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Be You Find Happy

Do you want to live happier now? This podcast inspires happiness by encouraging people to speak their truth with grace, and live a courageous life of authenticity. You have the right to change your mind when presented with new information, your job, your friends, how you see the world, it's not any one thing but every one thing that leads to your success. Michaela invites celebrity guests to share real-life conversations and humorous, motivational experiences. Support this podcast:


May 25, 2023 28 mins

Greg Hammer is back and this time he's sharing how to help your teen. We talk everything from why Advanced Math is causing great distress for kiddos and how to help your kid "be less reckless" ie. Show up with intention around their choices.

In this episode we talk easy, accessible steps for people struggling with feelings of anxiety, depression, and burnout. Chronic stress causes a deterioration in all of these, but ...

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Teresa Walker has first hand experience of "trying everything" to create happiness and find peace, and what she found were demons instead. She shares her experience of leaving the New Age Occult and her fear for people who don't even realize what they've gotten themselves into.

She hopes to help christians be aware of moving the bar of acceptance/ opening oneself up to spirit of this world rather than Jesus + noth...

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May 11, 2023 26 mins

Whether fueling the feats of NCAA athletes or the U.S. Dept. of Defense, implementing one of the NFL's first sports science programs, or coaching Olympic gold medalists, Dr. Erik Korem has always been driven by a relentless pursuit of high performance. As time progressed, that drive became a new purpose — to translate the science enabling elite performers into actionable recommendations for anyone with a desire to improve.


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Amy Oldfield is an online Nutrition Coach & Personal Trainer, with 10 years experience in the industry. She’s been fat, she’s been skinny and everywhere in between. She’s had multiple eating disorders and hormone balances which led her to lose her periods. She’s been there and done it, and made all the mistakes so you don’t have to!She's passionate about the female menstrual cycle, fat loss and strength training. She helps ...

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Why do we tip our hair stylist but not our chiropractor? Why is tipping 20% customary and anything less is frowned upon? How do past relationships mess up the ones we're in now and why do the governing boards for various medical industries create a situation where doctors and the like can't provide intuitive care? In this episode we talk all things catastrophic.

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We felt so compelled to podcast after I heard Alex Jones talking about 12D (new age attempts to vibe up to 5D) and the hive mind, using OM (OHM, electrical resistence) true story - it's also the Lululemon logo, look it up.

We talk about not being afraid of Crypto, because the USD is crashing, crypto and a farm is the way out.

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Why do we get stuck on repeater, stuck in our minds, unable to break free of negative thought, or otherwise?

Brian Sachetta is the author and owner of Get Out of Your Head®, a brand and book series that seeks to help folks overcome anxiety and depression.

By trade, Brian is a software developer. He combines his experiences in the tech world with previous mental health battles to draw parallels between computer systems and the human...

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Does work-life balance actually exist? How does someone who's completely overwhelmed start to gain control again? How do you set boundaries when you're a total people-pleaser? Michaela and Leah talk about the reality of the fact work balance comes down to choice, giving up control and letting go of fear.

Leah Remillet is the host of The Balancing Busy Podcast, an international speaker, and the Anti-Hustle Business Coach. Leah helps...

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Do you hate your job...have you quit a job without having a new one? Do you feel like you never get what you deserve? Maybe you aren't asking... We're going to be an "on at all times" society and we're going to have to go back into the office at some point, how will you navigate that?

Amy Feind Reeves is the Founder and CEO of JobCoachAmy, where she leverages her 25+ years of experience as an executive and hiring manager to help pr...

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The hole in the ozone over the atmosphere that our own government created, how once you level up (the easy levels) you never go back, the digital currency, recent sinus infections and Nazi Germany, not to mention imminent nuclear war and chemtrails. The Commander is back with conspiracy facts at their finest.

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Verbal, Physical, Sexual abuse - the three categories and how pornography (not erotica or sexual freedom) but the sexual enslavement of people, especially children is destructing our society. The internet used correctly is one key facilitator to abuse, in particular online abuse.

Sabrina Osso is Founder and CEO of OSSO SAFE…Feel safe where you live, work, and play. She is a TEDx Speaker, Author, and Real Estate Agent on promoting s...

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After being named one of Florida's “Top Personal Trainers”, Derek became a published fitness model. The more attention he received, the more self destructive he became in every aspect of his life. This is what led to his version of rock bottom. He attempted suicide multiple times and had become a full blown narcissist. After accepting the nightmare that he had become, instead of killing myself, he dedicated his life to killing that...

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It seems so simple and yet we find ourselves frequently angry, resentful, paralyzed with fear. In this episode David Meltzer shares his wisdom on how to prioritize, how to take wise risks and push through fear and how to show up for others in a way that brings happiness to those around you.

The CEO of Sports 1 Marketing, a company he co-founded with Hall of Fame Quarterback Warren Moon, which leverages over $20 billion in relations...

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Pretty sure we covered all the major light a fire topics in this one. Will Spencer of Renaissance of Men explains why obesity is not okay (going sloth status for your spouse isn't helping anything), why the double speak of toxic masculinity is destroying men (=masculinity is toxic), and why the New Age deceptively drew people into the dark corners of debauchery.

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Michaela and Chris are at it again in their -now evidently annual- mashup involving topics from Lady Gaga not sleeping to your kids obsession with dinosaurs. Are the Nephilim making a come back with the polydactyl 6 finger AI generation, and speaking of AI, are people really engaging in sex with AI? Most of the topics we discussed in past years are now just facts, not hocus pocus, what of this episode will we start to see play out?


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Women have been conditioned to believe that they are here for men and need to spread their legs to be loved. They've also been made to feel "dirty" for being interested in their bodies and how they work. Orgasms for women? TISK TISK. 

Martha Bodyfelt is a dating and relationship coach for busy women over 40 who are ready to be in a premium relationship full of sparks.

Since 2016, she has professionally coached and mentored hun...

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January 26, 2023 48 mins
We're just going to call it for what it is, a complete lack of morals. First thing in the morning the Commander opens a video of Joe Biden saying if you are caught with a dime of coke you're going to jail, followed by a video put to good music of Hunter Biden receiving blow jobs, filming himself with many women doing sexual acts and taking lines of coke. Michaela shares her thoughts on how this makes women feel (is this what men wa...
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Body types, body fat, our bodies seem to know what we need, and why despite of diet we stay fat...some of the topics we chat about on this week's podcast. How do you lose weight? It's much more complicated (and easier) than you think.

Marc Nelson, lead scientific researcher at Fellow One Research pioneered Body Type Science (The Four Body Types) since 2003 including creating the only Online Worldwide Science-Based Hea...

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It's true, you see them posting photos of their gloriously decorated homes at the holidays, children sitting around a never spilled on table all smiling and writing letter's to Santa. You wonder what the hell you're doing wrong, trying to bring home the bacon, then cook the bacon, get the bacon on the table and clean the grease. Florence and Michaela have a heartfelt convo on modern mom-hood and the woes and joys of learning to say...

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Did you know The Projects contributed to the wealth imbalance and perpetuated oppression? Plus the SWAMP - we mean the real one, as God's septic tank and salt domes. The disparaging truth is that we are willingly dumbing ourselves down- think emoji use, and needing SIRI to map you to your mom's house (humans today have less use of language than in Shakespeare's days). The degradation of our morals has created mental health issues a...

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