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May 5, 2020 36 mins

Stephen Schnee chats with Reg Mombassa and Peter O'Doherty (Dog Trumpet/Mental As Anything) about their 2020 album Great South Road and their long careers as musicians and artists.

Features soundbites of songs from the new album and more!

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Stephen Schnee chats with The Cyrkle's Don Dannemann about the band's career in the '60s including three albums, two hit singles ("Red Rubber Ball" and "Turn-Down Day") and their association with The Beatles, which included sharing a manager AND being named by one of the Fabs!  

Enjoy this conversation and keep updated on all things The Cyrkle over on their Facebook page: https://www.face...

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Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the release of their debut 1980 debut album, NOBODY'S PERFECT, The Distractions' Steve Perrin chats with Stephen SPAZ Schnee about the band's career and a brand new digitally remastered release of the album.

NOBODY'S PERFECT (Occultation Recordings) is available as an expanded two CD release featuring the digitally remastered version of the album, every EP and non-alb...

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April 5, 2020 46 mins

Episode #40 of BEACH BLANKET FORT BINGO celebrates the 40th Anniversary of QUINCY's self-titled debut album!

On this episode, Stephen Schnee chats with Quincy bassist/vocalist Gerald Emerick about the band's career from their mid '70s formation to their recent reunion release 35 YEARS ON (Kool Kat Musik).

Includes musical soundbites featuring many of your favorite Quincy classics!

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March 28, 2020 44 mins

On this episode, Stephen SPAZ Schnee chats to musician/author Robert Crenshaw about his new bock MY MYTHOLOGICAL NARRATIVE: A ROCK ODYSSEY, as well as his solo career, his time spent drumming with his brother Marshall, and much more!

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On this episode, Stephen SPAZ Schnee chats with Russ Giguere (The Association) about his new book ALONG COMES THE ASSOCIATION: BEYOND FOLK ROCK AND THREE-PIECE SUITS and more. You'll also hear short soundbites of many of The Association's greatest songs!

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On this episode, I chat with musician and vocalist Milt Chapman, who spent four years touring with Ray Conniff in the '70s. We discuss Ray and his music as well as Milt's connection with the Smothers Brothers, Sunshine Pop, Climax, and so much more!

(In the pic featured on the thumbnail, Milt is the second gentleman to Ray's right)

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February 15, 2020 49 mins

Join Stephen SPAZ Schnee as he chats with Gilbert O'Sullivan about his career and his 2020 U.S. live dates, his first American tour in 43 years!

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Stephen SPAZ Schnee chats with Nashville-based singer/songwriter Bill Lloyd about his amazing career. From his early 'New Wave' days to his hit-making Country Music career and his Power Pop following, Bill Lloyd is a man for all seasons.

Enjoy this conversation and then head over to and and start collecting Bill Lloyd's catalog today!

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Stephen SPAZ Schnee chats with Scottish singer/songwriter CHRIS THOMSON about his musical career including his stints with FRIENDS AGAIN, THE BATHERS, and BLOOMSDAY. Add in some short musical soundbites to help the story along, this is an exciting look at the Scottish music scene of the '80s and beyond!

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With the release of his 2019 album HOME, I chatted with Lannie Flowers about his career leading up to - and including - the new release. Ever so humble and down-to-earth, Lannie may not like to talk about himself but he sure is fun to talk to!

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Spaz chats with Boston-based singer/songwriter SAL BAGLIO about his classic band The Stompers as well as his brand-new project The Amplifier Heads... as well as everything in between.

Remember to stay until after the ending theme for a super exclusive post-credits song!

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Stephen SPAZ Schnee chats to Jon and Tommy about THE RUBINOOS' 2019 album FROM HOME.  A career-spanning interview would have taken days so we focused on the new album and play some musical soundbites as well!

Learn about the album while hearing tasty little tidbits of FROM HOME now.  And remember to buy the album on August 23, 2019!

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August 15, 2019 55 mins

Stephen SPAZ Schnee chats with singer, songwriter guitarist Joe Nolte of legendary L.A. band THE LAST about the band's early career. From musical inspiration to their debut album L.A. Explosion, Joe talks openly about the band's formation up through their split with Bomp Records in 1982.  

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July 15, 2019 64 mins

Stephen SPAZ Schnee chats with musician, songwriter, and producer Ron Flynt about his career beginning with 20/20 and leading up to his recent digital reissue of the deluxe edition of his 2004 album L.A. STORY!

NOTE: In my intro at the beginning, I went off-script for a few seconds and mis-spoke. I state that Mr. Flynt lives in Houston (which I know to be false) when I meant Austin (which I know to be true). My apologies t...

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And now for something completely different...

My first installment in my TWO GUYS TALKING ABOUT MUSIC series

Ronnie Barnett (The Muffs) is my very first in-studio guest and instead of doing the normal type of interview that I love to do, Ronnie and I just spend the whole time chatting about music, the music industry, CDs, vinyl, collecting promo material, and so many more topics.

You'll also find mus...

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Stephen SPAZ Schnee chats with Strange Advance member Drew Arnott about the band's career and their recent return to the live stage. Features soundbites from many Strange Advance classics!

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Stephen SPAZ Schnee chats with GUITAR GANGSTERS guitarist/vocalist Peter Ley about the band's career. Features soundbites from each of their albums plus some surprises. Over 30 years after their recorded debut, this London-based Punk outfit is still alive and kicking!

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On this episode, I chat with British musician Chris Bostock, best known for his time with JoBoxers ("Just Got Lucky"). Chris has also worked with Vic Godard & Subway Sect (past and present), The Style Council, Dave Stewart & The Spiritual Cowboys, Johnny Britton, Spear Of Destiny and many others. We discuss his career from then until now.

This show features musical soundbites from all of the above artists...

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Join Stephen SPAZ Schnee as he chats with British singer/songwriter DENNIS GREAVES, the frontman for British Mod band The Truth as well as British Blues rockers Nine Below Zero. We discuss his 40 year career with musical soundbites sprinkled throughout the conversation!

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