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May 22, 2024 40 mins

Today on the show we have Tamara Grominsky, the Chief Strategy Officer at Unbounce.

In this episode, Tamara shares her experience in optimizing cancellation flows to reduce churn.

We then discussed how Unbounce implemented a data-driven approach to understand the reasons behind customer cancellations and how they tailored their strategies to different customer segments. We wrapped up by exploring the importance of cross-functional co...

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Today on the show we have Ryan Singer, the founder of Felt Presence and former head of strategy at Basecamp.

In this episode, Ryan shares his experience in evolving the Shape Up framework to better fit diverse team structures and needs.

We then discussed his insights on navigating customer engagement through the concepts of active vs. passive looking.

We wrapped up by discussing how these strategies are applied in...

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Today on the show we have Heather Brown, the VP of Global Commercial Sales and Customer Success at PagerDuty. 

In this episode, Heather shares her extensive experience in bridging the gap between product development and customer success to enhance company performance and customer value. 

We dive into the innovative strategies PagerDuty employs to ensure these two critical areas are not just aligned but also collab...

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Today on the show, we have Natalie Onions, the Vice President of Customer Experience at 

In this episode, Natalie shares her in-depth insights into the crucial role of customer champions in driving customer success and what happens when these key individuals leave the company.

We delve into the strategies that employs to mitigate the risks associated with customer champion turnover and we wrapped up...

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Today on the show we have Austin Yang, the Lead Product Manager of Softr.

In this episode, Austin shares his experiences in the no-code space, particularly the unique challenges and opportunities it presents for product management.

We then discussed the impact of horizontal products that serve multiple industries, and we wrapped up by discussing how Softr is navigating product development and user needs in this diverse land...

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Today on the show we have Rob Kaminski and Anthony Pierri, the partners of Fletch PMM.

In this episode, Rob and Anthony share their journey in establishing Fletch PMM, a specialized firm helping early-stage B2B SaaS startups refine their website homepages. They delve into the pivotal role of a company’s homepage in positioning and messaging, crucial for attracting and retaining customers.

We then discussed the common pitfalls startup...

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Today on the show we have Céline Daley, the VP of Customer at DeepL.

In this episode, Céline shares her unique insights into embracing a generalist mindset and the role of flexibility in navigating tech careers. With a background that spans from marketing to customer success, and from startups to global companies, Céline's journey showcases the power of adaptability and learning in driving career growth.

We then discus...

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Today on the show we have Mehdi Boudoukhane, the CEO & co-founder of Cycle.

In this episode, Mehdi shares his transformative journey from a data scientist in Johannesburg to launching Cycle, a company that seamlessly connects customer feedback with product development to close the feedback loop and enhance retention.

We then delved into how Cycle leverages feedback not just for product prioritization but as a tool to spread empat...

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Today on the show we have Lizzy Rosen, the VP of Customer Success at Vendr.

In this episode, Lizzy shares her extensive experience in shaping the future of SaaS buying and how Vendr is revolutionizing the sales process to make it more efficient and transparent. We delve into the heart of objection handling, discussing how strategic approaches can significantly reduce customer churn and enhance retention rates in the competitive SaaS...

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Today on the show we have Adam Robinson, the CEO and Co-Founder of

In this episode, Adam shares his incredible journey of scaling from zero to $20 million in ARR in just three and a half years, all without external funding.

We delve into the pivotal moments and strategies that propelled the company's rapid expansion, and Adam opens up about the challenges of navigating growth at such a fast...

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Today on the show we have Mohannad Ali, CEO of Hotjar.

In this episode, Mohannad shares his journey from VP of Engineering at HelloFresh to leading Hotjar. 

We dive into the nuances of B2B vs. B2C churn and retention strategies, drawing on his unique experience across both sectors. The conversation highlights the importance of understanding early vs. late churn and tailoring go-to-market strategies accordingly. 


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Today on the show we have Casey Hill, the Senior Growth Manager of ActiveCampaign.

In this episode, Casey shares his insights on navigating churn by focusing on the critical stages in the user journey to foster loyalty. 

We explore the nuances of addressing churn from initial engagement through to long-term retention, highlighting strategies for each phase: activation, impact/results, and loyalty. 

The discussion o...

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Today on the show we have Andrew Capland, a growth advisor and onboarding specialist with rich experiences at HubSpot and Wistia.

In this episode, Andrew shares his journey from HubSpot to Wistia, outlining the evolution of his approach to user onboarding and growth. Andrew walked through 6 key steps of a successful onboarding framework to increase activation and reduce churn. 

We then discussed the importance of personalized user ex...

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Today on the show, we have Teresa Torres, an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and coach.

In this episode, Teresa shares her insights on using continuous discovery as a crucial tool for achieving product-market fit and effectively reducing churn. She explains how her approach helps product teams make informed decisions by integrating continuous customer feedback into their daily processes.

We then discussed the imp...

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Today on the show we have Elliot Kohtz, the VP of Success at Mixmax, a leading sales engagement platform.

In this episode, Elliot shares his insights on the evolving landscape of customer success (CS) and its pivotal role in driving sales and securing retention, especially during economic downturns. We delve into the challenges of tool consolidation and budget constraints, discussing strategies for becoming an indispensable tool tha...

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Today on the show, we have Sofia Quintero, the co-founder of Collie.

In this episode, Sofia shares her journey from founding EnjoyHQ to her role in shaping Collie, a tool that integrates all engineering rituals into one platform, fostering trust and efficiency through asynchronous communication. With a rich background that includes leading growth at GeckoBoard and navigating EnjoyHQ through acquisition by UserZoom, Sofia brings a we...

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Today on the show, we have Kristi Faltorusso, the Chief Customer Officer at ClientSuccess. 

In this episode, Kristi shares her journey from IntelliShift to her current role, revealing how her experiences have shaped her approach to customer success.

Kristi then discusses the transformative impact of AI on customer success strategies, emphasizing how these technologies are streamlining processes, enhancing efficiency, and un...

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Today on the show we have Jim Schattin, the Chief Customer Officer at Algolia.

In this episode, Jim shares his unique experiences in shaping customer success strategies in different technological environments. We dive deep into the contrast between cloud-based and on-premise solutions, examining how customer engagement and success practices vary across these platforms.

We then discussed the evolution of customer success from his time...

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Today on the show we have Kristen Berman, the CEO and co-founder of Irrational Labs, a renowned product design and behavior change lab.

In this episode, Kristen shares her extensive experience in the field of behavioral economics and its application in product and marketing strategies. We delve into how understanding user psychology is crucial in product design, highlighting the influence of the environment on user behavior.

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Today on the show we have Mark Ross-Smith, CEO and co-founder of Loyalty Status. Mark, an expert in travel technology and former head of Loyalty at Malaysia Airlines, shares his journey from running Australia's largest youth social network, SMS Fun, to pioneering the field of airline loyalty.

In this episode, Mark offers unique insights into the evolution of customer loyalty programs in the airline industry. He discusses the st...

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