Fix Yourself First with Dr. Kristie

Fix Yourself First with Dr. Kristie

Dr. Kristie Overstreet brings her skills as a clinical sexologist and psychotherapist to help you make every connection matter. As your southern sex therapist, she’ll help you focus on a fix yourself first approach that allows you to reconnect with yourself to better express your needs and wants in all of your relationships. With her practical tips and methods, you’ll stop waiting for others to change and finally begin to create the relationships you deserve.


September 28, 2022 32 min
To divorce or not to divorce can it work with Dennis Vetrano

Sometimes, relationships don’t work the way we want it to. There are a lot of factors that can lead into the fallout of a relationship, whether it be falling out of love, mutual agreement of moving on to different partners, or a realization of a different path. In this episode of Fix Yourself First with Dr. Kristie, we’ll be talking about divorce as a whole and as an optio...
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Are you struggling with making a connection with somebody? Do you feel embarrassed when it comes to talking about sex with your partner? Pushing them away whenever the topic arises? If so, it's time to explore your attachment style.

In this episode, I'll cover the influence of attachment styles on your relationships, how they were formed in your childhood, and how this relates to adulthood. Understanding attachment styles a...
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Ways to Stop Arguing and Resolve the Issue

If you're in a relationship (or have been in one in the past), you know how difficult it is to work through conflict. Depending on your relationship's health, you either resolve the issue or get deeper into the conflict cycle.

Your days of constantly arguing are over because, in this episode, I'll help you to stop arguing and start resolving your issues.

Covered in this episode:
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Relationships are all about giving and taking. Feelings, communication, and actions need to come from both partners. No one in a relationship wants to feel neglected or cared for. However, couples sometimes face the problem of giving too little and taking too much.

Partnerships without equality are problematic. That's why Dr. Kristie will talk about the real benefits of equality in relationships in this episode. After listening...
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In this episode, Dr. Kristie talks about past and current relationships as well as the importance of exploring our needs, wants, and desires.

Also in this episode:
Patterns of self-sabotage
The fear of what others would think
The advantages of being vulnerable as well as its challenges
Trust Issues
Taking a look inward and stop pointing the finger at others
Get ready to stop making relationships harder than they have to be.
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Feeling bored in your relationships is worse than having arguments. There are many reasons why couples get bored with each other. It could be a lack of effort. It could be routine. Whatever the reason is, you are not alone. Boredom is a common problem couples face, especially those in long-term relationships.

But you don’t have to bored. Luckily, in this episode, Dr. Kristie talks about simple and practical steps that you can take t...
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According to the National Association for Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, approximately 30 million Americans live with an eating disorder. If you or someone you know belong to this statistic, then this episode for you.

Sarah Gottfried joins us to talk about her journey of overcoming an eating disorder. What started of as wanting the perfect physical image and innocent simple dieting, spiraled into a path of rigidity, con...
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Have you ever had someone hurt you so bad but felt like there’s nothing you can do about it? I want to let you know that you have the power to do something about it. How people treat you is 100% in your hands. That's the philosophy behind Fix Yourself First is to take this power, embrace it, and gain control over yourself.

In this episode, I’m sharing with you how to change how people treat you, from why we struggle to do it to...
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Where there are human beings, there are relationships. And where there are relationships, there is sex. For every human being, there is a different turn-on. Some people respond to the different parts of the body, but there are also many people who get turned on by erotica. Erotic literature and stories have given many people permission to explore their own feelings and sexual fantasies without shame.

In this episode, we are joine...
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Have you ever felt out of control or so anxious that you felt disconnected from your body? Maybe you felt so angry that all you could do was cry. So, how do you regulate your emotions?

Emotions themselves are neither good nor bad, but our experiences with them can be difficult or painful. When we don't know how to deal with distress, we might turn to unhelpful patterns—avoiding or fixating on negative emotions—without realizing ...
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Have you ever wondered what your purpose in life was? Or, struggled to find what you're passionate about? You're not alone. Almost all of us have wondered about this at some point. But, the goal is to take action on our purpose.

In today's episode, I'm chatting with Christie Rocha, mental health-obsessed podcast host, millennial mom of 2, and entrepreneur, about her journey of finding her passion. We discuss her jour...
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If you’ve ever been through a hard breakup or divorce from a toxic relationship then you know how difficult it is to imagine finding happiness again. Join me for a conversation with Lisa and Chris, co-founders of Been There Got Out, to discuss their journey of finding love and hope after high-conflict divorces. They started with a friendship that soon developed into a loving and romantic relationship and they are sharing their jour...
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Have you ever wished you were more confident in how you communicate? That when you talked, they listened to you and took you seriously. That you didn’t get questioned, dismissed, or skipped over when you speak up.

Well then, you’re ready to speak up with confidence. In today’s episode, I’m explaining what is confident communication and how to build it.

I'm covering:
- What is confident communication
- Symptoms of unhealthy communic...
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When was the last time you were full of fear? Last week, I was full of fear and I’ve learned that my fear stems from anxiety and a harsh inner critic, including unrealistic expectations of myself. So, this episode is perfect timing because we’re talking about embracing our fear.

I'm chatting with speaker, author, and leader, Alexa Glazer. She guides humans to radical resilience through self-acceptance, presence, and play. She u...
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64% of Americans claim that they are very happy in their relationship with a partner or spouse and 50% claim that they are satisfied with their sex lives.

How accurate do you think this number is? Can you relate? Are you happy in a relationship or satisfied with your sex life? Regardless if your single or in a relationship, in this episode, we’re covering the different types of intimacy and how to get your needs met.

If you’ve ever f...
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When did you learn what intimacy means? Have you ever thought of how your current definition of intimacy may be keeping you from getting your relationship needs met?

In this episode, you'll learn:
- Where does our current definition of intimacy come from
- The reasons we need to redefine intimacy
- How to redefine intimacy
- How to talk about your relationship intimacy needs whether you're single or in a relationship

Don't mi...
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How comfortable are you talking about urinary leakage, sexual pain, changes in libido, and how long sex lasts with a friend? How about your doctor? So many women are struggling with sexual health and genitourinary issues and not talking with anyone about it, much less getting help.

From social stigma and the media’s portrayal of how women’s bodies should look, behave, and perform there is outward and inward pressure on how we’re sup...
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What if your world turned upside down in the blink of an eye and everything changed? How would you feel? How would you deal with changes that affected every area of your life?

Giving ourselves grace and compassion is tough, especially when life hands up one stressful event after another. In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Jayne Mattingly and we’re taking on grace, compassion, chronic illness, disability, and expectations of self,...
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We don’t enter into new relationships thinking, "WOW, it’s really going to suck when this ends." We start relationships hot and heavy, passionate, and swimming in NRE (a.k.a new relationship energy). We’re having all the feels and can’t keep our hands off one another. Oh the joys of a new relationship… until it ends.

And if you’ve ever been broken up with; if you know that feeling of shock, sadness, devastation, numbness; ca...
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If you’re constantly asking yourself ‘what if’ questions, if you get trapped in your thoughts, or rehash all of the ways you could have done something differently, it’s likely you’re an overthinker.

Struggling with over obsessive thoughts and staying stuck in your head is extremely common. One study found that 73% of adults between the ages of 25-35 and 52% of adults aged 45-55 years old are overthinkers.

But, just because it’s so co...
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