Highway Diary with Eric Hollerbach

Highway Diary with Eric Hollerbach

Listen in as Eric Hollerbach talks with comedians, and conspiracy gurus, in a quest for jokes and knowledge.


July 17, 2024 16 mins

Eric Hollerbach explains the difference between love and money, and how these opposite forces are used by the controllers to divide us. 





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Highway Diary catches up with the best Social Shaman I've ever met Corey Mack.


Corey is a Comedian, an MC, an all around entertainer. 






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May 29, 2024 56 mins

Houston based comedian, Will Loden joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk about our upcoming show July 11th, 2024 at the Vulcan Gas Company. We go into detail about the behind the scenes lineup shakeup surrounding our mutual fallout with Harrison Smith. 









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May 15, 2024 53 mins

For legal reasons, I've published on this episode a harassing phone call from Rabbi Manischewitz to Danny Braff & Devon Hall.

Later, NJ Comedian Timothy Rager comes on the podcast to talk about the positive points of the New Jersey comedy scene as well as the drawbacks.

This spurs a long conversation about narcissism, and being considerate to other people and other comedians. 






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Gordon Ramsay trained as a chef under Marco Pierre White, who now hates everything about him. 

During the run of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, 84% of the restaurants featured on the show are now closed. Citing, bland and frozen foods. 

The good news is, Gordon Ramsay now sells frozen foods out of Walmart. 




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In this historic 400th Episode of Highway Diary, Eric looks at the minutia of Yelp reviews, into a doorway of entitlement. People's complete lack of personal responsibility, manifested into hating on small businesses. 

He also breaks down the history of Nudity in Hippie Hallow.




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What's a birthday without a meeting place? In this episode, Eric reacts to some of the least-planned birthdays he's ever witnessed. This past few months, Eric has taken his Godson's two birthdays, so shockingly unplanned, it's shaken him to his core.



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February 28, 2024 57 mins

New Orleans Comedian, Ryan Rogers joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk about his journey into comedy, and sobriety.


We talk about Comedy Gatekeepers, the importance of drive and determination, and the importance of keeping an open mind to redemption.


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January 10, 2024 62 mins

Devin Murphy joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk about the changing landscape of Hollywood hopefuls. With AI and face swaps.

We compare Nikocado Avocado’s rise and fall to Andy Dick. 


Here Comes Godot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ctrw3GeJLQw&t=5s

Find Devin Murphy on Instagram @MerfDiezel https://www.imdb.com/name/nm5141618/

Chaperone Film (2024)  At Slamdance January 19th, 2024 - Park City Utah https://www.imdb.co...

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January 7, 2024 35 mins

My Aunt Colleen joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk about marriage. We talk divorce statistics, compromise, and my anxiety about poly-people. 


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December 28, 2023 78 mins

Alex Strenger joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk about Culture Jamming, confronting fears, and the war in Gaza.


We talk about Gay-Mafia leader, Kevin Spacey's appearance on Tucker Carlson.


We also explore the fact that Macaulay Culkin masterminded 9/11.


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November 15, 2023 58 mins

We talk about Brandon's farm, upcoming move, and entities in other dimensions using humanity as tools.


Eric is bothered by braggadocios, lazy, headliners.


Eric's Site www.EricHollerbach.com


Brandon's Mindful Expansion Series https://www.amazon.com/Mindful-Expansion-Brandon-Thomas/dp/B0CJ4CMB7M?ref_=ast_author_mpb


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November 8, 2023 69 mins

Highway Diary is joined by Dr. Joe Whitcomb for the 3rd time. This time, from his forever home, Nice, France.


We talk about moving, finding community, and Joe's shock paternity news from 23 & Me.


Also, the different reasons patients seek therapists, and the ways even the clinicians can get triggered.


Joe’s Website https://relationshipsociety.com/


Klaus Schwab Jr will Perform Friday Nov 17th, 2023 at 10pm - Vulcan ...

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November 1, 2023 58 mins

Shaman, Author, Alan Waugh joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk about his new book,  "Alchemical Ayahuasca, Take the Journey from Depression to The Sweet Spot.” 

We talk about his journey from a suicidal carpenter in South London, to a real-life shamanic healer. 






Mark as Played

This was recorded for TNTRadio.live, "The Charlie Robinson Show"




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October 18, 2023 54 mins

Nick Nittoli joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk about the dangers of the Hollywood machine. Occult symbolism, and the metaphor of knowing thyself.

We cover the arrest of Reiner Fuellmich, Merl Nass, and Nick meeting the Trump Family.

We also talk about Debbie Wasserman Schutz Running DNC procedural interference on RFK Jr’s Presidential Campaign.







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October 11, 2023 53 mins

Craig Pasta Jardula joins the Highway Diary podcast for the 2nd time. We talk about his brilliant documentary "Lahaina on Fire" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Of_YhQmK_Q&t=1856s

We talk about Hawaii being used as a chess piece for Global Banking interests.

Things get weird when Klaus Schwab Jr shows up.





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I recorded Highway Diary Ep 385 with Ben Sefton on August 2nd, 2023. He passed away August 13th, 2023.


His funeral was August 16th, 2023. This podcast confronts his struggles, and celebrates his life.




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August 30, 2023 75 mins

Vinny Eastwood joins the Highway Diary, to talk about his court case protesting the lockdowns. 




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August 11, 2023 52 mins

Charlie Robinson joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk about war mongers, losers, and the American Liberty Awards.

Saturday August 12th, 2023 8:00pm 

Klaus Schwab Jr will appear

At the American Liberty Awards

Vulcan Gas Company

418 East 6th Street

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