IT Career Energizer

IT Career Energizer

Want to learn what it takes to start, develop and build a successful career in the Information Technology industry? The IT Career Energizer podcast enables you to find out how. More than 300 IT and tech professionals, consultants and experts have shared their career experiences and insights to help you to succeed. Previous guests have included Jeff Atwood (Stack Overflow), Troy Hunt (Have I Been Pwned), Nicole Archambault (La Vie en Code), April Wensel (Compassionate Coding), Kent Beck (Agile Manifesto), Chani Simms (SHe CISO Exec Founder), Danny Thompson (Community Leader), Sanjeev Sharma (DevOps Expert) and many more industry recognised figures. Join Phil Burgess and his latest featured guest every Monday.


April 30, 2023 30 mins

In this week’s show, Phil talks to Caroline Bedford, the founder and creator of Digital Minds, an award-winning innovation programme. Her forte is embedding design thinking, future-focused skills and a creative mindset with...

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In this week’s show, Phil talks to Brandon Bramley, the founder of The Salary Negotiator.

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In this week’s show, Phil talks to James Malley, the CEO and Co-Founder of Paccurate. He has been working in the logistics tech space since 2009 and has helped create a variety of enterprise shipping technology.

He spearheaded the design of an award-winning multi-carrier TMS (Transportation Management Software) and since 2015, he’s been evangelizing the use of AI to achieve cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable packing.


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In this week’s show, Phil talks to Luke Switkowski, the CEO and cofounder of Kognitiv, a company that provides Workday consultancy and professional services. He has been working with Workday for more than a decade and developed an on-demand services model supporting Workday clients.

Luke talks about why skill sets are at the heart of every IT career. He also discusses the value of patience when it comes to unhappiness in your caree...

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In this week’s show, Phil talks to Marcus Olson, who discovered his love of technology by disassembling and reassembling computers salvaged from a shuttered Black & Decker office. He also taught himself Basic so that he could create his own, simple text-based games.

He is now the CEO and Founder of Pliancy, a technology-enabled professional services company that helps growing start-ups scale their corporate IT.

Marcus talks about w...

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In this week’s show, Phil talks to Chuck Tomasi who has worked in the IT industry for 40 years. His roles have included software developer, systems administrator, project manager and technical consultant to name but a few. He has a particular interest in integrating devices and systems to increase the value of the overall solution.

And he likes share what he has learned with the developer community through blogs, videos, live strea...

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In this week’s show, Phil talks to Tyler Rohrer, a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience around end user computing. He has worked in and around the most progressive and challenging deployments in the world.

And most recently, he founded Remotely INC, the world’s first Hyper Converged Console. He is leveraging his experience in the digital workspace and end user computing space to help enterprise companies contend wit...

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In this week’s show, Phil talks to Arpit Mohan, who has always been fascinated by technology, from taking apart has Tamagotchi to creating a mobile game that went viral.

He is the co-founder and CTO of Appsmith, an open-source project built by engineers for engineers. It is now used by more than 1,000 teams, employs people in 8 countries and has raised over $10 million in capital.

Arpit talks about the value of focussing upon soft ...

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In this week’s show, Phil talks to Alexander Embiricos, cofounder and CEO of Remotion, a virtual office that brings hybrid teams to life.

Before starting Remotion, he was a Product Manager at Dropbox, as well as having studied Computer Science at Stanford.

Alexander talks about the value in identifying a customer base that you can relate to on a personal level. He also discusses the value in empowering others.





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In this week’s show, Phil talks to Howard Scott Warshaw, a video game pioneer, an award-winning filmmaker, an innovative technologist, an author, and a Museum of Modern Art artist. He now employs this eclectic skillset as a psychotherapist in California’s Silicon Valley.

His latest book, “Once Upon Atari” (subtitled How I made history by killing an industry) details his exploits at Atari and how they reshaped his life.

Howard talks...

In this week’s show, Phil talks to Janet T Phan, the Founder and Executive Director of Thriving Elements and Senior Technical Product Manager for Amazon’s Project Kuiper.

She has a vision to develop and empower young women in STEM to make a sustainable impact and inspire the next generation of women leaders.

Janet talks to Phil about the value in making ourselves replaceable in the industry. She also discusses why “no” can mean a w...

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In this week’s show, Phil talks to Jossie Haines, a software engineering leader at the forefront of emerging customer technology across Silicon Valley. She has held management roles at Apple, Zynga and American Express and she is currently VP of Software Engineering and Head of DEI at Tile.

She’s also a public speaker and she coaches technology leaders on creating inclusive and diverse working spaces.

Jossie talks about the importa...

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In this week’s show, Phil talks to Adrianus Warmenhoven, a Defensive Strategist and Threat Intelligence Manager at NordVPN. He is responsible for getting the most relevant Indicators of Compromise, malware samples and their indicators and mapping out the threat landscape for the company’s customers.

He has undertaken security reviews and advised companies on how to deal with active threats and extortion.

Adrianus talks about why co...

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In this week’s show, Phil talks to Mark Angle the Chief Cloud Operations Officer at OneStream, having previously held leadership positions in areas including data centre operations, service desk, enterprise architecture and service delivery.

His passions lie at the intersection of technology, science, and nature but he gets his in-office adrenaline rush leading collaboration discussions or presenting to a customer.

Mark discusses w...

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In this week’s show, Phil talks to Don Pezet, the CTO and Lead Edutainer at ITPro.TV. He has been working in the IT industry since 1997 and has been training others since 2001. He is a certified trainer with many vendors including Microsoft, CompTIA, Google and Cisco.

His combination of real-world experience, textbook knowledge, and a questionable sense of humour have helped him to entertain and educate thousands of people.

Don tal...

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In this week’s show, Phil talks to Greg Edwards, a technology entrepreneur since 1998. Before founding CryptoStopper, he started Axis Backup, a backup and disaster recovery company for the insurance industry. In 2015, Axis backup was acquired by J2 Global, enabling the creation of CryptoStopper which focuses exclusively on cybersecurity.

Greg talks about the importance of following up when it comes to the recruitment process. He al...

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In this week’s show, Phil talks to Kirk Marple, a customer-focused technology leader. He is the CEO and Founder of Unstruk Data and has more than 25 years of experience developing media management pipelines, leading DevOps at venture backed companies and structuring successful exits.

Kirk talks to Phil about how taking risks and looking for opportunities can often provide the most growth. He also discusses the importance in looking...

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In this week’s show, Phil talks to Craig Goodwin, the co-founder of, a game-changing cybersecurity firm that makes cybersecurity simple for businesses by providing fully managed, customer-centric security solutions.

He is a Certified Chief Information Security Officer and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, having held the role of Global Chief Security Officer for a number of large public and private s...

In this week’s show, Phil talks to Maura Charles, the founder of Keep it Human, a digital innovation consultancy. She has 25 years of experience working in digital transformation and digital product management for beloved brands like Bloomingdale’s, Real Simple, and the New York Philharmonic.

She loves helping teams get unstuck by finding the right digital processes to build bridges between the technology side and human side so tha...

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In this week’s show, Phil talks to Kevin Harris, who has been in the IT field for over 20 years, holding positions that range from Systems Analyst to Chief Information Officer.

He is now a higher education administration official at American Public University System, continuing to make system improvements to support student success and learning. As a faculty member he has delivered instruction in several disciplines including busin...

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