Hosts Lisa Gibson and Samantha Sperling have been friends for more than twenty years. On their weekly podcast, they share their daily trials and tribulations navigating life as impatient, occasionally judgemental middle-aged white women. In their mid-fifties, they are proud to admit that they lost whatever social filters they once had years ago. Every week, they bring conversations to their digital studio that they probably shouldn't share on the internet. They'll explore how annoyed they are about aging while celebrating their quirks. But, be careful if you see them in line at Costco; they're most definitely judging what's in your cart, how you pay for it, and it might even come up on next week's episode. Join Lisa and Sam for a weekly conversation without filters from a duo that has no trouble admitting they're probably not politically correct. They invite you to join a collective of middle-aged women who have lots to complain about, but prefer to do it in good company!


July 19, 2024 67 mins
Have you pondered the cleanliness of soap dispensers? Can you survive the Stanley Cup slushy drinking game? What's the deal with TV evangelists and their not-so-subtle prayer phone lines? Are you feeling nostalgic for 90s belly button rings and contemplating a tramp stamp revival? What side are you on with glasses of wine vs bottles of wine? Have commercials gone too far, and is menopause diarrhoea real? Join us as we navigate the ...
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Have you ever wondered if cheese whiz, mayo, or ketchup truly belong on a hotdog? Lisa and Sam have strong opinions about it! How are you coping with the disappearing treasures of GenX, like prizes in cereal boxes? Do you struggle with the age-old etiquette of tipping for a coffee? Do you believe that "God's influencer" participated in two miracles after his death? Should you be worried if true crime TV is your go to relaxation? Wo...
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In the latest episode of "I Shake My Head", Lisa and Sam share their hilarious experiences surrounding vacation preparations. From last minute packing stress to the awkwardness of buying swimsuits. Sarah Burke joins as a guest and brings exciting news about Lisa and Sam teaming up with Women in Media, pioneering more opportunities for Canadian talent. Guess who might be resistant to change? The Presidential debate has them asking h...
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June 28, 2024 84 mins
Are you prepared for the unexpected or do you ignore the tornado warnings like Lisa? Sam experienced weather woes; panic bought tea lights and almost packed a to-go bag. Have you ever pondered the unwritten rules of lawn mowing noise etiquette? Is Knotty Knickers an appropriate name for menopausal sleepwear? Is Croc patio furniture taking this weird trend too far? Do you hate those awkward line conversations at the doctor's office?...
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June 21, 2024 87 mins
Do you practice your smile? Lisa and Sam are struggling to capture a natural smile without looking a little crazy! Will JT survive the blow out from his DUI? Is the snail facial the next big tik tok trend? Is it time to debate if bananas are a fall or summer fruit? Are shoes with secret compartments the ultimate summer accessory, or just a quirky trend you never knew you needed? Could roller skating become an Olympic sport? Do your...
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June 14, 2024 78 mins
Do you stop to gather your thoughts? Lisa feels it needs to happen more which is odd because she doesn't think before she speaks! Do you, dear listener, want to know how our week is going? Are Arby's curly fries the best fast food fries? What if a KitKat and ketchup had a baby, culinary genius or gastronomic disaster? How often do you replace your underwear and can your period make you more efficient? Does raw hamburger in a hotdog...
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June 7, 2024 79 mins
What's the deal with the full-body deodorant trend? Do women really need to smell like a flower garden from head to toe? Are you team donut or team timbits? Guess who's back, back again and making Gen X sooo happy! Is a Stanley snack bowl a must-have for the summer? Do you have no shame in your no name cereal game? Do clear puzzles make you want to pull your hair out? Have the endless streaming options got you shaking your head? Do...
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May 31, 2024 74 mins
Sam is shaking her head at the idea of hot girl walks. Isn't it just walking? Lisa thinks this is perfect, she has a route all picked out! Have you ever inked something deeply personal on your skin? Lisa did! Are you team Lisa with having blind faith in GPS navigation, or do you share Sam's skepticism? How do you pronounce "twat"? What possession is so important to you that if it dropped in a public toilet, you'd go after it? What'...
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May 24, 2024 79 mins
Is it possible to capture the memory of your Grandma with ice cream? Will a bite of a Grandma McFlurry bring the memories flooding back? Ready to laugh about the oddities of 'good enough' cleaning and why a Kleenex box never matches your decor? Are you invested in TV shows only to feel let down by the finale? GenZ have their sights set on banning ankle socks, do you care? What's your take on the "Duff cut" for sandwiches? Did you s...
