Learning @ Home

Learning @ Home

At Tutor Doctor, we believe that there is more to academic success than just subject matter knowledge, and that many things can influence a student's academic career and life. Our podcast, Learning@Home, brings in experts from around the world to discuss various topics from developing a growth mindset, executive functioning skills, money management for teens and so much more, in the hopes that you can find some "aha" moments to help your student! Whether you're a parent, student or teacher, this podcast is for you!


June 25, 2019 27 mins

With students out of school over the summer months, it’s important that learning continues to ensure they progress academically rather than be affected by summer learning loss. We discuss some fun and easy educational activities your child can do during the summer months!

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We're joined by Dr. Diane Vetter, who is the Course Director for the Faculty of Education at York University. Diane holds a PhD in Education with research interests in oral language and learning, and has also published on the topics of Oral Language, Inclusive Learning and Cross-Curricular Infusion. 

Diane gives advice and recommendations on how parents can bring learning to life through environmental print & comm...

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We know that everyone can learn, but everyone learns differently. This is where learning styles come in. Becky Ward, Education Specialist at Tutor Doctor Head Office, talks with host Gil Cadiz about what learning styles are and the types of activities and strategies that parents can use to engage their children in learning based on their dominant learning style. 

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Juma Inniss from the Message Movement, joins host Gil Cadiz to discuss why critical thinking skills and media literacy is so important for teens in a world where information is so easily accessible. 

The Message is a movement to empower teens to become empowered adults. They equip them with 21st century life skills through nontraditional programs that employ live music and popular culture as vehicles for learning. Their wo...

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February 15, 2019 10 mins

This special episode is brought to you by Tutor Doctor Bristol. This episode was recorded last year during Anti-Bullying Week in the UK and they talk to local charity, Unique Voice, discussing the work they do to educate young people about bullying. 

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February 15, 2019 36 mins

Steve Magat, Education Consultation, talks with host Gil Cadiz about what colleges are looking for today. Steve discusses the advice he wrote in the final chapter of Tutor Doctor's Academic Success Formula book, The Well-Rounded Student: What Colleges are Looking for Today. He covers everything from test scores, grades, writing a unique personal statement, deciding on a college that is best for you, and much more. 

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January 24, 2019 27 mins

Our wonderful host, Gil Cadiz, discusses an increasingly important topic for students - how to cope with anxiety. He talks about lessons he has personally learned in coping with his own anxiety and provides practical strategies your student can use.

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Teenagers often leave school with little knowledge or understanding of how best to manage their finances, which is an invaluable life skill to have. Tim Morris, Director of Franchise Success at Tutor Doctor and former business owner, shares how he taught his two children these important skills. 

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November 26, 2018 23 mins

Building resilience in kids in today's world is so important. We talk with Alison Parker & Lacey Frank, two moms who are former teachers and now run Tutor Doctor of the Emerald Coast, about why building resilience is imperative to help kids thrive in academics and in life. They give advice on how to foster strong relationships with your kids, how to role model resilience, and how to teach children that failure is OK.

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Bob Rosedale joins host, Gil Cadiz, and co-host, Ryzwana Hafiz, to discuss why executive functioning skills are so important for students. Using his experience in the United States Air Force, Bob pioneered Tutor Doctor's X-Skills program. X-skills focuses on developing students' executive functioning skills including organization, prioritization, and time management.

This episode provides insights into how underd...

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Alex Scotchbrook is an Education Consultant with Tutor Doctor and also co-authored a chapter in Tutor Doctor's Academic Success Formula book. Alex is passionate about helping students develop a growth mindset as she has seen first hand the amazing impact it has on both a student's academics and their life. Join Alex & host Gilbert Cadiz to learn about how you can encourage your student to build a growth mindset. 

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Tutor Doctor President, Frank Milner, joins our host Gilbert Cadiz and co-host Ryzwana Hafiz, to talk about how one-to-one tutoring changed his kids' lives. With two different needs - his daughter struggling with math and his son wanting to excel even further - he explains the benefits of getting a tutor in very different situations, and how this not only helped with his children's academics, but also how this extra suppo...

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August 23, 2018 2 mins

Welcome to Tutor Doctor's new podcast, Learning@Home! In our very first episode our host, Gilbert Cadiz, tells you a bit about himself as well as what to expect from this educational podcast series. 

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