Journey Beyond Divorce Podcast

Journey Beyond Divorce Podcast

Divorce provides a perfect opportunity to begin identifying and practicing new ways of thinking, being, and doing. Our Journey Beyond Divorce podcasts help you to navigate the shifting world that you currently inhabit, and utilize your struggles as stepping-stones that lead to inner strength, clarity, and confidence. If you are seeking personal one-on-one coaching visit


June 19, 2024 60 mins


  • Welcome to Journey Beyond Divorce Podcast, where we provide valuable insights and strategies for families dealing with high-conflict divorce. Today, we're diving into critical areas to help families overcome the challenges of parental alienation.

Episode Highlights

  • Understanding Parental Alienation: We'll explore the basics of parental alienation and its impact on both children and the alienated parent.
  • Strate...
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Navigating a high conflict divorce requires more than just legal representation; it demands your personal resilience and clear boundaries. As you go through this challenging time, establishing strong, well-defined boundaries is essential. 

These boundaries will help you manage interactions with your ex, especially in situations fraught with emotional challenges and conflicts. Setting effective boundaries is crucial for maintaining y...

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Welcome to an incredibly poignant episode where we delve into the heart-wrenching world of sexual infidelity, and betrayal. Today, we explore not just the pain but the profound decisions that come in its aftermath—whether to mend the bond or part ways. Joined by a renowned infidelity expert, we'll provide you with both professional insights and compassionate advice to navigate these turbulent waters.

How do you cope when trust is sh...

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In today’s episode, we are going to navigate through some of the most heart-wrenching conversations that come with the decision of divorce as we delve into the delicate art of communicating about divorce with your spouse and children, as well as your wider circle of family and friends.

Broaching the subject of divorce with your spouse is perhaps one of the most profound discussions you will ever have, and it requires a great deal of...

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If the person you pledged to spend your life with has just revealed they want a divorce, you're likely reeling from a whirlwind of emotions. This episode of our podcast delves deep into the heart-wrenching situation of being in a high-conflict marriage where one partner wants out while the other holds on. We understand the profound sense of loss, confusion, and fear that accompanies such news. Here, we'll explore the psychological ...

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We’re diving into a topic that many of you are eager to learn about. Now, imagine being on a rollercoaster, not just any rollercoaster, but one where the ups are few and the downs are many, and often quite triggering. That's a bit what it feels like. 

When you’re divorcing a narcissist, it's not just about legal battles; it’s an emotional journey where the usual playbook doesn’t always apply. The biggest challenges often come from t...

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8 years ago, Clint reached out after listening to a JBD podcast. His wife had just told him she wanted a divorce. He was reeling in all types of grief, unbelief, fear and uncertainty. He enrolled in a coaching program and began the hard work of looking at his marriage and himself.

Clint explains that doing his divorce poorly would hurt everyone, his kids, his STBX and himself. He wanted to be better and worked with both a therapist ...

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In the turbulent seas of high-conflict custody battles and family disputes, a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) serves as a lighthouse, guiding decisions in the best interest of the children involved. It’s crucial to understand when a GAL is needed, and what their role is. 

This podcast delves into the circumstances that necessitate the involvement of a GAL, unraveling their purpose and shedding light on their pivotal role. Our journey begins...

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Telling your kids and you’re getting a divorce is scary and hard.  The world as they know it is about to forever change and feel like it is falling apart.  In many cases regardless of the conflict between the parents, they can rally for the sake of the kids.  In deeply high conflict situations, this isn’t always possible.

So when do you tell, what do you tell, do you tell all the kids together, and how do you determine if you should...

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In this heart-stirring episode of "Mend or End," we dive deep into the crossroads of decision that many find themselves standing at, teetering on the edge of staying in or leaving an unhealthy marriage. Karen's journey is one that resonates with the silent battles many face: the weight of religious or marital commitments that bind, the daunting financial fears of navigating life solo, and the complex web of fears surrounding the we...

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Navigating a high conflict, high net worth divorce is exceptionally challenging, blending intricate financial issues with intense emotional tensions. The stakes are high with substantial assets in play, demanding informed and strategic planning to ensure your financial stability after the divorce.

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) can be your ally, offering insights to bridge the gap between the divorce's financial and le...

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The way we communicate will make or break our divorce. It will move us closer to what we desire or farther away. It will invite curiosity and compromise or judgement and destruction.

In order to be able to communicate with mastery, we need to first be aware of our triggers and ways of behaving under stress. We also need to be able to read other people, their mood, body language and tone. When we combine these skills with clear commu...

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In this episode, we delve into the intricate dynamics of divorce proceedings at the crossroads of high conflict and high net worth.

Marriages unraveling in such scenarios face a myriad of challenges, from navigating complex financial landscapes to the heightened emotional intensity that often accompanies disputes over substantial assets. 

As the stakes escalate with greater financial resources at play, so too does the potential for d...

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Stephanie faced infidelity and broken trust during her marriage. As she began coaching, she realized her patterns and part in the disillusion of her marriage. Her work led her to healthier communication and behaviors in all her relationships.   Listen as she shares her fears, struggles and the unexpected treasures found through coaching and leaning into her faith in God.

Journey Beyond Divorce Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Welcome to today's episode, where we delve into the profound impact family origins have on adult intimate relationships. We'll explore how the imprints of our family dynamics shape our approach to love, conflict, and connection, setting the stage for the patterns that unfold in our most intimate bonds. With insights from a seasoned psychologist and love life researcher, we aim to illuminate the unseen threads that link our past exp...

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Emerging from a high-conflict marriage can feel like stepping onto a battlefield, where every day presents new challenges and uncertainties. In these tumultuous times, the need for support is undeniable - but what form of support is best suited to your needs?

Enter therapy and coaching: two pillars of assistance offering distinct yet powerful approaches to navigating the complexities of divorce. As you traverse this terrain, underst...

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In the tumultuous journey of a high-conflict divorce, mastering the art of picking and choosing your battles is not just about preserving your peace; it's a strategic approach to safeguard your finances and emotional well-being. By learning when to engage your attorney and when to step back, you empower yourself to make informed decisions that are both cost-effective and mentally beneficial. Embracing these practices doesn't just m...

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Divorce is rarely easy, especially in high conflict situations where tensions run high. But what if there was a way to maintain your dignity and sanity amidst the chaos? 

Today, we delve into a transformative strategy by Dr. Alan Seale from the Center for Transformational Presence. Learn how disengage from the Drama of your divorce and move to understanding and handling the Situation, making a Choice of who you want to be while goin...

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I am thrilled about today’s conversation with Hesha Abrams, a brilliant mediator, negotiator and author of Holding The Calm, a book jam packed with strategies to minimize conflict, settle disputes and create a safe space for the most thorniest of individuals to feel heard and seen so they can find their way back to the negotiation table.

I’ve asked Hesha to join us and custom tailor some of her advice to our JBD listeners who have m...

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March 18, 2024 22 mins

How to Safely Plan Your Exit Strategy

As a High Conflict Divorce Strategist, I will be speaking directly to and about just that - the high conflict dynamic and how it is so very different from your typical divorce.  All divorce has conflict and some more than others.  High Conflict marriages and divorce are in a realm of their own. So let’s start at the beginning…

In the early stages, knowing on a deep intuitive level and being ready...

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