Force Toast: A Star Wars Happy Hour

Force Toast: A Star Wars Happy Hour

Two Star Wars-obsessed Chicagoans discuss everyone’s favorite galaxy far, far away in this bi-weekly happy hour podcast. From the films to the novels and everything in between, hosts Alyce and Laura get you up to date on the latest Star Wars news, complete with some minor wine-induced garbling. Grab your favorite beverage and get toasted with Alyce and Laura. Email us at


July 20, 2021 89 min

OK, first things first.

Laura is not casually munching on food during this episode. She’s using cough drops and jolly ranchers to keep her throat nice and wet for talking.

Hee hee. Wet.

In Episode 63, hosts Alyce and Laura catch* up on month’s worth of news and discuss the newest episodes of The Bad Batch?

  • An interesting new casting rumor about the Kenobi series? Honestly, what in the world is this show going to be about? And when will...
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    We’re just saying.

    They could have called the Andor show something cool like “Fulcrum” or “Underworld: The Rebellion.” 

    But they went with “Andor” and now we can’t stop hearing “and/or” so here’s hoping for a late-in-the-game title change so it doesn’t sound like they named the show after a conjunction =/

    In Episode 62, hosts Alyce and Laura pour a few glasses of wine and catch* up on the last three weeks of Bad Batch episodes and...

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    June 1, 2021 63 min

    In Episode 61, hosts Alyce and Laura celebrate* Clink, Muchi and being only 8 episodes away from Episode 69. HEY OH! 

  • There’s only one right way to make a mimosa and it involves and eye dropper 
  • Is a Han Solo Disney+ series in the works?
  • Broken trumpets and small hands
  • Is Rangers of the Republic axed or is it just clickbait? Or do we all need to go outside?
  • JJ Abrams uses his words in an interview, but to what avail? 
  • Boy oh boy are ...
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    May 18, 2021 57 min

    Hey there, Maxxonistas! It’s Episode 60 of Force Toast and hosts Alyce and Laura recap* all that big Star Wars news we got on May the Fourth except OH WAIT, WE DIDN’T GET ANY. 

  • Star Wars Celebration 2022 has new dates. Again. Worried about masks, cosplay and travel? Why you shouldn’t panic yet.
  • KENOBI WATCH. What’s this about a new Obi-Wan costume? Maybe that means no costume? Maybe the new costume is his birthday suit? A girl can dr...
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    May 4, 2021 61 min

    What do we have here? A wee, little premiere of the newest Star Wars animated series? Why, yes! And just in time for Force Toast Tuesday, you love to see it.

    So, before we get into it:


    Hosts Alyce and Laura recap* the special May the Fourth premiere of Star Wars: The Bad Batch! The episode, entitled Aftermath, made its 70-minute debut on Disney+ and, in a ...

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    April 20, 2021 57 min

    Alright, enough of this nonsense. Education is important so you all are going to learn some valuable lessons in this episode. Like how the Titanic was real and how to keep your horny toy poodle in check when he keeps knocking up all the bitches.

    In Episode 59, hosts Alyce and Laura crack* open a glass of Pink Milk, pull up a chair and try to make sense of all the Star Wars happenings over the last two weeks.

  • As they say in Mary Poppi...
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    April 6, 2021 87 min

    Strap on, kid! No, that’s wrong. Like really wrong. Gross. Let’s start over.

    Strap IN, kid! It’s Episode 58 of Force Toast! Hosts Alyce and Laura ponder* how many heads Kumail Nanjiani will have in the Kenobi show and learn the real name of those dancing balloon thingies you see at car dealerships. 

  • Alyce is a sad, sick baby.
  • This episode is brought to you by Kellogg’s Stragecraftios! Those great flakes from Kellogg’s have a secret, y...
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    March 23, 2021 77 min

    Hear ye, hear ye! We are the Toast of the Force and we bring you the good word of timesheets and Tim Tams! 

    In Episode 57, hosts Alyce and Laura have written* a jingle for the COVID-19 vaccine and if anyone steals it, we’re gonna come for your as$. We’re lookin at you, Lil John!

  • You can change up a lot of things. But you best not touch The Magic School Bus.
  • This show was recorded in front of a live studio audience in Paris. Kind of. A...
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    March 9, 2021 77 min

    No YOU’VE got eye problems! No, not you, Kelly Marie Tran. You’re perfect. Charles Soule too. Both of you: don’t ever change. 

    In Episode 56, hosts Alyce and Laura enjoy* another successful edition of Kenobi Watch™, take a small leap into the world of Marvel and catch up on the latest Star Wars news!

  • KENOBI WATCH. Is Ewan going to be in Andor? How? Why? When? Here? Why? Doesn’t matter, we’re here for it. (via The Illuminerdi)
  • Speculat...
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    February 23, 2021 67 min

    It’s Episode Schfifty Five! And as always, this is going to be a very deep and serious show. No silliness to be had here. Move along, move along. 

    LOL JK hosts Alyce and Laura share* their thoughts on the most recent Star Wars news, try to remember books they can’t remember and speculate about what Swol Obi-Wan is gonna be up to in the Kenobi show.

