Garbage in my Heart

Garbage in my Heart

Pure punk for punk people


October 17, 2021 68 min

Virgin Prunes - Twenty Tens (I've Been Smoking All Night) (Baby)

Smirk - Precious Dreams (Total Punk)
Blammo - Be Nice (State Laughter)
The Soul Patrol - Take back the Night (Feel It)
Spit Kink - Brick (Tetryon Tapes)
Set-Top Box - Nothin' at All (Polaks / Weather Vane)
Suitor - Communion (Just Because)

Detestados - Tia Unidad (Discos Hardcorridos)
K9 Sniffies - Huffin' Shit (Urinal Cake)
Wymyns Prysyn - Human Form (...

Mark as Played

The Reatards - Teenage Hate (Empty)

New Stuff
Spodee Boy - Dark Days (Chunklet)
Cochonne - Trop (Sorry State)
Hawkbaby - Pop Punk SML (My Mind's Eye)
3D & the Holograms - Projection (Warttmann Inc / Loopy Scoop)
Eugh - Junk Shop (Savage  / Marthouse)
The Social Lies - Kink Boy (Hovercraft)

90s Garage Punk
Loli and the Chones - Make Out Party (Rip Off)
The Comas - I'm Not Contagious (Therapeutic)
The Registrators - Right Hand ...

Mark as Played
September 12, 2021 78 min

Cheap Time - Back to School (In The Red)

New Stuff
Big Bopper - Motorcycle Jimmy (Self-released)
Satanic Togas - Teenage Garbage (Under the Gun)
Mesh - Ur Dead (Self-released)
SPLLIT - Amite River (Feel It)
Cherry Cheeks - Go Outside (Total Punk)
Ismatic Guru - Imposter (Swimming Faith)

More New Stuff
Porvenir Oscuro - Voces En Mi Cabeza (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Mujeres Podridas - El Chico en la Discoteca (Beach Impediment)
Virvon Varvon - Tr...

Mark as Played
August 29, 2021 100 min

Zero Boys - Vicious Circle (Nimrod)

60s Indiana
The Omens - Searching (Cody)
The Nomads - Coolsville (Skoop)
The Tradewinds - Oop-Oop-A-Doo (Destination)
The Ebony Rhythm Band - Drugs Ain't Cool (Lamp)
The Rivieras - Cherry Pie (Norton)

Indiana Punk Classics
Panics - I Wanna Kill My Mom (Gulcher)
Chemotherapy - All My Friends Are Dead (Time Change Records)
Last Four (4) Digits - City Streets  (Time Change Records)
Amoebas in Chaos - ...

Mark as Played

The Five Du-tones - Shake a Tail Feather (One-derful)

New Shit
Spiritual Mafia - Smiles (Anti-fade / Ever/Never)
SPLLIT - Heavy Headed Side (Feel It)
Lysol - Disinfectant (Feel It)
Prison Affair - Out of Jail (Under the Gun / Computer Human)
Cherry Cheeks - Trickin' (Total Punk)

Old Sounding Shit
Valentinos - Looking for a Love (Cairo)
Thee Flying Dutchmen - I Make You Beg (Boom Boom)
Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels - Little Lati...

Mark as Played
August 1, 2021 78 min

Mainframe - RIP (Goodbye Boozy)

New Aussie Shit
Ghoulies - Head Full of Fuck (Cuerdas Fuera)
Rubber Room - Chemical Imbalance (Cuerdas Fuera)
Tee-Vee Repairman - Lights Out (Urge/Wartmann Inc)
Eggy - Johnny Whoop (Spoilsport)
The Critics - Robots (Bellringer)

Newly Reissued Shit
The Social Lies - Fuck the Scene (Hovercraft)
The Donnas - Lana & Steve (Superteem)
The Partisans - Killing Machine (Sealed)
Gordons - Adults and Children (1...

Mark as Played
July 18, 2021 111 min

Des Demonas - The South Will Never Rise Again (In The Red)

New Stuff
Zorn - Fall to Pray (Sorry State)
Mainframe - Employee (Goodbye Boozy)
Satanic Togas - Unaware (Goodbye Boozy)
Fugitive Bubble - Grotesque (Impotent Fetus)
Staffers - On Staples (Ever/Never)

Dischord Records
Minor Threat - Filler (Dischord)
Government Issue - Hey, Ronnie (Dischord)
S.O.A. - Gang Fight (Dischord)
Teen Idles - Deadhead (Dischord)
The Make-Up - They Live By...

