Christmas Podding

Christmas Podding

Christmas Podding is the ultimate Podcast guide to Christmas. A Podcast For Christmas tragics. This Podcast is Hosted by Liam Renton and Vanessa Gibson. These two have been friends for over a decade who instantly bonded one day at work when they both realised they were OBSESSED with the Movie LOVE ACTUALLY. They've been talking about Christmas non stop ever since. Both Liam and Ness have extensive media careers, having hosted Breakfast radio shows together in major Cities across Australia. They both still work in radio today and felt it was high time someone did a podcast dedicated to Christmas. Christmas Podding is devoted to all things fun and festive. Covering Christmas food, movies, music, events, lights, traditions, books and decorations. Christmas lives here.


November 19, 2023 37 mins

This week on Australia's ONLY Christmas Podcast we give you all the Seasonal Survival tips you'll ever need to handle a HOT Christmas. This year in Asutralia we are expecting it to be the sweatiest one ever.

We ignite the great Duck Fat Debate. Is it worth the over inflated prices for the yummiest, tastiest roast potatoes ever, you be the judge plus

Christmas Party Etiquette, we'll deep dive all the Do's and Don'ts to keep you out ...

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This week on Australia's ONLY Christmas Podcast we are asking if a large home cooked meal is absolutely necessary on Christmas Day, or is the family getting together celebration enough?

What is the best way to wrap this years Christmas gifts? Are you a fan of the more traditional or do you use Christmas gift bags? plus

Everything you ever needed to know about hosting a Virtual Christmas. You'll be amazing at the new technologies th...

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This week on the recently voted SECOND BEST Christmas Podcast on the Planet, Liam and Ness ask the question does Christmas Day actually end on Christmas morning? We have some top tips on how to extend the joy and festivities.

Why Turkey needs to be banned from all Christmas Dinners this Christmas. Grab some popcorn and hear the sparks fly. Australia's Queen of Turkey (Ness) has a few reasons why this will NOT be happening at her pl...

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This week on Christmas Podding we have a foolproof way of getting every single family member involved in helping you do all the heavy lifting on Christmas Day.

Is Credit Card Debt worth a life time of Christmas Memories, we unpack the pros and cons plus

Are Grandparents stealing our Festive Thunder by giving over the top gifts and spoiling our kids, we'll find out

With Liam and Ness on the recently voted SECOND BEST Christmas Podca...

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This week on Australia's ONLY Christmas Podcast we discuss why we believe that Christmas should be for the ADULTS and NOT the KIDS.

When is a Christmas Tree NOT a Christmas Tree? Have we jumped the shark with over creative Tree Like displays plus

Where do you draw the line when it comes to buying presents for family members. When is enough , enough and you say, Not this year Uncle TOM.

Coming up with Liam and Ness, recently voted t...

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This week on Australia's ONLY Christmas Podcast "Christmas Podding" we discuss why taking the most embarassing Christmas photos now, will mean so much more in years to come. The long term benefits may surprise you.

We ask the question is the Novelty Gift actually a novelty or a cop out? plus

What does your funny Christmas Ornament hanging on your tree this year really say about you?

We're talking all things Christmas with your fest...

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This week on Christmas Podding we ask the hard question How long should you keep your family Christmas Tree. Why is it so hard to throw away decades of  memories?

There's a new trend of leaving receipts in Christmas Gifts to give the option of returning it, is that a clever idea or just a humble brag to show off what you've spent? Plus

We have the very honest discussion about why we believe Kids should be excluded from the Christma...

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This week on Christmas Podding we talk Christmas babies, why having a birthday on Christmas Day is the BEST and WORST day of the year.

We've been baking and have discovered a stack of ways to serve up left over Christmas Ham. The best leftover recipes ever invented, we have them all  plus

How to cope with a sad Christmas. There's plenty of reasons why Christmas can be a sad day, but it doesn't have to be. We have the strategies to ...

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This week on Australia's ONLY Christmas Podcast we TALK TURKEY. Why baked turkeys need to be immediately banned from all Christmas dinners ASAP? We have new evidence to suggest there's trouble with turkey.