  • In the spring (aka 15 degree weather in Chicago), we drink rosé.
  • Schmoedown Spoiler War...
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    February 9, 2021 84 min

    Have you heard the good word? Our wee lil podcast is 2 years old! What? How? How did we get here? What even is this? Who are you? 

    In Episode 54, hosts Alyce and Laura have so much to celebrate* on this lovely Pod-iversary! Plus they’ve got really fun projects and guest appearances coming up that you won’t want to miss! 

  • We’re at 1,960 Twitter followers. If you’re not following us yet, please go follow @forcetoastpod and get us t...
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    January 26, 2021 93 min

    Think of this podcast like Cher and cockroaches: it’s going to live forever. And until forever arrives, we’ve whipped up whatever this nonsense is for your listening pleasure!

    In Episode 53, hosts Alyce and Laura are diving* into whatever Star Wars news they can scrounge up while relying on YOU to help us pass the time! Thank you to everyone who sent in prompts, questions and trivia during these slow news weeks! 

  • Katee Sackoff reveal...
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    January 12, 2021 75 min

    The year: 2021

    The place: Trivs City

    Population: Us

    In Episode 52, there’s not a lot of news and hosts Alyce and Laura fail at Dry January and acupuncture, respectively. But all is not lost! Viral TikTok and The High Republic are here just in time to save us from the wrath of 2021. 

  • We watched The High Republic launch livestream event on January 4, 2021! Let’s discuss. 
  • Chris Pine got some details about the upcoming Rogue Squadron film....
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    December 29, 2020 95 min

    If we learned anything from 2020, it’s that 1) meat thermometers break easily and 2) you shouldn’t stick it in too deep. 

    In Episode 51, hosts Alyce and Laura are roasting* a turducken stuffed with Star Wars news, recaps, trivia and general nonsense.

  • The High Republic is giving us a thing we never knew we needed: Groot but make it Star Wars
  • We discuss the new excerpt from Claudia Gray’s upcoming novel Star Wars The High Republic: Into...
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    December 15, 2020 123 min

    We’re not saying you HAVE to familiarize yourself with Molly Shannon’s Sally O’Malley character from Saturday Night live for this episode but…. it wouldn’t hurt.

    In Episode 50, hosts Alyce and Laura are catching up* on Chapters 14 and 15 of The Mandalorian and all the news that came out of the Disney Investor Day on December 10, 2020. 

  • Patty Jenkins is going Rogue in Christmas 2023 and WE ARE READY
  • Taika Waititi really said “Star Wars...
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    December 1, 2020 110 min

    Hello there! Hello there! Hello there! 49 and feelin’ fine!

    In Episode 49, hosts Alyce and Laura catch* up on their Thanksgivings (TV binging and champagne drunk, respectively), then it’s on to the most recent Star Wars news and recaps!

  • A tale of a man annoyed at his girlfriend because she won’t stop talking like a Gungan. We have no advice to offer him. We just want to talk to her. Please contact us.
  • Obi-wan is looking to cast women ...
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    November 17, 2020 88 min

    Force Toast’s Episode 48 is brought to you by pimple cream and Fisher Price. 

    I mean, not really. But it would be pretty cool, wouldn’t it, Fisher Price? 

    In Episode 48, hosts Alyce and Laura are ringing* in Life Day the only way they know how: with a giant can of Coors Light and a fancy Christmas cocktail. Guess who had which ;-)

  • Sure sex is great, but have you ever worn a beer helmet to a nice restaurant during a pandemic so you can...
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    November 3, 2020 76 min

    It’s Episode 47 and hosts Spooky Alyce and Laura spend their Halloween drinking and talking* about Star Wars - so it’s pretty much the same as any year!

  • Albus Dumbledore and the Giant Sh*ts 
  • Do cocktail bitters expire?
  • A big ol’ Caravan of Corrections segment for everyone who, unfortunately, trusts us to get stuff right (you shouldn’t)
  • We have to have A TALK about The Mandalorian Black Series figure
  • Alyce has an update on the Kenobi ser...
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    October 20, 2020 96 min

    What do Kiera Knightley, puberty, 9/11 and There’s Something About Mary all have in common?

    There’s only one way to find out! (It’s easy, just listen to this episode)

    In episode 46, hosts Alyce and Laura have a big one for you, nerds. It’s time we have a talk about foot peeling and cat buttholes. 

    Wait, no, come back! We’re just kidding. Kind of.

    What we actually talk about:

  • By the time you listen to this, you’ll know what Star Wars mea...
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    October 6, 2020 104 min

    This episode has EVERYTHING! Borat impressions! Ebola! Pizza parties! And as always, a little Star Wars talk for your listening pleasure. 

    In Episode 45, hosts Alyce and Laura are recording* a little early (like, 2 days early) because Alyce is SO DEMANDING and doesn’t want to spend her BIRTHDAY editing this dumb show lol. Honestly, can you blame her? Oh yeah, and we’re still not done with Thrawn. 

    [Borat voice] VERY NICE! 

  • We’re just ...
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