Heal Your Story with Heidi Dellaire

Heal Your Story with Heidi Dellaire

Do you feel stuck? Not getting what you want out of life? I help people reduce their anxiety and tame their emotional triggers so that they can release their trapped emotional pain and trauma to finally feel calm, clear and confident in trusting themselves to build a safe, joy-filled and purposeful life. We are all telling ourselves a story of who we think we are or who someone else is. Heidi is an Emotional Health and Heart Space Coach, Holistic Health Practitioner and the author of Roots and Tendrils. Find her at HeidiDellaire.com or her self-development resource site, LoveWideOpen.com Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/healyourstory/support


February 20, 2024 12 mins

In this episode, we explore the distinctions between trauma and drama, understanding how our reactions shape our experiences.

Learn strategies for coping with drama and seeking support for processing and healing from trauma.

Key Topics:

  • Understanding the difference between trauma and drama
  • Coping strategies for navigating drama
  • Seeking support for processing and healing from trauma

Have questions about this topic, r...

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In the last few episodes, I have discussed negative and positive self-talk.

In this episode, I discuss how to put positivity into action and the practices that you can put into place to obtain a more positive mindset. 

If you would like assistance in shifting your mindset around any emotion, then I would love to work with you.

You can learn more about my healing and coaching services at https://heididellaire.com/work-with-me

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Words have power.

We can either use negative words or positive words.

Negative words hold us back.

Positive words propel us forward.

The language we use with ourselves internally and with the world at large has a major impact on who we become.

They can keep us struggling or they can empower us to strive for high achievement and a better life for ourselves and the world.

There is power in getting into a routine or habit of posi...

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In this episode, I get into the science behind why people have such a hard time reducing their anxiety or healing their emotional pain and triggers.

I also discuss different aspects of the Heal Your Story Method™ and the Emotional Regulation Mastery 12-Week Healing Program.

You can learn more about the Emotional Regulation Mastery Program at https://heididellaire.com/emotional-regulation-mastery-program

You can book a Heal Your S...

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In this episode, we explore the delicate balance between setting boundaries and letting go.

Learn how boundaries serve as emotional guides, essential for healthy communication.

We discuss recognizing when to set boundaries, trusting your intuition, and striking a balance to protect personal energy.

Acceptance and creating distance without cutting ties completely are key aspects.

Other episodes that discuss boundaries are 137, 108...

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In this episode, I discuss the importance of understanding and nurturing our emotional well-being.

We explore the dynamics of emotional and mental health, the transformative power of validation, and the importance of unraveling the stories behind our feelings.

Discover the beautiful dance between emotional and mental health, and delve into the profound concept of becoming your own best friend and empower yourself on this insightf...

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In this episode, we uncover the dynamics of responding versus reacting, especially when confronted with toxic individuals like narcissists.

Join us as we explore the importance of maintaining emotional well-being, challenging traditional approaches, recognizing toxic behavior, and empowering responses.

Discover practical strategies for disengaging from toxicity, understanding personal triggers, and treating toxic behavior metapho...

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I recently conducted a paid masterclass on manifesting by being your authentic self and through emotional regulation.

This podcast episode is a high-level overview of that masterclass.

Inside this episode, I get into how people-pleasing blocks you from manifesting, the nervous system's role, prioritizing self with boundaries and embodies manifesting.

There is a guided meditation inside as well.

If you are interested in the ...

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Are you an overly empathetic person?

If so, you may have run into this problem before.

I sure used to before I learned some healthier boundaries.

When you take on another person‘s emotions or baggage as your own, it is very easy to lose yourself in the process.

Where many empathetic people have a difficult time turning on and off their empathy, it is necessary to a certain extent or else you run the risk of ruining your own life a...

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Why do we lack self-love and self-worth?

And how do we build it if it has never been a part of our lives?

Low self-worth, self-love and self-esteem can be a result of early childhood or adult traumas that make us feel that we are not worthy.

Well, let's get into how we can overcome these feelings and emotions so that you can have strong self-confidence and have more joy in your life.

Book a "Self-Love Activator " 1...

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I've added a new 4-minute section to the beginning of an older and significant episode. "Easier Said Than Done: A Sign of Self-Betrayal and Resistance to Change. This recast is timely to current events.

If you want your life to be different, you have to make it happen. Nothing is going to improve your life if you aren’t willing to make changes. YOU have to go out and DO! 

Let’s walk through the phrase “easier said than do...

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In this episode, I talk about a tragedy that has hit close to home...a mass shooting in a community very close to where I live.

I can no longer say, "That doesn't happen here."

Please join me in this discussion of how to cope with the massive emotional turbulence that can come about when we are faced with war, random violence, and ever-increasing mass shootings.

You can reach out for support via email at hello@heid...

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In this episode, we discuss the concept of the inner child.

Our inner child carries the imprints of our past, the joys, and the wounds of our early years, influencing our adult lives more than we might realize.

Join us as we explore the significance of embracing and healing your inner child, even if you've been raised in a challenging environment.

Discover how your inner child holds the power to transform your emotional well-...

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October 16, 2023 20 mins

In this episode, we explore five powerful steps to help you stop worrying constantly and achieve a more relaxed, stress-free lifestyle.

Worry is a natural part of life, but when it becomes overwhelming, it can have a detrimental impact on your well-being.

Segment 1: "Prioritize Your Concerns"

  • Learn the importance of externalizing and categorizing your worries.

Segment 2: "Remember to Relax"

  • D...

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In this episode, we explore the journey to rediscover joy in everyday life.

As adults, we often get caught up in the busyness of life, and joy can seem elusive.

But don't worry; we've got three powerful tools to help you find it again.

Mindfulness: Learn how to be present in the moment and appreciate life's simple pleasures.

Cultivating Gratitude: Discover how to focus on the positive aspects of your life and invite j...

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When our negative internal dialogue spills out to the Universe, it can become our reality.

Negative words and thoughts become what we are.  If we believe we aren’t good enough, then we aren’t.

The things we think and speak about are the catalysts to either our stagnation or our growth.

Let’s discuss those negative words and phrases and touch upon how to slowly shift that around. 

If you are looking for help to overcome self-limi...

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In this episode, I dig into the complex emotions of rejection, abandonment, and attachment, highlighting their interconnectedness and impact on our lives.

The discussion begins by defining and explaining these emotions, shedding light on how they are interwoven and influence our emotional well-being.

The episode also explores the emotional toll of rejection, including feelings of shame, self-doubt, and inadequacy. It examines commo...

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In this episode, explore the transformative journey of healing past experiences and emotions.

Discover how acknowledging your past, understanding the role of emotions, and embracing inner stillness can lead to freedom and growth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Meet Alex, a living testament to the power of healing.
  • The interplay between logic and emotions in our lives.
  • Practical exercises and insights to kickstart your healing journey.
  • E...
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September 4, 2023 12 mins

In this episode, I take you on a journey to discover the incredible power of curiosity as a tool to heal anxiety.

Explore how curiosity can help identify triggers, ask the right questions, embrace uncertainty, deepen relationships, and ultimately lead to a life filled with clarity, resilience, and joy.

Through inspiring stories and practical insights, learn how curiosity can be your guiding light on the path to healing anxiety.


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Many of my clients have found themselves in a place where they wonder who the hell they really are.

How did life lead them down that road?

Is it too late to change?

Can I change it?

Do I have the power within myself to do something else?

Well, I am here to tell you, Yes!

You have the power to change your life, you just need to WANT to CHOOSE to change it.

It's all up to you.

To book or learn more about the Heal Your Story Break...

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