vital role: raising her son.
Living in Utah, she embraces w...
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Bri Capirsi, an intuitive creative from the Pacific Northwest's enchanted forests. Her personal health odyssey inspired her to delve into Celtic shamanism, spiritual theory, mediumship, intuitive astrology, and light magic over seven years.
Bri's unique ability to harmonize mind, body, and soul energies led to her own healing and ignited a passion to help others. Through her online business, she educates on integrating emotional pro...
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Sarah Bauling is known as “The Perfect Pitch Guru”. She is a Professional Speaking Coach, specialising in creating The Perfect Pitch
With over 20 years of Sales and Marketing experience Sarah knows the power that this 30 -40 second pitch can have on your business. How it generates leads, converts clients and ultimately makes you more money.
She works locally, nationally and globally, turning every day individuals into confidence and ...
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Lynn Tranchell, a veteran success coach with over 30 years of experience, specialises in propelling leaders towards their aspirations. She equips entrepreneurs with strategies for attaining significant results effortlessly and amplifying financial gains.
Lynn's unique approach blends her profound knowledge of human psychology with a keen interest in brain science and Computer Science. This combination enables her to develop innovati...
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Being successful in one area of your life doesn't mean that you sacrifice in other important areas of your life. You don't have to sacrifice everything but you will have to sacrifice some things. The problem is most of us are sacrificing the wrong things and it's hurting us in the long run. We are sacrificing our health, our well-being and our relationships in order to be successful.
Our guest, Eva Medilek, is a Certified High-Perfo...
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Today we are going to be talking ‘the Rise of the Encore Entreprenuer’-Savvy, Seasoned & Successful with Simone de Haas.
Simone is an international speaker, Founder & CEO of the Seasoned Voices Network™. She speaks on The Theatre of Leadership, Conscious Communication & Business Storytelling.
Collectively we believe in the power of the mid-life woman as a pattern-breaker,a change agent with the potential to challenge the ...
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Staci's expertise lies in intertwining purpose, peace, and profits for entrepreneurs. She debunks the myth that achieving a 7-figure business means losing inner peace. Her tailored programs guide business owners to succeed without compromising their core values. Drawing from her own successful journey and family life as evidence, Staci demonstrates the attainability of this balance. Join us to learn how you can also nurture a thriv...
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Aryana Rollins, with over 40 years in human development and a Certified Cybernetics Transposition (CT) Facilitator since 2005, empowers individuals to rediscover their self-worth and manifesting abilities. Her methodology blends CT with True Self Alignment, offering practical, step-by-step processes. She provides a fusion of spiritual wisdom and science-based tools, guiding people to effectively achieve their goals. Her approach is...
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February 2, 2023 44 mins
Erin, with over 2 decades of coaching experience from her corporate career to franchise ownership & now as a business consultant, has a wealth of knowledge to share. She believes in learning from past failures to reduce others' learning curves. Her approach to success - personal growth with practical actions. Erin dives deep into the essentials of being the person you need to be and doing the things you need to do for success. ...
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January 19, 2023 50 mins
Learn how to have a Profitable Podcast by interviewing thought leaders and turning them into clients, referrals and speaking engagements.
Sheryl Plouffe turned her professional media experience into a thriving virtual video production agency and consultancy. She is an entrepreneur and international speaker and has broadcast over 20,000 hours of live television over her 25-year career.

Success Secrets Exposed is broadcast live Tuesday...
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December 19, 2022 46 mins
Peter Tran ia a macro economist & strategist specializing in predicting financial crises & identifying market changes. Who has written several books The Investment Blueprint & Finding the Way Home, originally inspired as a gifts for his daughter.
Find Your Way Home is the roadmap for unlocking full human potential. It provides a clear and decisive roadmap that lays the foundation for profound transformation – giving you ...
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