Mark as Played
June 27, 2021 60 min

The Sound - Cold Beat (Reminder)

Kagami - Inside Me (Self released)
Dollhouse - This Is Heaven (Toxic State)
Exek - Several Souvenirs (Lulus Sonic Disc Club)
Predator - Hands Reaching Out (Total Punk)
S.L.I.P. - Daddy's Little Girl Part II (Cruel Noise)

Neon Christ - Doom (Southern Lord)
Artistic Decline - Andy Warhol (Meat House)
Lost Sounds - Tronic Graveyard (FDH)
Screamers - Mater Dolores (Superior Viaduct)
Gape Attack! - Be With Me ...

Mark as Played
June 13, 2021 101 min

ISS - Spikes (Self released)

New Stuff
The Smog - Noise Noise (Episode Sounds)
Dollhouse - The Shadow Baby (Toxic State)
Screamers - Peer Pressure (Superior Viaduct)
Qlowski - In a Cab to Work (Feel It)
Eugene Chadbourne & Jim McHugh - We Have Fed You All a Thousand Years (Post Present Medium)

Sorry State
Fitness Womxn - Easy (Sorry State)
Brain F≠ - V-2 (Sorry State)
Das Drip - Gym Rat (Sorry State)
Cochonne - Mensonge Humain  (Sorr...

Mark as Played

Prefuse 73 - The Color of Tempo (Warp)

Clicks and Cuts
Pole - Pferd (~scape)
Farben - Beautone (Klang Elektronik)
Gas - Nach 1912 (Kompakt)

Matthew Herbert (Dani Siciliano) - Foreign Bodies (!K7)
Luomo (Sasu Ripatti) - Tessio (Force Tracks)
Tim Hecker - Borderlands (Kranky)

Minimal Techno
Isolée - My Hi-Matic (Playhouse)
The Other People Place (James Stinson) - Moonlight Rendezvous (Warp)
Dominik Eulberg - Adler (Traum Schallpl...

Mark as Played
May 16, 2021 57 min

Crazy Spirt - I'm Dead (Mata La Musica Discos)

Alien Nosejob - The Scene Expands (Iron Lung)
M.A.Z.E. - 311 (Lumpy)
The Serfs - Angelic Ritualistic Cruelty (Market Square)
Nightclub - Listen Up (Urge)
Paul Messis - Win or Lose (Market Square)

GG Allin & the Jabberz - Bored to Death (Blood Orange)
Kitchen & the Plastic Spoons - Happy Funeral (Ancient Monument)
Vitamin - French Fries (Don Giovanni)
The Breakers - Radio Love (You A...

Mark as Played

Terror Visions - Itching (FDH)

Ray Gun - History of Education (Self released)
Psykik Vylence - Untitled (Under The Gun)
Gimmick - Chalkboard (Sorry State)
Kneeling in Piss - I'm a Patsy (Anyway)
The Mind - The Pod (Lumpy)

Gee Tee - Thugs in Cars (Goodbye Boozy)
013 - Tyonvalittaja (Puke n Vomit)
Ooze - Slow Zrch (Not Normal)
Nandas - Bellona (Toxic State)
Predator - Honest Man (Rob's House)

Loli and the Chones - Rumble in My Pants (Re...

Mark as Played
April 18, 2021 58 min

Pussy Galore - Spin Out (Shove)

Psykik Vylence - Untitled (Under The Gun)
MAZE - Zipper Back (Lumpy)
Snooper - DOG (Goodbye Boozy)
Vitamin - Black Sheep (Don Giovanni)
Cassie - School Talk (Reminder)

Predator - Dots (Total Punk)
Smirk - Goons on the Beach (Feel It)
Paranoias - Mislead (Helta Skelta)
CDG - Living Between (Domestic Departure)
Hot Tubs Time Machine - Praise Me (Self released)

The Speedies - You Need Pop (Radio Heartbeat)
Tina and...

