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HOPE not hate seeks to challenge and defeat the politics of hate and extremism within local communities, building resilience against the politics of hate and fear, at a national and grassroots level and this podcast explores the myriad of ways it does so. Email us at digital@hopenothate.org.uk for tips, feedback, and opportunities. Printed and Promoted by Nick Lowles of behalf of HOPE not hate, 167-169 Great Portland Street 5th Floor London W1W 5PF


February 29, 2024 35 mins

Welcome to the Radio 43 podcast from HOPE not hate, the antifascism show.

Nick and Joe sit down for the first episode of 2024 to discuss:

  • HNH’s new investigation into GB News owner Paul Marshall who we’ve caught sharing and liking really extreme stuff from an anonymised Twitter account
  • HNH’s new investigation into the West Midlands branch of the Patriotic Alternative splinter group, The Homeland Party. It’s full of reall...
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On Thursday 23rd November, a 49-year-old Irish citizen, originally from Algeria but who had lived in Ireland for 20 years, committed a heinous knife attack on children at a primary school in Parnell Square East in Dublin.

Quickly, far-right and anti-migrant activists and agitators turned to social media, spreading a range of misinformation about the attack, including that the perpetrator was an illegal immigrant.


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On Armistice Day, 2000 far right activists and football hooligans descended on London under the guise of "defending" the Cenotaph from pro-Palestine demonstrators. 

10 days ago, Britain's hooligan chat groups were filled with the usual discussion of football and beer. But they quickly mobilised as the (now former) Home Secretary Braverman branded  pro-Palestine demonstrations as "hate marches", and...

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On this episode, Nick and Joe discuss what is a very fast-moving situation.

The far-right are mobilising in London this weekend in opposition to a demonstration calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. 

Near the centre of this is Tommy Robinson, who was allowed back onto X (Twitter) on Monday, and who has mentioned repeatedly that he’s wanted to get the English Defence League (EDL) back together.

Home Secretary B...

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In some breaking news, HOPE not hate researchers have unearthed the deeply alarming views of the Conservative candidate for London Mayor, Susan Hall. Hall has liked posts endorsing Enoch Powell, Islamophobic tropes about Sadiq Khan, supported the myth that the 2020 American election was stolen from Donald Trump and expressed a disdain for the press and democracy.

But what ought to happen now?

On this episode of R...

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The episodes are coming thick and fast at the moment, and here we are back again with another Radio 43.

On Monday, the first asylum seekers arrived at the Bibby Stockholm barge in Dorset. The plan has gone ahead despite the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) condemning the boat as a “potential deathtrap” due to serious fire safety concerns. Across the country, tensions are rising as the Government continues to place asylum seekers ...

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On this episode of the HOPE not hate podcast, Nick sits down with the Editor of Joyzine, Paul Maps, to talk about a forthcoming fundraising campaign that Paul and his team are running to raise money for HOPE not hate.

Joyzine is an independent zine that covers music, film, books, art and theatre, and it has a real activist element directly at its heart.

Next weekend, Joyzine will be celebrating its 20th birthday ...

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Welcome to episode 46 of Radio 43. 

This episode takes a similar form to the last one, in that it serves as a deep-dive into one particular topic: anti-migrant demonstrations.

There’s no getting away from the fact that this has become a really unifying focus for the far right this year. 

HOPE not hate has been monitoring closely, and there’s been over 60 anti-migrant demonstrations that have taken place o...

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They say that good things come to those who wait…in which case, this episode needs to be the best one we’ve ever done.

Apologies to all for another short hiatus, but here we are - back with another episode. On the show this week, Joe and Georgie sit down to talk Nick through what’s been going on with a new campaign and investigation into Tommy Robinson.

Around the World in 80 Lies tells the story of Tommy Robinson...

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Hello! It’s been a mere 5 weeks since the last episode, and there’s much to dig into.

Joe has managed to tear himself away from his new hobby in British rivers to sit down with Nick for a discussion on the massive split in Patriotic Alternative. The two examine the context, the split itself and its fallout, and try to get to the bottom of some recent claims by other antifascists that the breakaway faction, despite being le...

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Right, it’s been ages since the last Radio 43, very sorry! 

It has been a ridiculous start to the year and Nick and Joe have struggled to find the time to sit down to record, but they’re back now with a BUMPER edition of the podcast.

On this week’s episode, the pair take a look back over the previous 3 months to pick out some trends and developments on the far-right. With so many anti-migrant demonstrations going ...

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Nick and Joe are back a week later than planned because poor old Joe lost his voice. But thankfully it has returned just in time for him to belt out some carols and, more importantly but less seasonally, talk about the far-right on this podcast.

It’s a show full of big stories this week as the pair begin by treading familiar podcast terrain: the continued links between Patriotic Alternative and the extreme far-right, in th...

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Following a longer hiatus than planned, Nick and Joe are back with a new episode of Radio 43.

The far-right terror attack in Dover has raised a lot of questions, not just about the far-right politics of the terrorist himself, but of the state of public anti-migrant discourse in Britain. We must talk of about this man’s engagement with far-right figures and his radicalisation, and deal properly with this pipeline. But we mu...

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With the hit ITV drama series The Walk-In now finished, HOPE not hate CEO Nick Lowles, Head of Intelligence Matthew Collins and Campaigns & Communications Director Georgie Laming sit down to discuss more about the incredible true story behind the drama. 

In the process, amongst a huge array of topics, the three also talk about disrupting nazi gigs, the role of women in the far-right and the pressure Nick and Matthew we...

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This special episode of the HOPE not hate (HNH) podcast is a recording of one of our fringe meetings at this year’s Labour conference.

It features a conversation between Kevin Maguire from The Daily Mirror and HNH’s Head of Intelligence, Matthew Collins, about the true story behind the dramatic new ITV series The Walk-In starring Stephen Graham as Matthew Collins.

The Walk-In tells the incredible true story about...

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Whilst flash storms hitting the UK and British politics still in a state of tumult, Nick and Joe get together to discuss some twists on familiar topics: low turnout at a far-right demo, fascists staring down the barrel of some tricky legal problems and the mainstream media failing to grasp the severity of platforming far right figures.

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon ("Tommy Robinson") held another demo in Telford ...

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It has been a decade since HOPE not hate released its first groundbreaking Fear & HOPE report, the biggest investigation into identity undertaken in Britain.

This year, following ten years of political upheaval, HNH has released a new Fear & HOPE report to better understand how social attitudes have changed during that time. In the recovery from a global pandemic but heading into economic recession, amidst a polit...

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It’s been a hectic time at HOPE not hate as we’ve just successfully netted one of our biggest fish in recent years; a right whopper by the name of Andrew Tate.

Tate is a violent misogynist who shot to fame on social media, especially TikTok, projecting a supposedly glamorous lifestyle of fast cars and wealth whilst simultaneously using his platform to share his disgusting views towards women, as well as his homophobia, abl...

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Nick and Joe come back after a short hiatus in order to discuss the far-right and conspiracy groups’ targeting of Drag Queen Story Hour events, a series of storytelling events at public libraries during the summer holidays. The campaign has been spearheaded by Patriotic Alternative (PA) and has seen buy-in from groups across the far-right, but in recent days some have stepped away citing Patriotic Alternative’s extremism as somethi...

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So Boris Johnson’s era as Prime Minister is reaching its conclusion, as on Thursday 7th July he took to the podium outside Number 10 to announce his resignation. But what will the legacy of the Johnson era be when it comes to anti-racism and racial equality in Britain? Have things improved or has his government been a disaster for cohesion in Britain? Nick and Joe take a broad view at the last 2 and a half years.

Such a va...

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