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October 30, 2019 44 mins

Do you know the real story behind horror classics like Psycho, Silence of the Lambs, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Ed Gein loved his mother more than anything. So when she tragically died, what would this lead Ed to do?

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This episode contains graphic details and strong language and may not be suitable for all listeners. Listener...

Mark as Played

In 2013, Tim Bosma would go for a test drive with 2 strange men in a car he was hoping to sell. Tim would never be seen again. Soon, Dellen Millard and his best friend Mark Smich would be arrested for the murder. Evidence would start piling up against Dellen and Mark connecting them to Tim's murder. But evidence would also be found connecting Dellen and Mark to the disappearance of Dellen's former lover Laura Babcock, and t...

Mark as Played
September 9, 2019 43 mins

Between 1993 and 2008, a series of brutal attacks would take place on 4 different women, seemingly completely unrelated. DNA would be found on one victim, but wasn't enough to press charges against the match. No direct evidence would be found in the next 2 cases, but the final attack would result in DNA, which matched the first case. Who was the match? Michael Gargiulo, who would be dubbed by the media-- The Hollywood Ripper. B...

Mark as Played
September 2, 2019 56 mins

On September 21st, 2009, five members of the Gee family would be brutally murdered: 46-year-old Rick and 39-year-old Ruth Gee, 16-year-old Justina Constant, 14-year-old Dillen Constant, and 11-year-old Austin Gee. 3-year-old Tabitha Gee was brutally attacked as well, but would survive her attack. A laptop was missing from the home, leading investigators to wonder if the attack had been a robbery gone wrong. But was it really a rand...

Mark as Played
August 19, 2019 58 mins

Episode #30

In June 1994, Reverend Richard Rossi and his wife Sherrie were traveling in tandem in separate vehicles. What happened next is up for debate, but Sherrie would end up on the side of the road severely beaten and fighting for her life. Richard would flee and when he eventually called the police, he would give bizarre stories about who had committed the assault against his wife. Initially Sherrie would accuse Richard of b...

Mark as Played
August 12, 2019 35 mins

Episode #29

In 2004, Kanika Powell was living in Maryland, working for the US government. One day, a man mysteriously came to her door pretending to be FBI. She sent him away, but two other men would come to her apartment on two other occasions pretending to deliver packages. Then, she would be brutally murdered, execution style. To this day her case goes unsolved. If you have any information about this case, call Prince George Co...

Mark as Played
August 5, 2019 55 mins

Episode #28

In 2003, in Bloomington IL, the first of 4 serial rapes would happen which would terrify the community. But when a police officer finds a potential prowler outside a woman's home in the middle of the night, the true identity of who might be the serial rapist would shock everyone. 

This episode contains graphic details and strong language and may not be suitable for all listeners. Listener discretion is advised.



Mark as Played
July 29, 2019 23 mins

Episode #27

Four transgender women of color have been murdered in Dallas, TX since May 2018, but dozens are murdered all over the country every year. Is it the work of a serial killer, or something even more sinister? Today we talk about the brutal murders of Chynal Lyndsey, Muhlaysia Booker, Brittany White, Carla Patricia Flores-Pavon, Shade Schuler, and Janette Tovar.


Mark as Played
July 22, 2019 61 mins

Episode #26

On August 28th, 1993, college student Morgan Keefe went to check on her friend, 22-year-old college student Jennifer Lockmiller. They had had plans to hang out a few nights before, but Jennifer never showed. Over the next few days, Morgan tried to get in touch with Jennifer, to no avail. Finally, Morgan decided to go check on Jennifer. She arrived to the apartment on the campus of Illinois State University, and was abl...

Mark as Played
July 8, 2019 93 mins

Episode #25

In 2007, American student Amanda Knox arrived to Italy for school. 2 months later, her roommate would be brutally murdered, and Amanda and her boyfriend would be accused. While there was no direct evidence, her odd behavior and sex life would become the focus of the trial the whole world had their eyes on. Did Amanda and her boyfriend have anything to do with the murder? Or were they wrongly accused?


Special thank ...