Mark as Played
April 4, 2021 60 min

Toy Love - Pull Down the Shades (Goner)

Spread Joy - Unoriginal (Feel It)
The Prats - Nothing (One Little Independent)
CDG - Remove Officer (Domestic Departure)
The Mind - Lets Experience Yr Head (Lumpy)
MAZE - Spread the Germicide (Lumpy)

Children with Dog Feet - 1-800-Homocide (Toxic State)
Mister - Refugio (Not Normal)
The Stools - Multiple Maniacs (Goodbye Boozy)
Hated - Innocent People (Meat House)
Spodee Boy - Tombstone (Goodbye Boozy)


Mark as Played

The Sweet - Funny Funny (RCA)

Smirk - S. Construction (Feel It)
Sick Thoughts - Poor Boys (Goodbye Boozy)
Cassie - Keep in Touch (Reminder)
Prettyboys - I'm Falling (Reminder)
The Gorls - Tracie (Hozac)

Spodee Boy - Dress the Part (Goodbye Boozy)
Zig Zag - Burn Out (11pm Records)
Gimmick - Deep Slice (Sorry State)
Fairytale - Better off Dead/Damaged (Desolate)
Red Red Krovvy - Despise the Rich (Helta Skelta)

Romeo Void - Confrontation (41...

Mark as Played
March 7, 2021 59 min

Bad Times - Trapped in the City (Goner)

New Stuff
Collate - Medicine (Domestic Departure)
Preening - Economy Head (Ever/Never)
The Smog - Set in Stone (Going Underground)
Song Birds - Brooklyn Tarts (Rubberneck)
The Bell System - Flexi (Celluloid Lunch)

More New Stuff (DIY Pop)
Hot Gum - Clothes (State Champion)
Hot Tubs Time Machine - No Thanks, Google Maps (Self released)
Real Numbers - Darling (Slumberland)
Dolly Mixture - Spend Your ...

Mark as Played

Barracudas - Summer Fun (Zonophone)

Romero - Troublemaker (Cool Death)
Dolly Mixture - How Come You're Such A Hit With The Boys, Jane? (Spa Green)
Midnite Snaxxx - 12 O'Clock (Sweet Time)
Paranoias - In the Bin (Helta Skelta)
Pushups - Pop Power (Hozac)

Wompers - Summer Buzz (Lumpy)
ABC Gum - Dandy Ride (Let's Pretend Records)
The Shivvers - Teenline (Rerun)
The Younger Lovers - Sha-Boo-Lee (Raw Sugar)
Sweet Faces - Cool Kids (Do...

Mark as Played
February 7, 2021 56 min

Bunker Hill - The Girl Can't Dance (Norton)

Freak Genes - Followed it Down (Feel It)
Silicone Prairie - Dance to the Beat (Feel It)
New Vogue - Change of Heart (Self released)
Snooper - Running (Computer Human)
Hot Gum - Names (State Champion)

013 - Takaisin Todellisuuteen (Puke n Vomit)
The Insults - Dummies on Parade (Last Laugh)
The Gorls - Planet Vator (Hozac)
Monoshock - Everything Near Me (Feeding Tube)
The Daze - I Wanna Be A Star...

Mark as Played
January 24, 2021 56 min

Control Test - Sin Sentimientos (Iron Lung)

Astute Palate - No Queen (Petty Bunco)
ISS - Spikes (Self released)
GG King - Remain Intact (Total Punk)
Tetanus - No Excuse (Sorry State)
Neutrals - Personal Computing (Slumberland)

Intelligence - Test (S-S Recorrds)
Vodovo - Neuer Code (Killer Boy)
Moth - 2021 (Polaks)
Factums - See Inside (Sacred Bones)
Young Marble Giants - Eating Noddemix (Rough Trade)

Los Huevos - Too Many People (Moo-La-La)

Mark as Played
January 10, 2021 65 min

Formaldehyde Junkies - Road Hazard (Firestarter)

Warm Red - Super Bowl (State Laughter)
Midnite Snaxxx - Fight Back (Slovenly)
Star Party - No Excuse (Feel It)
Mystic Inane - My Life As A Fish (Cletapatra)
True Sons of Thunder - Yo Back (Total Punk)

The Daze - At the Seaside (Reminder)
Ravi Shavi - Hot (Almost Ready)
The Busy Signals - Stereo (Dirtnap)
Home Blitz - Stupid Street (Self released)
Hunx - Private Room (Hardly Art)

Ausmuteants - F...

Mark as Played

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