Fire and Water Cooking and Travel - The Fusion of Food, Cooking, and Travel

Fire and Water Cooking and Travel - The Fusion of Food, Cooking, and Travel

Fire and Water Cooking is dedicated to teaching and discussing the cooking methods of barbecue, smoking, grilling, sous vide and all types of cooking. We show how these methods can work really well together and separately to produce some of the best food you can make at home. Join us as we discuss barbecue, smoking, grilling, sous vide, and all types of cooking! Fire and Water Travel is dedicated to making sure foodies and all other food lovers make the best of their travels by finding the best places to eat, drink, and cook with exploring the globe! From time to time we will have special guests and topics so make sure you subscribe! Fire & Water Cooking also has a YouTube channel, Facebook Group and Page, and other social media channels. Check out our website at and visit the "Recommended Products" Section! Thanks for following us!


November 13, 2022 52 mins

In this episode my guests Lloydd Capuccia and Kevin Liddell discuss seasonings and sauces, and how they interact with food and our taste buds. Over thousands of years we have developed the human palette but our tongues have tastebuds for a more basic purpose.. Survival! 

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I stumbled onto Gubba a few months ago when I was looking for Freeze Dryer content on YouTube, and I got hooked on her Style! Gubba is a Gaming Streamer that has branched out into other things such as music, books, and even prepping and homesteading! She is very different from most content creators her age as she is very "modest" and honest. wether she is playing a heated game of Fortnite or learning how to milk her dairy...

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In this episode I talk with Chef Andy Husbands who has had a very interesting career. From being on "Hells Kitchen" to owning and running an award winning fine dining restaurant in Boston, authoring 6 cookbooks, to winning the Jack Daniels World championship of BBQ and much more! Check out all Andy has going on at his website or you can check out his restaurants here

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In this episode I invite my friends Lloyd Cuppucia and Scott Smith on to discuss the MasterBuilt 1050 Gravity Smoker/Grill and their experience with the grill quality and the modifications they do to them. Although this grill does put out some great food, the build quality is not the greatest for sure. Below are a couple of the websites we discuss that carry a lot of products for these grills to make them much better. There is a wh...

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If you have not heard of Black Garlic, you will be please with this podcast episode! Dr Elizabeth Latham is the owner of "The Black Garlic Company" based in Texas. We discuss how she left her career as a collage professor to chase her Black Garlic dreams! She explains what black garlic is, the health benefits, and pretty much all you need to know about this "Super Food" and awesome Seasoning! You can find her &q...

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Technology and cooking mix well together! Chef Owen Wyatt started out as a busboy and worked his way up to Chef Thomas Keller's staff,  but then changed gears and went to work helping to develop the "Hestan Cue" Smart Induction Cooking system. He is now with an exciting start up company "Typhur" that promises to bring more innovative and useful products to the home cook.

Make sure you follow Typhu...

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Join me in a discussion with Nina Skaggs, Co-owner of Avid Armor Vacuum sealers to discuss their rapid growth, their new products, and how the pandemic has affected their business! Lots of good information about their high quality products and new releases!

You can check out their products on their Website HERE -

Check out their YouTube Channel HERE -

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We are Back! After a long hiatus, this is the 1st episode of many more to come! We will be doing at least 2 per month going forward. Here is my discussion with Mr. Jason Perlow, Long time Food blogger and tech reviewer for places like ZDnet and CNN, and a founding member of the "Modernist Food" incubator from the early 2000's "eGullet".  eGullet was a bulletin board message group where people of all cooking...

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I invite my friends Kevin Liddell and Lloyd Cupuccia to discuss food preservation and retort canning. JVR Industries has introduced a new sealer bar for their popular Vac100 chamber sealer that will work for Retort and Mylar bags. This seal bar does a more concentrated and deeper seal so it will work with the 7 mil speciality bags for much longer food preservation.

Check out the JVR Vac100 Chamber sealer HERE and you can ...

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One of the most favorite smokers that AmazingRibs owner Meathead Goldwyn has ever owned is the Karubecue C-60. I have also discussed this smoker with people like John Setzler of Man Cave Meals,  Chris Young of Modernist Cuisine & ChefSteps, and Douglas Baldwin. They all rave about this very unique smoker! Join me in my discussion with the owner and inventor Bill Karau as find out the hows and why he created this amazing wood fi...

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Check out my discussion with Chef Candace Conley and Natalia Banjac of the cooking school "The Girl Can Cook" and the podcast "Not a single fork" as we discuss how they got started and where they are going! Chef Candace has a PHD in Psychology and has an interesting path on how she got into cooking and teaching!

Check out their website HERE-

Check out thei...

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Join me in a discussion with Nina Skaggs, co-owner of Avid Armor vacuum sealers! Avid Armor has grown very fast over the last 5 years and offers some of the best high quality vacuum sealers and supplies on the market aimed at the home user. They offer excellent products and customer service and are always expanding their offerings to help their customers and fill needs.

Check out the Avid Armor Store on Amazon - https://a...

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I am so excited to have Dr. Douglas Baldwin on the Show! He is the author of "Sous Vide for the Home Cook" and his pasteurization and heating tables are the industry standard! He spent the better part of a year researching and developing the information millions of people use to cook safely with sous vide. He has worked with such companies as Modernist Cuisine, ChefSteps, and now Breville/PolyScience. 

Find out ...

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Check out our conversation about cooking thermometers with Lloyd and Kevin. Instant read thermometers from full blown temperature controllers! We then tackle the Delta-T cooking and what it is and what it can do for you.

if you love Fresh Organic spices, you MUST try FreshJax Organic Seasonings and spices! All of their products are superior quality, organic, non-gmo, no added colors, anti caking, or other additives! They ...

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Check out my awesome conversation with Chris Young, the CEO for new start up Combustion, Inc, Former CEO ChefSteps and inventor of the Joule sous vide circulator, and co-author of the ground breaking "Modernist Cuisine" book series! We discuss how he got started, his time working for cutting edge Chef Heston Blumenthal, and how he has helped change the way we cook! Check out his new company HERE -

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Join me in my conversation with Derrick Riches as we discuss his long career of talking and reviewing all things about barbecue, grilling, and all things outdoor cooking! Derrick has tons of knowledge and experience in the outdoor cooking space and has been doing it since the late 1990's. We talk about how things have changed over the last 20 plus years.

Check out Derrick's website HERE - <...

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Check out my conversation with chef Tina Cannon of Tina Cannon Cooks! She is the winner of the 2020 Netflix show "American Barbecue Showdown" but she is a classically trained chef and has been competing in cooking contests for many years! Find out how she got started cooking and what drives her to continue to learn and grow.

Find Tina at her website Here - or her Facebook page Here - http...

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Make sure you check out my Blog Post that goes over the Fabulous February Giveaway! Over $1,000 in prizes will be given away! No Purchase necessary!

Make sure You check out The GrillGun or SU-VGun at 10% off by using this link -

Check out the Vac100 Chamber sealer that is back in stock at ...

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Join me, Lloyd Cupiccia, Kevin Liddell, and Scott Smith as we discuss what just us started cooking, how we got involved with sous vide, and what motivates us to keep experimenting.

if you love Fresh Organic spices, you MUST try FreshJax Organic Seasonings and spices! All of their products are superior quality, organic, non-gmo, no added colors, anti caking, or other additives! They have the BEST blends and individual spic...

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join me in a discussion with Chef David Pietranczyk of PolyScience Culinary as he goes over some of the amazing high-end chef inspired products that they have recently brought to the market that make things much easier for the professional chef and home chef alike!

 Check out David's post about "Delta" cooking that can be done using the HydroPro Plus!

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