Let's Talk Supply Chain

Let's Talk Supply Chain

My Name is Sarah Barnes-Humphrey and this is Let's Talk Supply Chain where I interview the top Supply Chain professionals in the industry. You will learn about best practices, changes in the industry and Hot Topics surrounding Supply Chain. Have a specific question you want answered? E-mail us at listener@letstalksupplychain.com


May 27, 2024 51 mins

Krenar Komoni talks about Tive; understanding the condition, as well as location, of shipments; sustainability; and why every shipment matters.



[07.19] Krenar’s education, his passion for start-ups, and the career journey that led him from space stations, chips, and wireless to founding Tive.

“I’ve always worked for start-ups sinc...

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Ryan Walicki of Relish talks about why enterprise solutions rarely cover all bases; the rise of AI; & the importance of collaboration & customer experience.



[07.28] The story behind the brand name Relish.

“While I’m more of a mustard and ketchup guy personally (!), Relish just really stood out to us – a word that can create certai...

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Stephen Dascoli & Vincent Lacopella talk about cross-border ecommerce - the challenges & opportunities; the importance of technology; and market growth.




[07.24] Introductions to Stephen and Vincent, and their roles at CargoWise and Alba Wheels Up.

[09.58] The rapid rise in ecommerce, and the factors driving its international growth.

“As consumers, we want convenience. You can co...

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Lalitha Rajagopalan talks about her career journey; the experience of founding her own business; her passion for equality; & what she loves about procurement.



[07.40] Lalitha’s early years, and how she went from a degree in economics to the world of procurement and supply chain.

[10.20] Lalitha’s extensive education, and her ongoing commitment to curiosity.

[12.45] Lalitha’s time at Ariba and ...

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Evan Shelley of Truck Parking Club talks about creating tech that truckers want to use; why the industry is tough for the small guys; & transforming trucking logistics.

[06.49] Evan’s background in real estate, and how his experiences led him to found Truck Parking Club.

[08.49] An overview of the current trucking landscape, and the challenges the industry is facing.

[12.24] How The Truck Parking Club process works for truckers.


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Amy Leachman of Delivery Solutions talks about the brand & what they do; ecommerce & the importance of omnichannel; and provider and solution diversification.



[07.58] How, and why, the ecommerce market has evolved so rapidly over the last few years; and the landscape of the industry in 2024.

“COVID really shaped or accelerated the business… the need for last mile delivery, and how...

Jill Standish & Laurence Brenig-Jones join Sarah Godet of RELEX to discuss collaboration; surge buying and social media; & balancing cost with service.



[05.37] An introduction to today’s guests, Jill Standish of Accenture and Laurence Brenig-Jones of RELEX, and their roles.

[07.20] An overview of an upcoming RELEX report, surveying retail and CPG leaders, that details the industry’s main chall...

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Dave Cox of Polaris Transportation Group talks about embracing change; the importance of relationships; cross-border complexity; & the power of digitization.




[06.38] How Polaris Transportation Group was founded 30 years ago, and the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

[07.38] An overview of Polaris – what they do, and how they help their customers.

[08.58] The ideal client for Polaris.


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In this episode of the #LetsTalkSupplyChain Podcast, we discuss:

[07.11] The early years of Pam’s career, and what she learned along the way.

[09.23] Why Pam moved to Brazil, and how she tackled the challenges of living in a new country head-on. 

[14.06] How a chance encounter led Pam to produce the very first Entrepreneur Week in Brazil and launch the Latam Founders Awards, which went on to become known as the ‘Oscars for Technolo...

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March 25, 2024 41 mins

Karin Bursa joins Christine Barnhart to launch Supply Chain Unfiltered & talk about industry challenges, bad ERPs & the importance of interoperability.



[09.25] An introduction to Karin Bursa, her long-time friendship with Christine, and her passion for supply chain tech.

“I had a practitioner background, and I saw the opportunity for technology to make every day a little bit bette...

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The panel discusses bias - where it comes from; how we call it out; the process of learning and unlearning; the impact of titles; & the top 5 workplaces biases.

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Ryan Petersen talks about his entrepreneurial journey; the changes behind the scenes at Flexport; and what we can expect from them and the industry in 2024.

[06.30] Ryan’s incredible founder journey, and the ‘why’ behind building Flexport.

[09.17] How Ryan sold 

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Lisa Dolan talks about her 26 year tenure at ALOM; how the industry has changed and the emerging trends to look out for; and why supply chain needs a re-brand.

[08.36] Lisa’s career journey, and how her spirit of adventure led her from IT to manufacturing and supply chain.

[09.58] An overview of ALOM and ...

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Yifat Baror & Padhu Raman of Osa Commerce talk about AI & data; the importance of collaboration, connectivity & communication; & the challenges with visibility.

[07.11] An introduction to Yifat and Padhu, their backgrounds, and the experience they bring to Osa.

[08.36] An introduction to Osa Commerce, wha...

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Peter Cyr of OneRail talks about the final mile, its evolution, diversifying carrier networks, & how OneRail are helping customers to achieve 100% visibility.

[07.05] An introduction to Peter, his background, and the transition that led him to #logistics Read more

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The panel discusses preference vs. bias; the differences; the impacts; and the ways that we can tackle bias in ourselves and within our communities.

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John Delligatti of SDI talks about data challenges, digital transformation, understanding KPI's and why SDI created its ZEUS Supply Chain Analytics

08.10] An introduction to John, his role at SDI, and a reminder of what SDI does and how they help their customers.

[10.04] Some of the main challenges in sup...

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Dave Shrager of GAINS debunks supply chain myths & talks about the disconnect between tech & results, continuous change & why businesses need to find their why. 

[07.13] An introduction to Dave, his background, and his role at GAINS.

[09.06] Why many organizations are still struggling when it comes to investing in technology, and the ongoing challenge of finding the ‘why’.

[11.09] A recent report claims that 83% of executives say t...

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February 5, 2024 49 mins

Carmit Glik talks about swapping the corporate world for start-ups; leveling the playing field for SME’s; and how motherhood makes her a better leader. 

[08.37] Carmit’s career journey and how she found supply chain.

[12.04] An introduction to Ship4wd, Carmit’s role as CEO, and the brand's mission to leve...

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Igor Chigrin of Win Global discusses his DroneShip Project; its impact on sustainability; global transportation challenges; & the untapped potential in trade.

[06.35] An introduction to Igor, his background, and how he came to establish Win Global.

[09.01] An overview of Win Global – who they are, what th...

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