A Mother's Intuition

A Mother's Intuition

A Podcast devoted to asking questions and share what I find about highly intuitive children. To make what we are doing available to those who need it for their own journey and to show what magic can happen when we follow our own intuition about the connection we have with our children. An exploration in trying to find out why we have been put with the people in our lives .


June 19, 2023 6 mins

In this Episode, Tara gets everyone updated on where she has been and what is happening with A Mother's Intuition. 

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In this episode, Tara interviews Ellen Edmondson , the founder of Highly Intuitive Kids , a wonderful resource hub for families with highly intuitive children. Ellen brings us along on her journey of discovering her own abiltiies despite being solidly brought up in her Catholic faith and what happened when she and her husband realize their son Ethan was also born with high levels of intuitive abilities. In search of help, they deci...

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In this last episode of the Hardcore Series with Tara and Leila Briggs, they discuss the differences between portals, vortexes and doorways. They discuss their own personal experiences with these three different phenomena and what they have learned in how to use them.

Tara can be found at www.amothersintuitionpodcast.com

Leila can be found at www.triliaonline.com 

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March 21, 2023 12 mins

In this episode, Tara talks about " Progress" and whether our perception of progress needs attending too. Tara shares a quote that she has heard in a prayer from A Beautiful Writer's Podcast that she uses daily to keep herself centered and her personal history around it. 

Tara can be found at https://www.amothersintuitionpodcast.com 

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In this episode, Tara and Leila discuss what exactly is an "Entity".  In the large varying fields of spirituality and the paranormal, it is common for people to use the word "Entity" to describe any energy that is unknown. 

But entities are more than that and they very well maybe be effecting you by stealing your energy. Tara and Leila go deep into the nature of entities - how they move, what are they looking for, how do they inter...

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In this episode Tara discusses three documentaries that she finds herself recommending to people all the time. Though very different, the documentaries are equally powerful and have had the ability to change the way Tara thinks about the world.

Here are the Links to the Documentaries -

The Women Of The White Buffalo 

The Biggest Little Farm

Earth Ships  

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In this episode, Tara and Leila Briggs have a conversation about what ghosts actually are. Humans love a ghost hunt, but rarely do they ask what a ghost actually is. They often just leave it to a "spirit of a dead person " or " someone who hasn't crossed over". 

But it is so much more complex than that and what if we told you that YOU have more to do with it than you could ever imagine. 


Tara can be found at www.amothersintuition...

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February 22, 2023 18 mins

In this episode, Tara talks about her struggles with her 21 day Hormone Reset Detox. Tara ran into an emotional rollercoaster she was not expecting to get on, especially since she has used this detox regiment before, but why was it so difficult?

Tara refered to The Hormone Reset Diet By Sara Gottfried, M.D.

Tara can be found at www.amothersintuitionpodcast.com

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In this episode, Tara and Leila have a conversation about the in's and out's of encountering your twin flame. They discuss the differences between a soul mate and a twin flame and more often than not, most people get soul mates and twin flames confused

They discuss their real life experiences with their own twin flames and the work that they are being called with do with the twin flame.

And is it possible to complete your work with...

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In this episode, Tara discusses a massive goal she set this year ( or one that may take many years). Her goal was slowly born from her travels across the USA and having a better understanding about what inconsistent things she was told about the USA and what she saw.

Tara discusses what it is like to receive a call for such a big goal and what happens when her husband gets a glimpse of it.   


Tara can be found at https://www.amot...

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In this hardcore episode, Tara and Leila discuss what "The Grid" actually is and how it works. They share thier own personal experiences with being "seen" on the grid and how people do work on the grid. They talk about how the grid played a part in the pandemic and what happened when the grid shut down. 

Tara can be found at www.amothersintuitionpodcast.com

Leila can be found at www.triliaonline.com

Leila's Blog on Grid Symbols & T...

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January 16, 2023 36 mins

In this episode, Tara tells the story of how A Mother's Intuition (Podcast) came to be after years of her own struggles to find help for her son and the overwhleming nature of his intense intuitive ( or better known as psychic) abilities. 

Tara Can Be Found at www.amothersintuionpodcast.com

Tara's Course is Now Available!  -Parenting the Highly Intuitive Child

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In this second part of an interview with SunRose Ironshell about the documentary of "Women of the White Buffalo" , Tara and SunRose discuss what brought Sun Rose back to the reservation to teach high school art. SunRose shines light on making our decisions pertaining to the next seven generations and what it means to be a true ally.

The documetary "Women of the White Buffalo" can be found Here

SunRose Ir...

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In this episode, Tara interviews Sun Rose Iron Shell about being a part to the documentary "Women of The White Buffalo". Sun Rose shares the layered and recent history of Native American tribes in the United States of America. She shares her own history of being a Lakota woman brought up outside the reservation and how her mother's work in  activism would empower her own path. She gives Tara an expanded look into what happened to t...

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November 17, 2022 65 mins

In this episde, Tara interviews Ryan Michaels about his journey from keeping the secret of his intuitive ability from his family to being on the show Psychic Kids and ultimately becoming a mentor on the Psychic Kids reboot that would occur ten years later. Ryan shares how keeping his abilities a secret effected his health and how he would come to be a part of Psychic Kids. Ryan discusses his experience of mentoring children on the ...

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November 14, 2022 17 mins

Let's talk about signs... and whether you trust them.

In this episode Tara talks about that past year of life on the road and how signs from the universe have directed her to places she never thought she would ever go. We each have our very own intuition lexicon that we create over time, but how do we start creating it ? Tara shows you an example of how she assembled hers. 

Tara's New Course Can Be Found Here - Parenting the Highly...

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November 9, 2022 20 mins

In this episode , Tara discusess how we as parents end up confusing and entangling our childrens' intuition when we what were are saying doesn't match what they are experiencing. 

Check out Tara's New Course- Parenting the Highly Intuitive Child

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In this episode, Tara interviews Dawn James about her experience of being a highly intuitive child with supportive parents and her journey into her full blown awakening as she approached her 40's . Dawn wrote a book called Unveiled which she documents her life where she experiences huge events like being paralyzed during a complication in  astral travel , becoming blind during piano recitals and complete loss of her appetite for ev...

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In this episode, Tara and Leila Briggs revisit what it is like to be or have a child with high levels of intuitive ability (better known as psychic ability ) during the Halloween season when the "veil is thinner".  

Tara's New Course "Parenting the Highly Intuitive Child" can be found at www.amothersintuitionpodcast.com

Leila can be found at www.triliaonline.com 

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In this Awakening Diaries Episode, Tara talks about why parents often "freak out" in the beginning stages of learning their children are highly intuitive or psychic. 

The Parenting the Highly Intuitive Child Course can be found at www.amothersintuitionpodcast.com

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