Learn It from a Layman

Learn It from a Layman

The educational podcast where you learn about a topic from or with a layman.


November 30, 2022 59 min

We discuss the basics of programming languages. What familiar experiences can a layman relate to programming? Why do we need programming languages? What is ambiguity in human language and can there be any in a computer language? What is a compiled language vs a script language? Why aren't all apps available on all phones? Do computers use "little zaps"? Why are there so many different programming languages? What are the...

Mark as Played

We discuss attention. What does paying attention mean? What's happening in the brain when you pay attention to something? Do humans really have a shorter attention span than a goldfish? Did Tim actually fall asleep while talking to his class? Can caffeine help with attention? What does cognitive modeling tell us about attention? Can we improve our attention span and ability to focus?

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We continue our World War II podcast series. What is the D in D-Day for? How did French shrubs cause an issue in retaking France? What was the fallout from Operation Valkyrie? What is Operation Bagration? What happened in the Warsaw Uprising and did the Soviets leave the Poles out to dry? What is the story behind A Bridge Too Far? When did the B-29s join the Pacific Theatre? What were the V-1 and V-2 bombs used for? How many hand g...

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October 5, 2022 44 min

We are joined by Katie Christensen, Master of Fine Arts, and we discuss the basics of photography. What happens in a film camera? Are there any benefits for film photography over digital? What do all of those settings like ISO and F-stop on your camera mean? Are there camera considerations more than the number of megapixels when buying a camera? Who are some famous historical photographers and what did they do? How do you deal with...

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September 21, 2022 62 min

Mike Vedomske, PhD in Systems and Information Engineering and Senior Data Scientist at Nike, joins the podcast to discuss data science. Is data science different than machine learning? What kind of data do you use and how is it collected or mined? What types of algorithms do you use? What is multiple linear regression? What kind of tools are available? How do you use visualization to explore data? How is data science improving the ...

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August 31, 2022 58 min

We discuss the basics of DNA. How is DNA organized in a cell? What is RNA? What are chromosomes, how are the structured, and how big are they? How much of our DNA is not used? Do proteins rule the world? How can researchers figure out which part of DNA comes from specific regions of the world? Why is cloning hard? What are stem cells? What does DNA have to do with cancer and what can you do to protect your DNA?

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August 17, 2022 56 min

We discuss the basics of international travel. When does your passport actually expire? What's a visa and do you need one? What considerations are there if you drive to another country? Should you fly standby if you can? How can you layover in Iceland for free? What are ways you can save money, and what are ways you shouldn't save money? What are the dos and don'ts of security when traveling? Should you try to learn the...

Mark as Played
August 3, 2022 41 min

We discuss the basics of browsers. What is a browser and what does it do? Is Google Chrome the best browser? How does a browser affect internet privacy? What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)? Are different browsers better or worse? Is incognito mode useful? What can I do if a website isn't working? What are Dev Tools in a browser and how can they help the layman?

Mark as Played
July 20, 2022 53 min

We discuss the basics of conspiracy theories. Did the US really land on the moon? Who killed JFK? Was Obama born in the United States? Is Earth flat? Why do people believe conspiracy theories? How do you tell if something is a conspiracy theory and how do you avoid falling prey to one? Is Tim trying to bring down the podcast? We lay out four steps to help arm yourself against misinformation.

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June 26, 2022 47 min

We discuss fixed vs growth mindsets. Should you tell kids that they're "smart" or "pretty"? What problems can that cause? What are growth attributes and how do we encourage and adopt them? Is Brad Pitt Brad Pitt because he's good looking? Is success defined by our abilities? What effects do fixed mindsets have on life? 

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We continue our WWII podcast series and discuss the events of the first half of 1944. How did American strategy in bombing runs change in 1944 and was it effective? What happened at Monte Cassino? What was the battle of Anzio? How effective are stranded whales in the military? What did General Clark order and why was it one of the most controversial orders of WWII? What was the Soviet's military doctrine and how does it relate ...

Mark as Played
May 29, 2022 29 min

We discuss the basics of accountability. What steps should you need to go through before taking action? What is an axiom? How do you apply axioms to specific situations? What influence should experience have on action? Who can we look at for examples of taking responsible action? Can understanding school subjects be useful in enacting political change? What are affective ways to enact change?

Mark as Played
May 15, 2022 59 min

We discuss the basics of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). What's the difference between ADD and ADHD? What percentage of children have ADHD? How is it diagnosed? How do teachers deal with it? Is it inherited or caused by environment? Does screen time cause ADHD? When should you get your child checked out? What accommodations are made at school for kids with ADHD? Do international schools have juice in the drinki...

Mark as Played

We discuss the basics of electromagnetic forces. What is an electromagnetic field? Can you make a magnet by smacking a metal pole with a rock? How does a medium affect an electromagnetic field? Why does it travel in waves? How does electricity work inside your house? What's a coaxial cable? Why does your hair stand on end when you're close to a lightning strike? Does temperature affect electricity? What's a superconduct...

Mark as Played
April 17, 2022 61 min

We are joined by Dr. Larry Walters--PhD in public policy and management--to discuss tax policy. What are the various types of taxes governments use? Why do governments use multiple types of taxes instead of just one? How is the electric grid in Texas run? Are all/any taxes tied to specific government projects? What's a flat tax? How do the wealthy avoid paying taxes so often? Do Tim's taxes cover most of the federal budget?...

Mark as Played
April 11, 2022 66 min

We discuss the basics of memory. How does memory work in the brain? We talk about encoding, storage, and retrieval of memory from the brain. Is there subconscious memory? What is a flashbulb memory? Was Cameron a butterfly once? Why isn't your wedding day a flashbulb memory? How does forgetting work? Why can't you find your keys and how is that different than forgetting an old friend's name? Can you suppress memories? D...

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April 1, 2022 68 min

We continue our WWII podcast series by discussing the events of 1943. What is the unconditional surrender doctrine? Who was Friedrich Paulus and why did Hitler promote him to field marshal? What is the Mareth Line and how did the Codebreakers affect the war in North Africa? What is heavy water? What are operations Freshman and Gunnerside and did they help avert nuclear war? How did the attack on Pearl Harbor help turn the tide on t...

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March 11, 2022 61 min

We discuss the basics of college. What factors do you need to consider when selecting a college or university? Is selecting a college and major a calculus problem? Do public servants burn money? What are AP classes and are they worth taking? What is concurrent enrollment? Should you try to get as much college credit as quickly as possible? How do you prep for college entry essays? Should you deliver a baby to help your college appl...

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March 2, 2022 59 min

We continue discussing WWII. What happened at the battle of Midway? Was radar used and why was it not very effective? What is Leningrad and where is it? Where and what is Stalingrad? Why are there so many grads? What happened at the Wannsee Conference? What were the 1000 bomber raids? Why was Malta important in WWII (and so many other wars)? Did the airplanes Faith, Hope, and Charity really hold off the Luftwaffe? What was the Germ...

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February 25, 2022 36 min

We discuss the basics of William Shakespeare. Where was Shakespeare from? How prolific was he? Was Shakespeare poor? Are there direct descendants of Shakespeare today? Did Shakespeare actually write the plays and sonnets attributed to him? Why should the layman be familiar with his works and is there a practical way to read Shakespeare? Come learn with us.

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