Mark as Played
July 1, 2019 51 mins

Episode #24

On May 17th, 2001, 17-year-old Alissa Turney would go to school as usual. Her dad Mike Turney picked her up early. According to him, they had a fight, and she ran away, never to be seen or heard from again. Eventually the case became a cold case. But years later, evidence would start to pile up, making family of friends of the Turney's feel very suspicious of Mike, and the claim that Alissa simply ran away. 


Mark as Played
June 24, 2019 48 mins

Episode #23

If you have not heard the first episode, go back and listen to episode 9.

This episode is an update case on the Christensen trial for the murder of graduate student Ying Ying Zhang in June, 2017. Special thanks to our guest Quetzalli for joining us in this episode to discuss the case!

This episode contains graphic details and strong language and may not be suitable for all listeners. Listener discretion is advised.


Mark as Played
June 17, 2019 53 mins

Episode #22


The McStay family, including 2 parents and 2 small children seemed to vanish into thin air on February 4th, 2010. Soon, investigators came up with an odd theory that the family disappeared on purpose. But when bodies are found, suddenly a close friend of the family would be considered a suspect. Did police get the right guy?


This episode contains graphic details and strong language and may not be suitable for al...

Mark as Played
June 10, 2019 47 mins

Episode #21


In 2006, Matthew Winkler was found murdered in his home. Within a few days his missing wife was found and admitted to the murder, and detectives discovered a crazy secret they felt was the motive. But what the prosecution thought would be a straight forward case gets messy when Mary drops a bombshell about her marriage in court. 



National Domestic Violence Hotline | Get Help Today | 1-800-799-7233


This ep...

Mark as Played
June 3, 2019 47 mins

Episode #20

In November 2014, Pam Zimmerman was found murdered in her office in Bloomington, Illinois. Three people started out as suspects, but it would be her ex-husband who would sit trial after being found to have means, motive, and opportunity. But with a highly circumstantial case, would the prosecution convince the jury?

This is a very special episode because we had the opportunity to sit down with a juror from the case an...

Mark as Played
May 27, 2019 71 mins

Episode #19

On September 2nd, 2003, Amanda Hamm's 3 young children drowned in a lake at Clinton, IL. Amanda and her boyfriend Maurice said they had been in the car, the car accidentally went into the lake, and they were lucky to escape with their lives. But many people, including law enforcement would start to question whether it was a freak accident, or something more sinister.

National Domestic Violence Hotline | Get Help T...

Mark as Played
May 20, 2019 49 mins

Episode #18

Aaron Hernandez had undeniable athletic talent as a young player for the Floridian Gators and then in the NFL with the Patriots. But soon, his known reckless behavior and anger would lead to legal problems and even murder trials. Was his repeated head traumas to blame, chronic drug use, or was this just Aaron?


National Suicide Hotline # 1800-273-8255


This episode contains graphic details and strong language and...

Mark as Played
May 13, 2019 68 mins

Episode #17

It was no secret Drew Peterson had a controversial past. A member of Chicago PD, Drew had gotten in trouble at work in the past and had been married 4 times, when his young wife would suddenly one day go missing after telling friends she was filing for divorce. Soon the case of the mysterious death of his third wife would be reopened. Is Drew a sociopathic serial wife killer? Or was this an overzealous prosecution?



Mark as Played
April 22, 2019 73 mins

Episode #16

You already know the story. Now learn all the details you may not have known, directly from the book of one of the lead investigators.


Special thanks to Abi F. for joining us this week!

Also special thanks to Steve Thomas and his book, JonBenet, Inside the Ramsey Investigation

This episode contains graphic details and strong language and may not be suitable for all listeners. Listener discretion is advised.



Mark as Played
April 15, 2019 47 mins

Episode #15

On March 19th, 2004, 17-year-old Brianna Maitland took her GED, went shopping with her mother, then worked one of her two jobs later that night. Her co-workers saw her get into her car and leave the restaurant at 11:20 that night. By 12:30, drivers would see Brianna's car crashed into an abandoned house on the side of a rural highway, with the car doors open and the headlights on. Brianna was never seen again. 



Mark as Played

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