Making The Turn Podcast

Making The Turn Podcast

A Green Industry Podcast bringing knowledge and insight about work and life and how to fight through adversity and the art of the comeback. Recovering from life's front 9 to win on the Back 9.


March 9, 2024 115 mins

One of the coolest and best episodes I have ever done.

Got to sit down with Michael Paszek and talk about life, his business, watching him grow up and some of the challenges he faces in starting and running a successful company.

I know you are really going to enjoy this one.

Thank you Michael and keep doing big things.

Enjoy the Show! 

paszekservices (all social media) 

Mark as Played

Back for another episode with my good friend and one of the best superintendents in the game, Dan Johnson. Dan is Golf Course Superintendent at Old Hickory Country Club in Old Hickory, TN. and he is back on the podcast for the 3rd time to catch up and talk about a bunch of cool stuff.


Thanks for listening and as always please rate, share and subscribe if you get something useful out of these.

Thank you and enjoy the episode!

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January 11, 2024 98 mins

Had the pleasure of sitting down with David Elliott and talk about his career and his path to being a part of the setup for the PGA Championship at Oak Hill Country Club. 

It's always great to meet new people and to have a conversation with them and get into a lot of things. We talk about many good topics and get into many of the highs and lows of our business.

It was a great conversation and one that I'm sure you will enjoy.


Mark as Played

Back from a long break from sit down conversations and what a way to jump back in. Had the pleasure of visiting Ryan and Stephen at McLemore Golf Club and see all the cool things they have going.

From the new course to Stephen's arrival to the club and the many things planned for the future, we discuss it all.

I know you are going to like this one and we get into a lot and probably didn't cover half of the things we could have.


Mark as Played

Coming with another Turn Talk where I talk about eliminating the Negative self talk and how to get in a better frame of mind. If this message helps just one person then that's a win in my book.

Let's finish the year strong and think about how we can be better and dominate in 2024.

Thanks for listening and let's Go!

Mark as Played

In the latest episode, I have a solo podcast where I lay out some useful options for finishing the year out strong. No matter how good or bad it's been, we have 60+ days left in 2023 and I want you to finish it strong.

I believe you will get some value from this episode. If you do, please like share and subscribe. Thank you for listening.

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In the latest episode, I had a great conversation with Area Sales Manager for Site One, Jay Maples. After getting my legs under me from the long lay off, we dove in on a variety of topics. I know you will enjoy this one.

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January 18, 2023 67 mins

In this latest episode, I sat down with Bob Wolcott, owner and operator of Greystone Golf Club in Dickson, TN. Bob is a former member of the PGA Tour and avid Georgia Bulldog Fan. We talked all things College Football, Course Ownership, Life on the PGA Tour, Raising kids, Turfgrass and more.

This was a fun episode and I know you will enjoy this one. Please let me know what you think. Be sure to rate review and subscribe. Share the ...

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December 19, 2022 47 mins

Well, it's been a minute since my last episode and I wanted to give everyone an update on what's been going on with me and the podcast. This is a solo episode and I talk about the last couple of years and through the many ups and downs along the way. Hope you enjoy the episode.

Thanks for listening and please as always, like share and subscribe. 

Mark as Played

Brent is back on another episode of the podcast. We had a blast talking about many of the things that have changed since our first conversation.

We sat under the pavilion near the clubhouse "the shed" and talked all things Sweetens...

Enjoy and things for listening.

Mark as Played

We are back and with the one and only Scott Cole, Golf Course Superintendent at The Grove in College Grove, Tennessee.

Sit back and enjoy this conversation. it was a fun one.

Thanks for listening.

Mark as Played

A great conversation with Drew that took place while I was invited down to Alabama to help with preparations for Spring Game. It was a trip of a lifetime and we recorded in his office in Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Really enjoyed this one and I think you will too...

Thanks for listening. 

Mark as Played

Latest episode is with my friend and fellow Oakland Patriot, Michael Osborne. 

Michael is a Real Estate Agent in Murfreesboro TN and we discussed the Real Estate Market and how it's going in the Area. He is also the President of the MGA (Men's Golf Association) at Stones River Country Club and We discussed that as well.

This is a little different from my normal conversation but I think you will enjoy this episode. 

Thanks for liste...

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April 1, 2021 16 mins

Back with another episode of Turn Talk and I am discussing how to overcome challenges, disruption, negative thoughts and actions and more.

You must start talking to yourself in a positive manner. Have Gratitude. And Forgive Yourself.

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March 3, 2021 100 mins

In the latest episode, I sat down with my friend Whit Davis, Operations Manager at Winstead Turf Farms and we discussed a large variety of topics including music, concerts, the pandemic, his new career in the Sod Production business and added a little football talk at the end. It was a great conversation and I'm sure you will enjoy this one.

Thanks for listening and be sure to like, share and subscribe. 

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February 24, 2021 80 mins

In the latest episode, I had a great conversation with Tim Moraghan with Aspire Golf. Tim talked about his career and we discussed many topics about personal development and career advancement and more.

Tim has accomplished many things in our industry and it was a pleasure to sit down and chat with him. I know you will enjoy this episode.

Be sure to share and subscribe. Share with someone who may need to hear this.

As always, thank...

Mark as Played

In the latest episode, I sat down on a virtual call with Director of Field Operations for the Memphis Redbirds, Eric Taylor. 

We had a great conversation and I know you will enjoy it.


Thanks for listening. Be sure to share and subscribe.

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In the latest episode of Turn Talk, I talk about how to bounce back from adversity, failures and setbacks in your life.

4 things to the Art of the Comeback

1. Forgive Yourself

2. Seek Clarity

3. Get Laser Focused

4. Eliminate Distractions

Do these for things and you will be on the road to redemption and recovery. Everyday is a new day and opportunities are endless,

Let's Get It!!

Mark as Played

We are back after a short layoff and I sat down with Patrick Hensley, the newly named Golf Course Superintendent at King's Creek Golf Course in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

We had a great conversation and covered a wide range of topics. I know you will enjoy this one.

Thanks for listening and please to sure to like, share and subscribe...

Mark as Played

Welcome to 2021... I'm Back and ready to get the year started. For the first episode of the New Year, I thought I would talk about how going at it Alone is often the road we have to take. It's a lonely, scary, often difficult path but it may just be the one that makes it for you and lifts you passed all the ups and downs and challenges you are facing.

I discuss goals and a daily routine and even mention one of my favorite podcast a...

Mark as Played

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