Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Breakthrough Brand Podcast

Welcome to the Breakthrough Brand Podcast, hosted by Elizabeth McCravy. Each week, I’ll bring you workshop-style trainings that teach you how to stand out online, design success from the inside out, and create a breakthrough business. It’s time to turn viewers into raving fans and design the business and life of your dreams.... Show More

This episode covers all things email marketing — what tools you should be using, what to offer to get people on your list, where to put your opt-in for the best results, and so much more! Your email list is an important part of your business sales. If you aren’t building your list yet, this episode is perfect to help you get started. And if you’re on the other end and are actively emailing, this episode will give you ideas on how to do it even BETTER!


Episode Highlights:

  • Why email marketing is more effective than social media
  • The email marketing service I recommend you try
  • Why simply saying “join my email list” isn’t going to work anymore
  • The 2 rules for what to offer in exchange for an email address
  • How to pitch your email list so people want to join
  • Where to put the opt-in form on your website
  • How to grow your email list on Instagram stories (even without the “swipe up” feature)
  • When I believe it’s better to re-engage a cold list than to wish you had a list a year from now
  • A bonus guide to creating the perfect email opt-in

    Links Mentioned in This Episode:

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  • Check out MailerLite:
  • Get my free guide for creating the perfect email opt-on:
  • Visit my freebies page:

    Get the show notes: elizabethmccravycom/5

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