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May 17, 2024 65 mins
This episode is a milestone for Lisa and Sam but it's got a bit of mayhem mixed in! They reminisce about podcasting in the car and what really hasn't changed over the last 400 episodes. Is the banana the last fruit to not be touched by inflation? Ever wonder if your Corelle dishes might outlive you? Is Whoopi's candid sex life chat too bold or just right? Period panties - revolutionising protection or a messy flop? Have we forgotte...
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May 10, 2024 92 mins
Struggling to find your brunch board brilliance? Are croissants the touch of class your brunch board is missing? Has expensive ice cream prices signalled divine intervention in your dessert choices? Do Crocs and UGGs deserve a space in anyone’s wardrobe, or are they just a fashion faux pas waiting to happen? Instructions needed or just getting in the way? Are you finding yourself highly skilled at hoarding items for a yard sale? If...
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May 3, 2024 89 mins
Do bestie bracelets have you reminiscing about middle school, or are they just another relic of the past? Lisa is all for it but Sam is a hell no! Can pretzels be a crunchy epiphany in snack form? Is the sun creeping through your curtains, nature's cruel alarm clock? What’s your stance on sleep masks – essential blackout gear or stylish nighttime accessory? How do you navigate conversations about odd celebrity outbursts at work wit...
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April 26, 2024 80 mins
Is squeezing bread at the grocery store the unexpected therapy you never knew you needed? Are you baffled by Post Malone without his face tattoos? Have you also fallen for the enigma of the TikTok burrito? How do you feel about aeroplane seats that recline into your personal space? Are morning routines truly the secret to Lisa's cheery disposition? Could you commit to a "summer cleanse diet" involving a strategic walk from pizzeria...
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April 19, 2024 81 mins
Feeling a little snug in your panties? Lisa has a panty predicament when she realises her day 8 panties are a bit snug in all the wrong places! TMI!! Can repeating daily affirmations have a positive impact on your wellbeing? Lisa has her happiness donuts, what are your go-to happiness foods? Are you like Lisa and have a pair of glasses for every occasion? Is the PDA between Taylor and Travis getting to be a bit much? Do dogs ever w...
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April 12, 2024 84 mins
With bleach in one hand and a lemon cleaner in the other the ladies debate what a truly clean house should smell like. If you aren't sniffing bleach is it really clean? Lisa confesses to the allure of sprinkle donuts, while Sam waves the health flag in protest. Is a donut a breakfast food and what are thoughts on snow mold? Is it tomato sandwich season yet? Will Lisa learn a smokey eye from Victoria Beckham? Can a period at the end...
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April 5, 2024 88 mins
Do you have french fry fantasies? Lisa reminisces about french fry trucks from her childhood and thinks they should start a new side hustle. That's a hell no for Sam! Can we take issue with someone still having their Christmas tree up? How curious are you about the conjoined twins getting married? Is GenX really different from the rest? When did Easter become Christmas? Did you know athletes were banned from having sex at the Olymp...
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March 29, 2024 81 mins
Snakes as pets: is it a hard no or are there any wild animals you'd consider keeping? Pet pythons anyone, more like a Python nightmare! Are condiments a make or break for your Subway experience? Who discontinues mustard? Can anyone explain where shuddup lives? What is a golden shower and would you partake in one? Is reality TV making you tune in or tune out? Is the 40 ounce Stanley cup the ultimate grown-up sippy cup? What toppings...
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March 22, 2024 85 mins
Buckle up for a wild ride as Lisa and Sam share their never-ending cleaning woes.There are confessions about house cleaning and personal hygiene. Who do you think has lazy tendencies towards being clean? How would you tell someone their body odour is making your eyes water? Do healthy snacks count as snacks or are they just punishment snacks and is there a canned meat hierarchy? What's the secret to having a good night's sleep? Are...
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March 15, 2024 92 mins
You know it's been a crazy week when the ladies start counting the WTFs. Lisa started a snack diet only to find an IG account called the Snackolator...WTF! People died because they ate a sea turtle...WTF! The Oscar opening was boring...WTF Jimmy Kimmel! Lisa was today years old when she learned she drives over a bridge to get to work...WTF! Campbells soup has added a grilled cheese sandwich to their tomato soup...WTF! A man eats un...
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March 8, 2024 93 mins
When Lisa is asked a question and the answer is not the whole truth is it a lie? She would argue you didn't ask the right question. Who's really accountable at that moment? Who decided only one hand was going to do all the work? Snowmageddon is real and killing Sam's spirit. Kombucha good for you or weird that it has a billion somethings in it? Murder mystery or true crime? How often should you wash your jeans? Is the phrase 'you l...
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