EdFix - Education Fix Podcast

EdFix - Education Fix Podcast


Episode 11: Public Schools As Agile Organizations

January 30, 201927 min

27 min
Episode 10: The Research-Practice Partnership Advantage

December 12, 201827 min

27 min
Episode 9: Improving School Mental Health for Children Living in Poverty

November 29, 201828 min

28 min
Episode 8: Tackling Inequality in America

October 30, 201829 min

29 min
Episode 7: The Charter School Debate

September 24, 201828 min

28 min
EdFix Episode 6: Cybersecurity Education and the Development of Tomorrow's Workforce

June 29, 201827 min

27 min
EdFix Episode 5: Live from the Community Schools National Forum

May 22, 201833 min

33 min
EdFix Episode 4: “He looks like me!” How a Book Club for Boys Created a Culture of Reading at a DC School

April 17, 201828 min

28 min
EdFix Episode 3: The Power and Potential of Positive Psychology for Students with Disabilities

March 6, 201826 min

26 min
EdFix Episode 2: Arguing from Evidence and the State of STEM Education with Dr. Jonathon Grooms

January 25, 201826 min

26 min

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