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Behind the Shot

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July 4, 2024 89 mins
This is a show I have been thinking about doing for a while, and that I believe is an important subject for both new and veteran music photographers…. BUT even if you’re not a music photographer, this subject should matter to you. I think it applies to anyone negotiating prices. I have strong opinions on what the ASMP has referred to as "Predatory" Releases, and there's no question that I have an opinion on the message I want to g...
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I will never forget growing up hearing my dad talk about his days flying P-51 and P-40 planes. His walls were covered in model planes of classic war birds, as though he was trying to relive his youth. When he passed away, I inherited a bunch of model planes he'd never gotten around to building. He was in the Air Force his entire life, retiring as a Lt. Colonel, and talking with today's guest has brought back so many memories. Bret...
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May 9, 2024 126 mins
One of the things I love about the podcasting world is the instant camaraderie you sometimes feel when talking with other podcasters. It's hard to explain the connection you get when you have something creative in common with someone, but it's a pretty cool feeling. So, when a few months back I got a text from Kersten Luts, of the 'Camera Shake Podcast', to see if I wanted to join him and Dave Clayton, of the 'He Shoots, He Draws P...
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April 25, 2024 55 mins
The photographers I am exposed to by doing this show never cease to amaze me. Recently, my buddy Ian Spanier told a friend of his that he should be on the show, and gave him my contact info. At that point, Jason Gardner reached out to me, and when Ian, who has been on the show a few times himself, suggests someone I need to pay attention. Jason is an interesting photographer. He has galleries on his site for Editorial, Events, Per...
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April 11, 2024 51 mins
I never used to go to photography conferences. It's not that they didn't interest me, it's just that none of them cover my genre of music photography. WPPI is all about weddings and portraits, and while Imaging USA seems to cover a bit more, it doesn't go anywhere near concerts. Still, a few years ago I went to WPPI with a friend, to cover it on the show, and I found out that I didn't care what the conference covered. What I enjoye...
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March 29, 2024 65 mins
One of my favorite parts of doing this podcast is that I get to discover and meet some amazing photographers, and L.A. based Nikon Ambassador Joey Terrill is a perfect example. We've all joked about a photographer we know being able to "shoot anything", but in reality very few people can truly shoot any subject matter. There are a few out there though, Joe McNally comes to mind, that just get it. Their photography seems to breath ...
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March 15, 2024 64 mins
I find guests for Behind the Shot in a number of ways. Sometimes it's a referral from a friend, sometimes it's a cold email I send after seeing an image I just need to know more about, and now and then it's through a photographer's PR company. Regardless of how I find them, more often than not I end up being introduced to an amazing artist I wasn't familiar with beforehand. That is the case today. Jiří Lízler was brought to my att...
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March 2, 2024 64 mins
One look at the client list at the bottom of Paul Mobley’s About page and it’s quickly apparent that he’s one of the best commercial, advertising, and editorial portrait photographers working today. It’s a list of A level celebrities & musicians, and Fortune 500 companies, that speaks volumes about the type of work Paul creates. Whether it’s a celebrity promoting his or her latest project or a 100-year- old farmer celebrating his ...
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February 7, 2024 61 mins
Zoe Rain is one of those photographers in the rare group of artists that was born to do what she does. Some people can learn to become amazing artists, while others, people like Zoe, seem to have a natural gift for seeing the world through a lens. At the young age of 20, Zoe was already touring with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and that work brought a bit of notoriety, to say the least. Since then, her work has graced the cover of Rol...
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November 12, 2023 33 mins
Back in June I did a review of the StellaPro Reflex line of lights titled "Is This My New Favorite Light?". Well, today I've got an update. StellaPro has upgraded the hardware. The StellaPro Reflex lights are “Continuous Strobe Hybrid” LED lights. They allow you to do constant light, as you might do for video, or using digital burst mode you can use the lights like you would a flash. Technically, these are not flashes, they are LE...
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August 10, 2023 77 mins
There are times when I see a photographer's work that I have an emotional response, a feeling that I am seeing something special. That's what happened the first time I browsed through Victoria Will's website. Photo after photo there was something.... with impact. That doesn't happen very often. Victoria's career in photography began as a photojournalist, but has now moved to a focus on celebrity portraiture, editorial, and commerc...
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July 27, 2023 52 mins
Regular watchers / listeners of the show will know Dave Williams. He's a great friend, and amazing photographer, and he has a skill I value... an eye for great guests. In fact, he has connected me to more potential guests than I think anyone else. Because of that, when Dave sends me someone, I pay attention. Today is the result of that process. Dave described Paul Kober's work to me, and I was immediately struck by how unique the...
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July 13, 2023 76 mins
It never surprises me how often Scott Kelby's name comes up when I am talking about photography with someone. I remember, back when I started out in photography, how much I learned from watching his videos with "The Photoshop Guys". Scott, to me, is photography education personified. Scott has been on the show a few times, for Insights From Scott Kelby and Timeless Photography,  but I still remember the first time I met him in per...
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June 29, 2023 32 mins
10 Questions with... Don Komarechka I have had a lot of guests on this show, but few I know as well as Don Komarechka. Don is a great friend, which seems odd considering we have never met in person. We did our critique shows together for about two years, in honestly, chatting with him is always a blast. for that reason, I figured he was a perfect guest for my new "10 Questions" series. Don has been on the regular show too, a few t...
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June 15, 2023 65 mins
My guest today most likely needs no introduction. As Vice President of Operations for KelbyOne, Erik Kuna has been around the photography world for a long time, and he's been on the show before, for the episode titled Shoot for the Skies. His specialty is photographing rockets and spaceflight, but make no mistake, Erik could teach you a lot about almost any genre of photography. From behind the camera, Erik photographs launches fo...
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June 1, 2023 56 mins
A few years ago I was walking around the WPPI Expo floor with a friend, when he suggested we stop by the StellaPro Lights booth. This friend does some work with StellaPro Lights, a division of Light & Motion, and he thought I might be interested in seeing their new product - the StellaPro Reflex. As the staff there showed me the lights, I immediately thought that these might be a game changer for some people - maybe even me. Since...
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My guest for this show is none other than my buddy Dave Williams, making his third appearance on the show. On the chance that you haven't seen the other two shows I did with Dave, "Aurora and the Night Sky" and "The Traveling Photographer", let me take a moment to introduce one of my favorite creatives. Dave is a travel photographer based out of London, or wherever his tricked out van happens to be parked. Yeah, you heard that cor...
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May 4, 2023 56 mins
So, funny story... I get people pitch themselves for my show very often. It's usually some bizarre pitch, for a subject matter that has zero to do with what my show actually is about. Sometimes it's the potential guest emailing me, and sometimes it's their "representative", but it's almost always some "motivational speaker" that wants to help my listeners. In almost every case, when someone pitches themself it's not a fit, until th...
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April 19, 2023 61 mins
I get guest suggestions sent to me regularly, and this show is the result of one of those. Dave Kallmann messaged me on Twitter to suggest a few motorsports photographers, and that instantly intrigued me. Dave is a sports reporter for Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and he is one hell of a photographer himself. If he was suggesting someone then I knew I had to take a look, and man, I am so glad that I did. Jamey Price is a motorsport ...
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April 6, 2023 11 mins
Today is a new type of show, its: 10 Questions with... Jesse Feyereisen I have been thinking a lot lately about doing some shows that are a bit different from the normal format. Something just for fun, and shorter than the usual style of shows. I've had the "10 Questions" idea for awhile, and while recording a show with Toy Photographer, and Platypod Pro, Jesse Feyereisen (for release on May 4th) I asked if he wanted to be the fir...
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