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February 5, 2023 62 min
An conversation with Prof. dr. Matjaz Juric (@matjazbj) about: about KumuluzEE and the Duke Choice award, SOA had its problems, jetty is the core of KumuluzEE, Java EE fans building a lightweight runtime environment, JavaOne rejection, then winning the Duke Choice Award in 2015, KumuluzEE started with exploded deployments, KumuluzEE supported parts of Jakarta EE and fully MicroProfile from the beginning, now Kumulu...
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An conversation with Oleg Selajev (@shelajev) about: the red glowing mic, GraalVM is the runtime for your applications, GraalVM is high-performance, embeddable and polyglot, GraalVM comes with top tier Just In Time Compiler (JIT), GraalVM ships as community edition and enterprise edition, Twitter gains 10% throughput and performance improvement with GraalVM Community Edition, GraalVM is a drop-in replacement, Graal...
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An conversation with David Blevins (@dblevins) about: Code Generation with bash, bash is your best friend, scripting as documentation, learn first, then automate, an opportunity to work on an EJB container, working on EJBOSS, working with the great Richard Monson-Haefel, co-founding openEJB with Richard, bluestone and gemstone servers, exolab was an incubator, openJMS, openEJB and castor, working with Apple to inte...
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February 5, 2023 60 min
An conversation with David Blevins (@dblevins) about: Atari 800, then Atari 2600, playing Pitfall!, enjoying Apple II, enjoying the M.U.L.E. game, the creative art kid, working at Public-access station, making special effects with Amiga 500, the Monday the 13th horror movie, specializing on make-up, halloween was a working day, the amazing B.B. King, learning blues, studying psychology, going to Ecuador, going to ...
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February 5, 2023 68 min
An conversation with Dmitry Chuyko (@dchuyko) about: Logo on BK, and Basic on Nemiga, Pentium 1, AltaVista and Lycos, starting with Pascal, C, then Borland’s Kylix, controlling the CD tray, managing toy production with MS Access, writing drivers for Windows at high school, math over programming, joining Borland, Visual Basic, C++, XSLT then Java, from C++ to Java, using Apache Xalan, using A...
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February 5, 2023 59 min
An conversation with Glenn Holmer (@gholmer) about: astrology, TRS-80, Radio Shack, learning Basic, RPG and COBOL in 8 month, working for weyco group incorporated, learning assembly with core dumps, blanks instead of zeros, enjoying modern Cobol, running warehouse software on Novell Netware, starting with Java 1.1 in 1997, anonymous inner classes and JDBC were introduced with Java 1.1, AS 400 support for Ja...
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An conversation with Fabio Niephaus (@fniephaus) about: enjoying lego mindstorms, learning python, then Java, pencils and mice, using bluej, lejos - Java for lego, building extension for PHP fusion, enjoying SmallTalk, PyPy and GraalVM, rpyhton (restricted python) toolchain, AOT compilation, Java BeanShell, bringing SmallTalk to other languages with PyPy, Java on Truffle - espresso, combining multiple inter...
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February 5, 2023 66 min
An conversation with Alejandro Pablo Revilla (@apr) about: checkout episode with Alejandro: "#201 Write, Finish, Improve-jPOS", JPOS vision, handling large loads and making changes on the fly, connections to thousands ofr networking, circuit breaking 20 years ago, jPOS EE - the extendible edition, The Payment Platformn, "#72 KISS and No Dependencies in JGroups" with Bela Ban, jdom - the XML ...
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February 5, 2023 78 min
An conversation with Nicolai Parlog (@nipafx) about: JavaOne is back, virtual threads and Java 19, the old Java’s green threads, mapping between OS threads and green threads cannot be changed after assignment, Project’s Loom virtual threads are not assigned to a core, virtual threads could become the default, the artificial use of reactive programming, Project Loom performs as good as reactive, but may cons...
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An conversation with Mary Grygleski (@mgrygles) about: 808X as first computer, Hong Kong was high tech, enjoying space missions, Star Trek and Star Wars, the intriguing registration terminal, writing code in Pascal, 3 GL programming languages and SQL, set theory and SQL, the seven layers of OSI, OSI model, IBM MVS, AS 400 is the opposite of micro services, developers get bored too early, learning X-Windows,...
