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Advisorist Podcast

Insurance and financial professionals: Advisorist is a podcast for advisors that want to grow their business with what's working NOW. Based on over 60,000,000 leads generated, get front-line hacks, tips, tricks and insider interviews on lead generation, appointment setting, scripts, funnels, strategy and growth - FREE! Learn more at Show More

Wealth is not money. Money is simply the fuel. Wealth is discretionary time. The ability to do what you want, when you want is real wealth. 

In this podcast, Alan enumerates on diverse tips and strategies that can be used to kick start your own journey as an advisor:

  • In order to stand out, you should become a contrarian and someone who is provocative. You should be able to suggest preferred methods of doing a certain thing. This means that you should not stop thinking of something new.
  • People trust their peers and peer references more than the most common ways to utilize a certain service. Aim for referrals. Do not conform to what is easy and usual, like common forms of advertisement.
  • Organizing your time and yourself can lead to better productivity and a good number of accomplishments.
  • Identify your clients thoroughly. Worst clients keep complaining and best clients give you the benefit of the doubt, which supports the idea that customers aren’t always right.
  • Work on your skills – specifically writing and speaking. These are crucial productive skills in getting your message and service across.
  • Perfection can be the enemy of excellence. You should always give your best and know that there are chances to fail. If this happens, you must have the resilience to bounce back.
  • Do not make unguaranteed promises. Do your best to help your client achieve reasonable goals and objectives.

    Alan Weiss is a renown consultant, speaker, and author. His consulting firm, Summit Consulting Group, Inc. has clients of over 500 leading organizations. 

    He is an inductee into the Professional Speaking Hall of Fame® and the concurrent recipient of the National Speakers Association Council of Peers Award of Excellence, representing the top 1% of professional speakers in the world.


    Michael Levin, Versatile and talented columnist, author, distance runner and musical performer who has ghostwritten more than 700 books ranging from finance and entrepreneurship to health care and technology.

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