The Scream Squad - Deceased Beasts

April 24, 201759 min
So many horror movies play off humanity's primal fears of Mother Nature-- often taking the form of the Supernatural... but from weather to plants, the earth beneath our feet to the other species who walk up on it, nature itself has been serving up stories since the beginning of time and perhaps none more so than those involving our fellow animals.

While Jamie Righetti couldn't make it to the Dungeon this week, lucky for us, Chico Leo got to discuss a couple of "animals in horror" movies with special guest Wendy Mays, host of the entertaining animal-oriented Pet Cinematary podcast.

On this week's episode, Chico and Wendy dig into the 1989 classic Pet Sematary before doing a deep dive into last year's (surprise) hit shark-attack thriller The Shallows. Along the way they shout-out some other animal-themed horror faves.

As always, thanks for listening and Keep Screaming!

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