Both hosts held epic Christmas in July parties. We unpack what worked, what didn't and the sneaky tricks they played on each other in the lead up to the big mid year celebrations. Plus

We find meaning in the true spirit of giving...

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This week on Australia's ONLY Christmas Podcast we guarentee to take the stress out of Christmas Cooking with our complete guide to mange your time, budget and expectations.

We have expert advice on how to deal with difficult relatives this holiday season and how to not let them spoil the day  plus

Why we should all give Holiday Travel the Flick this Festive Season. All the reasons you'll need to stay at home and have just as good ...

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This week on Australia's ONLY Christmas Podcast we discuss Christmas Party Etiquette. The do's and don'ts for guests on how to show your host the ultimate festive gratitude.

We reveal why its OK to be a scrooge this Christmas and why doing Christmas on a budget doesn't make the season any less joyful  plus

Christmas in July, it's here and we lay out all the plans, tricks, tips and suggestions on how you can an epic celebration in y...

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This week on Australia's ONLY Christmas Podcast, Christmas Podding we unpack the history of Christmas in July and reveal why you need to be making plans to celebrate this year.

What is the BEST Christmas Dinner to prepare for your guests? We have the latest worldwide results on what YOU love the most plus

She is the hardest person on the planet to buy for. What on earth do you buy your Mother in Law? We have the best suggestions to...

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This week on Christmas Podding, Australia's ONLY Christmas Podcast we ask the question are family games a fun way to spend Christmas Day or are they an unwelcome nuisance?

Why do people feel so lonely on Christmas Day? We find out why and ways you can avoid those unwanted emotions plus

Should restaurants be open at all on Christmas Day or are they wasting their time?

This week with your aussie hosts Liam and Ness on Christmas Poddi...

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This week on Australia's ONLY Christmas Podcast we unpack how hard it can be to celebrate Christmas when you are personally hurting. We run through tips and advice on ways to cope and hopefully find some joy through a tough time.

Why you should be planning a family photoshoot this year complete with matching outfits and festive props plus

We ask Why isn't anyone paying more importance on making Eggnog a festive favourite. We think ...

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This week on Australia's ONLY Christmas Podcast, Christmas Podding we uncover why Re-giving Christmas gifts we don't like, want or need is not such a bad thing, and we let you know who'll benefit from your generosity.

The best Christmas movie list of all time has been updated and to say we are shocked and outraged is an understatement plus

If you've ever wanted to travel at Christmas we have all the reasons why you may want to make...

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This week on Christmas Podding we discuss the fact that none of us seem to be  getting our work and Christmas holiday commitments  balance right. We uncover how to stress less, work less and celebrate more this Festive Season.

We've all heard of a Bridezilla who makes weddings all about them and a misery for everyone else, but have you heard of the Festive Feral, the Christmas equivalent. What toxic traits do these people display t...

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This week on Christmas Podding, your hosts Liam Renton and Ness Gibson uncover what causes the biggest Christmas Meltdowns every year and the simple solution to a stress free Christmas at this years celebrations.

Would you ever consider moving your festive celebrations one month forward if it meant saving a lot of money on airfares? Plus

We have the inside scoop on the big blockbusters heading to a Christmas Cinema your way before ...

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In this episode of Christmas Podding we discuss a growing Christmas Dilemma. What should you do when you're asked to pay for your own office Christmas Party? We unpack your options.

We run you through the entire process of making your very own Christmas Cards. Why you'd want to and is it worth the effort? plus

How can you prepare yourself with the disappointment that comes with unmet festive expectations. We have the coping strateg...

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On this episode of Christmas Podding we uncover the biggest spoiler alert in Christmas history, How home package deliveries are spoiling Christmas surprises around the world.

We ask the question is it time to make a bigger deal of the non existent Christmas Breakfast, could it be a massive wasted festive  opportunity? Plus

How do you balance old traditions whilst finding time to create new ones? How to start something new, fun and ...

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This week on Christmas Podding we dissect the magic that comes with receiving the annual Christmas Letter. Why we think its time it made a comeback.

We discuss setting time limits on guests who come over at Christmas. Why its not rude to tell them when it's time to leave. plus

Why Australia has been voted the number 1 destination to spend Christmas 2023, even we were shocked and we live here.

Coming up on a brand new season of Chri...

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