A VO's Journey: Voiceover and more voice over

A VO's Journey: Voiceover and more voice over

A VO's Journey is about helping new voiceover artists grow their business by listening to my journey to becoming a full-time voice actor. I have been an actor, coach, director, and teacher for over 20 years. I started six years ago in the voice-over industry and wanted to create a way to document my journey so other voice over actors could benefit from it. Voiceover is now my life, and I love every moment of it.


March 27, 2018 16 mins

A Guide for the Beginning Voice Over Artist

My name is Anthony Pica and this is for the voice-over artist that is just starting out and wants to learn everything from building a booth, getting microphones, equipment, DAW's, to learning how to record voice-overs for audiobooks, narration, commercials, video games ...

While at the same time marketing using different platforms and strategies. We will also talk ...

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How to set up your recording booth for voice over

In this episode, I talk about my voice-over recording booth and how I made it, the cost, how to put it together, and some more info about what I am currently work on in voice-over.

I talk about our opportunity as voice-overs artists and discuss what is coming up in the next episode.

If you would like to learn how to work with me to grow your voiceover bus...

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What mic DAW and equipment you need to record

In episode 3 of "A VO's JOURNEY, we discuss all the equipment I use in my booth and all the sound equipment the starting or seasoned voiceover artist would need to get started and/or enhance their business.

Below is a list of the equipment I use and the equipment I used to use.
1. iMac
2. Adobe Audition (DAW)
3. Rhode NT1 A Microphone (XLR)

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This is an incredible episode with some epic advice for all voiceover artists out there looking to become better performers to land more work and make more money.

Learning how to create a character for every job you do, whether its commercial work, Elearning, audiobook, corporate, non-fiction, animation, video games, explainer video, etc., we must create a character t...

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Want More Voiceover Work ... FOCUS Your Efforts

One of our biggest challenges is getting attention, and then keeping it long enough, to sell them our voiceover services.

There are people with way more money than us out there just slamming people with advertising. Instead of doing everything to get as much attention as possible, focus on one single genre of voiceover and then go all in.

Become the VO exp...

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Stop listening to the BS and Win at Voiceover

I was trying to enjoy my weekend, but I was bombarded with noise from the business and voiceover world.

This past weekend, I was watching some videos on being an entrepreneur in today's society. What we should be doing, and I needed to be on social media 24/7, I needed to be superhuman at working longer than anyone else. I need to be doing more voiceover work tha...

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April 23, 2018 11 mins

Voiceover Coaching and Fiverr

Voice-over coaching is such a broad topic and there are many out there. So in this episode, I talk about voiceover coaching and the challenges I am seeing in that field as well as the hot topic of Fiverr.

It seems that many people in the voiceover community struggle with Fiverr and are angry at other voice actors on there.

This episode dives into that topic and I talk about ...

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How To Get Attention As A Voiceover Artist

We are constantly looking for attention in whatever we do. It is the nature of our work, not just when it is finished, but when we are trying to get it.

In Ep. 8 of A VO's Journey, I talk about getting attention in the voiceover industry and the importance of using social media to grow your personal brand. I also debut my new intro.

Let me know what you thi...

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I talk about how to win at voiceover by working on the shitty parts of the business that no one else wants to because if you do that, you will win.

Often, we figure out what the secret sauce is, and then we look down the rocky road and decide we do not want to go that way.

It's tough voice acting and building a business. But we can do it by diggi...

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June 5, 2018 23 mins


One of the most important tools a voice actor needs is a great demo. And, it is one of the hardest things to get and reproduce as a beginner as well.

Sure, you can go to a major studio and purchase a top product that an engineer and coach completed for you, and brought years and years of experience into your finished demo.

But when you go to reproduce it, where are you then?

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How To Find Your Voice Over Niche

In this episode, I talk about how to find your voice over a niche and how to know when you have found it.

Not just that, but should you stick to one thing or spread your wings and try a little bit of everything?

Should you just focus on one place and not try to do multiple genres of voice acting?

These are the topics I discussed in this episode of A VO's Jo...

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How to Create a Business Plan for Voice Over

It is paramount that every business owner has a business plan or a destination of where they are going. And then, there should be some assumptions made, based on research, of how your business is going to get there.

It is so easy to jump into voiceover these days. Especially with the inexpensive floor to equipment. But a business owner, no matter if it is voice acting o...

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November 22, 2018 13 mins

Heightened Life in your Performance

Many people try to explain the "Conversational Read" in our line of voice acting work. The reality is, no one wants you to actually use the guy-next-doors' voice.

What people really want, is for you to use your voice, in a heightened state.

In episode 13 of A VO's Journey, I talk about the importance of Heightened Life in your acting and how it can...

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3 Quick Ways to Make Money in Voice Over

There comes a point where we just want some quick ways to make some extra money, and I have put together 3 different ones in this podcast.

If you are looking to jump-start your voice over career, or you just need some extra dough for the holidays, this is the podcast for you.

If you would like to learn how to work with me to grow your voiceover business, check out...

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How to Get Voice Over Business Like the Pros

We are all hoping for that top spot. At the end of the day, voice acting is a competition. But, since it is a subjective competition, is it really, or is it about doing the right things, in the right places, at the right time? Or is it about the way you sound?

All of these are great questions. If you want to get voice over jobs that pay the big bucks, you need to start ...

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Interview with the acclaimed Brent Hagel

I am absolutely thrilled to bring an exclusive interview the Brent Hagel, the Modern Promo, and Trailer Voice Guy. Brent has worked with FOX, NHL Network, CBS, NBC NEWS, HBO, NCAA, ICC Pro Soccer League, Jiffy Lube, Adidas, and more. We talk about how a new voice-over actor can get their career going and what he would do if he started over again. Also, we talk about demos, coaching,...

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Ep 17: The Three Plugins To Make Your Voice Overs Sound Amazing

In this episode I go over the best plugins for the new voice over artist, and what your chain (In audio production terms) means and how it affects our sound.

Learn more about my MAKE $20K ON FIVERR FOR VOICE OVER: https://www.avosjourney.com/how-to-make-20k-on-fiverr-for-voice-over

If you would like to learn more about getting a professional demo at an...

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How To Deliver An Amazing Voice Over Performance

If you are looking to give that peferct voice over performance, there are ways to get you into the right state of mind and you don't even have to leave you studio. Check it out! You can email me at atpcre@gmai.com for any questions or comments. Also please subscribe and like the podcast. Thank you!

Learn more about my MAKE $20K ON FIVERR FOR VOICE OVER: https:/...

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- The Importance of Being Brief In Marketing

This episode is all about how to stay brief when marketing your voice over business in 2019. The average attention span is 7-10 seconds. One sentence is all we get.

Learn more about my MAKE $20K ON FIVERR FOR VOICE OVER: https://www.avosjourney.com/how-to-make-20k-on-fiverr-for-voice-over

If you would like to learn more about getting a professional demo at an affor...

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How To Get More Voice Over Business

It can be challenging knowing how to get more voice over in today's society. It's really not your fault. There is so much crap out there telling you what to do that it's no wonder we can figure out any of it. In this episode, I am going to be giving some secrets away that should help you get closure to getting that elusive extra business we all crave!

Learn more a...

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