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An conversation with Karol Harezlak (@karolh2000) about: C 64 with Datasette, enjoy gaming, The Last Ninja, the demo scene, adding demo to the game, the dark horse federation, Amiga 500, Amiga AMOS, stealing assets from games, learning assembler with 10 years, AMOS and STOS, building lottery simulation, Borland JBuilder and Delphi, working for JDeveloper, starting with internet in 1992, building a game chat...
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January 22, 2023 47 min
An conversation with Аlina Yurenko (@alina_yurenko) about: 2012 MacBook Air, enjoying a Symbian mobile phone, GCP meetups, from firebase to C++, starting as Developer Advocate for GraalVM, GraalVM JIT, GraalVM native, GraalVM Polyglot, doom on GraalVM, JavaScript and python are interpreted at GraalVM, the closed world assumption - the dependencies have to be known at compile time, GraalVM tracing a...
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January 15, 2023 57 min
An conversation with Jakob Jenkov (@jjenkov) about: the great Commodore 128, The Last Ninja game, starting to program Basic, Commodore Amiga 500, starting with Borland Pascal on a PC, optimising code with assembly and C, starting in IT University in Copenhagen, switching to Java, the catch up with Java, Java from the Source Sun books, performance tuning, one application per server, using the Silverstream ap...
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An conversation with Ken Fogel (@omniprof) about: previously Ken on "#205 Mr. Omni", JavaOne in Las Vegas, What does it mean to be a professional programmer, the engineering principles, building a Las Vegas Conference Management System, the Use Case UML diagram, how to capture requirements, the developer and the client have to have a good idea about the system, the “Transitioning to Java...
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December 31, 2022 61 min
An conversation with Jeanfrancois Arcand (@jfarcand) about: TRS 80 from radioshack with 12, starting with turtles and Logo, training artificial networks with differential equations, a force feedback mouse with AI inside, starting with the first Java version, implementing AI with Java, starting at the EJB team at Sun Microsystems, working on Tomcat at Sun, working on J2EE RI - the foundation of Glassfish, Gl...
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December 23, 2022 60 min
An conversation with Bruno Souza (@brjavaman) about: the JavaMan, planting Xmas trees, the Why, the How and the What, the Golden Circle by Simon Sinek, micro services vs. monoliths, 4 Places and 5 Tips to Become an Amazing Speaker, Sun Ray Station

Bruno Souza on twitter: @brjavaman

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December 16, 2022 48 min
December 11, 2022 47 min
An conversation with Romain Manni-Bucau (@rmannibucau) about: Romain appeared first at "#79 Back to Shared Deployments", kubernetes and portability, minio, nginx kubernetes k0s, MicroProfile SmallRye, self-constraining for productivity, JSON-RPC over GraphQL, yupiik uship - a Jakarta EE subset, "Making the Intentions Explicit with JAX-RPC over JAX-RS", JSON-RPC over GraphQL, Apache OpenWebBe...
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An conversation with Mark Sailes (@MarkSailes3) about: CRaC API, C1 and C2 compilers, GraalVM and Random, CRaC and Stateful EJB beans, Lambda SnapStart and snapshotting the Firecracker VM, the CraC resource interface and listener methods, priming the critical path, Quarkus with MicroProfile AWS on Lambda CDK template, Plain Java AWS Lambda with CDK template, SDKs calls in the beforeCheckpoint hook, SnapStar...
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November 28, 2022 53 min
An conversation with David Matejcek (@dmatej) about: pmd 85 the slovak computer by Tesla. optimizing games, starting with Java 1.2, working with Apache Turbine, joining ICZ Group in Prague, from Sun One to Glassfish, working with Payara and Payara Micro, a call from Ondro, Ondrej Mihalyi appeared on "#160 Modules Are Needed, But Not Easy", Arjan Tijms appeared on "#184 Piranha: Headless Applets...
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